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November 2011

Wildlife, Horses, and Pigs, Oh My! Happily Ever After: From a Feral Start to Homelife as Felix

November 2011 Vo l u m e 1 – N u m b e r 9

Wild & Exotic: Claws, Inc. rehabilitates and rescues wildlife and exotic pets . . . . . . Page 3 Ask Willie Hodge: Words of wisdom and Willie’s favorite holiday treat . . . . . . . . . . . Page 4 Equine Rescue League: Restoring nobility to the majestic horse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 10 Miniature Pig: Pig Pals of North Carolina rescue miniature pigs and educate about this intelligent mamal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 13 Seen About Town: Owners and their cute pets answer a few questions . . . . . . . . . Page 19 Happily Ever After: From Feral to Felix: finding the trust to love . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 21

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No matter how much cats fight, there always seems to be plenty of kittens. – Abraham Lincoln POB 25429 - Durham - North Carolina - 27702-5429 919-246-4105 | email: Distributed throughout Wake, Orange, Durham and Chatham Counties.

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from the editor’s desk …



APPY NOVEMBER, FALL AND THANKSGIVING! We are thrilled with this issue of Heart2Home. We bring to light some of the rescue stories from organizations that rescue animals other than cats and dogs. No matter what the species, a successful rescue organization depends on a well-trained and dedicated staff as well as supporters whose monetary and other support allow these groups to do their work. It never ceases to amaze me when I read about a rescue group and the work they’ve chosen to do with the particular animals they focus on.

KINDRA MAMMONE is the founder and executive director of CLAWS, Inc. Kindra has spent a lifetime working with wild and exotic species as well as horses and other domestic animals. She has over 20 years of experience rehabilitating wildlife as well as rescuing and socializing exotic animals and captive wildlife. She feels that educating the public about these animals is vitally important with our ever-changing world. PENNY SHUMAKER is a past-president of the North American Potbellied Pig Association and founder and Executive Director of Pig Pals of North Carolina. Penny has two pigs, Petunia, a 15year-old who lazily sleeps in her stall most of the days and Simon who helps educate and excite people of all ages attending school events, retirement facilities and birthday parties. Penny and volunteers care for the main sanctuary pigs at her private residence in North Carolina.

In this issue, we bring to you the rescue stories of a wildlife, an equine and a miniature pig rescue organization. In all cases, the work is both tireless and fascinating. CLAWS, INC., located just outside of Chapel Hill rehabilitates wildlife, rescues exotic pets and educates the public about these animals. THE UNITED STATES EQUINE RESCUE LEAGUE tirelessly works to rescue horses from various neglectful situations, actively adopts out these beauties and, in certain cases, assists in legal matters.

CHRISTINE McTAGGERT works with the US Equine Rescue League. She coordinated the relationship between the rescue league and Heart2Home Magazine by submitting the editorial for this issue as well as introducing H2H to the equine community at the State Fair and the RMI Grand Prix Benefit Horse Show.

Miniature pig rescue is the domain of PIG PALS OF NORTH CAROLINA. They rescue, adopt out and educate the public about this often misunderstood mammal. Buyer beware where pigs are concerned. Adopting a pig from Pig Pals ensures that you will have accurate information about a particular pig and what its full grown weight and size will be. It is very important to place a pig in a proper setting.

WILLIE HODGE is a feline celebrity with a tremendous Facebook following. He works to help people understand the nature of special needs animals. JENNIFER HODGE is the owner of the Cat Clinic of Cary. Jennifer has opened her heart and home to many special needs pets.

Come see us at the WALK FOR ANIMAL PROTECTION sponsored by PAWS4EVER at Southern Village on November 12th from 9am-2pm. Happy Fall y’all, Kim and Pierre



Buddy G

Hi I’m Kramer. I am a big, beautiful kitty who loves to talk and get attention from my humans. Don’t let my size fool you, I love to cuddle up in a lap, make biscuits and have my head rubbed. I have just learned how to walk with a harness and I love it.

Milo the three-legged wonder dog! I am a sweet, active boy. I ended up at the shelter and Marley’s saw my sweet face and great potential and saved me. I may only have three legs but that does not stop me. I am very active and have a fun loving personality. I will need a home where I can get lots of exercise. If you are a runner, that would be perfect. I don’t get along with cats, so will need a home with no cats. I’m a Pointer mix weighing around 60 pounds and one-and-a-half years old.

is two-and-ahalf years old. This sweet boy was surrendered when his family had to move. He is used to a quiet home where he can play fetch with his family using catnip toys. He also LOVES playing with strings, feathers and a laser light. Buddy G is litter trained and current on his vaccinations. Buddy G is just the kitty to make you feel glad to be home after a hard day at work. To meet Buddy G, contact Marley’s Cat Tales at


is a loving little female who appeared out of nowhere. She would hide in the bushes of her foster mom’s garden and run when she approached. She was thin, hungry and roaming a busy street at risk of being injured or killed. Once caught she proved to be a gentle, calm, affectionate kitty with a big appetite. She enjoys playing with her toys, watching birds from her garden window, and snuggling. NOVEMBER 2011

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PAWS4EVER : 919 304-2300

Damario: Hello there, I

Goldie Locks: I was

am a new happy, snuggley, lovable, cuttiepie boy here at P4E. I came from Orange County shelter as a stray,and since us dogs have that short time memory thingy, I can’t tell ya what life was like before these humans got me here. I can tell you a little about me though. I may be a little on the big side, but I still try to sit in your lap and snuggle. Whoever said big dogs aren’t lap dogs are crazy. I do like to keep my kennel nice and tidy.

adopted from P4E a few years ago. After I was adopted I got bounced around quite a bit before comingn back. I guess my energy was too much for the humans that adopted me. I am a very energetic girl, but I am just as loving. I get along with all dogs, big and small, even those that are really picky about doggie friends, like my new best buddy Seven. He doesn’t like many four legged critters, but he sure loves me, but really now, how can ya not love me.

Depu t y:


I was transferred to P4E way back in April 2011 with my mom and my brother and sister; we were only a week old. My brother and sister have both been adopted and know it’s my turn. I am a little on the shy side although I love the company of all the other kittens. I already weigh over five pounds and I am getting bigger every day. Please don’t let me grow up in a shelter, I would love a home where all my personality can come out.

has been here with us awhile now at Paws4Ever since October of 2007. She now gets to go outside during the day, and she comes and goes in and out all day long. When the weather gets cold or rainy she tends to stay in most of the day. She is an independent lady that tends to keep to herself. The other kitties sometimes pick on her, so we think that is why she is so independent. It would make all of us so happy to see Maureen in her forever home.



Shadow is a Terrier mix.

