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So we’re on the home stretch! You have had a bit of a rest and Polytechnic is almost out for the year. Whilst putting in the final yards we’ll all be dreaming about the delicious summer days to come, and doing as much of absolutely nothing as is physically possible!

Hi all and welcome back to the final part of 2012. I trust you are rested and ready to finish the year with a bang.

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But till then, we have news from the Student Council, a President and Vice-President of OPSA for 2013, fee raises and results from the Aotearoa Student Press Association Awards, as well as a few pieces on the work OP students have been doing this year – from business start-ups to art. PLUS the position of Gyro Editor has opened up for next year! A special thanks to designer Dave Strydom who has designed this entire issue. He’s a great artist, always passionate and considerate. Massive respect.

Firstly I would like to thank all those who voted in our recent elections and I am pleased to be returning next year, alongside Vice President elect Georgina Bridgman. I look forward to what 2013 may bring. So what’s OPSA doing for the remainder of the year? Well starting over the next few weeks will be our new Professional Group meetings, similar to the class rep system. We will be meeting with groups of students studying in similar fields to see if there is anything we can do for your particular group. Dates and locations to be advised. Thank you all and I look forward to writing again soon :)

THE LAST ISSUE OF GYRO EVER THIS YEAR is coming up after this one.

We’d LOVE you to be a part of it. Content is due 22nd of October. Email us at

had two candidates running for President and none for Vice-President. Overall voting increased from 162 in 2011 to 226 in 2012.

News & Bits •

OPSA Elections. The results of the recent Otago Polytechnic Student’s Association Elections have been announced. Rebecca Hohaia (OPSA President for 2012 and the sole candidate running for President) won the position of President with 109 votes (6 votes of no confidence). Her Vice President will be Georgina Bridgman who won with 52 votes, a close victory with Stephen Hohaia only 3 votes behind (with 10 votes of no confidence). Interviews with the winning candidates will feature in the last issue of Gyro for 2012, out 5 November. Last year we

Otago Polytechnic student fees. Due to zero Government funding increases for most subjects in 2013, the Otago Polytechnic will have to raise domestic fees by the maximum allowed 4%, although it has 6% higher enrolment and did 20% better in the international efts than last year, with excellent financial results (an operating surplus of $2.845 million at the end of July, $543,000 ahead of budget). Student Council. The OP Council met early in September to discuss a range of matters. Matters noted included the 15 OP outbound students who are travelling to China to gain experience in Tourism (Beijing), Engineering (Shanghai University of Engineering and Science) and Fashion (attending Shanghai Fashion week). Others matters included the fact that student numbers remain strong compared to last year, work has commenced on the 2013 budget and the Otago Institute of Sport and Adventure have relocated to Logan Park.

Need advice?

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Come and see us in room H129, phone 0800 762 786 or email


ife is not fair. It is a journey driven by attitude. In this contemporary world we were brought up to believe we must all be educated, have a mortgage and a life time of debt. I was brought up by a staunch feminist who stuck a plastic bottle in my mouth on day one of my arrival on this earth, who wanted to do important work in order to be able to buy unnecessary things (note, I am not writing this piece as an attack on my mother or on feminism). A week ago my son asked me ‘what is feminism?’ and I had to think. Finally I answered, ‘a feminist is a person who will not tolerate inequality or injustice.’ I have spent the last five years of my life acting like that silly puppy who chases her own tail trying to clean my act up and become a fine soldier in an army of conformist contemporaries. I got a degree and a mortgage to satisfy others that I am capable of being one of the flock, forgetting completely who I once aspired to be and the fact that there are three young lives depending on me as the nurturing parent in there life. New Zealand is still a socialist country, though the National government is striving toward capitalism and Paula Bennet is slowly cutting trough the very safety net that she once used herself. And so I have finally given myself the permission to quit the race and go home and stay home. Not because I am a mother but because I am a parent.

Stream of Consciousness

Feminism, Parenting & an Attitude to Life. By Zehavit

“The awards ceremony for Audacious, the twopart student business challenge run through the Otago Polytechnic & Otago University, was held Friday the 28th of September. Audacious started 5 years ago with the vision of Dunedin becoming a magnet for young entrepreneurs. This year’s winner was Ryan Everton with his sustainable plastic cup Globelet, aimed at decreasing waste in New Zealand. Here we speak with a few Otago Polytechnic students who experienced success in the competition and are intent on continuing with their start-ups.”

1. What is your start-up? Our start-up is a smart phone application for iPhone and Android that allows you to monitor and control the environment of your aquarium via an aquarium controller (special type of computer) from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

1. What is your start-up? We entered Audacious as part of the “Black Cat Early Learning” start up. Black Cat’s purpose is to produce multi-modal teaching/ learning resources for children 0 to 5 years old. To achieve this, we are combining the traditional and the new to produce packages including songs, books and mobile apps.

