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m EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Alexander Bloo tovski CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Gjoko Mura e Alderhythe; MARKETING MANAGER: Jasha Bow ; Keith Jeter; Julia McThane; Mary Andrew Pantelis; Ivone Kirkpatrick ns Parso olas CONTRIBUTORS: Derek Tickner; Nich ; Syme Tilletson; Vittoria Winston; Brian Chalie Bendray; Josh Ogilvy; May rt ART PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrew Sma COVER: Gjoko Muratovski PRINTED BY: Finsbury Green $2300 ADVERTISING: Two-page spread: Centerfold spread: $2500 Back cover: $1500 2nd and 3rd full page: $1000 Full page: $600 A5 inserts: From $400



May, 2008|

Letter from the Editor

All brand new Entropy

On the home front, things are brighter. We continue bringing bigger and ple on board , so keep expectingthe best peobetter things better and to come not only improving each issue. But we are our human resourc es. In this transitonal process, Entropy gether with its (toBig Brother UniLife) decided to start up a new Corporate Social Respon sibility (CSR) initiative .

In this spirit, we are also delighted to inform you that we have joined forces with Greenpeace in order to make this world a better place. So, from now on we will strongly endorse Greenpeace activities and match them with some of our own. As some of you might now – we are going to bring 150 people on a massive environmental action in Kangaroo Island in the beginning of June to plant 80.000 trees. Yes. You’ve got that right - eighty thousand trees. Out of who many are on the endangered list, and we will recreate an endangered species habitat. You are more then welcome to support this action. For more info, just go to www.unisa. And that’s not all. we have recently retained the services of Finsbury Green

to print the magazine - the greenest printers in state. The magazine will be printed according to the highest green printing standards in Australia, meaning that each issue will save around 700kg of CO2 which otherwise would have gone straight into the atmosphere. The halcyon times that immediately follow any government’s election to power are upon us those salad days when all the promises are followed though on and no terrible policy changes are announced. Everybody loves the Rudd government at the moment - cash is flying everywhere. It’s like Christmas, before the post-eggnog hangover. But as with any politics which is geared towards public appeasement, it’s bound to change. Howard said no GST; Bush said no new taxes. What will Rudd come up with? We’re yet to see. So, at the moment, we can do little other than enjoy the honeymoon period - and what a honeymoon it is. $11 billion for

universities, with a $500 million dollar immediate cash injection means more for you on-campus; but more on that later. On a more serious note, we’ve been asked to print a correction for a mistake in an earlier edition. In 1602, we misrepresented the University Council by laying the blame for the 1601 ban at their door. The decision was, in fact, made by the Senior Management Group - a separate entity which is also sat upon by Vice Chancellor Peter Høj; this, presumably, was the source of the confusion

visit our website:, where you can find more about entropy, or find us on Facebook where you can get an insight into Entropy’s personality by viewing Entropy’s profile. But if you want to read more detailed and uncensored articles, then visit Entropy’s Facebook page (separate from the facebook profile). we would like to hear from you as well, so share your thoughts at, or SMS 0427 842 479 or post a message on our Facebook.




Australia’s leading environmental, printing and solutions company

August 2008 |

upcoming event

a night AT hilton’S

We are just a couple of months away from the best party of the year : the annual black tie party at the Hilton Hotel, hosted by UniLife, the uBall. It’s the highlight of Entropy’s year - an excellent night of red-carpet treatment, schmoozing with VIPs, meeting smart-looking people , drink gallons of champagne, enjoying the company of catwalk models and dance the night away to the hottest live music . The only thing we haven’t figured out is whether to invite paris….

classiest party ot afford to miss. This is simply the his is an event that you simply cann make sure will a part in the event planning, so we of the year. And we are also taking UniSA stuwe believe you deserve. All of you new it’s up to the celebrity standard that rest of the the for use you will be treated like outcasts dents, make sure you’ll be there, beca p e chea American event will is not going to be like som year if you miss out. Remember, this black tie is a must. I the dress code right – all you blokes, prom night, so make sure you get we know that you like proper gents. And for you girls, mean, at least once a year try to look nders for you. will look stunning, so no special remi


ils keep checking up August (Saturday), but for more deta The date of the event will be 23rd of unts for There will be special disco the UniLife’s webpage (www.unisa.ed so h it, check it out. a UniLife member first. It’s really wort bers, so you might want to become py for updates. In the meantime, keep reading Entro


Impress Us! The reader who sends us the best or most interesting email or sms on anything you feel like sharing will win themselves two free tickets to the black tie party hosted by UniLife, Entropy and the Hilton Hotel. But wait, there’s more! The winner and his or her date will be picked up from their home by the Entropy crew in a shiny new hummer limo with a complimentary bottle of champagne, because that’s how we roll! So, what are you waiting for? Start writing! Email: or SMS 0427 842 479


