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Welcome... to the October issue of Gym Owner Monthly Magazine. In this month’s issue, there are no tricks only treats! Check out our Exclusive Interview with cover stars Jamie and Jon from Box 12 on page 6. On page 10 Blok show us why they have made it as this month’s Gym of the Month. Big news for Fisikal on page 20 as they announce their partnership with Spain’s DIR. It’s not witchcraft on pages 28 and 32, just Claire Moore and the power of mindset, and nutritionist Stacy Wig with the 5 steps to increasing your metabolism in middle age. We may have darker nights and a global pandemic but Samantha Walters is showing us how to keep motivated on page 36. Staying with the pandemic, PT Daniel Godia tells us about the effects Coved-19 has had on his business on page 54. Don’t get spooked by liability insurance, we bring you the dos & don’ts on page 60. And don’t be ‘haunted’ by bad decisions, sign up for your 12 month subscription at We remain the No.1 digital magazine for gym owners and you get all this for free! Stay safe!

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October 2020


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The Exclusive Interview

This month we chat with Jamie and Jon from


Introducing BLOK our Gym of the Month PT of the Month

Featuring Stuart Rider

Calories in, Calories out By Pete Howe

DiR, Spain’s largest gym operator partners with Fisikal to complete digital transformation Fitkit

We find you the latest in waterproof backpacks

October 2020

30 26 28 30 32 36

Get to know Calisthenics Family And the challenging, fast-growing sport Calisthenics

The power of mindset on the health and fitness journey

By Claire Moore

Scripted or Non-Scripted Group Exercise Classes? By Colin Lee Berry

5 Steps to Increasing your Metabolism Middle age woes By Stacy Wig

Staying motivated on your fitness goals, (even when you’re thrown that covid curve ball!) By Samantha Walters




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The 7 Best Air Bikes of 2020 2020 Fitness Trends come and go but it's always fun to see what's up and coming The Ins and Outs of digitalisation

Explained by Ernst De Neef, CEO at FunXtion

Recover and reap the rewards



54 56 54 56 60


How COVID-19 pandemic affected my business By Daniel Godia

Did you get what you paid for?

By Taz Dunstan

The dos and don’ts of personal trainer liability Insurance

By Ben Hackney-Williams

The Hybrid Fitness Model By Guy Griffiths

Smile, be yourself and build a business that is true to you

We're always seeking contributors, if you're interested in writing for us then please contact:

By Amy Dutfield

October 2020





e v i s u l c Ex w e i v r e t In THIS MONTH WE CHAT WITH JAMIE AND JON FROM BOX12


October 2020


Tell us about yourselves and your backgrounds?

BOX12 the concept was created.

Jamie Cartwright: I’ve been in the fitness

a young lad but quickly realised that

industry in some way or another since the age of 16. I left school and played football for the first 5 years of my working life. While this was an amazing experience and gave me memories for life, unfortunately, I was on the dole queue at 21 years of age thinking, ‘how did this happen’?! Fortunately, the professional Football Association help ex-players retrain and I chose to get my level 2 fitness qualification. I begged for my first job because no one wants to employ an ex-footballer and managed to acquire 15 hours a week on £5 per hour. I was on a relentless mission to prove myself again and within a few years and at the age of 25 I opened my own gym with my best friend. We managed to cobble together 30k and borrowed everything we could with personal guarantees coming out of our ears! We grew this business over the next 10 years to 14 club openings through franchising and corporate-owned sites. Unfortunately, that business came tumbling down when our franchisees decided to break the agreement, which resulted in a legal battle that ended in us getting an out of court settlement. This hugely impacted us and eventually, we sold off what was left and walked away. This

Jon Eade: I was involved in boxing as making money and a living from the sport was going to be both brutal and unrealistic. I felt that the fitness industry while offering boxing in some capacity hadn’t fully embraced the art of boxing and therefore, I wanted to create a more authentic boxing offering for the average joe without them having to get punched in the face. I created a boxing for a fitness training course, had it accredited and started to train fitness professionals on how to create a safe and effective boxing for fitness offering in their business while staying true to the core principles of the sport. I grew this business with my now wife Charlie and after a number of years I was invited to deliver a course for my hero Ricky ‘the hitman’ Hatton and his team. This was a dream come true as like most boxing fans and the wider sports community, I’d grown up watching Ricky win his 4 world titles and those famous nights in Vegas. He loved it and asked me to deliver it under the Hatton Boxing banner, of course, I agreed. Whilst working with Ricky and the professional fighters we refined the course content and developed a full equipment range that we launched to the fitness market. After 8 years it was time to take the business

process taught me so much about what

to another level and this coincided with

people are capable of when there’s money

Jamie and I coming together and taking

involved. I dusted myself off and after

the majority off Ricky and running with

working in the industry for Matrix Fitness

it autonomously. This has been a huge

and Myzone I was ready to go again. This is

success as our equipment range supplies

when Jon Eade (now business partner) and I

most major operators and we now sit as

created J3BOX Ltd and acquired the majority

the premium supplier of boxing for fitness

share and global licence for Hatton Boxing

accreditation. Both Jamie and I felt that

Ltd. Having run that business for a couple

with our combined experience we could

of years together we embarked on creating

create an exciting, on-trend boxing for

a Boxing for fitness ‘boutique’ offering and

fitness offering. BOX12 was born!

October 2020



"Seeing BOX12 above the likes of David Lloyd was a real confidence boost and helped us stay motivated while we were negotiating our way through the online space" It was clear that we needed the fitness offering to be the star of the show and that the staff facilitate it and are not solely responsible for leading it. This is where the technology conversation started. We also didn’t want to dictate to the members when they could train therefore that meant an open gym offering, not classes.

Why is BOX12 different?

BOX12, therefore, is a 12 x 3 min round

We sat around the table with a blank

screens to lead and guide the members

piece of paper and laid down some very

through the workout. Our staff meet, greet

important rules before we started to

and do all the things required to provide

develop the fitness concept. We agreed

a first-class service however the success

what our ultimate aim was and how we

of the model is not dependant on them

wanted to exit. This was written down

being a ‘rock star’ instructor. BOX12 isn’t

right from the start, this ensured that

just a gym, in fact, we have banned the

all our discussions and then decisions

word in all our communication because

were shaped based on the agreed

we are so far from what the punter thinks

goal. We wanted to create a financially

when they see the word gym. We are an

accessible franchise offering for the

experience and we guarantee that people

fitness enthusiasts in our industry i.e.

when they visit BOX12, will leave having

PTs, fitness managers etc. Therefore, the

experienced nothing like it. We talk about

model needed to be low capex dependant

‘technology optimising the workout’. Using

and easily manageable. We also didn’t buy

the virtual coaching screens we can cram

into the ‘rock star’ instructor model we

the workout with programming ensuring

heart rate training system to maximise

felt that there was too much dependency

the user is engaged throughout physically

the customer experience and provide the

on them and therefore too much risk.

and mentally. We also combine the Myzone

vital feedback real-time and post-exercise

rolling circuit and uses virtual coaching

to give them the good feel factor and make them want to come back for more. We launched in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire in Nov’19 and hit the ground running with members being blow away by what we had created but of course, we were forced to close in March.

How have you managed through COVID-19? When we were forced to close we spent three days with our heads up our backsides and then got cracking! We ripped up our strategy board and all the plans we had got in place and started from scratch. We quickly moved into the online 8

October 2020


So what’s next for BOX12?

space offering free online live workouts

buying the plan daily and the beauty for

streamed via Facebook and Instagram.

us is that we don’t touch it. People just

We didn’t see this as a revenue play it

buy it and work their way through it!

was purely to keep the brand presence while we figured out what to do next. It was both a shock and an honour to be awarded the #1 online workout by a

The major shift for us was away from franchising the BOX12 business model. We had already been approached by potential

mystery shop conducted by the guys a

franchisees, and while the fitness model

Proinsight. Seeing BOX12 above the likes

was the star of the show we still needed to

of David Lloyd was a real confidence boost

prove the financial model before we could

and helped us stay motivated while we

sell it. This was and is still on hold due to

were negotiating our way through the

the challenging COVID times. We quickly

online space. That being said we couldn’t

realised that the model we had created due

see how we were going to commercialise

to its emphasis on the workout and not on

this and we wanted something that was

the staff would be the perfect ‘Box within

scalable and not dependant on people

a box’ offering. We, therefore, started to

delivering it (there’s a theme here) and

have conversations with large operators to

therefore we built the BOX12 online Body Transformation Plan. The plan sits 100% on a digital platform as we didn’t want our customers to buy our plan and get sent a PDF! The plan provides workouts that increase in complexity which runs in line with boxing tuition videos, a nutrition framework that educates and promotes lifestyle change, active recovery sessions and a tool kit to support emotional wellbeing provided by Dr of Psychology Kim Embra. After a successful

see if they’d consider placing the model on the gym floor. We have recently installed the first ‘BOX12 in a box’ into Fitness Time, Saudi Arabia. Fitness Time are the largest operator in SA with 150 clubs and we are

We’re full steam ahead now on selling the BOX12 in a BOX and are excited about the potential of this for us. We will still consider franchising however this is now likely to be at the end of 2021. Our online business, we’ll keep growing and in addition to the transformation plan, a number of virtual content providers have asked if we would put our content onto their platform (watch this space). We have also further developed our offering to the operator and BOX12 GX is soon to be launched. This is taking the online class model into the club therefore providing the operators with the opportunity to qualify their instructors to deliver BOX12 group exercise classes on their timetable. Lockdown certainly presented its challenges for us across our businesses and continues to do so however without COVID we wouldn’t have diversified and be moving in the direction we are. In this current climate, you have to be willing to challenge your plans, amend and innovate, be disciplined and stay positive and persistent.

now in conversation about further installs across their estate. We also have a number of UK based operators considering the BOX12 in a box. The beauty of the BOX12 workout for the operator isn’t just the virtual screens leading the exercise but

pilot group of 40 people who completed

the fact that we can fit it into 700sq/f.

the Fundamentals 4 week plan and then

Basically, if you have a squash court-sized

the Advanced 4 week plan, we launched

area available you can fit a BOX12 in a box.

to the wider public with great success.

We also have flexible design options to

We now have a steady stream of people

mould the model into your preferred space. October 2020





n March 2020, BLOK were operating three studios - Clapton, Shoreditch and Manchester - and tracking how the world was responding to the global pandemic. Having such a close-knit community, and a real understanding of why everyone comes through the studios doors day after day, meant there was pressure on the decision-makers to keep the business, team and members engaged. For BLOK, hibernation was never an option. W expansion had been high on the agenda for some time, but as a relatively young company we had limited resources, and our primary focus was on physical expansion, so BLOKtv wasn’t slated to launch until early 2021, ” says CEO Ed Stanbury, “however, we had always known that digital fitness would play a pivotal role in our ability to take the BLOK brand global. When we saw what was coming in terms of the lockdown we realised very quickly that this was going to be a huge opportunity to fast track this process, and we were in a fortunate position that our new Head of Digital had


October 2020


just joined us from ASOS the week before. We sat down as a team and the decision was unanimous - we immediately moved all resources to BLOKtv and filming and development of the platform began the very next day.” “Within a week we had secured a partnership deal with Beats by Dr Dre, and BLOKtv was launched just five weeks later, a real testament to every single member of the team involved working tirelessly under really difficult circumstances. BLOK has always been more than a fitness studio, it’s a lifestyle brand, that enhances creative ideas and encourages like-minded networking, that in turn has created such a close-knit community. And it is that community that made the launch of BLOKtv such a success” 70% of customers on the platform in the first few months were not existing BLOK customers and did not live near a BLOK studio, exceeding all engagement expectations and expanding BLOK’s community into 142 countries. BLOK V2 launched mid-September, with improved functionality, over 100 On-Demand classes, and the addition of Series, where customers are guided through multi-session series of workouts and around a central theme. BLOK’s Head Trainers have developed workout series across all disciplines, translating BLOK’s ethos of “skill-based, progressive training” into their digital product. With the UK out of lockdown, for now, the studios are back open under social distancing measures. The BLOK October 2020



community has been overwhelmingly supportive and class capacities are on


the rise. However, there is no time to get comfortable. “The news surrounding the pandemic is changing daily, and what 2021 will be like at this point is unknown,” says Ed, “therefore preparation, and utilising what we have learned to date will be essential for future growth, and survival”

Be bold We are proof that it is possible – we had to dig deep as a team to make BLOKtv possible, but these types of ideas and opportunity for innovation can be scalable.

Communicate Pre, during and post-lockdown, communication with our members and the community has been an essential part of our strategy. Instagram is a great platform for public announcements, but for us, we know that our members wanted more direct forms of communication. Direct emails were sent on a regular basis, predominantly focused on COVID and business-related updates. However, that type of content was very quickly feeling 12

October 2020


repetitive and a bit overwhelming, so

around what action we are taking and

we reacted and fast-tracked the launch

why, and which actions we are not taking

of BLOKeditions, a digital magazine

and why. When we reopened our studios,

that focuses on art, music, design and

we implemented significant systems that

culture much of which is contributed by

went beyond government guidelines.

our engaged community. This editorial

From a business point of view, these extra

platform was another project that was

measures may have a detrimental effect

slated for future release but the closing of

on the immediate footfall that could come

the studios allowed us to divert resources and bring the launch forward. It's a big step in the positioning of the brand as a global lifestyle brand that transcends the fitness genre.

into our spaces, but in turn, the feedback and trust that we had from our members proved invaluable. In the long term, I think businesses who behave in the right way during this time will reap the rewards,

Go the extra mile

while those who push the boundaries and

Throughout the COVID timeline, we have

prioritise short term profit may well regret

been fully transparent with our members

that in the long run.

