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FALL 2012

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THE MISSION IS SIMPLE To provide a printed publication where animal rescue groups in the Triangle can reach an extended audience for their adoptable pets, programs and events. The goal is to help place animals in loving homes and promote responsible and informed pet ownership.


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GUIDE TO ANIMAL LISTINGS Sound Pet Animal Rescue . . . . . . . . . . 4 SAFE Haven Cat Shelter and Clinic . . . 5 Carolina Care Bullies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Neuse River Golden Retreivers . . . . . . 9 Orange County Animal Services . . . . 11 Pawfect Match Rescue . . . . . . . . . . . 14 The Goathouse Refuge . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Paws4Ever Animal Sanctuary . . . . . . 16 Best Friend Pet Adoption . . . . . . . . . . 20 Heaven and Earth Rescue Team . . . . 20 Independent Animal Rescue . . . . . . 20 Love Mutts Rescue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 COVER SHOT: LaSpezia is adoptable through SAFE Haven ( ... read about LaSpezia and other SAFE Haven pets on page 5. (photo by Emily Johnson)

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There has never been a cat - Who couldn’t calm me down - By walking slowly - Past my chair.” – Rod McKuen POB 25429 - Durham - North Carolina - 27702-5429 advertising: 919-259-9908 | email: Distributed in Wake, Orange and Durham Counties. Advertising Sales

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FALL 2012




I am a ladie’s man, and I don’t like any competition from any other dudes. I am just a little over a year old and I get along great with dogs after I get to know them. I am a mellow little dude I will even let you trim my nails. I am looking for a new place where I am the big tom cat and everyone else is a girl! That will be

the key to my complete happiness.

Paisley: I am an active girl and must have a canine friend to play with in a fenced yard, but most people see me as just a pretty lap dog, because I still think I’m a puppy. I do well with cats, dogs and older children and I am working on housetraining and have mastered the crate. My foster mom thinks my training will be perfect in no time – I just need some consistency in my life.

Cinnie: I am just a baby, so I have a lot to learn, and need someone that wants to teach me all sorts of cool things. I am crate-trained and working on house-training. My foster parents say that I am a very loving, energetic and an awesome puppy. I am very food motivated and I already know how to sit on command. I love to play fetch and I ride well in the car.

919 656-3407

Kobe: I am such a good boy. I am house-trained, walk great on a leash and know sit and stay. I am not a big fan of crates and will cry when you first leave me so homes with common walls might not be a good fit but it only lasts a few minutes. I am a bed dog so I want to sleep in the bed and I am relentless about it. So be sure you have room in your bed for me.


I am the sweetest two-year-old girl ever. I had to have a back leg amputated, but I do just fine without it. I get along with dogs, cats and everyone I meet. I am housetrained, crate-trained and very gentle. I love to play with plush toys and nylabones. When it is quiet time, I love to cuddle under the blankets on the couch with my foster parents when they watch TV.

Riggins: Did you read about me in the news? I was found abandoned in a trailer with some puppies, cats and a dog that wasn’t alive. I had to stay at the vet’s office for a week where I gained four pounds. In my foster home I am proving to be the sweetest guy in the world. I do eat puppy food several times a day to help me slowly gain weight but I am doing great.

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FALL 2012


Cookie Crisp:

A real sweetie. I’m one of the “cookie cats” at SAFE Haven and I’m just back from a great vacation with a fabulous foster mom and I am now ready to move into a home of my own. I’m very thankful to have been chosen to come here from a high-kill shelter. So I plan to be the best feline buddy ever when you come to adopt and pick me up.


Pretty and playful with a luxurious coat. The folks here say I’m one of the sweetest youngsters to come along in quite a while. I’m living with Pisa right now and we get along so well together. Maybe you would consider adopting us both and giving us the happiness and security of a forever home.

Drewida: Lucky lass. I came to SAFE Haven after being plucked from an area high-kill shelter. I’m not sure whether it was my pleasing personality or my beautiful coat that impressed my rescuer but I hope it was a combination of both of those things. I can’t wait to become someone’s loving companion. I promise you won’t go wrong if you pick me.


Social success. I’m an outgoing lady with personality plus and I love to meet people and I can’t wait to show you why I would be just the perfect cat to adopt. I’m at that fabulous age of one year old and past a lot of kitten craziness but still lively and curious. We could share so many wonderful occasions together. All you have to do is come meet me and sign those papers!

Gendr y: Butterscotch boy. I’ve got the heart of a lion surrounded by the most gorgeous orange coat. I’m very active and love to play whether it’s with a toy or with my roommate. Pick me up and hear me purr! But I don’t like to stay still for very long because I am afraid I might miss on too much.


Definite showstopper. I’m all wrapped up in a gorgeous orangey, tan coat officially known as “creme.” When you visit me in the Jungle Room, I’ll most likely come right over to check you out. I’m not only nice to look at but also fun to be around. I know I’d be a great cat for you so let’s get acquainted soon.

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FALL 2012



Mobile veterinary service for cats, dogs and horses Non-invasive laser therapy for arthritis, hot spots, chronic ear infections, disc disease, muscle injuries and many other conditions. Call 9 1 9 - 9 0 4 - H E A L or go to for more information or to set up an appointment.

