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From the Editor’s Desk UMMER IS UPON US in the Triangle and how quickly it came, but here at Heart2Home Central in Downtown Durham, we’re feeling cool as cats about this issue. My trusty companion Pierre is laying next to me, asleep on his back, four legs in the air. I think he’s feeling pretty good about it too! We participated in and attended some great events in May and early June. Denis and I had a double header on the 21st. He manned the Wake SPCA Walk for the Animals at Duke, while I attended Fashion Unchained, to benefit the Coalition to Unchain Dogs, that evening in Raleigh. That was some fun! June started us off at The Dog Days of June event in Cary. On June 18 come out and visit Heart2Home at The Whole Day for Pets event at Whole Foods in Chapel Hill. They have so many sweet events planned that day. I’m trying to talk Pierre into a mini makeover! This month we feature articles to help you and your pets enjoy a happy and healthy summer. We have an article on dog park etiquette – the ABC’s of parks for both dogs and their humans. Dog parks can be a wonderful release of energy for your pooch, but it’s important to know how to handle yourself and your dog before your outing. We also have an article on important health issues pets face in the summer, especially in the South. Learn what you need to know to keep your pets healthy and cool this summer. Our feature article highlights the wonderful Coalition to Unchain Dogs. If you’ve watched one of their videos you know all about the important work they are doing; if you haven’t, I urge you to go to their web site and do so, and don’t forget to grab a couple of tissues first. As always, we want to thank our shelters and advertisers for their support. We are so grateful for all you do in support of the animal community and Heart2Home. Most importantly, we want to thank our readership for its support and enthusiasm. It makes the work we do worth every moment. At one of the events this month a little girl said to her mother,


“Look Mommy, there’s my magazine!” That just about says it all. Keep sharing Heart2Home with your friends and community. Even if it makes a difference to one dog or cat it’s well worth it. Until Next Month, Animated woofs and sleepy purrs, Kim Dupre & Mr. Pierre Contributors… ANGEL WASSERMAN, CPDT is the owner of Paws In Training in Raleigh. She is a certified professional dog trainer, a FEMA certified emergency rescue and shelter volunteer for animals in disaster and an AKC evaluator. ALICIA McCONKEY, has been doing rescue work since before she could walk and talk. Alicia has been with Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue (MAPR) for about a year. MAPR’s quest is to “let no pug go unloved,” and with every adoption this dream is slowly becoming a reality! ELLEN S. WHITAKER has been with Coalition to Unchain Dogs since its inception in August of 2006. She is a Board Member and writer for the Coalition. Ellen has worked at the Orange County Animal Shelter and served on the Animal Welfare Committee of APS of Orange County. JONATHON CASTRO is the owner of Paws At your Doorstep Mobile Veterinary practice, along with his business partner, Ms. Susan Rice. He is a member of the AVMA and is currently performing several low cost vaccine clinics around the state. He shares his home with his wife Annie and four sweet, loving kitty cats. KATRICE BEASLEY currently works at Affordable Animal Care and Elliotte’s Pet Spa and Salon. Katrice feels that there is nothing better than hanging out with animals all day every day. Katrice currently lives most contently with her six dogs, one cat and her boyfriend Mike.


H2Hmagazine JUNE 2011

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Volume 1 - Number 4 • JUNE 2011

In This Issue


REED SPOTLIGHT : Pugs – class clowns of the dog world. ....................................................................... Page 8 OG PARKS: Tips for determining if your dog is a good fit and to make the best of your park visits. ................. Page 9

NCHAINED : The Coalition to Unchain Dogs breaks the cruelty of chains with the power of a fence. ......... Page 14

AILS IN THE KITCHEN : Savory Cheese Treats – a tasty treat your dog will love! ......................................... Page 20 EALTHCARE: Tips to ensure you and your pet enjoy a happy and healthy summer. ................................... Page 23

HE RAINBOW BRIDGE : Whispers and Bristol cross the Rainbow Bridge together. ....................................... Page 24

APPILY EVER AFTER : The adoption story of Jasmine and Daisy, two dogs who after a rough start in life, found a healing friendship in each other. .................................... Page 28

ALSO Pet Events (Pg 27) | Local Shelters (Pg 27) Word Puzzle (Pg 26) | Pettoon (Pg 28) On the cover: Jasmine and Daisy (see page 28).

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Dogs come when they are called; cats take a message and get back to you later. - Mary Bly

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JUNE 2011



Roxy is an amazing little girl that

was found wandering the streets with a telephone cord wrapped around his neck for a leash. He is a young robust boy, around a year old and 70 pounds He is very playful and would love to have a wrestling buddy in his new home. He is working on commands and does great with kids. His foster home does have cats and some livestock. He has learned to live with the male dogs there, but he would be happiest living with a female that can play and romp with all day.

hasn’t always had an easy life. She has adjusted very well and enjoys being part of a family. Roxy is some sort of lab mix and has the cutest little scrunchy nose ever. She is learning how to be an adult dog very well and makes strides each day in all aspects of her training including what is appropriate to play with and housetraining. Roxy is crate trained and although she would rather sleep with or by you she will settle into her crate and sleep the night away.

Sugar :


This petite kitty with the wide-open, innocent blue eyes is a special needs kitty and very unique so she will need a very special home. Sugar is deaf and she must be the only pet in the household. Not being able to hear has caused her to become startled easily so she should be in an adult home only. Her nickname is “Screech” because not hearing herself meow, she doesn’t have any volume control! Her meow is so loud it sounds more like a screech than a meow.


really lives up to her name! She is definitely a senior dog, low-key and docile. If you are looking for a companion to curl up on the couch with you, she is your girl. She enjoys her walks and sleeping (a lot). She loves being close with her owner and can form a very strong bond to someone who is similar in nature to her. Someone who is patient, gentle, and loves to ‘chill out’ by reading a book or watching TV would make a good human companion for Chiller.

is a sweet girl who loves to play. She is an absolutely gorgeous girl with her brown undercoat. She is shy at first and can be timid in new surroundings. Once she gets to know you, she is affectionate and will quietly curl up on your lap and seek attention. She needs a home that will be patient with her and be willing to give her a chance to warm up. She doesn’t take too long and will soon be charming you with her sweet and loving personality. She loves treats and will come running if she hears a treat bag.

Momma Gloria was res-

cued from Harnett County Animal Shelter on what was to be her last evening on earth. She is the BEST momma and she is still a kitten herself. She has the most beautiful coloring you have ever seen: She is both a calico and a tortie (a ‘tortico’). She loves to be wherever you are and will follow you all over. She is always kneading with her feet (it looks like she is marching). She also will come when called – very unlike most cats. She uses the litter box and is very neat.

JUNE 2011

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Sweet Tea is just over a year

Kenzie is a beautiful ten-month

old. A shy, pretty DSH brown tabby female, all she really wants is love. When you first reach towards her she might flinch, Tea had a tough kittenhood – but as soon as you stroke her she melts. She’s even sweeter than her namesake! Tea will blossom in the right home, but she is afraid of some men so it would be best if she was adopted to a household without men or a patient household willing to work with her on her fears.


old gray tabby Maine Coon mix with a very “floofy” tail. She is an extremely playful girl who thinks all kinds of toys are great but really likes interactive toys so she can play with people at the same time. Kenzie is also quite a talker. She’ll ask you about your day and tell you, in full detail, about her day. Not big on being picked up or held for extended periods of time, but she is a loving kitty.

Fozzie Bear

is a nine-month-old, handsome, gray tabby. This sweetie came to us a very scared boy but we saw his potential and named him Casanova in hopes he would wind up a lovebug and it worked! Casanova likes to curl up with his foster mom when she is sleeping or reading. He is fascinated by running water, shaky mice, and fuzzy balls. Immediately after rescue, Casanova had emergency surgery to remove his eye but we think he’s quite mysterious and dashing with his one eye and handsome stripes.

is approximately 0ne-and-a-half years old. She’s a beautiful polydactyl calico female with white mittens who just finished mothering five darling polydactyl/bobtail kittens. Fozzie Bear likes to be petted and enjoys sitting in your lap. She has a nice purr motor that she turns on when she feels loved and a chirpy meow she uses to greet you. Fozzie was a great mother and tended to their every need and now it’s her turn to have the attention she deserves in a loving forever home.

Gigi is an adorable three-and-a-half-

Percy is a sweet 0ne-and-a-half

month old orange tabby; she is extra special because she’s an orange girl! Gigi is a dainty girl with an adorable dark pink heart shaped nose. She’s a lovebug who likes to snuggle up with you on the couch or in bed at night. Gigi is very playful and especially loves interactive play with feather toys. She also likes to carry her favorite feather toy around by the stick and even though it’s bigger than she is! Gigi does well with other cats and dogs.

year old white and gray tabby with the cutest pink nose! Percy is very loving and always wants to be with people. He will become your best friend. Percy is great at playing hide and seek, especially if you are hiding from him—he really loves that game. Percy is an excitable and playful cat who sometimes thinks he’s still a young kitten. As sweet as Percy is, he does best in a single cat household as he can sometimes be aggressive towards other cats.


Emma: This adorable hound is

Earl: This adorable Coonhound is

around two years old and looking for a new place to call home. Emma came into the shelter as a stray, so we don’t know much about her past, but since arriving, she has never been without a smile on her face. Her personality is a mix of easygoing and child-like curiosity, giving a nice balanced happiness to her demeanor at all times! She loves people and doesn’t really care what she’s doing as long as its in good company.

around three years old and so endearing and sweet that he will have your heart with just a glance! This shy boy is modest and humble and a little jumpy around new things. But when he figures out he is safe and you reach in to pet him, he melts into you with the most amazing sincerity. This good ol’ boy would love a home where he could build confidence, explore new adventures (at his own pace), and spend time becoming somebody’s very best buddy!


