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Residents value an efficient and professional maintenance team above all. Learn how to become an indispensable member of your maintenance team.

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LEAH BREWER, NALP, CAM, Full House Marketing, Inc.

he maintenance team is most valuable to the organization when they contribute to the goals and expectations of the team from the office to the shop, from the prospects to the residents. In residential property management, we may all have different job titles, yet each of us has the same primary goal: to acquire and maintain residents at the highest possible rents. You are one player on a team, and the team is your work family. Your property’s goals are the goals of the team and the goals of the individual players. Athletes belong to a team, and their individual contributions must align with the vision and goals of the team, often set by the team’s owner and guided by the team’s manager and coaches. Each athlete brings their own skills and specialties and focuses on the team’s goals. They play to win, for themselves, for the team. Care about your own value to your organization, because that’s what gets you hired, retained and promoted. Care about applying all of your skills toward the team goals and become indispensable. Discover your team’s goals through open communication. Property management companies typically focus on setting goals in two key categories: occupancy and income, which I will discuss later in this article. If you are not in the communication loop, get in. Ask questions, show interest and communicate continual feedback of how your efforts are meeting the team goals. Ask questions of the manager or leasing staff that will show your interest and concerns: • How many more apartments do we need to fill to meet our occupancy goals? When do they need to be filled? Do we have a goal or deadline? • Which apartment units are coming up for renewal? Are there any outstanding work orders for those units? Can I get a list of the next two to three months of expiring leases, sorted by building number? Has anyone expressed that they are renewing or moving out based on the quality or timeliness of maintenance? Show interest by using your knowledge and smarts toward team goals. For example, you could say: • Hey, I just finished unit 2-204 and it’s really nice. Great carpet, nice tile, great view and super clean. Why don’t we start



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