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THE MISSION IS SIMPLE To provide a printed publication where animal rescue groups in the Triangle can reach an extended audience for their adoptable pets, programs and events. The goal is to help place animals in loving homes and promote responsible and informed pet ownership.

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If you get to thinking you’re a person of some influence, try ordering somebody else’s dog around.” – Will Rogers


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Non-invasive laser therapy for arthritis, hot spots, chronic ear infections, disc disease, muscle injuries and many other conditions.

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CAROLINA CARE BULLIES Skyleigh is a sweet and Andy is a three-year-old, Pit loving girl, just over a year old. She would love to have a doggie friend to show her the ropes in her new home and pal with while she bonds with her human family. Sky is very happy cuddling under blankets, rolling in the grass, and snuggling or playing tug of war with her foster brother. Sky is still shy in crowds but warms up in the comforts of home and will show you nothing but love when she does.

River: If you are looking for some unconditional love, look NO further. River is your girl. Her cute under bite and model-esque smile will trigger love-at-first-sight emotions. This three-year-old Stafford Terrier mix is looking for a lap or two to call her own. She is looking for a home with another high energy dog that loves to play, but would not mind keeping all the attention for herself as the only fur baby to love and spoil.


is an intelligent 11-yearold Pit Bull whose secret to living a long life is stopping to smell the roses – the mailbox – the neighbor, and anything that he happens upon. His ever-wagging tail tells the story of a dog with lots of enthusiasm for the simple things in life – a comfy place to sleep, enough food and a lap to lay his head in. He is cratetrained, housetrained and loves nothing more than to be your shadow or curl up with you on the couch if allowed.



Bull/Boxer mix, very friendly and and eager-to-please. He seems to enjoy kids, because his tail goes a mile a minute anytime he meets one. He enjoys tugging and snuggles up with anyone willing. He is very food motivated, well behaved on a leash, housetrained, and cratetrained. Andy also gets along well with the other dogs in his foster home. Andy came to the rescue with a lot of medical needs, but made a succesful recovery.


is a handsome fouryear-old gentleman looking for someone that needs a loyal companion. He has been through a lot, but is still a shining example of the “Pit Bull” spirit. He would love to be home with you all day, and with his athletic build he would be a great walking partner if you don’t want to play fetch in the back yard. Gizmo would fit well into a home with older children and someone who is home for most of the day.


is a one-year-old female Pit Bull Terrier mix. She loves running, jumping, and bouncy balls. She’s good with dogs her size and is learning how to play with smaller dogs. She is very smart and knows sit, lay down, and leave it. She likes to catch treats in the air. Lacey is a curious dog but when its time for some downtime, she will gladly warm your feet for you, snuggle, and drift off to dream about the wonderful day you had together.

Fancy That Cat Many theories and legends abound as to the origin of cats. One story has Noah trying to deal with a great lot of trouble on his ark. Rats and mice were out of control and the situation was frantic. After Noah and his sons failed to trap the unwanted passengers, the lioness abruptly sneezed a violent sneeze and out flew the first cat. There is no evidence of early man sharing shelter and fire with cats as he did with dogs although record from Egypt reveals a transition of cats from worker to gods around 3500 BC. Patrolling the Egyptian granaries for rats and mice was just another godly duty. It is believed that Phoenician sailors eluded an Egyptian ban on the export of its cats, smuggled them aboard their grain ships, and traded them around the Mediterranean Sea. Spreading through Europe and Asia, the Egyptian cat mixed with wild cats and the breeds began to take shape.

Our modern cats most closely resemble the mummified sacred cats of Egypt. Where dogs have been bred to all manner of size and shape, domestic cats fit into three main classifications: Longhair (Persians, Angora, Maine Coon), Domestic Shorthair and Foreign Shorthair (Manx, Russian Blue, Siamese). Longhair: Cat fanciers seem to choose the Persian longhair as the most beautiful of all cats. Persians come in incredible colors. The Persian characteristics dominated breeding efforts to such a degree that they bred out the purebred Angora completely. Another longhair is the Maine Coon, believed to be the true American longhair. Shorthair: The Domestic Shorthair arrived on the Mayflower but despite this distinction they quickly overpopulated and took to the streets and the wilds becoming the nation’s “alley cats”. In the first colonies, these cats warmed the laps of women during winter church service. British Shorthairs are a whole different story of course. With the British Blue, British Cream and British Lilac, these British citizens are categorized by many colors. There is a lot to know about cats … Did you know that in Egypt, around 450 BC, you could be put to death if you killed a cat? Or that the first cat in space, in 1963, was a French cat named Felicette?