June is Cat Adoption Month and Grady is one of many cool cats who are available for half of the regular adoption fee!! This cuddly gray and white boy is around two years old and looking for a new place to call home. He lived with dogs in the past and was fearful of them, so he would love to find a home that is doggie-free! People, however, he adores! He’s even good with small children! And his mellow personality is sure to blend in just about anywhere!

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JUNE 2011

Bart: June is Cat Adoption Month

and Bart is one of the great cats available for half of the regular adoption fee! This handsome, laidback fellow is around a year-and-a-half old and one easygoing kitty ! He is an independent boy who doesn’t require much and will gladly hang around for some petting or find his own entertainment. He loves to lounge around and stare out the window, but will also chase and play with toys when they are offered.


Thorn: Hi! Will you please rub

Sammy is the smallest pup in his

my belly? I’m very smart and lovable. In fact, I love to sleep on my back so I will never miss an opportunity to get my belly rubbed. I have a very unique coat collar and I look like a Timber Wolf. I love being around people and get along with all dogs. Thorn and his doggie pal Beau are victims of the economy and a broken marriage. They have been together for six years before they had to pack their bags.

litter, but that doesn’t slow him down. He’s scrappy and feisty and loves tug of war games. Sammy can be a bit submissive with the bigger dogs in his foster home. EVERY DOG HAS A STORY: Sammy – named for Sammy Hagar – is a member of our Rock Star Litter!



is a striking dog who is affectionate as well has energetic. She loves playing with the other dogs in her foster home and running around the secure fenced-in yard. When playtime is over, Karma likes nothing more than to hunker down for snuggling on the couch! Karma has been house-trained from Day One – and she can be trusted not to chew on inappropriate objects even when left unsupervised. We think she will make some lucky single, couple or family a great canine companion!


is a gorgeous, gentle, sweet and loving dog. We call him gentle giant. Hudson is incredibly smart. He has learned many commands very quickly. He loves to play and run. When it is time to relax, Hudson wants nothing more than to curl up at your feet or snuggle down beside you on the couch (if you’ll allow it) and have his head scratched or his belly rubbed. If you’re searching for a dog to love and a dog that will in return be devoted to you, Hudson’s your guy!

Baby is a very sweet and lovable

appears to be the most serious puppy of his litter and can be initially shy ... but he loves to be held and play. David is a very gentle puppy. David is a member of our Rock Star Litter! The six pups in this litter were rescued by a kind teacher whose dog found them under her smokehouse in Clinton. David is a typical puppy who enjoys company and loves other dogs. Please consider providing David with his forever home and he will pay you back by loving you unconditionally!

German shepherd. She loves to please and stays right by your side at all times. Baby is great with kids and other dogs, she is also a very loyal dog. EVERY DOG HAS A STORY: Baby’s previous owner passed away and there was no one else who could care for her. If you are looking for a well mannered and loyal companion, please consider Baby!


Flora: Pssst.......hey you! I am the


Hi everyone! My name is Larry and I am an all around perfect guy! I am two-year-old neutered male, white domestic shorthair. I love to play and get along with everyone! I would love to be adopted with my "sister" Flora, so please check out her description too! We used to live together and just love to cuddle up and take naps. We are a perfect pair. I am playful and outgoing and she is a bit shy, but still loves to cuddle with her person. I LOVE belly rubs.

shy girl in corner. Don’t forget to come pet me too! I do love attention, even though I don’t come seek it out very often. I am a spayed female, four years old, medium haired, brown and white tabby. I like to have my luxurious fur brushed so I can stay beautiful – hopefully my new person will help me with that! I LOVE my "brother" Larry – he is my best friend and I really want to stay with him when I go to my new home. We are a perfect pair.


I am a five-monthold, spayed female shepherd-plott hound mix. I was born under a shed with my siblings to the neighborhood stray, around Christmas time. We lived outside for a while, and because I was the wallflower of the group, I missed out on some important socializing opportunities. But don’t let that worry you, this wallflower is blooming and growing farther from that shed wall everyday! I am cuddly and love to sleep on the pillow above your head.


Hello! My name is Mae and I am one of a litter of eight pups. I am a spayed, three-month-old female Am Staff mix puppy. I am in my own foster home now and I get tons of attention from my foster parents, since I am the only puppy there, and I am lovin’ it! What more could I ask for than loads of belly rubs, walks around the neighborhood, playdates with other dogs and lots of yummy treats? I am super friendly, loving and loyal. And I am smart! I LOVE people and they seem to love me too! JUNE 2011

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Wow! Take a look at Rocky, a Main Coon who was rescued from a high kill animal shelter. We don’t know much about his background, but think he may have been abused based on some of his initial reactions. With love and encouragement, Rocky has warmed right up to his foster environment and is really a sweet loving guy. Sometimes the best pets are those that need a little more tenderness in the beginning. He gets along with other kitties, although he is afraid of dogs.

Daisy: Someone out there will be

My name is Sadie. My sister Trixie and I were born four months ago at a local animal hospital after my/our pregnant mom was rescued by animal control. I know my mom is a Doberman but I don’t know who my dad was. Judging from my green eyes, I’d say a husky. I’m spayed, microchipped, and up to date on all my shots. I am learning how to walk on a leash and enjoy what life has to give. Even though I have a great foster mom (Ha,Ha) I’d love a forever home and family!


was given to FCHS because his previous owner moved to a different home where she could not keep him. It was very, very sad to see Raven so scared and clinging to his Mom at the time of the surrender. Since then, Raven has been quite remarkable in adapting to living at a FCHS foster home. He likes to greet people when they come into the room and is very appreciative to get attention. Raven is energetic and loads of fun – he will play with just about anything.

very lucky to adopt this beauty! Everyone who sees Daisy remarks how beautiful she is. Daisy is a small, dainty, long-haired tabby adult kitty with beautiful black markings, shades of gray, brown, and touches of buff and white. She is a real ‘love bug’ and is very affectionate and playful. Daisy would probably prefer to be your only love, but tolerates other kitties in her foster home. Daisy was left at a high kill animal shelter by her previous owner and her front paws are declawed.

Jay: Hi, my name is Jay, I was born


This is Shadow, a Terrier Mix. She's very sweet and loving. All she wants is to be by my side. She's very playful, but not in an overwhelmingly hyper way. She can chill out and hang out very easily. She’s very well-behaved, and is working on housetraining. She’s great with cats (though they wouldn’t always agree) and kids. She's easy in the car and loves to go places. She’s truly an awesome dog who just desperately wants someone to love her and take care of her.

about 10/28/10, which makes me almost five months old. I am an active, playful, loving little boy. I am a terrier mix... a lot of people have mentioned they see Aussie and Bearded Collie in me too. Whatever I am, I sure do like people. I am guessing I’ll be a medium-large sized dog when I’m grown up. I have a sweet, happy disposition and love to cuddle in your lap. I’m pretty quiet, patient and laid back for a puppy. I play well with children and other dogs.


Nina is a cute and perky little girl with

Lolipop is a Cockapoo who is as

a huge personality. Although she is almost a year old, she acts just like a kitten. She is very active and gallops through the house chasing furry mice toys and anything that moves. She tends to like to drag her toys behind her—especially her feather and mylar toy with the two foot handle. She is quite a sight, particularly navigating the stairs with it. She is alert and curious and a very smart kitty. She is a petite girl, weighing in at barely 6.6 pounds.

sweet as candy! She was surrendered to the shelter so her history is unknown. She is a very happy girl who loves to play with her foster-brothers and who can hold her own against them. She loves people and gives affection and kisses willingly. Loli is probably about two or three years old. She is working hard on her house-training skills but will need an owner who can continue to help her with this training. Lolipop would likely be ok with children.


Do you want a wonderful helper and companion? Lucy is your cat. As Lucy is getting older, she enjoys the company of her people. She likes to be held to look at birds and squirrels. Lucy greets each day with enthusiasm! When she wants to be picked up for cuddling, she will stand in front of you and with the most endearing squeak request to be held. She is an awesome cat but would probably do best in a home without small children as she prefers action to cuddling unless it is her idea.

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JUNE 2011

Pippi is a sweet girl, who wants to

“friend” every dog and human she meets. Her initial approach is shy, but once she senses that others are as friendly and companionable as she is, she warms right up and is ready engage in a game or to cuddle on the couch. Pippi loves to run and play. She has the adventurous spirit of her namesake Pippi Longstockings. She’d love a friend to pal around with and share adventures, but she’s also good making up games on her own.



