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We decided to style this years triple award winner for our cover shoot in a ‘Hollywood red carpet ready’ look. Karen wore a Rachel Gilbert dress and was given the star treatment by GW Mag’s style team Desiree O’toole (Madame Rouge herself) and session stylist Bree Van rens Burg and photographed by Bambi Wixon. Our cover girl, Karen Bazzan, is perhaps better know for her taste for designer fashion, handbags, all things Louboutin and her immaculate ability to step out at 8am for school and Kindy drop off looking a million bucks. Whilst most of us (me) are simply hoping our hair will dry straight with the window down and that we can pump enough mascara out of our very empty tube to get one last day out of it – because we forgot again to get to the chemist ... If I could buy some of that 8am magic I would!. In all seriousness Karen is one well dressed, well heeled smart lady and a deserving business woman with an astute and quiet manner. She joined her husband’s business

Donate Life 18

“Most people are amazed when I tell them that not only did Mum get a perfectly healthy liver that day but another patient received a kidney, in the same hospital.”

3 years ago taking on the role of customer service, sales and marketing and in these few short years has given the business a powerful face, built significant market presence and made Stirling Homes QLD a business that our region should be proud to have in its midst. “The one thing to remember is to be realistic, it didn’t start this way, and we didn’t just snap our fingers and all of a sudden here we were. Stirling Homes QLD started like many other businesses, we had a good product, there was a market – it’s what you do next that matters. With a strong vision of where we wanted to go, a lot of hours and hard work, a plan and dogged determination we built the business together (Peter and I ) with our team to where it is today. One day at a time. If I can pass on any advice it is to have a plan, know where you are going, love your product” So yes it is possible to Latte in your Louboutins whilst building a multimillion dollar business, but only after you’ve done the hard yards sipping Moccona in your Diana Ferrari’s. There is hope for me yet! - Ed.

DIY Kids Tea Party


You can achieve the fairytale

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Ad Artwork 4 May

Launch 24 May 5

Editor note

emotion, experience and challenge that goes with the responsibility for another life… if you can survive kids you can survive anything!

Scarlett Molly McVey Deadlines and schedules. Something I have had plenty of time to think about lately. I had everything planned for the arrival of Scarlett Molly McVey. She was due on 1 April, Hubby was due home from overseas on 25 March just in time and I was going to stop work on 16 March... hmmm. We got through the Law Essentials Gympie Women in Business Awards, just one last big job was left before I finished up – the magazine. But well Miss Scarlett had other ideas and decided to arrive 6 hours after the awards finished, 4 weeks early. So yes here I write my editors piece 3 weeks later than planned – because what is it they say? Best laid plans of mice and men? Or best laid plans of woman and baby? So things change around us and we change to adapt it’s all a part of life. Speaking of life in the literal sense, that is ‘to be alive, or to give life’ in this issue we explore a few areas that stem from this. Bringing another life into this world; the gift of giving life and that of receiving it; and the importance of celebrating life and all its achievements. Bringing another life into this world... Having a baby is one crazy ride, children guarantee one thing - decades of every possible

This is something I have just lined up for again at almost 39 (shhh) and now we are a family of five, two boys and a girl. With a girl I admit it’s the future shopping trips and girly fun that I now find in my thoughts and it’s exciting after 6 years of Fireman Sam, Spiderman, Ben 10 and all things boy related – whoo hoo. As I shared the last 8 months with many of you the topic of motherhood and everything related to it was constant and it’s not as simple as A plus B. As a mother who has lost a child I know this and I am aware of the fragility of life in every possible way. How for some having children is not a given, nor is it always easy and often it is simple not possible. However science, the law and society’s opinions on things are always changing. This also applies to having children. I have a very close friend who has travelled the harrowing journey of trying to have children through IVF using an egg donor overseas and been unsuccessful each time. At 41 she faces the real possibility she may never carry a child. For her this is devastating. Yet we rarely speak about this type of thing as it’s seen as too sensitive or too sombre an issue … well I think it equally can be something to celebrate as we educate ourselves about what options we have available so it’s time we touched on some of this. So what are the options for Australians? Selena Catwright tells us of the legalities of Surrogacy in Queensland and Julie Austin explores some of the options available to those trying to start a family. The gift of life… is one we can all sign up for. We spent some time with Organ transplant recipient Jenny Zerner and her daughters to find out about the reality of what it means to be given the gift of life literally, and why you need to make sure your family knows your wishes.

Celebrating life… March was a month to celebrate women and the role we play as mums, partners, friends, businesswomen and more! We celebrated the third year of the Law Essentials Gympie Women in Business Awards on International Women’s Day where this year one woman did truly shine. Australian’s are often renowned for our cultural Tall Poppy Syndrome. Not here. I am proud to say in this issue we unashamedly and loudly celebrate those in our region and their achievements. Their success I hope offers inspiration to not only you and I but importantly to our younger generations. A big loud congratulations must go to top winner Karen Bazzan our very own leading lady who was red carpet styled for our cover shoot (read more on page 5) and to all our winners we honour you in this issue, for your action and achievements. We also honour our sponsors whom without the awards would not exist: Law Essentials, Baldwin Cartwright Lawyers, Born Creative, Gympie Chamber of Commerce, Gympie Regional Council, National Australia Bank, Stirling Homes QLD, Wealth Directions; DVS Beauty Spot, Photography by Bambi; Bright Spark Websites and Marina Taylor Catering and Décor. Finally let’s not forget the usual good reads and fun stuff too! Our fabulous award winning photographer and ‘red shoe photographer diary’ blogger Bambi Wixon styled and shot a belissima outdoor kids tea party, she shares her ideas on how you can do this at home! Marylouise Cartwright from Your Sanctuary shows us what to do with those family heirlooms that you love for sentimental reasons, sadly not for their good looks – from ugly duckling to swan on show. Plus beauty, hair and make-up, the perfect white teeth, shaved heads for a cure, and our exclusive Mother’s Day giveaway thanks to DVS Beauty Spot + a whole lot more. Grab your favourite cuppa, curl up and enjoy it all!

The Team at GW Mag HQ Shannon McVey Editor / Advertising Julie Thomas Art Director / Sub-Editor Carol Flikweert Senior Designer Gympie Women in Business 8 Duke Street phone 5483 7018

Shannon McVey Editor

Photography Bambi Wixon Photography by Bambi

Life etc Heather Parsons Aunty Pearl

Hair and Beauty Beauty Desiree O’toole Madame Rouge

Lifestyle Women’s Health Julie Austin Women’s Health

Blogger Jody Allen Stay at Home Mum

Hair Gina Drescher Your Serenity

Blogger Bruce Devereaux Big Family Little Income

Business Legal Selena Cartwright Baldwin Cartwright Lawyers

Dental Health Mark Cull Channon and Lawrence Interiors Marylou Cartwright Your Sanctuary Health Paula Cartwright Naturopath

Lee Tompkins Chilli Chocolate Publishing Events Tanya Easterby Adventure In All Directions

Technology Mark Goding Gold City Computers Online Audrey Plate Brightspark Websites

Contributors Questions, Comments, Suggestions? send yours to

Audrey Plate Brightspark Websites

Desiree O’Toole Madame Rouge Makeup

CEO Bright Spark Websites, avid Facebooker, lover of all things digital, lucky wife and mother to three sons. I love being involved in our community whenever I can, and still after 10 years Gympie is my favourite place. The person I most admire... Audrey Hepburn for her grace, honour and sense of humour...also she makes my name so cool

Award winning makeup artist having worked extensively throughout Australia and overseas on many film sets, television, photo shoots to list a few. She is a renowned beauty blogger and a regular on you tube. The person I most admire... my mum she gave all of herself to my sister and myself and is still giving to my children.

Naturopath, herbalist, fitness instructor and freelance writer whose driving passion is inspiring the world to greater health and fitness. The person I most admire... Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Kyi who spent 15yrs under house arrest for opposing Burma’s military regime and who now looks set to be elected into Paula parliament, opening the way Cartwright to ending European and Cooloola Coast American sanctions against Natural Therapies the poverty stricken country.

A veteran in the early childhood area for 34 years, Heather has worked for the past 13 at Alma Street Pre-Prep. ‘Aunty Pearl’ was developed as an amusing way for the children to listen to a story-teller telling traditional stories. She struck a chord with some parents as well. The person I most admire... Gympie gal Louisa Heather Parson Corbet because of her “Aunty Pearl’s courage, quiet determination Pearls of Wisdom” and her deep love for her family and community.

The sole Principal of one of our regions largest law firms Baldwin Cartwright Lawyers. This multi award winning lawyer has more than 11 years experience in the legal industry, with a keen interest in family law. The person I most admire... Richard Branson: an inspirational successful Selena Cartwright businessman who defies Baldwin Cartwright convention.


Bambi Wixon Photography By Bambi

Gina Drescher Your Serenity Hair & Beauty

Jody Allen Stay At Home Mum

Julie Austin Gympie & District Women’s Health Centre

Bambi has based her successful Fine Art Photographic studio around Portraits & Weddings. Her work has taken her all over Australia and into NZ. Bambi is heavily involved with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. The person I most admire... is my Photography mentor Ross Eason. How can so much knowledge fit into one mind?!

Hairdressing since 16, married to the most understanding and tolerable man, mother of 4 incredible children and couldn’t achieve running a busy new hair and beauty business without the support of them all and my wonderful mother-in-law. The person I most admire... All the working mothers, who manage to maintain a stable home life with happy families and succeed in business aswell.

Mother of two, mad blogger and owner of Stay at Home Mum – The Secret to Living on One Wage. It is a website dedicated to being frugal and getting back to basics, helping anyone who wants to save money by being smart by using less! The person I most admire... Rita O’Neill. She has so much get up and go, time for everyone and is a lovely lovely lady. She also does so much for her community and school. She is inspirational.

Business Services Manager for Gympie Womens Health Clinic, Julie has been an advocate of Women’s health for many years. GWHC offers free counselling, information, advocacy and referral services to women in Cooloola region. The person I most admire... Anyone who follows their dreams!

MaryLouise Cartwright Your Sanctuary

An Interior Designer with an infectious passion for glorious colour design and energy. She has the ability to create the desired mood for any space. The person I most admire... Audrey Hepburn. A successful business woman, loved mother, great friend, tireless humanitarian (long before it was fashionable) and a style and beauty that lives on.