June 2008





ofhas swept into The Rudd government of environhearts the fice in style, winning the Kyoto protocol), mentalists (by signing (by apologising for indiginous Australians), low-income earners ) and the Stolen Generation Medicare threshhold Work(by doubling the scrapping (by kers unionists and wor ’s turn for it’s the student Choices). Now . some Rudd love


ayne Swann’s fed eral budget revea led an immediate lion, titled the Be cash injection of tter Universities Re $500 milnewal Fund, part for fixing up unive of the $11 billion set rsities. Education aside Minister Julia Gillar tended to help un d said that the fun iversities rebuild the d is inir campus infrastru ernment neglect. cture after 11 years of Howard govUniSA Vice-Chanc ellor Peter Høj wa s unavailable for co Margaret Gardner mment on the bu said that while the dget, but RMIT VC idea of university thought, they we VCs dancing in the re dancing privatel str eets was a scary y in their offices. ion of Students pre Not all were so ha sident Angus Mc pp y. National UnFarland was “shoc the new money wo ked and disappoint uld be going tow ed ” that none of ards “essential stu Youth Minister Ka dent services”, like te Ellis said that the stu de nt media. But $500 million BURF amenities projects” would be allocate at the universities’ d tow ards “student discretion. Entropy receiving $13.3 mi ’s sources tell us tha llion of the BURF, t Un iSAA will be wh ich, UniSA willing, ing the terminal stu should go a long dent culture on ca wa y to revitalizmpus. So, what ca want some more! n we say other tha n… please sir, I


buy buy!

Shopping is everything and everything is shopping. And shopping has become the defining activity of public life. The growth and the acceptance of the market economy as a dominant global standard have made shopping the most significant form of modern life. Gjoko Muratovski gives you an overview of the art of shopping.

is arguakoolhaas said: “Shopping ign School of Shopping, Rem Des d var Har forms, The k ory boo dat pre n the a battery of increasingly of public activity. Through form ing ain . Aclife” rem an last urb the bly d, almost every aspect of colonized, and even replace , ted ltra ainfi syn es, has rch ng chu ppi sho School; “shops outnumber by the Harvard Design de ma by h arc ities rese vers to uni g es, cordin ondary schools by 10.3 tim 3.6 times, primary and sec m, they outnumgdo gogues, and temples by Kin ted Uni the In es. and museums by 242.1 tim ics, clin ls, pita ber musehos es, tim 252.9 es. In Japan, shops outnum the universities by 2,174 tim and es tim 8.7 es rch chu ber the es”. in Singapore; by 6,770 tim ums by 1,429 times, while



Compared to schools, universities, and churches where participation is secured by continuous enrolment, or hospitals, where attendance is ensured by basic human need, shopping has no guaranteed frequency or density of use. Shopping is dependant on external factors, such as the economy, trends, or even the weather. People’s attendance can fluctuate drastically from month to month, or also from hour to hour. However, shopping is continually being reinvented, reformulated and reshaped to keep up with the changes in the society. Shopping has found the means to expand itself by closely monitoring and exploiting the conditions of the environment where it exists out of shear desperation to survive. Mechanical inventions like air conditioning, escalators and lifts allowed for the first stage of expansion in modern shopping environments. It was until recently when shopping has reached its limits of physical expansion. The possibility of expanding through mechanical enhancement has been exhausted. Air conditioning has its limits in deep interior spaces and the escalator has already exploited every possibility to connect levels into continues planes. Shopping has become the victim of its’ own success. malls to eradicate allowed such forms as the shopping The size, which is the very factor that idated by the intim me beco have pers decline. Shop the smaller retailers – also caused their s also made othThe immensity of size of these new form shear size of these shopping spaces. undifferentiated replaced them with homogenous and er forms of shopping out of use and est of the public. Ane of possibilities exhausted the inter fields of shopping. This limited rang s as a result of pribeen the redefinition of the institution other noticeable development has s such as museums, tures that have supported institution vatization. The civic and social struc there was nobody the city are slowly dismantled. Since airports, schools, churches and even turned to comutions, some in order to survive have willing, or able to support these instit ers – the instabilities red the same conditions as the retail mercialization. They have encounte nce – it was logical r interest and the threat of obsolesce of the market, the loss of consume result, some inial methods in order to survive. As a move for them to borrow the commerc to expand by coloway, shopping has now found a way stitutions turned to shopping. In this igent parasite. It ping behaves almost resembles an intell nizing the institutions. The way shop a different one. Durdries it up, and then it moves on to lives on one host until it completely ar. In many cases, it ts to the new challenges that appe ing that process, it evolves and adap or even a city. As ed what it means to be an institution has determined, sustained and defin defines urban or ping has become the very thing that much as we may want to deny it, shop nology has been ity, a vast network of information tech public life. To sustain consumer activ possible – all of to understand – in as much detail as launched. This technology is designed shop. the factors that influence people to Our movements, incomes, purchasing patterns… everything that can be used to identify us in any possible way, has been coded and analyzed through credit cards, smart cards, Internet spyware and other tracking devices – all in hopes of increasing purchasing activity. All possible information that marketers can gather about the general population can help them to create better targets and better strategies to entice new consumers. Shopping is spreading into virtually all areas of our lives and because of that, everything and everybody is under constant surveillance. Remember that next time you go shopping.