I am as sweet as can be! I am a little under a year old and weigh about 30 lbs. I think I am a hound mix, maybe with a little Beagle in me. I was rescued from a local animal shelter and I am really enjoying my new foster home, but my dream is to find a family I can call my own. I live with a little dog right now and I love to play with her. I also get along with big dogs too, all I really want to do is play and be loved. I am crate trained too. For more information email

She’s very sweet and loving. All she wants is to be by my side. She’s very playful, but not in an overwhelmingly hyper way. She can chill out and hang out very easily. She’s very well-behaved She’s great with cats (though they wouldnt always agree) and kids. She’s easy in the car loves to go places. She’s truly an awesome dog who just desperately wants someone to love her and take care of her. For more information on this sweet little girl please email

Brie is a very, very playful lit-

Mary Kate

tle girl. Brie was born February 2010 and she is the smallest of her litter mates but she is also the spunkiest and the most talkative. She is always the first one to try something new. Brie also loves to be petted and played with. She gets along beautifully with all of her foster siblings and the family dog. Brie would do great in a home with other pets and/or children. Please contact her foster mom Amy with any questions about Brie. Page 2



is Miss Personality. She knows she's a cutie and wants to make sure everyone agrees. Mary Kate is very affectionate and loves to be petted, but not picked up too often. She really enjoys taking naps beside a person. This girl loves to play and will make a toy out of anything. Mary Kate and her three siblings (Alex, Cleo, and Ashley) were found abandoned outside on a cold April day last year when they were two weeks of age. For more information contact

Call of the Wild CLAWS: WILDLIFE RESCUE by Kindra Mammone

HE GOAL OF wildlife rehabilatation is to rescue and care for wildlife and return animals born in the wild to live in their natural habitat. It is vital, then, for wildlife to retain a healthy fear of humans during rehabilitation and maintain the behaviors of their species. This will enable them to be self sufficient when on their own in the wild. CLAWS was founded in 2004 and its mission is rescuing captive exotic and wild animals, rehabilitating them for release back to the wild and educating the public. To ensure the animals do not Galileo become habituated to humans, only a select group of well-trained volunteers work with CLAWS. The wildlife rehabilitation and educational programs at CLAWS are a local effort. The exotic animal rescue, however, spans the entire country utilizing a network of organizations that helps CLAWS save many captive animals including bears as far away as Montana. Captive-born animals lack the instincts to care for themselves in the wild and cannot be returned to their native habitats. Some of these animals stay with CLAWS and join their educational team and some are moved to other facilities.


GALILEO IS A RED FOX rejected from the fur farm industry and was sold in the pet trade. Having been born captive, Galileo will never be a candidate for release into the wild. Galileo started life as a neglected “fraternity pet” in North Carolina where it is illegal to own wild species.

The day he came to CLAWS, Galileo was yellow rather than white and he weighed half his normal weight. The bridge of his nose was broken. After sedating him, it took three people over an hour to get him clean enough for an initial exam. For the first month Galileo hid behind a box and snarled when someone came too close. Nobody blamed Galileo for his mistrust of humans but we all knew the danger in caring for a terrified, snarling animal. To help Galileo trust huStyx mans, CLAWS decided to give him an animal friend first. Under close supervision, a Pomeranian dog named Musho was taken into Galileo’s room. Galileo took one look at little Mushu, who was all wiggles and waves, and came out from behind his box. He hit the floor with his tail in the air and started playing! It took another few weeks of living with other canines for Galileo to fully integrate and allow humans to touch and groom him. STYX IS ONE OF TWO permanent Barred Owls that participate in educational programs at CLAWS. Styx is an example of someone’s efforts at rehabilitation gone wrong. Styx was brought to CLAWS after being found walking down the center line of a highway. A motorist picked her up with bare hands and put her into a cat crate. After assessing her health and finding nothing physically wrong, the behavior Styx displayed indicated that she was raised by somebody who obviously met her nutritional

Archimedes, a Great Horned Owl, spent 12 hours in a waste treatment intake vat before rescue. It took five delicate baths and a lot of fluids to flush his system and body of sewage and chemicals. needs, His release by but did not CLAWS was understand televised the importance and covered of minimal in local human contact. newspapers. As is typical in

cases like this when Styx looked like an adult, she was put outside to fend for herself. Styx still does not fly after five on the Internet: years with CLAWS and is very bonded to “her human.” Because of her previous human contact Styx truly does not know she is an owl and cannot communicate with the other Barred Owl in her education team. IN ITS REHABILITATION EFFORTS, CLAWS maintains a 75-85 percent success rate while the national average is 56 percent. Success means that not only did the animal grow up healthy, but they also returned to the wild without looking back. CLAWS is an all volunteer, non-profit organization that receives no federal or state funding, depending solely on private donations. On the Internet at; Facebook under CLAWS, Inc; telephone: 919-619-0776.


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Ask Willie Hodge


send Willie your questions:


We still have lots of kittens who need to find loving homes. We have kittens of all colors, shapes and sizes available for adoption. Playful and full of energy, why not adopt two? A pair of kittens will engage and entertain each other while you’re at work, or at rest. And, your kittens will grow up as life-long companions while you enjoy twice the love!

Willie’s feline fact of the month: Felix the Cat was the very first giant balloon to be part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Willie is excited by how many questions he has received in regards to his fellow felines and the approaching holiday season. Willie wishes all Heart2Home readers a happy and safe Thanksgiving!


Dear Willie: Were cats a part of the first Thanksgiving in America?

Willie had to do a lot of research to answer this question, but Willie believes it was well worth it. Willie found out that there is evidence suggesting the Pilgrims traveled with their fellow cats aboard the Mayflower to act as mouse catchers. Once the Pilgrims arrived in what is now the state of Massachusetts, these felines were put to work in the barns and fields of Plymouth. Willie wonders how many of these felines actually got to step on Plymouth Rock!


Dear Willie: We are having a large group of guests over for Thanksgiving dinner and are concerned about how our cat will react to this. Do you have any suggestions?

While Willie generally enjoys visitors at his mom and dad’s house, Willie understands that there are many felines out there who do not. Willie thinks it might be a good idea to confine your feline family member to a “safe room” while your guests are celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with you. Willie reminds you to provide a litter box, fresh water, and any favorite toys that might help to keep your cat comfortable until your guests have gone home.



Dear Willie: Is it safe to share our Thanksgiving dinner with our cat?

This is definitely a tough one for Willie, as he loves to eat and thinks Thanksgiving turkey is delicious. However, Willie must caution you, as most humans cook their Thanksgiving turkeys with an array of vegetables and spices, such as onions and garlic to add flavor. Onions and garlic are particularly harmful substances for a cat to ingest and can make them very sick by causing destruction of red blood cells in the body resulting in a severe anemia. If the urge to share is just too much for you, Willie recommends that you prepare your cat a special “Turkey Delight” meal that is free from any additives that could be harmful.


Dear Willie: Do you know of any tasty homemade holiday cat treat recipes?

Willie says this recipe is one of his favorite homemade holiday treats: Holiday Cat Cookies – Ingredients: 1/4 Cup warm water; 5 tbsps parmesan cheese; 3 tbsps soft margarine; 1 tbsp cod liver oil; 1 cup white flour; 1/4 cup soy flour. Directions: Preheat oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Combine water, cheese, margarine and oil. Add flour and form dough. Roll to 1/4-inch thick and cut with small holiday cookie cutters. Bake on an ungreased cookie sheet for 20 to 25 minutes, or until golden.)

Willie answers all questions with the help of his mom, Dr. Jenn, owner of the Cat Clinic of Cary. Please email Willie at with questions. You can follow Willie’s daily adventures more closely on Facebook. Page 4



is a pretty, oneand-a-half to two-year-old Foxhound mix who was thin and very worried when she first arrived at the shelter. Though she’s still quite anxious in new situations, she’s made good progress with her confidence. She’s very attentive and foodmotivated (which will be a great help with settling and training), and likes to play with her toys. She’s polite, though not playful, with other dogs. Shania is looking for a calm, low-stress home where she’ll have lots of TLC.


is an Akita mix who is a little under one year old. Since she’s pretty much full-grown, she’s going to be very much smaller than a purebred Akita, though we don’t know what she’s mixed with. She’s a sweet, social young dog who loves people, but she may not to have been around other dogs much as she seems quite anxious and avoidant. Gradual socialization with gentle, well-mannered dogs will be helpful as she builds her confidence.

