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Tell Your Story Monitor your online reputation and build your digital curb appeal across multiple social platforms. By


magine for a moment that your negative reviews showed up printed on yard signs and placed in front of your property for the entire world to see. In the middle of an expanding market with plenty of choices for apartment seekers, do you really think your prospects and residents don’t see your online reviews? Millennials are 50 percent more likely to find user-generated content trustworthy, as opposed to branded advertising. User-generated content is media created by your peers. It includes status updates, blog posts and restaurant reviews – any content from non-professionals. Thousands of marketing dollars are wasted every day due to lost leads from a property’s negative online reputation. The quality residents you want are digital-savvy and mobilefriendly, conducting a majority of their research online. A recent study by J Turner Research found that 52 percent of residents are looking at online ratings and reviews as the first step in their search for an apartment community. Negative reviews along the prospect’s path may cost your team opportunities to lease. Focusing your marketing efforts on beautiful curb appeal won’t matter if a negative review derails your future residents before they even get there. Building digital curb appeal includes a proactive plan to: • Strategically monitor, capture and measure your property’s online perceptions across multiple ratings websites. • Inspire positive reviews and train your team to convert compliments. • Diplomatically respond to both positive and negative conversations. • Grow positive user-generated content with a 52-week Google feeding schedule.

TONI BLAKE, TotallyToni.com, and MINDY PRICE, J Turner Research

The Power of Expansion Managing your online reputation begins with expansion! Multiply your impact with a diverse group of targeted consumer apartment review sites, Internet Listing Sites and social and streaming video platforms. How diverse is your digital marketing plan? A BrightLocal consumer survey reports that more than 88 percent of consumers require up to 10 review sites to establish trust in your businesses, and 44 percent say a review must be written within the last month to be relevant. A truly inspired digital marketing plan should include a variety of consistent online conversations discussing your brand on several platforms. Since each site has a different ratings scale, you need to quantify and measure your property’s aggregated perceptions

across these multiple sites. You also need to be able to benchmark your property’s online reputation locally, regionally and nationally, both within your portfolio and vs. the competition. Many factors affect this process. Each site has a different modus operandi that impacts the time period, validity and authenticity of the reviews featured on the site. Some sites are more trusted by consumers than others. A review site with a high SEO that is not believable will be overlooked for one that is more believable. Other factors include reviews generated through survey results vs. organic reviews in which the residents post comments without any prompting.

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January 2016


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ABODE January 2016  

Brought to you by Rasa Floors. There's going to be new style and new leadership for the New Year. Meet HAA's 2016 President, Alison Hall, Ca...

ABODE January 2016  

Brought to you by Rasa Floors. There's going to be new style and new leadership for the New Year. Meet HAA's 2016 President, Alison Hall, Ca...

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