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Ive lived my life in the valleys Ive lived my life on the hills Ive lived my life on alcohol Ive lived my life on pills But it's called love And it belongs to us It's called love And it's the only thing thats worth living for -NewOrder ‘83

Janel Garlick


Well take a swig And well lie right down Well become all the colors Of each others sounds We can pick one up And we can let it fly Cause in the Golden age

Well never die

Beach Fossils


Craig Gardyan


ow did you first get turned on to tattooing? college sucked and my friends told me if i got a tattoo machine i could tattoo them... so i did!


irst Tattoo? a pirate skull on a scumbag from wildwood,,, go figure a scum bag from wildwood ha. i had no idea what i was doing the machine was all the way turned up and i had chunks of meat hanging off the needle. it turned out ok though.


here do you draw inspiration from? my inspiration for drawing is a tough one i usually see something that i like and i say i could do that better, then i make my changes and hope for the best i guess. sometimes i think i get some good idea and then it never works out the way i want!!!!


hich tattoo artists are you influenced by? the tattoo artists that influence me,, how much time you got buddy! fillip leu, paul booth,bob tyrrell, seth wood, tim hendricks, timmy b, eric marcinizyn, thomas hooper,tony olives, the list goes on and on!


ast Tribal Tattoo? unfortunately about 2 weeks ago on some young 18 year old going into the marines!!!!!


eems like tattoos are starting to get more and more traditional, how do you feel about this change? they do in some areas of the world and others they are stuck in realism like in the south its traditional but on the west coast its realism, and its always changing back and forth im happy to do any of it, neo traditional will always be king i think, or i hope cause its the best looking !


here do you think it will go from here? its probably just a phase because tv hypes it up of course, but once people realize they hurt and they get their little flower on the foot, they'll stop coming to get tattooed and then the serious tattoo people will still be getting work done! in my opinion!


ow do you feel about the current state of the tattoo industry? to many people in the industry doing crappy work... the heard will thin though and the good artist will prevail!!


know you logged in some miles traveling to conventions this year, which one was the best time? ahhhhhh man thats the hardest question ever asked, if i have to say the funnest one its a toss up between richmond virginia or las vegas, i think richmond is the better of the 2 all around.


hats on the itinerary for these next couple of month? keep trying to make my portfolio better then it is, and keep traveling i have richmond coming up next month then iowa, detroit, north carolina and i think a couple more conventions. the more the better! i have a friend in california, you might know him, i wanna stop out there toooooo!!!!!


ts hard to classify your artwork as this or that like most artists who solely stick to one style. Which style do you think your artwork and work represents ? its hard as a tattoo artist to have your work represent something because it usually represents things for the person your tattooing, but i put my own little twist on it.. right now im really into art nouveau, and neo traditional. i think if anything thats the way my work is turning into and im diggingggggg it!!


ast Word i have diarrhea of the mouth!!

Justin Blyth


Julian Mascuilli

Kill Your Dreams

Chris Mumma

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Issue Noº3 Of GypsyFiles Gordon Holden Harry Gould Harvey IV Janel Garlick Julian Mascuilli Chris Mumma Craig Gardyan