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October 2011




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Happily Ever After: Billy and Sophie Share a Message of Love

October 2011 Vo l u m e 1 – N u m b e r 8

Black Cats: An examination of the myths surrounding le chat noir . . . . . . . . . . . Page 5 Ask Willie Hodge: Q&A about cat care and health . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 9 Black Cat & Black Dog Club: SPCA of Wake County helps to dispel the myths about our darker coated friends . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 10 Rescuing the Injured and Ill: Sound Pet Animal Referral and Rescue makes a difference . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 13 Halloween Treats: Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats are sure to please . . . . . . . . Page 14 Happily Ever After: Lessons of Love from Billy and Sophie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 21

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appy October everyone! This is my favorite time of year. Crisp weather, nature’s changing palette and let’s not forget one of the most fun holidays all year, Halloween. In honor of this bewitching day our theme this month focuses on black cats and black dogs. When we think of black cats we often picture them with arched backs standing in front of a full moon, but why? Jill Walters writes about the origins of this folk myth. Did you know that the most overlooked shelter population is black cats and black dogs? SPCA of Wake County is working to dispel the myths surrounding black and darker coated pets through the Black Cat and Black Dog Club in the hope that these pets will be better understood and adopted into the loving and forever homes they deserve. Another often overlooked shelter population is injured and ill pets. Sound Pet Animal Referral and Rescue work tirelessly to give injured and unwanted animals the second chance they deserve. This month we premiere the first “Ask Willie Hodge” column. Not only is Willie just about the cutest thing ever, but he’s smart too. He has all kinds of information to share about cat care and cat health issues. If you have a question for Willie, email him at and he will be happy to answer. Pierre and I will be celebrating our birthdays and our first wonderful year together on the 21st by attending the Cherry Bomb Ball supporting Independent Animal Rescue. On October 22nd, Franklin County Humane Society will host Paws for Life 5K Road Race & 1 Mile Dog Walk. On November 12th, Cat Angels is holding its 4th Annual Silent Auction and Heart2Home will be at Paws4Ever’s 6th Annual Walk for Animal Protection at Southern Village in Chapel Hill. Come out and grab a little exercise with your pooch and say hello. Happy Halloween, Kim & Pierre

OCTOBER CONTRIBUTORS: DARCI VANDERSLIK is the director of the SPCA of Wake County. Founded in Raleigh in 1967, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is dedicated to creating a more humane community where every adoptable animal has a home. Each year the SPCA re-homes over 3,000 animals through its innovative adoption programs and lost and found efforts! PEYTON GAUDIOSI co-founded Sound Pet Animal Rescue in 2006. She has been active in animal rescue her entire life as her family rescued Irish Setters when she was a little girl. Currently she lives in Raleigh with her misfit pack of dogs and her very understanding husband. JENNIFER HODGE is the owner of the Cat Clinic of Cary. Jennifer has opened her heart and home to many special needs pets. WILLIE HODGE is a feline celebrity with a tremendous Facebook following. He works to help people understand the nature of special needs animals. LORRAINE DAVIS is a co-founder of Sixth Sense Caring. She lives with her husband Paul and her dogs Billie and Sophie in Durham. JILL WALTERS is a volunteer with Alley Cats and Angels. She has a store on called Card Crop Shop where she sells custom cards and envelopes. She can be contacted via her blog at


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Sally Rue

is a young Lab mix that lost her leg in a car accident. She is a merry little dog with an astounding eagerness to please. This little girl is looking for a family of her own that will cherish her for the rest of her life and play lots of ball. If you are looking for a loyal dog to be your house companion, consider this side.

is a four-year-old Pekingese who is the sweetest dog in the world. She has a perpetual smile on her face and is ready for just about any adventure that comes her way. She’s good with other dogs and good with people and enjoys her walks in the neighborhood.

Aw Shux

Elvis Grady

is a shy and reserved little Maltese mix. He’s about three years old and came from a commercial breeding facility. He has come a long way since entering our program and is enjoy human interactions more each day. He gets along with other dogs and is looking for a home with a well socialized dog to help him continue to grow and build his confidence.

is a senior Yorkshire Terrier who is about ten years old. He’s become a playful dog with his foster sibling and absolutely loves outings and adventures. Elvis is learning to wear sunglasses outdoors because he has difficulty adjusting to the light. He’s looking for a settled home and would love a friendly companion.

SAFE Haven for Cats : 919 872-7233



Graceful gray gentleman who exudes elegance. I showed up in my rescuer’s back yard and made such a fabulous impression on her and her son that they cared for me until a spot opened up here giving me a chance for a home of my own. I’m extremely social and would be one fine companion.

You’re gonna love me. First of all I make a striking first impression in my beautiful sealpoint tuxedo suit. But it’s my personality that’s even more wonderful. I love people and relish affection. And I also love to chat. So you’ll know when your buddy is around. Doesn’t everyone look forward to a great conversation?



Ready for a fresh start. Each life has its own special set of twists and turns. My previous adopter surrendered me to a high-kill shelter. Luckily I made it here. I am a nice cat who behaves well, and I believe I deserve a loving home. Come meet me and I’ll show you how fine I am. If you give me my chance, I will find special ways to thank you every day.

I am a distinguished tuxedo cat. There’s nothing better-looking is there? Notice the striking white blaze on my face! And we tuxes are very smart, too. A perfect combination. I’m a bright young adult who’s looking for a home where I can strike just the right balance between play time and plenty of interaction with my wonderful humans. I have lived in a home before so I definitely mind my manners. Come check me out.

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R aver:

My name is Raver. I am told I am quite the handsome fellow. You know, tall, dark and handsome. Well okay, SHORT, dark and handsome. But, you know what I mean. I also have these big, handsome eyes that just melt hearts. I LOVE people and adore getting my chin scratched. If you scratch my chin and pet me, I will be your friend forever. I may be a middle-aged fellow (eight years old), but don’t let that give you any idea that I’m an old man.

Zor ro:

My name is Zorro! Yup – you read that right. Zorro. Like the guy with the cape and mask and sword. Yes, I have heard all the jokes. That being said, I’m not much good at swordfighting – but, I’m very talented in the chasing laser pointer department. I may not be a kitten any more but I still have a lot of play left in me and will give any toy a try. I really love hanging out with other cats and would love to have a playmate with my new purrson.


Whew – I just flew from Raleigh to Clayton and man are my arms tired. Yep, I’m named after that Groucho. And it’s not because I’m grouchy, I’m the sweetest, friendliest boy you’re ever going to meet. I have to say, though, the first comment is kinda true. Okay, I didn’t really fly, but I did ride under a truck. Something must have really scared me, because I jammed myself up in this tiny space under a truck... and it drove off with me there!


Hi, I’m Squirt. I was found in a feral colony, even though I’m as friendly as can be. I was attacked by dogs while in the colony so I was rescued, nursed back to health, and it turned out I was not feral at all. I need a home with no dogs. Could that be with you? I’m really laid back and shy and need a nice, quiet lifestyle. But I do enjoy being brushed, and with just one little chin scratch, my purr motor really starts to run. I’m ready for the easy life now after living outside so long.


