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ISSUE 32 // November 2018



How data has gone from the industry’s weakness to biggest strength

Business advice from top experts

Fit3D Bring You Fitness In Another Dimension

Fight or Flight



How to welc o your compe me tition with open arm s

Grit and Grace

Faye Stenning Adam Kiani PT ACADEMY’S

OCR World Champion







SLEEVE LENGTH • Body Shape Rating: 96 • Cardiovascular Risk: Low • Metabolic Risk: Low • Body Composition: 15% • Posture: Balance WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE



The Fit3D ProScanner is the most accurate 360 body scanning platform in the fitness industry. Whether you're looking to bring new members in your door, increase your conversion rates in membership or PT training, give yourself a competitive edge or simply provide a fantastic way for your members to track their progress, Fit3D is the easy to use solution to keep your clients motivated on their unique journey. For more information on the ProScanner and its capabilities please contact Toby Cowley on 01788 220456 or toby@fit3dltd.co.uk




Welcome... Welcome to the November 2018 issue of Gym Owner Monthly magazine. As the nights become longer and darker, it can be difficult to stay motivated when it comes to both our fitness and business goals – but have no fear, our November edition is packed full of inspiration! Turn to page 16 to be inspired by Faye Stenning’s competitive career and her new business, Grit Coaching. Matt Roberts, Managing Director of Energie Fitness Scotland will help you find the secrets of success on page 27 and Daniel Nyiri will have you welcoming competition with open arms on page 32. For those with a mental health condition, this time of year can be especially hard. On page 42 you’ll meet Sarah Andrews, a dedicated mum and fitness practitioner who lifts the lid on what it’s like to hold down a job whilst dealing with anxiety and depression, and looking after a child with special needs. After reading the issue, you’ll be pumped and ready to workout, so this is why we have a new section of exercise programmes at the back of the magazine. Try out these workouts from TRX specialist Matt Gleed and the PT Academy. See you next month for a festive fitness edition!

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Compare the Market A new comparison website is a game changer for the fitness industry



Gym Owner of the Month We meet Ollie Emsden of Vision Fitness in Essex

What are the success secrets for gym ownership? Matt Roberts, from Energie Fitness Scotland, answers the question



The Big Interview Faye Stenning discusses her achievements in Spartan races and at the OCR World Championships

Strathcylde Sport We find out more about the new £31m facility in Glasglow



PT of the Month Newly qualified PT Craig Heaton shares his journey from the British Army to fitness professional

Boutique Fitness Facilities Why Hammer Strength training rigs are central to the Simply Gym boutique experience



Fit Kit This month’s round up of kit, including Chilly’s Bottles and the Bellum Active Viper X range

Welcoming competition with open arms This month Daniel Nyiri looks at how we can embrace competition


Appointments Andre Thomas appointed to Alliance Leisure Services as Business Development Manager


PT’s Viewpoint Online personal trainer Felicity looks at body positivity and her future goals in the industry


Give up on guesswork Utku Toprakseven discusses how data has gone from the industry’s weakness to biggest strength



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Fight or Flight Charlotte Purvis links yoga, Pilates and the Parasympathetic Sympathetic nervous system


Building a better business Being a successful PT is about more than just core fitness skills, says Anthony Franklin, the founder of fibodo


Aspire – Living, Working and Exercising with a Mental Health Condition Sarah Andrews, a fitness practitioner, lifts the lid on holding down a job whilst dealing with anxiety and depression Ask the expert How do personal trainers work with members with diabetes safely and effectively?



Fitness Over Fifty Chris Zaremba looks at overhauling nutrition for a healthy lifestyle change


Why body weight training? This month Matt Gleed reveals why body weight training is so important in your fitness regime



TRX Workout Programmes Matt Gleed share TRX exercises for beginners, intermediates and the advanced


PT Academy Workout Programmes The PT Academy shares some chest exercises this month

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What’s hot in the fitness industry

Createability completes world’s first sunlight simulation-based indoor cycling experience Leisure, design and build specialist, Createability, has finished its most exciting project to date, revolutionising the world of indoor cycling with the world’s first sunlight simulation studio at Westfield shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush, London. FirstLight, part of Westfield’s new £600m expansion, is the brainchild of celebrity trainer, Mark Anthony. Studio One boasts 57 bikes with stadium-style seating, offering unrestricted views of the 30ft ‘magic mirror’ from every angle. The screen transports riders to destinations such as Africa, Manhattan, Rio, Ibiza or Dubai, with FirstLight’s ‘Maestro’ instructors using sound, visuals and sunlight simulation to enhance the experience and reflect the energy demands of each class.

FirstLight’s signature 45 and 60-minute full body cycle workouts take place in a darkened room and include cardio, mindfulness and meditation, together with an upperbody strength workout using body bars to build and tone core muscles. During each class the advanced sunlight technology mimics the natural sunlight you need at each part of the day, so you can ride through the beauty of dawn to awaken and invigorate yourself, through the energising light of midday to boost alertness and focus, and then the evening light, helping your body produce the sleepenhancing hormone, melatonin. Concepts are soon to be unveiled for FirstLight’s second studio, while Studio Three will feature live-streamed classes when it opens in January 2019.

F45 Training is London's leading boutique brand*

* by number of studios



Source: LeisureDB 2018 London Boutique Studio Report


CBD specialist CBD Asylum secures 10th fitness contract

November 2018

powered by DataHub

Cannabidiol (CBD) specialist CBD Asylum is celebrating securing a contract with its tenth fitness stockist. As fitness enthusiasts across the country feel the benefits from introducing CBD into their training regime, CBD Asylum is now supplying its Pro Shot and CBD Oil to a range of gyms, fitness centres and sports nutrition outlets across the country. Extracted from hemp, CBD is entirely free of THC, the psychoactive agent in cannabis, making it a safe and legal natural product with well documented benefits to health and wellbeing. CBD Pro Shot is Europe's first fitness industry focused CBD product. With the equivalent of 25mg CBD per serving, it can be used to help mentally and physically recovery after a hard work out, and is simply squeezed into a drink of choice as required. CBD is the only cannabinoid that The World Anti-Doping Agency has not prohibited, which is why even top athletes can safely enjoy the benefits that CBD offers. All products are available to buy online at www.cbdasylum. com. Any gyms or fitness businesses wishing to enquire about stocking CBD products should call 01482 321868 or email info@cbdasylum.com

One life, live it Daley! Sporting legend Daley Thompson CBE has teamed up with a British Master Chef to develop a range of clean label protein shakes and bars for today’s ‘social sporties’.



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Winning the decathlon gold medal twice at the Olympic Games in the eighties, the four times world record holder joined forces with food and drink specialist Gary Barnshaw to launch DT10 Sports, aimed at the growing number of healthier, more active consumers buying protein-fuelled

All generated by 2.8 million indiv

DataHubClub.com #DataHotSpots




products as part of their weekly shop. Daley and Gary were driven to explore a new clean label, better for you and protein-rich product range after meeting by chance on a charity bike ride in Kenya with fellow Olympian and athlete Steve Cram in 2016. The pair was horrified at how much sugar and non-essential ingredients were in the sports nutrition products provided as part of the event and incensed to discover that water was the number one ingredient in most of the drinks. Even worse, the nutrition bars contained more sugar than a donut. The DT10 Sports range has 21g of protein in the bars and a whopping 30g in the shakes, helping consumers perform at their best and optimising recovery. They are suitable for vegetarians with a 12-month shelf life. The 330ml drinks range comprises Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. The 60g bars come in Chocolate and Caramel, Cookies and Cream and Chocolate and Mint. Not only delivering great taste, flavour and texture, the range is also enhanced with added vitamins and minerals, and contains no added sugar or palm fat/oil or sucralose. The shakes are not diluted with water and, distinctively, contain real milk. For more information on DT10 Sports products, which are available to buy online at www.dt10sports. com and wholesale at www.bodyshocker.co.uk, emailinfo@dtsports.com.

Inverclyde Leisure launches boutique-style SKILLBIKE studio Inverclyde Leisure has launched a brand-new Technogym SKILLBIKE studio at the Waterfront Leisure Complex in Greenock Scotland. The studio is one of the first in the UK and is injecting a new lease of life into its timetabled cycling exercise classes.

The completely new cycling studio has 16 brand new bikes. The studio is modern, interactive and immersive. The SKILLBIKE has an interactive interface that offers users feedback and enables them to track performance. The real time graphics display onto a large projector screen to view 8


a virtual race or performance set up, allowing the class to compete with each other as well as challenge themselves. Kieron Vango, CEO of Inverclyde Leisure says: “I’m thrilled with our new SKILLBIKE Studio and confident our cycling classes will appeal to all our customers, both new and old. The bikes, designed by leading fitness equipment supplier Technogym, are the first indoor bike with real gear technology. The REAL GEAR SHIFT patent allows riders to experience the feeling of cycling up a hill whilst on a fixed stationary bike. For us, it’s all about bringing the outdoor cycling experience indoors.”

Scottish dancing leads to new cardio workout concept Kelta Fit, based on the Scottish social event the ceilidh, has launched ambassador training. Ed McCabe, owner of the Ceilidh Club in London, is planning an event in Edinburgh to further develop the Kelta Fit brand. “I started Ceilidh Club in 1998 with the purpose of providing the best three hours of entertainment in London,” explained Ed McCabe, “We were up against stiff competition: The Globe, The West End and many comedy clubs, however we try to offer a unique night out. “Over the years the club has grown from friends and family to something much bigger. We now hold around 40 events a year - these fun-filled evenings of traditional Scottish music and dance attract hundreds of people every month. We love taking a small piece of Scotland’s culture to an international market. “I noticed that lots of people would leave our events sweating and tell us that they were glad they didn’t have to go to the gym this weekend. Then, a friend asked me if I could make a cardio workout based on Ceilidh Club. I approached Licence to Ceilidh, one of London’s top ceilidh bands, and asked them if they were interested. They agreed, and with contacts put together a DVD/digital download and recorded a specially arranged score.” Once the video was on sale, Ed wanted to make it into classes. He approached Dance Base in Edinburgh, who put him in touch with Cat Perry from Dance Division. She developed the classes for adults and children, which are accredited by REPS and EMD. The new concept is Kelta Fit - a Scottish twist on exercise to music and nutrition. You can watch the promo video here: https://vimeo.com/296687073 In November, there will be an Ambassador training event in Edinburgh which will allow more people to experience the Kelta Fit brand. Ambassadors will be crucial in helping to develop the company by feeding back ways it can develop. If you are an experienced exercise practitioner with a passion for helping people get fit and healthy, Kelta Fit is looking for ambassadors who can help to spread the word about the brand by setting up classes, training instructors and appearing on TV. The ambassador training event will be on 18th November 2018 from 12-6PM in Edinburgh. Training is free, however, numbers are limited so fill in the form and Kelta Fit will be in touch with further details: https://keltafit.com/stay-inthe-know/


Unique Health Spaces launches to market Nova, a new company aimed at creating and delivering bespoke and luxury health, fitness and wellness spaces, has launched to the market.

Nova brings together a passionate and dedicated team of designers and fitness experts to provide a truly unique solution for customers who are looking for the complete health and fitness experience. The company, which has already established links with some of the most luxurious, prestigious and stylish brands in the fitness and leisure industry, aims to ensure each space that’s created is original, with cutting edge features and unique character. Ronny Maiti, Director, Nova, said: “This is a very exciting moment for us and we’re really looking forward to introducing Nova into the market. Our expert team possess a wealth of experience within the international leisure and fitness industry and we see this as a fantastic opportunity for us to provide something truly different to the market. Ivan Donohoe, Sales Director, Nova, said: “This is an exciting new chapter and Nova is the perfect vehicle for us to provide customers with stunning health spaces. “The UK fitness market itself provides a wealth of services and equipment to consumers. However, Nova will bring all this together and deliver the complete package, from start to finish. There’s no reason why health and fitness spaces should be installed without a holistic approach that takes into consideration everything from the environment right through to the equipment.” To find out more about Nova, or to find out how a luxury health space could benefit you, visit our newly launched website: www.novaspaces.co.uk

The last several years have seen exercise evolve from bulky, confining weight machines to more flexible free weights. Hyperwear is spearheading the next evolution of training by introducing a full suite of training tools that take up minimal space with maximum versatility. Reducing risk of injury and damage to the environment, the patented sand and steel filled neoprene plates, can easily transition between dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells for a versatile, functional and safe total-body workout. Available in light, heavy or a full set, the weights range from 3lb – 45lbs. The adjustable SoftBell weights cushion the impact on the body and the reinforced plastic kettlebell handle, dumbbell and barbell are all extremely durable and easy to attach providing a truly functional, safe, movementbased workout. For more information about the Hyperwear 4-in1 SoftBell resistance training system visit www. physicalcompany.co.uk

Physical Company launches new Hyperwear softbell range Physical Company has launched the new Hyperwear 4-1 SoftBell resistance training system, which consists of soft, sand filled, interchangeable dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and hand weights.




