Haare am Po Po, Yeah!

Page 164

Alexej " $#0 $ 0D "0 # ! " Know what I’m really interested in? Niklolaj

SERGEJ Why are you stopping? Where are we? Wladimir This is just a place I wanted to show you. Isn‘t it beautiful?

Tell me. Alexej What kind of underwear these movie gangsters wear. You never see their underwear. Crazy, isn’t it? Nikolaj Why should they show their underwear? Alexej A man is what he wears under his trousers. That’s what a man really is. Nikolaj So what am I? Alexej " $#0 $ 0D "0 # ! " You’re wearing boxers. That means you need space for your dick. Nikolaj That’s because I always get a hard-on when I kill somebody. And why are you wearing g-strings? Alexej Cause I want my cock fit tightly like my gun in my holster, you know. Ó


SERGEJ All these lights ... like little stars! Wladimir The beauty of this place is the only cure I found here for the sadness deep inside. The sadness that came inside my heart the moment I left my beloved Russia. SERGEJ Back home I’ve always dreamed of my own club. A real temple for the arts. Without stupid gangsters and their molls. Wladimir I thought of that, too. I got money on my bank, but it’s not nearly enough for a whole club. SERGEJ I got some money, too. Maybe if we put it together we can have our own club. Wladimir Great idea. Let’s do it. Shake on it. ' #0 0 0A 0 4 E ! 0 #0" 30" #0 0 4

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