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ALLEY CATS AND ANGELS : 919 303-3500


is a dashing, handsome grey kitten born in April 2011. He and his siblings, Ash and Cinders, were born in a feral colony where a trapneuter-return project is underway. Charcoal’s so happy to live in a warm house with lots of food and love. He can be shy at first, but once he figures out that you’re friendly, all Charcoal wants to do is snuggle and purr. Charcoal’s foster family has a medium-sized dog, which he gets along with OK – as long as the dog doesn’t take his toys!

Charlie Chaplin is a handsome little mustachioed tuxedo kitten, born in March 2011. His white mustache reminded his foster mom of Charlie Chaplin, so that’s how he got his name. He’s an incredibly loving and laid back kitty. In fact, Charlie was trapped for a neuter-release program, but once we saw how friendly he is, we knew he needed a family. Charlie Chaplin has done great in his foster home with other cats, plus a dog.

Webster is a very distinguished and handsome black kitten. He has a great personality and loves to play—toy mice, balls, and feathers are all so great, Webster can’t decide which to play with first. Webster also loves his sisal (rope) scratching post. He’s a super sweet boy who can’t get enough attention and will run to greet his foster mom when she comes home. Webster has a very expressive face, and sometimes you can almost tell what he’s thinking.


got her name because she was always up to playful tricks when she was first rescued. For example, she quickly learned how to escape her crate so she could run around her foster mom’s house to have fun. Trix has personality galore and likes to play, play, play and then love, love, love. You can hold her in your arms like a baby and rub her belly; she’ll just melt into your arms and purr. Trix is on the lookout for a family to entertain with her kitten antics.


Angelo is a petite, medium-haired black cat with a touch of white on his chest. He is gentle, calm, and enjoys lapsitting. Angel0 will sit patiently as you comb his luxurious, fluffy fur. He may gently put his paw on your chest, perhaps to assure you that your secrets are safe with him. If you want to stay and talk for a while, Angelo would love to hear all about you. Angelo’s ID number is A369297.


This adorable little guy is Joel, a three-month-old Lab mix puppy who is cuddly, friendly and very endearing. He loves people and attention, and is very playful. He likes his toys and does well with other puppies. Joel will be a sweet family pet. Joel lives in Kennel 11.

Kayla is a pretty, approxi-

Tonka is a gorgeous tuxe-

mately two-year-old Lab mix who is sweet, affectionate, gentle and cooperative. Since she has a rather shy, submissive side, she’ll benefit from kind, patient handling and training as she builds her confidence. She’s great with other dogs. Kayla is looking for a calm, low-stress home where she can continue to blossom. Kayla is a real sweetheart. When you first meet her in the kennel she’s very shy and submissive, but get her outside, and she blossoms into a new dog.

do cat with dainty white toes and a fabulous silky coat. He is a big boy with an easy-going, friendly, and peaceful personality. Tonka likes people and is quite content to sit in your lap and be petted for as long as you like. He gets along with other cats and would love to have a permanent home with you. Tonk’s ID number is A362044.

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The Myth of the Black Cat by Jill Walters

HEN I WAS in the third grade, my class took a walk on a path through the woods near our school. I was the first in line, even ahead of the teacher, and it felt good to take the lead for once. That is, until a black cat ran across the path right in front of me. One of my schoolmates behind me yelled, “Ooh, you have bad luck! You have bad luck!” As the entire class laughed at my predicament, I felt that I had been cursed by this random occurrence. The myth of the unlucky black cat was ingrained in my schoolmates’ minds, as it is in most peoples’, but few of us ever question where it came from. Many feel it can be traced back to the Pilgrims, not long after they landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620. The myth was wrapped up in the Christian’s fear of witchcraft, where black cats were considered a symbol of evil – part devil and part sorcery. It’s not been widely reported that many black cats suffered the same fate of the many women wrongly accused of being witches, because it was believed that witches often transmuted themselves into black cats to avoid death. The myth of the black cat is also linked to the Middle Ages. Fear of black cats caused many of them to be killed which tragically helped the bubonic plague to spread. With a shortage of cats, the rat population got incredibly out of hand. Another fascinating factor that enhanced the myth was Edgar Allen Poe’s


“The Black Cat.” The short story, written in 1843, concerns a man who murders his wife and is haunted by a large black cat named Pluto, who he had previously killed by hanging. Several film and television adaptations have been made of the story, with one of the most notable produced by Bela Lugosi and Boris Karlov in 1934. We’ve all seen movies with black cats mysteriously slinking through scenes. In many fantasy films, black cats have various supernatural powers and can often morph into humans. There have been so many examples of this kind of imagery that they have become part of the fabric of spooky celebrations. The myth continued to grow through countless retellings of these tales, references in pop culture, and sayings passed down by folks from generation to generation. Much like the superstitions that breaking a mirror causes seven years of bad luck, or that it’s unlucky to open an umbrella indoors, the unlucky black cat is a myth that has stuck. In contrast, there are many cultures where black cats are seen as a symbol of good luck. The British, the Irish, the Scottish, and the Japanese all count the inclusion of a black cat in one’s life as a symbol of prosperity.

To cat lovers, black cats are beautiful creatures with shiny coats just as lovable as tabbies or white cats. To non-cat people, they can come across as eerie, shadowy creatures. It’s no wonder such a legacy of black cat bashing has built up over the centuries. One part of the black cat legend that was not known to me when the cat crossed my path in the third-grade is that for Germans, black cats crossing your path from right to left is a bad omen, but from left to right it is a good one. I can’t remember from what side the cat in question crossed in front of me, but I doubt it would have mattered. The myth is powerful enough without that detail. HERE ARE DEFINITELY more people that experience great pleasures from owning black cats than than those who have a fear of them. But perhaps there is still is a negative association which is the reason black cats (and black dogs) have the most difficult time getting adopted. To this day there are a number of animal shelters that suspend the adoption of black cats during the Halloween season because of the fear that they will be used in dangerous pranks or rituals. Many web sites even warn owners to keep black cats inside during late October. What should we gather from all this? I think it’s that we should respect black cats whether they cross our path or we cross theirs. It’s their world as much as it is ours, and our often violent ways have meant much worse luck for them than us. So let’s wish the best of luck to all the black cats this Halloween season especially those waiting to be adopted.




This adorable mixed breed girl is around eight months old and is one of the cool dogs chosen to represent Dog Adoption Month this October. For the entire month, Georgia and other great dogs are available for a reduced adoption fee of $60. And you couldn’t find a better representative for this fun event. Georgia is playful, social and easy to get along with. She does well with other dogs, loves people, walks nicely and even gives treats and toys back when asked, without a fuss.

Billy & Fintan: These brothers are around two years old and best of friends. Billy, a grey tabby, is outgoing and curious, ready to greet any visitors as soon as they approach. Fintan, his cute orange tabby brother, is just the opposite, preferring to stand back and wait until Billy has checked everything out before approaching a new face. Their differences only make their bond that much stronger. Shelter volunteers have offered to pay the second adoption fee if adopted together.

Pr ince ss:

This gorgeous tortie cat is around a year old and looking for a new home of her own. This petite girl is eloquent and beautiful, with intense green eyes and a striking, yet soothing presence. The mystique and beauty she naturally carries adds a level of intrigue to her, but underneath she has a mellow and laidback demeanor that make her humble, adaptable and easy to love. This down to earth beauty enjoys everything from exploring and play time to lazy cuddle sessions on a warm lap.