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PAWFECT MATCH RESCUE 919 522-1307 Eli is a super sweet boy with LOTS Parker: If your home is in of energry. He loves playing with his four legged siblings and hanging out at doggie day camp during the day. He is crate-trained and we just about have the housebreaking thing down as well. If you are ready to have a super fun boy added to your family, Eli is your man. He would do best in a home with a fenced yard and would love another doggie friend to play with but given the appropriate exercise, he would do fine on his own.

Bindi Sue

is named after Steve Irwin’s daughter (and his favorite crocodile). She is a sweet, fun little ball of energy. When she was rescued along with her littermates she was frightened and undersocialized, hiding and shaking whenever she saw new things or heard new sounds. After several weeks of socialization and encouragement she has blossomed into a confident, friendly little girl that loves to fetch, play tug, and wrestle with her foster mom’s dogs.


is a great looking, fun loving man. He LOVES having a fenced in yard to run and play in and is having a great time playing with all his foster siblings. He loves attention and is very eager to please. Cody is crate-trained and housetrained and wonderfully behaved in the house.

need of a dog that is past the puppy chewing phase, but young enough to blend seamlessly into your routine, Parker is your boy. His best quality is that he wants to please. He is full of happy energy when he comes in from his bathroom breaks and playing in the yard. He then romps around for a minute or two and soon quiets down, flops on the sofa and chews his bone or watches you catch up on email. Parker is full grown and a solid “medium-sized” dog.


is a great boy who will make a wonderful addition to your family. He is good with other dogs and likes to play but is not super high energy. He is a little shy when he first meets new people but warms up nicely and then likes to snuggle at night when it’s time for bed. He is a super smart boy, has been living in a home environment, and is housebroken. He would do best in a home with adults only or older children because he is a little shy.


is a lovable and handsome boy who was pulled from the Cumberland Co. shelter. Zero gets along great with other dogs and people, and is quite the cuddler (he will try to worm his way into your lap whenever possible). He is very easygoing and house-broken, wellmannered (except that he jumps up a little on people, but we’re working on that), and loves chewing on bones. We’re told he also loves to swim.



ORANGE CO ANIMAL SERVICES 919 942-7387 Star is around two years old Freddy is around two years and came to the shelter for a fresh start and a place to call home. Even though her previous owners could no longer keep her, they definitely cared for her well. In fact, this plus-size gal may have been a bit too pampered. Star has a mellow personality and is a bit shy at first, but soon warms up and makes herself at home. She enjoys people, especially those she’s gotten used to, and is well behaved and easy to love.

old and came into the shelter as a stray. Unfortunately, no owner came forward to claim him, and he became available for adoption on Valentine’s Day. This is suitable for Freddy, because if there is one thing this happy boy has to give, it’s an unending amount of pure love. Despite being at the shelter for almost two months, Freddy always remains in good spirits. You won’t find many dogs that will make you smile as much as Freddy.


Salliann is a two-year-old

This adorable kitty is around four years old and looking for a new place to call home. She’s a shy girl at first, preferring to take her time to get to know new people and places. Once warmed up, she is friendly and gets along with folks of all ages. Precious is also used to other cats and may do well in a home that has an established kitty around to show her the ropes and get her used to things.

kitty who is searching for a new family of her own. Salliann was found outside by a citizen who reported that she seemed fearful of being outdoors, but did come when called and allowed herself to be picked up and petted by strangers. She seemed to sense that they wanted to help her and therefore instilled an immediate trust in them. That’s pretty much how Salliann operates. She’s a gut-instinct girl.

Scout: is a one-year-old Lab


mix who is hoping to find a new best friend. This sweet boy has big puppy dog eyes and an innocence to accompany them. He’s loyal and fun, and would likely do well with or without other pets around. He loves toys and rawhides, taking long walks, cuddling, and pretty much anything else that involves you. He listens well and should be fun and easy to train. This pretty boy will have you proudly showing him off in no time.

This adorable pit mix is around three years old and ready to find a new place to call home. Jordan is expressionistic and full of curiosity about new things. He always has a huge grin on his face and is ready to make a new friend out of anyone. But Jordan isn’t nearly as wild or out of control as his eager smile would indicate. He’s actually a mild-mannered boy who aims to please and is always ready to find new ways to make you happy.

