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5 Rules for Joy and Happiness from the Jewish Prospective Joy and happiness are fundamental Jewish traits; we are commanded to be joyful. There are great teachings on the need to be joyful and push away depression and sorrow, fight it like you fight death itself. Our physical conditions and circumstances alone do not dictate whether we have highs or lows. They add to it for sure, but you see plenty of seemly very successful people not happy and depressed and you see many people in great distress filled with contentment and joy. Ones emotions are the hardest thing to control but it is also the most important thing that we need to control.

Rule Number 1 Prayer and Turn yourself over to GD will; Make daily prayer part of your life, open yourself up to realize that we have no choice in some parts of our future and destiny, and turn ourselves completely over to G-ds will. We can not sit around waiting for G-D to do our lot in life we all need to work hard to make the best life we can, but all we can do is our best. You need to do our best and let G-d do the rest and we will be in great hands.

Rule Number 2 Have Passion, Enthusiasm and share it with the world: It is incumbent upon us to have passion and enthusiasm, you pick the topic and that’s what your reason is for being. Do things with Joy and optimism, be naive and optimistic don't be too much of a realist, as if we knew the challenges ahead of us as individuals and as a people the future might seem insurmountable. But we don’t know and can’t comprehend the strength we have as individuals and as a people. It’s a mystery to us. So every day and every opportunity should be appreciated with passion and enthusiasm as its purpose is your purpose.

Rule Number 3 Give a lot before you ask for anything back: The more you give the happier you will be. But, also the more you give of yourself the more you get back. Yes, we need sustenance and security, but after that accumulating and keeping is not a joyful experience. We all have the common goal of bringing goodness to the world and to humanity.


Rule Number 4 Elevate other: Make your mission in life to elevate others. If you put a smile on someone's face or lighten someone's load just a little that maybe just enough to tip the scales and make a difference for you and for them. We all at times need a little encouragement or pat on the back; our mission is to give that. It’s a home run, as If you make people fell good that feeling will bounce off of them and you will be wrapped up in it. Rule Number 5 Fake it until you make it: Throw off anything but joy and happiness like a plague and embrace joy like it’s a part of your body and soon it will be you. Embrace all Light and things that are good and stay away from darkness and all that is destructive, soon the light will be as one with you.

Every moment of every day the choice is ours alone. What do we want to do, how do we want to feel, How do we want to make others feel. Do we want to use our Gd given talents? It’s all up to us.

Written in June 2013 by H. Jack Miller, no part of this maybe copied or reproduced without the express written permission of the author. Jack Miller can be reached at


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The Jewish View of Joy and Happiness

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