Listen and learn Throughout this period, we have encouraged our community to share their feedback, take part in surveys, and more recently attend focus groups to deep dive on particular topics. We have always been so impressed with the engagement levels, and in turn, the process has proven to be invaluable. We have used the feedback to inform our ongoing strategy, and have taken action where needed, this builds a relationship with the customer based on open communication and builds trust, which is critical at a time like this. October 2020




Stuart Rider QUALIFICATIONS: Fitness Instructor, Currently studying for my Level 3 PT, Kettlebells Instructor, 5th Degree Black Belt in Tai Shin Do, Tai Chi & Qi Gong Instructor, BA (Hons) Complementary Healthcare specialising in Aromatherapy, ITEC Level.3 Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Level.1 Kinetic Chain Release Practitioner involved # YEARS AS A QUALIFIED PT: I’m currently studying for my level 3 PT, but I have been in martial arts for 32 years, the fitness side for 20 years and trained in massage etc...for 10 years as well as studying various aspects of coaching, diet and nutrition. WHERE YOU WORK (TOWN/CITY): Dunfermline, Fife YOUR WEB: YOUR FACEBOOK: YOUR TWITTER: YOUR YOUTUBE: The Samurai Coach YOUR INSTAGRAM: YOUR NAME(S):

How did you become a PT?

are so many good PTs out there.

Technically I’m not a certified level 3 PT,

I’ve been involved in training for all my

but I am in the process of doing the course.

adult life in one form or another. I’ve

What was your experience of the training/qualification process?

I was laid off from my full time job during

trained in various martial arts for over 30

So far I am enjoying it, I’m doing the

the pandemic, so after discussing it with

years and because of this have always

course with Premier Global. They are

my wife decided to take this chance to get

trained. I did a fitness instructor training

associated with Puregym and as I train at

my level 3.

course 20 odd years ago, have done

Puregym, Dunfermline I thought it was

Before continuing, I would like to thank

kettlebell courses and I am also certified

the most logical way to go.

you for going out on a limb and giving

in a few different therapies, studied diet

It’s all online because of the pandemic,

me the opportunity to be featured in the

& nutrition, by doing the Level 3 I am now

but it is well put together, the manuals

magazine, it really is an honour as there

just taking it to the next level.

are well laid out and they do daily


October 2020


webinars which are recorded in case you cannot make the live sessions. They do everything possible to ensure that the learning process is easy to follow in the current climate, but there is enough studying for you to do so that it doesn’t become just a paper-mill.

Do you (or do you intend to) specialise in a particular type of fitness? I’m 48 years old, probably twice as old as most PTs out there, but in my mind that means I have life experience and can empathise with a different demographic to younger PTs. My intention is to work with the slightly older gym goer. Clients that can relate to an older PT and just want to live a better, healthier lifestyle rather than say powerlifters, body builders or other specalised areas.

What’s it like working with gym owners? Difficult one to answer just now, can I come back to you in a few months time, hahaha!

What is your opinion of CPD? CPD, yeah it is vital, across social media you’ll see or hear a lot of PTs mentioning ‘upskilling’ like it is something new, but look at any professional industry and you will see that they need to complete a certain number of CPD hours in order to stay registered. CPD in my opinion

Seriously though, I think this is such a

is not just about upskilling, it is also

difficult time for the health and fitness

about staying current with the latest

industry, gym owners, PTs, and the

developments regardless of what level

professional bodies all need to work

you are at. Just reading a book, journal or

together so that as an industry we are

attending a one day course doesn’t mean

coming across as being professional and

you’re now an ‘expert’ in this particular

doing everything we can for the health

area. As the old saying goes “knowing is

and safety of the gym goer.

not enough, we must apply”. Only once

we can apply the knowledge or just as importantly understand that the skill or knowledge isn’t applicable to the client(s) you work with have you actually developed as a coach. Just because you know something doesn’t mean you have to use it.

You spend your working hours motivating others, how do you motivate yourself? Personally I find motivating myself easy, perhaps it’s because I have been training in one form or another my whole adult life. My motivations are my health and my family. As I mentioned earlier, I am 48 years old and the body doesn’t recover as quickly as it used to. My eldest daughter is 24, my youngest daughter is 9 months old and I have two granddaughters, so my motivation is there daily, my wife, children and granddaughters. I just need to think of them and that is my motivation to get up and move, go for a walk, get to the gym, eat healthier. If wanting to be around to see them grow isn’t motivation enough I don’t know what is. Unfortunately, the majority, of people today look for external, short term motivations, a holiday, a wedding etc... Once these events have passed, they either desperately look for the next thing or they give up. Make the motivation more intrinsic and it is there all the time. The hard part then is the dedication and perseverance to keep going but that is when your coach should be there for you. October 2020



How do you engage with your clients (active and inactive)? I have various WhatsApp groups that I use to keep in touch with clients, active or inactive, I am there for them if they need help or information. I also have a facebook group which we use to discuss different aspects of training, this is open to anybody though, sign up to my emails via my website and you will be able to ask to join the group.

How do you promote your services? What advice would you give to other PTs just starting out in the business? That’s a tricky one for me as really, I am only just getting started out as a level 3 PT, but if I can draw from my life experiences,

Social Media and word of mouth mainly. I predominately post to Instagram and have my Facebook and Twitter accounts linked to that. I don’t use TikTok, I just don’t get it, but I have never really looked into it. I’ve got a website, just the usual means really.

you have done the course, got the Don’t be afraid to ask for help, there is

How often do you train yourself?

so much great information available and

I try and get to the gym at least three

some great coaches giving information out

times a week and generally focus on

for free on social media daily.

resistance training when I’m there. My

certificate, now go and put it into practice.

The road to success is a hard uphill struggle and behind every overnight success there are many years of hard graft. Stay humble, be approachable and be there for everyone within the gym environment. Finally reflect daily, reflection will keep you grounded, learn by what you have done right, learn how you can improve. Understand that just because it is your preference does not mean that it is appropriate for your client.

What are the biggest challenges facing your business today? Covid, it has had an impact on my martial arts classes, the therapies I provide and my job, but it has also given me the opportunity to create a positive change and get my Level.3.

What significant changes have you seen within the industry over the past 3 years? Looking in from the outside as it were over the last couple of years, it is the

aerobic training I tend to get through my martial arts training, due to the covid-19 pandemic and the various rules etc. I’m currently only teaching one class a week as well as 1 - 1 sessions. I’m pretty fortunate in where I live in that there are some fantastic walks locally, there are some great woodland walks and a couple of Lochs and we are only about 10 minutes drive from the coast, so I try and get out regularly with my wife and youngest daughter.

If there was one thing you could radically change within the industry, what is it? I know they say that the average lifespan of a PT career is just a couple of years but if you love working with people, making positive changes to their lifestyles and making an impact, then that is a good thing. If you are just doing it because you think you can earn £30-£50 or more per hour rather than the average of say £10 per hour that most people earn then you are in it for the wrong reason.

rapid increase of online training, the way

It’s an industry, one should be in because

2020 has gone, with lockdowns, gyms

you care, care about people, care about

shutting, not being able to mix with other

health, wellbeing and fitness and care

households then it really was the only

about making an impact and change for

way to go.

the better.


October 2020

I could probably go on but you only asked for one.

Do you see yourself still working as a PT in 10 years time? For sure, It has taken me all these years to make the jump and get my Level 3, my passion is health, fitness and wellbeing and I wish I had done it earlier so I definitely want to be doing this for as long as I can.

What is your biggest success story? The biggest success story, probably getting my wife Emma into regular training. Emma has trained on and off with me over the 10 years we have been together but over the last three years she has been really focused and she admits that my encouragement shall we say has been a massive part of that. In 2019 she was due to compete in her first powerlifting competition but fell pregnant with our daughter Charlotte, despite this she trained up to 5 days before giving birth. Our new years eve was spent at the gym as she knew that was going to be one of the last sessions she would get in for a while. Emma was back training six weeks after giving birth. I’m very proud of the dedication and commitment she now has to her training. Before going, I’d again just like to thank you for picking me to be in the magazine. It really does motivate me to do more, I’ve not got the largest social media following but do post regularly, so it just shows with dedication and commitment regardless of the act, people will take notice.

October 2020



Calories in Calories out BY PETE HOWE


o, we are going to get a little geeky this month, and if you are anything like me you are going to love this little read on calories in and calories out. In this article, we will highlight a few important points and help clear up the huge amount of confusion that surrounds the topic of nutrition not only in the fitness industry but in today’s modern society.


We have come a long way in the world of

Have you ever thought to yourself why is

to knowing the thermogenic effects on

nutrition so confusing? Why do all these diets contradict each other? Well, that’s because any diet you follow is designed to get you to part with your hard-

protein, so surely it makes sense for us to look further into WHAT we put into our bodies and not just how much?

The social influencers and the celebrities that have starved themselves for a

Is it calories in that determines our calories

photoshoot, promoting the new juice diet to optimise weight loss. The question we should be asking is, why would we want to follow a diet or use a

October 2020

food from creating the glycaemic index


earned cash and follow the latest trend.


science, we have studied the effects of

out or is it the metabolic rate that determines how much energy we need to consume? Firstly let’s just confirm what a calorie is.

product without knowing that what we

The calorie or gram calorie (usually

are putting into our bodies is going to

denoted Cal) is the amount of

promote optimal health?

heat (energy) needed to raise the


In this process, small, simple molecules are built up into larger, more complex ones. An example of anabolism is gluconeogenesis. This is when the liver and kidneys produce glucose from noncarbohydrate sources. Catabolism is what happens when you digest food and the molecules break down in the body for use as energy. Large, complex molecules in the body are broken down into smaller, simpler ones. An example temperature of one gram of water by one

looks on a nutrition or calorie tracker.

almost the reverse of gluconeogenesis.

degree Celsius in the body. What we eat determines not only how we look, but more importantly how our bodies function. We are often very concerned

Daily Energy (cals) Consumed = 2800 cals Daily Energy (cals)

about how we look on the outside without

Burned = 2300 cals

really having a close look at what is going

Energy (cals)

on within!

remaining = 500 cals

Your metabolic rate is like your own personal calorie counter, it determines how much energy you need and what to do with that energy. We can always work out an average and you will come across this on every nutrition calculator that you use, it gives you a figure based on your

out your calorific needs either. It is down to the individual to monitor their calorific needs themselves, otherwise

surplus, as we now know this energy can’t

there is no way of knowing if your body is

be destroyed by a magic pill or juice diet

functioning at its optimal health.

the only way to get rid of these calories is to USE them (transfer them to useable

% and activity levels. It will then create

For a little information it takes

fundamental mistake here YOU are not

There is no one size fit all way of working

calories of energy putting us into a calorie

energy to support activity or training).

average energy. expenditure, there is one


Our body now has an additional 500

personal metrics weight, height, body fat an equation using this data to give you an

of catabolism is glycolysis. This process is

approximate 3500 calories for 1lb of body fat, you do the math?

Our bodies are amazing machines, and it’s our responsibility to find out what’s going on inside and compliment and enhance that through nutrition and diet as much as we can. In the next article, I am going to discuss

average! YOU are unique.

500 cals a day X 7 = 3500!

Your body is an amazing machine,

Do you see how easy it is to increase body

on your metabolism and how a simple

designed to adapt, improvise and

fat by 1lb a week?

test with your doctor could determine the

overcome. We have proven that our bodies are capable of achieving phenomenal results from the top bodybuilders’ physiques to the fitness levels of top

But don’t see this as a negative, if it is that easy to gain 1lb of body fat then it has to be that easy to lose 1lb of fat right?!

the effects your Thyroid may be having

reasons you are not getting the results you want.

Coach Pete.

CrossFit athlete’s such as Rich Froning and

There are many factors that determine

Pete Howe is a former

the UK’s Sam Briggs, but these results are

how our energy is transferred through

Royal Marine PTI

not created through guesswork and luck,

the body and how that energy is used.

the world’s best athletes know what to

Optimal health will allow the body to

put in their bodies and how to determine

function correctly considering how our

the amounts they need when they need it.

bodies are working. Our bodies consist

What energy (calories) we consume will determine the effect these calories have on your body, and you physics geeks out there will know that the first law of thermodynamics is that ‘energy can be

of a number of biological systems that carry out specific functions necessary for everyday living, if these systems are not functioning correctly then this will have a knock effect to how our bodies are

and competitive athlete, previously representing Great Britain in both Rugby League and Bobsleigh. Former Box owner and competitive CrossFit athlete, Pete is well known and respected within the CrossFit community. Pete’s most current role sees him as the Head of Physical Training at The Britannia Royal

transformed from one form to another,

utilising the energy we are feeding it.

but can be neither created nor destroyed’.

Our bodies response to the calories we

motivational speaker, training, nutrition and

consume on a hormonal level.

mindset coach.

So, the quality of energy (calories) that we consume will therefore produce the energy we need to work, rest and play. If

The release of hormones in the body such

the energy we have consumed isn’t used

a leptin and insulin will also determine

to fuel activity then the body will convert

whether we are in a ‘catabolic’ or ‘anabolic’

and transfer it into stored energy (body


fat) ready for later use. So, a very quick break down of how this

Naval College in Dartmouth, as well as being a

For more information visit: @petehowe79 on Instagram howe.37

Anabolism centres around growth and

building — the organisation of molecules.