Dr Mark Cull Channon and Lawrence Dental Centre

Principal Dentist at Channon & Lawrence Mark has a keen professional interest in the promotion of the importance of dental health. This is evidenced by a quality dental practise and the active involvement of the team in taking dental education to the community The person I most admire... Lance Armstrong, always continues with a positive outlook even when the odds seem insurmountable.

Owner of Leading Edge Gold City Computers, a self confessed IT, Technology geek. Experience spans PC and Apple Mac, Mark is the only Mac reseller in Gympie. His corporate IT experience is valued in the Leading Edge network.

Mark Goding Gold City Computers

Lee Tompkins Chilli Chocolate Publishing

Tanya operates Adventure in All Directions, a volunteer service for Gympie Regional Residents. Free events and volunteer listings monthly via email and hard copy. She is an ambassador for Tourism, Events & Volunteers.

Tanya Easterby Adventure In All Directions

Bruce Devereaux Big Family Little Income

Wife, mother of two active boys and Media Liason Offficer at the Gympie Regional Council, Lee also runs her own business Chilli Chocolate Publishing. The person I most admire... It’s cliche, but my parents as they are my mentors, my role models. They are still a major influence in my life.

A father of seven, Bruce is often found pretending to be asleep on the couch. When not at work he enjoys reading, writing, hiding from his children and not changing nappies. Bruce is responsible for the highly entertaining and popular blog ‘Big Family Little Income’ bigfamilylittleincome. The person I most admire... William Shakespeare - he invented the word ‘grovel’ without which my marriage would crumble. 7

We really do have some talented individuals in our midst and I am sure there are a whole lot more out there amongst our readers we just don’t know about! This years Law Essentials Gympie Women in Business Awards was a brilliant showcase of just a snapshot of our regions achievers. Every person and business that won on the night was deserving of their award. Over the next 7 pages you will read about 12 extraordinary ‘ordinary’ women and what it is they did to deserve a spot in this years winners line up! 8

celebrating success The Law Essentials GWIB Excellence Awards were first launched in 2010 by the Gympie Women in Business Network, to acknowledge women from the region who are making a positive difference to our community...

Shannon McVey photos: Photography by Bambi

We celebrate their achievements each year on International Women’s Day and thank them for making such a successful Each year we put the spotlight on women contribution to our community. Thanks to our exceptional Judging panel of three. whom their peers believe strive for and achieve excellence. These are women who Chaired by Cr. Rae Gáté and including Mayoress Mrs Dulcie Dyne a strong have taken their career, their business or advocate for all women in our community their personal commitment for the comand Mrs Rayeleene Elston the 2010 munity to the next level. Whose passion Professional Business Woman of the Year for what they do is exemplary and shines for the Sunshine Coast Women’s Network. through as a positive example for others. ...either in business, in their career or through their commitment to giving back.

Winners: back row - Tina Kirkham Smith; Carolyn Mandersloot; Branka Starcevic; Leonie Sorensen; Kylie Dale; Michelle Agnew; Marlene Owen; Monica Cannon; front row - Sarah Chapman; Karen Bazzan; Mary Cull.

Now in it’s third year we are very excited at the calibre of entries that continue to be received. This year there were almost 70 nominations and this was narrowed through a rigorous process to 42 finalists that were interviewed over two days. 9

Karen Bazzan Stirling Homes QLD

Winner Law Essentials Business Woman of Excellence 2012 Winning this award carries both honour and responsibility as the woman who wins this is considered the best in her field, this woman personifies what it means to be a woman of excellence in business and life. This year Karen stood out. She not only juggles lifestyle, personal commitments, 3 children and a business, she also manages to keep all in the air successfully with style and grace. She is the total business woman. Karen is the customer service and marketing side of the very successful Stirling Homes QLD. She has earned respect across her industry and the region for what she has achieved in the business in 3 short years. Congratulations to all our finalists Dr. Rita Goulart - Channon & Lawrence Dental Centre; Carolyn Mandersloot - Capelli Foods; Bambi Wixon - Photography By Bambi

From the judges: Karen is confident, and organised. She is a first class business leader who gives more than 100% to everything!

Winner Law Essentials Business of the Year 2012

Stirling Homes QLD is an exemplary example From the judges: to our entire business community in all areas: A business with innovative marketing operations, finance, HR, marketing, sales, campaigns, support of staff through product and service. Stirling Homes QLD training, incentives and rewards. An is committed to it’s people and the region outstanding business which ticked all it engages in. It has a voice and opinion in the boxes and more! it’s industry and is award winning having recently taken out the Master Builders Best Display Home for the Sunshine Coast. Their Congratulations to all our finalists level of return business speaks volumes. They are one to watch and we expect to see Channon & Lawrence Dental Centre more great things from this business into the Photography By Bambi future. They also have an active commitment to their staff and succession planning as well as the community.

Law Essentials, Gympie, is a busy law firm that is operated and managed entirely by women. We believe this places us in a unique position to appreciate the commitment and effort that women must put in to be a success in business, and also has encouraged in us all a deep admiration for the initiative, energy and drive of Gympie Women in Business, particularly as we focus on building our own brand based on those qualities. For those reasons, we are honoured and thrilled to be aligned with the GWIB Business Excellence Awards. Kate Roberts, Senior Associate - Law Essentials

Winner Born Creative Marketing Campaign of the Year 2012

From the judges: A sparkling far from regular housing marketing campaign. It was a Vision that became reality!

And again! Stirling Homes QLD achieved outstanding success through the innovative Tiffany & Co marketing campaign designed to encourage new contracts and attract the younger market. This promotion was effective, attention grabbing and it delivered! The Tiffany & Co Experience was an integrated campaign with many elements incorporating a sales strategy, launch event, advertising, direct mail and more.

Everything about Born Creative is ‘about branding’ and the importance of this in all that a business does. Development and execution of innovative, targeted and measurable marketing activities is an intrinsic part of what we do. We are excited to sponsor this award and to acknowledge achievements in this field.

Congratulations to all our Finalists Akiki Wellbeing -Twilight Expo; Sally Garrahy - Rocky Ridge Rd Shannon McVey presents winner Karen Bazzan

Kate Roberts presents winner Karen Bazzan

Shannon McVey, Director - Born Creative

Sarah Chapman National Australia Bank

Winner Baldwin Car twright Lawyers Young Gun Woman of Excellence 2012 Sarah represents the present and the future of women, who typify what it takes to be successful and pursue their goals with passion and drive. She is the next Business Woman of Excellence. This young gun is going places and shows remarkable talent and drive. Sarah is well respected in her role and is a success professionally. Congratulations to all our finalists Shawnee Collier - Stirling Homes; Alisha Nicolaou - Capelli Foods; Desiree O’toole Madame Rouge Make-Up.

From the judges: A well rounded young woman who has made sacrifices in leaving her family and friends to follow her dream. Quietly spoken, confident achiever!

Selena Cartwright presents winner Sarah Chapman

We at Baldwin Cartwright are proud to support the Law Essentials GWIB Excellence Awards as it is an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the many amazing achievements and contributions of some of our regions most outstanding business women. As a multi-award winning ‘young gun’ lawyer I am honoured to sponsor the Young Gun Award. We wish you a lifetime of success and may this be the very beginning of many more achievements to come throughout the course of your career. Selena Cartwright, Principal - Baldwin Cartwright Lawyers

Monica Cannon Mary River Motor Inn

Winner Stirling Homes QLD New Business of the Year This new business has made its mark and hit the ground running! Mary River Motor Inn is another exemplary example of how to open and operate a new business. How to get it right from knowing your market, developing your product, to the launch and ongoing management. The business growth to date has been exceptional and is here to stay. Even at this stage Monica is able to look beyond her own business to contribute to the community. Mary River Motor Inn is a shining example to all having already been a recognised by their industry peers as a finalist in the QHA Awards for Excellence. Congratulations to all our Finalists DVS Beauty Spot, Your Serenity Hair & Beauty, Zesty Edibles

From the judges: Professional, customer focused business that provides an experience that rivals many metropolitan hotels.

Karen Bazzan presents winner Monica Cannon

Stirling Homes Qld is well connected to the ‘New Business of the Year’ category. As the proud owner of a local business, I feel it is very special to our region when a new business starts up and that as a community, we need to get behind and support any new business to ensure its prolonged success. Stirling Homes Qld is a relatively new business itself, having only been in operation for 9 years, so I definitely understand the importance of this award and what it is to be recognised for your early business success. Karen Bazzan, Manager - Stirling Homes Qld 11

Carolyn Mandersloot Capelli Foods

Winner Gympie Women in Business Judges Award for Excellence 2012 When there are women deserving of recognition beyond a category or for something the judges find so impressive it must be acknowledged, they have the capacity to call in this additional category. This year there were three women finalists in this category whom the judges feel have achieved great success deserving of recognition. It was Carolyn’s diversity and ability to juggle her career, restaurant and family as well as her commitment to the community that made her a worthy recipient. Congratulations to all our finalists Narelle Keep - Craftsmen Kitchens; Mary Cull - Channon & Lawrence Dental Centre.

From the judges: A professional business woman and mother who is passionate about business and community. Carolyn is very diverse - from the Restaurant to nursing at Little Haven Palliative Care.

Mayoress Dulcie Dyne presents winner Carolyn Mandersloot

We firmly believe and see it everyday – women are such an intrinsic and critical part of a regional community in so many areas. The Gympie Women in Business Network exists to support such an important sector of our community and we recognise the critical part women play in regional communities in business and beyond – sponsoring this award is part of our commitment to you all. Julie Thomas Director - Gympie Women in Business

Channon & Lawrence Dental Centre

Winner Gympie Chamber of Commerce Employer of the Year 2012 It was their approach to their people who ‘are our business’ that set Channon & Lawrence Dental apart. A progressive and innovative approach to the business, training and education programs for staff and support of new ideas and innovation bought to the business by their team. It’s the sum of all these parts, their integrity and the outcomes that make Channon & Lawrence Dental Centre an employer of choice. Congratulations to all our finalists Stirling Homes QLD; Wealth Directions; Your Serenity Hair & Beauty. 12

From the judges: Progressive business that ensures staff are trained and supported and that their personal needs are considered/accommodated.