Dogs are descended from wolves ... they were first domesticated by cave dwellers and the oldest dog fossil dates to 10,000 B.C. More than 1 in 3 American families own a dog 8




Pet Events Doggie Easter Egg Hunt • Saturday, April 7, 10 am - 12 pm The hunt begins at 10 am at Crowder Park (4709 Ten Ten Road in Apex). The $5 per dog fee helps homeless pets. Contact Animall for more information and online tickets at: Positive Pit Bull’s Second Pet Bull Palooza Saturday, April 14 : 10 am - 3 pm A celebration of Pit Bull type dogs. The Positive Pit Bull will be offering free and low cost spay/neuter vouchers, free rabies vaccinations, free leashes and collars, free toys, treats and food, and free training tips from onsite trainers who can help with behavior issues. This event is specifically for Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes at the Historic Oak View Park, Carya Dr. in Raleigh Contact: 22nd Annual Bark Around the Park Saturday, April 14 : 12 - 4 pm Family fun with vendors, activities, and contests at the Millbrook Exchange Community Center, 1905 Spring Forest Road in Raleigh Eighth Annual Tuxedo Cat Ball Friday, April 20 : 7:00 - 11:00 pm A benefit for SAFE Haven Cat Shelter & Clinic at Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh. Funds raised will be used in 2012 to rescue and adopt more than 500 cats and kittens and to provide feline spay and neuter services to more than 1,500 cats in connection with SAFE Care Feline Spay/Neuter Clinic. More info:



WAKE SPCA K9-3K • Saturday, April 21 : 10 am - 2 pm A day of fun for the whole family at Moore Square in downtown Raleigh. (Walkers can pick up their numbers, goodie bags and tshirts at a Pre-Walk Event at Tir Na Nog in Raleigh on April 20 from 6 - 10 pm, where your walk number means appetizers are half price.) More info: Fashion Unchained • Saturday, April 28 : 7 pm Fashion show and silent auction benefit for Coalition to Unchain Dogs at Flanders Gallery in Raleigh. It will feature local boutiques and a silent auction plus food and beverage. Contact: Hailey Queen, or Keri Green, Putts for Mutts (and Cats) Friday, May 4 : 9 am - 2 pm Golf event at the Lakeshore Golf Course in Durham benefits Second Chance Pet Adoptions. More info: Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue Reunion Saturday, June 23 Annual Golden Retriever Rescue picnic reunion at Montague Pond in Cary. More info: Smooches for Pooches Sunday, July 15 Wine tasting and silent auction to raise funds for Pawfect Match Rescue at Embassy Suites in Raleigh. More info:

SAFE HAVEN CAT SHELTER & CLINIC 919 872-7233 Ottawa: I am a gorgeous L u c y L i u : I am a beautortie tabby and I love ear scratches. I’m a very sweet cat who came to SAFE Haven with my kids Jameson and Valley who have already found their forever homes. Now it’s my turn. I know I’m just the kind of cat you’d love to have as your special friend so let’s get to know each other soon.

tiful black & white girl. Powerful personality. Like the roles played by the actress I’m named for, I’m brave, strong and have the courage of my convictions. I love to be held and I love to curl up in a lap. I’m also very tolerant of children. But I do not tolerate other cats. After all, when you have me, there’s no need for another feline.


Abba: I am a lovely Siamese

I’m a jaunty black cat with a short tail and crossed eyes that will make you smile. I was found one night behind SAFE Haven’s clinic. From the moment I arrived I’ve been known as an “instacat,” one of those rare creatures that is sweet, playful and just doesn’t let anything get under my skin. I’d be a great pal and a loyal companion. Choose me and you definitely won’t regret it.

Aerosmith: My name is Aerosmith. You can’t tell in this photo but when I smile, I look a lot like a certain “Idol” judge named Steven. I’m also equally as charming and a lot less loud. I was found hanging out under a deck. My rescuer worked with me until I felt comfortable coming to SAFE Haven. Now I’m ready for a home of my own.

mix. I’ve been blessed with an unusual silver tabby coat that’s sure to catch your eye. But it’s my lovely demeanor that’ will win your heart. I’m very affectionate. You might see me curled up with Aerosmith for whom I have a special fondness. Wouldn’t you like to adopt us both?


I am orange and white and love being cradled. Not that I’m a baby or anything but I know a good thing when it comes my way. I’m a gentle guy who would be a fabulous companion. I also love play time so you’d have a great time watching me cavort.