Far rah:

This adorable girl is around three years old and looking for a new place to call home. Luckily for her, October is Dog Adoption Month, so she and other select dogs are available for $60, half the regular adoption fee. Farrah is a volunteer favorite because during walks, she snorts like a pig. It is reportedly the most fun to walk with her as she excitedly snorts her way all along the trails. Indoors, she is humble and sweet, but still curious enough to come forward and say hello to visitors.


Mobile veterinary service for cats, dogs and horses Non-invasive laser therapy for arthritis, hot spots, chronic ear infections, disc disease, muscle injuries and many other conditions. Call 9 1 9 - 9 0 4 - H E A L or go to for more information or to set up an appointment.

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is two-and-ahalf years old. He has short hair, beautiful eyes and is super soft. His foster mom says Bubbles is a calm, laid back, affectionate kitty who gets along with new people and cats. He enjoys chasing a laser light. He will even plop himself down in front of you, inviting you to rub his tummy. He is litter trained, current on his vaccinations and neutered. Bubbles is a super sweet kitty who would make a great addition to any home.


is a loving little female who appeared out of nowhere. She would hide in the bushes of her foster mom’s garden and run when she approached. She was thin, hungry and roaming a busy street at risk of being injured or killed. Once caught she proved to be a gentle, calm, affectionate kitty with a big appetite. She enjoys playing with her toys, watching birds from her garden window, and snuggling.

Buddy G


is two-and-ahalf years old. This sweet boy was surrendered when his family had to move. He is used to a quiet home where he can play fetch with his family using catnip toys. He also LOVES playing with strings, feathers and a laser light. Buddy G is litter trained and current on his vaccinations. Buddy G is just the kitty to make you feel glad to be home after a hard day at work. To meet Buddy G, contact Marley’s Cat Tales at

Hi I’m Kramer. I am a big, beautiful kitty who loves to talk and get attention from my humans. Don’t let my size fool you, I love to cuddle up in a lap, make biscuits and have my head rubbed. I have just learned how to walk with a harness and I love it.



I am Annie and I am as sweet as can be. I am a little under a year old and weigh about 30 lbs. I think I am a hound mix, maybe with a little beagle in me. I was rescued from a local animal shelter and I am really enjoying my new foster home, but my dream is to find a family I can call my own. I live with a little dog right now and I love to play with her. I also get along with big dogs too, all I really want to do is play and be loved. I am crate trained too.


is a very playful little girl. Brie was born February 2010 and she is the smallest of her litter mates but she is also the spunkiest and the most talkative. She is always the first one to try something new. Brie also loves to be petted and played with. She gets along beautifully with all of her foster siblings and the family dog. Brie would do great in a home with other pets and/or children. Contact her foster mom Amy at


is a Terrier Mix. She’s very sweet and loving. All she wants is to be by my side. Shes very playful, but not in an overwhelmingly hyper way. She can chill out and hang out very easily. She’s very wellbehaved. She’s great with cats and kids. She’s easy in the car and loves to go places. She’s truly an awesome dog who just desperately wants someone to love her and take care of her. For info email:

Mar y Kate

is Miss Personality. She knows she's a cutie and wants to make sure everyone agrees. Mary Kate is very affectionate and loves to be petted, but not picked up too often. She really enjoys taking naps beside a person. This girl loves to play and will make a toy out of anything. Mary Kate and her three siblings (Alex, Cleo, and Ashley) were found abandoned outside on a cold April day last year when they were two weeks of age. Contact: OCTOBER 2011

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Hi, I am Jill and I am two years old and I’ve been at Second Chance for over a year. I have the biggest golden eyes and the softest fur ever. I didn’t get a lot of attention from humans when I was younger, so I am a little more timid than some other cats. I am trying to be brave and I have made amazing progress, since I moved to the adoption center. I now approach people and want their attention. I love to be with other kitties so I need to have a friend in my new home.

Fletcher: They call me fun, playful and silly, but my real name is Fletcher and I am a three-year-old. My foster family consists of humans, dogs (both big and small) and cats and I love them all. I am fully house trained and do not even need a crate, as I have great manners. My favorite things to do are to go on walks, play fetch, meet new people and see new places. While I am an energetic boy outside, I love to cuddle inside. I love kids, but would rather live with older ones.


Hi, my name is Martin. I am a one-year-old Lab mix. I have lots of Lab traits. I am friendly with both people and dogs. I like to play and be goofy and I love WATER. My foster parents say that the number one thing that I need in my forever family is someone who will commit to exercising me twice a day. Now I go for a run in the morning (my foster dad will ride his bike and I run beside him) and a walk in the evening. You can also play fetch with me to.


is an eight year old, beautiful torbie, who loves attention from people. She’s not too keen on attention from other cats, though, so she would be best in a home where she’s the only cat. Peony originally was adopted from Second Chance years ago. Unfortunately, her owner passed away suddenly and Peony came back to us. Peony has been waiting for quite a while now to find another forever home. She perks up whenever anyone comes to talk to her.




I’m a five-month-old neutered male Brindle hound/pit bull mix puppy. My foster mommy says I am the sweetest boy EVER. I get along with other dogs, adults and children and I tolerate cats. I am a very laid back snuggly guy who would love to come home with you. Don’t you want to come meet me?

I am a medium-sized white domestic rabbit with a black circle around my left eye. I am currently in a wonderful foster home where I can run around and play with the resident dogs and cat. I am very cuddly, and I am litterbox trained. I like to hop up on the couch next to you and snuggle. Won’t you come visit me?


is a beautiful tuxedo neutered male. Fred LOVES to be around people. He loves to cuddle and sit on your lap or chest. Fred does well with other cats, dogs and kids. You really couldn’t find a better cat than him. Fred had an eye removed several years ago due to an infection. He has no medical issues now and having only one eye has no effect on him. He also has an allergy to fleas and should be kept as an indoor cat. Page 8



I am the only male and the largest of the litter. I am all black and have beautiful, round expressive blue eyes. I love to play with my foster mom’s grandkids and three dogs. I love to get a hold of the shepherd’s fluffy tail and play with it. She is very gentle with me and tolerates my nonsense. I come when my foster-mom calls me for dinner and look forward to playtime with my two sisters or my human companions. I am gentle and sweet with kids.

Ask Willie Hodge send Willie your questions: Willie’s feline fact of the month: Ailurophilia is the "love of cats." Willie is very excited to have his first educational column featured in Heart2Home Magazine. Willie is a special needs cat who spends his days at the Cat Clinic of Cary. Despite his physical challenges, Willie has found his special place in the world by sharing his life’s adventures with his friends and helping them with their feline-oriented questions and challenges.


Dear Willie: I have always wondered if cats can see in the dark?

I believe the answer to this is both yes and no. Compared to humans, cats can see very well in the dark. Cats' eyes have a special layer of cells behind the retina called the tapetum lucidum. These cells increase light intensity by reflecting the light back, causing the eyes to have the "glow in the dark" look. Cats can't truly see in the dark, their eyes just make much better use of any small amount of light than humans' eyes. If there was no light at all, cats would be as blind as you.


