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You Can Cook Many Things In Your Outdoor Pizza Oven Whether you love smoking meats, baking traditional breads, or serving up the greatest pizzas on the block, adding a wood fired pizza oven can transform your backyard into a welcoming outdoor dining space. These specially-designed electricity-free outdoor ovens doesn't just look beautiful, they are able to produce the long-lasting, intense-but-even heat needed for authentic breads, crispy-chewy pizza crusts, flame-seared steaks, and slow-cooked BBQ. Although standard electric or gas ovens generally use convection heating (ambient hot air), the earthen or brick oven use a combination of effective convective chamber with hot stone walls and floors that provide the radiant and conductive heat that will be required to get your food just the way you want it. Even, Long-Lasting Radiant Heat As the name suggests, wood-fired ovens begin with a small fire that is allowed to burn for two to three hours before cooking will start. The heat that's provided by the fire is going to be absorbed into the walls and hearth of the oven. After the oven's interior has reached the required temperature the coals are removed, the oven's floor cleared of debris, and the temperature of the oven is allowed to stabilize, before items are placed inside the chamber. The radiant heat needs to be produced evenly from all directions in a effectively built oven that uses heat-absorbent materials. A wood-fired oven that's dome or arch-shaped within the chamber is built to get rid of any cool air pockets and guarantees uniform temperatures, along with an increase of the overall efficiency of the oven. As you get more comfortable with your outdoor oven, you will find that by building the heat up gradually you can take advantage of the radiant heat that is kept within the oven walls for a longer time period. Once you have finished cooking your bread or pizza, you'll still have plenty of time to cook other things like vegetables, meats or casseroles or cookies, pies and pudding. Once the oven is too cool for cooking, but still a bit warm, the remaining heat can be used to dry out the wood needed for the next cookout. Use Direct Conduction For Crispy Crusts The hot floor of a wood fired pizza oven also offers a distinct advantage over the wire racks in your kitchen stove: intense direct conductive heat. The fire that heats up the walls of the outdoor oven to create radiant heat will also heat the floor or hearth. When you place things directly on this hot surface, you'll produce instant conductive transfer. This can be great for searing meats to seal in flavor or getting a golden crust on your fire-baked pizzas. Breads generally fare very well in fired ovens since immediate heat transfer creates an airier, lighter loaf and intense temperatures drive moisture from the crust. The extreme steam that is released from the dough will then circulate within the oven, which will caramelize the sugars in the crust and provides a distinct texture and flavor of authentic hearth-baked bread. Additionally, because the oven walls radiate heat uniformly throughout the oven you'll be able to bake many loaves as thoroughly as one. DIY Charm While you may find that there are a wide variety of pre-built ovens available, there are also quite a few retailers who specialize in supplying easy-to-follow DYI kits. These kits take the guess-work out of the building basics while providing you and your family to incorporate personalized elements such as local stonework, mosaic tiles, or other meaningful pieces. While providing efficiency, BrickWood Ovens

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You Can Cook Many Things In Your Outdoor Pizza Oven versatility and beauty, the wood fired pizza oven will transform a small backyard area into a homey and vibrant area to enjoy with your loved ones and friends. Whether you love smoking meats, baking traditional breads, or serving up the greatest pizzas on the block, adding a wood...

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You Can Cook Many Things In Your Outdoor Pizza Oven