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When did the untalented become a driving force in the world’s economy?? I mean, I think it is a valid question in today’s economy is….Why go to college, when you can go make a completely humiliating video of yourself, add a dance to it and make millions???I literally watch over 100 videos over the weekend via youtube, and some were hilarious and there rest were mediocre at best. I went on to attempt to contact a few of these guys and gals about what made them take the time out of their day to create these train wrecks and a majority of them said MONEY!!! They wanted to get paid for it!!! I DJand will continue to do so becauseI am good at it, I get paid for it becauseI am good at it….. All of the dj’s I know have that skill to get paid for there talents!! I didn’t one day decide that I am gonna stand behind turntables and completely suck at it and expect to get paid for it, C’MONPEOPLE!!I know we are familiar with the guy on the train wearing the purple coat singing “N*ggas in Paris”…..(hilarious video by the way…)& from my understanding he wants to get paid becausehe thinks he made the song more popular????Are you sh*tting me!?!?!?!? I am pretty sure Jay and Ye will have there own beliefs of why that song is hot, and I am pretty sure they didn’t leave its successto a guy on the train with a serious caseof ADHDin a purple jacket screaming to the top of his lungs “FLOWSOHARD!!!!” LMAO!! I am sure they appreciate the support. My fellow americans, Pleaseput more thought into you length of your success,much further past, I should buy a camera and record myself….I will be rich!!, becausethe only thing you will succeed in is making more blogs about how you should stop!!!

PARTYGOERTIP OFTHEDAY: Your favorite playlist is YOURfavorite playlist….Telling the dj what songs hype you up might not work for that party/crowd….And if the DJhappens to play the song you requested, don’t sit there with that look on your face when nobody gets up and dances, the song actually clears the dancefloor…leave the music to the professionals!!! THANK YOU KINDLY!!!!

Cram aka V S  

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