Hello, my name is Bhindi and I am looking for a forever home to call my own. I am currently at the Chatham County Animal Shelter waiting to meet my new humans! If you are looking for a new kitty to spend your days with, please come to meet me! Breed: DMH Sex: Female


Hello, my name is Casey and I am looking for a forever home to call my own. I am currently at the Chatham County Animal Shelter waiting to meet my new humans! If you are looking for a new pooch to spend your days with, please come to meet me! Breed: Labrador retriever/beagle Sex: Female


Hello, my name is Sam and I am looking for a forever home to call my own. I am currently at the Chatham County Animal Shelter waiting to meet my new humans! If you are looking for a new Kitty to spend your days with, please come to meet me! Breed: Siamese Sex: Male


Hello, my name is Katie and I am looking for a forever home to call our own. We are currently at the Chatham County Animal Shelter waiting to meet my new humans! If you are looking for a new pooch to spend your days with, please come to meet us! Breed: Labrador retriever/beagle Sex: Female

Buffy :

Hello, my name is Buffy and I am looking for a forever home to call my own. I am currently at the Chatham County Animal Shelter waiting to meet my new humans! If you are looking for a new pooch to spend your days with, please come to meet me! Breed: Labrador retriever/poodle mix Sex: Female

JUNE 2011

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Breed Spotlight

Pugs submitted by Alicia McConkey


NCIENT WRITERS IN TIBET and China started writing about the dog that would become the Pug around 400 BC. Bred for 3,000 years to be calm, quiet, submissive, people pleasing, extremely needy and loyal, pugs make wonderful companions for families and individuals. Pugs require the attention of their humans so much, they will follow closely and often get underfoot in their quest to be close. Most pugs want nothing more than to make their humans happy, and will try to please them in any way they think they can. They are the “class clowns” of the dog world and will work hard in their never ending quest to make you laugh. Pugs can seemingly sense when you are down and will do what they can to try to fix your problem and make you happy. Somewhere along the way in their breeding, pugs lost the ability to know when they feel satiated and therefore, have a tendency to overeat. A pug owner must be willing to keep under control the amount of food and treats their pug receives. Pugs are a brachiocephalic breed meaning they have pushed in faces and have common health issues as a result. These health issues tend to involve their ability to breathe normally and comfortably, so keeping them at their proper weight is of the utmost importance in keeping them happy and healthy. Pugs have other common issues with regard to their overall health, however these issues are all very manageable for loyal pug owners. Pugs are prone to heat stroke and hypothermia because of their small size, short hair, and brachiocephalic condition; and should never be left outside in extreme temperatures. Pugs can also tend toward eye, knee and hip issues. Skin allergies are another common issue for pugs. Bathing them and washing their face wrinkles will help support healthy skin tone and alleviate the unusual amount of shedding they do. Pugs often require more vet care than other breeds, so if you are thinking of adopting a pug, this is something to bear in mind. When you’re interested in adopting a specific breed, you must weigh the pros and cons of the breed and gauge whether they will be a good fit for you and your family. Pugs will be with you through thick and thin, make you laugh often and hard, and their loving and loyal nature is hard to resist. After you do your research and decide that a pug is for you, you can rest assured you will have a friendly, funny companion for life. Alicia McConkey volunteers at Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue. MAPR pugs for adoption can be seen on Page 10. Page 8

JUNE 2011

Dog Parks: Considerations for the Pack Environment by Angel Wasserman


EAR THAT HAPPY howling? That is the sound of delighted dogs throughout the Triangle. The cause of this canine celebration? They are going to the dog park! Have you been longing to take your dog to a dog park? Perhaps you’ve just adopted a dog and are debating whether this experience would be good for him. In this article you will find some tips to help you decide if the dog park is right for your pet as well as a few tips to make your visit safe and enjoyable. WILL THIS BE GOOD FOR MY DOG? When your dog has experience playing off leash with another dog, it is a wonderful canine experience. But playing with one or even two, verses playing with the masses is not equivalent. Before going to a dog park, it is beneficial to test your dog’s response to a pack environment in a controlled, monitored environment such as a dog daycare facility. These facilities are staffed with professionals who are experienced in dog play and canine body language. They can tell you if your dog is happy and soliciting new friends, or if the pack makes him uneasy, resulting in Fido not wanting to play. Some dogs may become frightened or agitated within a large group of their furry peers, resulting in a not so pleasant experience. Not all dogs are candidates for dog parks. We have a dog in our pack who loves to socialize and the more dogs the better. We have another who becomes overwhelmed when confronted by a pack. There is nothing wrong with either dog. Knowing your dog’s play preference and pack tolerance can help you make good decisions for your pet.

MONITOR YOUR DOG: Watch your dog at all times so that you know what he is doing and with whom he is playing. A dog’s behavior can change in an instant and it only takes the entrance of one dog with a different energy to turn an otherwise peaceful pack into a frenzied one.

tion program or if you are unsure how your dog feels about being in a pack of dogs, please do not bring them to the park just yet. Scheduling private play dates or participating in a doggie day care group will provide the answers you seek in an environment that is safe and non-threatening for your dog. Putting an unsocialized dog into a dog park can be damaging. Most dogs will not tolerate rude play behavior created by inexperience. For the novice dog, this lack of understanding can result in escalating levels of corrections from the pack. Unsocialized dogs are likely to fail in a pack environment and become overwhelmed resulting in fearful or aggressive behavior.

LEASHING: In a pack environment where dogs are running free, having yours on leash puts him at a disadvantage and may make him a target. A dog’s leash should be removed as soon as the gate closes behind you and shouldn’t be reapplied until you are back at the gate, ready to leave. If you think you need a leash for control, your dog is probably not ready yet for the park. Dogs have two ways to deal with stress – fight or flight. Restraining a dog with a leash removes flight as an option. Even if the dog loves the park and knows everyone there, he has to be able to move away at his discretion. FOUR ON THE FLOOR: It may be tempting to pick your dog up especially if a larger dog is running toward him. Despite the best intentions to bring comfort to the dog this act will have the opposite effect if your dog is in a pack environment. If you pick up your dog it will feel restrained. In addition, elevation is directly related to status in the dog world. In your arms your dog’s status is perceived higher than the rest of the pack. The result is that other dogs are likely to run over and start jumping at your restrained dog in an attempt to determine what warrants this coveted position above the pack. Your dog is much safer on the ground.

TOY AND TREATS: Presenting toys or treats to GOOD FOR SOCIALIZATION? A dog park your dog at the park will create a competitive AVOIDING HUMAN CONFLICT: In a dog can be a wonderful place for a fully socialized environment. To keep peace among the pack, it is park, you will be in the company of dog enthusiasts, folks who may like to exchange stories dog to play with others. It is not the place to best to leave those items at home. and offer tips and advice. begin socialization or to test This can be great fun and if a recently acquired dog has makes going to the dog park been adequately socialized. Want to Know More About Dog Parks? a social event for humans There is a world of differHere are some Internet links to information for area dog parks. too! Just keep in mind that ence between the two. Rules and guidelines vary by park. dogs are often considered Socialized dogs have already family members and owners proven themselves to be Cary may be sensitive to the comcomfortable with the world ments and advice of others. around them and show no Parks_and_Greenways/Parks/Cary_Dog_Park_at_Godbold_Park/DogParkRules.htm Criticizing another person’s fear or aggression in the dog or questioning an Chapel Hill presence of strangers, owner’s “parenting” skills is crowds or large groups of one of the fastest ways to off-leash dogs. Equally Durham create conflict. If you feel important, these dogs have obligated to speak to another already learned through individual about their pet’s experience how to play with Raleigh behavior, please be courteother dogs and respond ous and kind. Try not to rush appropriately to other dog’s Statewide signals and body language. continued ... see If your dog has not been DOG PARKS on pg. 26 through a formal socializaJUNE 2011

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MID-ATLANTIC PUG RESCUE : 704-452-7841 :


This petite nine-year-old fawn female, may be 85-90 percent blind from neglect; but don’t tell her it’s a disability. She’s a quick learner and will find her way around; she even knows commands for walking up and down two stairs! This girl has a built in clock, and will gladly “woof” to let you know its: potty time, food time, medication time, and to tell you that it’s bed time. This spunky girl, LOVES to cuddle 24-7; cuddle bunnies like this one go quick!


This twelve-year-old fawn male may be older, but pugs are like wine and get better with age. This boy loves to nap all day, but at 4:00pm he comes alive; and wants your attention all evening for some serious pug loving! He enjoys company of all kinds (human and animal). Want to take a car ride? Chase is your willing companion! Though he is a little hard of hearing and has a touch of arthritis, this guy is a happy trooper; and has a lot to give!

Daisy & Tug:

This bonded ten-year-old sister and brother duo come as a package deal. They have never been parted and must be adopted together! They are a very sweet pair, who enjoy following their foster parents and each other around the house. When you are not home they cuddle together; but they love it best when you are home, and cuddle too. They are house and crate trained. Why have just one sweet pug, when you can have two?


This nine-month-old boy, was tied to a post in the baking NC sun, after his owner decided that she couldn’t keep this healthy and energetic puppy. Oscar LOVES to play all day long, and won’t stop just because you are tired. Pug puppies are not for everyone, they are bullheaded, and require constant gentle positive training methods to become welladjusted dogs. Pugs do want to please though, and this boy loves to give lots of happy enthusiastic cuddles.


This fawn girl is believed to be between eight-ten years old. She was abandoned by her owners and left outside to fend for herself in the tornados. A kind neighbor scooped her up, brought her inside; and called MAPR to come get her. She’s had a lot of expensive medical care to fix some serious medical issues; and is now healthy and ready for a forever home. This sweet girl needs a forever home who will treat her like the princess she is! Page 10

JUNE 2011


Mia is an gentle, experienced house


is an adorable young black cat with a round face, chubby cheeks, and round eyes. Seriously, kitty cats don’t come much cuter than this girl! Sabrina has a wonderfully affectionate personality too. She came to the Refuge in March 2010 along with six other cats who were dumped in the woods close to the Refuge. We don’t know if all these cats are litter mates or not, but all of them are friendly and adoptable cats perfect for families. Come meet sweet Sabrina soon!

cat who is about six years old. She will make a graceful transition into your home and lap; she won’t climb the curtains or attack your feet under the bedcovers. She’s just as affectionate as a younger cat and she does enjoy playing, but she’s more mellow. And as you can see, she’s a true beauty with gorgeous eyes and a sweet face. Her tabby fur is very unique....silvery grey with some peach mixed in. She’s lovely! Mia is so very sweet and grateful for all the petting and love she gets.