Ben Ellingsen presents winner Mary Cull

Gympie is fortunate to be home to many successful businesses, both big and small. The Gympie Chamber of Commerce Inc. sees the Employer of the Year Excellence Award as a wonderful opportunity to reward and recognise those employers who go above and beyond the “norm” when it comes to looking after their employees. The finalists have all sort to engage and empower their employees in a way that works for all parties. Ben Ellingsen, President - Gympie Chamber of Commerce

Branka Starcevic

Channon & Lawrence Dental Centre

Winner Wealth Directions Employee of the Year 2012 There is something that sets this team member aside from their peers, its not just what they do to fulfil the job description, because they don’t ever ‘just’ do their job. It’s how they add value to the business and the people around them. Branka does all this and more and it was her focus to providing high quality care for her clients and her team that was a standout for the judges. An employee that approach their work as though the business were their own is a rare and valuable find. Congratulations to all our finalists Shawnee Collier - Stirling Homes; Lauren Cassar - Mary River Motor Inn

From the judges: An outstanding team leader who is focused on providing high quality care for clients.

Trena-Jane Rowlands presents winner Branka Starcevic

The best asset of a business is their staff. We would like to congratulate all of the ‘Employees’ who have been nominated for this award. To be nominated is a testament to how much you are valued and appreciated by your employer, work-mates and clientele. At Wealth Directions we know how important our people are to our continued growth and success. With this in mind, Lance and I felt sponsoring the category ‘Employee of the Year’ in the 2012 Women in Business Excellence Awards was a natural fit for us. Trena-Jane Rowlands, Director/Marketing Coordinator - Wealth Directions

Marlene Owen

Supporting Chemotherapy in Cooloola

Winner National Australia Bank Ser vice to the Community Award 2012 Marlene commits herself tirelessly to the community locally and beyond. She is someone who has for many years given her time and passion towards her local community and the people within it. Marlene is perhaps best know for her work with Supporting Chemotherapy in Cooloola (SCIC) over the past years.

Congratulations to all our finalists Cathy Howe - Cabaret at the Kazbar Daphne Davies - MS Black and White Dinner

From the judges: Marlene simply cares about people. Marlene sees a need and confidently assists the best way she can.

Sarah Chapman presents winner Marlene Owen

NAB believes in people and communities. We aim to build genuine connections so that we can continue to help grow vibrant and sustainable communities. We support all communities in which we operate, with a focus on activities that build social and economic well-being both now and in the future. Our decision to sponsor the award for Service to the Community was simple as it allows us to recognise the amazing contributions individuals are making each day in our community. Sarah Chapman, Associate – NAB Gympie Business Banking Centre


Prouds the Jewellers Centro Gympie

Winner Gympie Regional Council Excellence in Retail Industry 2012 As a retailer ‘Prouds the Jewellers’ had what the judges were looking for. The entire retail experience delivered with an emphasis on quality delivered through consistent service, in-depth product knowledge and a team who truly enjoy their work and who they work for. Leonie and Kylie are a dynamic management team and take enormous pride in their positions, their shop and their staff. The customer experience matches the brand promise. They manage the business as if it were their own, a rare find. Congratulations to all our finalists Craftsmen Kitchens; Gympie Blinds; Stewart Terrace Butchery

From the judges: Clearly proud of their workplace and team-work. They personify a service based approach to retail and that is understanding the customer is the key to the business - that’s great customer service!

Bernard Smith presents winners Leonie Sorensen and Kylie Dale

To succeed in the Retail Industry in this challenging economic climate, you must have a passion for your business, knowledge and education of your industry, exceptional leadership skills and a dedication to your team. Gympie Regional Council is committed to supporting retailers in our region and commends all nominees and finalists in this years Excellence in Business Awards and congratulates the 2012 winner Prouds The Jewellers. Bernard Smith, CEO- Gympie Regional Council

Akiki Optimal Wellbeing Tina Kirkham-Smith

Winner Gympie Women in Business Excellence in a Ser vice Industr y 2012 As a service provider you and your knowledge are your business. Like retail customer service and a true passion for what you do is everything. The judges were looking for someone who was committed and demonstrated something extraordinary in their role in the business and their approach to what they offered. Akiki Optimal Wellbeing ticked all the right boxes this year with Tina’s holistic approach to her clients. Akiki Optimal Wellbeing is a natural therapy centre. Congratulations to all our finalists DVS Beauty Spot; Your Serenity Hair & Beauty. 14

From the judges: Extremely focused on providing education and empowerment to people of all ages.

Julie Thomas presents winner Tina Kirkham-Smith

We firmly believe and see it everyday – women are such an intrinsic and critical part of a regional community in so many areas. The Gympie Women in Business Network exists to support you such an important sector of our community and we recognise the critical part women play in regional communities in business and beyond – sponsoring this award is part of our commitment to you all. Julie Thomas Director - Gympie Women in Business

Flavourfest Michelle Agnew

Winner Gympie Women in Business Community Initiative of the year 2012 This award is about recognising those programs or events that add value to our community and its people. The judges found what they were looking for in Flavourfest. A community event supported by volunteers as well as business designed to showcase our regions food and produce. It delivered on all levels involving local producers, local people, local businesses all while attracting national interest and support from celebrity chefs and outside visitors. Congratulations to all our finalists Cabaret At The Kazbar, Ms Black And White Dinner

From the judges: Passionate, dynamic woman who cares about Gympie and Gympie people. Really wants to put Gympie on the Map for Australia!

Julie Thomas presents winner Michelle Agnew

Commitment to community is part of being in business. The GWIB network exists to support women in business in our community and beyond. We are proud to sponsor an award that recognises community initiatives that support our region economically and socially. Julie Thomas Director - Gympie Women in Business


Proud Winners Employer of the year Employee of the year

Finalist Business Woman of Excellence Judges Award for Excellence

GWIB Excellence Awards 2012 Gentle Dentistry covering all aspects of your family’s dental needs.

WINNER New Business of the Year FINALIST Employee of the Year

p. 5482 7688

5482 9977 | 15

Our top FIVE women that have helped shape the world ...and why

All Occasion Catering Personal Chef Quality House Made Produce winner Judges Award of Excellence finalist Business Woman of Excellence Young Gun Woman of Excellence

For all things food Restaurant and Bar 13 Alfred Street Gympie, QLD P 07 5482 9515 16


Dr Catherine Hamlin, Fistula Hospital Ethiopia


Katie Piper

The Katie Piper Foundation

Why she made the list: For her selfless life long commitment to giving young women their life back.

Why she made the list: She is an inspiration and a true testament that from great adversity can come great triumph.

An Australian obstetrician and gynaecologist who, with her late husband New Zealander Dr. Reg Hamlin, cofounded the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, the world’s only medical centre dedicated exclusively to providing free obstetric fistula repair surgery to poor women suffering from childbirth injuries. They also cofounded an associated nonprofit organisation, Hamlin Fistula.

A woman’s personal tragedy and journey to recovery has led her to a life of changing the lives of people just like her. In 2008, she was the victim of a rape and acid attack that left her with severe facial disfigurement. Through her recovery she was motivated to found The Katie Piper Foundation to provide information on and access to non-surgical treatments for burns and scars, and to campaign for consistent clinical care and develop a support network for people living with burns and disfigurement.


Oprah Winfrey Queen of all Media

Why she made the list: need we even explain. Where do we start? Because she uses TV to help us live our best lives; because her book club created millions of readers; because she’s a benevolent billionaire, giving gazillions to charity; because of her Leadership Academy.


Gertrude Belle Elion


Gabrielle “Coco” Bonheur Chanel

Style icon

Why she made the list: For her gift of timeliness style that transcends generations Her personal life was complicated, her design credo simple and elegant: “Fashion fades; only style remains the same,” she said. Merci for giving us Chanel No. 5 in 1922, her signature cardigan jacket in 1925, “little black dress” in 1926 and her first handbag in 1955. For making her comeback to the fashion world at 71 proving age is no barrier. For leaving a legacy of class and style that continues to transcend all fashion decade after decade. ‘Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.’ - Coco Chanel

Medical Researcher

Why she made the list: Thousands of people have been given a second chance because of her. This Nobel Prize-winning research scientist codeveloped two drugs that fought leukemia and, in 1957, developed the first immunosuppressant agent, a development that made it possible to transplant organs.

Spotlight On GWIB Network Members’ Achievements Shannon McVey

Ok. So, what do you get when you take one bright spark, a crazy idea, a woman who is game enough and a chance to raise awareness for a cure? Audrey with no hair!

Our very own Audrey Plate decided it was high time she lost her hair over all the stress we put her through each issue and went bald – literally. Not really. Motivated by the real life struggles of living with cancer and the impact of the side effects of treatment, (hair loss being one of the most obvious), Audrey decided to shave for a cure. Audrey you are a legend! If you would like to support this worthy cause contact

We at Gympie Woman Magazine would like to congratulate the fabulous Bambi Wixon on her achievements at the recent QPP Awards! She won 5 silvers in the following: 3 for Landscapes,1 for a child case study in the Family category and 1 for a Wedding Album. So what’s next for this amazing home-grown talent? “Now I am fine tuning and selecting images to enter in the National Print Awards to be held in Melbourne late May. I will travel down to not only watch the judging but also to be a part of the ‘behind the scenes’ crew who look after the prints and make the Judging process operate smoothly. The National awards sees 1000’s of entries of incredibly high professional standards. It is both a wonderful learning experience to see what the judges look for in printed images and also to see the creativity of other photographers from around Australia.” We are so lucky to have her on our team Watch this space! (QPP - Qld Professional Photography)


Have the family discussion

Myth: I’m already registered. I don’t have to do anything more. Even if you are on the Australian Organ Donor Register donation won’t proceed without your family’s consent. If your family know your wishes to be an organ donor, they are more likely to give consent.

The Perfect Gift

Jenny Zerner (centre) with daughters Anna (left) and Naomi (right). Photo: Photography By Bambi

February was organ donor awareness month … Thousands of Australians every year live with a terminal illness or disease with only one medical chance of survival, one that cannot be promised or scheduled, one that is ironic in it’s gift – yes sadly it means the death of one for the gift of life for another and sometimes many more. And it’s one chance that may never come. It’s the wait for the important life-saving phone call to deliver the news ‘a donor match has become available’ One Gympie resident lived this and luckily for her that phone call came. Jenny Zerner never imagined her life would literally rely on the generosity of a complete stranger to survive, but it did.

