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THEODORE NEWTON VAIL (1847-1920) “Service improvements are more important (and lucrative) than short-term gains�

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Trajectòria laboral • 1978  General Manager of American Bell Company • 1885 - 1889 i del 1907 - 1919  President de American Telephone & Telegraph • Renuncia al càrrec: Beneficis a c/t > millora del servei  “El servei al client és el més important en una empresa” • Represa del càrrec: Pèrdua del monopoli  Ambició: Recuperar la quota de mercat • Responsable d’una campanya de RP "One policy, one system, and universal service.“

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"Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and Theodore Vail invented the telephone business."

“Love your work and have pride in it” “Service improvements are more important (and lucrative) than short-term gains” “If we don't tell the truth about ourselves, no one else will”

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 Sobel, Robert, The Entrepreneurs: Explorations Within the American Business Tradition (Weybright & Talley 1974), Capítol 6 - Theodore Vail: The Subtle Serendipidist

Theodore Newton Vail  

Cristina Botet

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