Topaz: This young lady is a real

A truly beautiful brown tabby with a winning personality, Tabitha is a charming young girl who would love to meet you! Tabitha has a mellow and affectionate demeanor, and she loves to be petted. She gets along with other cats but she likes people better. She would love to find a forever home where she can be loved and doted on. Come meet Tabitha soon! Approximately. DOB May 2009.

Velia: This strikingly pretty tuxe-

do cat is full of personality and sweet to boot. Velia is very laid back and equally sweet to people and other animals. She’s the kind of cat who looks like she’s smiling when you pay attention to her - she gets a happy glow in her eyes. And what a purr she has! It’s a true pleasure to hold this cat and feel that comforting purr. Velia will make a wonderful best friend for some lucky person. Please consider opening your home and your heart to this great cat.

jewel. Topaz was rescued from a kill shelter just before her time was up and has been at the refuge for over a year now. She’s a lovely tortie girl with a luxurious coat that’s blue-grey in color with peach stripes and swirls. Topaz is an easy-going and friendly cat who gets along with everyone, people and other cats alike. She would love to have a person and lap of her very own. Approximately DOB Jan 2009.

Mr. Chubbs is a handsome orange tabby with white mittens and boots, and unusual sea-green eyes. He came to the refuge in spring 2009 after his owner was evicted from his home, so he’s an experienced house cat. Mr. Chubbs is a lovable chap who is a bit reserved at first, but it doesn’t take long to make friends (he loves treats!). Once you break the ice, he loves to be petted and held, and will even jump in your lap for a cuddle. Mr. Chubbs is a sweet and mellow boy who deserves a second chance at having a loving home.

JUNE 2011

Page 11




Handsome Simca (meaning Joy!) and his equally beguiling brother Silas were rescued as young cats from a life on the streets. They are currently in their third home, and thankfully still together. These two brothers are looking for their final home, one of stability and love, where their adopter will watch the interaction of their different personalities and appreciate these beautiful boys. They are curious and friendly to other cats, and an old dog they live with in their foster home.

was captured while living in an outdoor colony, but because he kept trying to hug the vet staff, he was deemed too civilized to go back out after he was neutered. He LOVES people and loves other kitties. Ideally he would be paired with another young cat as Huggy is quite rambunctious and will irritate older, less playful kitties. He should also go to a home without young children. He is litter box trained, FIV/FeLV negative and all ready to go to his new forever home.


Forest was living outdoors,

Whether you want to cuddle on the couch, or go for a road trip, Charlie is up for anything with his tail awaggin’. He absolutely LOVES kids, and playgrounds are his favorite place to hang out. He is fully housetrained and knows his basic commands. Life here at Duke has made him extremely social and confident. Although he is now known as "the coolest dog in school,� Charlie would love to find a permanent home with an active family, ideally one with children and/or other dogs.

being fed by a kindly man. A bullet broke his front leg, which partially healed before a rescuer could get medical attention for him. He was brought into IAR fostercare, and in just a few months has gained strength and confidence, and is learning to trust people again. He has been friendly with other cats from the start, and seeks out their company. He is a good eater, willing to try any food. Throw a toy and he will delight in bringing it back to you.

Celena is a strikingly beautiful

cat both in looks and personality. She came to us anxious and timid because she found herself abandoned with four kittens to care for, but once the kittens were weaned and on their way to new homes, she started growing in confidence. She attacks every toy mouse, snakey toy, rolling ball, and dustball in the room, and when finished, rolls at our feet to be petted. She is ready for a carefree life with someone who will enjoy exploring everything that is fun with her.

Page 12

JUNE 2011

Baby and her puppy were picked

by up by Animal Control. Their owner did not want them, so they came into IAR care. She is a little shy when first meeting new people and other dogs, but within a few minutes she warms up. Though Baby had lived outside all her life, she quickly came to love being in the house. She enjoys playing tug of war with anyone who will grab the opposite end of a toy. She has a sweet and gentle disposition, walks well on a leash, and listens well.

ORANGE COUNTY : PAWS4EVER : 919 304-2300 :


Duncan has passed Family Dog

Hola! I’m pretty new here at P4E as I just arrived on April 16,2011. I was a stray that was transferred from caswell county shelter. I weigh about 26 pounds and at four months old I should be about 55-65 pounds when I grow up. I get along with the other puppy’s here and are really starting to trust people as well.I am still learning what a leash is and I am trying really hard on my house training. The humans tell me I am very sweet and forgiving and love to run and play.

1 Class here at Paws4Ever and is ready to show off his skills! He’s a housebroken boy who has spent some time in foster care learning the ropes of a family. If you have a fenced in yard, you can satisfy his sniffing needs there and leave him everso-fulfilled. Do you enjoy rubbing soft, luscious ears? Please give Dunk the chance to bring you that joy. He absolutely loves his belly scratched, toys, and treats. Duncan is very food-motivated and will require a good leader.



I’m a new happy boy and at 56 pounds I am full grown. I was transferred from orange county shelter in April 2011. I was in a home for two years but alas I was returned because my owner could no longer care for me. I am a very sweet dog who is crate trained and housetrained. I have good leash manners although I do play rough with some of the dogs.I would greatly benefit from the free training classes that my humans would receive upon my adoption. I am a confident,playful and affectionate dog.

Comet likes to pretend that she is

a shy kitty, but don’t let her fool you. Comet is very playful and loving, and makes great biscuits. She has a blast with all the other kittens, young and older. She loves chasing them around, darting through the room chasing toys,and going through the very exciting kitty crinkle chute. She has an amazing shiny coat and beautiful eyes that seem to look right into you and ask you to please adopt me. She does great with kitties and would probably do well in a home with a dog.

is the last of his litter awaiting his forever home. He was taken in by Emily Whitbeck a momma cat with babies of her own since Maroon’s Momma wasn’t able to nurse him. He’s come a long way from his earlier days here at P4E. He no longer hides when visitors come in the room and doesn’t mind being picked up and held. He has seen many kitten friends come (greeting them with his sweet loving nature) and go (wishing he could go home with them). Stop by and visit with Maroon.

Osi: I’m Osi, the famous titled

head kitty in Cat Room Two. I went to go see Dr. Simpson at the Morrisville Cat Hospital about my unique head. I tried to remember what happened to me, but I guess I blocked it out of my memory. Dr. Wendy believes I was hit by a car. N0 wonder I blocked it out of my mind, wouldn’t you? Don’t let it worry you, I don’t let it bother me, as a result I have my own style. I Love all my new kitty friends here, and of course the human friends as well. Dog’s are OK by me.

JUNE 2011

Page 13

by Ellen Whitaker and Amanda Arrington

BREAKING THE CHAIN Rescuing Dogs in Their Own Yards

Coalition to Unchain Dogs began building free fences in Durham in 2007 for people who could not afford them and began lobbying for legislation that would prohibit or severely restrict unattended tethering of dogs. By providing this assistance to people who kept their dogs on chains, the Coalition set out to adapt the community to a chainfree way of keeping dogs and increasing the likelihood of passing anti-tethering legislation. photo above: King is the Coalition’s 1,000th unchained dog

Page 14


t is an extraordinarily rewarding experience to see a chained dog become playful and exhilarated when running free for the first time in a newly fenced yard. It is equally as rewarding to see the happiness of the dog’s owner as they witness an almost instantaneous transformation in their dog’s demeanor. Since its beginnings in Durham in 2006, the Coalition to Unchain Dogs has expanded considerably. The group now operates seven chapters in the southeastern United States, and has inspired and assisted in the formation of dozens of independent groups that are now unchaining dogs with the same methods. Not only does the Coalition build free fences, it also pays for spay/neuter surgeries, health exams, de-wormings and vaccinations for every dog it builds a fence for. The Coalition provides transportation for clinic visits, information to the owners about pet care, free doghouses where needed, straw for dog houses in cool weather, and shade tarps to protect dogs from the summer heat. Through its experience, the Coalition has learned that it is a fallacy that people who chain dogs don’t care about them and that the majority of people who chain their dogs love them and are doing the best they can given their life experience and financial and physical means. The Coalition is a new breed of animal welfare organization that believes in “rescuing dogs in their own backyard” by assisting and focusing on the dogs’ owners. Animal welfare advocates all over the United States and Canada are excited about the Coalition’s philosophy and have expressed interest in starting chapters or similar projects in their own communities. The Coalition concentrates on assisting people in communities that are underserved and mostly ignored by other groups, animal and human alike. By working in neighborhoods with the highest poverty and crime rates, the Coalition becomes a familiar and trusted presence in these neighborhoods and its mission of making the community safer and more humane for people and dogs is realized. This community-minded, people-focused approach has transformed the views of many animal advocates and organizations and created the realization that unless consideration is directed torward dog owners, it is difficult to create long-term change. The Coalition actively seeks those who could most benefit from its services and who are often unable to advocate for themselves or their pets. By offering information and assistance instead of judgment and criticism, the Coalition has been able to bring freedom to over 1,000 formerly chained dogs and immeasurable joy to their humans. King, the Coalition’s 1,000th dog was unchained in Durham on April 30, 2011.