This past summer, Heart2Home asked its readers and facebook fans to tell us their favorite places in the Triangle for their pets. THE SCIENCE AND STATISTICAL ACUMEN behind this first-ever Heart2Home Best4Paws Reader’s Poll best not be explored as all tabulations are merely a scribble of hashmarks and notes. Please do not allow this, however, to influnce your enjoyment and exploration of the results you see here. I assure you that this is a genuine and democratic vote of all those who caste their votes. From all the early voting, midnight voting and weekend voting, clear choices emerged along with a revelation of how dedicated Heart2Home’s readers are to the businesses they turn to for their pet’s needs. Thank you to all who responded and offered their comments and please enjoy their choices and their words.

Congratulations to the Top Dogs and Top Cats: – Denis Toomey, Heart2Home’s publisher


FALL 2012

Raleigh | “I love the people at Second Chance Pet Adoptions as well as the animals. They care for the pets they rescue and the building is always clean and welcoming.” “They are the oldest no-kill animal rescue in the Triangle and they keep all their dogs in foster homes – no small rooms or cages.”

2 Best Friend Pet Adoption – Cary “When you adopt a pet at BFPA the foster parents help you, as the adopter, to really get to know the animal for a successful adoption”

3 Orange County Animal Services Chapel Hill | “Orange County Animal Services has a beautiful building and a friendly staff who help you find the best pet for you. Their frequent rabies vaccination events are a great low-cost way to keep pets safe and they host mobile spay/neuter clinics as well.” Honorably Mentioned: Wake SPCA - HEART - NRGRR - GSRA - SPARR



1 SAFE Haven Cat Rescue and Clinic Raleigh | “This no-kill shelter always has the best interests of the cats and kitten at heart.” “Wonderful environment for cats and kittens as they await their forever homes. Plenty of love and socialization from staff and dedicated volunteers. Adoption counselors who want to find just the right cats for adopters. Great staff veterinarian.”

2 Cat Angels Pet Adoptions – Cary “Superb no-kill shelter where the cats are all well-loved and cared for. They have a wonderful group of volunteers who spend time with the cats daily, ensuring that they are nicely socialized with people and other cats. Their new facility is beautiful. Every cat there is healthy and happy.”

3 Second Chance Pet Adoptions Raleigh | Honorably Mentioned: Marley’s Cat Tales - The Goathouse - Wake SPCA

BEST Annual Pet Event


1 Second Chance Pet Adoptions



1 SAFE Haven’s Tuxedo Ball 2 Second Chance Auction for the Animals 3 TIE: Woofstock/Down by the Tracks Honorably Mentioned: Wake SPCA K93K - Bark in the Park - Cary Dog Days continued on page 12

FALL 2012


CAROLINA CARE BULLIES Andy is a three-year-old

Lacey is a beautiful one-

Pit Bull/Boxer mix and is very friendly and eager to please. He enjoys playing tug and loves to snuggle up. He is very food motivated, well-behaved on a leash and house- and crate-trained. Andy gets along well with the other dogs in his foster home. Andy came to the rescue severely neglected, but now he is a healthy, bright-eyed boy.

year-old Pit Bull mix with a zest for life. When she isn’t trying to play with people or other dogs, she’s content to sit out on the porch or by a window, watching the world around her. She’s completely housebroken, cratetrained, and is very affectionate with children. Lacey is great with dogs of all sizes, and would love to live with other playful dogs.


Cherr y has the most

is a growing five-month-old pup who loves to cuddle with humans as much as he loves to play with his siblings. He is a fast learner and knows sit, down, come, crate and outside. He also has perfect leash manners. Giovanni gets along with dogs, children, and even cats! He would be the perfect puppy for any size family.

Guinevere is a fivemonth-old puppy looking for her forever home. She already knows sit, paw, stay, high five, and walks great on a leash. She loves playing with everyone she meets. She is great with big and little dogs. Guinevere is wonderful with kids and is crate-trained. She loves to play outside and splash in her puppy pool.

beautiful amber brown eyes you have ever seen, and at just two years old, those eyes are searching for the family that will treat her as their baby. A former mother to a litter of seven, Cherry is ready for life to be all about her, or rather, about you! She cares more about human attention and affection than any treat you could possibly offer.


is a snuggly, two-yearold red-nosed Pit Bull lady. She loves to spend time curled up next to family members on the couch. She has learned to be very well behaved when she goes for walks. She is cratetrained and potty trained. Tulip loves to make friends with children and other dogs, though she does like to be the boss when she hangs out with the big dogs. SPONSORED BY Dichroic Glass by Laurie K


FALL 2012


Tibbs: I had a horrible life-

Zoe is absolutely obsessed

living in a basement but now I am walking a lot and eating a lot to try and get back into shape. I get excited when my foster parents come home and when they wake up in the morning. I do really well on walks and I just love to stop and smell the world. I do have a hard time with stairs so I would need a home without a lot of stairs.

with tennis balls and will play all kinds of games with you. She plays with other dogs and is just fine living with cats and other submissive dogs. Since she has limited visibility in one eye, she should not be in a home where there are lots of active kids because movements around her head and in places she can’t see scare her.

Shaggy is an owner sur-

Angelina is a sweet

render who needed a rear leg amputated and now is learning the ropes of his new life as a “tripawd.” Shaggy is a ray of sunshine and despite his ordeal, he never stopped smiling. He has determination and a positive attitude that most humans strive for. He’s a big boy, but a gentle one with people, dogs and cats alike.

tempered senior who loves to be loved. She enjoys playing with a ball and going on walks, and each day she gets a little bit sleeker and a little bit more energetic. She is vocal when a stranger comes to the house then quickly warms to a visitor. She is altogether a very well-mannered lady and will make a wonderful addition to a very fortunate family.

