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Maxwell & Williams is an Australian homewares brand built on strength, quality, value and range. This tradition continues with the Designer Hotelware collection, aimed specifically at the Business to Business customer, including hotels, bars, restaurants and other food and beverage service clientele.


Daniel Grundmann Phone: +61 3 9318 0466 Fax: +61 3 9318 9766 Email: HAG Import Corporation: 11-27 Millers Road, Brooklyn Vic 3012


Motion All Motion pieces are made from top quality white porcelain and feature a signature waved edge. The unique shape is perfect for creating striking, layered table presentations.

Motion Square Soup Plate

Motion Cup & Saucer

RP00122 22cm

RP11405 230mL

Motion Square Bowls

Motion Mug RP11410 400mL

Motion Demi Cup & Saucer

RP00223 23.5cm RP00219 19cm RP00214 14cm RP00211 11cm

RP11401 110mL

Motion Rectangular Platters RP00341 41 x 29cm RP00335 35 x 25cm

Motion Rectangular Plates RP00330 30 x 22cm RP00325 25 x 19cm RP00320 20 x 15cm

Motion Square Platters

Motion Square Plates

RP00034 34cm RP0030 30cm

RP00020 20cm RP00018 18cm RP00015 15 cm

Motion Square Dinner Plate RP00027 27cm


White Bistro White Bistro, a range of 40 superior quality products. This once fired range offers the strength of aluminium reinforced porcelain, along with rolled edges to increase durability and resistance to chipping. White Bistro comes with a five-year guarantee against edge chipping.

Universal Saucer HW22127 15cm

Side Plate

Coffee Saucer

HW22010 16cm

HW22025 14cm

Tulip Saucer HW22126 11cm


Entree Plate

Side Plate

HW22004 25.5cm

HW22012 23cm

HW22011 21cm

Side Plate HW22002 19cm

Side Plate HW22010 16cm

Round Platter HW22032 32cm

Dinner Plate HW22006 30cm

Dinner Plate HW22001 27.5cm

Tulip Cup

Tulip Cup

Tulip Cup

Cappuccino Cup

Stackable Cup

HW22125 300mL

HW22124 200mL

HW22123 110mL

HW22114 220mL

HW22026 220mL

Stackable Coffee Cup HW22027 230mL

Show Plate

Coupe Pasta Bowl

HW22029 30cm

HW22005 20cm

Rim Soup Plate

Rim Soup Bowl

HW22028 27.5cm

HW22003 23cm

Rectangular Plate Rectangular Plate Rectangular Plate HW22019 30.5 x 18.5cm

HW22018 26.5 x 17cm

HW22017 21.5 x 14cm

Soup Cup

Oval Creamer

Sugar Bowl

Rectangular Sugar Satchel

HW22033 300mL

HW22119 200mL

HW22121 250mL


Oval Creamer HW22118 130mL

Cereal Bowl

Fruit Bowl

Stackable Soup Bowl

Breakfast Bowl

HW22009 20cm

HW22007 15.5cm

HW22022 12.5 x 5cm

HW22034 11.5 x 3cm

Cereal Bowl

Stackable Soup Bowl

Breakfast Bowl

HW22023 16.5 x 6cm

HW22035 11.5 x 5cm

HW22008 18cm

Oval Bowl

Oval Plate

HW22021 20 x 14cm

HW22015 26cm

Oval Plate

Oval Bowl

HW22014 23.5cm

HW22020 15.5 x 11cm

Oval Plate HW22013 21cm

White Bistro

Maximum This 20 piece range is aluminium reinforced and twice-fired for extra strength. White Bistro Maximum is pin fired, giving a smooth and completely glazed base to reduce chipping and scratching when stacked or placed on the table. This feature also decreases the weight and heat transfer of the plates. Maximum comes with a five-year guarantee against edge chipping.

Maximum Round Platter

Maximum Dinner Plates

Maximum Plate

HW33032 32cm

HW33006 30cm HW33001 27.5cm

HW33004 25.5cm

Maximum Rim Show Plate HW33029 30cm

Maximum Rim Soup Plate HW33028 27.5cm

Maximum Rim Soup Bowl HW33003 23cm

Maximum Oval Plates HW33015 26cm HW33014 23.5cm HW33013 21cm

Maximum Coupe Plates HW33232 32cm HW33230 30.5cm HW33227 27.5cm HW33225 25.5cm HW33223 23cm HW33221 21cm HW33219 19cm HW33216 16cm

Maximum Entree Plate HW33012 23cm

Maximum Plate HW33011 21cm

Maximum Side Plate HW33002 19cm

Maximum Plate HW33010 16cm

Maximum Breakfast Bowls HW33035 11.5 x 5cm HW33034 11.5 x 3.5cm

Maximum Coupe Pasta Bowl HW33005 20cm

Maximum Fruit Bowl

Maximum Coffee Saucer

HW33007 15.5cm

HW33025 14cm

Maximum Cereal Bowls HW33009 20cm HW33008 18cm

White Bistro

East Meets West East Meets West is a fabulous fusion of slick, contemporary and minimalist dining, entertaining and servingware. This comprehensive and functional range enables you to entertain using any of the world’s best-loved cuisines.