June 2008

The Gallery



fascinating landa tropical country with splendid beaches, , scapes, active volcanoes forests... but we tropical coral waters and you any of them. inare not going to show philippines through stead, take a LOOK of the smart. andrew of lens camera the


June 2008


June 2008

UniLife’s uninews

Are you looking to improve your University results from a Credit to Distinction average? Do you need assistance planning for a career in your chosen field? Are you struggling to balance University commitments with other life pressures? Learning Connection is located on each UniSA campus to offer expertise and assistance to facilitate development of the skills needed to successfully tackle these and a range of other personal and academic goals and concerns. Learning Connection work in close partnership with academic staff in Schools to provide a range of resources to develop independent learning, and currently offer:

• • • • • •

Learning advice Career advice Disability resources and services International student services Counselling services Accommodation resources

This month, UniNews for UniLife would like to take the opportunity to report back on the feedback received on services provided by Learning Connection attained through the Student Experience Questionnaire (SEQ) conducted in 2006. The results of the SEQ indicated that some students were unfamiliar with the resources available through the Learning Connection website, and unaware of the full range of services offered by Learning Connection, in particular the provisions for career services. In response, Learning Connection has sought innovative solutions, with a number of interactive communication initiatives implemented in 2007 and 2008. Learning Connection believe that as a UniSA student, you should be able to access resources in a way that suits you, with the aim to ensure that students are able to engage with staff and access a wide variety of resources without needing to physically visit an office on campus. As a result, new student-focused initiatives are rolling out across the campuses. The Learning Connection @ Mawson Lakes blog spot is just one example, and has proven to be fantastic resource tailored to the needs of Mawson Lakes students (although certainly worth a look from those across other UniSA campuses). Check out what’s on offer at and subscribe to updates using your UniSA email account. Additional service initiatives are communicated to students through announcements on myUniSA, making it important to regularly check for updates. To further clarify the services offered by Learning Connection, a statement pertaining to what Learning Connection offers, and also what they expect in return from students, is now available online. In addition, clear information on confidentiality has also been developed to ensure students have the utmost confidence in the way in which the information they provide will be treated. With regard to the Learning Connection website, it has been recognised that some students have experienced difficulty in locating resources. In order to address the problem, an ‘A-Z Quick Find’ page has been made available, as has an ‘Ask Learning Connection’ frequently asked questions search. However, Learning Connection understands that although these functions may assist, they will not completely resolve the issue, with a new website planned for 2008. In order to ensure the new website meets the needs of UniSA students, Learning Connection will be looking to work with students during its development. Finally, it is important to note that Learning Connection offers drop-in times on each campus, with students more than welcome to call in to see Learning Connection staff. For information on drop-on times, please visit: 24

your new Best friend!

see what we can do for you.

UniLife Clubs

Here’s the list of the clubs that we’re

SPORT CLUBS: Badminton Club Ballroom Dance Club Basketball Club Boardriders, The Canoe Club Cricket Club Fencing Club Inline Hockey Club Judo Club Karate Club Lacrosse Club Rockclimbing Club Shodokan Aikido Taekwondo Club Touch Football Ultimate Frisbee Club UniSA Adelaide Phoenixs UniSA Lions Hockey Club UniSA Motorsport UniSA Womens Soccer Club- Infernos University Games Rowing Club Waterski Club NON SPORTING CLUBS: ACES Adelaide Japanese Animation Society AIESEC BanglaSA BEEST BOSS Botswana Students Association Chinese Club Co - workers in Christ

contractually obliged to put in magazine


Commerce Students Association Environmental Management Unit Evangelical Students Indonesia Students Association - ISA UniSA Industrial Design Graduating Exhibition Comm itee 2008 International students association Malaysian Students Association Mawson Student Network MED RADical Club Media Arts and Associates Overseas Christian Fellowship PakSA Psychology Postgraduate Networking Club RuShi Buddhist Youth Group S.O.M.E Society Of Mechanical Engineers Student Exchange Society Student Screen Association Taylor’s University College Business School UniLife Rep and Staff Club UniSA Gamers Association UniSA Islamic Society UniSA Law Students Association UniSA Labour Club UniSA Liberal Club UniSA Music and Fashion Association UniSA Travel Club UniSA Pilots Club UniSA United Nations UNIVERSE UThursday Club Whyalla Activities Club Whyalla Business and Enterprise Club