Mr. Biscuit and Miss Goldie: We are

Gem is a nine-year-old

a hubby and wife duo who first met when we were cute little puppies. Many beautiful golden puppies later, we are now ready to retire into a peaceful home. We lived most of our lives outdoors, but we are house-trained. We are inseparable and love to hang out next to each other at home.

owner surrender. She was loved very much but her owner couldn’t give her the attention she needed. She loves to go on walks on a leash, car rides and loves tennis balls and squeeky plush toys. She loves to fetch her tennis balls and is a happy girl who likes to be around people.

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FALL 2012


Tails in the Kitchen Fish ‘n’ Nips

HE WILD WEATHER this summer brought about a lot of things: downed branches, loss of power and some much needed rain. But one morning after a night of storms one of our dogs found something else in our yard … a kitten! The kitten was wet. And I couldn’t get a good look at it to see if it was hurt since it was caught in some bushes trying to find shelter from our barking beagle.


I brought our pooch back inside and tried to find something in our pantry that might help lure the kitten out so I could examine it. I opened a can of tuna and returned outside. The kitty Susan Graff was nowhere to be found! He must’ve returned to his clowder. Now I had an opened can of tuna. What to do!? It was too early for tuna fish sandwiches! So I consulted my cat treats cookbooks and found this recipe. This recipe comes from The Kitty Treats Cookbook by Michele Bledsoe.

Fish ‘n’ Nips (fromThe The Doggy Bone Cookbook by Michele Bledsoe)


6 oz. (I use the entire can) of tuna fish 1/4 c. of water drained from tuna 1/2 c. whole wheat flour 1/4 c. cornmeal 1 tablespoon of parsley Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large bowl combine tuna, parsley and water. Add cornmeal and flour. Form a dough, knead and roll 1/4-inch thick. Cut the dough into 1/2-inch squares. Bake at 350 degrees on a greased cookie sheet (I substitute the greased cookie sheet for parchment paper) for 15 - 20 minutes (or until lightly browned). Makes approximately 3 dozen 1/2-inch treats. Susan Graff is the owner of Whole Lotta Love Dog Walking and Pet Services

sponsor ... advertise

adopt an ad sponsor a cat or dog

HEAL ORANGE CO. ANIMAL SERVICES Norman & Davidson Marla: If you’re looking

919 942-7387

are around eight months old and are adorable best friends. They are part of the 12 cats called “The Iredell Dozen” that Orange Co. accepted from a hoarding case involving 200 cats. They will wrestle for hours and then curl up together to nap. As part of the Summer Adoption Special, they can each be adopted for $50 through Labor Day Weekend.

Charlene: This gor-

for a great feline companion, consider adopting MarlaFREE of charge as her adoption fee is sponsored by the Orange County Public Library. Marla is 12 years old and ended up at the shelter when her owner relocated to a senior living facility. This lovely girl has plenty of years left in her and is so deserving of a second chance.

Mellie: This ten-month-

geous calico is around two years old and loves to hop in your lap if you let her, but is calm and independent enough to do her own thing when you need your space. Charlene’s adoption fee has been sponsored by a generous citizen and with her balanced disposition, charming personality, and gorgeous little face she is the deal of a lifetime!

old girl is just superb in every way. Not only does she have a face to die for, she is also humble and cooperative, gentle, loving, and just all around wonderful. She is going to make a wonderful dog for a very lucky family, and is the perfect representation of how wonderful shelter dogs consistently are!

Sky: This handsome blue

Harmony: is another

pit bull is around ten-months old and super sweet. When you meet Sky, you can’t help being drawn to his majestic beauty, but you soon realize his personality is even more beautiful. This gentle boy is calm and obedient, and eager to do whatever will make you happy. He’s sure to make a wonderful companion for you.

member of “The Iredell Dozen.” Harmony is about eight months old and loves attention. She will gladly climb on your back if you visit her room and entertain you with cute tricks! She’s available as part of our Summer Adoption Special for $50 through Labor Day Weekend!

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FALL 2012


Best4Paws continued from page 7


Best Pet Supplies for DOGS

1 Phydeaux – Raleigh and Chapel Hill

“I love browsing and seeing products I didn't know existed and Phydeaux supports rescue groups and adoption events.” “If you can imagine it, they'll have it.”


Best Pet Supplies for CATS


“I find everything my dog could ever want or need, and all at a reasonable price with a knowledgable, friendly staff. All the foods here are healthy, and they dog’sneeds, needs, have plenty of options that fit both my dogs and my pocketbook.”

1 Phydeaux – Raleigh and Chapel Hill 2 Pet Smart “I like the large variety of petfood and special diet food.”

2 Unleashed – Raleigh

3 Unleashed – Raleigh

“I love, love Unleashed! They offer high quality dog and cat food at a reasonable price. I ONLY shop at Unleashed. They also have great customer service.”

Best Place to Board a DOG


“They are the very example for every reason to buy local. They truly care about their products and their customers.”

1 Camp Canine – Cary

“Not only do they offer pet-friendly advice and answer your questions with genuine concern, but they allow rescue groups to hold fundraising events at both their stores in Raleigh. Great staff.”

“Wonderful staff and great care. My dogs go for 'day care' there, too. This is a first class, well-run operation that is totally focused on dog care and development.”

3 TIE: Barnes Supply – Durham

2 Pupsi – Cary “Barnes Supply has a unique and cozy feel and a great staff. I buy all my dog food there and I am always amazed at the great selection of both pet foods and supplies.” “[Paws at the Corner is a] great shop and very knowledgeable about food and nutrition. It has a nice, affordable do-ityourself dog wash.” “Great little store with a good selection of top quality food.” Best Place to Shop?