These dogs need your help Full Fence Sponsor: Princess in Raleigh - Lady in the Triad Spay/Neuter Sponsor: Sparky in the Triad - Sandy in Durham Cotton in Raleigh - Hippie in Durham

When the Coalition builds a fence, dogs can run freely and the bond between owner and dog is enhanced and renewed. Owners are thrilled by the striking improvement they witness in their dogs’ health and wellbeing, and they appreciate and enjoy their dogs’ true personalities – personalities that were less evident when the dog was chained. The relationship with the dog owners does not end when the fence is finished. The Coalition maintains a relationship with everyone it builds fences for. It remains available for emergencies, fence repairs, and any other needs that may arise. Through this maintained relationship, the Coalition has found that many formerly chained dogs are now spending most of their time inside with their families. The Coalition works in neighborhoods with high concentrations of chained dogs to unchain as many as possible over a short period of time. This approach allows the neighborhood to get to know the work of the Coalition and transforms it from one where chaining is the norm to one where dogs are living better lives. In turn, people who have had Coalition fences built become advocates for other dogs. They tell friends and family how much healthier and happier their dog is after being spayed and taken off the chain. Children in these neighborhood no longer experience sad, frightened or “vicious” dogs; instead they experience happy, energetic and vibrant pets. This creates a new model for dog care – freedom within the safety of a fenced-in yard, rather than dogs tethered to the end of a chain. The long-term positive impact of information, assistance and better animal care influences the way children and other pet owners will care for their dogs in the future.





Amanda Arrington of Durham founded Coalition to Unchain Dogs in August 2006. She serves as a volunteer as its executive director and works as senior manager for the Humane Communities Program for the Humane Society of the United States where she previously held the positions of spay/neuter initiatives program manager and NC State director. Ellen Whitaker is a member of the Coalition’s board of directors.


If you would like to sponsor a dog’s freedom

Full Fence Sponsorships $500: Covers the costs of a veterinary appointment, spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, and all the materials for the fence that will free the dog of your choice from his or her chain. Fence sponsors are acknowledged in the dog’s “Happy Tail” video, and receive a DVD copy of the video to keep. Partner sponsorships $250: Provide half the funds necessary to provide a vet appointment, spay/neuter/vaccinations, and fence materials. Partner sponsors receive a framed “before & after” picture of the sponsored dog. Spay/neuter sponsorships: You may also choose to sponsor a spay/neuter surgery for one of the dogs for $100. For more information about Coalition to Unchain Dogs visit


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Page 16

JUNE 2011


Chocolate Lab Mix Puppies:

Kittens: With kitten season

underway, we have kittens of all colors available for adoption. Playful and full of energy, why not adopt two? As always, adopt two cats together and the second cat’s adoption fee is just $50. A pair of kittens will engage and entertain each other while you’re at work, or at rest. And, your kittens will grow up as lifelong companions while you enjoy twice the love!

There are four of these tow-threemonth-old Chocolate Lab mix puppies, three females and one male. All are perky, playful and completely adorable! These little guys are looking for kind, committed homes where they’ll have lots of love and attention, and get to go to puppy class.

Jerry has silky, gray and white

Oreo is a trim, sleek, long-legged

fur and wide, orange eyes. He enjoys playing and socializing with his roommate, and would probably adapt well to a multi-cat household. He is receptive to your gentle touch and enjoys the love and attention. Jerry is a bit shy and can be little uncomfortable in new situations. With your love and encouragement, he will gain the confidence to freely express his charming personality.

Huxley & Haley: There are two remaining of these cute puppies, about three-four months old. They’re playful, social and lots of fun, and do well with other dogs and puppies. Huxley is a little shyer than his sister, but both little guys would benefit from kind handling and training.Huxley & Hayley are looking for active, committed families where they’ll have lots of love and attention.

fellow with a mostly black body, short white boots on his hind legs, interesting markings on his face, and gold-green eyes. Oreo came to the shelter as a kitten and is now a young adult, and even through his adolescence he’s proven to be a remarkable cat with a great combination of traits: he’s lively and full of personality, but gentle and sweet. Oreo’s very responsive to being talked to, and will answer in a bright trilling meow. When you hold him, he’ll head-butt and even hug you.


is a very cute, two-three month old Shepherd/Hound mix puppy who’s perky, playful and lots of fun! She likes her toys, loves attention and petting, and enjoys playing with other puppies. Holly will be a sweet family pet.

JUNE 2011

Page 17

WAKE CO : SAFE Haven For Cats : 919 872-7233 :


Frisky as a fiesta. My thoughtful expression means I’m contemplating what my new person or family will be like. I know I’m going to fit in fine. After all, I’m a smart and perky young adult torti with a coat that’s as fine a mixture as the ingredients of the dish I’m named for.


Gallant gray greeter. I’m social, active and attractive. I love to play with other cats, toys and stuffed animals. But it’s people I really love. When you visit the Jungle Room, I’ll be the first at the door and will be right at your heels when you are ready to leave. I don’t want these visits to end.


Orange delight. I’m a frisky little tabby with a personality as pleasing as my marmalade-colored coat. I love to play, snooze, then play some more. I can’t wait to have a home of my own to explore and a wonderful person to love and take care of. Could you be the one? Let’s find out.


is adorable. No doubt. This cat has one fine fashion sense. After all, she was found behind a Raleigh shop. But she’s definitely not superficial. This is a sweet, loving feline who is a friend – maybe even a relative – of Remy and Brendel. Come meet this lady with the lovely eyebrows and you’re guaranteed to fall in love.


Is there room in your heart for me? The person with whom I lived and whom I loved very much had to go a place where no companion animals are allowed. So I’m feeling alone and a little down right now. Everyone says I’m a truly great cat who’s perfect for a quiet household. I love brushing, playing peek-a-boo and spending a lot of time on laps. If you made me your companion, I know we’d be happy together.

Page 18

JUNE 2011



Maxx Dunnit

is a four-year-old American Cocker Spaniel that is very sweet and affectionate! He had a challenging life before coming to HEART and as a result he is deaf. He’s learning hand signals and is very attentive and intelligent! Gamba is great with other dogs and loves his family!

is a threemonth-old Shih Tzu/Poodle mix. Maxx was born without eyes and cannot see. He’s looking for a family that knows he’s still a normal puppy with normal needs that will raise him to be the wonderful dog he’s meant to be! Maxx navigates like a pro, plays well with other dogs, and is just a happy little boy!

Swiffer :

Bitty Bear is an adorable

We have only high praise for Swiffer, an eight year old Pekingese! He’s sweet, gentle, loving, playful, good with dogs, good with cats, and good with kids of all ages! He’s an incredible dog that is eager to find his forever family!


is an 11-year-old Maltes/Beagle mix. He lived his life in a testing lab, but now he’s enjoying his foster home on a farm. He’d like to find a home to call his very own where he can have plenty of nap time and quiet walks by the creek. This is a sweet little dog with a great personality.

ten-year-old Yorkie! He’s a smart guy that has learned to navigate his foster home like a pro! Because of an earlier infection, Bear had to have an eye removed. He is blind in his "good" eye, so, well, he can’t see a thing! He is still a great little boy that would enjoy walks and adventures with the right family!


is a four-year-old Miniature Schnauzer that is still just a little bit shy of being picked up. She will ask for attention and petting and loving. She will also voice her concern if you ignore her, or one of the other dogs in her home ignores her! She’s a social girl and would love to go for long walks and big adventures!

JUNE 2011

Page 19

Tails in the Kitchen WAKE CO : MARLEYÕS CAT TALES :

Savory Cheese Treats


is a two-year-old female Golden Retriever mix. Bandana is very smart, great on a leash and good with children. She has exhibited some digging under fences when left alone outside but her foster parents are working with her to break this habit. Bandana is extremely well behaved inside the house and her current foster parents let her roam their house with their dog. Bandana is a great girl!


E ALL KNOW THAT DOGS GO CRAZY over treats. But don’t forget about the cats! They love treats too! So what kinds of goodies are the healthiest for Fluffy? I did a little research to find out. According to the web site,, “cheese is a nutritious ingredient for pets and is used in a variety of pet foods and treats. Cheese provides excellent quality protein, calcium, Vitamin A, and essential fatty acids. B-complex vitamins are contained in some cheeses. Pets also like the taste of cheese and it can be a part of a complete and balanced pet food diet. However, pets should not be fed cheese from table scraps, which could contain too by Susan much fat and salt.” Graff The recipe I discovered uses two different kinds of cheese and is easy to make. I cut the dough into small 1/4-inch pieces for cat treats and use the same recipe but cut the dough into larger pieces, about 1/2inch for the canines. (My doggy clients love them!) I hope your kitties and doggies as well enjoy these cheesy snacks.

Winnie the Pooh is

a one-year-old male Basenji mix. It was a bit scary when I first came to the rescue. It was a snowy freezing night and I almost got hit by a car. Lucky me the driver stopped in time and with help got me into Marley’s within hours. I was only five weeks old at the time. Now I am safe and they call me Pooh Bear because I am exactly what my name suggests. Chubby, cuddly and all stuffed with fluff. When I sit up I even look like a stuffed toy.

reats ) Cheessiete, T om Petplace.c Savory eb w om the

Arya is playful little girl who hates

to sleep because she might miss something. She loves playing with her siblings, but she can easily entertain herself if no one can play with her. When she does get tired, she likes to come and sleep on your lap. She is a DLH black female who is eight weeks old.

(adapted fr

n yogurt 1/4 cup plai cream ur so or ur te flo meal r cheese 3/4 cup whi 1/4 cup corn dded chedda eese 3/4 cup shre ch s ed parmesan bine cheese 5 tbsp. grat renheit. Com nt ah ou F s am l ee al gr 0 de , add a sm oven to 35 l. If needed and roll Preheat the and cornmea ad dough into a ball ur flo dd A . eased Kne gr h. on ug e and yogurt do es and plac eate a nice ec cr pi to d er ze si at of w e inch zen. Cut into on . Makes 2 do to 1/4 inch. r 25 minutes fo e ak B t. cookie shee Susan Graff is the owner of

: Ingredients

Whole Lotta Love Dog Walking and Pet Services

Lyra is a DLH white female, eight

weeks old. Lyra is one of the sweetest kittens ever. She is the type who will crawl up into your lap and fall asleep. She’s very gentle, but is not afraid of anything, including big dogs. She’s very playful and would love to go home with her sister Daine.

