Haare am Po Po, Yeah!

Page 165

SERGEJ I liked you from the beginning. E 0 ("" 0 !40E ##4 Ó SERGEJ How do you like Memphis, Ludmilla? Ludmilla Well you know, I have to sit in Viktor’s apartment all the time. That’s no fun at all. I wanted to see the west. I want to see the beautiful landscape. I want to see the real Memphis. Memphis, Tennessee. Not Memphis, Arkansas. SERGEJ Don’t tell Viktor. He still thinks this is Elvis’ hometown. But I can show you the city and the landscape, all the beauty around here – if you want. Ludmilla That would be marvellous. But Viktor’s watching me all the time. He behaves like a father. SERGEJ We will find a way, I’m sure. I remember us playing in Moscow when we were kids. Now you’re such a charming young lady.


Ludmilla Thanks, Sergej, I appreciate it. Ó VIKTOR You’ll never get me. I’m immortal. I am Elvis!


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