Robin: Go ahead and say it, “Robin is a funny name for a CAT.” Well, you won’t think that when you see me. I’m a black and white female with beautiful green eyes and I have a black triangle around my nose. It makes my face awesome. You will never tire of looking at it and I’ll never tire of letting you. Like some females, I’m pretty and I’m inquisitive; guess that makes me pretty inquisitive. I really like to check things out; I also like things my way. If they are not, I will set to change them.



I came from a home with eight other of my family members. We are looking for a nice, quiet home – preferably with at least one of our family members. Our family includes Bella, Jelly Bean, Juliet, Melody, Munchkin, Raven (that would be me), Saphira, Spunky and Talon. We're all girls except Talon. We are ok with small dogs, like Corgis. Would you like to be our new forever home?


I’m a sleek handsome boy who loves to cuddle and then play hard. I cannot get enough of the laser pointer, so in my new home that is going to be a must have. I love to get lots of attention and am not the least bit shy. Usually I am right at the door waiting for you. And just so you know, there is not much I am scared of, not even that noisy vacuum they keep bringing in here. I get along well with all the other cats here too.

Spunky: I came from a home with eight other of my family members. We are looking for a nice, quiet home – preferably with at least one of our family members. Our family includes Bella, Jelly Bean, Juliet, Melody, Munchkin, Raven, Saphira, Spunky (that would be me) and Talon. We’re all girls except Talon. We are ok with small dogs, like Corgis. Would you like to be our new forever home?

Duchess: I’m told I am an elegant lady with a regal bearing, hence my name. Normally, I am very composed – looking at my daily schedule of tea, the symphony, museum openings, dinner at the RitzCarlton, etc. However, underneath my elegant gowns I’m wearing sneakers. Truth is, I just LOVE to play and caper around. I can swat a toy mousie around with the best of them. Oh, sigh… back to the elegant lady business, for now.


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Karl & Wilhelm: These two brothers are around three years old and have grown up together. Karl (black) is more cautious and prefers to ease into a situation or encounter, while and Wilhelm (black & white) is outgoing and ready to dive into any new challenge or adventure without hesitation. This means it’s hard to catch them side by side once a big camera flash is around. But what these boys lack in modeling abilities, they make up for in personality.


It’s an exciting time of year for Orange County Animal Services, partly due to the Home for the Holidays celebration, which begins each year on November 1. Parker is one of the special dogs selected to represent this event, and that means his adoption fee has been reduced to only $60! Parker is a sweet boy who loves everybody. He’s around two years old and has had nothing but a wonderful attitude the entire time he’s been with us.

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This gorgeous boy is around three years old and has won the hearts of staff and volunteers alike. Kramer used to spend most of his day hiding, and you would think he wasn’t very social or interested in human affection. But you couldn’t be more wrong. Once approached, this shy boy warms right up and will spin around you asking for more petting for as long as you’ll let him. He’s so surprisingly friendly that a volunteer has even sponsored his adoption, meaning you can adopt him with no fee!


is around two years old and looking for a new place to call home this fall. Luckily for him, it’s Home for the Holidays time and he and other select pets are available for half the regular adoption fee to celebrate. Smokey is a sweet and playful Lab mix who has all the qualities that make a dog man’s best friend! This boy is humble and forgiving, but not meek. He has a sparkle in his eye and a playful side that balance perfectly against his calm, sweet lap-dog moments.

All Breed Animal Rescue of the Carolinas

P iggers

is a beautiful mixed breed puppy, maybe Aussie or Catahoula? Regardless he is adorable and got his name because the first picture we saw of him made us question if he was a dog or a little piglet. He is around 16 weeks old and deaf. He continues to blow his foster mom’s mind with how intelligent he is. He already sits for petting and knows many hand signals. He loves other dogs and cats. He is a fantastic puppy!


is a ten-month-old Australian Shepherd who came from a terrible hoarding situation in North Carolina. He is a fantastic pooch that loves to cuddle with his foster parents and play with other dogs. Miller is deaf and incredibly smart. He knows several hand signals and is both house and crate trained. He would make an awesome companion for a family. Could that be you?


is an older Pomeranian. He was found wandering the streets a matted dirty mess. He is deaf but is able to adapt to just about anything. He is very quiet and appears to be housetrained. He also loves attention. He will be completely vetted and available for adoption soon. Senior dogs make excellent pets and are just as deserving as any other for a loving forever home.


Domino: Hi there! I’m one of two males, and one of five total puppies to recently join ABARC. We were found in a pretty terrible situation, but some nice people decided to help us and our mom out. We are about ten weeks old and up to date on our doctor visits too! We have hearts of gold and can’t wait to meet those special people that take us home.

919 542-7203

Chase: Hello, my name is


Chase and I am looking for a forever home to call my own. I am currently at the Chatham County Animal Shelter waiting to meet my new humans! If you are looking for a new pooch to spend your days with, please come to meet me!

Hello, my name is Courtney and I am looking for a forever home to call my own. I am currently at the Chatham County Animal Shelter waiting to meet my new humans! If you are looking for a new pooch to spend your days with, please come to meet me!

Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier; Sex: Male

Breed: Beagle/Labrador Retriever Mix; Sex: Female

Gar rett:


Hello, my name is Garrett and I am looking for a forever home to call our own. I am currently at the Chatham County Animal Shelter waiting to meet my new humans! If you are looking for a kitten to spend your days with, please come to meet me!

Hello, my name is Hudson and I am looking for a forever home to call my own. I am currently at the Chatham County Animal Shelter waiting to meet my new humans! If you are looking for a kitten to spend your days with, please come to meet me!

Breed: Domestic Short Hair Mix; Sex: Male

Breed: Domestic Short Hair Mix; Sex: Male


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is a cheerful little kitten who was born to a feral mom but has taken to being an indoor kitty like a duck to water. She is a climber and loves to rear up on her hind legs and bat at you like a Grizzly bear. She has a slight cloudiness in her eyes due to an infection she suffered before her eyes even opened. She has been to the kitty opthalmologist who says there is no loss of vision and her eyes may clear up in time.


is a happy boy who loves dog toys and romping with his foster buddies. He was rescued from the shelter so nothing is known about his past. He is a medium-sized guy who is probably about a year old. Parker loves attention and being petted and is a quick learner. He is a gentle and soft boy who likes to cuddle if allowed. He’s proven to be smart and sensitive and his house training is going very well. He is crate trained has a low maintenance coat.


is the clown of her litter. She walks with a sprightly gait and is into everything. She loves to help her foster mom on the computer and has been known to delete whole pages at a single pounce. She and her littermates, Coco and Abby, play endlessly and have recently discovered how much fun it can be to tease the small dogs in their foster home. Bette has some scarring on her right eye due to an infection she suffered when she was a tiny kitten and before her eyes even opened.


is a handsome fellow who simply lives to be close to his people. He adores playing fetch and is often found carrying his favorite ball around with him wherever he goes. After a session of fetch and play, he will curl up at your feet for a nice nap. This fellow is a loyal companion and he enjoys pleasing his people. He walks well on leash, rides well in the car, and is very well behaved in the home. Bodie does well with other dogs and would do well with a playmate in his forever home.