Compare the market Game changer for the industry as first equipment comparison site launches


The health and fitness industry’s first gym equipment comparison website has launched, enabling operators to search for the equipment they need by brand, specification and price to secure a range of quotes; 24/7, all within a few clicks. Following in the footsteps of those famous meerkats in an altogether more ingenious way, FitnessCompared brings together many of the sector’s leading equipment manufacturers and suppliers, offering an impartial platform where operators can quickly and easily compare the attributes and cost of like for like equipment. Industry stalwart and Managing Director, Daniel Jones explains: “We’ve been developing this bespoke online platform for two and a half years, working tirelessly with the major fitness equipment manufacturers to ensure buyers have access to their extensive product portfolios and pricing, without the need for time-consuming online



research and to minimise face to face meetings. It creates another avenue for suppliers to promote their brand in a cost effective and efficient way, providing an opportunity to get in front of even more operators at the click of a button. “People have been buying insurance from comparison websites for years; it’s a method they are comfortable with and allows them to quickly search the market for what they want, so there’s a demand for this information to be available online now; in this digital age it’s expected. However, to reassure suppliers that only reputable buyers are searching, operators must log in through LinkedIn and fill in the security form.” FitnessCompared is totally independent from the equipment providers it features, so suppliers have full ownership over the products and pricing they upload to the site and how competitive they choose to be. Similar to a tender process, but faster and more efficient for both parties, operators can pick as many suppliers as they want and choose detailed options for each product they are interested in to compare by price, lead time and product availability, as well as value-added extras and customer reviews. The platform’s algorithm then creates quotes based on like for like comparisons of the different brands represented, dependent on the spec chosen by the gym operator. The results are ranked by the percentage each brand meets that specification. Buyers can then view videos, spec sheets and do their due diligence before entering a negotiation phase that enables suppliers to offer their best and final price; anonymously, which may be reassuring for operators tied to one kit supplier for many years.


Jones is keen to point out that FitnessCompared will simply help suppliers penetrate the market in a more efficient way; acting as another shop window rather than replacing the role of the traditional sales rep. He says: “FitnessCompared will save time. Previously, some brands may not even have been considered, simply because operators don’t have time to meet with everyone. Now they can do their research in one fell swoop. Sales reps will still need to account manage the installations, but if you have a team of eight, for example, realistically how many sites can you visit? FitnessCompared will just create more opportunities, bringing in deals they may not otherwise have secured.” The site also includes a review system, allowing customers to rate suppliers across experiences in six key areas, including product design, reliability and durability and after sales/service, to help other buyers with decision making. Jones has been in the fitness industry since university, and has a background in operations as well as equipment sales. In 2015 he launched sister company, WeBuyGymEquipment. com, an international buying and selling platform for used gym equipment. The site, which is now the most recognised commercial used fitness equipment bidding platform, is live in 10 European countries and the US. A natural progression, FitnessCompared facilitates the sale of equipment too, with a pop up that links to WeBuyGymEquipment.com. “There’s definitely a synergy between the two,” says Jones. “Fitness equipment buy back hasn’t always been consistent and transparent, with kit packages worth different amounts each week. I really struggled with that and so generated a fully automated platform that increases transparency and

offers a consistent pricing level for operators, so there’s more integrity for both operators and suppliers.” Many of the UK’s leading suppliers are already on board and FitnessCompared is set up to support niche suppliers too, with the ability to search for single products or just flooring. A full list of suppliers can be found here https://www. fitnesscompared.co.uk/suppliers.


It creates another avenue for suppliers to promote their brand in a cost effective and efficient way, providing an opportunity to get in front of even more operators at the click of a button





Ollie Emsden

Gym name:

Vision Fitness  


Barley Barn, Parsonage Farm, Church End, Henham, Essex, CM226AN




01279 850 809



How did you become a gym owner? I approached a farmer about two years ago to say that I wanted to turn his old tractor barn into a gym. He liked the idea of what I said, so I gave him a floor plan of the different rooms and how I wanted the gym layout. We then worked together for the next year to completely transform an old tractor barn to a lovely building and state of the art gym.

How many gyms do you own/operate? This is my first one.

How long has your gym been operating for? We have been operating for eight months now.

Aside from the gym, what other facilities do you offer your members? We offer a large studio for classes such as yoga, Pilates, boxing, Tai Chi and many more. We have a juice bar, hairdressers, beauticians, sauna and a unique outdoor training facility.

How many staff do you employ? We have four staff members in total including me.

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How important are PTs to your business? Very important as our ethos is to be a friendly gym helping all our members achieve their goals. I am lucky to have PTs that share this ethos, so I can trust them to maintain high standards with customer service.

How do you motivate your staff members? I try to motivate my staff members by giving them opportunities to create their own class to teach. Look at courses they would like to do to enhance their knowledge and give feedback to them on how other members have complimented them on their services.

and layout. Our outdoor training facility is one of a kind to. We cater for members that like to exercise outside and participate in boot camp style workouts. Having beauticians and hairdressers help to bring in potential new members and also helps bring them potential new clients. We have a juice bar/coffee bar to help bring that social element to the gym. Not many gyms have views like ours over the countryside. For example you can be running on one of our treadmills looking out on our field with 20 cows roaming around!

What advice would you give to other gym owners just starting out?

Do you provide any financial assistance for your staff with regards to their training and development?

To prepare yourself for lots of hard work and long hours. Getting the gym up and running is the first stage, but the hard work must continue after you are open and for years to come.

Yes, I pay for their courses that they would like to do.

What are the biggest challenges facing your business today?

What makes your gym unique? We are an independent gym offering everything under one roof. We appeal to all fitness types with our equipment

The biggest challenge, like every gym, is maintaining the members you already have but also making sure you are gaining new members too.


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www.mieďŹ tquest.com 323=-3 0-43 295932 ged 3494




How are you promoting your brand and marketing your gym? We are promoting our brand via social media, via local magazines, events we sponsor such as at local fun runs, teamwear kit and we have a lot of branding in the gym itself – from printing on the walls to branded dumbbells.

What is your biggest success story? We are lucky in the fact that we have a lot of members who have big success stories. From extreme weight loss, to rehab support to a gentleman who suffered a severe stroke. The gym was selected and took part in a Channel 5 programme called ‘Get A Holiday Body – Lose A Stone In 4 Weeks’. It starred ‘Blue’ boyband singer Antony Costa. This was great publicity for the gym and a very proud moment for me. Antony is now one of our members training regularly which is nice to have.

Finally, if there was one thing you could change in the industry, what would it be? To educate people a bit more on exercise and diet. It is very common for people to be given bad advice when it comes to exercise and diet. I am always finding myself having to educate people properly as they have all been told things that are not correct. This is down to social media, the internet and unqualified people telling other people what to do.

What significant changes have you seen within the industry over the past three years? I have seen that HIIT training has become a lot more popular and functional training. This is why I made sure we had some functional equipment in the gym. People don’t have the time anymore, they would much rather do 30/45 minutes of intense exercise rather than spending an hour on a cross trainer. It is a lot more enjoyable too!

How do you engage with your members? Social media, mail merge and face to face interaction. We always try to make sure we greet our members and we constantly walk around the gym floor making sure everyone is ok.

How do you retain your members? Members leave for all different reasons. Injuries, moving away from the area or work related. Luckily for us we haven’t had members leave because they don’t like the gym, which I take as a compliment. Methods we use to retain members are mail merge - telling members to pop in if they need help, individual conversations on the phone or on social media to ask if there is anything we can do to help them. 14









Ultimate Adonis Male World Championships

Ultimate Fitness League World Finals

Ultimate Diva Female World Championships



 Ultimatefitnessleague  @Ultimate_Fitness_League  Ultimatefitnessleague2018@gmail.com  07504 665 226


Faye Stenning, OCR world champion How did you get into the fitness industry & why? As a hyperactive kid, I was instantly drawn to sports. My family put me in organised sports to release the boundless amounts of energy I had, in the hope that I could sit through school and stay out of trouble. I remember being average at best at most sports and it wasn’t until I found running that I excelled. Running, and especially competing, gave me confidence that I’d never had before. The more I pushed myself to run faster and longer, the more I believed I could do anything I put my mind to. I was fascinated with the body’s ability to train, adapt, and get stronger, and I applied this to other areas of my life aside from sport. As an adult, fitness and sport continued to be a part of my life and my choice to enter the industry was simple; I wanted to help people find a sport or fitness venture that gave them the same feelings that running gave me -strength, confidence, happiness, and an unstoppable work ethic. So, the next step was to head to university to study something that aligned with my goals. I decided to study Kinesiology at the University of Calgary. Unsure of what type of career would come out of this, I knew that helping people live healthier lives was something I was passionate about. I’ve always been a happy person, and as I learned more about the human body I began to understand how closely related health and happiness really are. I understood that my happiness was largely due to the choices I made to take good care of my physical self. I believed that healthy life changes, no matter how small, would make people, and thus the world, a happier place. When I graduated I wanted to help people find their happy place through fitness. I started personal training to help people be more productive in their life, to gain confidence, have more fun, and most importantly, combat the many illness associated with an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle.

What qualifications do you have that are relevant to the industry? I hold a Kinesiology degree from the University of Calgary and I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and well as FMS (function movement systems) certified. 16



have AND are still currently winning races. But beside that, and unlike other online coaching services, we develop strong relationships with all our athletes. We really get to know them and are constantly checking in over the phone and email. We create customised training plans at all levels and adapt them not only for specific goals but also for varying schedules. We take into account less ideal training environments and any physical restrictions or injury they may have. Jess is the master of creating cross training programmes, so if any of our athletes are unable to run they aren’t off the hook! Jess has firsthand experience cross training, she even crossed trained her way to the 2016 Olympics, so she knows how to get the job done!

What is your vision for your business? To bring proper programming and periodisation to the vastly growing sport of obstacle course racing, which Jess and I believe lacks both these fundamental practices of peak performance.

Tell us about your business? My business partner Jess O’Connell and I have been lifelong friends, largely due to our passion for high performance sport. We both have kinesiology degrees, experience as personal trainers, and experience racing in cut-throat competition, including the Spartan World Championships and the Olympics.

Our objective has always been to help our athletes understand the difference between exercising and training, which is usually very misunderstood even by fitness professionals. As our athletes learn to understand this, they are able to make smart training choices which enable them to reach their full potential. We believe that all athletes, no matter the level, should follow the basic principles that a professional athlete’s

I have worked as a personal trainer, while Jess has a Master's degree in kinesiology and is an accredited Exercise Physiologist. We realised that with our real-world and educational experiences, we could work together to create great programmes for those looking to get the most out of their training time. Thus, Grit Coaching was born! I specialise in the strength/obstacle portion of the programme, while Jess focuses on endurance and oversees periodisation - the principle of emphasising different parts of training at different times of the year, which is essential for peak performance. Our programmes are accessible both online and through our app and incorporate both strength and endurance workouts. These are, of course, tailored to best help our athletes meet their goals. We have short videos of every exercise we use, complete with detailed instructional descriptions. These are built into the online programme and the app, which allows our athletes to understand and visualise the movements. They can even upload videos of themselves doing the exercise into the app, allowing them to compare their own form to ours. The app also allows them to track sets, reps, and progress.

Membership/CRM & Marketing Access Control inc Biometrics Till, Credit Card & Stock Control Web & Mobile Activity & Class Bookings DD Management & Online Sign-ups Implementation, Training & Support

What sets your business apart from its competitors? I don’t know many coaches that have the credentials that we NOVEMBER 2018



programme is built upon. If you are spending all your personal time training for a sport you might as well do it correctly!