9558883a October 2020





n 2018, DiR, the largest operator of fitness clubs in Spain, met with Rob Lander, CEO at Fisikal to discuss migrating a number of services online. Two years on and the initial transformation is now complete. Here, Jordi Forns, Co-Director, Fitness Clubs DiR, talks about why the brand committed to such fundamental changes and how the transition is playing out.

to manage the member experience and

making integration with third parties

capitalise on operational efficiencies.”

complex. Having had several discussions

Digitalisation has taken place in controlled phases. Firstly, an online booking and payment system for personal training and other complementary therapies was

with various digital providers, I finally met with Rob from Fisikal who gave me the confidence to push forwards with digitalising our business.”

introduced at selected DiR Clubs, then

In September 2019, Fisikal began phase

rolled out across the group. Once this

one of the integration. Jordi explains:

was operating effectively the online

“This first phase elevated our personal

booking provision was extended to

training and other bookable therapy

“Since Covid-19 the global fitness

group exercise classes. Digital workout

services to a whole new level, through the

community is onboarding digital solutions

capabilities supported by a huge video

transfer of paper-based services to online.

but back in 2018, when we first starting

library of exercise demonstrations were

looking at the idea, most facility owners

also activated, helping gym floor trainers

were still operating manual systems,”

extend their support and influence beyond

explains, Jordi. “DiR is a market leader in

the physical walls of the facilities.

our territory and moving services online to improve efficiencies and enhance the member experience seemed like a natural progression to keep our brand at the forefront of innovation in an ever-

performance visibility of all aspects of our business. This just wasn’t the case in terms of our complementary services. It

phases, plus one Yoga site and two franchise

was difficult to effectively track, monitor

sites. Other facilities within the DiR family

and evaluate how many sessions were

are being encouraged to follow suit.

being sold, by which individuals, at which

Jordi continues: “The biggest challenge we

we started our digital journey two years

faced lay in the fact that our incumbent

ago. Having digital systems in place has

CRM system is the product of a 40 year

really helped us to navigate effectively

company evolution. As a result, it is

through the recent pandemic, helping us

littered with peculiarities and nuances

October 2020

imperative that we have real-time

All 21 owned DiR Clubs have completed all

changing market. I am just so pleased


“As a large, multisite operator it is

site and how this information related back to potential capacity. It was also difficult to standardise the quality of the service across sites, from a member perspective. “Since Fisikal moved our booking and


a flexible solution that is equally effective serving a large multisite operator like DiR as it is a single site gym or individual trainer. Our modular system enables the selection the specific functionality from a huge array of services, making it possible for us to create bespoke provisions relatively simply. As businesses evolve, additional functionality can be ‘switched on’ as required, making Fisikal the perfect digital partner for the long term.” Jordi concludes: “As with all major change, we faced some challenges along the way but, now that Fisikal is fully integrated, payment function online, our analytical

directing members to alternative classes if

our business is providing a much superior

capabilities have become almost

their class of choice is fully booked.

member experience whilst also optimising

limitless. We can now evaluate real-time performance across all sites, at site level or even by individual. It enables us to identify and react much more quickly to performance dips, helping to maximise efficiencies and revenue generation. This has made a huge difference to our business. In six months we saw a 15 per cent uplift in

“Digitalisation is transforming our business. During the pandemic, being able to provide members with digital workouts, supported by high-quality video exercise demonstrations, has enabled us to continue to offer effective support despite physical contact restrictions.

personal training income, especially due to

“Most facilities have now reopened but

avoided late cancelled sessions.

in Catalonia, new restrictions have been

“Our members have also benefited from the digitalisation. Being able to schedule or amend a booking and make payments via our App has given members more control over the management of their training diary. It has also helped to alleviate queues at reception ensuring members can focus 100 per cent on their training experience.” Once booking and payment functionality was successfully up and running for personal training and therapy services the provision was extended to group exercise. “This is where we really started to appreciate the benefits”, says Jordi.

efficiencies. The ambition for DiR is now to roll out digital booking and payment functionality across more of our portfolio. Eventually, we would like to see all of our venues running digital booking and payment solutions. For more information about fisikal, visit

imposed. To control capacity, our digital

DiR manages a network of 21 beautiful

functionality also means we can insist

sports centres in the province of

that members pre-book their visits and

Barcelona and Sant Cugat serving more

certain in-club activities such as group

than 120,000 members. In addition,

exercise. This means, that when they

the organisation operates two yoga

arrive, they know they will be able to

studios and manages a network of nine

train, rather than risk being turned away

fitness franchise facilities and 35 Yoga

at the door. Operationally, it would have

franchises. These are also located in and

been almost unimaginably difficult to

around Barcelona.

manage effective member flow without a digital provision.”

DiR Clubs offer a range of luxury facilities including well equipped workout

“The entire digitalisation of bookings

spaces, swimming pools, fitness studios

and payment systems took 8 months to

and paddel courts, as well as a range

complete. Speaking of the integration, Rob

of complimentary services such as

Lander, CEO at Fisikal, says: “Fisikal offers


Through the App, members were able to; access class schedules; check availability; make, amend or cancel bookings and also join waiting lists which they could monitor in real-time. “This functionality has enhanced the member experience whilst also providing valuable performance data. We now have a much better understanding of class capacity levels and have a means of October 2020





THIS MONTH’S ROUND-UP OF KIT, PRODUCTS AND EXTRAS YOU CAN STOCK FOR YOUR MEMBERS – BOOST LOYALTY, RETENTION AND YOUR REVENUE! AS THE BRITISH WEATHER TURNS, WE FEATURE THE BEST WATERPROOF BACKPACKS FE ACTIVE – 30L ECO-FRIENDLY WATERPROOF DRY BAG BACKPACK It’s a backpack with all the features a bag should have: Good shoulder straps, front buckles, side pockets, but it’s also a Dry Bag. Which means the bag is waterproof on its own. It has great back support, with straps that can be adjusted to your body size. The waterproof backpack is built from high-quality materials. Thus ensuring it will last for extensive use and many years. Specs & Features: Made of a thick marine grade 5mm eco-friendly PVC Weight: 2 lbs Size: 21×13 inches Capacity: 30L Includes mesh side netting Waterproof Pros: It has the features of a Backpack and Dry Bag Comfortable shoulder straps for long walks It is lightweight Perfect for any in-water activity Can be submerged for a short period of time. Cons: Not a lot of extra pockets Does not have good airflow and breathability All in all, the FE Active backpack is definitely ranked high among its competitors. It’s lightweight, versatile, durable, and waterproof. This bag is worth every penny.


October 2020


FENGDONG 40L WATERPROOF BACKPACK If you are searching for a breathable backpack that also features quite a large capacity, then you can’t go wrong by picking the FENGDONG bag. Due to its breathable mesh design, the pack becomes suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities. Moreover, it’s exceptionally lightweight. Due to the mesh-designed shoulder straps that feature extra padding, the bag becomes actually very convenient. Storage definitely wouldn’t be a problem for you. That’s because the bag is designed with one large compartment and several small pockets where you can keep your stuff organized. The uniqueness of this backpack stems from its reliable waterproof system that repels water successfully. On top of that, the bag is built from high-quality materials to ensure longevity. Specs & Features: Weight: 1.8 lb. Exceptionally breathable. Comfortable. Durable. Large capacity: 40L. Multiple pocket options. Pros: If you’re looking for a lightweight and breathable design, the FENGDONG backpack does its job perfectly. What’s more, is that the bag comes with one large storage compartment and multiple small pockets. All this helps keep your stuff safe and organized. It’s incredibly durable, so you can bring this backpack on all of your future outdoor trips. Cons: Nothing special and unique when it comes down to the outer look of the bag. All in all, this backpack is unmatched in features and will definitely make your outdoor journey comfortable. It’s lightweight so you can carry it wherever you go. Moreover, it’s highly breathable. Therefore, it can be used during multiple outdoor sports. It’s definitely worth every penny.

ACRODO DRY BAG PATENTED WATERPROOF BACKPACK The Acrodo Dry Bag is a beast, softly said. It’s the ultimate backpack for any waterbased sport or activity like kayaking, boating, or swimming.

ZOMAKE 30L LIGHTWEIGHT PACKABLE BACKPACK If you are searching for a waterproof backpack featuring an ultra-lightweight design, you can’t go wrong with the ZOMAKE backpack. What makes this backpack actually stand out is its multi-purpose design. You can use it during trekking, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. The uniqueness of the ZOMAKE backpack stems from its versatile design. The bag features one main compartment, two zipped front pockets, two side pockets as well as external attachment points. Another essential feature to keep in mind is the backpack’s longevity. It’s built from high-quality materials, ensuring it will last longer than the average bags. As of final, you can get a full money-back guarantee if you state in 24 hours that this backpack doesn’t fit your needs. Yet, this would almost be impossible. Specs & Features: Dimensions: 13 X 7 X 19 inches. Weight: 0.74 lb. Versatile. Ultra-lightweight. Highly durable, made of high-quality materials. It can be easily folded and unfolded Full money-back guarantee. Pros: The backpack features a highly versatile design that allows you to fit all of your personal belongings without any hassle. Moreover, the bag comes with a compartment, designed explicitly for a laptop. Extremely durable, which ensures you’ll be able to use the ZOMAKE backpack for long periods of time. The bag is also exceptionally lightweight, so you can carry it wherever you go without any issues.

The uniqueness of this bag stems from its high-quality waterproof system. The last thing you can expect from this backpack is finding your stuff wet in it. Moreover, in the odd case, when the bag goes overboard, you can still be at peace due to its floating capabilities. Simply leave a small space for air when you’re loading your bag, and it will make sure it won’t bring your stuff to the bottom of the sea/river. What’s more, is that the Acrodo backpack is designed with additional straps. Thus, other bags can adhere to your backpack, creating a long and stable chain of bags. Yet keep in mind, that this bag isn’t suitable for prolonged hikes due to the basic design of the straps. On the whole, you can’t go wrong with it when kayaking is your favourite outdoor activity. Specs & Features: Incredible waterproof system. Suitable for all kinds of water-based activities. Built from high-quality materials. Perfectly suitable for both hot & cold weather. Pro: What puts this backpack on our “best” list is its waterproof protection. This bag will prevent any drop of water coming adjacent to your stuff. Another cool feature is that this backpack can literally float without any issues. It’s built from high-quality materials to ensure it will be your backpack “buddy” for more extended periods of time. Cons: What’s missing here is additional pockets. It features one large compartment, but if you want to keep your stuff organized, you’re going to have issues. On the whole, the Acrodo backpack is the perfect fit for any kind of waterrelated activity. It features an incredible waterproof system. Moreover, it has a sleek design, and it’s definitely worth the pick.

Cons: Some customers complain that they can’t fit enough stuff in this bag when it comes down to longer trips. Therefore, it doesn’t feature ample storage. All in all, the ZOMAKE backpack is definitely ranked high among its competitors. It’s lightweight, versatile, durable, and it looks good. This bag is worth every penny. October 2020



MENGAL WATER-RESISTANT PACKABLE BACKPACK 35L The Mengal Water-Resistant Packable Backpack 35L is a handy backpack that suits perfectly for short trips and daily tasks. It is large enough to tote any essential things that come to your mind. It is also much used for shopping, and it can serve as your kid’s school bag. The backpack is also extremely lightweight, which makes it really convenient. For sure, this water-resistant backpack will last you longer since it’s made from high-quality materials. The bag is also easy to adjust so it can fit any person easily. Specs & Features: It is constructed from durable polyester Diamond RipStop material It comes with a large main compartment. Large mesh-covered additional front pocket Water-resistant Capacity: 35L Weight: 0.45 lb Size: 2 x 5.6×10 inches Pros: It is incredibly lightweight so it can bring comfort and convenience while using it It has a large main compartment that can carry important personal stuff. Build from high-quality polyester so it can last longer Is perfect for daily users and for smaller hiking Cons: The backpack is water-resistant and not waterproof. That means it can protect your stuff from light rains, but when it comes to heavy rains, the pack won’t be able to save your stuff. Might have a big main compartment, however, due to its smaller size, it can’t handle all of your gear, so it’s not suitable for longer trips. All in all, this is a decent water-resistant backpack that comes at an affordable price. It is a perfect gift for anyone,

MARCHWAY FLOATING DRY WATERPROOF BAG If you’re searching for a lightweight and durable waterproof backpack that is mainly designed for hiking purposes… Then search no more because the MARCHWAY Floating Dry Waterproof Bag is the perfect pick for you. It is built from high-quality materials that ensure a longlasting experience. It also has incredible waterproof protection that will protect your stuff from moisture and even drenching. It comes in 5 different sizes and has 12 different colour options. Depending on the size you choose, you to define your comfort. 5L and 10L options are with a single shoulder strap. While the 20L,30L, and 40L options come with double shoulder straps that bring extra support when you are carrying the bag. Specs & Features: Depending on the option you choose, it has a different size and weight. Built from ripstop tarpaulin material with sturdy welded seams. Capacity varies depending on the option you choose. Pros: It is lightweight which bring extra comfort, and it’s perfect for hiking days.

The water-resistant bag is lightweight, so it brings extra

The waterproof system successfully protects your stuff from water damage.

comfort and also has additional pockets. It is priced at 4.3

The backpack is straightforward to use.

out of a 5.0-stars review. This is one of the best water-

It comes with the floating design.

and it can mainly be used for daily purposes and tasks.

resistant backpacks on the market for its price tag.

You can choose a different size and colour, depending on your personal preference. The high-quality materials widely extend the waterproof backpack’s lifespan Cons: It has a plain and simple design so it may not give you a beautiful view. It might not be large enough to handle all of your hiking gear. Overall, this is one of a kind waterproof backpack that is lightweight and simple to use. It provides additional comfort so you can use it for more extended periods. The bag is best suitable for travel and hiking trips because of its waterproof system that protects your stuff from any water damage. This product has a 4.7 out of 5.0-stars review and could be counted as one of the best picks on the market in its price range.


October 2020


IDRYBAG WATERPROOF DRY BAG A new generation of backpacks is what IDRYBAG brings to the table. The IDRYBAG Waterproof backpack comes with a slick design. What’s more, is that it features comfortable straps to make your trips more relaxed and enjoyable. The uniqueness of this bag stems from its inner and outer pockets. The internal pocket features quite an ample space where you can store most of your personal belongings. Whereas, in the exterior pocket, you can keep flashlights and knives in a hand-reach. Moreover, the bag features a multi-purpose designed, making it suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities. Specs & Features: Dimensions: 12.6 x 6.3 x 21 inches. Weight: 2.6 lb. Lightweight. Waterproof. Sleek design. Inner and outer pocket. Multi-purpose. Comfortable straps. Pros: Due to its eye-catching look, the bag makes you stand out from the crowd. The inner and outer pockets do a great job when it comes down to storing your stuff efficiently. It’s highly comfortable, so all of your outdoor trips are guaranteed to be more enjoyable and relaxed than before. The backpack comes with a multi-purpose design. Therefore it can be used for various outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing, camping, trekking, etc. Cons: This backpack might not be one of the most durable bags on the market. Some customers complain that the straps might wear off after some time of using it. In general, if you are looking for an attractive bag that is also quite comfortable, then you can’t go wrong with the IDRYBAG backpack. It definitely provides storage options to keep your stuff organized. Moreover, it is exceptionally lightweight. Therefore, you can carry it wherever you go effortlessly.