. y a d g in k r o w r u o y d n e t x E

No-Doz tablets increase alertness to help you study longer. No-Doz contains caffeine which can:




A Thailand o experience t remember.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Terms and Conditions: The Promoter is Key Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd ABN 21 001 215 130, 12 Lyonpark Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2113. Entry is open to all residents of Australia. Directors, management, employees & their immediate families of the Promoter, its related companies, agencies, suppliers & participating outlets are ineligible. Commences 1st May 2008 and ends close of business 27th June 2008. Full terms and conditions available at www. Authorised under NSW permit no. LTPS/08/03857, ACT permit no. TP08/01632, VIC permit no. 08/1719, SA permit no. T08/1515.

Or one of 4 Nintendo Wii consoles! WIN 7 days away for you and a friend. Or one of 4 Nintendo Wii consoles. To enter visit:

ASMI/14851-04/08 June 2008

The legend

Laurence Tureaud, better known as Mr. T is legend, more known for his trademark Mohawk-style haircut, the many gold chains he wears around his neck and the way he talks, than his acting skills. And for those who don’t know, he is also known for his roles in the 1980s television series The ATeam and as boxer Clubber Lang in the movie, Rocky III.

pity the fool!


some of his most memorable quotes include: “i pity the fool” AND “I believe in the Golden Rule — The Man with the Gold . . . Rules.”


family with twelve r. T was born in Chicago, Illinois, as the youngest boy in a large martial arts. He won children. As student he played football, wrestled, and studied out after a year. Afa scholarship to Prairie View A&M University, but was thrown U.S. Army, before trying out ter leaving school, Tureaud became a military policeman in the as a bouncer after he refor the professional football Green Bay Packers. He also worked persona of “Mr. T.” His wearing turned from the army. It was at this time that he created the rs losing the items, leaving of gold neck chains and other jewellery was the result of custome d from the place. A customthem behind at the bar/night club after a fight, or being remove again if Mr. T wore their jewer would not have to re-enter or even have to see anyone else item was readily visible and ellery as he stood out front. When a customer came back, their “former ” customers did not reavailable with no further confrontations required. Often, the on for wearing lots of gold turn. Mr. T thus built up a large collection and earned a reputati neck chains and bracelets. a career as a bodyguard to the Mr. T managed to eventually parlay his job as a bouncer into lities like Muhammad Ali, stars that lasted almost ten years. He protected well-known persona Frazier, and Diana Ross, chargSteve McQueen, Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, Leon Spinks, Joe to God, there is no greater ing $3,000 per day. As a bodyguard, his business card read, “Next “I got hurt worse growing up protector than I.” Mr. T claimed that he never lost a client, saying, in the ghetto than working as a bodyguard.” hairstyle, for which he is While reading National Geographic, Mr. T first noticed the unusual n of the style would be a pownow famous, on a Mandinka warrior. He decided that adoptio and more permanent visuerful statement about his African origin. It was a simpler, safer jewellery was worth about al signature than his gold chains, rings, and bracelets. The gold Most nights, Mr. T spent even $300,000 at the time and took him about an hour to put on. Mr. T was spotted by Sylvestmore time cleaning them using an ultrasonic cleaner. In 1980, r” competition. His role in er Stallone while taking part in NBC’s “America’s Toughest Bounce out as a celebrity. His catchRocky III was originally intended as just a few lines, but he came a boxer facing Rocky Balboa. phrase, “I pity the fool!” comes from the film, in which he played but I pity the fool.” In 1984, When asked if he hated Rocky, he replied, “No, I don’t hate Balboa, dy’s Fool!. he made a motivational video called Be Somebody... or Be Somebo Hulk Hogan’s tag-team partMr. T entered the world of professional wrestling in 1985. He was graphy that Mr. T saved the ner at the first WrestleMania. Hulk Hogan wrote in his autobio s disliked Mr. T because he was main event of WrestleMania I. However, other fellow wrestler as a professional wrestler. Now an actor coming into wrestling and had never paid his dues would wear his chains again, he is a born again Christian. In 2005, Mr. T stated that he never He arrived at this decision af“No, T, you can never wear your gold again. It’s an insult to God”. seen wearing some chains ter seeing the effects of Hurricane Katrina. However, he has been advertisement, and the for several commercial appearances, such as the 2007 U.K. Snickers 2007 World of Warcraft ad.