Bilbo is a young Chihuahua mix that truly knows how to make his owner smile. Bilbo is a tripod but that doesn't slow him down with his enthusiasm for life. You can find him running laps in the yard for his daily exercise with a huge smile on his face as he leaves his foster-sibling Chi’s in the dust! But perhaps Bilbo’s favorite thing to do is give you hugs and kisses every chance he gets. He’s definitely a lover among all things and snuggles as close as he can get throughout the night.


was born a fighter and has proven to be one of the most amazingly strong, yet overly affectionate kittens I have ever fostered. Her life began pretty lousy as she was born under a house and rescued when she was just four weeks old. She is as cute as they come and full of personality. Blaise loves to play with the other cats and dogs in our home and loves her to chase her toys around the house. When she is ready to take a cat nap she likes to climb up on my chest and purr herself to sleep. Page 8



I love playing with other dogs, cats, and people too. I am a Saint Bernard mix and weigh a slim 75 pounds. My foster family is helping me shed a few pounds too. I’m housetrained, don’t bark too much, and am all-around great to be with. I love all humans, but especially like kids. I growl sometimes when people walk by my house, but that’s just because I’m a good guard dog and want to protect my people. That’s about as mean as I get though.


is a beautiful tortie with silky soft fur who has an “instant on” purr motor. It seems like she starts purring as soon as you touch her. This sweet girl really enjoys the companionship of other kitties so no single kitty homes for her please. She is a quiet and laid back kitty and definitely a lap cat. She is definitely a playful girl but is also very content to snuggle with her humans. She loves treats and has learned to come running when she hears the bag.


Marcelo &Mario

Erica is a beautiful young

are orange brother kittens. They are beautiful little boys with soft, warm fur and a sweet, happy gaze. They love to play with their toys and be loved by people. These brothers will bring lots of fun and joy to your home! There are many kittens at the Goathouse right now, and they are growing up fast. Come meet them soon!

tabby girl with a gentle personality. We donít know how she became homeless, but itís clear that someone loved her because she is so friendly and eager to please. Please consider opening your home and your heart to this sweet girl. DOB 2010


L ara

is an affectionate calico lady who is surprised to find herself without a home and family. She’s making friends at the refuge, but she's a house cat at heart and would love a second chance at having a happy home. Camilla is declawed so she needs to live in an indoor-only home where she will be safe. Come meet this beautiful girl soon. DOB 2006

is a lovely orange/white girl with fabulous markings and one cute orange toe. She’s an experienced house cat who lost her home and family, and ended up on death row at a public shelter. She’s safe at the Goathouse now, but she would really love to be a house cat again. Lara loves people and attention, and will be a wonderful companion for some lucky

person. DOB 2009


Mobile veterinary service for cats, dogs and horses Non-invasive laser therapy for arthritis, hot spots, chronic ear infections, disc disease, muscle injuries and many other conditions. Call 9 1 9 - 9 0 4 - H E A L or go to for more information or to set up an appointment. NOVEMBER 2011

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USERL: Stopping Neglect and Restoring Nobility

They Rescue Horses… submitted By the U.S. Equine Rescue League OST ANIMAL LOVERS readily appreciate the beauty of horses. Whether it’s admiring them in a field as you drive by a farm, fondly remembering the pony you rode as a child, cheering on the favorite in the Kentucky Derby or tearing up at the annual Budweiser commercial during the Super Bowl, it’s almost impossible not to be moved by the grace and elegance only horses possess. Unfortunately, like all domesticated animals, not every horse receives the love and care it deserves. As readers of Heart2Home, you know the extensive network of rescue organizations that exist to provide care and to help find homes for pets. But did you know there is a network almost as extensive working to help horses in need? It’s almost impossible to place an exact number on the equine rescue organizations in the United States, as some are nationwide and easily visible, some focus on specific breeds or heritage, and still others consist of a band of kindhearted souls doing what they can to help in their local region. All, though, share similar traits and services. Each works to shelter and care for horses in trouble, patiently providing for the needs of the animal with the goal of restoring it to health and happiness. Most horses that enter an equine rescue program have been abused, neglected or mistreated in some way. Some are only malnourished and respond quickly to a proper diet. Many, though, require medical assistance, including veterinary, dental and farrier care. Equine rescue organizations are on the front lines of providing it, relying on volunteers and donations to supply the countless hours and often thousands of dollars it takes to complete the rehabilitation. But many times the care required goes beyond the physical. If a horse has been neglected, and especially if it has been abused, there are often behavioral and trust issues that must be overcome before a loving home can be found. Overcoming these issues requires a lot of time and even more patience, and equine rescue organizations provide all of it. As resources allow, some organizations even enlist the


Little Joe (left) is healthy and living with his adoptive family; winning ribbons in 4H shows. When he came USERL after a county cruelty investigation he was down and unable to rise. Red Butler (above) lets off steam during an exercise session. He came into the USERL program from a neglect case where, as a stallion, he was stalled 24/7 in filth. His hooves were overgrown and painful from ulcerations, but Red Butler is now fully rehabilitated and adopted in a new, loving home.

help of professional trainers to help the horse learn to trust and regain basic skills. RAINERS, VETERINARIANS, farriers and other equine professionals are all an important part of the rescue network. Many of them generously donate their time, or provide their services at reduces rates, to help heal horses and improve their chances of finding permanent homes. Few rescue organizations would be able to succeed without their help. The work required to rescue and rehabilitate a horse is hard to appreciate, and it would be understandable if the contributions of rescuers ended there. But the efforts of equine rescue organizations don’t stop with the horses. As many cases involving the abuse and neglect of animals find criminal charges applied, rescue organizations often work closely with law enforcement to assist in the prosecution of the individuals at fault. Those undertaking the rescue are often called to provide expertise and case testimony, providing information and evidence from the time a report of abuse was first investigated to the day the court case is heard. Sometimes those who inflicted the damage are held accountable through jail time and fines, and sometimes the victory comes in knowing the horse will never be returned to its former situation. On rare occasions, the collaborative efforts of rescue organizations, law enforcement and government have led to legislation that furthers the protection of abused animals. Finally, equine rescue organizations work tirelessly in the areas of education and prevention. Some organizations work directly with owners under investigation to try and improve the situation, offering advice, resources and support whenever possible. Others work with youth programs, teaching children about the proper care of horses, instilling knowledge and good habits from the start. A few have even developed programs to educate those in law enforcement.


All understand that the key to ending the need for rescue organizations begins with education. While it is heartbreaking to see a horse when it enters an equine rescue program, it is truly heartwarmStori, pictured with USERL voling and inspiring unteer, Tiffany Godwin, lost to see it restored her mom to severe neglect to health and and is battling her own chalvitality. The lenges from a poor start in resilience of life. Volunteers often get as these animals is much healing and reward amazing, and no from their interaction with one involved in rescues as the horses do. the process of rehabilitating a horse ever tires of watching it respond to a positive environment, regaining strength and confidence and simply rediscovering the joy of being a happy horse again. It is the love, patience and the unsung, selfless efforts of equine rescue organizations and their support networks that make it happen. We are thrilled to see Heart2Home expanding to help these wonderful survivors find their “forever” home, and we hope in this first and in all future issues, you find they capture your hearts as they surely did ours. The United States Equine Rescue League (USERL) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the compassionate care of equines.Our mission is to rescue, protect and rehabilitate abused, neglected or abandoned equines in need.

on the Internet:

What can you do? Whether you dream of owning a horse yourself or are content to admire them from afar, there’s lots you can do to help horses in need.