Daine is a DLH tortie female eight

weeks old. Daine is a smart, adventurous kitten and is always the first to try something new. She’s not afraid of anything, including big dogs and is quite the talker and will let you know when she wants something. She loves to be near you, where she can see what’s going on and cuddle at the same time; in fact, she would be perfectly happy if she could just be carried around all day. She would really like to go home with her sister Lyra

Page 20

JUNE 2011

SPCA OF WAKE COUNTY : 919 772-2326 :


Ron: My name is Ron and I could

I’m motivated to find my new home! Just one look into these huge puppy dog eyes and you won’t be able to say no to taking me home! I’m still learning to be gentle and for this reason must go to a home with children eight years and up. Obedience classes would be fun for my new owner and I to learn new things together! We could play fetch together and I can show you how nicely I sit and wait for you to throw the toy. I’m a quick learner and always aim to please!

be just the handsome guy you are looking for. I’m a big boy with tons of love to give my new family. I was found as a stray so I can’t help but dream about what home life is like. Sometimes it takes me a while to let my guard down around new cats and let them see the “real me”, so it may take some time to introduce me to your current cat (if you have one). So come on in and meet me and prepare to fall in love!



I’m here waiting for my perfect cowboy or cowgirl to come along and make me a part of their life! I’m a very active and energetic little buckaroo, so I’ll need someone with time and patience to teach me all the things a good dog should know. I’ve been dreaming about the activities we can do: like hiking through the wide open prairie, going for a walk around the watering hole, or maybe we could even escape for a few hours to the park! I hope you’ll come to visit me.


I’m excited to be here. I’m one friendly fellow who just can’t understand why anyone would pass me by. I adore just about any toy you toss my way and am thoroughly pleased at each new find. Keeping me active and making sure I get exercise every day will be a must for me to stay happy and healthy. I enjoy running around a fenced backyard and going for walks. I think I might enjoy trips to the dog park as well. Whatever I’m doing, as long as I’m with you, I know I’ll be a-ok!

I’m here with my best pal Simon. We’ve lived together our entire lives and are looking for the last home we’ll ever move to. We’ve been bounced around and really need to find a permanent place. We’ve been with both small and large dogs and do great with them all. If our new home comes canine equipped, it’ll be just fine by us. We’d love to spend evenings curled up next to you while you relax with your favorite novel. Come spend time with us and make us your newest family members today!


What’s that over there? It’s cute, fast and playful – it’s me, Tizzy! I love to run around and play and if there’s a ball rolling or a crinkle ball crinkling you can guarantee I’ll be right there. I would love to find a home where I can have my fair share of playtime. I have so much fun playing with my friends here and it would be great to have another playful companion in my new home. I go up to the window to investigate dogs too! If you’re looking for a kitty with unique style, come meet me!

JUNE 2011

Page 21



Tigger : My brother Val and I

My brother, Tigger, and I really love each other and want to find a new home together. We would really like a quiet home with no dogs. I am really affectionate and have learned about greeting people at the door. If I am not there, I will soon be on the cat tree to get your attention. I am an easy going fellow who would love to give you some quiet company. A window to sleep under in the sun would be great.

love the simple things life has to offer. We almost grew up outside in a colony of cats but that someone noticed we were very friendly and got us out of there. We’ve decided we want to be adopted together. We’ve already had half our dreams come true. We are safe, neutered and get about eight square meals as day if we want them. Now THAT is cool. I am a bit shyer than my brother Val.


Melanie is an extremely sweet

My sister is Marcelle. We love to play together and our second mama calls us, “monkeys!”. I’m not sure what a “monkey” is, but I suppose it is someone who makes fun where they can. We especially love climbing up and down on our cat tree, and chasing the red dot of light from a laser pointer. We’ll chase that dot for hours, if you let us! And we are quite fun to watch, almost as much fun as we have chasing it.

girl who would like nothing more than to curl up in your arms. She loves to be with someone though you may forget she is there since she is such a quiet girl – until that motor gets started. It is easy to forget she is a kitten because she is so calm and laidback. Melanie does remember to be a kitten when it comes to playing though. She loves bouncing around after a toy as much as the next kitten.

Marcelle: My sister is Marie.

We love to play together and our second mama calls us, “monkeys!” I’m not sure what a “monkey” is, but I suppose it is someone who makes fun where they can. We especially love chasing the red dot of light from a laser pointer. We’ll chase that dot for hours, if you let us! And we are quite fun to watch, almost as much fun as we have chasing it. I love attention from people.

Page 22

JUNE 2011


I’m known as one of the Italian kittens. My sisters are Bella and Sophie. I hear I am the most outgoing of the bunch. I’m always the first to check things out. New things are just new “opportunities” to me! My foster dad calls me his little panther. I’ve got long legs which make me really fast when it comes to running after toys or chasing the little red dot from the laser pointer. I like to talk, too.

Summer Health Care for Your Pet by Dr. Jonathan Castro


ITH SUMMER approaching and the weather getting warmer each day, our furry companions long to be outside. A trip around the neighborhood or local dog park can be a great joy for the family, but summer weather can bring an increase in some of our pets’ worst enemies. Subtle and not-sosubtle dangers lurk around every corner and it is important as a pet owner to be aware of these dangers and how you can prevent them. The following are some of the more common concerns that may arise in the summer. You may not know it, but many nasty parasites are lurking right under your feet. Intestinal parasites or “worms” can lay eggs which hatch into larvae, and those can live on the ground for long periods of time, sometimes up to several months or more. As pets spend more time outside, this becomes an increasing concern as these parasites can easily be acquired by your pet and can make them very ill. Some can also be transmitted to young children as well. For this reason, any pet that spends a significant amount of time outdoors, especially in dog parks or other “common” areas, or with unfamiliar animals should get a fecal exam every six months. This will ensure that they haven’t been infected by anything potentially harmful. If they have, they can be treated quickly. Summer also brings about an increase in fleas and ticks. These parasites are not just annoying pests who make pets and people itchy, but they also carry many dangerous diseases to both you and your furry companions. Don’t wait until your pet is already infested to begin applying prevention. For every flea you see, there may be hundreds more lurking in your house that you can’t see. Often by the time you realize your pet is infected, the problem is much greater than you realize. Use a topical or oral flea and tick preventive every month. Furthermore, beware of “discount” topical, collars and powders. They are not effective and will leave you very frustrated if your pet suddenly acquires fleas and ticks. Make sure when bathing your pet that you use a SOAPFREE shampoo that will not strip away your flea and tick prevention. Be cautious, too, as some products that may be safe for dogs are not safe for cats. Finally, remember that no flea and tick prevention is one hundred percent effective, and what works for one pet, may not work for another depending on the amount of time spent outdoors and the degree of exposure to parasites. Always read the product label carefully and consult with your veterinarian if you have questions. It is an absolute necessity in North Carolina to protect your pet with monthly flea and tick pre-

vention year round. Our winters can be very warm at times and it’s a myth that all fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes die. Even more serious a concern is heartworm disease. Many people mistakenly confuse heartworms with the intestinal “worms” mentioned above. It is very important to understand that the two are in no way related. Heartworms are spread when a mosquito bites an infected animal, takes a blood meal containing heartworm larvae, and proceeds to bite another animal and transmit the larvae into the bloodstream where they grow and develop into adult heartworms. These parasites live in the heart and blood vessels in the lungs and over time can cause enlargement of the heart and eventually congestive heart failure if left untreated. Heartworm disease is also very expensive and time consuming to treat once a pet is already ill. Fortunately it is easily prevented just by giving your pet a monthly heartworm prevention tablet.


NOTHER SIGNIFICANT danger that can await pets in the summer is excessive heat. Pets have natural fur coats and heat levels that may seem bearable to us, could kill your pet. Heatstroke is a VERY serious concern for our furry friends, especially in the south. A good rule to remember is — if it’s too warm for a human, it’s too warm for your pet. Fortunately there are some very simple precautions you can take to avoid this condition (see sidebar). Signs of heatstroke can include dizziness, disorientation, high fever, unresponsiveness, vomiting, rapid heart rate, sudden collapse, and seizure, among other things. If you believe your pet may be suffering heatstroke, take them to a veterinarian IMMEDIATELY. Heatstroke can kill quickly and every minute is precious. If it is impossible to reach a veterinary hospital, place your pet in an ice cold water bath or wrap them in cool, wet towels. You may also want to put rubbing alcohol on their foot pads if it is available. The rapid evaporation of the alcohol helps to draw heat from the pet’s body and cool them down. Serious health problems can be easily avoided with good preventative measures. As the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our pets cannot verbally tell us when they are in distress, but they can communicate, so look for the signs and clues as to whether or not your pet is comfortable or not. Here’s to a happy and healthy summer for you and your feline and canine companions.

Dr. Jonathan Castro is the owner of Paws at Your Doorstep Mobile Vet Services ( JUNE 2011

Five Steps to Help Prevent Heatstroke in Pets


NEVER LEAVE A PET TRAPPED inside your car, even with windows cracked when the temperature in your car could reach 70 degrees or higher. Car temperatures can quickly top 100 degrees, often reaching as high as 120 before you are even aware of it. It doesn’t take much time at all in that kind of heat for serious damage to occur to your pet.