Dear Willie: Can cats be vegetarian?

The answer to this is a definite no, and I don’t know what I would do without my favorite Fancy Feast meals. Cats can never truly be vegetarian because we cannot manufacture an essential amino acid called Taurine like some other animals can. Without taurine, cats can develop blindness and heart disease. Taurine is only available from meat sources. I believe there are some vegetarian diets out there for cats, but taurine must still be a supplement.


Dear Willie: Are most calico cats females?

I have discovered that most calico cats are beautiful females. It is a genetic trait that links the three color markings of orange, black and white to the X chromosomes in females. The 5% of males who have all three colors have an extra X chromosome. However, because of this genetic trait, all calico male cats will be sterile.


Dear Willie: Can a litter of kittens have more than one father?

This is an excellent question. My mom does a lot of kitten rescue at the Cat Clinic of Cary, and I have noticed that sometimes the kittens in a single litter may look very different from one another. I have learned that this can be a result of simple genetics, or the fact that the litter had more than one father. When females are in heat they release more than one egg. If she mates with more than one male in a short period of time, the eggs can be fertilized by the sperm from different males.

Willie answers all questions with the help of his mom, Dr. Jennifer Hodge, owner of the Cat Clinic of Cary. Please email Willie at with questions. Don’t forget to become Heart2Home’s and Willie Hodge’s Facebook friend where you can follow Willie’s daily adventures more closely.


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Black Cat and

Each year as Halloween approaches, the SPCA of Wake County works to dispel the “unlucky” myths surrounding black cats. With a nationwide problem of black and darker-coated pets taking longer to be Join the SPCA of Wake County’s Black Cat and Black Dog Club by purchasing adopted, the a t-shirt in the SPCA’s Retail Store. SPCA has turned what was once an annual quest to dispel myths into a year-long celebration of black dogs and cats. A celebration that SPCA of Wake County hopes will result in these pets being adopted into the loving homes they deserve.


submitted by Darci VanderSlik

N THE FALL OF 2010 the SPCA of Wake County started the Black Cat and Black Dog Club. The “club” promotes the adoption of these pets and shines a light on the challenges that they face. Although no quantitative study has taken place, the anecdotal feedback shows that animal welfare agencies throughout the United States largely find that black cats and dogs and other predominantly darker-coated pets tend to linger longer in shelters before being adopted. And there are many theories as to why. One theory is that cultural myths and associations cause some adopters to avoid considering black cats and dogs. Myths and negative associations with black cats and the color black go back hundreds of years. (See sidebar) It stands to reason that individuals who maintain these superstitions will be deterred from giving these pets a second look. Another theory as to why black cats and dogs take longer to be adopted is simple behavior and science. Many people begin their search for a pet online looking at photographs. It is more difficult to take a photograph of a black cat or dog because their fur color absorbs the light and makes it difficult to distinguish their unique features and beauty. Therefore, when presented with a variety of pictures, the darker-coated pets are often overlooked because their photographs do not “pop” as much as the bright orange cat or the spotted dog whose picture appears beside them. In addition to negative associations and photography challenges, another problem with any color pet in a shelter environment is how to make every pet stand out in a crowd of a hundred. At the SPCA of Wake County, we see many pets who are entirely black. The challenge to adopting these pets is making them easily distinguishable from everyone else. And that is where innovative marketing campaigns like the Black Cat and Black Dog Club come into play.

Black Dog Club AFTER SEEING AMAZING pets overlooked month after month, the SPCA of Wake County created the Black Cat and Black Dog Club. Designed to promote the adoption of dark-coated dogs and cats, this fun and engaging program works to promote these often overlooked pets and tackle the potential obstacles mentioned. With the help of a local artist, the SPCA created original logos for the Black Cat and Black Dog Club and designed T-shirts for purchase. Black cat or dog adopters receive a 50 percent discount on club T-shirts which are also for sale to the general public. These conversation-piece shirts are a great way for adopters and supporters to educate the community about the issue. To promote the club, the SPCA created a short YouTube video to help spread the word. In the past eight months this video has received nearly 1,000 views and can be passed along through different social media outlets. Black Cat and Black Dog Club badges are placed on the kennel cards of all the predominately dark-coated pets in the adoption center. The kennel card badges coordinate with posters posted throughout the adoption center educating adopters about the purpose of the club. Other efforts to help these pets shine include helping pets “pop” in their adoption photos so that they catch the eye of adopters online. SPCA staff makes the magic happen by photographing dark-coated dogs outside in natural light and cats playing on the floor,

being held, engaging with colorful toys, or lying on a colorful blanket. Poor lighting can be an impediment to visitors at the SPCA Adoption Center to seeing black pets. So dogs with darker fur often sport colorful bandanas and black cats wear bright collars with tags. To brighten up the kitten kennels, the SPCA has also applied brightly-colored paper to the back of the plexi-glass kennel walls. These small steps will hopefully continue to make a big difference in our dark-coated pet adoption numbers. AT THE SPCA OF WAKE COUNTY, we often take a light-hearted approach to solving problems. So far we have seen great looked interest in the Black Cat and Black Dog without the Club’s Club, and many typically over-looked pets education. have gone home as a result! Many adopters are seen reading the Black Cat and Black Dog Club posters around the SPCA Adoption If you would like to learn more about Center and take the The Black Cat and Black Dog Club time to tell SPCA staff visit and volunteers that they never knew of this You can also attend the annual celebranationwide problem. These adopters are tion of black cats during the SPCA's more likely to stop and Howl-O-Ween celebration on Saturday, take a second look at October 29, 1-4 pm and place your vote the dark-coated pets the Best Black Cat in the Shelter they may have over

Join the Club…

Contest (

During the witch trials in North America and Europe, BLACK CATS became associated with bad luck and witches because of their ability to remain unseen at night due to the color of their coat. But in many other countries not impacted by the witch trial frenzy, BLACK CATS were considered good luck.


All Breed Animal Rescue of the Carolinas


Miller: When Miller first

My foster family named me after they found me in the road nearly starved to death. They took me in and have been slowly fattening me up and preparing me for life as a cherished pet. I got a good report from the vet, everything was normal except for me being WAY too skinny. I share my foster home with another dog and a cat and I am fine with both. I am very food motivated and I am learning to do commands for my treats.

came to the rescue he would crawl around on his belly and submissively urinate. Just three days later and he is walking with his head held high, following hand signals, and doing wonderfully. He is INCREDIBLY sweet and loves other dogs. He is constantly giving kisses and really enjoys cuddling. Miller came from a hoarding situation with 70 other Aussies and will need a kind, loving home to help him learn the luxury of being an indoor family member.