What's the best lesson you've learnt from the fitness industry?

What are the biggest challenges facing your business over the next few years?

Continuous education is so important. Knowing the difference between a trend and what is actually backed up by science is a must as a top coach. Don’t be stagnant and think that what you learnt years ago is still the gold standard. Always keep in mind the foundational principles of exercise physiology and how new trends measure against them.

Putting time aside to grow it. Being an athlete is not a 9-5 job, it’s never ending. Finding the time to do what we want with the business as we continue to compete at a professional level is a challenge. However, we are excited to see where it goes once we are done competing because so far it’s been fulfilling and fun! We also embrace the chance to focus on someone else’s performance instead of our own all the time.

What are your own personal fitness goals and how do you achieve these? My goal has always been to do everything I can (within my control) to stay at the top of my sport while maintaining a fulfilling and balanced life outside of racing. I do this simply by consistent hard work and not just over one season but over years and years of purposeful training (not just exercising!). Specifically, my training consists of running as much as a top marathoner, coupled with lifting like I was competing in a strong man competition (well not exactly, but close). 18


What are your biggest achievements to date? 2016: 2nd at Spartan USA Championship Series 3rd at Spartan World Championships 2nd at OCR World Championships (Team Event) 1st in the Spartan Race Global Rankings 2017: 4rd at Spartan World Championships 3rd at Spartan World Team Championships 2018: 2nd at Spartan USA Championship Series 4th at Spartan World Championships 1st at Spartan World Team Championships http://www.gritcoaching.net


Your name:

Craig Heaton


Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer

# years as a qualified PT: 8 Months

Where you work (town/city):

Wellingborough, Northamptonshire

Your Facebook:

Craig Heaton Fitness

Your Instagram:


Your web:


Your twitter: @craigheaton1989

How did you become a PT? Being in the British Army, fitness is a key role for the job. This need turned into a passion and lifestyle, I wanted to use this passion to help others. That’s when I decided to become a personal trainer.

What was your experience of the training/qualification process? This was the first qualification I had done using home study. The idea of studying at my own pace was quite daunting to begin with, but the thought of becoming a qualified PT kept pushing me to get my head down and study. The whole process from starting the qualification to communication with the E-tutors has been excellent.

Do you (or do you intend to) specialise in a particular type of fitness? I am looking to specialise in strength and conditioning in the near future.


SLEEVE LENGTH • Body Shape Rating: 96 • Cardiovascular Risk: Low • Metabolic Risk: Low • Body Composition: 15% • Posture: Balance WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE







personal trainer they have come across. If I don’t feel I am in that position, I give everything I can to work towards it and show that I am.

What advice would you give to other PTs just starting out in the business? Work hard and don’t expect the clients to come to you, go out and prove why they need to work with you.

What are the biggest challenges facing your business today? The biggest challenges I, and many other PTs, face today is certain companies and celebrities. There is a lot of

What’s it like working with gym owners? I find working with independent gym owners great, as they always want the best for their members and if you are getting their members into the best shape of their lives, then you are making two people happy. Alternatively I find when gym owners see their members happy from using you as a PT, then they go to great lengths to help and support you.

What is your opinion of CPD? CPDs are an excellent way to continue and progress with your knowledge and training as a personal trainer. There’s always new equipment and training methods and it is good to be trained on them so that you can pass that knowledge on to your future clients.

You spend your working hours motivating others, how do you motivate yourself? I use my potential and future clients as my motivation, I see myself from their position. I want them to see me as the best

Why Fit3D?

Obtain a 360 body scan of your member to monitor body changes visually.

Gives your members an insight to their wellness based on body shape.

The ProScanner automatically calculates body composition metrics including body fat percentage, fat mass vs lean mass and more.

Compare multiple scans to view fundamental body changes.

It automatically gives the member a full body posture analysis.

Allow your members to order custom fit clothing based on their measurements.

w w w.f i t3d.com NOVEMBER 2018



tomfoolery on the internet from companies claiming to have the best ‘weight loss’ product when in fact the products could potentially do more damage than good. Some reality TV stars and celebrities get endorsed to promote these products to their audience on social media, and a lot of their fans are fooled into thinking that this false product is the key to healthy weight loss. I am not an advocate of this and have often gone up against certain celebrities to question why they think it’s ok to mislead the public into a false sense of belief.

What significant changes have you seen within the industry over the past three years? The most significant change is one for the better. The fitness industry has seemed to have exploded over the last three years. This could be from social media and being able to influence a larger audience, but it certainly has been a significant change.

How do you engage with your clients (active and inactive)?

If there was one thing you could radically change within the industry, what is it? The one thing I would radically change is fad diets; I would eliminate them all and make sure everyone has a good understanding of basic health and nutrition.

Do you see yourself still working as a PT in 10 years time? Certainly, being a PT is my dream job. In 10 years time I will have been running my own successful studio for five years already.

What is your biggest success story? My biggest success story would have to be with a young guy who was an incredible basketball player. He had the chance to represent Great Britain a couple of times but unfortunately his strength and stamina wasn’t up to the standard they were after. He came to me and asked for help improving his stamina and strength, we only had six weeks until his next GB trial, so we got to work and he gave 110% every session and he is now representing Great Britain at Basketball.

Every one of my clients is given my number so they can call anytime they need advice or guidance. If they are training at the gym and not on a 1-1 session with myself, I go over and make sure they are happy and ask how they are getting on.

How do you promote your services? I promote my services using flyers at the gym and surrounding areas including shops. I also promote over my social media platforms.

How often do you train yourself? I train 5-6 times a week. Now with the arrival of my newborn son I think that may go down to around 3-4 times.


ONLY £8,950*

Finance available from £202 pcm

*Finance available subject to status, based on a 36 month period. All prices above are subject to VAT



w w w.f i t3d.com


Fit Kit

This month’s round-up of kit, products and extras you can stock for your members – boost loyalty, retention and your revenue!

Chilly’s Bottles Chilly’s Bottles mission is to accelerate the adoption and everyday use of reusable products. It is aiming to do this through creating products for an active urban lifestyle, with the perfect balance of distinctive style and unrivalled performance. The products are constructed with advanced double wall vacuum technology, providing high performance in modern and stylish designs. The bottles are perfect for work, the gym or on the go! Stay hydrated with ice-cold drinks that stay cold for up to 24 hours. Hot drinks will stay warm for 12 hours making the bottles ideal for commuting or winter walks. www.chillysbottles.com

Gym LED Lighting Solution Specified and installed into gyms nationwide, the G5 LED Batten is a streamlined, linear fixture that replaces fluorescent tube lighting. Delivering up to an incredible 110Lm/W, the G5 provides high levels of glare-free illumination – with a long lifespan of 50,000 hours. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (IP65 rated). With various mounting options, installation is super-fast, taking less than 10 minutes! Case study example: CrossFit Perpetua (Annual Savings)  £2,000+ savings  8,493 tonnes saved in CO2  ROI expected in 18 months  65% in maintenance & energy savings Learn how you can upgrade your lighting to LED at www.goodlight.co.uk/g5




MetalShake Are you also tired of smelling shaker cups and shakes that can’t stay cool and fresh for even a one-hour workout? Then check this out. MetalShake by Sweden is producing products focusing on the environment and inner health. After years of cursing plastic bottles and the way they start to smell after a short time of use the MetalShake by Sweden team sat down and looked at the available options on the market and found nothing that pleased them. The 99.5% plastic free MetalShake by Sweden is the multi-function sports bottle that’s made with the environment as its first priority. MetalShake by Sweden is made of 18/8 stainless steel (304 graded) and the details on the MetalShake are made in a new material that is 100% organic and recyclable. The new and improved MS by Sweden bottles comes in two models; 700ml and 1000ml. These new models can keep the fluid cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 6 hours. Both models retail for 29,99 euro. For more info email martin@msbysweden.com or marcus@msbysweden.com Also check us out on Facebook Metalshake by Sweden HQ and on Instagram: MetalShake_by_sweden.

One Water One Water is the UK's leading ethical drinks brand. Every bottle or carton of One Water sold funds sustainable clean water projects across the world. So far, The One Foundation has raised over £17.4 million pounds, changing 3.3 million lives through clean water and sanitation. One Water is available in a range of sizes and packaging formats, all of which are 100% recyclable. Contact hello@theonebrand. com if you're interested in becoming a stockist.

Bellum Active Viper X leggings Designed for dynamic movement, the new Viper X is made in Portugal with highperformance technical Italian fabrics which wick sweat away to keep you dry while working out. The Viper X includes muscle control to give you support and dynamic 2-way stretch for ease of movement, without any slippage or sag. £95 - https://www.bellumactive.co.uk/collections/viper-x/products/ viper-x-leggings

Bellum Active Viper X top with bra insert The Viper X top with bra insert is made using Italian technical sports fabrics for full black coverage and UV protection to reduce fading from the suns rays. The bra insert makes the Viper X top perfect for anyone who likes to run, HIIT or spin. The fabric is quick-drying and breathable and is designed for all fitness activities. £85 - https://www.bellumactive.co.uk/collections/viper-x/products/ viper-x-top-with-bra-insert 24



Body Positivity Online Personal Trainer Felicity Rosina discusses being new to the industry, her future goals and promoting body positivity on social media

I’m pretty new to the industry; I’m a very little fish in a massive ocean. I’m coming into the fitness scene at what I would consider to be a very good time, there are so many gaps in the market and I intend to fill some of them. Now, as a woman I’ve never actually worked with a female PT, because as people they just don’t inspire me. I’d work a lot harder if it’s a male pushing me through a workout and I feel like sometimes they push towards goals a lot faster with clear workout route. I want to be the female PT that every woman wants to workout with and I want to get the message out there that it is okay to lift heavy weights and be able to go into the gym and be confident. To not have to wear make up everyday, to eat the cookie when they want a cookie; to be able to enjoy life as well as get fit.  I wrote my first E-book recently and my second one is about to be released. The response I had from it was fantastic. Now I bet you’re thinking,“why did you write a book” and to be honest at the start I wasn’t really sure why I did, but then I realised it’s because that’s what I love doing and it helped people get to know me a lot better than just a girl from Instagram. At the moment I am trying to work on building my following on Instagram because I feel like the message I am trying to give out is so important and I’d love it to reach a wider audience. I created a video a few weeks ago on people using “humpday” on Instagram as an excuse to post photos of their NOVEMBER 2018 25


a professional dancer, a career that didn’t last long because I had awful confidence issues from everything I used to see online back then. Everything was airbrushed, perfect hair, perfect outfits. That wasn’t me and I was forcing myself to be someone I wasn’t for fear of not being liked.  I wanted to quickly mention about photo-shoots too. I’ve done photo-shoots and when I’ve had the photos sent back to me some have been so edited that it doesn’t even look like me. Now, tell me what is that doing for the body image of girls? I’m offended when someone airbrushes out my cellulite, it’s my body, I work hard to look like this, don’t airbrush me to make me look like something different. I only work with photographers now who let me wear what I want to wear and if I was to put the original and the edit next to each other, you wouldn’t notice a difference, maybe other than the lighting.  Instagram can be a very good place and a very bad place, people who have a big amount of followers sometimes push the wrong message because it will make them money (supplement codes, clothing codes, diet plan codes) you know the drill. Now tell me how that is using your platform for a good cause? Companies pay large amounts of money to these celebrities that pretty much have no idea what’s going on and then younger girls that are easily influenced will buy the products thinking it will give them the quick fix that they are so desperately and unnecessarily searching for. Following on from that, a lot of young women message me and tell me that they always feel so self conscious and they hate their body, and how do I come across so confident. Let me share the best piece of advice I was given and that I share with people. 