Here’s Jenny’s story… My husband Neville and I had always been regular blood donors and as an extension of this had also registered with the Australian Organ Donor Registry. We never really thought about how special donors were. It was an everyday decision for us to make to help others. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be the one needing the help – that one day I would be the recipient of not only blood and platelets but of a healthy and perfect liver. After a series of illnesses over 2 years from 2003, all seen as mostly ‘normal’ given my 18

age and weight, but in hind sight were all indicators of the terrible illness I was finally diagnosed with - Advanced Liver Disease. On the day of my appointment with the Liver Specialist, Neville and I were left stunned by his direct manner in which I was told ‘you have terminal liver failure, there’s no medication and no cure’ I couldn’t believe he was actually talking to me. I remember turning around to see who else was in the room but he was looking directly at, and talking to me. I was too shocked to even form the questions ‘What sort of disease is it really?’ ‘How did I get it? And the big one ‘How long do you think I have got left to live?’ The few things I remember the specialist saying was liver disease was worse than cancer as there was nothing that could be done at all other than try to contain and extend the life of the liver which, as it progressed, would mean more frequent visits to medical facilities and personnel and stays in hospital. The liver disease was well advanced but the specialist was unable to confirm the exact progression of the disease. After extensive testing it was confirmed as Cirrhosis. To this day this puzzles all involved why did I have this particular type of liver disease normally attributed to those who are heavy drinkers or smokers? Telling my children, my girls and my parents was one of the hardest things I have ever had

to do. There is no easy way to say ‘I have terminal liver failure and that I am going to die in the not too distant future’. There was hope for a donor liver but with my blood type, the chances were less than those with other more common blood types so I was on a separate list. I remember quite clearly my elder daughter, Naomi, running outside of the house where she could cry and digest the news whilst Anna, my younger daughter, put her head down on the table with her long hair covering her face and did not move for a long time. My dad cried and my mum always strong looked like she had been punched in the stomach. Afterwards, we all cried together and prayed a donor liver would become available. I tried to live my life as normally as possible in the following three years. I never wanted to admit that I was dying a little more each day, but I was. I believed if I said this out loud it might come true. Of course, counsellors and medical personnel advised I attend to various matters including my will, enduring power of attorney and such. We also on Doctor’s advice as a family undertook extensive travel in April and May 2005. The four of us embarked on a world tour with time in Germany and USA, where the girls had spent 12 months as exchange students whilst studying. As my disease progressed, my liver was not able to function and clean my blood, my cognitive skills declined rapidly, my brain

simply could not cope with the toxins in the blood. Chronic tiredness, lack of energy and fluid retention were the first symptoms to emerge. This was followed by very severe cramping and itching all over, I turned the common liver disease yellow developed shaking and trembling, was unable to spell, read, write or sign my name, suffered loss of balance which resulted in many severe falls. I was only able to move about using a wheelie-walker, I loss 80% of my vision, developed slurred speech, depression and anxiety … the list was endless. I could not perform a multitude of tasks, could not attend to my business, and could not do any household chores. It was a miserable time. Once on the official ‘Transplant List’ your life revolves around this. Given the fragility of organs speed is everything. We needed to stay within two hours of the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane as the liver, once collected from the donor, must be inserted in the recipient and working within 10 to 11 hours. Our lives revolved around medical and hospital precincts between Gympie and Brisbane. Then it happened. September 2007, I received the call for a possible liver transplant it was

Fast Facts One organ, eye and tissue donor can save or enhance the lives of 10 or more people. Australia is a world leader for successful transplant outcomes, yet has one of the lowest donation rates in the developed world. Around 1600 people are on Australian organ transplant waiting lists. On average, people on the transplant list can wait between 6 months and 4 years. In 2011, 337 organ donors gave 1001 Australians a new chance at life. The majority of Australians are generally willing to become organ (79%) and tissue (76%) donors but, Australia’s family consent rate is low, with less than 60% of families giving consent for organ and tissue donation to proceed. The most important thing that helps a family’s decision is their knowing the wishes of their loved one. The good news is that the majority of Australians (93%) that are aware of their family members’ wishes agree and support these wishes. So, have the Family Discussion today.

10.00pm we had to leave Gympie immediately for the hospital. My hopes were high and my heart felt like it is jumping out of my chest. After 15 hours of expectation, I was all prepped and ready to be wheeled into surgery when the Transplant Co-ordinator delivered the devastating news the liver was not suitable for transplant. I returned home heavy with sadness I thought my only chance for this life saving transplant had come and gone as you only get to the top of the list and the call when you have end stage liver disease, but not to far as your body needs to still be healthy enough to cope with the hours of surgery it takes for the transplant and the long recovery process. Then, like a miracle, I was blessed to receive a second call for a liver transplant on 13 December 2007 at 11.00pm. Things by this stage were truly desperate as my health was extremely critical my other organs had begun to shut down.

feeling joyous to be alive whilst at the same time, feeling guilty my amazing donor was not. It is like a double-edged sword, one family is happy and another family is grieving. You cannot express what this person has given you it’s beyond words. So many Australians, just like I was, are in need of life saving organ transplants but due to the huge shortage of donor organs, these patients die from their disease before receiving a transplant. Without the donor liver, this would have been me. I was 53 years of age when diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the liver and I certainly hadn’t planned on dying at this young age, I could have if it were not for the wishes of one person who decided to become an organ donor for this I am eternally grateful. If I had been just a few years older things could have been very different. Those over 65 years of age generally means you are not included on the liver transplant list for this very fact there are just too few organs available.

After three weeks in hospital, my husband and I spent the next 12 weeks living in a unit near the PA hospital. Upon discharge, I became a day patient, firstly every day, then every two This is only one of the many, many important days, then every three days and so on until the reasons why more organ donors are required. end of the 12 weeks. Every donor is treated with reverence and One very important fact, which I did not dwell respect. They are giving a miraculous gift of on prior to the transplant is that a donor had life. There is no greater gift. gw to die before I could get a lifesaving liver. I was

Naomi and Anna’s story… At first, it didn’t feel real for Anna and I that Mum was seriously ill. Neither of us remembers when we first found out, it wasn’t until her extended stays in hospital that it hit home. Both of us are more emotional about it now than at the time. It was a lot harder on Dad he lived her illness every day.

It’s funny the reaction I get when I say Mum had a liver transplant. The first thing most people think (and sometimes blurt out) is did she have a drinking problem, which is highly amusing as Mum would be hard-pressed to have more than 1 glass of wine a year. It does, however, get people asking about the where’s and how’s and whys of organ donation.

I vividly remember the day of her transplant. Dad rang us so Anna and I could speak to Mum before surgery. We burst into tears as we hung up, then had to compose ourselves to call Grandma and other family members. I did go to work that day, but when one of my colleagues asked me how I was and I burst into tears, I went home again. We spent the rest of the day fielding calls from family so Dad could sleep.

Most people are amazed when I tell them that not only did Mum get a perfectly healthy liver that day but another patient received a kidney in the same hospital, several other fortunate recipients would have also received organs from that one donor. We go to a Thanksgiving Service every year for donor families and transplant recipients and their families. It’s both a happy and sad day, but something that is important to everyone involved in the transplant process.

We first saw Mum after her transplant in intensive-care it was upsetting with all the machines attached to her. The best thing was seeing the whites of her eyes return to normal colour within two days. Her skin which was that unhealthy yellow took several more days. I remember thinking that Mum’s liver is the best Christmas present ever - her transplant was on 14 December, and nothing will ever top that.

Dad, Anna and I are all registered Organ Donors, both Dad and I give blood regularly as well. Most people don’t know that saying ‘yes’ to organ donation on your licence is not enough to guarantee your organs will be donated. Anna was very proactive when we found out about Mum, we used emails and Facebook to tell everyone we knew to register for Organ Donation and received a really positive response. gw 19


A Special Gift for Mum

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If you love beauty


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Frizz Free This issue we are reviewing the most commonly asked question in the hair biz‌

Gina Drescher

How do I achieve smooth, frizz free hair? There are many products and devices on the market today that claim they tame, smooth, de-frizz, flatten and calm, and get those fuzzy, wild and electrically charged strands under control‌ but do they really work? The answer is yes but not with one easy solution. It starts with hair being in the best possible condition, so whether the hair is fine, medium or coarse the better condition the cuticle, the outside layer of the hair shaft, the more manageable the hair will be. So firstly consult your stylist in regards to a program to treat and repair any damage. Protein and oil treatments, followed by a prescriptive range of shampoos and conditioners and a leave-in moisturiser will be a wonderful start. 22

Pictured Right: - Top image is healthy hair with a smooth cuticle; bottom image is a damaged hair with a rough cuticle. You can see why damaged hair is more prone to tangling and knotting. Before applying your styling product, look at the weather, is it a good day to be straight and smooth or are you going to be swimming upstream all day? Choose a product to either diffuse the curl into the hairs most natural state to define and separate, which will help attract moisture or choose a product that will smooth and repel any moisture, for a frizz free, sleek and shiny do. There are plenty of gloss, serums and shine sprays on the market to finish all looks, especially to flatten those new hairs at the roots that love to stand straight up! But be cautious of these products as most of these come in small packaging, which indicates less is more. There is no point going to all this work for a greasy result.

Next issue we will looking at and trialling 3 of the markets most popular hair straighteners!

Smokey Eyes

Step 1 Prime the eye area, I am using two faced shadow insurance. Place a cream coloured eye -shadow over lower lid Step 2 With a blending brush apply a grey eyeshadow into the crease and the outer corner. Step 3 Using a black eye-shadow and a pencil brush darken the outer corner. Apply black eye liner Step 4 Apply false eyelashes (optional) and black mascara Step 5 Using black eye-shadow and a angled liner brush line the upper and lower lash lines, smudge out with a pencil brush Step 6 Fill in brows using angled liner brush and brown eye-shadow or brow powder Hints and Tips • If you want a more dramatic look add more black to the outer corner and crease. • You don’t have to use black. Greys, greens and purples look fantastic. • Defined eye brows make this look.

Mascara Promises: Miracle or Myth

Mascara is one of the most hyped beauty products on the market. Promising 200% length increase and revolutionary formulas, how to you decide what to spend your hard earned beauty bucks on? There really isn’t a big difference between the formulas of mascaras apart from standard or waterproof, and the colour. The big difference is the brush. The shape of the brush and the way the bristles are placed plays a huge role in how your mascara performs. My personal choice is a conical shaped wand to help get all the lashes.

Ask Madame Rouge Desiree O’Toole

Each edition two questions will be published, those chosen will receive a beauty gift pack! “Dear Madame Rouge, a friend has given me a cream blush and I’m not sure how to apply it please help.” P. Williamson Cream blush can be beautiful on the cheek as it gives a dewy glow to the skin, you can either use a stippling brush to gently tap the product onto the apples of the cheek, or use your pointer and middle fingers of each hand to gently rub the blush on the cheeks.

Makeup has a shelf life Keeping your makeup bag safe.