Tails in the Kitchen Lazy Bones Carob Balls

F YOU ARE A CHOCOHOLIC LIKE ME, you will see some of your favorite candies on the shelves this time of year. From Valentine’s Day to Easter, bowls and baskets throughout the house are filled with cocoa delights! But when chocolates are abundant and you have curious pets, your four-legged companions and chocolate can be a deadly combination. Chocolate contains theobromine which is a naturally occurring stimulant found in the cocoa bean. Theobromine increases urination in dogs and affects the central nervous system as well as the heart muscle. Large amounts of chocolate, particularly of the most toxic type, can bring about epileptic seizures in some dogs, and in all dogs, can kill. While amounts vary by type of chocolate, it’s the theobromine that is poisonous to dogs. Susan Graff Some types of chocolate are more lethal than others. But what type of chocolate is the most toxic type? White chocolate and milk chocolate have smaller amounts of theobromine; while dark chocolate has more. If your dog gets into the chocalate, you should consider the dog’s weight, age and health; how much and what type of chocolate they ate. According to, “if a 50-pound dog eats a teaspoonful of milk chocolate, it’s not going to cause serious problems ... if that same dog gorges himself on a two-layer chocolate cake, his stomach will feel more than upset and soon it’s likely he’ll be vomiting or experiencing diarrhea.” The fact is that once dogs have tasted chocolate, they want more. It can mean that your dog will “jump” at the opportunity to get any type of chocolate, not knowing the dangers. Carob is often used in treats for dogs as a chocolate substitute. It tastes like chocolate but will not cause the poisonous reaction that chocolate does in your canine friend. Carob belongs to the legume family. It grows on trees and is found within pods. Each pod contains about 15 carob seeds; both the pod and the seeds are edible. Dr. James Glover of states, “chocolate is also unsafe for cats, so it’s a good idea to exclude it from the diet of any pet you own.” According to, cats are unaffected by carob, so this is a good chocolate alternative for felines as well as dogs. Here is a Carob Treat that I am sure your dog will enjoy.


Lazy Bones Carob Balls

Best Friend Pet Adoption


is a three-year-old Pointer/Terrier mix and is very affectionate towards people and knows no stranger – a happier dog you will not meet. Her tail wags constantly and she looks up at you with her big, beautiful brown eyes to get your attention. Quinn loves to give kisses and cuddle. Quinn is eager to please and knows that a good girl sits before she gets food, toys or treats.


is a one-year-old Boxer/Hound mix and is a great dog. He loves to be with someone, whether another dog or human. He is very loving and will curl up in a ball in your lap. He has the sweetest face and a fun personality. Ace seems content inside or outside in the sunshine. He is currently living with two other dogs and they love to play in the yard together.


is a five- year-old Rottweiler mix and is extremely cute, sweet and lovable. She loves to be petted, cuddled and snuggled. She is loyal and protective and loves to be outdoors. Kana enjoys getting wet by playing in the rain, puddles and on the beach. She has enjoyed our home with another dog, cat and even turtles. She is a very curious creature with a sweet disposition.

Heaven & Earth Animal Rescue Team


is a Shih Tzu that loves life. He enjoys his daily walks, loves his foster mom, and is learning that things in life don’t always have to be scary! He is becoming calmer in new situations and when meeting new people. He’s a great dog looking for an adult home.


is a sweet and gentle Chihuahua. She is a little reserved and sometimes nervous in new situations. She would make a wonderful companion for a quiet family that enjoys walks and having their dog participate in daily activities. Bideawee gets along great with other dogs and is curious, but respectful, of cats.

(fromThe Three Dog Bakery Cookbook by Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff)


1 cup of skim or lactose-free non-fat milk 1 cup of carob powder 2 tablespoons honey 6 cups bran flakes 1 teaspoon vanilla 1. In a large bowl, combine carob, milk, honey and vanilla 2. Add bran flakes and mix thoroughly 3. Break off marble-size pieces and form into balls 4. Place the balls in a sealed container and refrigerate for at least 1 hour before serving 5. Store remaining balls in an airtight container in the refrigerator

Makes 40 half-inch balls Susan Graff is the owner of Whole Lotta Love Dog Walking and Pet Services



Iv y

is a beautiful blue cat with a fantastic personality. She loves people and getting massages and is indifferent to dogs. She is independent, yet she also enjoys lap time and cuddle time.