2. Why did you enter Audacious? The idea came about a bit before

2. Why did you enter Audacious? We were going to build the application anyway for our 3rd year project when Samuel Mann suggested that we should enter as it would be a good experience for when we faced the panel at the end of the year. The prize money at the end was a nice incentive to help with the development of our application.

By Carl Crawford, Fiorenzo Rutschmann and Daniel Hampton.

By Fabienne Le Comte (with Rachel Kaspers and Libby Neale).

Prize for Best Technology.


Top 15.

Black Cat Early Learning.

this for your start-up? Submitting A1 Tree Care was not something

3. Why did you choose to do

2. Why did you enter Audacious? I entered Audacious because I knew regardless of the outcome I could learn a lot from the experience.

1. What is your start-up? My business start-up concept is A1 Tree Care. This new company will deliver a broad range of advanced tree services.

By William Austin Maccabee

Prize for Best Small Business.

A1 Tree Care.

4. Where to from here? We have plans both big and small. First step is to spend our prize money on a different brand of aquarium computer so we can add support for it in our application and seek further funding for other controllers. Next is releasing an iOS (iPhone) version of our application and then ... well that is a secret but we have plans and the skills to execute on them! You can like us on facebook at facebook. com/aquaFORCEapp to keep up with our progress as we continue onward and upward.

I came up with for the sake of the competition. Last year I was living in the UK and moved back to NZ to study arboriculture at Otago Polytechnic with the view to starting my own tree service business. Being part of the Audacious challenge certainly kick-started the development of A1 Tree Care and the support I received along the way exceeded my expectations on so many different levels. 4. What’s next? The A1 Tree care company is currently developing a website which will have helpful tree tips along with detailed information on the services we provide. I don’t have an exact date for the launch of A1 Tree Care yet but expect to be fully operational in 2013. I would like to say thanks to David, Kari, Jessie, Craig and Henk from Audacious and Jerry Lynch form Otago Polytechnic for all your support. You have all played an instrumental part in bringing me one step closer to achieving my vision.

3. Why did you choose to do this particular thing for your start-up? Daniel Hampton (our lead programmer) has a large collection of tropical fish. One night he went to bed with a healthy fish tank, the next morning he woke up and all his fish were dead - $5,000 worth of fish dead because a heater malfunctioned in his tank. After that Daniel decided to buy an aquarium controller for his fish tank so this wouldn’t happen again. He bought a GHL Profilux Aquarium controller that was said to have an iPhone application that would let him control the environment in the tank from mobile device while being away from home. By the time the controller arrived, the application had gone bust and didn’t work any more as it relied on a “cloud” service which was not available, which opened up doors for our application. But we do not rely on a “cloud” service, and this ensures reliability to our customers.

To learn more about the Audacious competition visit them online

4. Where to from here? Audacious was a great experience: lots of lessons learned, including unexpected ones! The next step is to put those in practice and to produce a tangible product with which to test the market and negotiate the way forward.

particular thing for your startup? It started with Rachel producing a song, and planning to get a CD book together with Libby. As Libby was busy, Rachel asked me whether I would like to design a book for her next song. I asked ‘Why not a game, or a mobile app?’ and I suggested we enter Audacious. Also, I researched user needs and feasibility in the context of my Master of Design Enterprise at Otago Polytechnic, validating and developing the enterprise idea.

3. Why did you choose to do this

Audacious launched this year. Audacious seemed like a good opportunity to expand business know-how.

Gyro wins at the ASPA’s!

The Aotearoa Student Press Association Awards were held last month, with Gyro raking in a number of wins. We’re proud to announce that Loulou Callister-Baker and Charlotte Doyle of ‘Art Criticism’ received First Equal Best Review and James Stringer and Emily Hlavac Green pulled us a third place in Best Original Photography. Judge Tyler Hisop considered Calister-Baker and Doyle’s style “very informative and intellectual without being over-written and arrogant. Great balance.” Gyro also did well in a number of other areas, one judge rating us 4th Best Editorial and 4th best Unpaid News Reporter. Gyro won second Best Headline and second Best Small Publication in 2009, and second Best Headline, second Best Reviewer and third Best columnist in 2010.

Art Practice

Print-making, Process & More. •

Georgia Glass Interviews Greg Thomas, Otago Polytechnic Art student.