Report Abuse

If you see a horse in poor condition, report it. Call your local law enforcement office and let them know the situation. If you’re not comfortable contacting law enforcement, report it to a local equine rescue organization; many of them have investigation protocols as well as relationships with local authorities.

Support Your Local

2. Equine Rescue Organization Remember that support doesn’t always mean a financial donation (though that is always welcome!). You can shop at stores or online sites that provide supplies and other services to nonprofit organizations. It’s common to see information booths at local horse shows and events; take a moment to stop by, say hello and purchase a special something. You can even help by simply spreading the word; let the horse lovers in your life know about local organizations or publications like Heart2Home. You never know what will find a horse a home.

3. Volunteer Many nonprofit organizations thrive on the efforts of their volunteers, and there’s always more work to be done. Even if you’re not interested in or able to work with the horses themselves, organizations still need lots of help with fundraising, publicity, bookkeeping, event planning and other projects that require special skills.


Foster and Adopt

There are many wonderful horses that have been rescued and are looking for forever homes. Some are ready to hit the trail, while others are simply ready to keep others company. If you have room in your barn and are looking to fill it, consider fostering or adopting a horse in need of a home.




is a beautiful, sweet mare with a wonderful disposition. She came from a cruelty investigation in poor shape but has blossomed with good care. Rainbo has good ground manners and is ready for saddle training! Adoption Fee: $300


is a sweet 25-yearold Arabian gelding needing a home in his retirement years. He has foundered in the past and is sensitive to grass, so he needs to be kept in a dry lot to prevent further foundering. Cloud requires a senior horse feeding program to maintain his weight. He’s well behaved and loves attention! Adoption Fee: Donation Appreciated

came into the USERL program from a cruelty case at 10 months old. Healthy now, he has never reached his growth potential due to malnutrition, so he is at his mature height – a nice, medium pony size at 13HH. Tater is very personable and will make a wonderful pony with additional training. Adoption Fee: $200


is a 3-year-old Quarterhorse-Type filly. She is very sweet and willing. Zoie just finished the basics of starting under saddle. She has been on a few trail rides and did very well! Zoie is looking for a new home to enjoy her new start in life. Adoption Fee: $400

ALLEY CATS AND ANGELS : 919 303-3500

Wren is the beautiful (now

Dobby is a super handsome

spayed) mother of a whole litter of “W” kittens. Like her daughter, Wiggles, Wren is a very dainty white lady with yellow eyes. Wren definitely knows she is special and deserves to be treated like a princess! She just loves to be rubbed and petted. Wren is OK with dogs and can tolerate other cats, but she really wants to be your one and only. She and her kittens were taken in from a living situation with too many cats and too few available resources.

orange marble tabby. He’s a lover, fighter, and cuddler all in one! He’ll snuggle with you, but he really puts his paw down when it comes to belly rubs; he does not enjoy them. Once he warms up to you, he’ll sleep with you at night. Dobby does like to chase humans and catch their ankles. He was rescued from a storm drain when he was just a tiny kitten, and Dobby’s feisty, sparky personality helped him make it till some nice people rescued him.

Tallulah Rose

Light Willow

is approximately one-and-a-half years old and has the cutest adorable manx and has peach, gray and white markings. She talks a lot with a chirpy little meow. Lula likes to be petted and purrs a lot, but she does prefer that the love be on her terms. She’ll let you know when she’s all done getting love and run off to find something else to do. It’s all about Tallulah Rose and what she wants and when! What a diva this lady is! Page 12


is sixmonth old sweet and gorgeous girl. Trapped at a feral colony, she had a severely deformed back leg that needed amputation. Having only three legs doesn’t slow her down; she’s an active girl who can hold her own with her foster siblings (cats and dogs). She loves playing with her trackball toy and feather wands. She appreciates a good back rub and belly tickle and “scritches” on the side of her face and ears that she can’t reach. A cuddly, purr baby, Willow is a real sweetheart.

INIATURE PIGS have been in the United States for just over 30 years, relatively a blip in time compared to dogs and cats. Yet already there are sanctuaries and rescue organizations in most every state with hundreds in their care. One must better understand the breed to understand why so many pigs end up in rescue organizations. Miniature pig is a general term to define breeds that are approximately one-tenth the size of their commercial cousins. Commercial-sized breeds can weigh 1,000-1,200 pounds while the average weight for a miniature pig is 90-150 pounds.


ADOPTING: The size of miniature pigs is commonly misrepresented and because of this, they have become somewhat of a novelty animal. We have never seen a healthy, adult, miniature pig weighing only thirty to forty pounds. Potential adopters worry about how much the pig is going to weigh when in fact, the height should be the concern. Weight fluctuates by diet but height is determined by genetics. A miniature pig is not full-grown until almost four years of age. A male miniature pig is reproductively viable at eight weeks of age and females as young as 12 weeks of age, so although they can breed at a young age, they can also have up to three more solid years of growing. This presents a problem for unaware buyers who purchase from somewhat dishonest breeders. If purchasing a piglet rather than adopting, it is imperative to know if the sow (female) or boar (male) are full-grown so you can best determine how tall your pig will be. PIGS ARE NOT DOGS: Pigs and dogs are natural enemies. There are some dog breeds such as the Great Pyrenees that will protect a pig herd but most dogs shoud never be left alone with pigs. When pigs and dogs are left alone, the fights usually occur because of the pig. However, the teeth of a dog will cause serious damage and usually death to a pig. Pigs have an innate behavior to run away if panicked and therefore walking with a harness and leash is not the norm. It can be done but you should always be on guard that your pig can be easily spooked and try to run away. Pigs are herd animals and dogs are pack animals. This means that they like to be with other pigs. They also establish a hierarchy within their herd and this means there is a top pig, several middle pigs, and low pigs in the herd. When a pig does not have another pig in the household, it will create this herd with its human family. This can bring about aggression issues with family members that cannot exhibit dominance over the pig and an angry pig can be very intimidating. When there are

Pig Rescue: Pig Pals of North Carolina by Penny Shumaker Jeffrey, executive director

Top: Olive and her mother Penny visit Bristol who came from the Onslow Co. shelter. Middle: The “Greensboro Girls” bask in the sun. Right: College students learn how to safely perform routine veterinary care.

two pigs in the environment, aggression toward humans is not common. Pig Pals of North Carolina does not allow single pigs to be adopted unless there is already a pig in the household. OWNERSHIP RESTRICTIONS: Many states in the U.S. including North Carolina classify miniature pigs as livestock animals. Miniature pigs are not allowed within most city limits as well as residential developments governed by restrictive covenants. Our organization has successfully changed a few ordinances, but it is imperative that you contact the zoning/planning department for your area and get a determination letter. Pigs do not walk up and down stairs well and need a minimum of four to five hours outside each day to be most mentally satisfied. Pigs are not recommended for apartments, nor should they be crated for long hours like dogs. We have seen pigs chew holes in walls, tear up floors and push tables and couches around because they were bored. Pigs like to spend their days outside soaking in the sun or stay outside in a warm pig house filled with hay as long as they can spend the other part of the day inside. HERE FOR THE PIG: If you ask anyone involved in animal rescue what their experience has been, inevitably there will be horrible stories of abuse and neglect. It is no different