DIAMOND CANDY BACKPACK If you are a passionate hiker or trekker, then you can’t go wrong with the Diamond Candy Backpack. That’s because it features reliable waterproof protection, many pockets, and great comfort to make your outdoor journeys more enjoyable. The Diamond bag will keep water access restricted; thus, your equipment will be able to stay dry. What’s more, is that the backpack comes with 4 zippered compartments so you can keep all of your belongings organized. Even a laptop compartment is available. Moreover, the bag is quite large and comfortable. You can fit almost any gear you bring with yourself without much hassle. When it comes to durability, the Diamond backpack merely is unmatched. It can last you for years to come. On top of that, it’s lightweight, which makes the carrying process a breeze. Specs & Features: Dimensions: 12.6 x 7.9 x 19.7 inches. Weight: 2.4 pounds. Durable. Lightweight. Waterproof. 4 compartments. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Pros: What we like about this backpack is that it has 4 large compartments available to keep all your equipment sorted out and safe. Moreover, the bag is exceptionally lightweight, so you can carry it anywhere without much hassle. Cons: It doesn’t feature an attractive design. For those who look to stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching appearance, this bag won’t be a suitable option for you. Yet, it’s highly efficient when it comes down to storage and water-resistance. On the whole, you can’t go wrong with this backpack if outdoor activities are what you’re keen on. The bag is extremely lightweight and durable. Therefore, you’ll be able to use it during your future outdoor endeavours and make those trips highly enjoyable. October 2020 25


Get to know

Calisthenics Family

and the challenging, fast-growing sport Calisthenics BY MICHAEL & YANNICK WOERDMAN

all aspects. You will not just get a lean

and freestyle. The goal of many

aesthetic body, but Calisthenics will

Calisthenics athletes is to master their

enable you to really control your body

own bodyweight through impressive

mentally and physically. You will gain real

skills such as the Handstand, Human Flag

strength and you will be able to perform

and L-Sit. To sum up, Calisthenics is the

impressive skills. Calisthenics gives you a

perfect balance between coordination,

challenge in life and helps you to become

mobility, strength and, stability.

fitter in a very enjoyable way!



Calisthenics is worldwide a very

Our passion for fitness began years ago.

popular and upcoming sport. To perform

In the first few years, we focused on

Calisthenics you only need minimal

bodybuilding and weightlifting like almost

equipment as Calisthenics athletes use

everyone else. Throwing dumbbells and

their own bodyweight to get fit. What a

barbells around while doing the same

lot of people love about Calisthenics is that you can do it anytime and anywhere. Some people compare Calisthenics with a combination of fitness, gymnastics


kind of exercises each day… During this period, we gained a lot of knowledge about fitness, nutrition, and the function of the body. We noticed that we didn’t find weightlifting challenging enough anymore. We actually didn’t really care anymore whether we could bench press or

We are Michael (25) & Yannick (24)

squat 100kgs or 120kgs. There was no end

Woerdman, two brothers from the

goal, nothing to strive towards in the long

Netherlands. We are Certified Calisthenics

run. In comparison with weightlifting,

Trainers and the proud owners of the

we really loved the idea of full-body

coaching business Calisthenics Family.

control and the challenging skills that

Besides that, we own a Calisthenics

Calisthenics has to offer. When Michael

Family Park and an indoor Calisthenics

moved to Australia for six months, he got

Family Gym. Our mission is to show as

to know the sport Calisthenics better.

many people as possible all the great

When he came back, he shared his passion

benefits of Calisthenics. We are convinced

for Calisthenics with Yannick and so our

that Calisthenics improves your life in

Calisthenics Journey began.


October 2020


We really wanted to become Calisthenics

Another part of our business is our own

Athletes, so we started to do tons of

indoor Calisthenics Family Gym A big

research. At the beginning of 2016, we

community of beginner and professional

switched from fitness to Calisthenics

Calisthenics athletes are members of our

which is still the best decision of our

Calisthenics Family Gym. Besides that,

lives. We quit our membership at the gym

we provide Personal Coaching in our Gym.

and improvised our own backyard into a

Next to that, we often have collaborations

workout park. After 1 year of hard work,

with other companies, for example with

consistency, and the most important

Myprotein or Tunturi, which are two of

aspect a lot of fun, we went from nothing

our business partners. The Calisthenics

to epic skills such as the Handstand,

Family Gym is also the perfect place

Backlever, Frontlever, V-sit and, Human

to create high-quality content for our

Flag. And this was just the beginning‌

business partners as well as for our YouTube videos.

"Calisthenics gives you a challenge in life and helps you to become fitter in a very enjoyable way!" equipment and we provide instructional videos for each exercise! This program is also accessible at any level. No matter if you are a beginner, advanced, young, old, men or women.

WHAT ARE OUR MAIN BUSINESSES? We started Calisthenics Family in 2016 on YouTube and Instagram. Via social

daily activity on Instagram. Our Body


Transformation video reached 3,8 million

Do you want to start with Calisthenics?

views on YouTube which motivated us to

And get a fit and strong body while

expand our business. We wanted to help

working towards challenging skills? Then

and inspire as many people as possible

you should definitely take a look at one of

so we set up the coaching business

our Workout Plans. For example, our Full

Calisthenics Family. We worked our ass off

Journey Plan which is The Ultimate Long-

to launch a website and to create high-

Term 4-Course Workout Bundle. You will

quality online Calisthenics Workout

learn multiple skills stepwise to become

Plans which became a big success.

a master of your own bodyweight. With

After selling thousands of Workout

a structured timeline and more than

Plans we expanded our business with

150 instructional videos, this program is

more products such as Online Coaching,

suitable for everyone. The sky is literally

a Weight Loss Workout Plan, Custom

the limit with this workout plan!

media, we inspire thousands of people with weekly YouTube videos and

DOWNLOAD OUR FREE E-BOOK If you want to learn more about Calisthenics, make sure to download our free E-book. In this E-book we explain more about Calisthenics, nutrition, training methods and, our workout programs. You will also find example training routines. After reading this E-book you will definitely consider starting Calisthenics. Start your Calisthenics Journey and Join the Family!

Workout and Meal Plans, Merchandise and our own customized Parallettes. You can use these Handcrafted Parallettes for a great variety of Calisthenics exercises.

Or take a look at our Calisthenics Home Workout Plan which we created for the COVID-19 crisis. You won’t need any October 2020



The Power Of


BY CLAIRE MOORE, FOUNDER OF BELIEVE & ACHIEVE I am Claire Moore the founder of Believe

Our job is to help them break this

& Achieve where the name tells you

miserable cycle with our Healthy Kick

exactly what we are about. Our number

Start Programme that is built on the

one priority at our women’s only gym in

foundation that we must work on our

Sheffield is helping our clients believe in

mindset in order to achieve long-term

themselves once again, so they have the

success. This is the difference between

confidence, motivation, and knowledge to


make the changes they need in order to

As a great coach, you take care of building

achieve the results they deserve.

a community of support as well as creating

Many of our clients have been round the diet

the plan and tracking progress, but there

cycle so many times they have lost all hope that they can attain the health and body


hen clients think about getting healthier it can be easy for them to only focus on how they are going to exercise and what they are going to eat (or more likely, what they think they have to stop eating!) But there is a whole other element that as coaches we must include if our clients are to get long term success.


October 2020

are a few things your clients can take responsibility for to maximise their results.

shape they desire, but they keep starting

Here are some of our strategies that we

again and again, in the desperate attempt to

encourage our clients to implement from

find something that will finally work.

day 1


#1 SET CLEAR GOALS Skip this step and your chances of consistent progress are limited. It is vital that goals are clear, achievable, and written down. Make sure there is a realistic but challenging deadline set in place. For real success increase accountability by asking clients to share their goals with others. We encourage our clients to identify their long-term goal first and break it down into a medium-term goal and then short term. The ideal length of time for a short-term goal is 4 weeks; long enough to see results but not too long to feel overwhelming. This needs to be the client's focus, especially if the long-term goal is a biggy. By all means, keep an eye on the prize, but concentrate on what needs to be done each day to achieve the short-term goal, get there, and the boost to their confidence and motivation spurs them on to focus on the next 4 weeks. Keep chipping away and great things can be achieved in small continuous steps.

#2 SET REWARDS It is easy to be all consumed by the final goal and to not feel happy until we get there. By setting small rewards along the way it encourages clients to push for mini-

of time it gets easier and will eventually flip our headspace to a far healthier and more pleasant place to be.

#4 REVIEW, REFLECT #6 GO EASY ON YOURSELF AND LEARN Nothing is more powerful on the personal development journey than journaling. Our heads are jam-packed full of thoughts and it can be exhausting. By taking a few minutes each day to write down

deadlines and recognise their progress

everything that we are thinking provides

and be proud of their journey. Often

the opportunity to empty our heads and

rewards can revolve around food or drink,

start and make sense of what is going on.

try to get clients to move away from this

Something that can seem huge when we

and look at healthy rewards such as a spa

are thinking about it constantly can seem

visit, new trainers or massage.

easy to deal with once written down.

#3 CHANGE THE CHATTER IN YOUR HEAD It is nine times easier to hold on to a negative thought than a positive one. Many of our clients have a constant stream of thoughts telling them how they can’t do it and they aren’t good enough. It can be hard to shake these thoughts if they have been hanging around for many years, but hard isn’t the same as impossible. The conscious mind can only hold one thought at a time so by creating

Create a space for clients to shout about their success, not only will this help them feel great they will also inspire others.

The biggest lesson our clients learn is how to go easy on themselves. Yes, it is important to have goals and it is great to push ourselves but if expectations are too high, it is only a matter of time before the ‘sod it’ mentality kicks in and the whole plan is scrapped. True health and fitness take time, and the best results are gained with a solid consistent plan. Make peace with this and they can relax and enjoy the journey rather than it becoming another thing to stress about.

Journaling can also help us identify patterns that may be sabotaging our results, if a client has a habit of reaching for the biscuit tin or a glass of wine, documenting their thoughts and feelings may help highlight what is happening just before this. This awareness then gives us a chance to help them put a plan in place to work on this.

#5 CELEBRATE Clients can easily become obsessed with the end goal and I see many women who

an affirmation or positive sentence, we

only focus on what they haven’t yet

can choose to shut the negative down

achieved. You know the conversations; “I

and repeat the positive sentence any

have lost 5lbs but still have 1 stone to go”

time the horrible stuff starts creeping in.

We all thrive on recognition and taking

It is fair to say this can be difficult in the

a moment to celebrate what we have

beginning but like most things, when

achieved so far can inspire us to keep

done repeatedly over a prolonged period

going, even when things get a little tough. October 2020 29



Gr ou p E x e r c i s e C la s s es? BY COLIN LEE BERRY STREET DEFENCE DIRECTOR


aving been a personal trainer for over 20 years and the Director of Colin Lee Berry’s Street Defence (Self Defence/Fitness Class Concept), I have seen many group exercise concepts come and go. Many have different approaches to how they should be taught including scripted group exercise routines. All group exercise instructors have their own opinions on whether they prefer to teach scripted or non-scripted exercise classes.

Personally, I feel that instructors should be trained and then trusted to deliver

This, however, takes away the trust of

but preventing classes from feeling too

the instructors to deliver the classes

rigid. We also screen all our potential

effectively. I understand dance routines

instructor/business owners to make sure

have to be taught a certain way, but group

they are the right fit for our concept.

exercise concepts need to give instructors the flexibility to be creative (with participant safety in mind) thus giving the classes a personal feel. Many members at gyms form a bond with the instructors that teach certain classes and this bond will be stronger if the instructors can bring their personalities and teaching abilities into these classes. Although I fully understand that instructors cannot be given completely free rein in how a class concept is taught or the concept may begin to become blurred into a mish-mash of a different class concept entirely.

Now that we are in a pandemic, all class concepts have had to adapt to be able to function during this difficult time. Since the pandemic first struck, the health and fitness industry has been hit hard. However, the health and fitness industry has been finding its way through this difficult time. Classes and workouts have moved online as much as possible, but everyone knows that face to face and in-person fitness cannot be substituted for online. If anyone asked the question during an office meeting a year ago ‘We should

an effective group exercise class using

At Colin Lee Berry’s Street Defence, we

their own personality and abilities.

believe in giving instructors/business

Even though this is my personal belief,

owners guidelines/boundaries of what

I do see why gym companies and group

needs to be taught within sessions, but

exercise concepts go this route. Just like

also allows them the freedom to bring their

restaurants that want consistency with

own personalities out into their teaching.

their meals, companies want the safety

With safety in mind, instructor course

net of knowing what and how something

quality and continual instructor develop is

When it comes to class concepts, many can

is going to be taught.

key in keeping a high standard of teaching

offer an online version and they may find


October 2020

have a plan just in case we ever face a pandemic’, they would have been laughed at. Now the fitness industry will look to offer a hybrid version of their services to offer a pandemic proof service should this situation ever happen again.


that it can reach more people and be more

forward many industries in moving into

before, the health and fitness industry

economically rewarding than the face to

the online arena. Even though this may

has been hit hard by the pandemic, let us

face options. However, many concepts

not be as interactive as face to face, it

come together as an industry and support

such as my Street Defence concept, an

does allow gyms and trainers to reach an

each other to make the industry stronger

online version would feel very watered

audience beyond their usual reach.

than ever.

