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Per Eduard Mairal.

■ Racional, sense guarnir. ■ Compara amb la competència. ■ Usos alternatius del producte. ■ Testimonials i celebrities.



Lord & in print omas


Charles John E. Bates Power

1904 El primer equip de copywritters als Estats Units.

“You do not know what advertising is. No one in the advertising business knows what advertising is. No advertiser knows for certain what advertising is. If you want to know, tell this messenger that I should come up. I'm waiting in the lobby downstairs.”

KENNEDY, John E. Reason-Why Advertising, 1912.


KENNEDY, John E. Intensive Advertising, 1914. SIVULKA, Juliann. Soap, sex and cigaretes: a cultural history of American advertising, 2007. LORIN, Philippe. 5 giants of advertising, 2001.

John E Kennedy  

Biografia per Eduard Mairal