Cr ystal:


Crystal is a sixyear-old Aussie. She is slowly coming out of her shell in her foster home. She came to us very shy and not wanting much to do with us, but now wags her tail and gives us kisses. We believe that in time she will be the loving dog we know she is. Crystal is great with other dogs and with cats. She is house trained and crate trained. She is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative and on all preventions

Deaf, and mostly blind, Morgan mapped out our house after only four days. She walks around with no problems and LOVES to get on the couch and cuddle. She is incredibly affectionate and gives lots of kisses. She does beautifully with other dogs and cats. She is house broken and crate trained too. She just had her eye fixed (she has entropion) and is finally ready for her forever home.




is a four-year-old shepherd mix and great dog – very sweet and calm with lowto-moderate energy. He loves to be around his human companions and other dogs. Buddy would make a great pet for someone who will take him on daily walks. This sweet boy deserves a home where he will be safe and loved and he in return will give you his solid devotion. Buddy’s owner surrendered him to a Shelter, we don’t know why and BPFA stepped in to help him get adopted.

is a four-year-old Jack Russell terrier and is a sweet and calm dog, and this is unusual for a JRT. Casey can be a showoff, too. If she thinks she is in trouble and you tell her to sit, she perches like a bird and brings her front paws up. Casey loves people and their attention. She also loves cuddling up and sleeping with you on the bed at night. Casey was originally adopted in 2009 from a local Shelter but his family sent him back to the shelter after a new baby.



is a six-monthold Black Labrador Retriever/ Treeing Walker Coonhound mix. He is a great puppy. He sleeps quietly through the night and wants to be near his humans most of the time, snuggling next to you on the sofa or on the bed. He comes when he is called and scratches at the door to be let back in. Jordan loves the water and would likely get in the shower with you if that was allowed. Jordan continues to discover that life is pretty cool to be a puppy who is loved and cared for. Page 12


is a one-year-old Chinese crested and a sweetheart. She loves ALL people; she loves all sizes of dogs. Sophie is a wonderful lady and a love bug who enjoys cuddling and being close to her human. She is not food aggressive at all and lets everyone else have their space with their food. Her name should be Velcro because she will stick close to you if you treat her right. Sophie would be great anywhere, she is so sweet and just wants to be loved.

Sound Pet Animal Referral and Rescue: A Second Chance for Injured and Unwanted Animals by Peyton Gaudiosi E ARE LUCKY TO HAVE so many animal rescues in the Triangle. There are breed rescues, rescues for puppies and expectant females, older dog rescues, big dog rescues, little dog rescues and many all-breed rescues. But what happens to the dogs that end up at the shelters that are hurt, injured or maybe ill and need some time to recover? Many shelters are not allowed to put those dogs on the floor for adoption and once it is obvious there is no family coming for them, their only way out is rescue. If the dog is lucky enough to be a pure breed then a good percentage of the time the associated breed rescue will pick them up. But what happens if they aren’t? In the past, there was not much hope for these dogs, as the cost of healing them just wasn’t in a shelters’ budget. More often than not they were kept in the back rooms away from the general public until they could be humanely euthanized. This is the reason why Sound Pet Animal Rescue and Referral (SPARR) was founded in 2006 to help these suffering animals who had no hope and no help. SPARR oversees a small group of foster homes and partners with a large veterinarian hospital – just like other rescue groups. But instead of looking for a certain breed or standard of dog, they are often called by the shelters when a dog arrives and the staff knows it has an injury that will prevent it from being placed on the floor for adoption. One such dog was John Joseph. John Joseph was brought to the Wake County Animal Shelter by some good Samaritans with a bandaged hind leg. At first, the rescue was told that the leg was fine and that it would heal on its own. In reality, the leg was shattered and was in need of removal. If no rescue was willing to pick him up and pay to have his leg amputated, he would have been euthanized. He was a perfectly good dog and would make someone a great pet, but would a rescue be willing to take such a loss on a dog? Once a rescue picked up John Joseph, they would already be in the hole for his leg amputation, his neuter, and any other medical issues he would have.


John Joseph is just the type of dog that SPARR sets out to help. Earlier this year, SPARR was contacted to rescue a beautiful chocolate cocker spaniel they named Garrett, who had chronic ear infections that were left untreated. The ears had gotten so bad that they had to be completely removed, which left Garrett permanently deaf, but feeling much better. Garett is one of SPARR’s success stories as soon after the operation and recovery, he found his “forever home” and he’s happily loved by his new family. One of the dogs SPARR is most proud of is Biscuit. Many years ago he broke his leg, which was left to heal on its own. Later, when he broke his other leg, his owner was ready to abandon him. SPARR stepped in and made sure the little dog was rescued. Although his leg could not be saved, he now lives a fulfilling three-legged life. While at an adoption event, Biscuit met a women who became his new mom. Biscuit’s mom became such an animal advocate after adopting Biscuit that she got a job at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah as their volunteer coordinator. SPAAR continues to get email updates about Biscuit. Just one little dog with a missing front leg forever changed his mother’s life and in turn will change the lives of countless other dogs. This is the power of animals and the difference an animal rescue can make in the world. PARR DOES NOT ONLY rescue the injured and the ill. They also rescue the unloved. SPARR’s policy is that every foster volunteer is allowed to pick their own foster dog. The only thing the rescue asks in return is that the foster home sticks with the dog they pick. This means the rescue does not send out any emails begging foster volunteers to take dogs that they have just pulled from a shelter – there are no sad dog faces popping up in chain emails or on message boards. Once a week, the rescue will send out an email letting the volunteers know who got adopted, which dogs are new, what the next event is and what new and interesting things are going on. If by chance they are going to the shelter, SPARR invites anyone who


CONTACT SPARR Address: POB 3204, Cary NC 27519 phone: 919 656 3407 email: web site:

john joseph


garrett wants to go. It may not get as many dogs out as other rescue groups do, but everyone walks away happy with the dog they picked and the process is guilt-free. So what are the benefits of adopting a previously injured or ill dog from a rescue? People say that rescued pets really show devotion because they are so grateful to be rescued. A pet that has come through an injury and knows it can depend on you is devoted tenfold. There is nothing better than to look at a healthy animal with a loving family, knowing that you made that possible. Bringing these animals to a wonderful family that will love them forever is the greatest reward. People will look past the fact that a dog is missing an eye, or is deaf, or has only three legs. The memories of these dogs at their worst, when they were injured, hairless, matted, scared animals; quickly subsides. It’s all worth it when a little child squeezes a new family pet and tells them they’re the most beautiful dog in the world – because now they are. All rescues are wonderful and serve a great purpose. We are lucky to have a little rescue in Cary saving the injured, ill and unloved. These are the dogs that would have slipped through the cracks. These are the dogs who now have friends at SPARR looking out for them.

