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Survey Says

Experience counts when it comes to compensation. How do your company’s salary trends measure up? By

JOSEPH BATDORF, J Turner Research

ccording to industry pundits, Houston is among the hottest apartment markets in the nation, with growth fueled by the flourishing energy sector. How are our human resources in the multifamily industry benefitting from this booming market?

Over the past 11 years, on-site managers in Houston have witnessed a 35 percent growth in compensation and a 71 percent boost in bonuses. Portfolio supervisors have experienced a steep 131 percent growth in bonuses and a 16 percent growth in compensation. These figures are based on the cumulative results of an annual compensation survey conducted by J Turner Research for HAA since 2004. As part of the survey, J Turner targets on-site managers, supervisors and upper-level management personnel. For the 2014 compensation survey, J Turner Research received responses from 181 industry personnel, including 126 on-site managers, 19 property supervisors and 36 upper management executives. The upper management respondents represent management companies that manage a total of 156,685 units across 601 properties in Houston. Reportedly, one-fourth of




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