’m studying for a Bachelor of Visual Arts, majoring in Printmaking at the Dunedin Art School. The printmaking I’m studying involves a lot of traditional methods, like etching & woodcuts as well as commercial methods like screen-printing & digital prints.


epending on the day, [being in the studio] can involve creating a stencil on a screen or an image on a zinc plate, followed by proofing and printing, mixing inks and doing editions of a print. There’s also a fair bit of computer work and researching and crossing over into other departments like photography. Printmaking often involves having morning or afternoon tea with our lecturers and of course quite a few coffee breaks. I hadn’t done any printmaking processes before I came to art school and didn’t expect to major in it, but it stole my heart. The process is a lot like cooking I guess, you can start out with a recipe but you tailor it to your needs and desires once you get the hang of it. Learning the technical skills has been a great help, and is often the driving force behind a project for me, rather than just the most convenient way of realising an idea… and the process often shifts what I look for.

There does seem to a bit of an expectation [for artists to be eccentric and off the wall]. Like you’re supposed to be some kind of mad person, who stays up all night throwing paint around or rummaging through trash piles to build some kind of sculpture, with mood swings and dressed in tatty clothes. There’s also the expectation that artists are all amazing drawers, which I’m definitely not! I think Dunedin is really unique and interesting. It seems to be influenced by its own size where everyone knows everyone and the arts crowd is generally supportive of all kinds of artists rather than being splintered into groups. It’s unfortunate that a lot of talented people end up leaving for supposed greener grass elsewhere. I sometimes wonder what could be achieved here if more people were willing to invest their time and efforts into strengthening the art scene down here…

Greg’s ‘Throw Back’ exhibition with Becky Cameron & Sam Oram opens Monday 22nd October 5.30pm at 393 Princes St (previously ‘A Gallery’). He is also working towards SITE, opening 16th November 5pm throughout the Dunedin School of Art buildings.

Classifieds •

Love to play tennis?

Otago Inc is offering tennis to tertiary students at a minimum fee. $40 for all players (players still contribute to balls and Edgar Centre entry fees). Zero affiliation feeds for all Logan Park Tertiary members for the 2012-2013 season. Note, you can also get Logan Park access cards - $40 for unlimited access to Logan park courts (otherwise a $4 gate fee). No gate fee is required for competitions. Registration forms can be requested from Full details, registration forms and start dates can be viewed on www.tennisotago. org or contact Kirsty Booth (03 477 0225/ 0278130117).

OPSA sales position.

OPSA seeking new advertising agent for 2013 - deadline 16th November, contact Lesley Scoullar ( 03 477 6974).

OPSA editors position.

OPSA seeking new Editor for 2013! Must have proven writing experience and working knowledge of word processing, email and internet browser. 20 hours per edition (up to 15 issues), 40 hours for one edition of Orientation Magazine and an end of year ‘wrap up’. Applications close Friday 16th November 2013. For further enquires or a job description please contact: Lesley.

Summer flatmates wanted.

Dunedin flat seeking flatmates for over the summer break - we are seeking tenants for our beautiful flat at 22 Lachlan Ave for the summer (December 2012 February 2013). Our lease finishes at the end of February and we’ll be away over the summer, so our flat will be free!! Set against the town belt we have lush forest surroundings, a large kitchen and living room, three bathrooms (one is an en suite) and multiple bedrooms (six in total). Rent $100 - 110/week. Contact Rosa Conway at 0272688227.

OUSA Clubs & Societies Centre Exam Specials.

Great deals to help you relax & de-stress between study sessions: - ½ price saunas (day & evening) - ½ price casual squash court hire - We also have free pool and snooker table hire at any time (These offers run from the 8th of October to the 9th November, 2012)

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18 Oct. PLUM GREEN Album release, Astro Children, 9.30pm, $10. REFUEL.

25 Oct. DRAGON, 8pm. SAMMYS.

18 -20 Oct. Tora Fraser’s BARE, a Counterpoint Production 7.30pm, $10 waged / $8 unwaged. ALLEN HALL THEATRE (University).

27 Oct. SINS OF THE SOUTH Tour, Rules of Addiction, Simple Thieves, Black Sky Hustler, Arcacend & The Collective Me, 8pm, $10. MUSO’S CLUB (Manse St).

19 Oct. KITTENTANK album release party, 9pm, $10. CHICKS (Port Chalmers).

8 Nov. BIT SHOWCASE, 5.30pm, Free. OZONE LOUNGE (Manaaki Bldg, OP)

20 Oct. 17 Nov. PLASTIC PACO & Music Sucks, CAPE TRIBULATION, 9pm. 10pm, Free. CROWN HOTEL. CHICKS (Port Chalmers). 18 & 19 Oct. 30 Nov. DR GLAM SALUTES ZIGGY 21 Oct. GREG JOHNSON Tour, 8pm. STARDUST, dress maximum LUKE HURLEY, 12am. SAMMYS. glam for the occasion, 8pm, $10. CHICKS (Port Chalmers). XII BELOW.

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Gyro #14  

The Penultimate Gyro for 2012

Gyro #14  

The Penultimate Gyro for 2012