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My Gynexin Review Hey! Thanks for checking out my site. My name’s John G. You can find out more about me here but let’s get on with my Gynexin review.

My Gynexin Review I have never been hugely overweight in my life but I’ve always been a little on the chunky side. It never really bothered me too much because I was more concerned with enjoying life, playing football with my pals and having a few beers! As we all know beer does give you a bit of a beer belly (hence the name eh) which just didn’t bother me at all. However in my mid twenties I took a new job which entailed me working at a desk all day. Since I was also working longer hours, I gave up on playing football and just watched matches on TV instead. At this point I started to pack on a few more pounds and my little baby beer belly was rapidly becoming a full gut! I cut down on the beer a little and managed to get back to pretty much where I’d been before. Except for one problem… …I now was developing man boobs!! I had assumed that I was just putting on flab all over and that once I lost the weight, my chest would slim down as well. ERRRRR WRONG! “Oh well” I thought, I’ll just lose a few more pounds, I could do with it anyway! So I carried on losing weight, although I didn’t go back to playing football as I was too embarrassed to think about getting changed or showering with the guys. Instead I started going to the gym as I reckoned that doing some weight lifting would also help me get rid of the man boobs. But even though I lost a total of 35lbs, bringing me down to 170lbs (which is about right for my height of 5 foot 7) I STILL had the horrible man boobs! At this point I decided I needed to seek expert help. I had already gone down the diet and exercise route, and I was taking some vitamins which had been recommended, but to no avail. I now had to think about specific products that would help me get rid of these horrible things. I was even considering surgery, although money was definitely an issue there as I knew it would be at least $5000.

I looked online for Gynexin Reviews I checked out Gynexin reviews after reading about the product in Mens Health magazine. What really attracted me to the product was their proof of results of people who had used the product. I was also relieved to hear how simple it was: just take up to four tablets a day with meals, drink plenty of water, and wait for my “moobs” to shrink! Sounded good to me! I figured that I had to try this product, because anything had to be worth a go. My girlfriend was getting really impatient with my “shy boy” routine about taking off my shirt, and she wanted to book a beach holiday in a few months’ time. I was way to embarrassed about my chest to even think about taking off my shirt by the pool or the beach.


So I decided I would order a bottle to try it out, but first I wanted to make sure I wasn’t getting into some kind of Gynexin scam and wouldn’t be taking anything harmful to me. I had heard plenty of horror stories about weight loss pills that either contain nothing or can cause heart attacks and I didn’t want any of that action! I printed out a list of the ingredients in Gynexin and asked one of the trainers at my gym about them. He took a look and confirmed to me that all the ingredients were known to be helpful to fat loss and would not be in any way harmful.

My Gynexin Results

My girlfriend took this photo of me after the treatment, enjoying our beach vacation

So I went ahead and ordered a pack and thought I would check out what happened. Because I wanted to see quick and definite results, I decided to take the maximum of four capsules per day, so I ordered two bottle, which altogether contains 120 tablets – a one month supply at 4 tablets a day. One thing that is really important is that you must drink an 8oz glass of water every time you take a capsule – don’t forget this as it definitely helps to flush out the fat cells! I began the tablets on a Monday morning and was alert for any changes almost immediately. I can say that I didn’t feel any different in myself or notice any energy changes or problems with my usual workouts. I just carried on as normal. After a couple of weeks I hadn’t seen any measurable results and was getting discouraged and thinking I had been ripped off. But I thought I would carry on anyway since I had bought a full month’s supply. It was in week 3 that I suddenly noticed a reduction in my chest size, and believe it or not it


happened almost literally overnight! I looked in the mirror as I was getting dressed that day and thought “Hmmm, something seems to be working here!” but didn’t have time to actually measure myself as I had to rush off to work. I didn’t get the change to measure my chest until a couple of days later, and when I did I was amazed to find that I’d dropped two inches since the beginning of the month! Needless to say I carried on taking it after that and ordered a second month’s supply too. Things were going so well that I told my girlfriend to go ahead and book the beach vacation she wanted, which made her very happy! By the time our vacation arrived, I had lost 4 inches off my chest and the tissue was noticeably tighter and I just looked – and felt – like a man again! I was able to sunbathe and swim with no shirt on and not a trace of worry or shame. I’m so glad I found Gynexin when I did and I hope my Gynexin review encourages other men in my position to try it too. Guys, you have nothing to lose but your man boobs!

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My Gynexin Review  
My Gynexin Review  

Hey! Thanks for checking out my site. My name’s John G. You can find out more about me here but let’s get on with my Gynexin review. I had a...