Tails in the Kitchen

Heart2Home Advertiser Guide pet or pet-friendly service

Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats HERE ARE MANY BENEFITS to being a pet sitter. Besides getting to spend time with cute animals who are always excited to see me, I get to hear about what other pet owners are doing. A food additive many have been telling me a lot about is one that is very common this season of the year: pumpkin. You may know already that pumpkin puree (not the pumpkin pie filling) is loaded with vitamins C, K and E, beta-carotene, fiber, and several other beneficial antioxidants and other phytonutrients like lutein and ziazanthin. For humans, pumpkin is a miracle food! But what about for our pets? Although our pets don't need vitamin C and very few dogs or cats are deficient in any of by Susan the above minerals or vitamins, thanks to the Graff diets most of them consume, the fiber content in pumpkin is useful in the treatment and maintenance of the digestive health of our pets. Very rich in fiber, just a small portion of pumpkin in your dog or cat's daily diets (1/4 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon, depending on the pet's weight) often helps with an upset stomach or indigestion and can make the difference between a case of chronic diarrhea or constipation and a normal daily bowel movement. Canned pumpkin acts as stool softener which makes it a good natural remedy for constipation. Yet, since the dietary fiber in canned pumpkin absorbs water, many veterinarians often recommend pumpkin as part of the treatment for diarrhea, as well. Some pet owners report that pumpkin firms up their pet’s loose stools or diarrhea within a few hours. Again, a small amount is all that is needed, whether for an intestinal issue or simply as a healthy dietary supplement It should be noted that both diarrhea and constipation can both be very serious and require immediate veterinary care depending on the cause. Whatever the cause, diarrhea or constipation lasting more than 24-36 hours requires vet care. In honor of this miracle food, this month’s recipe is a favorite of many of my dog clients. It is Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats that is taken from the website,


ACCOUNTING SERVICES Networth Bookkeeping Services . . . . . 919 249 6200 216 E Chatham St Ste 102 - Cary ACUPUNCTURE-PETS Pet Sound Animal Hospital . . Cary 919 851 4114 305 Ashville Ave Suite C ART / SPECIALTY SHOPS Womancraft Handcrafted Gifts . . . . . . 919 929 8362 1800 E Franklin St - Chapel Hill ARTISTS Art by Ingrid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 919 349 4909 Weinstein Fine Art Studio . . . . . . 919 402 0160 BOARDING Sunny Acres Pet Resort . . Durham 919 383 4238 5908 US 70 CONSIGNMENT / THRIFT The Stock Exchange . . . . . . . . . . . . . 919 403 9977 6120 Farrington Rd - Chapel Hill Cat Angels Thrift Store . . . . . . Cary 919 463 3586 2466 SW Cary Parkway DAYCARE-DOGS Lucky Dogs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 919 301 4476 1408 Christian Ave - Durham


tter s peanut bu tablespoon 2 ur flo salt whole wheat 1/2 teaspoon ound cinnamon 2 1/2 cups on gr po as te 2 1/ 2 eggs ther ed pumpkin Whisk toge l. grees C). 2. 1/2 cup cann

: Ingredients

w de ees F (175 amon in a bo h to 350 degr lt, and cinn ug sa en do r, e ov tte th at t bu he bu 1. Pre , peanut workable, gs, pumpkin e the dough inch-thick roll. Cut ak m lp the flour, eg he to 2t 40 as needed ugh into a 1/ Add water til hard, abou Roll the do ted oven un y and stiff. dr ea s. eh be at pr ld tre in ou sh ake ium shaped pieces. 3. B small to med into 1/2-inch out 18 — 24 ab ds el Yi . minutes Susan Graff is the owner of Whole Lotta Love Dog Walking and Pet Services Page 14


MASSAGE Wellville Healing Arts . . . . . . Durham 919 730 4542 REAL ESTATE Christine Danko / Go Realty . . . . . 619 697 7213 Goldens Realty . . . . . . . . Durham 919 606 8751 SCREENPRINTING Aardvark Screenprinting . . . . . . . . . . 919 829 9058 1019 E Whitaker Mill Rd - Raleigh SPAY/NEUTER SERVICE SNAP-NC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 919 783 7627 SUPPLIES/PET FOOD Barnes Supply . . . . . . . . .Durham 919 266 2750 774 Ninth St Sunny Acres Pet Resort . . Durham 919 383 4238 5908 US 70 TRAINING Good Dog . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 919 260 7564 VETERINARIAN - MOBILE Heal Pet Laser Therapy . . . . . . . . 919 904 HEAL Paws At Your Doorstep . . . . . . . . 919 247 2670

DOG TREATS Just Dogs Gourmet . . . . . Raleigh 919 510 9588 4325 Glenwood Ave (Crabtree Valley Mall) FENCING Dog Guard Out Of Sight Fencing . . 919 781 1213 . . . . . . . . . . . . 800 490 9193 Sean McCarthy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 919 302 3442 GROCERS

ats kin Dog Tre p m u P d n tter a Peanut Bu www.allreci

Life In Motion Counseling . Durham 919 649 2109

Whole Food Market . . . . . Chapel Hill 919 968 1983 81 S Elliott Rd GROOMING Animal Hospital at Brier Creek . . . 919 544 2226 10500 Little Brier Creek Ln - Raleigh Lucky Dogs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 919 301 4476 1408 Christian Ave - Durham Sunny Acres Pet Resort . . Durham 919 383 4238 5908 US 70 HEALING Companion Chi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 919 244 1264 LOSS/GRIEVING Animals Connect Us

VETERINARIAN Cat Clinic of Cary . . . . . . . . . . . . 919 481 4259 2464 SW Cary Pkwy - Cary Animal Hospital at Brier Creek . . . 919 544 2226 10500 Little Brier Creek Ln - Raleigh Pet Sound Animal Hospital . . Cary 919 851 4114 305 Ashville Ave Suite C Southpoint Animal Hospital Durham 919 226 0043 5601 Fayetteville Rd. WALKING/ PET SITTING A Whole Lotta Love . . . . Durham 919 491 3567


919 246 4105



What a nice girl this is. And cute. Sabrina has an absolutely adorable round face with chubby cheeks and bright round eyes. Seriously, kitty cats don’t come much cuter than this one, and she’s got a sweet personality to match. Sabrina has been at the Refuge for over a year now, and she’s hoping that someone will pick her out of the black cat crowd, fall in love with her, and take her home. Maybe you can make her dream come true. DOB 2009


and her sister Toby are very sweet and loving cats. They are experienced house cats who have had a rough time recently. Their family moved away and left them behind, and then the sisters found themselves on death row in a public shelter before the Goathouse pulled them. They are a wonderful pair of cats who would love a second chance at having a forever home. DOB 2008

Aver y is looking for love. He gets along fine with other cats, but it’s people he is really interested in. It’ll melt your heart to see how grateful this fellow is when you pay attention to him; he just soaks it up like a sponge. Avery loves to cuddle, and is the kind of cat who gets on your lap, nestles right in, and makes it clear that he plans to stay awhile. Avery is ready and willing to provide unconditional kitty love to his special person. Come meet him soon. DOB 2008.


and her sister Emma are very gentle and loving cats. They are experienced house cats whose family moved away and was unable to take the kitties with them, so they surrendered them to a public shelter at the height of kitten season. The Goathouse pulled them when their time was up. These sweet sisters would love to be adopted together. Wonderful kitties who would be perfect family cats. DOB 2008

PAWFECT MATCH : 919 522-1307




Hiya. I’m Reggie. I’m a happy go lucky boy that loves, loves, loves to play. Did I mention that I love to play? I’m having a ball playing with all my foster siblings. I’m going to need a special home because I’m deaf. A lot of love, patience, and experience is needed but I promise to make it worth your while.

is a great little “older” man looking for a quiet home where he can be an only dog but he wouldn’t mind a feline companion though. Oscar is a super sweet little boy that’s been waiting awhile for that special someone to take him home.

came to us from a hoarder who was also practicing very irresponsible breeding so he is deaf as a result. He is a wonderful boy who is super mellow and does great with other dogs. He will need to go to a home with a fenced yard and someone willing to take the time to learn hand signals, which he is already learning and doing wonderfully with. Otho is a super smart boy and will make someone a great companion who is willing to give him the time that he needs and deserves.


is a super sweet boy who will be on the larger side for an aussie. He is also deaf so he will need to be placed in a home with a fenced yard and someone willing to take the time with him to learn hand signals. He came to us from a hoarder who was practicing irresponsible breeding to say the least but he is thriving in his new foster home. Auggie is well on his way to learning basic commands and is a wonderful laid back boy. OCTOBER 2011

Page 15

SPCA OF WAKE COUNTY : 919 772-2326

Glor y:

I’m Glory, and I will always be there to comfort you, spend time with you, and will make good memories every day. I’m young, but with proper guidance, I’ll become the greatest grown up dog in the world. Obedience classes will steer us in the right direction and help us bond. I’m a super active girl so I hope you have the time for lots of walks, runs, hikes, and trips to the dog park. Come make your first good memory of our new life together today. (Five-month-old, Black Border Collie mix.)