EMW Rectangular Platters

EMW Rectangular Platter

HW55033 30 x 17cm HW55032 26 x 15cm

HW55031 20 x 11cm

EMW Deep Square Platter

EMW Square Bowls

HW55022 27cm

HW55117 26cm HW55116 24cm

EMW Rectangular Platters HW55038 HW55037 HW55034 HW55035

45 x 23cm 40 x 20cm 32 x 20cm 36 x 18cm

EMW Square Soup Bowls HW55113 18cm HW55114 16cm

EMW Square Side Bowls HW55112 15cm HW55111 10cm

EMW Square Platters HW55008 40cm HW55007 36cm HW55006 30cm

EMW Square Dinner Plate

EMW Square Plate

HW55005 26cm

HW55002 13cm

EMW Square Entree Plate HW55004 23cm

EMW Square Side Plate HW55003 18cm

White Bistro


Page Rectangular Platter HW57836 36 x 18cm

Page Rectangular Platter HW57828 28 x 15cm

Page Rectangular Platter HW57820 20 x 11cm

Page Plate

Page Plate

Page Plate

Page Plate

HW57626 25.5cm

HW57621 21cm

HW57616 16cm

HW57612 12cm

Page Square Platter HW57734 34cm

Page Square Platter HW57730 30cm



Diamante Classic Jug

Diamante Classic Jug

Connoisseur Carafe

CS524 1.75L

CS521 1L

RC43168 1.5L

Diamante Carafe

Diamante Connoisseur Carafe

CS622 1.75L

CS625 2L

Cuveé Wine

Cuveé Wine

MG03336 400mL

MG03346 550mL

Cuveé Brandy Cuveé Flute

MG03356 540mL

MG03316 160mL

Cuveé Footed Beer

Cuveé Martini

MG03136 450mL

MG03366 220mL

Alfresco Martini MG04366 170mL

Alfresco Wine MG04356 380mL

Alfresco Wine Alfresco Flute MG04316 230mL

MG04336 330mL

Alfresco Wine MG04326 320mL

Premier Hi-Ball MG00126 350mL

Premier DOF

Premier Flute

MG00116 290mL

MG00316 220mL

Premier Wine

Premier Wine

MG00346 400mL

MG00336 320mL

Premier Wine MG00326 250mL

Vertigo DOF

Vertigo Footed Pilsner

MG02116 300mL

MG02356 430mL

Vertigo Tumbler Vertigo Martini

MG02136 400mL

MG02346 250mL

Vertigo Flute MG02316 160mL

Vertigo Wine

Vertigo Wine

MG02336 250mL

MG02326 210mL

Princeton Beer Mug MG01211 400mL

Princeton Jug MG01513 1.35L

Bar Carafe

Bar Carafe

Bar Jug

MG05510 1L

MG05505 500mL

MG05550 1.85L

Bar Irish Coffee

Bar Beer Tankard

MG11226 250mL

MG05191 400mL

Bar Pilsner MG05181 530mL

Bar Pilsner

Bar Wine Taster

MG05171 415mL

MG05311 230mL

Princeton Shot MG01116 40mL

Princeton DOF MG01806 200mL MG01820 300mL

Princeton Old Fashioned MG01126 250mL

Princeton DOF MG01131 360mL

Princeton Beverage MG01141 360mL

Princeton Beverage MG01159 400mL

Princeton Hi-Ball MG01156 360mL

Princeton Juice MG01161 490mL

Princeton Milkshake MG01181 650mL

Bar Shooter Bar Liqueur

MG05001 30mL

Bar Shooter

MG05146 110mL

Bar Liqueur

MG05116 95mL

MG05156 130mL

Bar Boston Shot MG05126 40mL

Bar Boston Shot MG05136 60mL


Barware • Made from quality 18/10 stainless steel • The water jug has a pouring ‘non drip’ ice lip and a wall thickness of 1.0mm • The other jugs have a metal wall thickness of 0.8 mm

Bar Water Jug Oval

Bar Water Jug Oval

GZ0120 1.5L

GZ0121 2L

Bar Water Jug Round

Bar Water Jug Round

GZ0110 1.4L

GZ0111 1.7L

Bar Ice Water Jug GZ0130 2.2L

Blend Madison Coffee Plunger IC10100 1L

Blend Madison Coffee Plunger IC10150 1.5L

Blend Cream Jug

Blend Madison Coffee Plunger

Blend Madison Teapot

IC10035 350mL

IC13060 600mL

Blend Cup & Saucer

Blend Replacement Glasses

MG10240 250mL

IC93060 Teapot 600mL IC93100 Teapot 1L

Blend Demi Cup & Saucer

MG15200 230mL

IC90035 350mL IC90100 1L IC90150 1.5L

MG10090 90mL

Accessories Gravy Boat MG08941 60mL


Blend • Heat Resistant glass beakers • Coffee Plungers in three sizes • Tea Infuser made from high density stainless steel mesh

Specialty Ranges

Please contact Maxwell & Williams for details regarding specialty ranges, and for any further information about the ranges listed in this brochure. Daniel Grundmann: Phone: +61 3 9318 0466 Email:

Maxwell & Williams  

Hospitality Ranges

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