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Guyanese-Canadian among Who’s Who in the World


arine Dat Sookram, who was born in Berbice, Guyana, now living in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada has beaten the odds of being listed in the ‘Who’s Who in the World’ in the 2014, 31st edition. The collection provides concise, accurate biographies of renowned individuals from around the world, representing virtually every major field of human endeavour. Within this publication, readers will find Nobel Prize winners, innovators/inventors, authors, athletes, academics, judges, fashion professionals, and entertainers. They will also find royalty, captains of industry, political and religious leaders and many others whose noteworthy and profound contributions are showcased in this volume. This indispensable research tool includes professional and personal data unavailable in any other source, offering researchers a unique insight into the lives of the world’s most notable personalities. There is simply no other source like it, according to the information provided on its website. When Sookram was ask what it

am on top of the world, it’s always nice to be recognised in the mainstream.” Sookram, who has been involved in ‘everything’, from a business owner, non-profit charity, to producing a weekly community West Indian Radio programme and the prestigious Caribbean Dream Concert has become a role model among his peers.

Doing your best

Narine Dat Sookram

feels like to be included in the ‘Who’s Who in the World’, he said: “I feel like I

Sookram said that the thing that keeps him going is his passion to maximise his potential. “It’s not always about winning, but doing your very best every time is what matters. Crossing the finishing line is the key,” he said. When he was asked what keeps him grounded, he said, “I have a family, a wife and daughter that is. “Though I wear many hats in my professional career, I am a family man. I have always been that way. I like the role of being a father and a husband. That’s where I ‘shine’ the most I think. What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I do spend a lot of time in the kitchen and I love to shop for groceries, because it gives me the opportunity to

make a healthy choice.” When he was asked to give some tips to others who may want to make the most of their lives, he said, “The key point in life is to have a goal, but most importantly working towards that goal will be something to keep an eye on.

Previous awards

“It’s like living for a purpose, because when we do, life becomes more meaningful. And when we don’t have a goal, we are like a chicken without head, we are running around, but don’t know where we are going.” Sookram is the recipient of over 100 awards, including some of the most prestigious: The TIAW World of Difference Award, 2013; The Governor General Caring Canadian Award; Canada’s Top 25 Immigrant, 2013; The Denny Statue for the Arts; Mohawk College Alumni of Distinction; Famous People of Guyanese Heritage Inclusion; Encyclopaedia Inclusion and many more. Sookram’s writes a weekly column in the Berbice edition of the Guyana Times on Mondays.

San Fernando man chokes to death on roti


52-year-old San Fernando man died last Friday after choking on a meal of roti, potato and curried chicken. Ramjattan “Boyie” Sinanan was having a meal prepared by his sister at her home in Arouca at about 5 pm when he began choking.

One of Sinanan’s sisters, Vitra Rampersad said when she and other relatives realised what was happening, they tried hitting him on his back to dislodge the food caught in his throat and they also performed Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to revive him but nothing

worked. She said she called 811 to get an ambulance, but she kept getting a busy signal. She continued trying until she finally got through. The officials told her what to do, to try and revive him, while they waited on the arrival of an ambulance. Rampersad said she gave

her sister the instructions she was receiving, which included hitting Sinanan on his chest but nothing worked. She said when the ambulance arrived 20 minutes later, the Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) checked his heart rate and found there was none and told the family,

there was nothing they could do and advised they call the Arouca Police Station. The police later arrived together with the District Medical Officer, who pronounced him dead. Rampersad said, her brother, was mentally challenged. (TT Newsday)

Ramjattan “Boyie” Sinanan (TT Newsday photo)

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