“I like that they can go outside but are safe with the high fences and staff outside monitoring.”

3 Happy Tails Dog Daycare – Raleigh

Best Place to Groom a CAT


Paws At The Corner – Hillsborough


1 Max’s Dog Wash and Snack Shack Chapel Hill |

2 Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Raleigh/Cary |

3 Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital Raleigh |

1 Beth’s Barks N Bubbles – Durham “Beth has been our Standard Poodles' groomer for 15 years, and she is as good with our current high-strung, high-energy girl as she was with our previous timid submissive boy. We looked a long time before we found her, and now we would never switch.”

2 Pretty Paws – Cary 919 469-9913 3 Happy Tails Dog Daycare – Raleigh

3 Town & Country Veterinary Hospital Apex | “Never been a better place to take your animals! The vets are kind, caring and thorough. The staff are all great - quick, friendly and efficient. I have been going to Town and Country for ten years, after they helped me save two tiny kittens. I couldn't be happier.” Honorably Mentioned: Bowman - Falconridge - Hope Crossing - Park Veterinary

Best Veterinarian for CATS



Best Place to Groom a DOG

1 Morrisville Cat Hospital – Morrisville

Honorably Mentioned: Lucky Dog - Dog Stylists Inc. “Dr. Wendy Simpson and her staff are awesome!” “Gentle, thorough, and efficient, and the clinic is clean and pretty. No Dogs!”

2 Care First Animal Hospital – Raleigh/ Morrisville | 3 Southpoint Animal Hospital Durham | Honorably Mentioned:

Best Pet Sitter


Cat Clinic of Cary - Four Paws Animal Clinic

1 Precious Paws – Cary Best Veterinarian for DOGS

1 Southpoint Animal Hospital


B E T H ’s B A R K S N B U B B L E S - D U R H A M

919 460-6355

2 Dee Dee “The Pet Nanny” – Durham facebook: dee-dee-the-pet-nanny 3 Fetch Pet Care – Chapel Hill

Durham | “Great staff and wonderful, calming atmosphere ... great with dogs of all types.”

2 Vet Express Mobile Vet

Best Place for a Sick Dog?


Honorably Mentioned: Bull City - Whole Lotta Love Anything But Elephants

Fuquay Varina | “Dr. Rodgers is conservative when it comes to treatment and doesn't look to over do it just to boost the cost of the appointment.” “I love my mobile services and Dr. Rodgers will come to my house and have everyone vaccinated in less time then it would take me to get them all in the car.” FALL 2012


PAWFECT MATCH RESCUE 919 522-1307 Glinda is a very sweet dog. Kekoa is an energetic and She has been progressing well with obedience training, is almost housebroken and is improving every day. She is a high energy dog who loves people, other dogs and going on long walks or jogging. She loves playing fetch and is learning to “drop it”. She would do well in a family with young, active parents and with one or more friendly dogs.

friendly boy and when you bring him home, he will be your best friend forever. Kekoa was a puppy from a litter of 12 that was about to be put down. Kekoa is deaf, but he doesn’t let that get him down and has no trouble learning commands by sight instead of sound. He is great on the leash, which is great since he needs to get out and get lots of exercise.

Malibu is a very loving

Marbles is a very sweet

and happy little girl. She is energetic and very curious so she would do best in a fairly active home. She loves her foster brothers and sisters, but can be a bit overwhelmed at first with large dogs, but she settles in quite nicely with some time. She is coming along well with her house training and loves her chew toys.

boy with a great temperament. He loves kids gets along well with other dogs and just wants to please. He is a smart boy and is easy to train. He would make a great family dog and wants nothing more than a family to love him and spend time with him. He is potty trained and crate trained.

Mirakel needs a new home where he isn’t crated quite so much as he’s an active boy and loves to play. Another active canine sibling would be awesome for him along with a fenced yard. Mirakel loves people and would do well with older children. He still has too much puppy in him for toddlers.

Rafael is a darling cuddly boy! He is quite curious and full of puppy energy so he would do best in an active family. He loves to follow around his foster mom and watch everything she does. He does well with other dogs and loves his toys!

Sponsor Pets and Rescue Goups in Heart2Home:


FALL 2012


Lil Bit has a broken heart.

Poppy is a truly magnificent

She had a home and a person she loved, but then her owner had to go into assisted living and couldn’t take her kitty with her. Lil Bit misses her home and her person, and being around so many other cats at the refuge scares her. This sweet, loving, and gentle girl just wants a second chance at having a forever home. DOB 2008

cat, a beautiful Maine Coon girl with amazing green eyes. She’s an experienced house cat whose owner surrendered her to a public shelter for unknown reasons. Poppy is a big girl but very gentle and sweet. She loves to cuddle on your lap, and be petted and brushed. Poppy gets along with other cats but she loves people more! DOB 2007

Saki is an adorable little kit-


ten, mostly white with a gray crown on her head. She’s one of over 50 kittens available for adoption at the Goathouse right now. These babies need homes! We have calicos, orange tiger babies, beautiful tabbies, torties, tuxedos – you name it, we’ve got ’em. Your new kitten will be fully vetted (spayed or neutered, tested. vaccinated).

is a sweet beautiful calitabby-and-white kitten. She’s one of over 50 kittens available for adoption at the Goathouse right now. These babies need homes! We like for our kittens to be adopted in pairs, or for a single kitten to go to a home with another young cat to play and cuddle with. Your new kitten will be fully vetted (spayed or neutered, tested. vaccinated).