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Goathouse Refuge


is a gentle, experienced house cat who is about seven-years-old. Middle-aged kitties make wonderful companions. Mia will make a graceful transition into your home and lap; she won’t climb the curtains or attack your feet under the bedcovers. She’s just as affectionate as a younger cat and she does enjoy playing, but she’s more mellow.


is an adorable and tiny girl who has lots of charming tortie feistiness in her personality. She loves people, sitting on your lap when it’s her idea, and getting treats. Matilda is an experienced house cat who came to the refuge in the summer of 2010 after her owner had to move to the UK for a job. She would really love to be an adored house cat again. DOB October 2008.

Henrietta has some of the most fabulous calico markings and colors you’ll ever see on a kitty. Calicos and torties have a reputation for being the divas of the cat world, but Henrietta is the exception to that rule. She has a wonderful easy-going personality and is simply a lovely cat in all ways. Come meet Henrietta soon! DOB October 2008.

Cat Angels Pet Adoptions

Grace Kelly

is my name and I am named after the beautiful actress who became a princess. I’m told I am just as beautiful, sweet and friendly. Don’t you need a beautiful, friendly princess in your life? I think I can fill that position, if it is available. Please come down to meet me at Cat Angels. No, you don’t need to get an “audience with the princess” – just come on down.

DiNozzo: I was rescued from the median of Hwy 64. I didn’t know what to do. A nice lady jumped out of her car and tried to catch me to help me, but I hid under a moving truck. A nice man got the truck driver to stop – and I was saved. The nice lady put me in her car so I climbed inside the dashboard and it had to be disassembled to get me out. What a long scary day!


I am named after a muchloved Australian Shepherd who belonged to a friend. That dog taught his person what it means to be loved by someone with paws, and he returned that love back double. I want to have my own home someday, and if it is with you I will give you as much love as you can handle. You watch me. Go on – go ahead and try me.

Ask Willie Hodge Dear Willie:

I hate to admit this, but I fed our kitty a bit more than normal over the holidays and am afraid that he has put on a little bit of excess weight. Do you have any suggestions for springtime weight loss for cats?


Willie feels he may not be the best one to ask for this advice as Willie would eat his delicious Fancy Feast all day long if allowed. That said, Willie’s mom is very adamant that none of the feline family members become overweight. Willie read in Cat Fancy that an estimated 35 to 40 percent of adult pet cats are overweight or obese. One of the biggest mistakes feline owners make is to free feed their kitties. Willie learned that nutritional strategy for feline dieting is to reduce calories, increase protein, and limit portions. Willie’s mom takes special care to measure out a daily ration Willie Hodge for all of Willie’s feline brothers and sisters and she encourages daily activity by making all the kitties follow her upstairs at meal times. Willie wants to remind you that overweight cats tend to be more prone to health problems including diabetes, arthritis, and skin and coat problems.

Dear Willie:

Our female all-black cat, who was found in a parking lot and we think is about 9 or 10 years old, seems to be going grey. Do cats go grey just like humans, and if so, at about what age?


Since Willie is orange in color and younger in age, this is something that Willie has never actually thought about. From Willie’s research, it appears that there are many reasons that an older black cat’s fur turns grey. Willie found that the greying typically seen with older cats is similar to that in humans. The hair around mouth and face will start to lose color and turn grey and some black cats exposed to sun can turn brown grey in a process called oxidation. It’s all about the melanocytes that produce melanin that form pigment in the hair follicles. As mammals age they lose cells and grey. How many melanocytes a mammal begins with, may dictate when or if a mammal will grey. Willie also read about leukotrichia, an immunologic condition that causes a cat to turn grey. It is believed to be hereditary in nature, and there is no known treatment.

Dear Willie:

Is it true that cats can fulfill the role of a service pet for owners with special medical needs just as some dogs are able to?


Willie knows that there are many people out there who choose a cat as a service animal. Some service cats are able to alert family members when there is imminent danger, which has been especially helpful for individuals that suffer from seizure disorders. One cat Willie read about is able to detect changes in his human mom’s blood sugar levels by smelling her breath since different blood sugar levels create different odors. The cat lets her know know by biting at her fingertips or elbows, putting his paw on her thigh or arm, sitting on top of her foot if they are walking outside on a leash, or kneading the top of her head if she is sleeping. Willie answers all questions with the help of his mom, Dr. Jenn, owner of the Cat Clinic of Cary. You can follow Willie’s daily adventures more closely on Facebook.

Send your questions to SPRING 2012


Marley’s Cat Tales

Paws4Ever Animal Sanctuary


is a front paw declaw Maine Coon boy who likes to stand on his back legs and give hugs. He is great with other kitties and loves to hang out and be near my human. As with kitties this breed, Dumuzi is very dog like and is a big boy.