Do you live your life in the fast lane? Me too. I’m Callahan and I am on the hunt for someone who shares my zest for life. I am a spunky guy who needs to stay active and busy. We can spend the afternoon playing fetch and you could even teach me some tricks. If you are the type of person that doesn’t want life, or me, to pass you by, lace up your running shoes and come down to meet me. (One-year-old, tan and white American Staffordshire Terrier mix.)


Do you need a little peace and tranquility in your life? Then you’ve come to the right place. My name is Yahmuna and I am on the search for my forever home. I may be enjoy a good nap every now and then, but I certainly have a lot of sass in me. A nice catnip toy to play with during the day would be a great way for me to stay active. If you think I am that special cat to add to your home, then speak with an adoption counselor today. (One-year-old, Female domestic shorthair.)


My name is Marcy and I am quite the acrobat. Watch me as I gracefully leap and twirl across the entire kitten room. Sometimes I forget I’m still just a kitten and loose my balance, so make sure to watch me carefully as I try to impress you with my high flying leaps. Kittens like me can turn anything into a toy-shoestrings and paper balls are amazing and really fun to chase. (Two-monthold, female brown tabby.) Photos courtesy of InBetween The Blinks Photography.

PAWS4EVER : 919 304-2300


Hello from the kitten room. Sweet little me was transferred from Caswell County shelter way back on April. Since then I have celebrated my first birthday here at P4E and made a lot of new friends. I am very affectionate and love to run around and play with the little kittens, even keeping them warm while they sleep and giving them a bath when they need one. Alas the little kittens come and go and I continue to be overlooked.


is quite the catch. He has an amazing power to love and to please his human companions. Unfortunately he tested positive for heart worms but has completed treatment and is ready to go to his forever home. He loves his human buddies and would do best as an only dog. Cap’n appears house trained and keeps a very tidy and neat room.

Corporal: Hello and as

Mr. Pip came in from the

one of the official greeters here at P4E, I would like to let you know I will be roaming the halls here and most likely be waiting for you at the front door. I am a very outgoing cat and have acclimated very well to my new surroundings here. I was surrendered to the Caswell County on valentines day of 2011 and after being there for two whole months some really loving humans opened my cage and away I went. I am about two-and-a-half years old and weigh about 11 lbs.

county shelter full of love and purrs, along with some very serious fur mats. He was a wonderful sport in the bath, and then the trimming that was needed to get all his mats out. He is an older guy, and had a rough life up until now. He holds no hard feelings against anyone though, and starts each day with a bounce in his step and happy meow. He still has a happy purr, and lots of head butts to give.

Page 16




is so named because he is so very, very friendly. He greets everyone at the door, even strangers, and follows them in order to get some attention. He even follows repairmen and plumbers around the house ‘supervising’ their work. He likes to go outside (on a leash) and explore the yard. This small kitty with shiny black medium-length fur gets along with all cats and dogs and would do best in a home with another young cat to play with.

Br uno:

Everyone says that I am a sweet and good natured boy. Even the vet has complimented me on how good I am. My life was not the best life ever before I met my foster family. But now my coat is getting thicker and shinier as my health improves. As you may have noticed, I am blind but it does not stop me from being curious for life. My nose takes me all sorts of places. I need someone to help me safely discover the rest of the world.


is a two-year-old petite Calico, with a half orange, half black face and black stripes on both sides of her orange chin. India is an all around sweet, loving and unassuming girl who loves scratches under the chin, back massages and even tummy rubs. She likes to chat using a variety of trills, chirps and meows. She has quite a silly streak when the toys come out. She’s good at entertaining herself but is pleased if you want to play too. Reduced adoption fee of $50.


was found wandering around Whole Foods in Durham, and in IAR fostercare she has found just what she was looking for. She is now well-fed, her heartworm has been successfully treated, and she has been welcomed into a foster family filled with adults, kids, cats, and other dogs. This six-year-old is low-key, but also playful. Life is fine now with walks and naps. Ava canít wait to meet her new family. All IAR dogs come with a discounted series of training classes with Dog Fun Forever.





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919 510-9588

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Hannah is a very sweet

really lives up to her name. She is definitely a senior dog, low-key and docile. If you are looking for a companion to curl up on the couch with you, she is your girl. She enjoys her walks and sleeping a lot. She loves being close with her owner and can form a very strong bond to someone who is similar in nature to her. Someone who is patient, gentle, and loves to ‘chill out’ by reading a book or watching TV would make a good human companion for Chiller.

girl and likes to stand on her hind legs like a meerkat. One of her favorite things is to snuggle with people; she’ll cuddle on the bed, sleep between your legs, and even visit you while you’re soaking in the tub or taking a shower. She enjoys sunbathing and finding unique places to sleep. Hannah is an explorer. Any cabinet or small space she can find will make a perfect bed – from wicker baskets to large baseball gloves.



was named after the Racecar/Indy car driver. When she was a small kitten she would run laps around the entire house. If we didn’t hear her scampering feet, we knew she was asleep. She is still rather playful and even now when she gets that boost of energy you’ll hear her running at top speed from one room to the next. She loves to cuddle with her sister or with her giant Siamese foster sister Mocha. Like her sister Hannah, she is also an explorer.

is a beautiful torbie with silky soft fur who has an ‘instant on’ purr motor. It seems like she starts purring as soon as you touch her. This sweet girl enjoys the companionship of other kitties so she needs a home with other cats. She is a quiet and laid back kitty and definitely a lap cat. She is definitely a playful girl but is also very content to snuggle with her humans. She loves treats and has learned to come running when she hears the bag.



and her three adorable daughters are looking for good loving homes. Rowena is a young mom and did such an excellent job with her babies. Now she’s ready for a loving home of her own. Doris, Gladys and Louise are just precious. All three girls are sweet and on the quiet and shy side. They need someone who will give them time to feel comfortable with them. They are all beauties with so much love to give.

