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CitiExpo Management

Mr Tony Zhang President

Mr Ready Zhang Event Director

Beijing 170,000

Shanghai 132,000



Chong Qing

29M people

Shanghai - 23M Beijing - 20M Chengdu - 14M Guangzhou - 13M Tianjin - 13M Harbin - 11M Shenzhen - 10,5M Wuhan - 10M Hangzhou - 8,7M Xi’an - 8,5M

Beijing 170,000 People with over RMB 10 Million (1,2M EUR)


•  1.9% of national land area •  7.8% of national population •  11.2% of national GDP (nation 1st) •  28.0% of total export •  20.7% of national retail sales •  Strengthen knowledge and services chain •  Largest producer of furniture and lighting •  World’s largest furniture wholesales market Source: National Statistics Bureau, Statistics Bureau of Guangdong Province, 2011

PRD: Internal consumption

Guangzhou: RMB 34,300 RMB in 2012, y.o.y +12%


•  Nation's third-largest metropolitan economy •  Economic, political and cultural (206 BC) Capital of PRD •  13M people: 1.2 billion GDP •  12-16% y.o.y. GDP growth •  157,000 people > 10M RMB •  Export & Trade Fair focused economy •  Largest Fair ground and infrastructure in China •  International by: first to open door to the west (800 DC) •  Increased services paralleling to Shanghai/Beijing



•  VISION “Chinese business and industry is cluttered, of gigantic scale, and developing which is both its strength and its weakness” •  MISSION “Creating independent business platforms for emerging industries in Asia” •  STRATEGY “Create the best party, realise the most value added business, expand towards additional activities and sectors one at the time” •  HISTORY 1990 trade fair business 1995 first trade fair: Windoor 2002 first design week pilot 2005 second trade fair: Guangzhou Design Week 2008 Events / PR promotions 2010 International team and international events 2013 Media platform

CITIEXPO Ambitions

•  Consolidate branding •  Full services to intl. exhibitors •  Closer intl. network •  Expand online services •  Promote Chinese business overseas •  Link relevant industries

Touch points

Windoor Fair Every April

WINDOOR numbers

Visitors from China

Guangzhou Design Week

•  2 Fairs •  2 Awards •  4 Events (and actually more events)

OUR Platform Functions

– Trade Fairs – Retailers and Distributors – Promotion and PR Events – Match making – China and intl. City promotion events – Online Social networks and databases – Magazines and newspapers – Venue, event and media advertising – Business Services


•  EVERY first weekend of December •  3 days Design Fair


GZDW is since 2006 endorsed by •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

IFI - International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers, ICSID - International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, ICOGRADA - International Council of Graphic Design Associations, AIPI – Associazione Italiana Progettisti d’interni, CIDA – China Industrial Design Association, Inamsterdam WIM, in China awarded as top 10 trade fair (of 3,000) MFA – DK, IT, UK, IS, NL, IFI

Partner Country: DENMARK 2006

Partner Country: ITALY 2007

Partner Country: UK 2008

Partner Country: ISRAEL 2009

Partner Country: NETHERLANDS 2010

Partner Country: DUTCH LIGHT 2011


GZDW: 2 Fairs format • TRENDBOOK • VIEWS • ELITE Furnishing furniture, hotel furniture, commercial furniture, kitchen cabinet, innovative furniture, fireplace etc.

Accessories timber, metal and steel, leather, textiles, security, window decoration, bedding, painting, artificial flower, table top decorations, art glass, tableware, art objects, etc.

Wall and floor decoration carpet, wallpaper, hang decorations etc.

Home appliance decorative lighting

Outdoor outdoor furniture, gardening / fountains / sculptures, spa & pool equipment, sun-shading system etc.

3 x Furnishings Asia Events strategic trend-watching platform for designers, manufacturers, retailers, buyers and social media

annual highlight event to share innovative market developments

where leading brands and design firms will be introduced and awarded

•  •  •  •  • 

Furniture Lighting Wall + Floor Decoration Fabric & Textiles Innovative Materials

•  Door & Window •  Kitchen + Bath •  Art and Antiques •  Appliance & Accessories •  Outdoor +Spa

New Turnkey Floor plan

>Integrated Exhibition Area: -Standard -Raw Space booths -including lounge area and forum area >Special services exhibition hall >Experience for brands

(A) Exhibitor Raw Space booths

Raw Space: 200EUR/Sqm (72㎥up , Excl. management & electricity fee)

New Turnkey Floor plan

>Integrated Exhibition Area: -Standard -Raw Space booths -including lounge area and forum area >Special services exhibition hall >Experience for brands

(B) Exhibitor Turnkey Standard Booth

16 Sqm. W4mxD4m, turn-key service provided. Incl. booth design & construction, TV, Wi-Fi, backdrop, in-booth- reception, display shelf, free booth-connecting lounge service Etc.