June 2008

fashion label

Sean ‘diddy’ John


Although Entropy never liked Puff Daddy nor P. Diddy, we do find Sean John SOMEWHAT attractive. Just for the record is a clothing and fragrance , Sean John line founded by THE hip-hop mogul Sean Combs A.K.A Sean John, in 1998. BUT WE DON ’T REALLY LIKE THE WAY HE RUNS THINGS....


uff Daddy’s AKA P. PDddy’s - Sean John fashion label has become a usual suspect at the prestigious award cere mony for the Council of Fash ion Designers of America (CFDA) held annually in New York. For five consecutive years since 2000, Sean Joh has been nominated for its n excellence in design. Sean John shares this distinction elite group of designers that with an include Marc Jacobs and Hel mut Lang. In 2004, Sean Joh awarded the CFDA Men’s Des n was igner of the Year award. In 1998, Mr. Combs decided to life-long dream when he laun fulfi ll a ched a signature collection of sportswear under his nam John. Mr. Combs created the e Sean line to fill a void in the market for well-made, sophisticated ion forward clothing that also fashreflected an urban sensibility and style. “I always had the that I would start my own idea apparel line, but I wanted to make sure the timing was that I had the time to devote right and to it,” said Mr. Combs. Since its launch, Sean John has enjo critical and commercial suc yed cess. Through the support of both the fashion community tailers, Sean John has quic and rekly grown from an urban labe l to an international brand. representing the brand incl People ude Combs himself, rappers such as T.I., Fabolous, The Gam dy Yankee (Reggaeton star), e, Dadbasketball stars including Dw yane Wade and Tristan Soo models Tyson Beckford and klal, plus Kevin Navayne. The collection is separated into categories including Sea n John, Bad Boy Sportswear, John Tailored, and Sean Joh Sean n accessories. Product cate gories include suits, knitwea outerwear, leather accesso r, bottoms, ries, shirts, ties, hats and den im. The products are inspired Combs’ image and reflect by Mr. his diverse personal style. The line is produced four times and is geared to boys and men a year ages 12 to 45. Distribution of the collection is targeted to ter department and special betty chain stores. It is also be available in the Sean John which opened on Fifth Ave boutique, nue and 41st Street in New York in September 2004. In October 2003, P. Diddy was under intense media attentio n for using sweatshop labo produce his clothing line. Am r to ong the accusations, original ly put forth by the Nationa Committee (NLC), workers l Labor were subjected to body sear ches, fired if pregnant and paid shop wages. Diddy respond sweated to the BBC that there wou ld be a “zero tolerance” inve tion at his company, Sean stigaJohn. He stated to a group of reporters “I’m as pro-worker get.” Sure you are Diddy..sure as they you are... Just.. we saw the statement on your website you make it very clear that where you will pay nothing to any inte rns that would like to work for you We are sure that it’s totally . not sweatshop labour to exp loit poor student designers for you for credits. to work

August 2008



’t need , Greenpeace doesn For many of you . But, in case some introduction any special , Greenon different planet of you were born organcampaigning independent peace is an direct action -violent non uses isation that environmental problems to expose global which are essential solutions and to force future. Their goal peaceful to a green and the earth to nur of ability is to ensure the are joinwe and , diversity ture life in all its in an atwith Greenpeace . ing the forces place better a world tempt to make this

world, a small team of activists n of a GREEN and PEACEful se n 1971, motivated by their visio wn as the Phyllis Cormack. The ada, in an old fishing boat kno sion set sail from Vancouver, Can mis ir The make a difference. eved a few individuals could t founders of Greenpeace beli ing on a tiny island off the Wes test lear erica’s underground nuc ne -pro was to “bear witness” to Am ake hqu world’s most eart ka. Besides being in one of the Coast of Alaska called Amchit sea otters, and home to bald ered ang end last refuge for 3000 re regions, Amchitka was also the the boat was intercepted befo other wildlife. Even though d nate eagles, peregrine falcons and deto still lic interest. America ney sparked a flurry of pub that ed it got to Amchitka, the jour end ka testing on Amchit on had been heard. Nuclear its bomb, but the voice of reas ry. ctua san later declared a bird same year, and the island was


hing. wrong and accomplishes not ence in any form is morally fulare Greenpeace believes that viol vists ct action because acti Greenpeace non-violent dire erngov No one gets hurt during a from not accept money action involvement. They do , ly trained prior to any direct promise their core values. Also com ld wou l parties because it ision dec ments, corporations or politica on r public opinion to bea to raise awareness and bring their peaceful protests work makers. ressed es campaigns that can be add al organisation that prioritis ters por Today, Greenpeace is a glob sup l 2.65 million financia Amsterdam, Greenpeace has deare on a global scale. Based in Life Uni We at Entropy and ional offices in 41 countries. worldwide, and national/reg a part of this global initiative. lighted that we have become



street art?


