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Preventative Reading PA Water Heater Repair Tips These water heater maintenance tips will help ensure ones water heater is running properly, prolong the life of the water heater, and make sure it doesn't blow up! Brought to you by: Water Heater Repair Reading PA


Depending on the type of water heater, the vents need to be routed a specific direction and need to be the same diameter as the draft diverter. Check to make sure they are intack and are not wearing out. Backdrafting of dangerous fumes could occur is so.

T & P Valve

It should be checked once a year. Water should flow freely when lifted and stop when the handle is let go of. They can wear out but are important for they make sure the water heater does not blow up!

Anode Rod

They will deteriorate over time. Most are aluminum but magnesium ones are safer for health reasons. Consider using magnesium when it is time to replace them.


Many people suggest turning the temperature setting down to 120 degrees or lower to save money, which is does. However, legionella bacteria can grow at 120 degrees, so a setting of between 120 and 130 is ideal.

Drain Valve

When draining the water heater tank once a year (hopefully this is a habit for you), make sure the vavle opens easily. If the tank is not drained, the sediment that develops inside will make for a noisey water heater eventually.

Combustion Air Openings

It is important to keep the area underneath and around the water heater tank clean and swept. Air is sucked in from the bottom of the tank and can cause drafting issues if the burner is not burning properly due to debris entering the air openings.

Preventative reading pa water heater repair tips  
Preventative reading pa water heater repair tips