All cosmetics and skincare like all perishable goods have a shelf life. And thus a recommended time frame that you should use the products once opened. Contaminants can happen at any time, since makeup is always in contact with germ prone areas such as the mouth, eyes and fingers. Always throw out any product that has changed in colour or consistency or has a bad odor ( musty). Here is a guide to help you decide what to ditch and what is safe to stay... Mascara 3-6 mths Mascara should be used quickly, the pumping of the wand can force bacteria into the tube a moist environment perfect for the growth of bugs. Foundation – Oil free 12 mths Cream or compact foundation 18 mths Foundations should be used quickly, as to keep bacteria to a minimum, keep fingers away from the product apply to a sponge or pallet before applying it to skin. Powder foundation and blush 2 yrs Cream blush and concealers 12-18mths Powder eye shadow 2 yrs Cream eye shadow 12-18 mths Powder eye shadows can last a long time but cream eye shadows like cream blush and concealers use an emulsion that break down over time. Lip and eye pencils 12-18 mths Sharpen after each use to minimize bacteria. Lipstick and lip gloss 18 mths – 2 yrs

“Madame Rouge how can I stop my favorite lipstick from drying out my lips?” J. Kelly Great question, matte lipsticks can be drying on the lips the key is preparation. Exfoliate the lips prior to applying your makeup. A lip scrub is a great way to keep lips soft and flake free, then you need to keep them moisturized. A good lip balm applied at bed times and again in the morning will keep them beautiful. I apply my lip balm when I start to apply may makeup so by the time I get to my lipstick my lips are soft. Send your beauty related questions to “Ask Madame Rouge” 23


Tea for three? How to: A DIY kids’ tea party

Bambi Wixon

My inspiration for this concept stems from a love of antiques, shabby chic and a Fleur Woods style book. Everything I sourced for this Tea Party was either already in my home, shed or easily accessible through local stores. This theme is also incredibly flexible to budget. The furniture...

The Peacock chairs had been sitting in our shed for over ten years. The day came when they were nearly taken to the dump, and I saw the potential for my tea party. But using exotic chairs is certainly not imperable. Try any chair; old school teachers’ style, kids’ multicoloured chairs, stools, crates or even cushions on a picnic rug. For the tables, I already owned some timber crates and discovered the old Piano seat in a second hand store for just $10. I decided on using different sizes for the table to create a bit of height interest, especially for positioning the cake stand and plates. Some of our local Gympie businesses have some wonderful stock. Depending on the

theme you want, stick with a particular colour or two and just go for it! The fineries...

I visited a fabric store and found the lace look curtain to use as the table cloth $3.50/m. The lace doilies were found rummaging through my mums’ linen cupboard. Cushions and throw rugs are easily accessible as well. Use what you have at home or spoil yourself and go shopping! What a wonderful excuse to update your soft furnishings. Choose whatever accessories you wish to decorate your party with. Birdcages, suitcases, books, teddies... Colour coordinated bunting flags are great if you have the available structure to hang them from. Helium balloons or lots of fresh garden picked flowers placed in glass jars are also a lovely option. The table top bit...

I wanted to keep the colour base simple, so I opted for plain white plates, cupcake

holder etc. I located the beautiful cupcake papers locally which then became the basis of my colour highlights and then from there I colour coordinated the lollies to suit. I realised quite early on that I’m not a Masterchef so I opted to have the cake professionally made but you can go for a simple cream sponge with loads of icing or something homemade. Again budget dependent. I did cook the cupcakes myself which I found a simple and yummy Vanilla Bean version on I hand made the bunting flag for the cake using some of the cupcake papers, string and a pair of chopsticks! Simple & effective. Teapot, cream & sugar sets can create such a statement. Couple them with beautiful tea cups and saucers and you will have the essence of your tea party complete! Now the glass lemonade bottles, were in fact Cranberry juice jars from Coles. I simply soaked the labels off and filled with lemonade! And finished off with the spunky striped straws


Celeste, Sienna & Abby ~ dressed by Best and Less, Gympie; Melt Me ~ 6 inch round iced fondant cake $60; Apron Homewares ~ Cupcake papers $4.95, Cupcake stand $27.95, tea pot set $19.95, tea cup & saucer $3.95 each; Red Hill Design Co. ~ Birdcage $79 with red bird $10, teddies $32.95, cane hearts from $15, Soda box $55, Butterflies $2 each, ‘Cute’ word $59; Peppertrees ~ Cane Table $135, set of 3 cane baskets from $12.95, flowers $24.95, vintage sari quilt $59.95 Online stores: (items I couldn’t find locally); Paper striped straws ~ Items I had at home: Timber crates, peacock chairs, pillows, Cake stand, antique plate, lemonade bottles. Photos: Photography By Bambi


Are You Ready for a Baby? Jody Allen

Babies are some of the most beautiful creatures in the world, and it falls upon us,the mothers, to make the sacrifices and tough decisions that allow them to flower into adulthood.


o with such a hefty challenge in front of you, how do you know if you’re ready for a baby? Are you one of those women who has yearned for parenthood from a young age? Or are you sliding closer to forty and only just starting to consider the possibility of having a baby for the first time? There are a lot of things to consider before you blindly leap forward to join the ranks of parenthood. It’s the biggest and wildest ride you will ever take – bigger than marriage, bigger than true love. You will be responsible for the life of another human being twentyfour hours a day for the next eighteen years. At times it will be both wonderful and tiring, supremely special and totally frustrating. It’s hilarious and messy and definitely not for the faint of heart. It’s easy to get caught up in the romance of the promise of what a baby might bring – this tiny little bundle that looks just like you, the mewing noises, and eventually how they look up to you and trust you completely, no matter what you say or do. This is someone who will love you unconditionally, but you have to remember that with that smiling bundle of joy comes a huge responsibility. 26

You have to ask yourself if you’re ready to step up to the plate and shoulder it to the best of your ability. Are You Emotionally Ready?

Children love routine – they thrive on it. It’s up to you to keep that routine steady throughout the early years as your child grows and learns. Parents who think that nothing will change after their baby is born should be hauled away in a white truck right now. Everything will change. That means no more all nighter’s, no more zipping over to the neighbour’s house for a quick bottle of wine or two, no more Indy, or Bathurst, or Moto GP weekends. Are you ready to give up everything for your baby, at least for a few years? I don’t mean to scare you away from having a child – quite the contrary. You just need to be clear that for a while your needs will come second, and it takes a lot of emotional commitment to see that through to the end. Are You Financially Ready?

Babies are expensive. Between the doctor’s bills, the nappies, formula, the food, and everything else, you’re looking at a whole chunk of money going towards something that wasn’t there before. Do you have steady living conditions and a steady job? Do you have backup money in the bank for those sudden, unforeseeable emergencies? Do you have a plan for who will stay home with the baby and who will work? And if you’re

planning for both of you to work, do you have the money for childcare? All of these are very real, very important considerations. When you run out of money you’re bringing another life into a position that’s less than ideal, to say the least. You owe it to your child to ensure that they are properly cared for. Are You Physically Ready?

Before you even try to conceive you should make sure your body is in the right condition to support a young life for the next 9 months. You don’t have to be in supermodel shape to carry a healthy baby, but it helps if you’re healthy enough to feel good on your own. If you want to lose a few kilo’s, doing it before conception is the best option. From now on it’s your responsibility to follow a nutritious diet plan that delivers all the essential nutrients to the growing life inside your belly. If you have any medical problems you should get your doctor’s okay before going ahead with conception, and begin taking prenatal vitamins at least a month or two before trying to conceive. A few other things to consider are whether you smoke or drink, if you take any drugs, and how often you exercise – all of these can affect the development of your child. These are just a few things to consider, it’s a wild ride, but one worth taking!


I say, you say Planning for and affording children Lee Tompkins

..”And when I have children they will just eat what we eat – it costs nothing extra to have children yada yada yada ...the words of a young woman on the threshold of parenthood. Boy didn’t she get a surprise! Even before baby is born you are broke, cot, nappies, redecorating, clothes, toys, toiletries, furniture, prams and all things you never had to budget for prior to falling pregnant – it was just wine, cheese and make-up. Then there is loss of income, the increase in the phone bill, the increase in your food bill because you are home all day, breastfeeding and starving, the increase in clothes as you don’t fit into anything now as you have gained 30kg, the increase in medication ... for the mother. Then, you join a group and I know Ladies, I know ...”I don’t have to conform, my children will just wear what we can afford, I only had one dress and one pair of shoes and I survived...” Yes but it is still a recurring nightmare, you are still thinking about it and when you meet your little one you certainly don’t want them to have to do without like you did! So, gorgeous as the little darlings are – they cost a fortune and it gets worse! Now you are forking out hundreds of dollars on school, sport, size 15 shoes, motorbikes and they haven’t even hit University yet. My Advice? Just go with it. They are the most fabulous adorable people on the planet – having my sons was the cleverest thing I have ever done in my life and if I can only afford clean skins now instead of Bolle, well, so be it!

“Dad, can I have a-“ ...“No.” “Dad, we need a-“ ...“No.” We’ve learned if we wait until they finish the sentence it can cost us a fortune because we often want the same stuff they do – fast food, cool gadgets and trips to Dreamworld – and if we let them finish a sentence we’ll end up thinking ‘actually pizza for dinner would be great.’ We don’t do snow trips to Kosciusko and, as a family, the fanciest restaurants we go to have play areas for kids and give toys away with their meals. Holidays for us are weeks away in Tin Can Bay, the tourist Mecca, where we ride bikes, fish, feed dolphins, play games, BBQ whatever’s on special at Woolies and simply relax and enjoy each other’s company. Even better, because we aren’t flying anywhere the kids get to take their dog. I read an article about 20 years ago which professed it cost a quarter of a million to raise a kid to adulthood. Recently I saw another article suggesting it was now a million dollars a child. Jeepers, what on Earth are you people feeding your kids? I don’t know, maybe these figures include nannies, private schools, holidays to Disneyland, world safari gap year, first car, first house, first Picasso original and space wedding. However you look at it, we clearly weren’t included in either survey. What I do know is we spend nearly every cent we’ve got and we do it gladly. So while at our current rate of savings and investment our retirement is unlikely to be filled with pyramids, colosseums and tandem jumps out of planes, with seven potential breeders on our hands I daresay we’ll be so busy visiting and babysitting all our grandkids we won’t have time to miss it. As long as I get my Bucket List top five I don’t think I’ll have any complaints. Actually, I’ll be more than satisfied if I can just pull off number 5.