Fred is an experienced

Kitt y is a handsome silver

house cat whose owner lost her home and could no longer take care of her pets. He’s an adorable and talkative guy with great markings and amazing eyebrows! This sweet boy loves people and would really like to be someone’s special cat again. Come meet Fred soon! DOB July 2008

tabby boy with amber eyes. We don’t know why Kitty’s owner surrendered him to a public shelter, but we’re glad we were able to rescue him from death row. Kitty loves being petted and sitting on laps. This fellow deserves a second chance at having a forever home. Come meet Kitty soon! DOB March 2010

Sponsor Pets and Rescue Goups in Heart2Home:

FALL 2012


PAWS4EVER Duncan: I am a hound, and am pleased to say I’ve passed Family Dog 1 Training class! I am house-trained, and I have already spent some time in a foster home learning how to live with a family. If you have a fenced-in yard, I will be very happy and we will be a great match. I absolutely love my belly to be scratched, and appreciate toys and treats. (6 years, male)

Marissa: I am a one-

919 304-2300


I love to leap around and play outside, and I love spending time with my human buddies because they can scratch all the right places. I do love to show my affection and sometimes it just gets the best of me. The things I enjoy are walks with my humans, snuggling on the couch and maybe catching a late night movie (and I like kitties!). (6 years, male Shepherd)

Sweet Tarts:

year-old female Shepherd and I love to play in puppy pools. I love to play with other dogs, too but I don’t like cats. The staff here say that I am a good leash walker and that I am very sweet. If you would like an active companion who is always ready to do what you want to do, I am your dog. (1 year, female, Shepherd)

I am from Orange County and have already had a litter of kittens. Recently I had hernia surgery but have recovered quite well. Although I was initially very shy when I arrived, I am now friendly and am happy to be with other cats. If you let me jump in your lap, I’ll be happy to be loved, but I don’t like to be picked up. (2-year-old, female DSH)

Nala: I am a very sweet

Thora: I am a four-year-

kitty with very unusual markings that make me unique among other cats. I have been front declawed. My human friends tell me I have quite the little purr motor, which comes out instantly when you pet me. I am affectionate with lots of love to give. I get along great with other cats, but I don’t like dogs. (12 years, female, DSH)

old female and I was at the Durham shelter before I came to Paws4ever. Because I am FIV positive, my adoption fee is waived. I can live the rest of my life without issue, as long as I am the only cat in the household. I am a sweet cat, and I love attention. (DSH)

Sponsor Pets and Rescue Goups in Heart2Home:


FALL 2012


news for you and your pets Last month NC senators Kay Hagan and Richard Burr introduced the Corolla Wild Horses Protection Act (S. 3448) in the U.S. Senate. This federal bill impacts North Carolina in particular because it aims to protect the free-roaming wild horses in and around the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge, a wild herd of horses traced back to the arrival of Spanish explorers on the Outer Banks in the 16th century. This legislation will expand the allowable population of no fewer than 110 horses from the previous cap of 60 with a future increase to 120-130. The Corolla Wild Horses Protection Act has already passed in the U.S. House of Representatives (introduced by Rep. Walter Jones Jr. [R-NC3]) and now awaits a vote in the U.S. Senate. According to the Senate bill has an uphill battle as only three percent of all Senate bills in 2009-2010 were enacted. (Source: ASCPA)


Independent Animal Rescue announced that its 2012 Painted Chair & More Auction raised a record-breaking amount of over $22,000 to support their animal welfare programs. Over 200 animal and art lovers attended the auction on July 28 in Durham.


The Animal Protection Society of Durham no longer accepts animals from outside of Durham County as of August 6. According to APS, the move is designed to help more animals and people in Durham County. Only animals belonging to Durham residents and stray animals found in Durham County will be admitted into the shelter. People surrending pets will be required to show proof of address.


B.A.R.K.S. Book Buddies is looking for dogs/pets and their owners to help children improve their reading skills in the Triangle area. For more information and requirements, please contact B.A.R.K.S. Book Buddies at:


Pet theft is on the rise according to the The American Kennel Club, which has been tracking pet thefts since 2007. The AKC reported a 32% increase in dog thefts last year. While some animals are snatched from their yards or during home invasions, opportunistic thieves most commonly steal dogs left in cars or tied up outside stores. (Source: AKC)


The Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospital has announced the arrival of a new CT Scanner for pets. The Durham pet hospital is expected to offer CT imaging services in September.


U.S. retail sales of non-food pet supplies totaled $11.1 billion in 2011, up 2% over 2010.. From a high of 5% in 2007, annual sales gains slowed during the economic recession of 2008-2009 and its aftermath but still continued to make gains. (Source: Packaged Facts)

Ask Willie Hodge Dear Willi e:

I currently own a four-year-old cat that was found as a kitten after her mom had passed away. Unfortunately, she has never been the most affectionate cat, but did manage to bond closely with the 15-year-old cat I had at the time that showed her much patience and tolerance. Several years later as he became terminally ill, she groomed him and herded him towards his water and food bowls to help him indicating a special connection between them. My senior kitty passed away in September of 2010 and I am just now able to entertain the thought that maybe my current cat is lonely and would like a new feline friend. I am curious as to what kind of friend you would recommend for a kitty that tends to be more dominant in nature? I have been advised by many to consider getting a young male and sequestering them to separate Willie Hodge parts of the house until they get used to smelling one another. What does Willie think?