for pigs, the fourth most intelligent mammal below hu-mans. Pig Pals has rescued min-iature pigs confined to a six-foot-by-sixfoot pen in excrement as deep as their chests and found pigs wandering and lost trying to find a safe place to hide from night-time predators. Pig Pals is fortunate to have Dr. Kristie Mozzachio (, one of the leading veterinarians in the United States for miniature pigs in the Raleigh area agree to be their attending veterinarian. She and other area veterinarians are key assets to Pig Pals because they provide medical needs such as spay, neuter, vaccinations, and emergency care. Our core volunteers have spent countless hours and in some cases, numerous years supporting our efforts and we have supporters who may or may not have miniature pigs but yet provide monetary or other tangible donations like fencing, houses and foster care. With 15 years behind us, Pig Pals of NC is seeing a re-emergence of misinformation about pigs as pets, particularly with nonsense, false-breeds such as “teacup,” “nano,” and “micro-mini.” These fads will run their course but unfortunately it will be at the expense of the pigs themselves. Pig Pals concentrates its efforts on pig rescue and adoption and educating the public about the true nature of this incredible species. Our miniature pigs come from local breeders, shelters and owner surrenders. We are currently searching for foster homes that can provide two or more pigs a safe haven. Pig Pals provides the food and medical care. Whether we are rescuing or educating, when we say that “We’re Here for the Pig”, we mean it. Penny Shumaker Jeffrey, Ph.D. is the founder and executive director of Pig Pals of NC, a 501c(3) organization Pig Pals web site is found at

Tails in the Kitchen Chick ‘N’ Biscuit Treats HIS IS THE TIME OF YEAR for friends and family to get together for holiday parties and dinners. And it is often at this time of year, I am reminded of that saying, you can pick your friends, but you can’t choose your family members. You can, though, if your family contains members of the fourlegged variety. This reminds me of how our dog, Barney came to be part of our family. After driving across country from California to North Carolina, our first dog, Snickers, remained his grumpy self, despite now having a big fenced in backyard in which to roam. We tried private dog training lessons, but Snickers still barked at large trucks as they passed by. He barked at everyone who passed us as we walked him around the neighborhood. We adopted Snickers when he was 10 months old. We were happy not to have to housetrain him and he already came to us knowing how to sit. by Susan My husband and I decided what Snickers needes was a brother or sister who could be a Graff friend and a good doggy role model. We were off to the next Petco adoption day. We went to the adoption fair and spotted a shy black and white dog who seemed about a year old. We were petting this skittish dog when a pumpkin-colored puppy came barreling over to us! He was a little beagle-mix named Tad, who crawled on top of the other dogs to get to me and my husband. Steve picked up Tad and Tad excitedly licked his face. Two hours later, we were walking little Tad around the store as he mischievously pulled toys off the shelves. Tad was pending adoption but a C.A.R.E. representative thought it was such a good match, she said she would contact the people adopting Tad to see if she could find them another puppy. We signed the paperwork and little Tad, now Barney, was to be ours after being neutered. Barney, tried to rule the roost at our home like he did at Petco and Snickers wasn’t having any of it! Barney destroyed everything in his path: Snickers’s bed, Snickers’s toys. If Snickers could talk, I believe he would have insisted we send Barney back. But we have kept Barney and he has provided our family with a lot of love and entertainment. So who says you can’t choose your family members?


So treat your favorite four-legged family members and friends this holiday season with this recipe for cats and dogs.

iscuits Chick ‘N'B petpla (from www.

: Ingredients

n flour oked chicke whole wheat garine shredded co p ps cu cu 1 2 1/ 1 ar m ft h so ot br on ken 1 tablespo 1/2 cup chic garine and l ar ea m m d rn an oth 1/3 cup co chicken, br and roll

a ball F. Combine dough into on oven to 350 meal. Knead zed pieces and place rn Preheat the co d an si Add flour inutes. to 1/4-inch m in ut 20 C r blend well. fo e. s ch-long piec 350 degree into a 1/4-in t treats) eet. Bake at d cookie sh eces (for ca pi se d ea ze gr si un an inch rte s. ar at qu tre Makes 72 es for dog ch sized piec or 36 half-in

Susan Graff is the owner of Whole Lotta Love Dog Walking and Pet Services Page 14


Pet Events Fourth Annual Cat Angels Silent Auction Saturday, November 12 6:00 - 9:00 pm Silent auction and buffet at the NC State University Club, 4200 Hillsborough St in Raleigh. $40 tickets at Contact: 6th Annual Walk for Animal Protection Saturday, November 12 8:00 am - 1:00 pm Paws4Ever’s largest Fundraiser on the town green at Chapel Hill’s Southern Village. Family event with pet contests, games for the kids, demonstrations of agility, fly ball, dance and frisbee, vendors, artists, and live music, a blessing of the animals, and a two-mile walk. Contact:

RMI Grand Prix Horse Show November 16-20 US Equine Rescue League teams with the NC State Hunt Seat Equestrian Team to host a Grand Prix Dinner and Silent Auction. USERL also features a booth throughout the show. Hunt Horse Complex at State Fairgrounds. Contact: Howliday Shop Fundraiser Saturday, November 19 1:00 - 6:00 pm Pawfect Match Rescue is hosting a Howliday Shop Fundraiser at the Chapel Hill North Apartments Club House (1800 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Chapel Hill). The event is free and open to the public with wine and refreshments and is a pet-friendly event. Well-behaved dogs on leashes are welcome to come shop with you. Contact Maia Wirth at or call 919.800.1154.

Open Studio Benefit Sunday, November 20 Emily Weinstein will share proceeds with Independent Animal Rescue and Triangle Wildlife Rehabilitation and an open art studio sale at 501 Landerwood Lane in Chapel Hill. SPCA Holiday Open House & Art Show Friday, December 9 6:00 – 9:00 pm SPCA of Wake County’s Annual holiday event: meet some animals, tour the facility, and see some great art work created by the animals at the SPCA Curtis Dail Pet Adoption Center Contact: Cary Crossroads Holiday Gift Wrapping Service Bring all your presents to Cary Crossroads Plaza to be wrapped by volunteers for donations to Second Chance Pet Adoptions. All you need to do is bring your presents to the Old Navy, Michael’s and PetSmart side of Cary Crossroads Plaza. More information:

SANTA PHOTOS December 3-4 11:00 am - 5:00 pm Pet Santa photos for $10 benefits Chatham Animal Rescue at Petsmart in Apex.

December 3-4 11:00 am – 4:00 pm Unleashed Lake Boone (2460 Wycliff Rd in Raleigh), benefit for CARE for Animals: pets, kids or the whole family; $10. December 11 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Santa Paws photos with your pet for $15 includes a Christmas photo card and all digital shots emailed to you. At Animall in the Cary Towne Center Mall. Benefit for Pawfect Match Rescue.

PAWFECT MATCH : 919 522-1307

Margo is a wonderful girl


looking for a new home. Here is her criteria: She wants to be an only dog. She doesn’t want to share her attention. She is very exuberant and doesn’t want to hurt little children so no kids under the age of tenplease. She loves to run, play ball, and go for long walks so and active family will work best. She loves to please and learn and would love to go to doggie school. If you think you have the right home for Margo please submit your application today!

(his full name is Sampson but he’s always been Sam for short) is a five-and-a-half year old (his birthday is March 6) Border Collie mix. Sam is energetic and loves to play. He enjoys ripping the stuffing out of his toys and chewing on the squeakers. He also loves chewing rawhide and fetching tennis balls. He likes to play with kids but ages eight and older would be ideal because he sometimes plays a little rough. He LOVES other dogs and has the most fun when he goes to doggie day care.



was adopted when she was a pup back in 2009. Her family felt that Kira needed a new home with another dog to play with. She is a sweet dog who plays well with other dogs as well as children of all ages. She will even pull children on sleds in the snow. She enjoys a good run too. If you are an active family (with or without another dog) and are interested in adopting Kira, please submit your application for consideration.