I am making strong beautiful young men and I love them to bits and I have no answers except just go with it. Bruce Devereaux

My bucket list is fairly simple and totally devoid of things like bungy jumping or visiting the seven wonders. Here’s my top five – 1. Retire. 2. Sleep in. 3. Watch an entire episode of The Big Bang Theory without changing a nappy or wiping a bum. 4. Paint my fence. 5. Canoodle wife without making her pregnant. We didn’t plan to have seven kids. In fact the only child who was planned was the third of my kids, my eight year old. The best you can say about the rest is, except for the latest arrival, we didn’t plan not to have them. As for the baby, well she slipped in between two vasectomies. You know how you can tell we didn’t plan to have so many kids? The oldest children got two good names a piece: if we’d known we were having so many we might have saved some of better ones for the younger kids and avoided a whole heap of baby name ‘discussions’. The trick to making ends meet with all these kids is fairly simple and born out of necessity: we buy in bulk, we buy on special, we hand things down and we say ‘no’ a lot. 27

people prefer to source their own donor. Donors are not paid, apart from being reimbursed for their medical expenses, as payment for human tissue is illegal in Australia. Under State legislation the social parents registering the birth of a child resulting from a donated oocyte (or sperm) are considered to be the legal parents of the child. The oocyte donor (as with a sperm donor) has no legal rights or responsibilities towards the child. Some other states do have a register of donors and offspring; however this is not the case in Queensland.

Empty Arms, Hopeful Hearts Julie Austin

The happiest days are when babies come”, wrote Margaret Mitchell in her novel, Gone With the Wind, and few people would disagree. There is little to compare with the joy of bringing a new life into the world and adding another member to your family. Having a baby for people experiencing fertility issues can be emotional, frustrating, time-consuming and expensive. There is no guarantee of success and the disappointment of unsuccessful treatment can test even the strongest relationships. According to the Fertility Society of Australia, one in six Australian couples has infertility issues. An infertile couple is defined as one which hasn’t conceived after twelve months of unprotected intercourse, or the inability to carry a baby to term. Infertility may be successfully treated with medical or surgical techniques or lifestyle changes.

The journey to exploring the possibilities for parenthood will be different for each couple. Much depends on the reason, or reasons, for infertility, which need to be explored and diagnosed through your doctor. Living in a rural area like Gympie can make access to specialist services more difficult, but there are now a number of specialists who visit Gympie regularly. With fertility decreasing with age, and the risk of miscarriage rising, couples who are over 30 and having trouble conceiving should seek help sooner rather than later. 28

Of infertile couples, about 30% of couples are infertile due to male related issues, 35% are female related, and 35% are deemed unexplained infertility, with both partners contributing to the reasons for infertility. The range of treatments available for infertility is large, starting with more basic treatments such as timed intercourse, ovulation induction, and intrauterine insemination. Lifestyle changes, such as weight loss or gain, are also recommended if needed. IVF (in vitro fertilisation) is perhaps the best known of the assisted conception techniques, and is used in conjunction with embryo transfer (ET). In very simple terms, the ovarian follicles are stimulated for growth; eggs are harvested via an aspirating needle; sperm is then added to the harvested eggs, and dividing embryos are then transferred via a fine catheter into the cervix. Depending on whether or not the oocytes fertilise, microinjection (ICSI) may also be used, where sperm is injected into the oocyte to assist in fertilisation. With the average first round of IVF costing around $2800 (after Medicare rebates), it is obviously not financially accessible to everyone. The treatment required demands a large time commitment also, with timing critical in many assisted conception procedures. Depending on the reasons for infertility, donated eggs (oocytes) or sperm may also be required. These are usually sourced through the fertility specialist assisting you, though short availability of donor oocytes may extend the waiting time, and some

There are other reasons also for choosing assisted conception. Screening embryos by testing cells for conditions such as cystic fibrosis can now be performed. Ethical arguments have raged over where embryo screening draws the line – do we also only want children who are blonde haired and blue eyed? If there is no genetic reason for choosing the sex of your child (where a disease is only passed on to male or female children), do we also allow this? What if a couple have eight boys and desperately want a girl? There are no legal restrictions on samesex female couples or single women in accessing assisted conception. With altruistic surrogacy made legal in Queensland in 2010, same-sex male couples can now also become parents through assisted conception. Adoption is not an easy road either, with only 412 children adopted in the whole of Australia in 2009-2010. Of these, 54% were children adopted from overseas, 15% were “known” adoptions (for example stepchildren or another family member), and just 31%, or 61 children, were local adoptions. Adoption, however, is not available in Queensland to same sex couples, or single people. Adoption laws here require that adoptive parents be either a heterosexual couple who have lived together (either de facto or married) for at least two years. It is hard to imagine a greater desire than that to have a child. Anyone who has been in “fertility limbo” is familiar with the all-consuming drive to reproduce. Babies and pregnant women are everywhere. The swell of emotion when awaiting the results of a pregnancy test when you are trying to conceive is hard to explain, but not forgotten once experienced. Anticipation, hope, fear; your future swings between seeing, or not seeing, two lines in a little window on a stick.

(Sources: Children by Choice; Qld Fertility Group; Dept of Communities; IVF Qld)


sur rog acy Selena Cartwright


lanning to have a family can be an exciting time but for some couples it is not always an easy road, often experiencing the difficulties and heartbreak surrounded with failing to conceive or even sustaining a pregnancy. Many turn to IVF but in some cases IVF does not always result in a successful pregnancy or a child. Fortunately there are options available to these couples. Many people have heard about adoption but Surrogacy is something a little less known. What is a Surrogacy arrangement? A Surrogacy arrangement is an arrangement between a woman (the birth mother or surrogate) and another person or couple (the intended parents) where the birth mother agrees to become pregnant with a child for the intended parents. Surrogacy arrangements are categorized as either commercial or altruistic. In commercial

Surrogacy, the surrogate is paid a fee plus any expenses incurred in her pregnancy. In altruistic Surrogacy, the surrogate is either not paid at all or is paid only for expenses incurred, such as the birth mother’s reasonable medical, legal and other costs associated with becoming pregnant, giving birth and obtaining advice and counselling about the Surrogacy and lost earnings for up to two months leave associated with the pregnancy or birth.

Prior to signing the Surrogacy agreement, the surrogate and her spouse (if any), and the intended parents will need to obtain independent legal advice as to their rights and the effect of the agreement upon each of them as well as participate in counselling.

Surrogacy arrangements in Queensland have historically been illegal. Accordingly, those wishing to enter into a Surrogacy arrangement have been forced to travel interstate or overseas in order to have the necessary procedures carried out, and have still faced the fear of prosecution under Queensland Law.

Upon the birth of the child, the birth mother will be considered the child’s legal parent and guardian, irrespective of the intended parents’ biological connection to the child. The birth mother will be required to transfer parentage of the child to the intended parents by way of an Application to the Court. Prior to transferring parentage of the child to the intended parents, the Court will need to be satisfied that the birth mother, her spouse (if any), and the intended parents have participated in counselling, have obtained independent legal advice and that the transfer is in the best interests and wellbeing of the child.

In February 2010, the Queensland Government made the move to decriminalize altruistic Surrogacy although commercial Surrogacy still remains an offence. Commencing 1 June 2010 the Surrogacy Act 2010 gives persons unable to have children of their own, for social or medical reasons, the opportunity to start a family through a Surrogacy arrangement. Surrogacy arrangements can extend to individuals, couples, and same-sex couples. While there was much debate in the Parliament over whether the new laws should apply to same sex couples or not, the legislation was ultimately passed. Considering Surrogacy? If you are considering Surrogacy all parties need to enter into an agreement. The agreement needs to be a formal agreement between the birth mother, her spouse (if any), and the intended parents, and will include provisions regarding the pregnancy, birth of the child and for the birth mother to be paid “reasonable birth costs” in relation to the birth of the child.

This formal agreement needs to be put in place prior to parties being able to commence the Surrogacy process with their fertility specialist.

What if it all goes wrong? It is very important to understand that in Queensland, the legislation provides that a Surrogacy agreement is not enforceable. In essence, the birth mother will not be required, at law, to relinquish the child to the intended parents, if she changes her mind. This will be a great worry for some parents, particularly as Surrogacy may be their last chance to start a family. It is strongly recommended, that if you or your partner are considering starting a family with the assistance of a surrogate that you obtain legal advice to ensure that you are fully aware of the legal implications before committing to a Surrogacy agreement. Similarly, if you are considering being a surrogate, then you should also be aware of your legal position.



GWIB Event

Simon Moore, AIM Management Consultant

Managing Change The third certainty in life


anaging change is more important today than ever before. Change is happening faster and faster and we are forced to adapt more often and much quicker than in the past. Management consultant and Sunshine Coast executive Simon Moore will be presenting a keynote on managing change at April’s Gympie Women in Business breakfast. According to Simon, there are always two sides to change... problems and situations: the visible and the invisible, the rational and the emotional. The results on both sides mean there are winners, losers, victims, rescuers, persecutors, and “us and them.” “Regardless of how neutral organisational change may be, the way we react is always personal. Why? Because organisations don’t change... people do!” Mr Moore said.


The founder and past owner of two advertising agencies, a media and publishing company and a strategic management consultancy firm, Simon’s real passion is connecting with people and having a positive impact on those around him. As a management consultant for over a decade and with seven years of university teaching under his belt, Simon provides practical experience in leadership, coaching and mentoring, staff training, brand management, corporate communication, advertising, marketing, public relations and change management.

“One thing we know for sure is that Stakeholder Management is dead... Community Facilitation is the new sheriff in town – and this will be a major focus of my upcoming presentation in Gympie.” Simon will look at the process of change management, the leadership challenge, the impact caused by the generational shift, globalisation and technology, what it means for companies, brands, people and communities, and how we can shape our environment to achieve a shared benefit for everyone. For more information, visit the Gympie Women in Business website.

Simon is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, the deputy chairman of AIM Sunshine Coast region and a consulting executive to the Institute throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory.

About the Speaker Simon Moore has over 25 years of corporate and strategic management experience, working for companies in the public and private sector across Australia, North America and Asia.

He is a senior advisor to the CEO and Chairman of an international private investment company in North America, is a director and past chairperson of several boards and in his spare time he volunteers as the Chair of a community-based charity on the Sunshine Coast that works with disengaged and troubled young people.

