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Fitrocks workplace physical activity There is a constantly growing demand for the workplace to focus on the physical and mental wellbeing of their staff. Fitrocks are an excellent choice to motivate people to intersperse movement throughout their whole day. Fitrocks will put a smile on anyone’s face and inspire regular use.

Fitrocks commercial gym or physical therapy Fitrocks are perfect for functional training in any fitness or rehabilitation setting. Their unique and delightful appeal inspires clients to perform and participate in all forms of exercise, from physiotherapy to sports specific conditioning.

Fitrocks outdoor exercise Fitrocks are made of materials that you would normally find in nature, which makes them ideal for leaving outdoors. If you enjoy exercising in the open air, in your backyard or holiday home, Fitrocks are the perfect tools to enhance your exercise experience.

Fitrocks product displays We have designed a range of product displays and product stands suitable for different retail sales and gym & physiotherapy requirements.


Fitrocks story The handmade Finnish Fitrocks began their journey 600 million years ago when the lava began to bubble up deep from beneath the earth’s crust to create mountains. Numerous ice ages shaped and carved the mountains to create chunks of rock which then were shaped by sand and water to create these beautiful Fitrocks. We collect the toughest, most unique and beautiful granite stones from Finland to create exercise equipment that are not only functional but also appealing to the eye. Appropriate for the gym or home, Fitrocks bring nature and movement together. Gymstick International Oy | Ratavartijankatu 11, 15170 Lahti, Finland Tel. +358 10 229 3040 | Fax. +358 10 229 3049 | info@gymstick.com | www.gymstick.com

Dumbbell - 50001

Kettlebell - 50002

Material: Granite and birch available between 2 kg-20 kg, every 2 kg steps

Ropebell - 50003

Material: Granite and birch available between 4 kg-20 kg , every 2 kg steps

Gripbell - 50004

Material: Granite and hemp rope available between 2 kg – 20 kg, every 2 kg steps

Material: Granite available between 6 kg – 30 kg, every 2 kg steps

Material: Granite and birch available between 2 kg – 20 kg, every 2 kg steps

Hand made and hand-crafted

Fitrocks training at home

Unique Fitrocks

Fitrocks are hand-crafted from hand-picked and graded granite and Finnish birch to maintain their natural perfection. Each Fitrock is manually handled in Finland through the entire production process to ensure a high level of quality workmanship.

Fitrocks are ideal for training at home and unlike most fitness equipment, they have a home decore appeal. Out of sight, out of mind is an issue for most people, and because Fitrocks can be used for decoration as well as exercise, they will encourage you to maintain your fitness routine.

Rock has developed over millions of years and evolved through different geological conditions. Each piece of rock (stone) has its own story and is unique in its appearance. No stone is the same and thus every Fitrock is different.

Roller - 50006 Material: Birch and hemp rope available size 35 cm x 9 cm


Clubbell - 50005

Fitrock's weight is an approximation and not an exact weight. Why? Because when training for functionality, the load is rarely an exact weight. Fitrocks' weights will always be rounded to the nearest kilogram.

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