ALWAYS MAKE SURE outdoor pets have plenty of shade and water available. Be especially cautious with pets that are elderly or ill as they are even less equipped to deal with excessive heat. When the temperature is too high, bring pets inside no matter what. Shade can be quite variable and even a shaded doghouse may reach dangerous temperatures. Outside water bowls can become empty in no time as the water evaporates leaving your pet with nothing to drink.


CERTAIN BREEDS that are prone to respiratory difficulties such as Pugs, Bulldogs, Pekingese, and other brachycephalic breeds are at additional risk in very hot temperatures. Pets do not have the ability to sweat as we do to help control body temperature and rely significantly on panting. Pets whose respiration is already compromised will suffer that much more quickly.


BE MINDFUL of overexertion. What may be normal exercise or play for your pet in cooler temperatures may not be appropriate when the temperature rises. If you are exercising with your pet and they begin to show signs of fatigue, do not push them to continue.


FOR PETS WITH very long coats, it’s wise to consider a haircut. This includes long-haired cats which spend a significant amount of time outdoors. They may not enjoy it, but they will definitely thank you in the long run. Be mindful though, that when pets are shaved close to the skin, they can develop sunburns just like us and you should consider putting sunscreen on them. Look for sunscreens specifically designed for pets. Page 23

Rainbow Bridge

Wake Co : SNOWFLAKE ANIMAL RESCUE: 919 990-2478 :


is a affectionate little girl who had kittens very young. She’s not much bigger than her own kittens! Blackberry loves people and is very sweet. She would love to be someone’s kitty and have a family to call her own. Blackberry would do best as an only cat or living with another quite kitty. This petite little lady has a lot of love to give!


is a super friendly guy who loves everyone. He does great with kids, other cats and dogs too. Bronte loves attention and would love to be in a home where he has someone to spend lots of time with. Bronte is just a super social guy who wants to be part of a family.

Whispers and Bristol HIS PAST MARCH, I lost two of my best friends. Whispers was 15 years old and Bristol was 12. They passed on within three weeks of each other. They both had a rare type of feline cancer. Whispers was found when he was about three months old wandering around a car dealership in Hillsborough. My teenaged goddaughter tempted the hungry kitten into her hands with a French fry. When I first heard the kitten’s soft meow, I thought it was because she was so hungry. But after she gained weight and became more active, her meow was still a whisper and hence the reason for her name. I fell in love with Bristol when I saw a picture of her posted on a bulletin board where I was working. Even as a kitten, Bristol was regal and easy going. The day Bristol was to go home with me, she had to spend the day with me at work. I made her a little bed in my bottom desk drawer. She slept there, popping her little head up whenever anyone came into the office to let out a little purr and then she’d fall back to sleep. The girls were with me through both wonderful and hard times over the years. They both were a constant wonder, “helping” while I worked in the garden or hanging out while I read a book. Whispers and Bristol were an integral part of the family. I will always hold a special place in my heart for these two, “Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.”


Is anyone out there looking for a playful, sweet little girl? Meet Tara! This little girl is energetic and fun. She loves to play and explore and has a great time doing both. Tara is an adorable, sleek coated little girl who is looking for a home where she can be play and be loved. Come meet Tara and see what a little doll she is.



is a sweet, affectionate little girl who is looking for a home where she will be safe and loved. She loves to play and is quite the little chatterbox. Faye is a little beauty with her pretty Tortie markings. She’s a petite little girl who can easily fill a heart with love. Come meet this sweet southern girl and see if she isn’t just the kitty you are looking for!


Meet Diesel, a big hunk of a kitty who is a real lover! He loves people, he loves other cats, he loves attention. Diesel is so handsome with big, soul searching eyes and an adorable lopsided grin. We promise he’s as charming as he is handsome. Diesel is FIV+ but that doesn’t bother him. He is just a happy boy who wants to be part of a family. Is there a spot in your family for Diesel?

submitted by Susan Reed send your story and photos to

Page 24

JUNE 2011

Pet Events WAKE CO ANIMAL SHELTER : 919 212-7387 :

A Whole Day For Pets Saturday, June 18 : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Whole Foods in Chapel Hill presents pet events, vendors, rescue groups for a whole day of pet fun at 81 Elliott Road in Chapel Hill. There will be prizes, raffles and giveaways with a fancy Dress Doggie Tea Party, Parade, Costume Contest and Professional Pet Portraits.

I’m a beautiful brindle and white American Staffy around four years old and 32 pounds. I came in as a stray, so they don’t know much about my history. I’m super affectionate, LOVE attention, belly rubs and cuddling. I’m pretty high energy and love to run as fast as I can in my foster moms big backyard! However, because of my energy level, it might be best if my forever home doesn’t have small children or small furry creatures (small dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.).

June Jamboree & Barbecue Saturday, June 25 : 6:30-9:30 pm A celebration of Paws4Ever Adoption Center’s 7th anniversary with dinner; drinks; entertainment; a live and silent auction and raffle. Event will be at the Paws4Ever Dog Training Center at 6311 Nicks Road in Mebane. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Information and tickets:

IAR Super Adoption Weekend Saturday-Sunday, June 25-26

Drake: I’m a cute little black

and white lab/staffy mix male around four months old and growing. I am currently in a foster home with two big labs, and I LOVE them! My mom says I am a very happy goofy boy, and I love to hang out with everyone. My adoption fee is $95, which includes my neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchip and more. Please ask for the great details! I’m looking for a fabulous forever home.

Kittens, Cats and Dogs for adoption at Petco at the South Square Shopping Center in Durham. Kittens from 1-4 pm on Saturday; Cats from 1-4 pm on Sunday and Dogs from 1-3 pm on Sunday. Reduced adoption fee for adult cats ($50). More information:

Dogtopia’s 3rd Annual K-9 Charity Dog Wash Sunday, July 17 : 11:00 am Dogtopia at 4708 Hargrove Road in Raleigh will treat your dog to a midsummer’s bath in support of the Raleigh K-9 Unit. More information:


9th Annual Painted Chair and More Auction Saturday, July 30 : 5 - 8:00 pm

Hi there, my name is Lucy! I’m a pretty, solid-black long-haired female, about eight-and-a-half years old. I was surrendered to WCAC in early April because my owner was being deployed and couldn’t take me with him. He told the folks here that I really like to be brushed and petted and held in your lap. I do well with children and dogs, but I’ve never been around other cats before. I’ve always been an indoor-only kitty, so it would probably be best for me to stay that way.

Benefit for Independent Animal Rescue of Durham. Doors open at 5:00 pm; auction viewing 5-6 pm; live auction 6-8 pm. Event will be held at Motorco Music Hall, 723 Rigsbee Ave. in Durham. The auction includes works from local artists. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Tickets and information:

11th Annual Auction for the Animals Saturday August, 6 : 6:30 - 10:00 pm A benefit silent and live auction benefits Second Chance Pet Adoptions at the Royal Banquet & Conference Center on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh. The theme is Christmas in the Summertime; Tickets are $35, casual attire, food and music.


Hello, my name is Daniella! I’m a gorgeous, fluffy longhaired orange and white female, about a year old. I came to WCAC in early April as a stray so the folks here don’t know my history. I’m a sweet, lovable kitty that would make a wonderful addition to your family! I am easy going, friendly & have a great personality. I love to play, but also love to just be near you or snuggle up on your lap. I get along wonderfully with other cats, dogs & children.

More information:

CCB’s 2nd Anniversary Bully Ball Saturday, August 20 : 7:30 - 10:30 pm Carolina Care Bullies event at the Creekside Hills Clubhouse, 1000 Creekside Hills Drive in Apex. Tickets are $20 advance/$25 at the door; formal attire; DJ music from iDJNC; food and silent auction. Contact:

CARA Run For Their Lives Saturday, August 27 A 5K run to benefit Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption of Sanford at Kiwanis Park on Wicker Street. The run is coursed through the streets of Sanford. There is also a 1/2-mile walk. Registration begins at 8:00 am. There will also be music, kid’s games, food and a raffle. More information:

Big Bird

: Hi there! I’m Big Bird, a cute little parakeet. I am currently in foster care, and BOY does my foster mom have great things to say about me! She says I am a very social guy who likes to ride on her shoulder and just be near her. I also like to sing when I’m happy, which is quite often. She says I am very easy to handle, and just an all-around good bird. My adoption fee is $20, so ask about me and make an appointment to meet me today!

Dogwash Fundraiser Saturday, October 1 : 10:00 am - 4:00 pm CARE for Animals’ fundraiser at Unleashed in the Stonehenge Shopping Center at 7414 Creedmoor Rd in Raleigh. Baths in the indoor dog wash area are $15 with nail trim add-on at $5; or just a nail trim for $10 More information:

More events listed at JUNE 2011

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DOG PARKS continued from page 9

to judgment as things are not always as they appear to be and jumping to conclusions may create unnecessary conflict. Speaking of which, many people are opposed to direct conflict. Listen carefully to the things people say to you as these friendly strangers may be trying to tell you something about your dog’s behavior. Very few people will ask another person to remove their dog from the park until there is a fight or a bite. Often, people will make innocuous comments such as, “Wow, he’s really fired up today!” “Does he always play like that?” or “He sure doesn’t take no for an answer, does he?” People may be trying to tell you that your dog’s behavior is making them or the other dogs uncomfortable. If this is the case, you may want to take a closer look at your dog’s behavior. A person swiftly leaving the park is another signal. Pay close attention to this human behavior espe-

Page 26

cially if the dog that is leaving was just playing with yours. Many people find it easier to avoid a confrontation. BODY TALK: Dogs communicate with their bodies utilizing body language. Canine body language is universal in the dog world and socialized dogs understand the language perfectly. Unfortunately, these subtle cues are often lost on humans because we speak a completely different language. Understanding canine body language allows you to decipher what your pet is saying to you – and the rest of the world. And since he is communicating with other dogs at the park, it is in everyone’s best interest if you can eavesdrop on those canine conversations. An excellent starting point is the article from the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) on “Dog Park Body Language,” available at The next time someone says to you, “that dog’s tail is up, he’s dominant” or “there’s an

JUNE 2011

aggressive dog – his hackles are raised!” you will know exactly how to respond. By the way, on a stand-alone basis, neither of these statements is true. Considering only one characteristic of body language often leads to a faulty conclusion. It takes time and thought to fully understand a dog’s body language. Dog parks can be excellent gathering places for socialized dogs and their humans. Just remember that it is the dog owner’s responsibility to ensure that their dog is suited for this environment and is behaving appropriately while there. Learning the basics about canine body language and safe play can help you make good decisions for your pet. Not every dog is suited for an off-leash pack environment and your dog may be one of them. But if he is suited, you and your dog are in for a great time. Woof! Who’s up for a romp in the park? Angel Wasserman, CPDT is the owner of Paws in Training ( Angel can be reached at 919-896-2859.