This one is for the boys too!, Wednesday 18 April from 6:45am more info and bookings


BECOME A MEMBER TODAY AND CONNECT. The Australian Institute of Management is the career partner of first choice for managers in Gympie and Australia wide. Research, articles and news at your fingertips Search full text articles from thousands of journals including Harvard Business Review, Fast Company and major Australian daily newspapers, exclusive to personal members.


First class events and networking opportunities Connect with a vibrant management community through an incredible annual program of highly relevant business events. Receive member only invitations and discounted ticket prices to masterclasses and international speakers.


$99 application fee waived until June 30

Australia’s largest stockist of business, and management books Access AIM’s library and special offers from, stockists of latest releases, multimedia (audio and DVD series) and hard to find titles.

A personal subscription to Australia’s only specialist management magazine Get the latest articles, case studies and Australian business news to your letterbox in Management Today. Exclusive member rates and access to best-in-class professional development Access contemporary Australian courses and nationally accredited qualifications. A symbol of management experience and credibility Membership of AIM affords business recognition through nationally recognised professional management postnominals, exclusive to personal members: AIMM – Australian Institute of Management Member AFAIM – Associate Fellow Australian Institute of Management FAIM – Fellow Australian Institute of Management

CONTACT AIM TODAY Email: Phone: 1300 882 895



Displaying Heirlooms Styled to suit your decor Marylouise Cartwright

I am often asked “Where will I put that?” as a client points to a fascinating curio. The thing is, heirlooms can range from a priceless painting to a tobacco tin. Their value is huge to the owner and it is a shame to keep them in a drawer in the garage. These items are often the tangible part of our memories and in turn what makes us unique. By bringing them into view and displaying them correctly, we are able to keep these memories alive whilst creating a real home. There are endless ways to display these items and many things to consider. Are they vulnerable to the elements? Will it suit the decor in its current form? Can it be grouped with similar objects? Items can be purchased from decorator and home wares shops to protect and compliment your treasures. Got an interior design or decorating challenge? email Marylouise A glass dome will protect your delicate items and create a real conversation starter for your coffee table. Heirloom jewellery even if it is costume will give you more pleasure if you can wear it and tell their stories but if that is not your style try using it to decorate. Here I have attached a set of earrings and brooch to enhance a photo of their previous owner. You can create art by framing the jewels like Aunty’s pearls. Mixing up old with new ornaments of a similar colour and grouping them for a display lends itself to any decor. When cleaning and dusting your home remember to move things around and mix it up a bit. Don’t forget that your current family members may want to create their own collection of curios. This wooden fruit box placed in a modern kitchen houses Grandma’s old sifter and rolling pin along with a collection of odd bottles. Use them and enjoy them. Display boxes with glass panels allow you to view something too fragile to handle. I have a breakfast tray in my living room for odds and ends like bird’s nests, barnacles and sea urchins. These also carry stories and memories for the collectors and who knows where they will end up in the future.




Aunty Pearl’s...

Living Online

Pearls of Wisdom

Online Forums

Heather Parsons

Audrey Plate


received a big fright yesterday. Allow me to explain: Aunty Pearl and I spent the whole day going through old photos. Right before our eyes, the history of “our family” tumbled out of all sorts of old boxes and tins and ancient crumpled folders. Lots of shots of children dressed in all sorts of clothing from every age and stage since the early 1900s. No alarm bells so far! But then the baby photos came to the fore… and there, before our eyes, was a photo of Baby Pearl, naked on rug! No great niece (or indeed any person) needs to have that image burned into their retinas for the rest of their days! We quickly put it to the bottom of the pile and decided a cup of tea was in order.

to our little girls? Are we turning them into precious fashionistas? We need to be considering age, time and place appropriateness here. In days past this apparel was reserved for occasional girly party wear, Sunday school or weddings.

Aunty Pearl, God bless her little cotton socks, posed an interesting question – “was this part of the feminist backlash”? One version of feminism says that the girly choice – spending megabucks on clothes, shoes, makeup and pampering - is a legitimate and even an empowering choice. But could it be, in actual fact, reinforcing old stereotypes and narrowing horizons for our girls? This got When the kettle had boiled me to thinking - not all little girls and the good fine china cups like the frillies. I certainly know my were filled with “proper” tea, the own daughter didn’t. Don’t get conversation turned to our old me wrong, she loved to dress up photos, how children’s fashion and wear a pretty Christmas dress trends have changed and the girly (with bells!), but was far more fashions of today. Aunty Pearl comfortable in shorts and shirts. held a surprisingly contemporary This was just right for the rough view on the subject…this became and tumble of her young muddy resoundingly obvious after I life! made what I thought to be a fairly innocuous statement. Chatting Little girls just need to be little girls happily, I mentioned that I thought and not be prisoners to fashion. “little girls” fashions today were They need to be free to run, kinda cute. jump and roll in the mud if they want and not be lying back on a My goodness didn’t that arc the beauticians couch having their old girl up! Apparently AP was nails done being afraid of getting completely over the seemingly dirty. They need to just PLAY! I endless parade of little pink fairies tell you, it makes me crazy when complete with wands and crowns Aunty Pearl has a point. Hmmm, trotting along supermarket isles, I wonder what she thinks of boys and the mini teenagers teetering wearing pink? along on high heels, bejewelled gw and resplendent with their make Footnote: The ‘said’ naked photo has up on, just to go to the park! Is been securely stowed away in the dark this harmless fun? Maybe. What recesses of an old sea chest buried deep is the message we are sending in the back yard!



nline forums come in many forms, the best known being Facebook but there are thousands of them out there. There is an online forum for everything you can imagine. There are forums for every hobby or industry under the sun, and they are a great way of connecting with people with similar interests and values – a place to talk about the things you find fascinating but your friends and family don’t.

Friendships formed online can be as real and lasting as those formed in your everyday living. Just because you have never met or may never meet face to face does not make their value any less. Friendships are meetings of the mind and soul and online that is all there is…no judgments on what you look like or where you live – they are purely based on common interests and experiences shared.

Industry forums give you a place to find out information and ask advice from people who are out there doing the work you are. Most forum users are happy to share their knowledge and it is a safe place to ask for help. There is no obligation on any ones part, no burden or intrusion, as only the people who are interested in helping see your question. I have heard wonderful stories of animals and people’s lives being saved through answers received via online communities.

It is important to be aware that your privacy is your responsibility, don’t go putting all your information out there, and please be wary of anyone getting too specific. But simple precautions put in place will protect you, check the privacy options on your profile, and ensure your antivirus software is up to date. Like anywhere, if someone gives you a creepy feeling – don’t go there.

There are also forums out there that are designed to support you through some of the toughest periods of your life whether it be illness or tragedy. You can find a kindred spirit to pour your heart out to in a way that is quite often difficult to do to someone sitting in front of you. There is a comfort in anonymity, it gives you a chance to express yourself freely without feeling judged or that you are burdening your listener. It is difficult to discuss the loss of a child or a journey through illness, finding someone who truly understands, because they have been there too, is a gift that can help you find your way.

If your child is involved in a forum, you need to monitor them. Read through the forum make sure you are comfortable with what is being said; if you see something wrong – report it. Make sure your child knows not to give out personal information, they should check with you before completing a form or joining. I have been involved in some wonderful forums, we have helped each other through tough times and we have celebrated the happy moments with each other. All you need is an open heart and an internet connection.

gw 33


Germ Warfare

Green Superfoods

Build your immune system

Leafy GreenVegetables

Julie Austin

Paula Cartwright


old and flu season is almost here, so if you’re keen to avoid it, now is a great time to start building up your immune system. The best strategy for avoiding colds and ‘flu is definitely prevention. While over the counter medications can assist in managing symptoms, they do little to hasten your recovery, and don’t prevent you from passing it on to others at work or at home.

kept down and natural, restorative sleep is maximised.

Relaxation and stress management techniques such as yoga and meditation can also improve overall well-being, ensuring that stress levels are

And of course the best way to limit the spread of viruses is to stay at home and rest if you are sick.

‘Flu shots can be a good strategy for avoiding a bad dose, and can be essential for anyone whose immune system is already compromised. If you work in an industry where you are constantly in contact with a large volume of people, such as retail, health care or childcare, then you may want to consider Start now by giving your immune vaccination. Be aware that you may be exposed to many different system time to strengthen. The healthier your immune system, the strains of viruses, and that the ‘flu vaccine will not cover them better you can fight off viruses, all. Also be aware of the possible and if you do become ill, your side effects of the immunisation body is in a better position to itself. Make an informed decision make a quick recovery. after researching the benefits for you, whether or not vaccination is A healthy diet and regular, necessary. moderate exercise assists by strengthening your body. Include One of the simplest ways to lots of whole foods in your daily diet such as fruit, vegetables, lean prevent the spread of colds, meats and fish. Unprocessed and ‘flu and other viruses is hand washing. Proper hand washing unrefined foods should contain no additives and can provide your after visiting the toilet, before body with more essential nutrients handling food, after attending and vitamins. Plenty of plain, fresh to children’s needs and after coughing or sneezing, can be water will keep your body wellvery effective in controlling the hydrated. spread of germs. Use soap, warm water, and wash both sides Regular, moderate exercise is a great habit to get into, especially of your hands well. Humming “Happy Birthday” gives you an when the weather is milder. idea of how long it should take to It’s much harder to start a new exercise routine when the weather properly wash your hands, and is telling you to stay inside and be teach others in your family to do this too. Keep hands moisturised warm. Thirty minutes a day is all also, as dry hands can crack and it takes, and being outside gives you the added bonus of fresh air give germs an entry point. Use tissues and dispose after use. and vitamin D from the sun.




it. In fact Vitamin K • Regulates blood clotting • Helps protect bones from osteoporosis. The risk of hip fracture in middle-aged women was decreased 45% for one or more servings/day of green, leafy The answer is plenty! But first let vegetables compared to fewer servings. me reiterate exactly why green leafy vegetables are a nutritionist’s • May help prevent and possibly reduce atherosclerotic plaques favourite food. They are the most ideal food that humans can • Is a key regulator of consume. Digestively, we are well inflammation including arthritis suited to eating leafy greens, and • May help prevent diabetes. (One serving a day equals 10% lower they do not cause the digestive risk) problems brought on by the cellulose and starch in many other vegetables and foods. Nearly 1000 species of plants with edible leaves are known. Calorie for calorie, green leafy vegetables are possibly the most The following are popular lettuces- Loose Leaf, Red Leaf, concentrated source of nutrition Green Leaf, Iceberg (Crisphead), of any food. A rich source of minerals, vitamins, bioflavonoids Oak, Butterhead, Cos, Imperial, and Round lettuce. Then there and phytonutrients. is Broccoli, Broccolini, Endive, Leafy greens get their rich colour Collard greens, Mustard Greens, Dandelion greens, Kale, Swiss from chlorophyll. Chlorophyll, chard, Beet greens, Spinach, besides being a blood purifier Rocket, Bok Choy, Pak Choy and and alkaliser, is also known to Asian greens. help populate “good” intestinal bacteria, and so is useful for digestive complaints and immune In fact go to your grocery store or local market and have look function. at all the green foods available. Now pick some, and give them For individuals on a dairy-free a try! Make a plan to include a diet, greens are a substantial new leafy green vegetable every alternative source of calcium. week. You will soon know your favourites. The very high vitamin K content of green leafy’s is of particular One should always choose crisp significance. Recent studies leaves with a fresh vibrant green are showing vitamin K to be color. Yellowing is a sign of age much more important than we and indicates that the greens have previously thought, (ie. the may have an off flavor and minimum daily requirement may compromised nutritional value. need to be raised) and many people are not getting enough of ave you ever heard the term “green leafy vegetables’’ and wondered – ‘What exactly are green leafy vegetables?’ Obviously there is lettuce, but what else belongs to this supergroup of foods?