bums all over the interne. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was once guilty of this because I thought posting those kind of photos would make people like me, but I was wrong and I’ve learnt such a lesson from it. I hope that younger girls could learn that lesson from me. I’d love to be that woman that younger girls look up to and say, “wow I’d love to be like her.” I spent so many years pretending to be someone I wasn’t online and since I just started being myself, people relate to me a lot more and I get told on a daily basis it’s so nice to see someone happy. Don’t get me wrong, I share the bad bits too and I’ll post old photos with explanations of what was going on in my head at the time.  I think it’s really important for people to see that I’ve learnt from my mistakes rather than just brush over the fact I was far from perfect growing up. You don’t have to be 14, posting photos online, plastered in make up in minimal clothing to have friends. I’d love for younger girls to learn that it’s okay to be good at something at school too. I used to be good at music - I played four instruments and was a talented dancer. I then went on to be 26


Think about how much work your body does without you even noticing, when was the last time you thought about breathing? When was the last time you thought about that cut on your leg that healed itself? When was the last time you thought about how your body repairs itself while you sleep? Think about that for a second. Imagine if you had think about all those things, you’d never get anything done. So why do people spend so long being negative about their bodies. If you look after your body, your body will look after you. Simple as that. A lot of people will neglect their body by making themselves feel bad all the time, they’ll look in the mirror and point out all the bad things. Not once will you look in the mirror and think about the good parts, not once will you think about your heart that beats without you realising.  I’m here to spread the good messages, cut the fake photoshopping out of the industry, make sure people know it’s okay not to have abs, not to have to compete on a stage to be considered “fit” and to help females feel strong and independent. I’m not creating a business; I’m creating a female movement. @felicityrosina www.felicityrosina.com


W H AT A R E T H E SUCCESS SECRETS FOR GYM OWNERSHIP? By Matt Roberts, managing director, Energie Fitness Scotland Most gym owners face the same issues, how to make a profit, keep costs low and deliver an excellent service to customers. However, is this achievable? At Energie Fitness Scotland we believe it is. We started by putting the customer at the core of everything we do. We are a low cost gym but this does not mean cutting corners when it comes to customer service. Just because customers are paying a low monthly fee, this should not mean substandard service. The monthly subscription model, we believe is dead; people don’t want to pay for something they don’t use. We were one of the first UK gym groups to introduce a non-contract subscription model and this has proven to be successful; members don’t like being tied into a contract which is difficult to cancel. Some gyms have tried to cut costs by employing the bare minimum of staff or being totally unmanned. To us this is a false economy. Members like to be greeted by a friendly face and made to feel welcome. Gym-goers want assistance from well trained staff who can give them tips, encouragement and ensure they get the most benefit out of the brief time they spend at the gym. Members also want well-run classes at convenient times and want enough of them so they do not have to put their names down weeks in advance to book a class. On top of this we have introduced a multi-tier membership so members only pay for services they use. Gyms also have to be constantly innovating introducing new concepts, techniques and equipment. This year we started introducing The Yard concept which has been overwhelmingly welcomed by members. Exclusive to NOVEMBER 2018



Energie, The Yard is a functional fitness playground designed for high intensity workouts. We started franchising our gyms in 2003 as we felt fitness and franchising was the perfect match. We had a proven and successful business model which we felt could be replicated by getting the right franchisees on board. For those aspiring to own their own gym we offer a turnkey solution from finding and fitting out suitable premises to sales, staff training, marketing and finance. Typically, a gym can be up and running in as little as nine months. We carry out intensive pre-launch marketing so that franchisees can hit the ground running generating revenues from day one. On average our new gyms open with a minimum of 1,000 members. Fitness is a fun business to be in. It is very rewarding to help people achieve their health and fitness goals and improve their lifestyle. People who work in the fitness sector are passionate about what they do. Gym members want to be there and look forward to their visits. With 100 gyms throughout the UK, Energie Fitness has over 140,000 members who enjoy more than 1,800,000 visits per year. Someone who is already reaping the benefits of an Energie Fitness franchise is Pervez Siddique. After running his Glasgow newsagent business for 18 years Pervez felt it was time for a complete change of career. He saw that the fitness market was booming and began to look around for a business opportunity. “I came cross the Energie Fitness franchise and was immediately impressed with their concept,” said Pervez. “The atmosphere in the gyms was friendly and welcoming. I also knew their low cost no subscription model was a winner as people don’t want to be tied into long term contracts. I knew there was huge demand for this type of gym in my local area of Glasgow South.” Pervez investigated other fitness franchises in the market but decided Energie was the best fit and opened his Glasgow South gym in September 2015. “From selling my newsagent business, family funds and bank borrowing I was able to raise the investment for the franchise. “The gym really has gone from strength to strength

since opening our doors. We now have over 1800 regular members. Our real focus is on customer service; our staff and trainers are really helpful and no one feels intimidated going into the gym for the first time. We have a friendly and comfortable feeling in the gym which keeps customers coming back.” Pervez can’t praise the Scottish office of Energie Fitness enough: “The level of support has been outstanding. They helped me find the right premises and fit them out; everything was covered from A to Z. A pre- launch marketing campaign meant that we started out with 1,000 members from day one which was a great bonus.” The gym is now thriving and employs 11 staff and personal trainers. Pervez already has his sights on opening the next branch in the next few years. Energie’s newest franchisee is Jamal Hasmi who has had a lifelong passion for fitness and it has been his dream to open his own gym. Jamal has signed up to open a gym on the outskirts of Glasgow, subject to permissions granted, having sold his café business to partly fund the franchise. He said: “So far the levels of support and training have surpassed all my expectations; to some extent the guys at Énergie undersold the benefits of going via their franchise route. They have helped me find suitable premises and provided invaluable contacts with suppliers, banks and fitout contractors. I am now looking forward to opening the doors of the gym within the next six months, and already planning to become a multiple Énergie franchise holder.” Énergie Fitness is the collective brand of several sub brands including Fit4Less. Énergie is taking a new direction and rebranding all of their clubs across the UK this year. Jamal has commented on the branding; “I love the new brand Énergie Fitness, I love the service quality across the clubs, which you don’t get in your average gym, there are fitness instructors to help anyone who comes for a workout! I also love the colour scheme and the overall feel of the new club look. These factors also helped me come to my decision to invest in the franchise.” Énergie Fitness Scotland is currently looking for more franchisees across Scotland, for more information please visit www.energiefranchise.com or contact Mike Carr direct on 07807144098.




Strathclyde Sport We gain an insight into the new £31m facility in Glasgow, Strathclyde Sport Glasgow’s gym and fitness provision has just been taken to a new level with the launch of a new £31m sports facility: Strathclyde Sport. The state-of-the-art facility sits in the heart of the city centre and is part of the University of Strathclyde’s £650m campus redevelopment. Open to members of the public, students, staff and alumni, Strathclyde Sport offers unrivalled levels of facilities and equipment. The expansive u-shaped gym boasts over 180 pieces of brand-new kit. A spin area with 26 Life Fitness ICG bikes can be used for a personal work-out, virtual spin classes or instructor-led classes. The vast range of Life Fitness cardio equipment includes: 32 treadmills, cross trainers, rowers, steppers, various functional cardio and more. A key highlight is the nine Watt Bikes that allow members to track their progress and that of others onscreen for a more competitive element. Another stand-out feature is the functional rig from ESP; which is the focal point of the hugely popular gym-based class programme, Functional HIIT classes run in the gym to introduce members to the rig and ensure they achieve maximum benefits. The Strength and Conditioning area of the gym provides a specialised range of ESP equipment:  10 weightlifting platforms and racks each with 1 x TRX Suspension Devices  1 x IWF-approved 15kg Female and 1 x 20kg Male Olympic Weightlifting Bars  1 x IPF-approved Powerlifting Bar and in-excess of 320kg of Colour Coded Bumper Plates.  14 adjustable benches  4-60kg dumbbells  Jerk blocks  Unilateral Leg Press Machine  Glut-Ham Bench This area also features a bespoke Medicine Ball Throws Wall to help develop athletic upper-body qualities and a two lane 15m artificial-turf prowler track, which is ideal for NOVEMBER 2018 29


acceleration, sled and plyometric drills.

Training at an additional cost.

Strathclyde Sport’s gym features a range of technology to assist members in their work-out and enhance their experience. The cardio consoles provide internet and TV access and are configured for the LF Connect app. This allows users to input their data to receive suggestions of suitable adjustments to the machines according to their height and weight as well as personalised work-outs.

Strathclyde Sport is more than just a gym. The facility also offers a dance studio, a further multi-purpose studio space, and two four-court sports halls for a variety of sports such as badminton and basketball. Each of these areas are also used to host a vast range of fitness classes including Les Mills favourites such as Body Combat, Attack and Pump as well as yoga, Zumba, circuits and more.

Similar functionality is available on the spin bikes through the ICG training app and the Watt Bikes through their app. In the New Year Strathclyde Sport will be introducing further technology: My Zone, an interactive heart rate monitor device, and Halo a fitness cloud solution that allows users to link all their fitness apps, contact Instructors and track their goals.

A 25m swimming pool with sauna and steam room completes this fantastic facility. The swimming pool has a moveable floor so that the depth can be change to suit various water-based activities and it also features a multi-award winning Poolpod to allow the pool to be fully accessible along with the rest of the building.

Whilst technology is excellent in assisting gym-users, Strathclyde Sport recognises the importance of having highly-qualified gym Instructors available on the gym floor. The gym is staffed at all times to ensure members are fully supported in reaching their fitness goals. Whether members are just starting out, or at performance level, the gym team offer a range of free gym services to suit.

The University of Strathclyde’s Head of Sport, Neil Brown said:

Gym orientations are offered to those who are not familiar with the gym equipment or technology. Gym programming appointments are also available for those who are not quite sure of how to get the best out of their gym sessions. These 45 minute appointments result in a flexible work-out tailored to the individual’s needs and goals. The gym Instructors also offer Lifestyle Consultation appointments for those who are new to exercise to help form healthy habits and gently introduce exercise into their daily life. For those who are looking to take their work-out to another level or just need a bit more motivation, the gym Instructors also offer Personal



“We are delighted we have been able to offer a step change in facility and service provision to University of Strathclyde students and staff, as well as the wider community. Strathclyde Sport has been designed to inspire people to become more active, whilst including all the specialised equipment for high performance. Since opening our doors, we have had a deluge of positive feedback from customers who have been truly wowed by both the scale and the standard of the facility and equipment. Our team has been expanded so that we can continue to offer operational excellence and an exceptional customer experience.” Strathclyde Sport can be accessed on a pay-as-you-go basis and there are a number of great value memberships available including: student, staff, alumni, corporate, concession and public. For more information about Strathclyde Sport, visit www.strath.ac.uk/strathclydesport.


Boutique Fitness Facilities Hammer Strength training rigs become central to new Simply Gym boutique experience

Multi-site operator, Simply Gym, has tapped into the growing boutique fitness trend with the launch of its latest facilities in Uxbridge and Cardiff in partnership with Life Fitness and Hammer Strength. Both sites, operated by not-for-profit organisation Bay Leisure Ltd, have been modelled on an evolving business strategy which combines popular elements of boutique fitness facilities, including premium equipment and an inspiring member experience, with affordable memberships to deliver a competitivelypriced yet quality gym offering. In-line with industry trends, the new gyms offer extensive space dedicated to small group training and Olympic lifting with Hammer Strength equipment as the focal point. Both Uxbridge and Cardiff sites are official Hammer Strength Training Centres with a wide range of equipment from the strength training brand, including the HD Athletic Perimeter which supports individual or group Olympic lifting-style workouts. The Cardiff site became one of the first in the UK to install the HD Athletic Bridge, an overhead bridge designed to fit almost any space and create vibrant and exciting training areas that better cater to the varying training requirements of members. The Bridge provides the Cardiff facility with strength, bodyweight and suspension training solutions for group exercise that differentiates the facility from its competition, whilst supporting the progression of members and keeping them engaged through its versatility. “World class equipment like the Bridge has helped us evolve our business model to provide a significant USP for our members and has helped us create a space where strength training is more accessible to everyone, particularly to those members who might ordinarily shy away from more traditional strength training areas”, explains Bay Leisure Ltd’s CEO, Richard Proctor. Keith Smith, Global Master Trainer for the Life Fitness Academy, says; “The popularity of strength and functional training rigs continues to grow as we see clubs and operators looking to differentiate their offering. Striking pieces of equipment like the Bridge allow facilities to deliver a wider exercise experience from 1-to-1 to group situations.” NOVEMBER 2018



Welcoming Competition with Open Arms Daniel Nyiri Founder of 4UFitness discusses how to approach competition

Today we will be discussing how to approach competition, and why you need to embrace competition with open arms. Competition is a common occurrence in any business group. It can come among employers, employees (trainers), or customers in the form of physical contact, pictures, video, etc. Regardless of the way with which a competition arrives, the following are the dos and don'ts of welcoming a competition.

it and share useful details. Moreover, only a few among your listeners or readers will use the information you are passing across, and in the long run, you will get the publicity, valuable feedbacks, and recommendation which can grow your business. Don’t forget that copying someone is the highest form of flattery. Be proud. If it’s copyright infringement then make sure to protect your assets and consult an attorney.

