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Tips for Finding the Right Workout Clothes By Gym Star Apparel

Introduction Looking for workout clothes can be a drag but believe it or not, the clothes you wear during your workout have a large influence on how you feel after exercising. There are many factors to keep in mind when purchasing workout clothes including the type of exercise you are doing, fabric of the clothes, the season and more. This presentation will discuss the characteristics to consider when looking for workout clothes.

Type of Fabric Synthetic fabrics that are designed for wicking away sweat is the most ideal. These fabrics evaporate sweat from skin without making the clothes wet, allowing your skin to breathe. Nylon and polyester are good wicking material. It is recommended that you don’t buy rubber- or plastic-based fabric as these keep sweat from escaping causing you to be sweaty and uncomfortable.

Type of Exercise A good tip to keep in mind is that clothing should not get in the way when exercising. When running or biking wearing loose clothing is not a good idea as they can get caught in your bike or feet. A pair of shorts and Tshirt may be your best bet. A headband may be useful to prevent sweat from running down your face. For yoga or pilates, stretchy, durable clothes and formfitting attire allow for flexibility and comfort. For women, find a sturdy top that is not too revealing.


For an optimal exercise experience, you may have to change your workout clothes according to season and weather. • During the summer, chose clothes that wick away moisture and allow your skin to breathe • During the winter, wear layers with moisture wicking layer first and insulating layers after with a portective outlayer to protect you from wet and windy conditions


Comfort of your clothing is possibly the biggest factor to consider when choosing gym clothes. Find workout clothes that fit properly and enhance your favourite features so you are more confident when working out. The clothing should allow you to move freely and prevents chafing and irritation. Do a trial run in your clothing before you use them for working out.

Proper Footwear

Proper footwear is a must in order to prevent injury and getting the most out of your workout. For running, running shoes with cushioning and arch support is a good idea to have. For activities such as pilates and yoga, lightweight footwear is more appropriate. Finding the right footwear may require some shopping around to find one that is comfortable. Socks are also important when working out Socks prevent your feet from getting blisters, prevents foot odour and keeps you feet dry.

What Not to Wear

There are some common mistakes that people make when choosing workout clothes. Here are a few that you should avoid: • 100% Cotton clothing: While cotton is comfortable, it traps sweat, causing it to be heavy and stick to your skin. This prevents proper sweat from evaporating and cooling. • Baggy Clothing: Not only are they a safety hazard but they make it difficult for trainers to see if you are doing proper form. • Stiff Clothing: This would include jeans and denim. Wearing these to work out will make it difficult to exercise and it can cause tears in your clothing • Inadequate/No Footwear: Can lead to many different types of injuries to your legs and feet.

Conclusion Having proper workout clothes is essential to a fulfilling workout experience. Many factors must be taken into consideration when selecting your workout clothes. While you may be drawn to cheaper clothing, highquality clothing may be a good investment as they will withstand wear and tear and lead to a more efficient workout. Choose comfortable clothing that are suitable to the workout activity you are undertaking.

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Tips for Finding the Right Workout Clothes  

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