Willie is sorry to hear of the passing of your kitty and understands the heartbreak associated with such a loss. Willie thinks it is wonderful that you are considering getting another feline family member to keep your kitty company. Willie has five feline brothers and six feline sisters in his house and Willie gets along well with all of them as long as they follow all of Willie’s household rules. Willie thinks either a male or female kitten would work out fine in your situation. Willie agrees that initially separating the new feline family member to his or her own room so that he or she can become accustomed to the new environment is wise. Willie believes this will also allow your current feline family member to adjust to having a new furriend in the house in a less stressful manner.

Dear Willi e:

My veterinarian is recommending giving my cat monthly heartworm prevention. I thought this was a disease only dogs could get?


Willie is so glad you asked this question! Willie has found it to be a common misunderstanding among humans that heartworm disease affects only the canine population. Cats can become infected with heartworm disease. The disease affects cats differently than dogs, but is equally serious. Heartworm disease is transmitted by mosquitoes. It takes just one mosquito to infect a cat. Since mosquitoes can get indoors, both indoor and outdoor cats are at risk. In one North Carolina study 28 percent of cats diagnosed with heartworm disease were indoor only cats. Since Willie does not want to become sick from this disease, Willie makes sure to take his heartworm preventive every single month.

Dear Willi e:

are there any local events coming up that you plan to make a guest appearance at? I have never met you before and would love the opportunity to do so!


Willie is honored that you would like to meet him! Willie loves meeting new furriends. In less than a month Willie is making a special appearance at Cary’s 2012 Scavenger Hunt on Sat., Sept. 15. Willie hopes you visit their website for event information or to sign up a participating team, at: Willie is so excited about his opportunity to play Purrlock Holmes with his brand new magnif-eye-ing glass and hopes to see you there! Willie answers all questions with the help of his mom, Dr. Jenn, owner of the Cat Clinic of Cary. You can follow Willie’s daily adventures more closely on Facebook.

Send your questions to

this food truck is for the dogs After being chosen by the ad agency employees of the Durham office of McKinney as their nonprofit pro-bono recipient in May 2011, Paws4Ever has a new logo, web site AND a food truck for pets. THE PAWS4 EVER WAGGIN’ WAGON made it’s debut in Durham in August outside the Performing Arts Center to the sound of clapping paws. The former mini school bus and ice cream truck’s design was donated by the

truck facts

international McKinney ad agency’s Durham office. (McKinney is the agency behind the Travelocity Gnome.) The Durham employees chose Paws4Ever to be the nonprofit recipient of it’s “Pimp Your Cause” donated talents and for the past year they have been redesigning the rescue group’s web site ( and created a new Paws4Ever logo. The truck sports a smiling dog design with paws and bones and all the trappings of a food truck that features ice cream and treats from Raleigh’s Gourmutt’s Bakery. Besides treats, the Waggin’ Wagon will bring outreach materials and even a few adoptable pets to local pet events. You will get a chance to see the Waggin’ Wagon at this year’s P4E Seventh Annual Walk for the Animals at Chapel Hill’s Southern Village on October 6.

1996 Chevrolet Mini Bus • Originally outfitted as a school bus before a retrofit as an ice cream truck • The Waggin’ Wagon was overhauled and retrofitted as a mobile food truck by Southern Transit Accessories in High Point • Exterior design by McKinney and vinyl wraps by Capital Wraps in Durham • The Waggin’ Wagon has its own web page at!


FALL 2012

ReaThat der ’sCat Poll: Fancy Best Places to Dine with Your Dog

DURHAM: Nanataco, Foster’s Market, Cafe Parizade, Vita, Bull McCabes, Toast, 604 West Morgan/Cinelli’s “ T hey are always SUPER friendly at Tyler’s Restaurant and Tap Room and always bring the pups water!” “ At Only Burger, they have outdoor tables where dogs are allowed and the staff always offer water.” “ Guglhupf has a nice environment for both dogs and people outdoors.” CHAPEL HILL: The Spotted Dog, Southern Rail “ Weaver Street Market is a beautiful scene under the big oak tree with a wonderful mix of dogs, kids, and everyone else. I’ve never seen an altercation between a dog and a child in over 15 years and I think I’ve only heard a dog bark twice.” “ Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe has a nice courtyard with a water feature and fabulous food.” RALEIGH: “ I like The Draft House in Cameron Village. The waitstaff is always so gracious and they have water bowls for the doggies. I hear that The London Bridge is dog friendly too.” CARY: “Cafe Caturra always offer treats.” FUQUAY VARINA: “Aviator Smokehouse has an outdoor seating area where you can bring your dog.”

Best Place to Walk Your Dog? Downtown Raleigh, Cary’s Bond Park, “ Cary’s Greenways are wonderful! Umstead Park is also great fun for a more rugged walk. I do love the American Tabacco Trail too.” “ The Old Hillsborough Race Track because it’s flat but grown up so it’s shady and there are plenty of things for the dogs to smell.”

Best Getaway for You and Your Pet? “ Four Paws Kingdom in Rutherfordton, NC is a campground for dogs and their owners. There are a few big dog play areas, a Rally-O field, a fun agility field,a real agility field, a fenced in swimming pond and a few trails to hike.”

Best Friend Pet Adoption 919 601 6990

Bella is a very sweet dog, she likes to

Harper is a fun guy who loves to play.

play as well as have her stomach rubbed. She has lots of energy so she loves a good long walk or a few short play times a day. She does great sleeping in her crate, but doesn’t get into trouble during the day in the house. She likes to either follow her people or look out the window.