1: Do not hide your knowledge

2: Compare yourself with a "competition" within your category

You don't have to be scared to share what you have because you perceive competition around you. There is no point in having a headache about the possibility of your competition using the knowledge you possess. Instead, be cool about

Currently, most people are much concerned about affairs on social media, which is not entirely real or true. And consequently, place their focus on the wrong competition. It is wrong because; one, you do not know how far and how




Good rule of thumb is to accomplish that even faster than a year. Your only competition is yourself! We have so many other companies who copy us and try to open next to us, charge a quarter of our prices but are still unable to obtain our customers. Focus on you!

4: You need others to improve You have to know that you need others to succeed as you can't do it all alone. If you are ready to welcome competition from others, then feel free to approach them, share useful knowledge, and look for ways to succeed together. In Joseph Campbell's word: "a hero is someone who has given his/ her life to something bigger than oneself." Work for the betterment of others, and you will succeed too. The bottom line is that people will come and go. Business will come and go and your competition will come and go as well. They can copy you all day. They do that with us all the time. They will be out of business soon enough because they can’t have you! You is the key. Think about Nascar or a Formula one race. It is not about the car. Yes, the car is important, but it is 20% about the car and 80% about the leader and its team. They can’t have you and they can’t have your culture and what you stand for. Because you are you.

much they have done before they reach their present level, and two, the necessary background or support with which they have grown their establishment. Hence, do compare your business with a category and level of establishment of the same class. We’ve all seen it. Dollar bills, cars, private jets on social media accounts of your competition and in their real life they are taking a regular commuter airline they just posed next to the jet or someone else invited them. Only compare yourself to companies/people where you know the facts and have realistic and similar backgrounds. You can’t compare yourself to someone who started their business with a million dollar funding if you started with five million or with sweat and blood.

This is why those people on social media who are copying others will never succeed in the long run and neither will your competition because they are not themselves, they are trying to be someone else. Take this advice: You are in it for the long haul. This is not a sprint, this is a marathon and only the one who prepares and practices will reach the end.

3: Do engage in competition with yourself Rather than having headaches with what others have achieved, you need to engage in a self-competition. Have a drive to be better than yesterday. Look into what you were doing a year ago; what is working for you and what is not. Check your personal life, hiring process and several areas of your business. Then, figure out how you can improve. I say this all the time; if you do not feel dumb compared to last year then you did not improve enough! You know what I am talking about. Think back last year, are you still doing the same hiring process, same training routine, same habits, same money habits, consultations, sales? Did anything change? Yes? Do you feel dumb about last year? If your process has improved so much then you should, and that is a good dumb! NOVEMBER 2018



Fit3D offers the user a platform to track distinct body changes. The system provides gym members with a great 360 visual of their own body, it then offers insights into their wellness and body composition through their own personal login account.

Why Fit3D? The Fit3D ProScanner offers the user a simple 40 second scan. This automatically provides them with a whole host of metrics (along with their virtual avatar) to track any fundamental body change. Alongside tracking physical shape change through the avatar we also provide a comprehensive wellness assessment.

Obtain a 360 body scan of your member to monitor body changes visually.

The ProScanner automatically calculates body composition metrics including body fat percentage, fat mass vs lean mass and more.

It automatically gives the member a full body posture analysis.

For further information or to arrange a demonstration, contact our sales team on 01788 220456 or toby@fit3dltd.co.uk

Gives your members an insight to their wellness based on body shape.

Compare multiple scans to view fundamental body changes.

Allow your members to order custom fit clothing based on their measurements.

The User Login Every Fit3D user within your gym will receive a personalised online account to review all body changes! This can be accessed, on any device, via www.Fit3D.com. On this account the user is able to view any scan they have taken past or present. They can also visit the comparison page to view how there body, measurements and wellness metrics have improved over time.

How it works The Fit3D ProScanner takes 1,200 images of the body while the client is standing on a rotating plate and then uses advanced algorithms to stitch these together and create a virtual 3D avatar of the user. After the scan is complete it will give your client their own login account, that they can access from any device, to view their virtual scan and wellness metrics that have been automatically generated. This gives the client a whole range of data including weight, full body measurements, body fat percentage, fat mass vs lean mass and a body shape wellness rating based on a comparison with over 300,000 scans logged. It also allows them to compare their 360 body avatars side by side view to review their shape change, whether it be for weight loss or muscle gain.

The benefits to your business include: 1.

Increase member motivation by providing them with a scientific way to track results in your gym!


Increase revenue per member by charging £30-£40 per repeat scan. (every 6-8 weeks)


Create bespoke personal training plans based on a member’s Fit3D assessment.


Show your unique focus on providing your members with the best service in the industry.


Access and track all members’ progress and improvements in the Gym’s own login account.


Set yourself apart from local competition by including a scan as part of the induction.


Increase member retention by proving to them their hard work is paying off!




Increased Revenue By taking on a Fit3D ProScanner your gym doesn’t only benefit from creating a point of difference and enhancing customer service, it also creates a great new ongoing revenue stream. TOTAL MEMBERS THAT SCAN



every 6 weeks







every 6 weeks





every 6 weeks





every 6 weeks




*Terms and Conditions apply. **Finance available subject to status, based on a 36 month period. All prices above are subject to VAT





Unrivalled Fitness Measurement FitQuest brings full bio-mechanical lab technology to your facility providing scientifically robust fitness and body composition measurement with an easy to use, sophisticated measurement tool with a user friendly interface. Drive member engagement and support your members to achieve their goals with an innovative, data-driven, digital solution. Our research programmes and product development continue to drive measurement solutions forward for the industry. Contact our team at infogm@miefitquest.com or call 020 7518 7323 to be part of the fitness measurement revolution.

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Appointments A round-up of industry movers and shakers

ANDRE THOMAS APPOINTED TO ALLIANCE LEISURE SERVICES’ BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT TEAM André Thomas has joined the growing team at Alliance Leisure Services as Business Development Manager for the South East of England. Thomas, who has more than 20 years’ experience in the private, public and trust sectors, has joined Alliance from Fusion Lifestyle where he was Group Business Development Manager. Prior to this, Thomas held the same role at 1Life and was also Associate Director of a leading sport and leisure consultancy. With experience of strategic planning, business development, operations and project management, Thomas has a thorough understanding of the challenges facing the industry, local government and trusts. He will utilise his experience of delivering successful leisure projects to help clients develop and deliver innovative facilities that are operationally effective and financially viable. Paul Cluett, managing director of Alliance Leisure Services, said; “We are thrilled to have André on board. His track record and experience in the sector are second to none and his skills will be vital as we continue to meet growing demand for the UK Leisure Framework and develop exciting and sustainable leisure solutions for the sector.” Thomas added; “Alliance has played a key role in the growth of the sector by challenging the norm. Their approach to leisure development is rooted in what is affordable and relevant for local communities, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to develop excellent leisure facilities that encourage more people to be more active, more often.”




Give up on guesswork The Director of Sports Intelligence at 4global, Utku Toprakseven was one of the founders of the DataHub in 2013. Since then, data has gone from being the fitness industry’s biggest weakness to one of its greatest assets. As Utku explains, this is just the beginning… Unified intelligence, coupled with smart analysis, are the future for a successful leisure sector.Only with reliable data and actionable insight can facility operators and National Governing Bodies (NGBs) drive forward growth, pioneer change and make the difference we all know we’re capable of.

The three amigos

When we conceived the DataHub back in 2013, there was a proliferation of data in the industry, but very little insight or intelligence coming from it. Since then, we have built a shared repository of data from 500 million visits to leisure facilities. Together with the DataHub Steering Group and Partners, we’ve created systems and products which enable facility operators, NGBs and County Sports Partnerships to turn that data into actionable insight, which can be used to inform key business decisions.

Creating that triumvirate requires a four-step process, which every one of the 92 operators and delivery partners (who run more than 2,000 leisure sites) in the DataHub are currently undergoing. When data is first integrated into the DataHub we work with operators to ensure they have real-time visibility of their own business – examining data integrity and benchmarking each facilities’ performance to establish where they’re under and over-performing.

I began my career as a business analyst at Accenture and crossed paths with 4global as part of my MBA dissertation project. My first role was within their major events consultancy, working on the 2012 London Olympics. 4global’s Sports Intelligence business, which is home to the DataHub, was set up shortly after those Olympics – we wanted to help the activity sector create a lasting legacy but realised there was a gap in both data standardisation and analytics. The industry was data rich but information poor. As a result, very few business decisions were based on hard evidence – guesswork, past experience and gut feeling were all operators had to go on. 38


Just collecting data isn’t enough. To really influence the path this industry takes, and to help us become the backbone of an active nation, data needs to be paired with intelligence and insight. Only when you have all three together do you have a means to make evidence-based business decisions.

Next we investigate drivers of that performance – why is an operator better or worse in certain areas? We delve into the data, asking specific business-focused questions to understand drivers. We then use the relevant modules for insight, to help plan targeted interventions, be that marketing initiatives using Marketing Intelligence or changes to programming triggered by the Geo Impacts. Finally, we evidence and monitor the impact of those interventions using the Social Value Calculator, giving operators something tangible they can share with internal and external stakeholders. For the first time, operators are able to use their data to establish what changes are going to have the biggest impact


and put plans in place with unparalleled accuracy. More than 5,000 individuals that work in the sector are already logged in, regularly using the DataHub’s real-time evidence to make informed judgements at the very point of decision.

A country in crisis Only this level of actionable data can tackle the inactivity crisis we face. Reimagining Ageing, a research paper the DataHub conducted with ukactive, showed older people’s lives are being ‘cut tragically short’ by the physical inactivity epidemic. By 2040, nearly one in four people will be 65 or older. The NHS and wider health system could save almost £8bn over a decade if just a third of inactive over-55s were persuaded to take regular exercise. At the other end of the spectrum lies ‘generation inactive’ – children aged 5-15 spend nearly two hours a day online during the week and nearly three at the weekend. Three quarters spend less time outside than prison inmates, just four hours a week. We are in the midst of an inactivity crisis, which causes 37,000 premature deaths a year in England alone.

it the largest repository for sport and physical activity data in the UK and an indisputable source of reliable sector intelligence. Did you know…?  Total membership across a sample size of 396 sites dipped slightly (-3%) from 2017-18, but the total number of members still exceeded two million (2,004,324)  The gender split sees females representing 52% of all members  The total social value generated in the last 12 months by the 2,000 sites in the DataHub is £1.1bn – that’s £387 a year per participant  Our industry is making a difference – since 2016 the estimated social value of six health outcomes (CHD and stroke, breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes, dementia and good health) has increased by £18.8 million (10%)  Three core activities attract the most attendance in our leisure centres – the gym, swimming and Body Pump make up 81% of all visits  Tuesday is the most popular day for group exercise classes, accounting for 16% of visits and 18.00 is the most popular time  HIIT classes have seen a 27% increase in participation over the last two years and women are four times more likely to do a HIIT class than men  Trampolining has seen the highest growth in youth participation  Older age groups are underrepresented – 2% of members are over 75, despite making up 10% of UK population  On average there is one accident per 920 visits – the pool is where most injuries occur

Tapping into sector intelligence will establish what interventions will work for these populations, what will appeal to them, get them active and keep them active. Insight can build a bridge between the physical activity sector and its future customers; it’s the only way to know for sure that we are providing the right offer for each segment of the population and, in doing so, drive the prevention agenda. In industries such as transport, retail and telecommunication, data has been a key driver of success for many years. Moving forwards, we want to ensure data intelligence becomes a part of everyday business in the activity sector, too. Insight will provide the springboard for the conversations that really matter; a tangible way to evidence the direct outcomes this industry has achieved, to prove to government that public health initiatives won’t work without us and to drive more funding and investment into sports.