We are living in a digital age and now

If you would like to find out more about

more than ever, we need to embrace it as

the Street Defence concept, please visit

an industry to survive. As I mentioned

down and it would not be able to replace the real thing. We are in the process of developing an online instructional selfdefence course, but any technical/contact concept needs to be practised in person for the movements to become a reaction. Due to the pandemic, many class concepts will be thinking of the future in how to continue to appeal to gyms and trainers across the world. Street Defence and many other concepts will look to help protect clubs and individuals from any future pandemic. A pandemic clause will be introduced which will mean license fees will be frozen if a similar situation were to occur in the future. Online options will also be offered to add additional revenue when we are not within a pandemic and the ability to earn revenue in the middle of one. The pandemic has forced and brought

October 2020



5to STEPS Increasing

m s i l o b a t e M r u yo MIDDLE AGE WOES BY STACY WIG


s your weight increasing, yet caloric intake is not? Are you seeing body fat accumulate in new and interesting places? You have a couple of things working against you. You're probably not burning calories as efficiently as you did when you were younger. That's because your metabolic rate (the number of calories you burn in a day) dips about 1% per year beginning around age 30, says Carolyn Brown, RD, nutritionist at Foodtrainers in New York. You can outsmart that. Shift a few habits so you can rev your body back up and burn calories more efficiently again!! Start with these five strategies:


• Lean poultry and venison (boneless,

Protein is the building block of muscle, and

• White fish (mahi, cod, flounder, orange

since muscle mass diminishes as you age, you need even more protein. Starting at middle age, you need 10%

not sea bass, salmon) • Eggs (whole egg is protein and fat with lots of nutrients and egg whites are just

younger years. Foods that are high in


than fat or carbohydrates. Do this: Eat a well-rounded breakfast upon rising that includes a good percentage of protein. I like to shoot for 40%. High protein food sources include the following: October 2020

roughy, swordfish, rockfish, tuna, etc. …

more protein than you did during your protein pack a greater metabolic boost


skinless, breast, ground 99% fat-free)

• Salmon, lean beef, bison and sea bass contain both protein and healthy fats • Cottage cheese is one of the best casein protein dairy sources with the highest percentage of protein and the lowest percentage of sugar. • Yogurt- choose Greek and no, it doesn’t


have to taste like glue. Just choose yogurt

Do this:

Sugar craving increase because fatigue

with lower sugar (under 10 grams).

• Assess current living situation - what

sets in and your body thinks that you

• Skimmed milk - many people develop lactose intolerance as they age due to the processing of this food so many dairy products can cause bloating and intestinal issues but skimmed milk is actually a great source of protein and carbohydrates and can be used for endurance athletes and post-workout fuel if not sensitive to lactose.

aspects of home life may be causing undue stress? • Include mind/body strategies daily (yoga, meditation) • Deal with stressful situations headon (this may cause more intense immediate stress but then most of the time, that stressor is absolved) • Create balance in this technological

2. TAME YOUR STRESS The stress hormone cortisol is tied to an accumulation of fat around your midriff. And midlife can be a stressful time. Chronic stress can also affect how well your body responds to insulin, which controls your blood sugar. Eliminating as much stress as possible from your daily routine will help cut the amount of cortisol your body makes.

world we live in (know when to turn your screens OFF) • Compartmentalize your stresses so they don’t interfere with your workouts, family time, etc.

need sugar when you actually need sleep. Do this: • Set a soothing bedtime routine that includes turning off all screens at least one hour before bed. I typically set a time to stop working unless I have an important deadline, take a bath, and read a couple of chapters in a fictional novel to allow my brain to divert from my daily life. Then as I close my eyes, I recount three things that were positive from the day • Find something that helps you turn a busy mind off. Everyone is different so find what works for you!


• Decrease temperature in the house at

When you're short on sleep, your appetite

• Eliminate caffeine or other stimulants

kicks into a higher gear. Your hormone levels slip out of balance.

night like pre-workout drinks later in the day • White noise can be helpful October 2020



watch portions. Purchase a food scale and weigh foods about once every few weeks or so (let’s say 4-6 weeks) to ensure that portions are accurate • If it doesn’t swim, roam, or grow from the ground, don’t eat it often!! Lower your intake of preservatives!! • Change your taste buds. If you consume sugar, salt, flour, preserved foods often….you will crave exactly that and not be able to taste your actual food If you clean up your diet for literally three days, you will notice a remarkable difference in your palate. You will be able to recognize when food has sugar and sodium in it because your palate becomes accustomed to tasting food in its natural state. • Watch your intake of sweeteners! The more sweeteners you use, the more sweet cravings you will have and studies have shown time after time that your body reacts to sweeteners like it does sugar. So, how do you combat the blandness of some foods, teas, and coffee?

4. GET STRONGER The more muscle you have, the more


calories you burn, even when you’re at

It's true: You can't eat the way you used to,

rest. Keeping your muscles strong makes

without some consequences.

it easier to maintain your weight.

A study published in the American Journal

Do this:

of Clinical Nutrition found that people

• In general, if you are a beginner with

who ate the most refined foods (like

regard to strength training, use weights that are heavy enough to exhaust your muscles with twelve repetitions, yet

sugar, white bread, cookies, and cakes) developed significantly more belly fat than those who consumed the same number of

light enough to complete at least eight

calories from less processed foods.

repetitions. Also if you are a beginner,

Do this:

strength training should be done approximately three days per week in conjunction with cardiovascular activity like walking, bike riding, swimming, hiking, etc. as well as yoga, and flexibility training • Functional exercises that use two or more joints are great for coordination, balance, overall strength, and improving daily living skills • If you have never been an athlete and have never done strength training, hire a qualified coach for at least a couple of months to learn how to improve overall strength in a safe and effective manner If you feel stuck or unmotivated, hiring

• Always have healthy snacks on hand - raw nuts - minimal fruits (1-3/day depending upon caloric intake and glucose sensitivity) - nut butter (watch portions!) - Greek yogurts and cheeses in moderation when not lactose intolerant - occasionally beef jerky - whey protein powder or a quality meal replacement when unable to get a meal in or need something quick post-workout • Watch your portions…you can have a

a coach can be a great way to hit the

clean diet and STILL not be able to lose

“reset” button

or even maintain weight if you do not


October 2020

Well, it is likely you perceive it as bland because you are altering the natural taste of it so first maybe try to have certain foods plain OR use herbs and spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, apple and pumpkin pie spice, dill weed, turmeric, garlic, onion, extracts, pepper, sea salt in moderation and so much more!! Life doesn’t end at your first mid-life crisis!! With some modifications to your lifestyle, you can be just as lean, strong, and fabulous or even better than you were 20 years ago!!

A SMARTER, MORE STABLE TAKE ON HIGH INTENSITY GLUTE TRAINING The Matrix Glute Trainer uses advanced biomechanics to maximise activation of the glutes and hamstrings, mimicking bar-hip thrusting without the difficulty and discomfort of free weights. Accessible design and refined ergonomics accommodate users of all sizes, while maximum resistance (227 kg) and band hooks challenge even the most powerful athletes.








Discover more, and see the Glute Trainer in action at

October 2020 35


STAYING MOTIVATED ON YOUR FITNESS GOALS (even when you’re thrown that covid curve ball!) BY SAMANTHA WALTERS


egardless of the current pandemic, even the most professional in the fitness industry struggle to stay motivated and want to work out 100% of the time, you would have to be superhuman not to! (And if they tell you they do, they’re probably lying) With everything that has been cancelled so far, working from home, the threats of lockdowns and restrictions being updated and tightened frequently, it's understandable that slipping on those running shoes or getting your yoga kit on can feel more difficult than ever, so how can we make sure we keep moving forward and working on our health and fitness goals given the current climate? Here I have created a couple of tips to help keep up that momentum when you do feel the struggle.


October 2020


is that you personally enjoy the most, is it weights training, is it running, is it dancing or swimming? One thing I always tell my clients is that you will never stick to something that you don’t enjoy and isn’t for you, and I wouldn’t expect them to go riding a bike in their spare time if they didn’t like doing so, as they would never put the effort in, and again, will find any excuse not to do it. There is a big difference between pushing yourself to achieve, and forcing yourself to do exercise you don’t enjoy, so when your motivation is low, get the headphones out, put the music on loud, and choose to do what you already know you love and that will make you feel better after!


think about how they can achieve them.

We all have our own personal reasons as

they use this to move forward for the

to why we exercise, and if you’re not sure of what it is, think about why what is it that pushes you to want to change? Is it physical health reasons? Fat loss? Muscle or strength gain? Rehab? Is it to improve your mental health or push your limits to achieve a sporting goal? Whatever it is, it must be a reason that comes from within, you have to want to do it for yourself and not just for others (which can be pretty common with friends and partners), as in this instance, it will always be a struggle with your motivation and easy to find an excuse when the going gets tough.

2. SET YOURSELF GOALS! I have touched upon the importance of goal setting previously, but I feel this is such an important tool, and not just within fitness, but to keep you progressing in all aspect of life! Identify a goal you want to achieve, and then focus on the steps to achieve them. Remember,

At the end of each week we have a review of their goals, did they do as they planned? We discuss what their biggest achievement is of the week and how can following week and next goals. Focus on the positives when assessing your goals, and if you don’t quite meet them one week, don’t beat yourself up, you are, after all, only human! Instead ask yourself why, and how you can change things the following week to try again.

3. THINK HEALTH! With the colder nights and flu season drawing in, it is important to focus on keeping our bodies and immune systems healthy, adding a pandemic threat to the equation and this focus should become a whole lot bigger! Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep can help keep your body and your immune system working well. Research has shown that high-stress levels can impair the immune system, and as we know, exercise can relieve stress and get you feeling fab again! So be aware of your stress levels, which may be higher

when choosing your goal, think SMART.

during these unprecedented times, and


they get too high.

Measurable Achievable

work (or workout!) to lower them when



I have my clients set themselves weekly

We are all so different with what we

goals they wish to achieve, then we

enjoy doing. Have a think about what it


The bottom line is, there will be times when you feel you’re going to struggle, and all you want to do is get into your cosy clothes, crawl under the blanket and call it a day, and it is also important to remember that those days also have their place sometimes. But it is just as important to make sure you are not choosing those days every time and letting yourself fall into a rut. The current pandemic is putting so much extra stress on everyone with work, home, finance and health worries, a lot of people are losing control of things or choices they have had previously and feeling the pressure. The thing to remember is the way you respond, keeping motivated and your actions to progress and achieve your goals is one of the choices you do have left, and this is something that no one else can control, and that is your power.

October 2020





BODY RIDER EXERCISE UPRIGHT FAN BIKE If you are planning to buy a low-cost air resistance bike for both cardio and strength training, Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike is a good option you can surely try. It is built with a resistance system and it is completely friendly in its design. For a cardio workout, it is an apt option you can definitely count. Users have called it versatile! It is one of the best fan exercise bikes that allows you to get the facility of an elliptical and upper body workout in one machine. The bike can work for both the arms and upper body offering a complete full-body workout. The Features You May Like • Ergonomic: Dual-action extended handlebars for upper and lower body engagement: high momentum fan wheel system is helpful for a smooth workout. • Easy to adjust: Adjustable resistance levels you can select the workout intensity with a simple knob. • Easy-to-Track: Clear digital display can track time, distance, speed, and total calories burned. • Durable: Sturdy steel "h" frame design is built for constancy and stability. • User-friendly: The bike offers an adaptable seat for multiple users. • Comfortable: The fan wheel will keep you cool while doing your strenuous workout. Adjustable seat and updated cushion for better comfort. Cons • No way to lock the arms. Pros • Compact design. • 2-way work out. • Handy and comfy. • Budget-priced.

SCHWINN AD6 AIRDYNE UPRIGHT EXERCISE BIKE Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike is a unique combo of brand power and the facility of Airdyne CrossFit. The air resistance bike runs on wind resistance technology and offers you the provision of strength building exercise and calorie burning at one go. It's not noisy that is perfect for your home gym. The compact design is a kind of space saver and you can easily accommodate it in your small apartment. Regardless you are an ace user of an exercise bike or a new enthusiast, you will find balance and comfort while using the best Airdyne bike for CrossFit. The Features You May Like • Smart look: Unique design that looks good and offers you perfect workout at your place. • Stable enough: You will get to feel the stability with selfbalancing foot pedals along with foot straps. • Comfort feature: The stationary air bike runs smooth, it is easy to use, and it is mostly soundless. • Easy to measure: Clear display helps in understanding the work out details. • Effective: Advanced wind resistance system offers unlimited levels of challenge and RevMeter RPM gage is present here to facilitate the interval training. Cons • Durability may get compromised. • Seat tends to get slant. Pros • Great for HIIT. • Good workout quality. • Low impact on the knee. • Affordably priced air bike.


October 2020


SCHWINN AIRDYNE BIKE Schwinn Airdyne Bike is a popular air resistance bike. Not because it is a Schwinn product but for its compressed size, stability, and power-packed performance. The wind resistance technology offers the option of both cardio training and strength training and that makes it a versatile exercise tool. The Schwinn Airdyne Bike occupies a smaller place and credit goes to a single-stage belt drive that runs the machine quietly. Integrated bio fit comfort system supplied cools air consistently and that will keep you cool and comfortable while doing exercise.

MARCY EXERCISE UPRIGHT FAN BIKE Exercise with a low impact air resistance exercise bike is a grand idea to stay fit and in size. Marcy Exercise Upright Fan Bike for Cardio Training and Workout AIR-1 can offer you both the benefits in an affordable price range. It is one of the best fan exercise bikes to get total body workout. Some components deserve special mention in this fan bike reviews article. The crystal clear display, the heavy-duty resistance fan, transportable wheels, as well as adjustable seat will boost your user experience.w

The Features You May Like • Adequate resistance: The air resistance exercise bike offers varieties of air resistance and that makes workout with this bike a really productive one. • Attractive design: The design with a single-stage belt drive offers a smooth, effective, and efficient workout session, which is low impact for users with a knee injury. • Versatile output: This stationary air bike is perfect for both lower and upper body workout: a truly all-rounder one. • Tracking friendly: The ELD display console will help you to note work out details, calories burned, and distance covered, RPM, etc. • Space-saving exercise bike model: The bike measures 22.5 x 48 x 50 inches (W x H x D) and it weighs 96 pounds only. Cons • Resilience may get compromised. Pros • Noiseless motion. • Smooth feeling. • Superior design. • Robust construction.