His favorite toys are his stuffed animals and mini soccer ball. We have taught him to fetch and a few commands. He even has a trademark acrobatic move: he does somersaults while playing with a bigger stuffed animal or blanket. He would be great in a home with kids or/and other young dogs as playmates.


Murphy is a wonderful, loving

loves people and dogs of all shapes and sizes. He’s still very much a puppy unaware of his size, but he manages to remain gentle and respectful most of the time. He does well with cats and is excellent with children. He has great house manners, never pulls and knows many commands. He is the most mellow traveler you’ll ever meet.

dog. He is very handsome and we believe a pure Chocolate Lab. He has excellent house and car manners and he is very good in the crate. He loves being around his humans. Like most Labs, Murphy loves to swim and play with a tennis ball. He knows basic commands like “sit” and “down.”

Heaven and Earth Animal Rescue Team (HEART)

Mary Kate and Ashley

Chip is a nervous but extremely playful dog who loves his soft toys. He has been in foster a long time, and is gradually beginning to accept affection from those he knows. He walks nicely on a leash and loves going for adventures. He is looking for a patient adult home that will encourage him to bloom.

are two fuzzy Chihuahuas, about a year old, who are cheerful and friendly and looking for new families. They’re available separately, but look very much alike! They’re looking for an adult home or a family with teenage children who will help with their housebreaking, take them on long walks and adventures.

Guernsey is a wonderful Jack

Aurora is a pretty Pekingese prin-

Russell with an incredible love of life. She has a heart condition which thickens the heart wall. Her medications cost about $30 a month, and she will need them for the rest of her life. This adorable little sweetie loves everyone she meets. Let her choose her own pace and she’s great.

cess who is just now learning that people are for snuggling with and the world is fun for exploring. She came from a commercial breeding facility, is housebroken and walks nicely on a leash, and is expanding the circle of people she trusts and enjoys every day. She’s very much a lap dog with people she knows.

Independent Animal Rescue 919 403-2221


Snickers plays the part of a mostly-

is such a delightful puppy. She is super sweet and friendly to everyone she meets including dogs, cats, and people of all ages. She loves to explore the back yard and run joyful circles. When she’s done playing, Camille is content to curl up at your feet while you read or work at your desk.

courageous little damsel in distress. She loves human and canine strangers alike and graces both with welcoming cheer. She plays with large dogs like a trooper. She’s confident during neighborhood walks and, though she gets a little nervous in busy public environments, she’s easily encouraged and relaxes quickly.


Midway was rescued from the

is a young girl that has probably given birth to more than one litter of kittens in her short life. But no more! Now Rosie can enjoy a second kittenhood and get to eat and play to her heart’s content. She was found on the streets of Durham with a litter of one day old kittens. She loves to be petted and brushed. 20

FALL 2012

NC State Fairgrounds. She is a sweetheart and loves to explore, eat wet food, play and then conk out for a good long snooze. Basically, she is a regular kitten. She and her siblings, Menou, Bikini and Arry get along just great... maybe you’d like two? They are all healthy and ready for adoption.

Love Mutts Rescue 252 432-2307


is not only one beautiful four-year-old Hound, he has beautiful manners to match his great looks. This gentle boy is house broken, leashes well, good with children, other dogs, and is a wonderful companion. He is also very easy going. Finn is up to date on shots, neutered and chipped.


is a teenager, who was the only one of her ‘captured’ litter to be saved at a shelter. She is beautiful with sleek golden short fur, loving,& shy, spayed, chipped, with all shots.


is a Beagle, weighs 18 lbs, is about three-four years old, house trained, spayed and chipped with all shots. She loves to be with older children and adults to cuddle and play ‘hide-n-seek’ (her happy tail will thump on the floor when you find her). Leashed walks or fenced yard are desired.


will give you kisses. She is a teen Hound/Shep mix who can dance! She is spayed and chipped with all shots – 35 lbs. She adapts easily and gets along with chidren and other dogs.

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Emily Eve Weinstein Open Studio November 3-4 & 10-11 10 to 5


now available at these NEW locations: RALEIGH Kroger: 350 East Six Forks Rd Harris Teeter: 120-100 St Albans Dr 14520 John Rex Blvd Food Lion: 2861 Jones Franklin Rd DURHAM Kroger: 3457 Hillsborough Rd Harris Teeter: 1817 MLK Pkwy 1501 Horton Rd, 105 NC 54 W 1125 NC 54 W CHAPEL HILL/CARRBORO Harris Teeter: 88 Chatham Downs Dr 310 N Greensboro St Food Lion: 1129 Weaver Dairy Rd 1720 N. Fordham Blvd WAKE FOREST Harris Teeter: 3638 Rogers Rd 13686 Capital Blvd

GARNER Kroger: 2680 Timber Dr APEX Food Lion: 8745 Holly Springs Rd 620 Lauara Duncan Rd, 6904 Jenks Rd MORRISVILLE Harris Teeter: 4093 Davis Dr Food Lion: 9567 Chapel Hill Blvd 3609 Davis Drive F U Q U AY VA R I N A Kroger: 31371 E Broad St Harris Teeter: 8101 Fayetteville Rd 1422 N Main St H O L LY S P R I N G S Kroger: 350 Six Forks Rd Harris Teeter: 5277 Sunset Lake Rd 324 Village Walk Dr

501 Landerwood Lane Chapel Hill 919 402-0160 office 919 942-2607 studio And 7 Days a Week at W o m a n c r a f t Chapel Hill NC Craft Carrboro