Play with dogs, kiss a human, play with dogs, spy on cat, nap again. That’s the hourly routine for Mr. Parker! This shiny coated boy wants to pack with other humans and animals, will gladly share a sofa with anyone, and can’t possibly get enough belly rubs. Won’t you give him a permanent loving home of his own?

SAFE Haven for Cats : 919 872-7233



Is my happy ending coming? For a while my future was very uncertain. I was abandoned in a taped-up cardboard box but thank goodness wound up here. I’m safe now. I’m a kind, wise adult who’s ready to begin anew. I promise I will be such good company for you once this temporary shyness fades away. Each day the loving people around me make me more and more ready to trust again.

Elegant, refined lady. My fur is thick and luxurious so I’m very attractive but I also have a wonderful personality. I’m laidback and so ready for a nurturing home. I would be a special companion on those chilly winter nights to come. Please come visit me today.



Special silver tabby. I’m very excited to have a new start in a new home. You see I was abandoned when my owner could no longer keep me. That hurt and perplexed me but I’m bouncing back. I’m very sweet and enjoy petting. I also have a lot of energy and love to play. If I sound like a match for you, please come meet me soon.

Natural companion. No faking it here. I really like people and enjoy making friends with everyone who stops by. I don't mind showing off my good traits to prospective adopters but I’m also excited about finding my real home soon. I have a beautiful tabby coat with swirly mackerel markings. Yet another reason to pick me. Hope to see you soon. NOVEMBER 2011

Page 15


Albus has won the heart of

Bitt y Bear

is a great old Yorkie with an old man’s temper! He loves his family, can handle the other dogs, but is not the least bit shy about standing up for his rights – and his place on the dog bed!

his foster mom with his funny play and lazy afternoon naps! He’s a bit of a couch potato, but he also enjoys going out for walks- until he drops to the ground indicating he’s had enough of all this work!


is a wonderful little Lab mix that lost her leg in a car accident. She is having the time of her life now and is looking for a family to give her the one thing she really wants – a family of her own!

Emma Lou is a quiet little Chihuahua that is learning to find joy again. She has a nice way about her and loves to spend hours just sitting in a lap. She’s uncertain of strangers, but once she knows you, she accepts you!

SPCA OF WAKE COUNTY : 919 772-2326


Look deep into these big, bright kitten eyes. Don’t you see us sharing our future together? I’m Jack and I can’t wait to become your new companion. I love to run, jump and play and show off my athletic skills. A few scratching posts around the house will help to keep my nails nice and trimmed and provide me with a little bit of exercise. I really enjoy playing with other kittens, so going home with another feline companion would help keep me entertained during the day.

Buster: I’m a bit shy in new surroundings but I still like making new friends. Just treat me with a little love and some patience, and you’ll see that I will warm up quickly. Other dogs help me feel comfortable so my new home will need to have a canine companion for me! When you come home from a long day of work, I’ll be there to greet you with a wagging tail. At night, when it’s time to relax, I will curl up at your feet and watch your favorite TV series with you. Page 16



Do you think you could make a little room for a handsome guy like me? Maybe you could even splurge and get me one of those neat cat perches – that way I can comfortably lounge and observe all the fun activities that happen around our house! Even though I enjoy a nice warm cat bed, I still like to run and romp around for my daily exercise. Don’t miss out on the chance to have a new feline friend. Come and visit me today!


I see you there and I know you’re going to consider taking me home, right? My name is Minnie and I’m one of the friendliest dogs you’ll ever meet. I have all the charm and charisma you could be looking for in a new best friend. My favorite toys are the stuffed squeaky kinds; if you ask me nicely, I’ll even sit for them. When it’s time to settle down, let’s curl up on the couch together and check out what’s on TV. I know I’m the one you’ve been looking for, come meet me today!



is a big hunk of a kitty and a real lover! He loves people, he loves other cats, he loves attention. Diesel is so handsome with big, soul searching eyes and an adorable lopsided grin. We promise he’s as charming as he is handsome. Diesel is FIV+ but that doesn’t bother him. He is just a happy boy who wants to be part of a family. Is there a spot in your family for Diesel?

Clark is a big, cuddly boy. He loves people but can be quite dominant with other cats so would do best as an only cat. Clark likes to be held and he is a sweetie pie, he just needs a home with a family all his own. Clark is FIV+.


is a sweet boy, who takes awhile to warm up to strangers. He’s very affectionate, but prefers to be the one to approach people than the other way around. He is definitely a companion cat, as he loves to see what people are doing and to hang around his foster parents. Snowman is just the kind of cat who would love to hang out with a person while they watch TV or read. While he isn’t going to climb on your lap (yet) he definitely wants to be close to a person.

Sher man:

He’s a super friendly boy who just has loads of love to share. Sherman loves to play with a feather wand toy (it’s a definite favorite of his) and is happy to perch on the highest spot on the cat tree. He loves treats and is playful and very sweet. Sherman really wants to be a part of someone’s family. Come meet this sweet hunk of a boy and see if you can resist taking him home with you. Sherman is FIV+.


Page 17




is the most handsome blue point snowshoe Siamese you will ever see. His wonderful blue eyes will capture your attention as soon as you will meet him. He is a sweet, friendly and easy going little guy of four months old with a great attitude. He loves to play with other kittens and cats, and gets along with dogs as well. He is very out-going, and loves to meet new people. Already Neutered and up to date on his vaccinations, he is ready to find his forever home.

is the most relaxed and adventurous of his litter mates. They were found at four weeks of age and were hand fed for several weeks. No wonder why they are so comfortable with people. His foster mom who has many dogs says he loves them all and jumps the gate to hang with the big ones. He rubs up against the big shepherd and walks under all the dogs as he saunters through their world. He loves to sit and be stroked and is amazingly patient for a kitten.

Skittle s:

Libert y: Just about the

One of the most unique looking little tabbies you will ever see. His soft brown tabby stripes are very classic, but his little white mask and Egyptian-style eyeliner, are markings you just don’t see every day. This handsome boy is one of a kind! Although you might typify him as a rather mellow guy, he is not beyond bravely exploring his world. Skittles absolutely adores his sister Gardenia, and would love to share a Forever Home with her.

cutest kitten ever born. He is a beautiful shade of orange with soft, fluffy fur and incredible eyes that look at you as if to say "will you love me?". It is impossible to resist petting him and he loves when you rub behind his ears. His loud purr lets you know just how happy he is. He needs a home that includes one of his siblings, or another kitten or young cat, to play and grow with.


Suzi: I am a cat lover. Life is just not complete without a feline companion. Don’t you agree? I am a one-year-old, sweet natured, soft spoken girl. When I see other cats I get a little excited and make a chirping meow sound. But for the most part I am quiet and would like a quiet home. Little kids and dogs scare me. Would you come rub my tummy? It’s my favorite thing!

Mercur y:

Does your dog need a friend? My name is Mercury, I am female, ten months old and about 65 lbs. I love other dogs. I did not have the greatest beginning, but I have come a long way. I have really started to come out of my shell and learn what it is like to be a real dog. I have learned common commands like heel, sit and wait. Though initially, I am very shy around new humans, I watch the other dogs and do what they do. Once I see they trust you, I do too. Page 18



I am a sevenmonth-old girl. Of the six in my litter, I had the hardest time getting over losing my kitty mommy to a tornado in April. From the very beginning, I was trying to find a way back home, hence the name Ruby. I’m still a work in progress, but progressed I have. I’m very curious and playful. I love to attack feather toys and my foster mommy’s toes. I enjoy getting petted, but my foster mom has to pick me up to get me started.