Gladys: Rowena and her three adorable daughters are looking for good loving homes. Rowena is a young mom and did such an excellent job with her babies. Now she’s ready for a loving home of her own. Doris, Gladys and Louise are just precious. All three girls are sweet and on the quiet and shy side. They need someone who will give them time to feel comfortable with them. They are all beauties with so much love to give. Page 18



Rowena and her three adorable daughters are looking for good loving homes. Rowena is a young mom and did such an excellent job with her babies. Now she’s ready for a loving home of her own. Doris, Gladys and Louise are just precious. All three girls are sweet and on the quiet and shy side. They need someone who will give them time to feel comfortable with them. They are all beauties with so much love to give.


Rowena and her three adorable daughters are looking for good loving homes. Rowena is a young mom and did such an excellent job with her babies. Now she’s ready for a loving home of her own. Doris, Gladys and Louis are just precious. All three girls are sweet and on the quiet and shy side. They need someone who will give them time to feel comfortable with them. They are all beauties with so much love to give.

North Carolina Breed Rescue Groups Airedale Terrier


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Pet Events October is National Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month. Cherry Bomb Ball Best in Show Friday, October 21 : 7:00 pm Best in Show competition benefits Independent Animal Rescue at Kings Barcade, 14 W. Martin Street in Raleigh. Tickets are $10 advance and $12 day of show. Advance tickets available at Dog is Love Speed Dating Thursday, October 20 : 6:00 - 8:00 pm Come meet some of Animal Protection Society’s loveable doggie bachelors and bachelorettes. You’ll spend a few minutes getting to know each dog with the help of their chaperone at the sound of the bell, you’ll move on the next eligible dog at FullSteam Brewery in Durham. Paws for Life 5K-9 Road Race and One Mile Dog Walk Sunday, October 22 : 10:00 am Event benefits the Franklin County Humane Society. The starting point is at the Wake Forest College Birth Place on Main Street (450 N. Main Street, Wake Forest). Info: ROCKABULLY Charity Concert Fundraiser Saturday, October 22 : 12:00 - 4:00 pm A benefit for The Positive Pit Bull at Deep South The Bar, 430 South Dawson St. in Raleigh. Tickets are $9 in advance, or $12 at the door. Contact: or 919-395-0551 Whole Foods Market 2011 Annual Dog Wash Sunday, October 23 A benefit for SPCA of Wake County at the Whole Foods at Six Forks Rd in Raleigh. Contact:

Dogtoberfest Sunday, October 23 : 1:00 - 3:00 pm Benefit for German Shepherd Rescue & Adoptions East Wake Wines & Craft Brew, 1001 Widewater Pkwy, Knightdale. Cost is $20/person and includes beer samples and appetizers. Please RSVP at Howl-O-Ween Pawty Saturday, October 29 : 11:00am - 3:00pm Camp Bow Wow’s 5th annual Howl-o-ween Pawty at 1710 Page Rd. Ext. in Durham. Admission is free and all funds raised will benefit homeless pets in the Triangle. Walk-n-Wag Sunday, November 6 : 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Event Sponsored by the American Cancer Society for the whole family at the Koka Booth Amphitheatre in Cary. Contact: Fourth Annual Cat Angels Silent Auction Saturday, November 12 : 6:00 - 9:00 pm Silent auction and buffet at the NC State University Club, 4200 Hillsborough St in Raleigh. $40 tickets at Contact: 6th annual Walk for Animal Protection Saturday, November 12 : 8:00 am - 1:00 pm Paws4Ever’s largest Fundraiser on the town green at Chapel Hill’s Southern Village. Family event with pet contests, games for the kids, demonstrations of agility, fly ball, dance and frisbee, vendors, artists, and live music, a blessing of the animals, and a two-mile walk. Registration is $30 (with opportunity to raise pledges). Contact:

Triangle Shelter and Foster Organizations DURHAM COUNTY

New Leash on Life Dog Rescue


SPCA of Franklin County

Animal Protection Society of Durham

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Durham : 919 560 0640

Independent Animal Rescue Durham : 919 403 2221

Animal Kind/The $20 Fix

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Holly Springs : 919 522 1307


All Breed Animal Rescue of the Carolinas

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SAFE Care Feline Spay/Neuter Clinic Raleigh : 919 872 1128

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Feral Cat Friends

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Happily Ever After: Lessons of Love from Billy and Sophie submitted by Lorraine Davis UR DOGS, Billy and Sophie, are the “Odd Couple” in our family. Mr. Bill-ster, aka Bill-Bop and BusterBoy, is older, with perfectly turned out feet on very short, bowed legs. “Junkyard dog” was my Dad’s assessment of his pedigree. He has a lion’s head and a plume tail, and wears a sultry circle of black eyeliner every day to enhance his big brown eyes. SophieDophie/Super-Soph is a purebred teenage border collie, with very showy white fur and beautiful black markings, as well as the classic searing gaze her breed is known for. They came to us at different times from the Durham Animal Shelter and have worked hard to become good siblings. We adopted Billy to keep our old Lab/Rottweiler, Meda, company several years ago. Billy was at the top of two parents’ and two daughters’ long favorites lists made as we searched along the grueling aisles of cages. Billy had a longlegged, short-haired sister Lilly in the cage with him, and she was already spoken for. I guess we could just feel that little


three-month-old brother’s heart aching not to be left alone. Once at home, Billy never could quite get Meda to be playful, although he tried valiantly. Yet when Meda crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, Billy was so very sad; it was kind of like walking a wet pancake. So about a month or two later, back we went to the shelter to find him a sibling. All the volunteers there were in love with Sophie – she was a stray, maybe a year old, with no information about her beyond her presence. She was completely housetrained, very earnest, very athletic, and with as sweet a temperament as any creature could have. When we brought Billy in to meet her at the shelter’s meet and greet room, Sophie was very polite and Billy seemed only vaguely interested. Unexpectedly, as soon as Sophie came home, Billy started channeling Meda’s old temperament – no more child’s playfulness for him – suddenly he had decided that life was VERY SERIOUS. Now Sophie spent the next two years valiantly trying every trick to get Billy to engage… it’s starting to pay off


Billy now, as Billy has just begun to allow play time into his daily schedule again. Generally, Sophie will lick his ears, bite his ankles, circle around him, try to get underneath him, and if all else fails, start with the high pitched yipping that makes your ears scream out in pain. Billy loves to hide in little cave-like spaces where Sophie cannot fit. She loves to dart madly around him on trail walks, jumping in the air and spinning around 180 degrees to keep it interesting. Usually there is a moment where Billy can’t take it anymore and he zooms, in his semifast mode, after her for a brief frenzied chase. We do our best to stay out of their way. Billy always makes people wonder, “What kind of dog is he?” and, “Are his legs really that short?” Sophie has the kind of alertness that makes you realize

you are missing a whole lot of what’s going on right under your nose – she rescued a puppy tangled up in a leash in the woods, and wouldn’t leave until I finally tromped over to see why the heck she wouldn’t come. They are truly an “Odd Couple.” It’s humbling living with dogs. Billy and Sophie seem to be trying to teach us about how to love unconditionally despite any differences, how to never stop trying when pursuing what you really want, how to completely relax, how to get out of the way when a train is coming, how to gather up your resources (Sophie even tries to herd turtles!), how to smell the flowers, and how to pay attention to everything that moves. They are good and dedicated teachers, and I suspect we are slow learners… yet every day, there are new lessons.



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H2H OCTOBER 2011  

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