Quick & Easy Recipe Ideas: Make a salad: Leafy greens such as romaine lettuce, spinach and rocket taste great when mixed in a salad with different kinds of veggies, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and avocados. Winter Salads can be substantiated with roasted and grilled veges such as sweet potato, mushrooms, eggplant and capsicum. Wrap it up: Make a wrap with tuna, chicken, or turkey and add lettuce, spinach, rocket, and other veggies for some extra flavour.

Add to a soup: Try mixing leafy greens such as collard greens, kale or mustard greens into your favourite soup. Stir-fry: Add chopped leafy Asian greens and broccoli to your stirfry. Chicken or tofu stir-fried with sesame oil, garlic, fresh herbs and your favourite dark green vegetable is delicious! Steam it: Steam collard greens, kale, or spinach. Add water to a pot and place a steamer with the vegetables into it. Next, bring the water to a simmer, cover with a lid, and wait a few minutes until your vegetables are slightly soft. (Don’t overcook)

Beautiful Smile Creating Confidence Dr. Mark Cull


omen and mothers often put everyone in their family first and leave their own wants, needs and desires till last. If you are one of these women and you have always desired straight teeth and a nicer smile then maybe it’s time to put yourself first.

aligned teeth can also alleviate the issues that can be caused by an improper bite such as speech or chewing difficulties, jaw problems and increased wear on the tooth enamel.

With Invisalign Dr Branka Starcevic can give you that beautiful smile you have always wanted. Invisalign uses cutting edge technology to provide a series of highly accurate, custom made, virtually invisible aligners to straighten your teeth.

Invisalign means improved aesthetics and oral hygiene with no limitations on eating. “My patients absolutely love Invisalign and the most common feedback I receive is ‘how easy it is”. Says Branka. The comfort and convenience of Invisalign means you can live your life the way you want to. Most people will not know you are undergoing treatment unless you tell them.

You may be surprised to know that the benefits of having properly aligned teeth extend far beyond a confident smile. According to the American Dental Association, straightening your teeth can significantly affect your overall dental health. Straightening your teeth allows for easier brushing and flossing resulting in healthier gums, reducing potential periodontal problems as well as reducing the risk of dental decay. Correctly

So empower yourself by improving your smile and give yourself an instant confidence boost. Maybe you will do it as a new year’s resolution, or for improved health and self-esteem or perhaps as an early Mother’s day gift. Whatever the reason, if you have been thinking about it then don’t put it off any longer. Call us at Channon and Lawrence Dental Centre on 54827688 for a free consultation with Dr. Branka Starcevic.








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16 Premier Ave, Jones Hill Gympie. P 5483 6866 F 5483 6966 |

on the latte lounge with James Dein Born: Collarenebri NSW Most wanted to be when I grew up: A radio announcer, I started playing with a reel to reel portable recorder as a kid, recording themes and jingles from in front of TV. Then started recording sounds and voices. I listened to a lot of radio as teenager, I also admire great sound design. Current Occupation: CEO Optus Gympie Music Muster and (owner Sound Australia recording studios)

Entertainment Highlights Music

Emma Barlow - Jaded Local Gympie girl Emma Barlow released her first independent single this month, beginning the year with a bang. Jaded features Emma’s sweet energetic vocals, ingenious writing style and instrumental virtuosity. Emma’s unique blend of folk/country/pop music continues to capture hearts and ears so be on the lookout for this little pocket rocket. (CRS Publicity)

Passion in life: Music Favourite food: Anything with Chilli, I grow them in 3 varieties. On weekends I love to: Hang out with my family, watch my son play in-line Hockey, entertain and be entertained with our friends, afternoon gatherings are always special. What I do in my spare time: Camping, fishing, mates, music festivals, family, it all rolls together. I most want to: Take Suzi and the kids travelling, they say travel is the essence of life, the little I have done I would have to agree. Things that make me smile: My 2 year old Maremma Dog, I’ve had Kelpies and Cattle Dogs but the Maremma is different…they see you as an equal, so you engage in a different way- he makes me smile often. My wife Suzi’s wicked sense of humour also cracks me up. Why I do what I do: Because I can, I can’t imagine doing anything else; I’ve had a blessed life full of music and interesting people. Thing I would most like to see happen in my lifetime: Improved lives for our indigenous in remote communities. Thing I can’t leave the house without: My I-phone. Tea or coffee? Black dash of Skinny. Tea as it comes, no sugar.


The Hunger Games (M) Sovereign Cinema showing until 18 April Running Time: 2hrs 20mins, Action/Sci-Fi Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks. The Lorax (G) Sovereign Cinema showing until 24 April Running Time: 1hr 25mins, Animation/Family Voiced by: Danny DeVito, Zac Effron, Ed Helms, Taylor Swift


Puss In Boots (2011) PG Way before Puss ever met Shrek, our suave and furry feline hero goes on a swashbuckling ride, as he teams with mastermind Humpty Dumpty and the street-savvy Kitty Softpaws to steal the famed Goose that lays the Golden Eggs. The Three Musketeers (2011) M An action-filled re-imagination of the Alexandre Dumas classic, shot entirely in 3-D, in which the hot-headed young DArtagnan joins forces with three veteran Musketeers to prevent the villainous Cardinal Richelieu from seizing the French throne and engulfing Europe in war.

Night owl or morning person? Both, they can run into each other. How long have I lived in Gympie: 3 weeks, still commuting. What I love the most about Gympie: The Muster, I’ve been to 12 of them. I really like the Cooloola Coast- Inskip Camping for 7 years now -Easter, Christmas or September- all good. My favourite sport: Finals across all codes, I don’t have the patience to lock in weekly, I love semi’s and finals, I’ve been to the MCG with almost 100,000 for the AFL Grand Final and backed up for the League Grand final in the same weekend- sporting finals bring out colour and passion. Person I admire the most: Our Children, Georgia and Will. If I could change one thing globally it would be: Peace, John Lennon had it right, and we need more of it. My vision for the Optus Gympie Music Muster is: Community and mateship, fabulous entertainment and lots of new comers and first timers to one of the greatest camping and music events in the country. 38


Sesame Street Presents Elmo’s World Tour Featuring classic Sesame Street songs alongside catchy new tunes, Sesame Street Presents Elmo’s World Tour looks set to delight Sesame Street fans of all ages. Tuesday 17 April at the Heritage Theatre, Civic Centre, Mellor st. Bookings: Lightwire 07 5408 2556

Gympie Garden Expo Sustainability, Landscaping, Local Produce, General Garden Plants. Special Guests Jerry Coleby-Williams of ABC Garden Australia and Keith Gall Australian Champion Chainsaw Carver. Lucky Door Prizes Sat 5 May 8-5 & Sun 6 May 8-3. $5 Entry. Gympie Showgrounds, Exhibition Rd.

15 16 17 18 20 21

ANZAC Day Dawn Services, A day of Remembrance

compiled by: Tanya Easterby

Gympie Regional Council Election Day

National Youth Week Look out for plenty of YOUTH activities during this week. Youth Concert in the Park Nelson Reserve, hosted by NOISE Magazine Crew. Gympie Show Ball Civic Centre, 5pm, Goomeri Campdraft Goomeri Showgrounds, 6.30am, P: 0416 84 804 Bushranger Hold Up (Imbil) By Mary Valley Historic Re-enactment Assoc. Bands in the Rotunda Memorial Park, BYO Blanket/Chair 12-1.30pm P: 5481 0733 Little Haven’s Pop Up Op Shop Trading for three weeks until May 5th at a shop near you.

Mueller Chamber Orchestra Principal Attilla Sautov, St Pat’s Church, 2pm SCIC Bike Ride Supporting Chemotherapy in Cooloola P: 5483 1563 or M: 0402 286 571 Gympie Garden Expo Gympie Pavilion. Bay to Bay Yacht Race Tin Can Bay to Hervey Bay. Labour Day Public Holiday Andrew Fisher Day Gympie Gold Mining Museum.

Elmo’s World Tour Civic Centre, Mellor St, Gympie Women in Business Breakfast Event: Guest Speaker Simon Moore representing Australian Institute of Management. Sponsored by Baldwin Cartwright Lawyers. Bookings: Blue Light Disco Civic Centre, Mellor Street, Ages 8-14yrs, 10x10 Short Play Festival Civic Centre, P: 5408 2556 Rockin the Rails Gympie Stn, Tozer St, 5.30pm 100 Club Cup Race Day Trackside action 11am, last race 4.30pm, A$8 Pen $2 Widgee Artist Christian Lhotka Exhibition Pomona Gallery, 10 Station St, 11am Mothar Mountain Speedway Qld Production Sedan Title.

PVA Tribute Concert Standown Park. Mothar Mountain Speedway Gold Museum Steaming Days Gold Mining Museum. Kilkivan Campdraft Kilkivan Showgrounds, Mudlo Road, Kilkivan Australian Body Art Carnivale Eumundi. Mother’s Day Gympie District Show 3 day local action Italian Luca Ciarla Quarter hosted by CoolArts, Civic Centre, P: 5481 0732 Live @ the Chapel Luke Robinson

25 28 29 3to6 5&6 7


13to22 14


12 12&13 13 17&19 19 20

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A community magazine created with the Gympie Women In Business network at its heart. To inspire Women in general and to Celebrate the succes...

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