At a glance…  The DataHub holds information on 2,000 leisure sites and has access to data from 500 million visits by more than eight million activity participants, making NOVEMBER 2018



All in one solution EZFacility gym management software offers an all in one solution for gyms that are looking for an effective way to streamline operations, automate tasks and grow business We are living in an ever-increasing digital world, where news and information is quite literally at your

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fingertips. You can call a taxi at the push of a button

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Despite those historic warnings of the impact digital technology would have on the health and fitness industry, it is thriving and is growing year after year. As quickly as you can order the taxi, you can also pull up a work out video, check the macronutrients of the meal

classes, sessions or events directly from the app. You can share your facility information, photos and videos to keep your clients informed whilst also allowing them to share sessions and classes they have booked with their online friends.

you are about to eat and view the details of the latest

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views on different modules, and new users for any

It’s fair to say that now is a great time to start your fitness business or look at plans to grow an existing

given date range. With push notification functionality, you can update clients with class availability, recent

facility. According to the ‘State of the Fitness Industry Report 2018’ the industry is worth almost £5 billion, and almost 300 new facilities opened in the UK last year. However, keeping up with the digital world is one of the most important things to consider when you do this, to ensure you keep up with the competition. Once your facility is open, you want to make the whole process as simple and easy for your clients as possible. You’ll want them to be able to sign up for a membership quickly and effortlessly, and then once they have joined you want them to be able to book into your classes and courses as seamlessly as possible. Furthermore, when they arrive at the facility you don’t want them hanging around in long queues to be able to check in and allow you to record their attendance. EZFacility gym management software gives you an all in one solution including a branded mobile app as well as a ‘Self Check-in’ module, which puts the client in control of their class bookings and attendance, as well as many other features including membership management, invoicing and payment tracking, point of sale, marketing tools and extensive reporting. 40


Cut back on clutter with an all-in-one software solution to manage your gym. • Membership Management & CRM • Member Self-Service Access • MemberMe+ - Branded Mobile App • Extensive Reporting • Front Desk Check-In • Billing & Payment Tracking • And so much more!


news and events, whilst creating virtual coupons/

the gym, access classes, and get any information or

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updates just from their phone. We are not an income-


generating business, so we will look to enhance the student and staff experience at the university. By

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having EZFacility it’s easy for us to give more activities

With EZFacility’s Self Check-in module, your clients

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can easily check themselves into your facility or book

for our students and staff, and through the app it’s

into an upcoming session or class. Additionally, when

With web-based functionality for the back-end

a client checks themselves in, attendance tracking

software, there are no large installation fees, and

will occur automatically – streamlining your front desk

nothing needs to be installed on the server within the

process and minimising queues! Standing out from the

campus, meaning the set-up process is seamless for

crowd is also very important, especially to the localised

managers and staff alike.

gym facilities who are competing with the larger gym chains of the UK, in their area. Being able to offer the latest technology but at an affordable price, whilst still maintaining a family or community environment is key

EZFacility software is easy to try, buy, implement, and use. Loved by customers for its simplicity and range of ever-expanding features EZFacility is the

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most effective way to streamline operations, automate

Manoj Patel from Urban Health and Fitness said; “The

with a dedicated team to guide you through the

app is a powerful tool for members to book classes as well as reducing the amount of administration time gym staff would use dealing with clients ringing in to book classes. Locally we have three big competitors, two leisure centres and a hotel gym chain, and they don’t have this level of technology so having an app

tasks and grow your business. Your success is ensured setup of your account with personalised one-to-one training, and ongoing technical support. The EZFacility difference means you don’t just get another front desk tool, you get to run a successful sports or fitness business the EZ way!

where members can book in their own time was really

“The Support team at EZFacility are great because


when we have our new centres come on board

It's not just privately-owned gyms that are benefiting from EZFacility though, school, college and universitybased gyms and studios are understanding the need to have the right software in place to manage their membership database and offer them technology that they wouldn’t have available if they chose to use paperbased systems. Daniel Larkin, Sports Facilities Manager at the University of Bedfordshire had this to say; “The app is fantastic, as it is available on iPhone and Android it is accessible to all our students and they can sign up to

we can arrange training for them and it is a very straightforward process and they get trained up to the standard we need them to be. They help in supporting our centres, if they have a query they can call, or email and they get an answer back straight away,” explained Joanne Lee, the Operations Manager at Speedflex, one of the leading providers of high-intensity circuit training classes in the UK.

Discover more about EZFacility and schedule a free demo of the product today www.ezfacility.co.uk NOVEMBER 2018



Aspire’s InstructAbility Report on Disabled People Working in Leisure Living, Working And Exercising With A Mental Health Condition

Meet Sarah Andrews, a dedicated mum and fitness practitioner who helps to lift the lid on what it is like to look after a child with special needs and hold down a job whilst dealing with anxiety and depression. Sarah has had Anxiety and Depression for twenty-seven years. She describes a typical day for her; “I wake up after a very unsettled night, most of the time I have an active mind that I cannot switch off. I monitor and regulate my moods and tell myself it’s all going to be ok. Routine helps. I must work around my son, who has Autism, and his school schedule - which isn’t always the same. Being a full-time Carer for him is difficult and every day affects how I am. “My life is challenging because I have waves of difficulties throughout every day. Panic attacks are the scariest, especially if I'm not at home. There were long years of feeling unable to leave the home without feeling panicky and anxious, this has got so much better, though some days it is still hard. “Having a hidden disability is difficult as people still don't understand it, even though I try to explain, because I look like I'm ok but inside I'm facing difficulties most of the time. So if I'm feeling wobbly I have to tell someone or talk to someone, which is the most difficult thing to do at the time. I'd rather hide, but that’s not always possible.” Whilst Sarah still lives with the condition, she has found a way to maintain an active lifestyle which gave her the confidence and motivation to pursue a career in the fitness industry. Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. Although, the mental health 42


charity, ‘Mind’, states that the overall number of people with mental health problems has not changed significantly in recent years, it appears that how people cope with mental health problems is getting worse as the number of people who self-harm or have suicidal thoughts is increasing.

Exercise It is well documented that exercise can have a positive impact on mental health, but many people can find it difficult to get started due to low mood, lack of energy and confidence. Sarah credits her martial arts training for helping her depression. “Although some days it is hard to get out and go to train, the thought of seeing the people I am with, keeps me going. They have become invaluable friends and are like family and I feel welcome, supported and safe there. I now exercise nearly every day as this helps my mood and I have achieved a second degree black-belt in Taekwondo. “I initially got into it because my children attended Martial Arts classes a few times a week. This helped my son with autism so much and one day I decided to join in myself. The exercise and training three days a week helped my mental health and confidence. It wasn't easy and I had to push myself to train, but being around others I already knew and the instructor made it easier for me. I started to feel less selfconscious and felt fitter." “Since working in fitness, I have found that a lot of


people experience mental health problems and this is what I advise:  Aim to do some sort of exercise, try a class or gym, take a friend along and try to have it in a weekly routine.  At first it might be hard to do, as it is new and may be uncomfortable, but keep going!  If it doesn't get easier with your feelings, maybe try a different type of exercise, or different time of day.  Trust that there is something out there for you! Hayley Jarvis, Head of Physical Activity for Mind, said: “While we all know the benefits of being active for your physical health, it can also help improve your mental health. When you exercise you release ‘feel good’ hormones called endorphins which help reduce negative feelings and improve your mood. Exercise also reduces levels of cortisol, the ‘stress hormone’, which has been linked to a range of mental health problems, including depression and anxiety. “We know that too many people with mental health problems still face real barriers to getting physically active. We think coaches, particularly those with personal experience of mental health problems, can play a huge role in changing this, by making leisure centres, gyms and similar providers more welcoming and understanding. “Our Get Set to Go sports programme is aiming to train over 30,000 sport and physical activity staff and volunteers to give better support to people with mental health problems, over the next two years.”

Employment Employment is also good for mental health and well-being. Conversely, the longer someone is unemployed, the more vulnerable they are to depression and anxiety. However the National Mental Health Development Unit cites evidence that:  Fewer than four in ten employers would consider recruiting someone with a declared mental health condition.  People with mental health conditions find it more difficult to find work because employers believe that they will not do the job well.  However, 85% of employers who do employ people with mental health conditions do not regret doing so. Sarah also understands the challenge of getting back into work after a long period of unemployment. She explains, “Twelve years ago, I had to give up my council job working in the children's services to care for my son and my two other children. This left me feeling I had no confidence or career, which went on for 10 years!” Sarah is adamant the decision to give up work was the best thing she did, because her children, especially her youngest, needed her every day. The positive impact of this decision is borne out by the fact her eldest two have now completed their university degrees and her youngest child is in a much better place. However the longer a person is out of work, the less chance NOVEMBER 2018 43


they have of getting back into the labour market. Sarah volunteered in a local charity shop, to build her confidence and then went on to volunteer in the local citizen’s advice bureau. This provided a stepping stone for her to start thinking about a new career. “I wanted to train as a fitness professional because I have always enjoyed exercise and needed a new career path. When I found out about the opportunity to become a gym instructor through Aspire’s InstructAbility programme, I thought it would be great to have a qualification in something I’m passionate about. My recent achievements in Taekwondo gave me the courage to go for it. “During the YMCAfit course, I came to understand that exercise is a key element to positive mental health and feeling good in general. It helped me to express myself and no longer hide my disability, which is an important part of me. “Once qualified, I did a work placement as part of the programme, based at Park Road Pools & Fitness & Leisure Centre. Following the placement Fusion Lifestyle offered me work and I am now a permanent part-time employee. “I am able to use all the skills and knowledge that I gained on the course to show disabled people that exercise is for everyone – whatever their ability, there are exercises they can do. Adapting exercises for people and seeing clients meet their achievements has been one of the highlights of the course for me and I plan to specialise in working with disabled people. “Since completing the InstructAbility programme in 2016 I went on to gain my Personal Training and First Aid qualifications in 2017. In addition to working in the gym at Park Road, I now also deliver Fusion’s Intencity HIIT (High intensity interval training) classes and I have recently completed FUNction Fitness training with an aim to deliver group exercise classes that are more inclusive. “The things I love about my job are working with others, helping others to increase their fitness, adapting exercises to make sure they are inclusive and fun, using my skills and feeling like I make a difference. “I find there is a lack of understanding of disability and impairments both for clients and those working in the fitness industry. Some of the difficulties arise due to not having support, access or space to work or workout to the best of one’s ability. If I am working with a client that needs adaptation I will get them to try out equipment to see what works best for them. This may be using different weights, changing the shape, size or heaviness and using a chair, mat or box. “When I meet a gym member or someone coming into my fitness class and they have any anxiety I reassure them that I’ll keep an eye on them, look out for them, tell them they can leave anytime and where they can go to a quiet place or space if they need to, to work within their ability and tell me if I need to adapt any exercise or equipment if necessary. “A lot of people don’t realise I have a hidden disability. When I’ve told them my journey and condition it opens up conversations and openness. I am accepted but need to remind others that I do have certain needs as they are hidden. It can be difficult to hear people’s attitudes towards 44


mental health and the language they use. If someone is struggling with a mental health condition it is upsetting if they hear people describe them as, 'crazy' or, 'not with it'. People often don’t realise that their language can be hurtful and offensive so I always encourage people to use the term mental health problem or emotional difficulty. Things that I find help me at work are:  having an approachable manager  a line manager that checks in with me during a shift to make sure I’m ok  regular contact with colleagues (avoids isolation)  regular breaks  a quiet space if needed (it can be overwhelming when the gym is busy)  some flexibility in work duties (I can have different energy levels on different days) It has been truly amazing feeling and seeing my confidence grow over the past two years and finding I’m able to manage my depression and anxiety through exercise. I also enjoy being around lovely people. I have also found that being around people and having contact with them lessens my own struggles. InstructAbility and my subsequent employment and career development has opened up my world and given me a new focus. I have gained confidence and feel like I am in a new phase of my life. After not working for over ten years I am now employed, as well as caring for my son. I am able to manage my depression and anxiety better because I am doing something for me that I enjoy, and help others at the same time.