Staying cool while doing exercise has been made easy with this air resistance bike. The Features You May Like • Easy to move: The air resistance exercise bike is built with the transport wheels for easy mobility. • Easy to track the data: The LED display boosts easy to use computer scan functions, and helps in tracking the workout speed, time spent, distance, and burned calories. • Adjustable seat: The modifiable seat houses users according to their different body sizes. • Adjustable levellers: You will get to stabilize your exercises with the adaptable levellers, which is designed to work on all types of surfaces. • Warranty covered: Your product purchase will be covered with a 1-year warranty. Cons • Fan noise may seem loud. Pros • Easy to assemble. • Value for the money. • Sturdy. • Good customer care. October 2020



SUNNY HEALTH & FITNESS AIR RESISTANCE HYBRID FAN BIKE For the overall workout of your body, Sunny Health & Fitness Air Resistance Hybrid Fan Bike - SF-B2618 is the right option in your home gym. You can fix the intensity of your exercise and there is a facility for burning adequate calories against your workout and in lesser time. The air resistance bike can work for beginners as well as for regular users as you can customize the intensity with a unique micro tension resistance system. The fan wheelbase design is user-friendly and innovative. It works as an additional resistance mechanism of the air bike.

ASSAULT AIRBIKE CLASSIC, BLACK Those who have used the assault bike, according to users review, have become ardent lovers of this "best fan bike" in the market. It is a modernly designed upgraded version. Want to empower your body with cardio and strength training? As wiki ezvid recommendation Assault AirBike Classic is the right choice. The air resistance acts as the driving force. It is durable enough and does not occupy much space. It’s a commercial quality air resistance bike that you can use in your home gym for perfect and smooth working out. The heavy-gauge steel frame is an added assurance of stability. The Features You May Like • Better balance and endurance: Twenty sealed ball bearings are placed all over the frame and hinge points are there to offer an even and resilient feel. • All-rounder: Unlimited Resistance is available for upper and lower body exercises based on Air Resistance; Get the benefits of a whole cross-fit workout. •  Multi programmable: Computer offers motivational programs that are compatible with different exercises like Tabata, Intervals, Watts, Heart Rate to achieve your fitness goals. • Comfort features: Twenty Five inch width steel fan conveys maximum resistance, with 6-way adjustable seat fore and behind, up and down as well as tilt. • Set a challenge: You may set a calorie, distance, or time target goal with the progressive computer display; Integrated messaging helps in inspiring the user to keep up the energy level. Cons • No water bottle attachment. Pros • Sturdy. • User-friendly. • Multi resistance. • Budget price. 40

October 2020

The Features You May Like • Innovative design: The fan wheel design permits air to act as added stimuli to confirm productive work out together with the belt resistance. • Smooth operation: Chain drive machinery that offers a smooth and reliable workout. • Micro tension systems: The feature offers an additional resistance by the turn of a knob that stiffens the belt tension. • Productivity: Handlebars move while you pedal to achieve a full-body workout. • Flexibility: Large fully modifiable seat cushion.  It is 4-Way adjustable which can move up/down and forward/back. • Easy to monitor the workout: Exercise meter shows time, speed, distance, and calories burned. • Hi-end portability: Built-in carriage wheels work well. Cons • Resistance strap is quality compromised. Pros • Drive mechanism by chain. • Adjustable seat and resistance. • Transportation wheels. • Inexpensive.


GOPLUS 2 IN 1 ELLIPTICAL FAN BIKE Users have certified that it is one of the best stationary air bikes for a professional quality home gym. It is built with a hard-wearing frame and that makes long-lasting and heavy-duty. Built with a two-in-one design this air bike can fulfil the need for an elliptical and an exercise bike. It’s easy to move from one place to another with the help of its built-in transport

their utility and user-friendliness. Some of the quintessential features you may look at are:

resistance level can be adjustable. And the seat can adjust vertically, which creates extra comfort for all users. • Calorie burner: This exercise bike is designed to create low impact, yet efficient cardio workout for your entire body. Effective calorie burning will result in losing weight naturally. • Multi-functional for Indoors gym: You

anywhere you like to place. Cons • Instructions are difficult to understand.

rate, time consumed, distance covered,

• Footplates lack grips.

speed used, scan and total calories


burned at the time of exercise. The grip

• Seat height adjustable.

will track the current heart rate.

• Tension can be adjusted.

exercise bike is made of heavy-duty

you analyse the features, you cannot rate

seat: With the turn of a knob, the

well as an exercise bike. You can use it

• Comfortable and durable Parts: This

All air bikes may look the same but unless

runs quietly and smoothly. • Adjustable Resistance & adaptable

boon for small workout space.

informative LCD display shows heart

How To Find Best Air Bike

comfortable sport saddle. The fan wheel

can use the bike as a regular elliptical, as

• LCD Display and Heart Rate Sensor: The


use. It provides speed change and ultra-

wheel. It is storage-friendly, which is a

The Features You May Like

hese are the seven best air bikes we have closely reviewed for your shopping help. However, besides these, read here the general points you should check while buying the best fan bike for your home gym.

steel which provides years of reliable

• Display and pulse rate monitor. • Heavy duty.

an apparently quieter option. If budget

Always check a unit that comes with

permits you may look for this feature in

the wheels or smooth rollers for easy

the air bike you are buying.

re-positioning. In addition to it, bikes with

Chain drives are also quite useful in

levelling feet also work fine for using the

this aspect. But they get noisy and the

air bike on an uneven floor.

chain may get broken, which needs to be replaced immediately.

Warranty Coverage Warranty coverage of the air bike will

Seat Adjustability

keep your purchase protected. A long and

The seat in an air bike works as the

comprehensive warranty will be pocket-

saddle on your machine and it has to

friendly ultimately.

be comfortable enough to enjoy your workout. Look for a fully adjustable

However, manufacturers often add

seat. More adjustable it is, you will be able

a different clause in their warranty

to use it at your own convenience.

coverage. Look for warranty details of the

Display Console


The display console will help you to track

When you are working out, you must be

your exercise and its output. It has to

looking at the stability of the air bike to

be reading friendly and productive for

continue with confidence. So check for

offering you data details regarding your

stability while choosing your bike.

exercise. Check the display board if it is

product you are buying.

VERDICT These are the clues for buying the best air bike for you. You need to understand your requirements from the air

offering you adequate reading about your

resistance exercise bike.


And accordingly, you should streamline

on your pedalling motion. But if you


your buying plan. With these features

get to buy a belt drive integrated bike, it

Check if the air bike is storage-friendly. It

analysis, you must check the budget

can be low in maintenance, durable, and

will help you to store the bike amicably.

you have fixed for this purchase.

Belt Drive The fan and its speed in an air bike depend

October 2020




s d n e r T s s e n t Fi



hile many fitness trends have remained consistent over recent years, there is always room for innovation. We will see the fitness industry tapping more into tech, as well as the growing consumer desire for unique experiences, personalization, and freedom.


If you’re a fitness business owner, it’s crucial to get ahead of trends, so your

1. Group Training While it’s not a new trend, 2020 will see group training go to the next level. It’s the social aspects of group training that appeal to consumers; especially

2. Yoga HIIT

Millennials and Generation Z. Considering

Hybrid fitness classes have been trendy

that they make up 80% of fitness club

for a while now, think Yogalates (Yoga

members, it’s no surprise that group

and Pilates) or Aqua Zumba. So, it’s about

training is so popular. 2020 will see the

time that these two major fitness trends

trend evolve even further, with a range of

join forces. Yoga Hiit is, as the name

new classes for members to explore.

suggests, is a combination of quick bursts

studio isn’t left behind.

of Hiit (high-intensity interval training)

People’s fitness motivations come from a

Classes often finish with some full-body

variety of reasons. Whether it’s a desire for long-term health, an interest in the latest fitness tech, or a general passion for all things health and fitness. Whatever the reason, 2020 has some pretty exciting trends that will tick all of those boxes. Here are some fitness trends to watch out for.

peppered with dynamic yoga poses. yoga-style stretches. This time-efficient workout allows you to get the best of both worlds, achieving a serious calorie burn while simultaneously lengthening and stretching your muscles. This class is a fantastic option for people who are struggling to find time to meet

• New Workouts

all their fitness goals. It may seem like a

• Nutrition

novelty, but we predict this class will be

• Technology

around for a while!


October 2020


3. Functional Training In recent years CrossFit has made a massive impact on the fitness industry. It increased in popularity as the classes provided people with a fast and efficient way to get stronger and burn calories. However, in 2020, there will be a shift in focus. Instead of how much weight, or how many reps we can complete, the importance will be on how we perform all of the movements and learning proper technique through functional training. Functional training, as the name suggests, works on movements that work the muscles we use most for everyday tasks. This type of training allows our bodies to continue functioning at their best for as long as possible. Functional training concentrates on refining balance and coordination and building strength in the right way. This trend is a particularly important type of training for older adults and will ensure a more long-term, injury-free, health, and fitness plan.

5. Mindful Workouts For many people, exercise is their go-to stress management strategy. Studies show that many Americans use their fitness regimen as their principal stress reduction method. It is a fantastic tool; physical activity has the power to relieve anxiety and reduce stress levels in the body. There is a shift towards using this tool more and adding to it. Mindfulness practice provides many of the same values; it helps manage anxiety and even depression. With the knowledge that we can use both mindfulness and exercise to help ease stress, people are now looking to harness both techniques. Fitness will evolve in the future. There will be a greater emphasis on what happens before and after working out, as well as during. The time we spend recovering is just as important as our training and will have significant effects on our training. This refers to our state of mind, our sleep,

4. At-Home Workouts With everything from expert-led total-body workout apps to live-streamed fitness classes, technology is completely transforming home workouts. When you think of home fitness, you probably think treadmills and elliptical machines, but the future of home exercising is much more complicated. Think tech-centric gym

stress levels as well as nutrition. There will generally be more attention placed on holistic wellbeing in 2020. Again, technology plays a big part in this. Examples include apps that allow us to track our sleep and technology designed to help us improve our sleep patterns, as well as meditation apps. This trend will have a significant focus on those in their formative years, offering sustainable health plans.

equipment like the Peloton; designed to be the all-in-one go-to for the home gym. This particular piece of home gym tech has sparked significant competition in the industry, so expect more to come.  Working out at home in 2020 will be more creative and exciting than ever. Smart technology does not stop at exercise bikes; this space has been rapidly growing and now includes a range of fitness equipment. From intelligent rowing machines and weightlifting systems to a full-length fitness mirror that works as a personal trainer – this is personal training on a whole new level. Home fitness allows users to pick and choose whatever class they want at whatever time they want. In between a busy schedule, long commute, and bad weather, home workouts have a ton of benefits. Overall, they’re incredibly convenient, and we all know that convenience is king!  October 2020 43


7. Intuitive Eating “Intuitive eating” has become a buzzword of 2019. Complementing the growing body-positive movement, intuitive eating encourages people to make food choices without experiencing guilt or an ethical dilemma. In a nutshell, the basics of intuitive eating include: • Eating when you’re hungry, stopping when you’re full • Not seeing food as “good” or “bad.” • Letting go of rules • Enjoying your food With the recent backlash against diet culture, intuitive eating is becoming known as “the anti-diet.” While the snacking sensation may seem like a fad, social media is encouraging its momentum, so expect to see more of it in 2020.

NUTRITION 6. Plant-Based Diets We couldn’t talk about the world of health and fitness without looking at what’s happening on the nutrition side of things. Sustainability has become a key issue in recent years, and this extends throughout all industries. In past years consumers have been offered vegan or vegetarian

TECHNOLOGY 8. Apps Data and personalisation are here for the long run and can and

alternatives, with both health and conservation in mind.

with the right tools make us all stronger and faster than ever.

We are now shifting towards a different term: plant-

Both apps and wearables have renovated the fitness industry in


recent years, but the chances are we have only seen the tip of

The world has been transitioning into the plant-based territory for the last few years. It’s predicted that by 2040

the iceberg. Advancing technology and business innovation will continue to shape our active lifestyles far beyond what we have

only 40% of the global population will be eating meat.

already seen.

35% will be consuming lab-grown meat, and 25% will be

Access to more and more data (of all kinds) will be available. As

consuming vegan meat replacements. It’s safe to say; the trend is here to stay.

revolutions in people’s understanding of the factors that influence health and wellness continue, our definitions of fitness and

Numerous celebrities and athletes openly follow a

exercise are progressively transforming.

plant-based lifestyle, with the example of a recent

Look forward to more playful fitness apps and even fun classes that

documentary “From The Ground Up.” The doc follows a former meat-eating college football player, who meets with elite plant-based athletes including ultra-athlete Rich Roll, who are powering their performances with plants.

classes using wearable technology, VR technology, and fun apps. This will also incorporate more apps that involve teams getting together and working together on collective goals and tournaments. Essentially, we will see apps that are so much fun; people will barely

While originally plant-based referred to a diet completely free from animal products, it has taken on a slightly different meaning. The term now seems to evoke plenty of vegetables and healthy choices but spares customers the harsher conditions of vegan or vegetarian. Instead, it’s seen as a soft nudge to eat more vegetables, not caution to stop eating meat entirely. The majority of plant-based products are vegan, their target audience, however, is not for the most part. Beyond Meat and Impossible Burgers have already made a big splash in the industry but expect to see many more brands and products popping up in 2020. 44

utilise technology to increase the user experience. There will be

October 2020

notice that they are burning vast amounts of calories. Look for Hiit apps, treasure hunts, VR gyms, races with prizes to collect and all sorts of fun and entertaining ways to get in or stay in shape.