and it ap in any city of highubiquitous is stretch any Graffiti norocks along in the middle of pears on to be declaration seems a as way that also serves pissing of some where. Graffiti a territorial , as a business’ as , love of one’s wannabe city ’s com gangster symbol of its youth. suburban , or as a of the arts ad campaign supporting ranges from mitment to nature of graffiti murals that the while , So art? fully commissioned to truly it , is tagging the cityscape decorate


any contemporary analyst s and even art critics hav e begun to see artistic valu some graffiti and to recogn e in ize it as a form of public art. According to many art searchers, particularly in rethe Netherlands and in Los Angeles, that type of art is, in fact an effective pub lic tool of social emancipation or in the achievement of Graffiti and graffito are from a pol itic al goa l. the Italian word graffiato (“scratched”). “Graffiti” is history to works of art pro app lied in art duced by scratching a des ign into a sur face. Graffiti from simple scratch marks can be anything to elaborate wall paintin gs. In modern times, spray paint and markers have become the most commo als. In most countries, def nly used materiacing property with gra ffiti without the property is considered vandalism ow ner ’s consent , which is punishable by law. Sometimes graffiti is municate social and pol em plo yed to comitical messages. To some, it is an art form worthy of and exhibitions, to others disp lay in galleries it is merely vandalism. The re are many different typ graffiti and it is a rapidly es and styles of evolving artform whose value is highly contested, many authorities while also bei ng rev iled by subject to protection, som etimes within the same jurisdiction. Groups that live in indust rial or poor areas may use graffiti for various purpos ly if many groups popula es, especialte one specific area or city . The main use is to mark or “tur f” by tagging a spa eith er territory ce such as a wall on bui lding near or on the bou turf to inform other gan nda ries of a gang’s gs of their presence. Usu ally, this type of tag will the gang. They are also have the name of used to communicate wit h other gangs, usually to coming assassination of warn them of a a certain member, by eith er writing the member’s crossing it out, or by find street name and ing tags by the member and crossing them out. If another gang’s tag, it is a gang overwrites also the symbol of a tak eover of a gang’s turf or toward the gang. While a sign of aggression most cities now take me asures to prevent this, suc erasing tags, it was much h as washing or more common in the mid 1980s when crime waves ran high.

In an effort to reduce vandalism, many cities in Australia have designated walls or areas exclusively for use by graffiti artists. Melbourne is a prominent graffiti city of Australia with many of it’s lanes, such as Hosier Lane being tourist attractions. One early example is the “Graffiti Tunnel” located at the Camperdown Campus of the University of Sydney, which is available for use by any student at the University to tag, advertise, poster and create “art”. Advocates of this idea suggest that this discourages petty vandalism yet encourages artists to take their time and produce great art, without worry of being caught or arrested for vandalism or trespassing. Others disagree with this approach, arguing that the presence of legal graffiti walls does not demonstrably reduce illegal graffiti elsewhere. Some Local Government Areas around Australia have introduced “anti-graffiti squads”, who clean graffiti in the area, and such gangs as BCW (Buffers Cant Win) have taken steps to keep one step ahead of local graffiti cleaners. Many state governments have banned the sale or possession of spray paint to those under the age of 18 (age of majority). However, a number of Local Governments in Victoria have taken steps to recognize the cultural heritage value of some examples of graffiti, such as prominent political graffiti. June 2008



Portrayal of Pablo Escobar

’s death. Paintins by Botero,

Fernando (Colombian Painter

and Sculptor)


ón Gaviria, a.k .a. El Patr Pablo Emilio Escobar 1, 1949 – December (December or El Doctor infamy as a Colombi 2, 1993) gained world so wealthy became Escobar . an drug dealer that in 1989 Forbes from the drug trade the seventh richest as him magazine listed man in the world.