Painted Bird Carrboro Winter Issue: November 16• 919 259-9908

Three Cats for Every Home (Sing to Beach Boys song, Three Girls for Every Boy) B Y E M I LY E V E W E I N S T E I N ALFONSO WONDERS WHAT With over 150,000 cats and HE HAS DONE to be stranddogs being euthanized a year ed in the limbo he finds himin this state, alone, everyone self – a glorified shed. His needs to stretch a little. foster mom, me, can’t underAnd then this tired excuse, stand why he was relin“My spouse is allergic” quished by his original famiThere are great drugs for ly despite the explanations. that while you acclimate to After all, he is a bright, perthe cats. Keep them out of sonable, affectionate handyour bedroom; wash hands some cat. after petting; have an outHere, he is social, respectdoor cat fence and a small ful of my other foster cat, barn. A doctor that reviewed grooming her when she my last statement suggested allows it, bouncing and tossI delete it, but I can’t. ing the cat toys around the Homes are needed. At least room, and displaying perfect consider a Poodle mix or litter box manners. He is even a Greyhound. Homes about to experience another are at a premium and rescue level of lonliness. The other groups will work with you to foster cat whom he has find just the right compangrown to love is leaving. ion to add to your crew. As She will live with children, we step into fall, the litters dogs – too much activity for keep coming. Did I mention, the subdued Alfonso. He homes are needed? wants peace, perhaps anothNeutering/spaying should er cat, one or two people; a be law. If you’re low on reasonable home to call his funds, there is the $20 FIX. own. Don’t qualify? There is POP, As us animal people know, SNAP or our many excellent North Carolina has its share vets. You want your offspring of cats. The rescue group I to experience a litter? work with, Independent Become a foster home for Animal Rescue, has proone of the many homeless litgrams that “fix” homeless ters. If your home would be cats and those from low complete with a beautiful Alfonso is a fostered cat who is waiting for a permanent home income families, and another large-sized cat like Alfonso, and his “happily ever after.” ( please check-out his link at that rescues cats and dogs from high-kill shelters to in foster homes; plus they have many volunteers that 392R . He would be very appreciative and develop into the most staff events from adoptathons to fundraising. With all these remarkable companion and you will thank me for this article. hard working volunteers it can drive one insane to hear, “We already have a cat (or) dog.” JUST ONE?! Get another and pos- Emily Eve Weinstein is an artist/author that lives with her sibly a third! Or you hear, “We already have two.” I say, then husband, 5 cats, 2 dogs and 2 foster cats. You can view her get a third! artwork at


FALL 2012

Pet Events

Send Your Event Info: calendar@heart2homemagazine

Dog Olympics : Saturday, September 8 : 10 am - 4 pm A great day of fun for the whole family at the NC State Vet School. Auction for the Cats : Saturday, September 15 : 5 - 9 pm Benefit auction for SAFE Haven Cat Shelter & Clinic at Raleigh Auction & Estate Sales in Raleigh will feature antiques, furniture, jewelry and collectibles. For more info: Sound Pet Animal Rescue Silent Auction Saturday, September 15 : 6:30 pm More than 75 items to bid on includes food and drink at the Kildaire Farm Racquet Club, 162 Pebble Creek Drive in Cary. Admission is $10 with proceeds benefittin SPARR. Pooch Plunge : Sunday, September 16 : 2 - 6 pm Let your dog enjoy a swim in the pool and help support the Positive Pit Bull at the River Rock Swim Club in Cary. PawPrints for Your Heart : Sunday, September 16 : 2 - 5 pm Have your dog paint a picture for you at Wine and Design in Cary. Event supports that works to rescue and train dogs from kill shelters and gift them to Veterans in need. 2012 American Kennel Club Responsible Dog Ownership Day Sat., September 22 : 10 am - 3 pm Highlights the AKC programs and services that support responsible dog ownership at Holshouser Building, NC State Fairgrounds. Run For Their Lives : Saturday, October 6 : 8 - 11 am Join SAFE Haven for its inaugural “Run For Their Lives� 5K race. Walk or run solo or with a team in North Raleigh. Register at

Seventh Annual Walk for Animal Protection Saturday, October 6 : 10 - 2 pm Family fun including a two-mile fun walk benefits Paws4Ever at Southern Village in Chapel Hill. Contact: Woofstock : Sunday, October 7 : 10 am - 2 pm Vendors, free dog massages and fun for the whole family at Durham Central Park. Fur Ball : Sunday, October 7 : 6 - 10 pm Support the SPCA of Wake County during their biggest fundraiser of the year at The State Club, Park Alumni Center in Raleigh. Cost: $125/person. Contact: Music for Fences : Saturday, October 13 Listen to some great music while helping The Coalition to Unchain Dogs in Durham. Contact: Dog Day in the Park : Saturday, October 20 : 10 am- 2 pm A fun day for the whole family at Womble Park in Holly Springs. Down by the Tracks XI : Sunday October 21 : 2 - 6 pm Help raise money for the SPCA of Wake County while enjoying great food, live entertainment by The Stray Dogs, a silent auction, and you can bring along your beloved canine at the Shops at Seaboard Station in Raleigh. Neuse River Golden Retriever Spooky Splash Saturday, October 27 Celebrate Halloween with Goldens swimming at Montague Pond in Cary Contact: Second Chance Furry 5K Event : Saturday, November 3 A 5K run and 2K dog walk plus a 1K senior dog walk at Bond Park in Cary. Contact: for info and registration.

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