Ask The Expert Do you have a question that you would like to see answered in this feature in a future issue? Email pw@gymownermonthly.co.uk

DIABETES AND EXERCISE Philip Calvert is the Owner of Fitness and Wellbeing Training Ltd Edinburgh and a Tutor and Assessor. Philip is studying for a Master’s degree in diabetes from Queen Margaret University Edinburgh, as well as being a Master Trainer with Life Fitness Academy (LFA) and type II diabetic in remission As we know diabetes is on the rise both in the United Kingdom and globally. At present there are roughly 4.8 million people in the United Kingdom with a further 1 million people undiagnosed with diabetes. This is set to increase massively over the next decade. The question you should ask yourself as a local authority, national chain or private gym is simple. ‘Are your staff prepared to manage your existing and new members that have diabetes safely and effectively?” Some of the things you need to consider when working with a gym member that has diabetes are:  Is the member actively taking medication, and if so what type of medication?  How good is the member at controlling the medication and keeping their blood glucose levels stable?

achieving weight loss through changing nutritional

 Is the gym member in a safe blood glucose range to start exercising?

diabetes can go into remission.

The main question you have to ask is, are your team of trainers prepared to deal with a hypoglycemic attack in the gym? What should they do? Do they know? Of the 4.8 million diabetics presently diagnosed in the UK, roughly 10% are type 1 diabetic and the large majority of the rest are type 2 diabetic. What's the difference between type 1 and type 2? Firstly, type 1 diabetes is when the human body does not produce insulin and insulin support is needed. With type 2 diabetes, the human body does provide minimal insulin from the pancreas but needs support from medication. With the correct change in lifestyle,

lifestyle and exercise habits, a person with type 2

However, if uncontrolled over a period of time, this can lead to consequences of limb amputation and loss of eyesight. The way I see it, an exercise professional’s role is to provide safe and effective exercise programmes for the clients to achieve their goals and targets faster and safer than they could do themselves. It therefore makes sense to ensure that when writing programmes for clients that have diabetes, the trainer has included safety checks to ensure the clients wellbeing during the period of exercise. So, what's all the fuss about? NOVEMBER 2018 45


This is why! In 1985 the global population with obesity was around 30 million people and it is projected that by 2040, 642 million people will be obese. The human that suffers from obesity has a higher potential in progressing onto type 1 diabetes. Can you imagine how this will create a huge financial stress on global health resources? If we as an industry work together with our medical counterparts to help those with type 2 diabetes understand movement and physical activity, then we can all work towards a greater goal of reducing the potential of this illness for the patient and burden on world economy. One of the biggest questions that I get asked is, why me? There is no simple answer to this question. Yes, you can look at the obvious; being overweight, under exercised, eating a poor diet and living a stressful lifestyle.I think my answer is quite harsh - I reversed the question and ask, why not you? Let's look at your lifestyle, environment and see what we can change to give you a good chance of putting your type 2 diabetes into remission.

CIMSPA endorsed. It is a one-day face-to-face course. It carries eight REPs points on the completion of the assessment for those that have a prerequisite of level III exercise referral. However, any level of exercise professional or member of staff working within an exercise facility can attend the course and receive a certificate of attendance. The course covers the understanding of this illness and everything the trainer needs to know to be ‘Diabetic Aware.’ For course details contact: phil@fwt-education.co.uk

How I keep my type 2 diabetes in remission As part of my exercise regime, and to keep my type 2 in remission, I decided to take the challenge of running a marathon distance of 43km every week for 52 weeks. At present I am at week 44 with eight weeks to go to finish on 31st December 2018.

I would always advocate a nutritionist or dietician to help with the client’s nutritional education and I would work on exercise elements. I create SMART goals with the client and set realistic levels of frequency, intensity, time and types of exercise.

I have chosen to raise money for the Doddie Weir foundation. Doddie Weir is an ex-Scotland international rugby player and Irish and British lion. The foundation has been set up by Doddie who is suffering from motor neuron disease, MND. The aim of the charity is to fund research into a cure or finding away in placing the illness into remission. At present it is a terminal illness.

There is a fantastic CPD course titled, “Preparation for Working with Diabetes in the Gym”, that has been fully endorsed by REPs and PD approval and also soon to be

I have set up a mydonate BT page to collect donations. The link is https://mydonate.bt.com/ fundraisers/5252mndoddie5



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Chris Zaremba, our specialist on fitness for the over fifties, discusses the importance of nutrition Around ten years ago, I was 50 and in the worse shape of my life – over 17 stone and a body fat percentage that I now calculate to have been around 40%. I’d had some lower back problems, and a German chiropractor looking at me said, “The problem with your back, my friend, is the problem with your front.” Feel free to add the accent to this line – it helps. So, I started the occasional gym visit – doing a little cardio, nothing more – for a couple of years which led to a slight reduction in weight. I met fitness professional Rob Riches in April 2009 who, to cut a long story short, said I could trade in being in the worst shape of my life in favour of becoming the best by following his advice relating to training and nutrition – and by applying a whole load of commitment, dedication and revised priorities on my part. Rob was massively motivational and inspirational, and I decided to follow his suggestions – what had I got to lose apart from several layers of excess fat? Ten years on, and I’ve turned my life around – I am now 11.5 stone with a body fat percentage at the top end of single digits. I’ll talk about the training aspects that helped me to achieve this in another article, but let me focus here on the nutrition side.

Pre-fitness My food and drink habits before discovering fitness ‘Rob-style’ had been virtually unchanged for a long time – at least 15 years, probably nearer 20. As I now realise, this way of eating – I hesitate to call it a diet – is best described in a couple of words as ‘pretty stupid’. If I recall correctly, I started a typical day (and ended it too) with a 48


big bowl of sugary cereal. I usually grabbed a few chocolate bars during the day, maybe two in the morning on the way to the office plus another two in the evening on the way home. My office-worker lunch was invariably whatever I could get with large portion of chips at a pub to go along with two or three pints. Evening meals were a lot more sensible when back home with my wife, Jenny, as she cooked some decent meat and veg meals – but when she was away (or wasn’t looking) I made regular trips to takeaways, curry houses, pizza and kebab shops and – my favourite – fish and chips. And beers were back on the agenda most evenings too. As for salads, I had no idea why humans ate food designed for rabbits. For home cooking, I genuinely don’t believe I made anything more complex or better for me than beans on buttered white toast. So, as you can see, I enjoyed – while my systems endured – a calorieuncontrolled diet that was a combination of high fat, high fast-carb, low protein and low fibre inputs. No wonder Rob could see some scope for improvement in that lot.

The change I had a desire to change; in addition to not wanting to meet that German again, another doctor had given me cholesterol and blood pressure warnings. Jenny was so keen for me to improve and find a decent level of fitness and health that she promised me we could have a new car to play with if I achieved certain fitness targets. Finally, Rob had shown belief in me – and I was keen to repay that trust (and I wanted the car). Rob developed a new daily eating pattern for me, comprising a full analysis of how many calories I should be having, at what times, and with what macronutrient breakdown. And I used his Daily Nutrition


Planner to record an hour-by-hour check on progress each day. I should have had enough inputs to motivate, inspire and encourage me to put this new knowledge into practice. All the information I needed was there. I just needed to learn it, follow it and live by it. Doesn’t sound easy, and it wasn’t. Even though I wanted to change, my willpower wasn’t up to putting all the elements of the new nutrition approach into place at one go. As is so often the case in matters related to fitness, small steps often lead to major achievements – providing you keep taking the small steps. I found that by changing just one thing at once, seeing how I managed with that, then another thing, and so on, worked for me and led in time to a complete diet overhaul. My willpower also coped better with making small changes at intervals rather than attempting any major change. As a result, the transition from my old way of eating to the new way took around a year, during which time I gradually dropped the nasty old habits and incorporated new healthy eating strategies. Often, I found that these small steps led one to another in a linked way – usually two, three or even more steps to replace one bad eating habit with a good one. For example, I initially replaced my cereals with more natural products, and finally making porridge from rolled oats into my cereal choice. Another example was cutting down takeaways from around five per week initially to twice a week then on to only rarely. A third example was moving the soft drink of choice from full-fat cola to sugar free cola initially, then as a further stage on to bottled water. Even for small things, there were multistage changes: coffee with milk and two sugars became coffee with skimmed milk and one sugar, and now it’s black coffee on its own.

Conclusion Eating is totally different for me now than it was ten years ago. I now know the effects on the body of various types of carb and protein inputs, for example, and the nutrition analysis table is now the first thing I look at on any supermarket food item. Although my knowledge has improved, I still have much to learn; for example I’m still unsure of the difference between a yam and a sweet potato, or what ‘broiling’ is! A key change compared to the past is that I now enjoy cooking and eating tasty and nutritious meals that I have prepared at home, as well as making the correct choices when eating out. As I am happy to admit, I am far from a cooking expert but I now know how to create something enjoyable and good for me from some basic, quality ingredients – to replace the beans on toast. And talking of the ‘old days’, when I look back at that paragraph about my old eating habits, it makes me feel like I am writing about someone else – how could I have behaved like that? I rarely feel the need to stray from my nutrition approach. I think my palate has changed to enjoy the more subtle flavours of, say, asparagus, veal and halibut rather than white bread, cakes and chocolate. Rob’s role in my nutrition plans continues, and he regularly revisits my eating practices and checks how far reality is from his recommendations, although I can’t see myself drifting back to the old ways. Combining the new nutrition approach with my exercise and gym training, I am convinced I am both healthier than I have ever been, and well on the way to be being in that best shape of my life that I mentioned before. Jenny loves it, and I’m very happy about it too.

Frequently for these types of change, I had no idea a second or third stage was waiting when I made the initial shift – the subsequent step presented itself in time as the next thing to alter once I had achieved my first level change on one aspect and wanted to progress further on that point. There was never a ‘master plan’ of the intermediate steps in getting to new nutrition principles. I knew where I started from, and I knew where I wanted to end up, but the process of reaching the end position was a gradual process of those small steps, each of which was made up as I progressed. I doubt I would have been successful had I approached it in any other way.

Current approach This is all beginning to sound a bit ‘over-good’, so let’s be clear; I still have many meals out both for business and with Jenny and friends. I never turn down a social meal opportunity because of concerns over nutrition. But I enjoy working out how I can ensure that what I consume on these occasions is the healthiest option available, and I take account of what I eat in these situations in my nutrition calculations for that day. I rarely find I can’t get something nutritious in any type of establishment and still be sociable. An example was a couple of weeks ago I went to that old favourite – the fish and chip shop – with a group of friends. While some had haddock and chips, and others chose cod and chips, I selected the other combo – haddock and cod – and sliced open the batter on each fish to eat only the white meat inside. I still enjoy the alcohol, of course. The difference is that today I ensure it is all quality over quantity. I am a passionate believer in beer and visiting quality pubs, but now the pints I drink are always special – no standard cooking lager for me. Of course, the volume has come down – I probably drink around six pints a week now, as opposed to that many on a good day in the past – or do I mean bad day? At home, I am very lucky in that Jenny has now caught the nutrition bug too – indeed, I think this whole transformation of my diet approach would be impossible if I was concentrating on eating healthily and she wasn’t. However, as a runner and triathlete, she is as keen on eating good quality and nutritious food as I am and, as a result, eating well at home isn’t a problem.

Find out more about Chris at www.fitnessoverfifty.co.uk NOVEMBER 2018 49


WHY BODY WEIGHT TRAINING? Matt Gleed, Master Trainer and Education Specialist, talks body weight training Getting fit needs commitment, but it certainly doesn’t need to be complicated. Using your own bodyweight can be great for improving strength, flexibility, mobility and overall health.

exercise to the next. Great for HIIT sessions and moving between cardio and strength training combinations quickly. For example, you could be performing quick cardio circuits e.g. 60 seconds of burpees and then be straight into strength movements e.g. push-ups, whilst keeping the heart rate up to still encourage muscle and strength development.

Bodyweight training has made a big comeback in recent years due to its simplicity, effectiveness and the appeal that it doesn’t cost a thing and can be done pretty much anywhere.