e was widely considered to be one of the most ambitious and powerful drug dealers in history. His brutal ruthlessness was also legendary: he would kill anyo ne who stood in his way and was responsibl e for the killing of 30 judges, 457 polic eme n, and other deaths at a rate of 20 each day for two months. Pablo Escobar began his criminal life while he was still in school by steal ing tombstones and selling them to smugglers from Pana ma. When he was a teenager he bega n to steal cars from the streets of Medellín. He became involved in other rackets which led him to become a powerful figure in his area. He eventuall y moved into the cocaine business and bega n building an enormous drug empire during the 1970s, which eventually became know n as the Medellín Cartel. In May 1976, Escobar and seve ral of his men were arrested after retur ning from a drug run to Ecuador. As the case against Escobar was being made, he tried to bribe the judge but was unsuccessful. After many mon ths of legal wrangling, Escobar had the two arres ting officers killed and the case was drop ped. Here began his pattern of deali ng with the auth orities by either bribing them or killing them. n 1989, at the height of his emp ire’s pow er, Forb es magazine estimated Escobar to be the seventh-richest man in the worl d; the Med ellín carte l was taking in up to $30 billion annu ally and controlled 80 percent of the glob al coca ine market. While seen as an enemy of the United States and Colombian gove rnments, Escobar was a hero to many in Medellín (especially people from the slums); he was a natu ral at public relations and he worked to create good will among Colombia’s poor. A lifelo ng spor ts fan, he was credited with building football field s and multi-sports courts, sponsorin g also little league football (soccer) teams as well as Atlet ico Nacional. Pablo Escobar was also respo nsibl e for the construction of many churches in Med ellín, which gained him popularity insid e the local Roman Catholic Church. He worked hard to cultivate his Robin Hood image and frequ ently distributed money to the poor. He wou ld also build houses for the poor, gain ing followers on his way. The population of Medellín often helped Escobar by serving as lookouts , hiding information from the authorities, or doing whatever else they could do to prote ct him. The war against Escobar ended on December 2, 1993, as he tried to elud e the Search Bloc one more time. Using radio triangula tion technology provided as part of the United States efforts, a Colombian electronic surve illance team found him hiding in a midd le-cl ass barrio in Medellín. The shootout between Escobar and the Search Bloc personne l ensu ed after the house was located. How Escobar was killed during the confrontation has been deba ted but it is known that he was cornered on the rooftops of Medellín and after a prolo nged gunfi ght, suffered gunshots to the leg, torso, and the fatal one in his ear. It has neve r been prov en who actually fired the final shot into Esco bar’s head, whether this shot was mad e during the gunfight or as part of possible execution , and there is wide speculation abou t the subject. After Escobar’s death, the Medellín Carte l fragmented and the cocaine mark et soon became dominated by the rival Cali Cartel, until the mid-1990s when its leaders, too, were eithe r killed or captured by the government. The Robin Hood image that he had culti vated cont inued to have lasting influence in Medellín, as many there, especially many of the city’s poor that had been aided by him while he was alive , lamented his death.

June 2008


getting the facts straight


showFacts meme started The Chuck Norris The Inter5. 200 in Internet spat ing its face on the , chewed it up and net culture, typically , and it has since beit out in a few months . However, recentunfunny come tired and house for sue a publishing , ly, Chuck tried to to celebrate this ; compendium . Yes, printing a his favorites here of some . we’re printing yes, they are stupid he picked these, and

MOST POPULAR CHUCK NORRIS FACTS: - If you have five dollars and Chuck Norris has five dollars, Chuck Norris has more money than you. - There is no ‘ctrl’ button on Chuck Norris’s computer. Chuck Norris is always in control. - Apple pays Chuck Norris 99 cents every time he listens to a song. - Chuck Norris can sneeze with his eyes open. - Chuck Norris can eat just one Lay’s potato chip. - Chuck Norris is suing Myspace for taking the name of what he calls everything around you. - Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table, because he only recognizes the element of surprise. - Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird. CHUCK’S FAVORITE: PICKED BY THE MAN HIMSELF: - When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris. - Chuck Norris doesn’t read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants. - There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live. - Outer space exists because it’s afraid to be on the same planet with Chuck Norris. - Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits. - Chuck Norris is currently suing NBC, claiming Law and Order are trademarked names for his left and right legs. - Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding. - Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice. - There is no chin behind Chuck Norris’ beard. There is only another fist. - When Chuck Norris does a pushup, he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s pushing the Earth down. - Chuck Norris is so fast, he can run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head. - Chuck Norris’ hand is the only hand that can beat a Royal Flush. - Chuck Norris can lead a horse to water AND make it drink. - Chuck Norris doesn’t wear a watch, HE decides what time it is. - Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door. - Chuck Norris does not get frostbite. Chuck Norris bites frost - Remember the Soviet Union? They decided to quit after watching a DeltaForce marathon on Satellite TV. - Contrary to popular belief, America is not a democracy, it is a Chucktatorship.