Shelter & Rescue Organizations DURHAM COUNTY Animal Protection Society of Durham Durham : 919 560 0640

2 Paws Up

pet or pet-friendly service


Wake County Animal Control Shelter

Independent Animal Rescue

Raleigh : 919 212 7387

Durham : 919 403 2221


ORANGE COUNTY Orange County Animal Services Chapel Hill : 919 942 7387

Best Buddies Companion Rescue Pittsboro : 919 882 0001

Chatham Animal Rescue & Education

Mebane : 919 304 2300

Chatham County Animal Shelter Pittsboro : 919 542 7203

The Goathouse Cat Refuge

Apex : 919 303 3500

Pittsboro : 919 542 6815

Cat Angels Pet Adoptions Cary : 919 463 9586

Feral Cat Friends Garner : 919 802 3948

Hobbes House Feline Rescue Wake Forest : 919 562 0697

FRANKLIN COUNTY 919 990 1045

919 556 0954

New Leash on Life Dog Rescue Wake Forest : 919 788 3633

Raleigh 919 870 1660

Paw Prints Animal Rescue

Operation Catnip

Garner : 919 772 9107


Pawfect Match Rescue

Pet Overpopulation Patrol

Holly Springs : 919 522 1307

919 942 2250


SPCA of Wake County Raleigh : 919 772 2326

Elliotte’s Pet Spa & Salon Durham 919 381 5906 2005 N Pointe Dr Ste 1B Sunny Acres Pet Resort . . Durham 919 383 4238 5908 US 70 HEALING Companion Chi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 919 244 1264

Life In Motion Counseling . Durham 919 649 2109 MASSAGE

SNAP-NC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 919 783 7627

Barnes Supply . . . . . . . . .Durham 919 266 2750 774 Ninth St Phydeaux . . . . . . . . . . Chapel Hill 919 833 9216 400 A-1 S Elliott Rd Phydeaux . . . . . . . . . . . . Raleigh 919 960 3606 10 W Franklin St Natural Pet Health Store Bear Creek 919 837 0020 10536 Hwy 902 Sunny Acres Pet Resort . . Durham 919 383 4238 5908 US 70 VETERINARIAN - MOBILE Heal Pet Laser Therapy . . . . . . . . 919 904 HEAL

Paws At Your Doorstep . . . . . . . . 919 247 2670 VETERINARIAN Animal Hospital at Brier Creek . . . 919 544 2226 10500 Little Brier Creek Ln - Raleigh Pet Sound Animal Hospital . . Cary 919 851 4114 305 Ashville Ave Suite C Southpoint Animal Hospital Durham 919 226 0043 5601 Fayetteville Rd. WALKING/ PET SITTING A Whole Lotta Love . . . . Durham 919 491 3567 WORKING CATS

Wellville Healing Arts . . . . . . Durham 919 730 4542

Alley Cats and Angels Barn/Garden Cats

For Information on how to appear in the Heart2Home Advertiser’s Guide, visit or call 919 246 4105


Raleigh : 919 990 2478

Dog Guard Out Of Sight Fencing . . 919 781 1213 . . . . . . . . . . . . 800 490 9193 Sean McCarthy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 919 302 3442

Animals Connect Us

SPCA Wake County 919 772 0211

Snowflake Animal Rescue

Sunny Acres Pet Resort . . Durham 919 383 4238 5908 US 70


Saving Lives

Raleigh 919 783 7627


Animal Hospital at Brier Creek . . . 919 544 2226 10500 Little Brier Creek Ln - Raleigh

Animal Kind/The $20 Fix

Raleigh : 919 851 8404



SPCA of Franklin County

Cary :

Second Chance Pet Adoptions

Goldens Realty . . . . . . . . Durham 919 606 8751

Whole Food Market . . . . . Chapel Hill 919 968 1983 81 S Elliott Rd



Raleigh : 919 872 7233

Christine Danko / Go Realty . . . . . 619 697 7213



Marley’s Cat Tales

SAFE Haven for Cats

Art by Ingrid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 919 349 4909 Copperlight Art . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 919 597 0259 Roslyn Hancock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 910 313 1010


Franklin County Humane Society



Weinstein Fine Art Studio . . . . . . 919 402 0160

Alley Cats and Angels

Cary : 919 661 1722

Pet Sound Animal Hospital . . Cary 919 851 4114 305 Ashville Ave Suite C ARTISTS


Best Friend Pet Adoption

Networth Bookkeeping Services . . . . . 919 249 6200 216 E Chatham St Ste 102 - Cary ACUPUNCTURE-PETS

Pittsboro : 919 542 5757


Heart2Home Advertisers

Heart2Home Help Wanted AD SALES – Sell ad space and manage current accounts.

Franklin County 919 990 1047

Existing leads and referrals available. Commission based. Experience a plus but not necessary.

For more shelter and rescue info and pet resources visit:

email: JUNE 2011

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Cover Story:

Happily Ever After by Katrice Beasley Daisy & Jasmine


AISY, our Rottweiler mix and Jasmine, our Lab mix are from different towns and different parents. You would never know this by watching them together. They are inside / outside dogs, but mostly prefer the out of doors. They cuddle in their doghouse together, which also doubles as a “base” for their endless game of tag. One chases the other and whoever makes it to the doghouse first wins, then they switch and play again. Jasmine seems to be the current champ. Daisy loves to pick on Jasmine, chew sticks, dig holes, and chase anything that flies. Her favorite thing to do is howl when she hears sirens. It’s as if she is singing and she typically gets the rest of our dogs to join in. Jasmine loves lying in the shade, chasing Daisy and digging holes. She is a professional soil engineer. They both patrol the yard and everyone knows this is their space. I believe they were destined to be together, they are true BFF’s. We rescued them, but they found reassurance from each other. They had a rough start in life; their circumstances were harsh and unjustified. I think we can all agree that some people don’t deserve to be pet owners and this was certainly the case for this pair. JASMINE:

Daisy (top) and Jasmine (middle) found their way to a happy home from two different beginnings.

Page 28

Jasmine is our bundle of energy and attitude! We first met Jasmine about three years ago when we moved to Wake Forest. She belonged to our neighbor. Our first impression was that she was well taken care of, but soon thereafter we began to witness the reality of her living conditions. Because she was always chained, children would throw rocks and sticks at her and would hit and kick her. Her owner would leave for days at a time, leaving her without food or fresh water. We could no longer stand by and watch this and decided to step in. We began feeding her and checking in to make sure she was ok. She was very shy and mistrustful but eventually she became comfortable with our presence. She became a big fan of McDonald’s and loved it when I’d give her the bottom of my ice cream cone. One day our neighbor asked if we would take Jasmine because she was being evicted, but would be back for he. We told her we would love to take Jasmine for her. We never saw our neighbor again. We moved Jasmine into our yard and we fenced in the front so she

JUNE 2011

could move freely. She was so excited to be able to run around and not be tied up all the time, but she ran with a little difficulty. We think it was because she became so accustomed to being yanked back by a chain. We took Jasmine to the vet for an exam. She was healthy and heartworm negative, just a little underweight. We got her spayed through the $20 dollar fix program. We have three other dogs and a cat and they loved her from the start. Jasmine was a little hesitant initially, but it only took her a couple of days to fit right in. Today, Jasmine is a healthy and loving dog and is very attached to and protective of us. DAISY: Daisy also had a very rough start to her life. Daisy came to be with us about three-and-a-half years ago. She was found by a concerned citizen of Knightdale, lying under the rear of a tractor. The man who found her brought her to the animal hospital I work for. It was like he was her guardian angel. She was scared, hungry and in pain because she had a collar deeply embedded in her neck, almost reaching her jugular vein. She had emergency surgery to remove it and got stitches all around her neck. Luckily she was heartworm negative. The people who found her paid for the surgery but they couldn’t keep her, so I decided to rescue her. It was a very rough start. She was afraid of everything and not sure of her surroundings. She had a second surgery a couple of weeks later to put drains in her neck for the infection and we spayed her at the same time. I took her to work with me every day and we put fresh bandages on her daily. Two weeks later she had her stitches and drains removed and she was like a new dog. She was playing and wanted nothing more than to please and love whoever she met and became fond of getting lots of hugs and kisses. Although the odds were against Daisy and Jasmine initially, they have become the most wonderful and loving additions to our family. Perhaps they sense they each had the same sort of start in life and that’s what binds them in their deep and loving friendship. We feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to share our lives with this sweet pair.

H2H JUNE 2011  
H2H JUNE 2011  

The Triangle Pet Adoption Magazine Durham, North Carolina