Cherr y is a red

Pit Bull mix. Her human had to give her up and Cherry is being boarded until she can find a place with a sofa to snuggle on. She would love to be the only dog and get all of the attention but really just needs love and a forever home.


is a sixmonth-old DSH boy. He can be shy at first but is your typical wide open, energetic cat who was fostered with other animals and kids. He would love to have one of his siblings (Goldfish, Cheezit or Triscuit) to play with .

very playful cat who has adjusted to life at P4E and love to roll around and wrestle with other cats.I would do best with a cat that is as playful as I am as I love to be active and play play play.

Ol’ Dentley:

I was given up by my human that had me for many long years. I used to run with the best of the hounds but once I got older, I was dumped at a shelter. Thankfully I was rescued, and now staying with my friends at P4E.


Little Guy



I am a German Shepherd /Boxer mix and I’m ready for a new start. I am a bit on the shy side, so I hope you’ll give me plenty of time to settle in. Since I’m still a younger dog, I’ll need plenty of help learning how to be the best dog I can be.


loves running through the dog park making new friends or laying on the couch, cuddling with her feline, canine or human companions. When she’s excited she can only manage to get one ear up, making her even more adorable.

I am a blue and white American Staffordshire Terrier mix and I’m one handsome man that’s sure to capture your heart, just in time for some summer fun. I’m a big boy with lots of love to share and I’m very exuberant about the way I share it.


I am a Treeing Walker Coonhound mix and I’m a high energy girl that’s waiting for the right, active person to come along and scoop me up. Once I warm up, you better watch out because I’ll be all over you with hugs and kisses.

is a petite Chocolate- (or Seal-) Point, Snowshoe Siamese with medium length fur. Her huge blue eyes are almost violet in color. Alaska is just exquisite with a soft and gentle demeanor, very much a lady. SPRING 2012

Thriller: I am a

Independent Animal Rescue is a sweetheart – really well mannered, and a breeze to take care of. He lived nearly his whole life with one woman, who recently went into a nursing home. He gets along amazingly well with the dogs and cats in his foster home and plays very gently.


Chi Chi:

I’m a new tortie girl here at P4E after six months at the Caswell Co. Shelter where I was a Surrogate Momma for many other litters. Now I am spayed and never have to worry about doing the job of a Momma Cat again.


H a p p i l y E v e r A f t e r : The Little Ladies Man HEY SAY it’s a dog’s life. And maybe it is. But for Mr. Scruffles, sitting in the animal shelter one day, a red tag on his cage seemed to be saying something else. Scruffles had made quite a name for himself one summer a few year’s back. The little dog who was playing “Tramp” to the “Ladies” of Cary was on top of the list at animal control for a pick up. When Scruffles found his way into the shelter, he continued with his “amorous” behavior and with no name assigned to his microchip and phone calls to the chip’s number unanswered, his chip was reset with his shelter name of “Ladies Man.” Once in the shelter he was sized up as a dog with no future. Luckily he was set for an adoption but on what would have been his “last day” in the shelter, the arrangements fell apart and Scruffles was tagged for a sad ending the next day. The wheels of fate would have nothing to do with that however. Across town, I was finishing up work and listening to the taunts of my co-worker Bernie to go to the shelter because there


by Ike Frasier was a “dog waiting for me there.” The taunting was really a guilt trip with suggestions of what would happen to the little dog if I didn’t go to the shelter that day. So on the very day that Ladies Man was rejected by would be donors and the red tag went back on his cage Bernie and I strolled into the shelter. I had been looking for a small dog for a few months and there was only one small dog in the shelter that day. But it wouldn’t have mattered if there were a hundred, because as soon as I asked the scruffly nine-and-a half pound dog if he was ready to be Mr. Scruffles, the answer came back in jumps, licks, and kisses. With paperwork completed, the newly appointed Mr. Scruffles raced to my car and was ready to go home. Now Mr. Scruffles lives like a king in his rags to riches story. He has four beds to choose from, lots to eat and he knows plenty of tricks for his treats. He has a Facebook page (Mr. Scruffles) and he loves to walk his stuff around the park or up and down Hillsborough Street where he is still a “Ladies Man” around NC State. There sure was a dog waiting for me at the shelter that day; and it turned out he is the best scruffly dog there is. I still wonder how Bernie knew …



H2H SPRING 2012  

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