Eur. 5.000 (incl. VAT)

Visitor Stats

Design+Brands (D+B)

Design Hall National and International Design Firms, Notable furnishing & building material brands

Material Hall Innovative building + decorative materials, including but not limited: stone + tile+ mosaic; kitchen + bath; wall + flooring; door + window; ceil + roofing; glass, stairs, hardware, Ornaments and decorative elements, electrical and digital building infrastructures; Building & intelligence systems


Brands & Intl. Exhibitors

Summary • Over 50,000 professional visitors • 7 year history target-driven platform in design business in China • Leading real-estate, interior, media delegations • Be visible to over 200,000 online visitors and buyers • Access to leading interior designers from all Chinese provinces • Match making with distributors and retailers • Meetings with project commissioners for bulk orders • Media coverage from all design Media in China • Locating relevant OEM and studios to support designers • Physical network in over 30 Chinese first, second Tier cities

D+B Visitors Data

Our Exclusive TWO (2) Awards

China Interior Design Awards 2013 (Jintang Prize) •  Finalist Exhibition of Jintang Prize 2013 •  Awarding Ceremony, China Interior Design Awards 2013 (Jintang Prize)

Price Winners

2012 JinTang Award Publication

10 volumes of Jin Tang Projects

CDA中国设计奖 /Chinese Design Awards (CDA) 2013 •  Finalist Exhibition of CDA 2013 •  Awarding Ceremony, Chinese Design Awards (CDA) 2013



China Commercial & Tourism Real Estate Association Annual Meeting 2013 •  2014 Trends Presentation for Chinese Real-Estate •  Certification Ceremony & Showcase of Designers/Projects/Material Brands in Chinese Real Estate 2013 Annual Meeting 2013 •  China-Designer Gala Evening •  Intercity Chinese Designers Meeting SPACE Forum •  Jintang Prize & CDA Winners presentation Designers + Brands Symposium by Top 100 Contractors in China

Match Making

Business models

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Trade fair demo booth Road show partner Award sponsor Jintang Gala sponsor Magazine advertiser Award Premium sponsor Advertising / Promotion Custom Event

3 days; 50,000 professionals 200-300 people per station Logo / Product exposure, Brand exposure to 1,500 guest average 100,000 reader/month 1 Jintang award: HP specific Banners / Catalogue HP dedicated Product event

Example of Road show Banner

Opinion Leaders

Global board of: International Federation of Interior designers / Architects (IFI)

Key note speakers

Co-Branded Banquette event

Trade Fair Banners

Designers & Award presentation

Co-operations as from 2013

About World Interior

•  •  •  • 

Meeting 2013

3 days 7 halls 20 forum themes Over 70 international speakers

Chinese Delegation •  5-6-7 World Interior Meeting 2013 •  6 “Chinese Day”: 10 Chinese invited speakers •  8-9-10 Dutch Design Tour

WIM 2013 Key Dates

Long-Term Strategic partners

•  Indesign Media Group •  Space Magazine • •  China Real Estate Association

•  Part of IDG, world’s largest IT media Co •  Over 70 years intl. publishing network •  Publisher and online media •  Leading interior design magazines in China •  Audience includes EU and US

Partner Magazine support


•  Regional / Local TV •  Radio •  Online (website, blog, social media)

• Magazine • Newspaper • Publications

Chinese Industry Associations

•  Business focused relationships •  Client focused added value •  Content focused •  •  •  • 

China Real Estate Association (CREA) Guangzhou Industrial Design Association (GIDA) China Building Decoration Association (CBDA)! Beijing Construction Decoration Association (BCDA)!

Lifestyle Retail Partners

Developing Business Services

•  Finding the Way in China – Legal – Administrative – Strategic – Business – HR – Sales/Marketing – Branding


•  CitiExpo: Trade Fair, Event/Promotion, Media & PR •  Growing industries: Furniture & Deco •  Consolidating: International growth •  Strategic partners

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