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This is one the most asked questions since I released the film Haha! I have chosen an 18 year old boy to be the protagonist because I wanted to have a representation of innocent soul.

Are you nervous about the outcome of this film?




Released: OUT NOW Certificate: 15 Director: HAMZAH EHSAN

Back in 2015, Director, Hamzah Ehsan and Novelist Yusuf Iqbal collaborated to bring about a vivid idea about death, more specifically what happens after we die. The pair have cherry-picked elements and ideas from one of Iqbal’s novels. Hamzah, meanwhile, is again on the Jack of all trades duty, acting as director, cinematographer, editor and writing some of the score. We sat down with Ehsan and asked some questions we were dying to ask.

and asked some questions we were dying to ask.

What was the reason to choose this genre/theme for this film? “Well, I’ve always had ideas for wonderful yet unusual film sitting in the back of my mind, but as you’ll probably understand, I was apprehensive from what I know best, into the unknown after the recent success of my previous projects. Some of the ideas were interesting and some of the others were utter garbage! I felt that this one had the best feel to it!”

feel to it!”

Out of your previous projects has this been your favourite so far?

Well of course I am! I don’t think I know one director/producer that isn’t nervous when awaiting feedback on their new project that they’ve shed blood sweat and tears for. Even though I’ve said that this film was more of an experimental release, but I would still like to see if it ticks all the right boxes for audiences who’ve paid to go see it. I’ve put so much time and effort into this so I really hope it all works out well!

“That’s a very difficult question to answer actually. I put the same amount of love into every project I work on, however I feel like I have a very special connection to this film, so I think, yes this is my favourite project as yet”

Why did you choose a young man as the protagonist of your film? EMPIRE MAGAZINE

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