Do you want a dog that wants to cuddle, is wonderful with kids and loves to play? Let me tell you about myself! I am a wonderful ninemonth-old boy, who likes to go on walks or jogs, but also likes to sit on a lap and be cuddled with. I have two human foster siblings – the little girl is five and loves to play with my ears. She and I play hide and seek, she covers my eyes with my ears and disappears; then all of a sudden she moves my ears and there she is again!



is a three-year-old Border Collie/Shepherd mix and a sweet, gorgeous, loving dog. Her blue eyes are just stunning. Since rescue Miki has shown that she is the perfect family dog. Miki is very affectionate and is people oriented. He loves to cuddle up right next to you and fall asleep feeling safe. Miki gets along great with dogs, cats and would love to have a family of her own. Could that be you?

Se e n Arou nd To wn Orion & Cait Orion: DSH, brown and white polydactyl tabby


Volunteer at SAFE Haven for Cats


is a very sweet Hound/Terrier mix. He enjoys playing with others dogs, and we’ve observed he is more comfortable as a member of a pack – therefore we would love Gus to go to a home where there is at least one other dog. Gus also loves to snuggle up on the couch for a football game, a chick flick or his favorite, a belly rub. Gus is very intelligent and very well behaved. Gus will make some single, couple or family very happy. We view him as a big goofy oaf.

Frankie is a very lovely black Lab mix who is looking for his forever home. Frankie was rescued off a busy road in Garner. Frankie likes to play with his toys and likes chew bones a lot. In the evening he gets busy moving his toys around from place to place. Frankie is people oriented and comes to his foster parents for affection, but is not overbearing. He is an exceptional dog and will make some lucky someone a wonderful companion and family pet.


is a six-year-old Treeing Walker Coonhound and will be a wonderful companion for any type of home. We believe he was never allowed to be inside prior to being rescued so he is making up for that now and loves to hang out around humans, lounging and watching TV. He loves pets and hugs but is not a pest and has impeccable house manners. He has a gorgeous strut that you cant help but admire. Otis will sleep all night in his crate but also has done great free in the house.

Where are you from? Orion: I’m from Safe Haven for Cats in Raleigh. Cait: New York City originally, but currently a happy resident of Cary.

How did you know you were meant for each other? Orion: We first met at Safe Haven. All my siblings came up and rubbed on her, but I jumped right up on her knee and looked her in the eye. That’s when I knew she was the person for me. Cait: When I met Orion, he seemed spunky and sweet – a perfect combo.

What is your most endearing quality? Orion: I’m a little bit of a thief, but Cait thinks it’s pretty cute and funny. Cait: Loyalty – I’m fiercely proud and dedicated to the people that mean the most to me.

What is your most annoying habit? Orion: I drink out of the toilet. Cait: My clothes rarely make it into the laundry basket.

What’s your favorite food? Orion: Tuna fish, right from the can. Cait: Rice.


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Triangle Shelter and Foster Organizations DURHAM COUNTY

New Leash on Life Dog Rescue


SPCA of Franklin County

Animal Protection Society of Durham

Wake Forest : 919 788 3633

Orange County Animal Services

919 556 0954

Paw Prints Animal Rescue

Chapel Hill : 919 942 7387

Garner : 919 772 9107



Durham : 919 560 0640

Independent Animal Rescue Durham : 919 403 2221

Animal Kind/The $20 Fix

Pawfect Match Rescue

Mebane : 919 304 2300


Holly Springs : 919 522 1307


All Breed Animal Rescue of the Carolinas

SAFE Haven for Cats

Best Buddies Companion Rescue


Raleigh : 919 872 7233

Pittsboro : 919 882 0001

Alley Cats and Angels

Saving Grace Animals for Adoption

Chatham Animal Rescue & Education

Wake Forest:

Pittsboro : 919 542 5757

919 942 2250

Chatham County Animal Shelter

SAFE Care Feline Spay/Neuter Clinic

Apex : 919 303 3500

Second Chance Pet Adoptions

Best Friend Pet Adoption

Raleigh : 919 851 8404

Cary : 919 661 1722

Snowflake Animal Rescue

Cat Angels Pet Adoptions

Pittsboro : 919 542 7203

Raleigh : 919 870 1660

Operation Catnip Raleigh

Pet Overpopulation Patrol

Raleigh 919 872 1128

Cary : 919 463 9586

Raleigh : 919 990 2478

Feral Cat Friends

SPCA of Wake County

Pittsboro : 919 542 6815

Garner : 919 802 3948

Raleigh : 919 772 2326


Hobbes House Feline Rescue

2 Paws Up

Franklin County Humane Society


Wake Forest : 919 562 0697

Raleigh :

919 990 1045

Raleigh : 919 783 7627

Wake County Animal Control Shelter


Marley’s Cat Tales

Raleigh : 919 212 7387



Cary :

The Goathouse Cat Refuge

Saving Lives SPCA Wake County 919 772 0211

Franklin County : 919 990 1047

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English Springer Spaniel


Happily Ever After:

Feral to Felix by Brian less E WAS SO FAR BACK in the cage it could have been passed by as if it were empty. His meow-meow-meow was what claimed the attention and a bent-over look to the back of the cage revealed a cat sitting behind a bowl of water. The tag said his name was Jasper and a bunch more words were meant to imply that the tiny cat they described was the greatest in the world. At that moment, however, Jasper was “hiding” in the back of a cage and not even a few fingers poking through a metal grate could summon his proclaimed greatness. There were other cats to baby-talk to if Jasper was just going to meow-meowmeow behind a water bowl. “Meow-meow-meow. Meow-meowmeow.” “Quiet down Jasper, this other cat wants to go home today!” But there sat the squeeky wheel of the white-washed room of adoption cages not to be denied. “Meow-meow-meow.” “All right Jasper, let’s see if you want to play now. Hey, did you sneak forward an inch when no one was looking?” Jasper’s shy movements forward eventually delivered him to the poking fingers and his tune changed to a purr. Uh-oh, he could be a contender. Jasper’s tag indicated he was one of


the shelter’s foster animals and his foster parent would need to be called regarding adoption. Jasper wasn’t elected new cat yet but somehow his meowmeow-meow coaxed a call. It’s apparent in hindsight that Jasper’s foster parent was worried about Jasper. She seemed genuinely fond of the cat. And she said he was rescued from a colony of cats living in the wild that were cared for by an old woman. There should be no problem with that right? So Jasper became Felix after the passing of the adoption interview. Another cat would take his place in the foster program and Felix came home forever. Felix is a sweet, loving, beautiful cat that brings lots of smiles and happiness. Felix is also skittish, shy and seemingly always at arms length – the most difficult cat in the world to pet. Feral became part of the household vocabuary as Felix displayed his wild behavior from escaping for three-day binges in the wooded neighborhood to small-game hunting resplendent with a display of the trophy. “Meow-meow-meow,” must have meant, “Hey, this is love at first sight, we’ll straighten everything else out later.” It’s difficult to remember any other cat in the adoption room that weekend Felix became part of the family, or if there ever was a second choice.


Triangle Pet Adoption Magazine Durham, North Carolina


Triangle Pet Adoption Magazine Durham, North Carolina