9. Wearables Fitness wearables are one of the hardest fitness industry trends to keep up with; because tech is evolving so quickly. Wearables have been the fitness industry’s most significant growth segment in 2019, with a market volume of $14,528m. The American College of Sports Medicine survey thousands of health and fitness professionals every year. Wearable tech such as fitness trackers, smartwatches, and heart monitors have ranked in the top three trends every year since 2016.  As more companies experiment with the concept of connected clothing, fitness wearables are set to continue to grow. Becoming even more mainstream in 2020; the worldwide smart fitness wear market is predicted to hit $4.5 billion by 2023. 

10. DNA Testing and Genome Mapping With today’s advancements, you can customize your fitness to your precise biology. Much like how DNA Ancestry kits have become increasingly popular, thanks to their ability to discover more about your family’s origins and to learn more about your ethnic makeup, DNA testing kits for fitness have become a new movement in the health and wellness world. Everyone from workout devotees to casual gymgoers is trying to get a better grasp of their genetic makeup and how it relates to their performance and proficiencies. With DNA testing, you can learn what hormones are preventing you from burning fat, as well as a variety of details about your physiology that influence your fitness level. You will then get workout suggestions to help you overcome whatever has been holding you back. 

IN SUMMARY Nutrition predictions aside, the fitness trends discussed share a focus on one main attribute for 2020, and that’s convenience. With this, fitness studios will need to focus on flexibility in terms of how they communicate with members and provide a great experience. We know that boutique fitness is not a trend; it’s actually changing the way the industry operates. However, as new classes become available, fitness professionals, health clubs and fitness centres will need to be prepared to keep up the pace in terms of class variety and fitness styles. There are many new and exciting fitness trends to keep us motivated and energetic as we move forward.

October 2020 45



rnst De Neef, CEO at FunXtion, explains how gym owners can harness digital capabilities to enhance the gym floor training experience and strengthen a connection between the in and out of facility experience.

Encouraging research by TA6 that engaged more than 4,000 gym members, reports 87 per cent of members intend to return to their gym, with ‘motivation from gym instructors’ quoted in a Leisure-net solutions study of 65,000 consumers, as the main factor people missed during lockdown. These statistics highlight the fact that whilst many people have embraced fitness content delivered directly into their homes by digital means, there is still a strong preference to train in a physical space when circumstances allow. This is great news for gym owners and suggests that optimising the in-gym experience should remain the primary focus, whilst also offering a remote provision that enables the extension of support 24 hours a day. The key is the seamless transition of the member’s journey from inside to outside of the gym. The look, feel and functionality of the experience needs to be consistent whether they are on the gym floor or at home. Over the last few years, FunXtion has developed a suite of products which enable the provision of a 360 degree

Recently, not surprisingly, all the focus relating to the digitalisation of the leisure sector has been on enhancing the out of gym experience. Whilst this is clearly important, we need not to overlook the value an in-gym digital experience has to offer. Here, Ernst De Neef, CEO at FunXtion, explains how gym owners can harness digital capabilities to enhance the gym floor training experience and strengthen a connection between the in and out of facility experience. As gyms start to reopen, we have yet to understand the full impact of lockdown. 46

October 2020

approach, landing the virtual and physical experience. In-gym, our interactive Experience Station delivers bespoke, guided virtual classes, workouts, and exercises directly to members on the gym floor enabling support and coaching tips even when instructors are not available. In addition, last year we added our MultiScreen Solution. This enables content to be streamed to numerous screens programmed to run concurrently, creating the perfect digital coach for small group, gym-based programmes. Screens are positioned at each exercise station in the functional space. Each screen is programmed to deliver individual exercise instruction, creating a personal coach at each station to help participants get the most out of every exercise and guard against injury. The screens are linked to the audio and lighting circuits, ensuring all external stimuli work together to create a totally immersive experience, supported by exercise instruction at every station. We also have an exciting new product coming to the market in a matter of weeks which will allow clubs to stream and schedule virtual classes anytime,


providing an interactive workout

Therefore, gym owners should focus

experiences in-club should be the first

experience on the gym floor, the

their investment and attention on what

priority, supported by a remote offer that

functional training area or directly to

they do best – the delivery of outstanding

extends the in-club experience beyond the

members at home via an app.

in-gym experiences. Optimising digital

four walls of the facility and into daily life.

The future of fitness is about the

opportunities that enhance training

creation of standout, fun, memorable and social experiences in the gym whilst maintaining a digital link to members as they go about their daily lives. To support our in-club digital innovations, we have also developed an app which enables members to access a huge array of beautifully produced workouts and exercises to support their fitness and wellbeing needs when they are physically unable to visit the gym. Our open platform also enables integration with a range of third party fitness trackers and CRM systems, supporting operators in the creation of a complete digital ecosystem, driven by an in-gym experience. Nobody yet knows exactly how COVID will influence consumer training habits


long term. However, I am convinced that

As a world-class health digital fitness company, FunXtion aims to transform the fitness industry by delivering tailor-made content solutions that make digital the new personal. FunXtion’s interactive digital solutions offer unique insights, high-quality content and connectivity, not only to the club owners but also to the fitness teams and end-users.

human beings have an inherent craving for human connection and this drives a desire to work out in the presence of other like-minded people in a dedicated training environment.

October 2020 47



s d r a w e R e h T




veryone's talking about recovery and what's to come, but it's important to sit down and actually plan how you're going to apply all the advice you're gleaning from webinars.


On the Escape Your Limits podcast,

“I use the consultative method that I

Matthew Januszek spoke to Alex Hormozi,

learned as a management consultant

CEO of Gym Launch, to better understand

to kind of acquire and iterate on

what work operators need to put in for a

information,” explains Alex. “So, typically,

solid recovery strategy that will last.

you find experts; you ask them what

Ask the professionals that you admire not only their advice but who they look to for advice as well. It's the best way to map out as much of an education resource as possible.

they're doing with their opinions on how things should work and then you ask those experts for five people that they think are smart, and talk to those five people. “Over time, you end up getting basically the same people. And once you have that you kind of have the mind map of all the information that exists from the people who have already sifted through the vast majority of it. Categorise the information into buckets, and then basically consolidate what you think the strategy should be.” 48

October 2020


those people, message them, bring them to a phone call, and then see if you can get them into the facility that's 100% free, it just takes effort. “Typically, if on social media, let's say friend requests in a month... 1500 people. That's 50 people a day, which is usually the limit for most of the platforms. You'll get about 700 of those people to accept your request, which is essentially just like them opting in, right? “From there, if you were to message them: 'Hey, I'm a gym owner in XYZ area. Do


each of the roles doing on a regular basis

you know, anyone might be interested

what the utilisation levels of employees

in getting in shape or in some crazy

are? If they have all those things, then

promotions?' So I'm not asking you, I'm

What would you say if you knew the way

they can have a really good grasp on the

asking if you know, anybody.

to almost double your profit from a simple

cost of the business and a handful of key

pricing structure change? All it takes is a

drivers for growth.”

new approach to billing clients. “There are small tweaks and pricing can make massive differences in the business model. We get all of our independent operators to switch from monthly billing to every four weeks or every two week


“All of a sudden, I'm not really spamming you, I'm just asking for help, which is a little bit different. After that, you probably have 25% of people who respond to that first message. So [after messages and phone calls] you close 15 people. That kind of funnel would take a full month, probably about one to two hours a day, of

billing. And the reason for that is we do

“I would probably pre-sell five to 10

28-day cycles, you get 13 28-day cycles in

people for a year because then I could get

a year compared to 12.

probably five to $10,000 of cash upfront.

“If your price point's right and you're

With that money, I would probably go

selling $500 packages, that's a lot of

straight to paid ads.

money, right? And so then you can take

“Now, that doesn't seem like much, but it's 8% more per year. If you're running on two and a half percent margins, you

Perhaps that's easier said than done,

just took it from 12 to 20. And so all of

especially in the current climate. So

a sudden, you almost double the profit

Alex offers an alternative solution to

simply by changing the way you bill.”

kickstarting progress. “If I didn't do that, then I would start with organic outreach.


just responding to messages.

that money again, plus the painful stuff, and then do a real marketing campaign, and do paid ads. That being said, doing the organic app on method is something that you can always do.

Join your local groups you know, local fit

The main thing to go on your list: “It's a

moms or whatever. You can friend request

four letter word, which is 'work.'”

Alex explains that “Good interpersonal understanding and good emotional intelligence,” are all key to raising the game of any operation. He continues: “A lot of business owners are not organized at all. A lot don't hold one on ones with their team. They don't give them improvement plans, they have no goals set week to week; the employees have no transparency in how the business is doing. “They're really just operating blind. And so a good operator should know what the key metrics of the business are – what are the things that they're gonna drive? What are

Ben Hackney-Williams (@_BenHW) is head of content at Escape Fitness and has been a journalist for over a decade. He has worked in the fitness industry as a consumer-facing content creator for international bodybuilding and MMA publications, driven engagement in supply-side gym design and equipment manufacturing, and helped produce over 150 episodes of the Escape Your Limits podcast.

October 2020 49


The Hybrid



he future of the fitness industry is a combination of in-club and online experiences. This hybrid model has been forced on many businesses and members during lockdown. As clubs re-open, we are all adapting to new needs and uncertain about what is in store next. Health and fitness are high on many people’s agenda, but not everyone is willing or able to visit a gym.

WHAT IS HYBRID? Hybrid is a combination of two different things. It is also a buzzword, covering everything from cars to bikes, golf clubs to genetics. It sounds cool, which is another reason why it is generating a lot of discussion in our industry right now. Hybrid fitness has been developing for years, the pandemic has simply accelerated things. Back in 2010, Movers and Shapers (small group training on PowerPlate, now RIZE) offered FitBugs (Omron pedometers)

with their membership to track members’ activity in-between visits. There were no online classes, just a requirement to sync your FitBug every few weeks, on your home computer or in the club. Technology has developed at a rapid pace over the last 10 years. Apps, wearables, and phones record our activity levels and fitness every day. Apple, Amazon, and Google now offer wearables to track activity, heart rate, sleep, body composition, even tone of voice. There’s value in the data, of course, but the real opportunity is helping with member motivation, turning it into actions and results.


October 2020


The best hybrid fitness models will see members flip-flop between memberships. Some will want to work out in the club in the winter, then convert to online (outdoor) fitness tracking in the summer, for example. Others will take up a challenge, or achieve their goal, and then want to switch their membership as a result. The switch should be a simple process for the member; as easy as joining, if possible.




Some gym owners and fitness

This example, and the Movers and

professionals fear that technology will

Shapers model above shows that hybrid

replace them, especially with the more

fitness is not just about virtual classes,

recent rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

or an app. Sure, for some businesses,

The fact is that tech is here to stay, people will adopt it as they see fit (pun intended). You need to view it as a tool to help you understand your members better and support them with their health and fitness.

ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING A good example of hybrid fitness is online personal training. An independent club I work with offered little in the way of online fitness during lockdown. This caused concern, but many loyal members kept paying, even though the club was closed.

online classes are a big draw, and will help with member retention, particularly for members who are unable to book an in-club class because they are at capacity, or because the member is isolating, returning to the club. Think about how you can offer programming, coaching, challenges, nutrition, mindfulness, weight management, or other services to members outside the four walls of your club. You might have people visit once a month to weigh themselves on your scales, run a body composition analysis, or body scan. This is a valuable service for which you could charge a one-off

online PT packages, with programming

fee or subscription. Next, you can uplift

and email support. Many members

and support them with health coaching,

earned by paying through lockdown. The monthly fee covers online only, either standalone or as an uplift to full gym membership. The PTs naturally interact more with their clients when they visit the gym, sometimes for a quick question about form, or technique correction. But this can be a great upsell opportunity, either for an in-club session, a nutritional appointment, or supplements. By

Hybrid fitness will be how many businesses survive and thrive. As a gym owner, you are closer to your members than any other fitness operators. You know what they want and need. Offering your current members a hybrid model is a good place to start, and this will help you to sign up more members, without so many capacity issues.

shielding, or simply uncertain about

Now open again, they have created

have bought these through credits they

An online fitness offering may save a member who is looking to cancel their club membership. As above, the idea is not to bring the member back into the club, but to keep them engaged with your brand, people, and payment system.

nutrition advice, or other services through your app.

WHAT’S THE GOAL OF HYBRID FITNESS? The goal is not to build a funnel of ‘online members’ that you can convert into club members. Some online members will naturally migrate to join the club. They all know that is your core business and will convert if they wish. But you are creating

delivering an affordable, reliable service,

a new business stream of online member

many members are continuing to pay for

subscriptions, most of which will be happy

online PT, or adding face-to-face sessions

where they are, so long as you continue to

on top of the online package.

deliver value and work on retaining them.

Guy Griffiths is a coach to independent gym owners, and a member retention specialist. He works with clubs on processes, systems, and strategies to improve member engagement, and therefore revenue. His mission is to help your club to understand and engage with as many of your members as possible and get them to stick around longer. Find out how GGFit’s independent gym owner coaching could help you at ggfit. com/gom October 2020


, e l i m S BUSINESS



s a small facility owner, I’ve read a lot of books and blogs with titles along the lines of How to run a successful business—to learn about sales techniques, closing sales, generating leads, prospecting etc. I’ve also swotted up on member retention, operational best practice, best equipment suppliers, top supplement companies, recommended clothing suppliers…. the list goes on. But let’s be honest, you can do all the reading and create a slick operation but it means absolutely nothing if you haven’t created something unique with your business. One of my favourite pieces of advice has always been: Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card and how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you is your trademark (courtesy of Jay Danzie, Success in Progress Inc).


October 2020

YOUR SMILE IS MEMORABLE It’s common knowledge that people are better at remembering smiling faces than angry ones and more likely to remember your name if you are smiling. Smiling is something that only humans do, and it’s infectious. Many corporate logos are trying to emulate that smiling face principle, but they are never going to be as good as the real thing. 

