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Acquia Product Overview

Acquia Search Product Overview

Acquia Search At-A-Glance • Plug and play installation • No servers to manage • 10x faster than Drupal search • Faceted navigation • Content recommendations • Results weighting & sorting • High availability • Scalable on demand • Supports any size site

Acquia Search delivers advanced search capabilities to your website, improving your visitor’s user experience by helping them find quality content faster. Based on the powerful Lucene and Solr technologies from the Apache project, Acquia Search creates a near real time index of your site’s content. When visitors submit search queries, Acquia Search presents them with dynamically created filters so to navigate results based on date, taxonomy, content type or other attributes you define.

Simple to deploy, no servers to manage Get up and running within minutes on our cloud-based infrastructure. Install the Acquia Search modules on your site and leave the rest to us – no new applications or hardware to manage. Configure your search settings and result weighting to meet your unique needs.

Improve Drupal search performance Improve search query response time by 10 to 15x as compared to Drupal core search. Highly available cloud-based architecture with full redundancy will support the largest Drupal sites, scaling on demand to support spikes in traffic bursts.

Connect visitors with quality content faster Increase the time visitors spend on your website and number of page views per visit by making results easy to navigate with dynamic result filters, content recommendations, and sorting. Acquia Search is priced by slices, a measure of the volume of content you want indexed.

What is a Slice? Acquia Search is packaged by the slice. Each slice includes the processing power to index, update and process search queries. Slice components include an indexing and database server, storage, bandwidth, and redundancy. The number of slices necessary for your site is determined by the number of indexed nodes and the size of each node.

Acquia Search Features Faceted search Enable your visitors to find information faster by clicking search filters that refine the search results

Content recommendations Suggest additional related content alongside of search results and increase visitor time on your site.

Faster performance Improve site response times and lower abandon rates by offering a faster search experience than Drupal’s built-in search.

Acquia. Commercially Supported Drupal.


Results sorting Enable your visitors to sort their search results by date, type, and author.

Results weighting Improve the relevance of search results by weighting certain results higher than others by using fine-grained controls.

Search Simplified

Benefits of Acquia Search

“Trying to get Apache Solr running locally. Not so much luck... I think Acquia understands “Sell Simplicity” better than anyone.”

Visitor Benefits

– Chris Bloom, Orchestra LLC

Easy - Acquia Search is designed to eliminate confusing and complicated “advanced search” options when a visitor conducts a search, simplifying the up-front experience and focusing visitors on the results.

Fast - Dynamic facets enable visitors to navigate directly to the results that interest them, eliminating the need to scroll blindly through result pages to find that needle in the haystack.

Useful - With dynamic result filters and the More Like This feature, Acquia Search exposes valuable site content that visitors may not otherwise find.

Site Administrator Benefits Simple - Built on the open source Lucene and Solr distributions from the Apache project, Acquia Search delivers powerful capabilities as an on-demand hosted service - no hardware to purchase, no Java applications to manage, no servers to maintain and update. Install the Acquia Search modules on your site, connect to the Acquia Network and that’s it.

Contact Acquia Acquia, Inc. 150 Presidential Way Suite 310 Woburn, MA 01801 Phone: 888.9.ACQUIA +1.978.296.5250 Email:

Secure - Your site’s data is SSL encrypted in transit and by HMAC authentication in the Acquia Network, ensuring the integrity of your data and the authenticity of requests between your site and Acquia Search servers. Better Performance - Not only does Acquia Search make content easier to find on your site, its high performance cloud-based infrastructure returns search results faster than Drupal core search, as much as 16x faster.

About Acquia Acquia helps organizations of all sizes build social publishing websites quickly, easily and with a lower total cost of ownership by leveraging Drupal, the open source social publishing platform that blends content and community. Our products, services and support enable companies to leverage the power, technical innovation and economic value of Drupal while simplifying the experience, removing the complexity and minimizing the risk. Please visit: Download Acquia Drupal, the completely free Drupal distribution, at

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Acquia. Commercially Supported Drupal.