June 2008


avtomat ov kalashnik 1947

the World War II, narrative of , bareIn the grand conflict minor k is a Battle of Bryans footnote. But Bryansk has of a ly deserving was there that in history. It named another place tank commander his Rusa then-unknown decided that kov again be deMikhail Kalashni would never the Great Pasian comrades years following the In dubbed . feated Soviet propagandists a weaptriotic War, as fabricate and conceive , that it, he was to and yet so revolutionary were fought on so simple, wars way the it would change AK-47 assault rifle. the and won. It was

e weapon, a devic ective combat eff d an ific ol a pr ’s most than the cost of come the world untries for less co y an m he AK-47 has be in ht rilboug ved by guer ple that it can be ral countries, wa so cheap and sim currency of seve d an g fla hs every year. e at th de picted on quarter-million a t ou ab live chicken. De r fo le ing is responsib countless fight erywhere, the AK ing armies and nd sta e at a itim las and rebels ev least 50 leg . It has become of choice for at and Los Angeles ica er Am l ra us nt It is the firearm e East to Ce g in our conscio a and the Middl azine -- definin ag m ed ap -sh forces from Afric -- that banana signature form cultural icon, its apon. we rs of a deadly ness the contou the way for the ic bomb, paved om at e th II, ar W med end World s destruction co apon that help arantee of mas gu b’s m bo Aed Ironically, the we e in lier AK-47. Th tries, with ill-tra r-tech but dead rs in poor coun wa y ox pr ge on rise of the lowe n e owers to wa rable AKs. Whe Cold War superp weight and du ht lig p, ea ot. pelled the two ch usually with the next hot sp changing fire – em to fighters in th ld so d d an re s combatants ex ed up the AK wars” have linge s brokers gather II, so many “small ar W ld or rs W lla war ended, arm ce ain why, sin e billions of do read helps expl ed, for all of th de In . ct pe s ex ain The weapon’s sp ht ars one mig , the AK still rem months and ye ary technology ilit m d an s an far beyond the on gh e-age weap m Vietnam to Af s spent on spac ing conflicts fro rm fo ns e tra riz Washington ha , et the plan untry, terro ting weapon on n dominate a co the most devasta rmed fighters ca ll-a we , ould get one es sh rifl t we ul ith these assa bay. Hell! Maybe at s er ow rp istan to Iraq. W pe en keep su ck. e spoils -- and ev oney... or livesto citizens, grab th value for your m od go a e lik ds un so as well. It sure



August 2008 |

last words

role modelz

Recently, Entropy ran an article condemning national hero-cum-disgrace -cum-hero crackhead and occasional footballer Ben Cousins for being a shitty role model for today ’s kids. Well, Ben, we’d like to apologise, and we’d like you to be our kids’ role model again.

the worst things ever to ney, who is currently one of ational fuckwank Corey Dela lear Testing and the ily beating the Maralinga Nuc have happened to Australia (eas creating headlines, and ing behind Bindi Irwin) is still Tampa Incident, but still lagg celebrity most famous for dohim replace Paris Hilton as the at a rate which is likely to see ing absolutely bugger all.


dly swamped with far more y on Facebook which was rapi After organising an house part do you have to say about the here near cheap booze (what teenagers than should be anyw trouble for fucking with the fucks?), Corey got in a big lot of alcopop tax now, you whiny little the tabloid media (who noparents (who underreacted) and po-pos (who overreacted), his y constitute the majority of the trailer trash, who unfortunatel one gives a shit about except ). voting public in this fine country from most journalists for stick earned the tiniest bit of respect pisNow, the little pissflap – who has – e Scen for Best Fisting that he received an AVN Award ing it so far up A Current Affair by scoring a metric fuckton pses syna ing tion at least two func sed the fuck off of anyone with like a complete bell-end. of cash for, essentially, acting Big Brother, reportedly receivthe perennially-popular (why?) First, the little shit appears on mongler is reportedly set to per episode. Now, the little cock ing $20 000 base plus $10 000 k Jamster – if you thought phone content provider ads (thin star in a series of British mobile Bear shitted you to tears, wait or the fuckmothering Gummi the motherfucking Craz y Frog ces say six figures. So, minik-stain). For how much? Our sour for this sunglasses-wearing wan . a total spacker on national tele mum $100 000. For acting like w there’s the occasional sem le, thank fuck. It’s nice to kno t. At least Wikipedia killed his artic poin The . way rence). Any still can’t use it as a scholarly refe blance of sanity around (yet we pared to this fluffer-on-theCom this. is g arin laboriously swe le). The point towards which I am saint. (Ed: actually, he’s an Eag twat, Ben Cousins is a fucking sure set-of-the-Dr-Zhivago-porno I’m s. fuck e celebutaunt keep throwing money at thes But, that’s okay, peeps, let’s just kids to emulate. they ’re great models for your


SOMETHING TO GET YOU ALL FIRED UP. Artillery plays a crucial role in both offensive and defensive operations. They provide Number in the Army Reserve, you make this possible. You'll also be responsible for the general maintenance and serviceability of the gun. So when artillery is needed, you can

earn tax-free pay.

For more information, contact 48th Field Battery, Royal Australian Artillery on 8305 6256. Alternatively, call 13 19 01 or visit

June 2008


Entropy Magazine - Issue 1604  

Established in 1992, as a youth culture magazine, Entropy Magazine’s is a design driven magazine, whose philosophy is to discover new creati...

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