YOUR PERSONALITY IS YOUR BUSINESS CARD Personality is a combination of traits that create our individual character. Some personalities work better in a business context than others - for me in my line of work it’s genuinely helpful to like people and enjoy talking and interacting with lots of people on a daily basis. I’m also someone who wears their heart on their sleeve. At times this has left me feeling raw. I have no sides; I can’t hold anything back even if I try. It would be a terrible personality to have if I was a professional poker player, say, or a journalist trying to remain neutral! But for an owner of a small gym, it is a helpful personality to have, particularly when


The trademark here at SO51Fitness is offering a comfortable and tailored training experience in a unique ecopowered facility. How do I ensure this happens? I keep the gym spotlessly clean (even more important in a post-COVID world), I talk to every member when they are here, I learn about them; their goals, any injuries inhibiting their workout, the style of training they like and most importantly I ask for feedback, a lot! My facility of course is also eco-powered. We harness the power we generate on our CV kit and it gets turned into utilitygrade electricity. My gym is green in every sense of the word—from the logo, uniforms, the ban on single-use plastic, the leafy interior to the all-important SportsArt CV kit. The switch to an ecogym was something that I wanted to embrace wholeheartedly, and it has given my gym something very personal. My personal stamp on my business. This is my personality – the ones my members know. I am my business card. In essence, the point of my message this month is that “people do business with those they know, like and trust” (Bob Burg, author of Endless Referrals). Address who YOU are first and how you come across to your members. Maybe even ask them to describe you in one sentence, with a wide smile of course. Are you putting your smile and personality SO51 - pCloud.pdf

Saved to then Dropbox • 1you Oct in 2020 at best 16:15 out there? Only are the

position to present your own unique take SO51 on your product. Your smile is your logo,

negotiating a pandemic; I was able to

I’ve built a community that smiles back at

your personality is your business card and

laugh and cry along with my members.

me; it’s so much easier to find a smile in

how you leave others feeling after having

communication with someone else.

an experience with you is your trademark.


My personality comes out in these interactions too. I greet my members by their name, I listen and I learn about their lives. I love finding out about them

You can have all the bells and whistles on

individually – their jobs, their families,

your company website and across your

their pets, what they did over the

literature and social media platforms but

weekend and what they had for dinner

it is the experience that you create for

last night.

others that determines what people will think of you. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” (Maya Angelou). At SO51Fitness I will always greet people with a smile. Even if the kids have driven me mad all morning and I’ve raced to work

This openness is two-way, of course. My

Jimmy Coakley Photography

Sportsart and Gym

members know that I’m a morning person, I love coffee and I sing along to Kisstory on the radio throughout the day. This openness can leave me vulnerable, but it is genuine and it is the business card of S051 Fitness - we are not an anonymous gym, but a community of friends.

after the school drop-off feeling like I

All this is before anyone starts working

deserve a medal for my efforts, I will still be

out. That’s where our physical business

smiling. The beauty of this is that over time

interaction kicks in. October 2020 53




owards the end of 2019, we were all excited about crossing the year to 2020 little did we know, there was a monster somewhere waiting to attack. 2020 has been the year that everybody was waiting for, all over the world. But things came to turn the way none of us expected, leaving thousands of people dead, millions losing their jobs, millions of businesses closing down, the world’s economy going down like we have never witnessed before. I have been training people for over twenty years now. I worked for more than five gyms before I started thinking of having my own personal training fitness boutique studio, where I would be training my client by appointments only which has proved to be the best decision I have ever made in my life as a fitness professional. Before I start, I am going to ask myself a question then answer it and explain; Did COVID 19 Pandemic affect my business? The answer is both yes! And No! My first answer is yes!


October 2020



morning to 8:00pm at night, from Monday

ended up closing down due to curfews,

to Friday, whereby I take the first number

lockdowns, and fears that were all over

of clients from 5:00am to 2:00pm nonstop

the world, which ended up affecting

Before COVID 19 Pandemic, we used to

with 45minutes tea break, then another

other fitness personal trainers who

live a normal life with no restrictions

45minutes lunch break, then continue

trained their clients in public gyms.

from 3:00pm to 8:00pm at night.

I continued working but took fewer

even worse, lockdowns.

Before COVID 19 pandemic, all clients felt

the social distancing rules imposed by

Before COVID 19 Pandemic, I used to train

face to face at a closer range.

being given to us by the government like social distancing, curfews, and to make it

clients back to back with zero measures compared to what we have now, but on an

safe and free to interact with one another

clients per day reason being, implying the government. Even though the way I train my clients is more private, I started applying an hour interval after training


each client so that I could sanitize the

This time things changed a lot. I thank

curfew which was starting from 7:00pm

Godia Personal Training Fitness Centre

God because my work never stopped,

to 5:00am, made some of my clients who

normally opens its doors at 5:00am in the

as compared to other public gyms that

used to come from 5:00pm onwards to

appointment basis only. On a normal day, I used to train 10 to 11 clients, I know one might ask but how can that be possible?

floor, weights, and the mats. Even though I continued working, because of the

stop their workouts. The saddest part is, some clients shut down their businesses, some lost their jobs, others got pay cuts which made them discontinue their workout. I also train a few diplomats who were forced to fly back to their respective countries due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, all this leading to low income as compared to what used to be there before the Pandemic. My prayer is, I know things will never get back to normal but, let us not give up on what we had started, or use to do. I believe, there is a reason for everything to happen the way they happen. October 2020 55




es, you have to be competitive in the market but this should not be confused with underselling yourself or your products and services to price beat a competitor.​ Business is a battlefield. It is important to set firm parameters to stay afloat and retain respect in your field. Look a the total value you offer your clients through products and services. 

ASSETS THAT INCREASE YOUR WORTH INCLUDE: g Experience g Knowledge g Qualifications g Existing client base g Proven track record g Industry recognition and reputation

LIABILITIES THAT COMPROMISE YOUR VALUE TO CONSUMERS INCLUDE: g Inexperience g Uncertainty g Dishonesty g Confusing/ contradictory pitches g Poor customer service g Inconsistency People smell desperation and someone prepared to give everything away for FREE instantly devalues their product and service. Consider this: why would you buy what someone is giving away? You wouldn't! In order to be successful in the conversion from leads to sales, you have to understand the tools available to you and the importance of excellent customer service. Someone confident in their products does not throw them away. They justify the worth and substantiate

the value. No business should ever pride itself on being the "Cheapest" especially considering in most cases, the client knows they will get what they pay for. Consider the gift/ free samples sales model. The intention is to build rapport with a prospective client to "try before they buy" in the hope that most clients will convert once they have sampled the product or service. Delivery is everything. Someone taking the time to engage with a prospective customer will have a longer-lasting impression than a blanket "mail drop." The latter is great for brand awareness with limited time invested. Both have their place in a marketing campaign and


October 2020


can be used to complement each other however often you get out what you put in. Consider what your marketing strategy says about you as a business owner. There is a big difference between a "gift" which is valued by the recipient and "junk" which is seen as worthless and irritating. Both generate the same revenue [$0] but one is an investment in a relationship for future business and the other is a costly mistake that can negatively impact the brand. Gifts and free trials are a gamble for business because they incur an initial cost without any guarantee of a return. It is important to understand why this technique is so common in sales and how it can be best executed. Basic facts: Sales is a numbers game, in theory, the more people asked to buy something, the more probability of success, also the higher number of rejections. ***You will get rejections that are part of life. Build up resilience to that. Don't take it personally, just accept now is not the right time for that person and be thankful they have saved you time and energy investing in them further. **** You can improve your statistics for higher conversions by profiling your prospects to meet your "target market". For instance, if I have a vegetarian food van I am not going to park outside a meat market and hope to convert the masses. It sounds

to target your market and invest in stalls

they respect. What can you give that none

at fitness expos, sporting events or health

of your competitors can? At XL Personal

consultants to high traffic areas such as

clinics to increase your conversion rate?

Training, we have a network of leading

shopping centres and street stands to

People are sick of being disappointed.

obvious... so why is it that time and time again gyms send out their membership

blindly throw 7 day free trials at people? Sure you may get a couple of people who are open to that, but wouldn't it be wiser

They are sick of falling for cheap tricks and gimmicks that promise miracles and deliver nothing. STOP GIVING AWAY FREE THINGS, IT MAKES YOU LOOK CHEAP AND DESPERATE! The only time you should lower your price or give something extra is for strategic sales NOT to low ball a competitor or undersell yourself, your

brands that offer discounts for our clients so by joining our community they have instant VIP recognition with other local businesses which adds to their sense of belonging and appreciation. Our clients are not numbers, they are friends we choose to work with and appreciate because without them we have no business. With Halloween fast approaching, and Christmas not long after that now is the time to build your

business or your staff.

brand for a strong start to 2021. Don't be

Get creative. As Gym Owners we have

left for dead.

a responsibility to motivate our clients, staff and ourselves. Change is a motivator. New and exciting avenues that make people think and challenge themselves is motivating. How are you boosting your morale and that of your staff and clients to take the next step and embark on the next transformation, challenge, or phase? Instead of taking away value, look at adding value. People invest in people and products

LINKS OF SPONSORS: au/?un=katpayenpayne

October 2020



Gym-goers are now Healthseekers. #READY to meet the challenge of changed member expectations and goals? Click here to learn more! 58

October 2020


Not ALL Kettlebells come with a lifetime guarantee, but ours do.

G Built and engineered by the very best within the industry G Bespoke design G We work with a choice of materials, to suit you and your client CALL TODAY! ď‚• +34 642 572 963 October 2020 59


Ask the EXPERT


s you’re looking at getting yourself insurance for your personal training business, it can be easy to focus on one prominent category almost every small business owner worries over - cost. While cost is an important factor, it should never be the only factor in your decision to go with one carrier over another.

In today’s society , we’ll show you exactly what to look for in a personal trainer liability insurance to make sure you get a powerful one-two combination with great coverage for your career, cheap is not

client may level that their medical bills,

might have great limits but if the covered

always better.

lost wages, and a host of other expenses

services are only a limited few, you risk

are all your responsibility and file suit to

providing a service that isn’t covered


under the terms of the policy or else


being restricted in the number of workout

into the wide world of personal trainer


insurance should be with the policy’s

This one can sometimes be tricky with

limits. An insurance limit is the maximum

the different personal trainer insurance

routines you can provide.

programs out there because the


information is not always prominently

Any personal trainer liability insurance

It can be easy to see a coverage limit in

published with the plans. When you

worth anything will have general and

millions of pounds and think that is far

Google “best personal trainer insurance”

professional liability coverage included

and above anything you might face as a

and browse the results, pay close

with the policy. These are the basics

personal trainer. Unfortunately, lawsuits,

attention to which programs provide a

and, in reality, the majority of the claims

even the completely frivolous ones, can

full listing of the services that are covered

covered for personal trainers fall under

be incredibly costly to defend against. A

under the provision of your policy. You

one of these two categories. However,

One of the first stops on your journey

amount your policy pays for a given claim and for all claims total.


October 2020


is in huge font, bolded, front and centre. This makes it kind of hard to look past but price alone should never be the single deciding factor in your decision. The most important reason for this is that many programs have different fees that are added to that advertised rate. Membership fees, rates that always vary, and fees for adding additional services can all add up quickly. Always make sure you know the full and final cost of the plan before agreeing or signing on the dotted line.

DON’T - FAIL TO GET ENOUGH COVERAGE FOR YOUR CAREER It can be really tempting to get a “bare the real benefit of a policy comes with

best assets. So when these assets are

providing coverage with other common

stolen in a robbery by force, the resulting

areas that create potential liabilities for

loss of use can be a huge hit to your

fitness professionals. Choose with up to

business. That’s why you may need to

£1 million in product liability coverage

include up to £1,000 in coverage for stolen


equipment with a £500 deductible.

Here’s a run-down of other coverages that

Identity Protection Plan - today’s digital

help provide 360 days of protection for

society means there’s risks everywhere

today’s professionals:

for having your identity compromised. If

Product liability - in today’s environment, keeping your equipment clean between sessions has never been more important.

that happens, a policy up to £35,000 in identity restoration services would help get things back to normal.

As you take the necessary steps to

Check additional coverage option’s you

sterilise equipment and gear, you may

may need to add to your policy.

inadvertently be using a product that your

bones” insurance plan with small limits and limited coverage options but this may be more trouble than it’s worth. It is vital that you have adequate coverage from your insurance provider. If not, any shortfall that your insurance doesn’t cover will be your responsibility.

DON’T - FAIL TO CONSIDER YOUR CURRENT AND FUTURE NEEDS Get honest with where your career is and where you want it to be. This helps you have a benchmark to work towards

claim against you.


Rental damage coverage - when you

This may seem basic, but it can be pretty

matter where you provide services or how

client has a reaction to. An adverse allergic reaction can easily result in mountains of medical bills for treatment. The client may assert that you are responsible and level a

are renting space to provide fitness instruction, you have potential liability if any damages were to occur to the

frustrating to click from one website to another and then back again to compare the different personal trainer insurances

owner’s space while you are occupying it.

as there are so many to choose from.

If a weight slips out of your client’s hand

CHECK that you have everything you

and damages the rental space, you can be held liable to pay for the repairs. Knowing this sucks but is all-too-real, make sure your insurance policy provides £100,000

need to make the best decision for your unique situation.

and can also help you decide between insurance plans. Make sure your policy includes a provision which is called portability. Portability says that it doesn’t you provide services (these often change over time after all), your insurance policy will follow you. If you leave one gym and go to another, make sure that you are still covered again read the small print. GETTING THE RIGHT PERSONAL TRAINER LIABILITY INSURANCE FOR PROTECTING YOUR CAREER

Stolen equipment coverage - personal


trainers use all manner of different

Insurance programs do a really good job

are so many options to chose from tailor

equipment to provide a great session and

of putting their best foot forward on

it around you / your business and your

these “tools of the trade” are some of your

their websites and often the plan’s price


in rental damage coverage to cover any necessary repairs. Again this would depend on the individuals needs.

Make sure you do your research and cover all that you require. AND READ THE SMALL PRINT before you decide as there

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