Mixing it up

But there are ways to champion, maximise and monetise this form of training in your gym or studio environment. Virgin Active tapped into this market with Zuu classes, the power of primal movements and bodyweight. While BeachBody Live launched Insanity and P90X classes, both examples of high interval bodyweight training where licenses are bought and workouts are available and continually refreshed with new content.

Bodyweight training can be really refreshing. There are countless exercise variations that will relieve boredom and breakthrough performance plateaus to encourage further progress.

Seeing the results In order to maintain members, they need to stay motivated. And to stay motivated, they need to be seeing results. Research suggests that high-output, bodyweight-based exercises like plyometrics deliver fitness gains in a short amount of time. The compound movement nature of bodyweight training, where multi-joint movements work several muscles groups at one time also encourages performance progressions as numerous joints and muscles are engaged simultaneously.

Group exercise At any fitness level, bodyweight training is challenging as it can be modified through speed, reps, load, ballistic movements or shorter rests etc. This means you can train a wide range of abilities within the same group. Since there can be no, or very little, equipment involved, these workouts can make it easy to transition from one 50


You will often see people get stuck into gym floor routines. Getting in a rut of a set time on the treadmill, a loop of the resistance machines or a plateau pace on the bike. People will quickly get bored, not get the change they wanted and give up.

If you really want to take things ‘outside the box’, quite literally, if you have the space and surroundings you could take some classes outside. Maybe not one for the winter months, but indoor exercise isn’t for everyone, and you’ll find a lot of members ‘drop off’ during the seasonally warmer months.

Injury prevention Injury is one of the main reasons that people stop working out. And if they’re not working out, they’re not coming through your doors, so promoting ways to prevent injury and train effectively should be a big priority. Bodyweight training is generally safe for any exerciser regardless of experience, age or fitness level. Many movements can also be an effective option for rehabilitation.

Get functional with kit We know bodyweight training can be done with no equipment in the comfort of people’s living rooms, but to get the best results from your members and keep them retained, invest in minimal, yet quality kit to enhance performance further.


Kit to consider TRX Suspension Trainer The TRX turns every exercise into a challenge for the whole body by using two things -gravity and your bodyweight. Hundreds of exercises are at your disposal, all adaptable to any ability by adjusting foot stance, intensity, reps or angles from the anchor point. A review into TRX Suspension Training, and the practical implications from injury, found that training in this manner effectively reduced the risk of injuries. TRX training is also effective preparation for big compound lifts, enhanced core activation and offering the ability to work through multi-lanes of movement. Exercise ball Exercise balls, also known as stability balls, are a great way to perform a variety of bodyweight exercises. Push up variations, core exercises, lunges, squats and more. They take up very little space and are easy to store. Resistance bands Resistance bands are an extremely affordable, portable and effective option when looking to add an additional level of resistance to your current bodyweight training. Bands are great for isometric exercises because they provide constant tension and can be used for fast power movements because of their elasticity. They’ll help strengthen the joints and muscles whilst increasing the intensity of a bodyweight exercise. Adjustable weighted vest As you get stronger, you could add additional weight to your body to challenge yourself. A good weighted vest will fit snugly onto your body and allow for full range of

motion during exercises with minimal shifting during movement. However, they can be expensive so really decide whether this is money best spent for your needs. Jump rope Add a bit of fun and creativity to your bodyweight workouts with jump rope intervals. It will give your bodyweight training cardio ‘spikes’ and break up any ground based work. Drills like ‘double unders’, hops or timed durations make the workouts structure engaging. It doesn’t require much space and is completely affordable. Now, I am not saying that bodyweight training is better then weight training. There are benefits to both, and it predominantly depends on goals. Bodyweight training develops whole body strength, functionality and specific skills. Weight lifting promotes lean body mass and builds muscle strength. You can also cross train; do a little of both and get the best of both worlds. There is no one-size-fits-all workout out there that suits everyone. But body weight-training offers a lot of benefits, regardless of whether you just starting out on your fitness journey or are a regular at the gym. Therefore, it’s a way of training that should be encouraged within your gym or studio environment as it allows different abilities to train together, gets results so keeps motivation high and embraces a more exciting way to train. Just because consumers can bodyweight train in the comfort of their own home, doesn’t mean you can’t use interest, with the right programming and equipment to drive footfall through your doors. NOVEMBER 2018



Fight or Flight Charlotte Purvis discusses yoga, Pilates and the Parasympathetic Sympathetic nervous system

Lots of people ask me, “Charlotte, what is the difference between yoga and Pilates? Which one should I study or which one should I practice?” People also ask me about the breathing in yoga and Pilates. I was in fact involved in regulating yoga within the UK and I wrote the world’s first ever standards in Pilates. Personally I am aware there are many schools of thought with the original Joseph Pilates Contrology and the 34 original poses and the ancient forms of yoga. Today with Pilates and yoga we have somewhat adapted the methods from the past. Hopefully still incorporating the original forms. From the original forms most teachers and students practice lateral thoracic breathing with Pilates, and with yoga it’s moving the breathe through the body and into the tummy area. This is explained in more depth later in this article. There are, however, many differences between yoga and Pilates and some teachers now mix the two within a class. I like to think of Pilates as mobilising joints, strengthening the muscles and activating the core; using the breathe along with training the muscles to fire up correctly using lateral thoracic breathing. The core activation and exercises originally coming from the 34 Joseph Pilates method. Yoga started its journey as an ancient Indian science of exercise and healing, from teacher to student through oral tradition and physical practice. Yoga is also known as one of the oldest holistic health care systems, not just because of its fundamental healing approach, but also because of its many health benefits for mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. I like to think of breathe, meditation and asanas coming from many years of yoga practice. Again mobilising joints and working on the breathe bringing balance within the body. Ujjayi breath is a breathing technique used in yoga practices. It is usually used as a breath with asanas, a diaphragmatic breath that activates the first and second chakras that fills the lower belly and rises to the lower rib cage, the third and fourth chakra and finally upper chest and throat. Equally controlled breath in and out through the nose. 52



Pranayama techniques with the long and smooth exhale, this is beneficial in supporting the parasympathetic nervous system and activates the relaxation response. This reduces stress and the effects of stress on the mind and body. One becomes focussed, strong and able to rise to a challenge and deal with difficult situations as they arise. Amazing benefits come from yoga practice. The sympathetic and parasympathetic systems are a part of the nervous system. They act to maintain a part of the nervous system. They act to maintain a state of homeostasis in the body. To enable one to understand the various responses and effects of the two systems, we need to understand where these two systems originate from. The CNS Central nervous system (brain, spinal cord), the PNS Peripheral nervous system divided is somatic and autonomic system. The autonomic nervous system is divided into the Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. One of the parts of the PNS is the SNS. The SNS originates in the vertebral column commencing in the first thoracic segment of the spinal cord extending up to the second or third lumbar segments. The SNS function is to mobilise the bodies response when a stressful situation arises. It initialises the fight or flight response within the body. The SNS system organs within the body such as lungs, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, the eyes and heart. It causes an increase in the the heart rate and in the rate of secretions. The secretion of renin from the kidneys is increased. Also stimulates release of glucose from the liver. This is released into the blood so available for the body to use. With stress, say someone annoys you, you’re upset about something or angry, then the SNS activates and the heart rate will increase, the blood will move away from digestion and to the extremities. The adrenal glands are stimulated, then hormones produce norepinephrine and epinephrine. This is not good for the body, weight management and you will notice your breathing changes. This is when you need to focus on slow controlled deep breathing. The parasympathetic nervous system is a division of the autonomic nervous system. This is a part of the autonomic nervous system that is responsible for the 'rest and digest' phase of the body. The nerves of this system send fibers to cardiac muscles, smooth muscles, and to the glandular tissue. The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for bringing about an increase in salivation, tear production, urination, digestion, and defecation. The basic parasympathetic system involves functions and actions that do not require an immediate reaction in the surrounding. The parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) and sympathetic nervous system (SNS) work together to help you cope with and respond to daily life. For many people, daily life brings stresses that activate the SNS. Loud noises, frustrating thoughts. If your SNS constantly jumps into action throughout the day, your daily experiences will tend to create an imbalance. By activating the PNS with yoga breathing you can bring balance. Many yoga practices including gentle breath-based vinyasa and slow, diaphragmatic breathing which activates the PNS, Parasympathetic activation is the base state of the body, brain and mind. PNS activation reduces blood pressure and slows the heart and breathing rates after a stressful event. Additionally,

blood flow is redirected to the digestive and reproductive organs, and the endocrine and lymphatic system. People who practice yoga thus learn to be aware of and respond differently to stress-inducing thoughts and experiences, so that the baseline of the PNS can be maintained. A balanced yoga practice often begins with sun salutations and closes with savasana or meditation. Because yoga includes both sympathetic and parasympathetic activation you create a balance. Meditation activates the PNS in several different ways. By stimulating the PNS through meditation, it elevates mood, decreases cortisol, strengthens the immune system and increases physical and psychological well-being. Cortisol yoga strengthens the PNS and minimises the body’s tendency of activation of SNS. Yoga reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The PNS works to bring balance. While often overlooked, the role of the nervous system in recovery is paramount. Activating the PNS will also aid in recovery. To bring calm to the body we can activate the PNS using the breathe and our practices, along with our learning, we can improve on activating the PNS and ensure a better state of mind, a healthier body and bringing about calm, balance and both physical and mental wellbeing. I have to say I like both Pilates and Yoga in my life! Namaste. Charlotte Purvis is one of the foremost authorities within the health fitness and active leisure industry. Charlotte has advised on the technical expert group for the UK and Europe in health, fitness and active leisure both advising the industry along with writing and implementing standards and assisting in regulating the industry. Charlotte owns and manages Careers in Fitness Global. A leading health and fitness and active leisure education provider with over 64 qualifications on their digital platform that is able to provide flexible ‘on-the-go’ learning. Courses can be undertaken on your phone, iPad or desktop allowing learning to be achieved from home, work or whilst out and about in the park, shopping mall or wherever life takes you. New training concepts can be accessed instantly on your phone between clients via interactive forums. https://careersinfitnessltd.co.uk/ Download the Careers in Fitness Global App here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/careers-infitness- global-app/id916705418?ls=1&mt=8 NOVEMBER 2018



Building a better business Anthony Franklin, fibodo founder and CEO, explains how being a successful PT is about more than just core fitness skills and good intentions – to really make a difference, fitness professionals need useful business skills In an increasingly crowded marketplace, PTs and coaches are always looking for ways to stand out and differentiate themselves from their competitors. In the past knowing your stuff and being a great trainer was enough to make a go of it, but a successful fitness trainer nowadays needs broader skills to engage clients and get the most from their passion. Often PTs and coaches have invested everything they have to develop their businesses, in an effort to forge successful careers. But they are not being taught vital business skills and, until this changes, our industry will continue to lose great fitness professionals. To address this skills gap, fibodo, in partnership with FitPro, has created a CIMSPA-accredited e-learning course, worth 3 CPD points. The ‘Grow Your Coaching Business’ course is designed to equip PTs and coaches with the knowledge to successfully sell their time. It teaches business essentials and best practice on insurance, consumer trends, attracting new clients, selling time and maximising earning potential. It also covers useful tools including Facebook, Instagram, TrustPilot and Hootsuite, and how new software like fibodo’s fully-customisable booking management platform can help fitness professionals get booked and paid, and grow their business. To further empower PTs and sports coaches, fibodo has also joined forces with workforce benefits platform, WRKIT. Fitness 54


professionals registered on fibodo will automatically promote spare capacity with over 200,000 potential new clients. WRKIT’s Activity Hub, powered by fibodo, will be supported by and made available to the employees of 200 companies including the NHS, FedEx, E.On and AECOM. From the 5th November, employees from all of these companies will be able to find, book and do activities with personal trainers and sports coaches. Immediate access to such a huge number of potential new clients that are actively seeking their expertise, combined with a better grounding in the business skills needed to effectively sell your time, will enable PTs and coaches to achieve a significant increase in client volume and income – without any additional marketing or set-up costs. www.fibodo.com


BUSINESS SKILLS Ian Murray, a tutor with Premier Global for more than 20 years, explains why business skills are critical to the success of personal trainers. Helping you thrive in a competitive environment The business aspects of personal training are essential for success; it allows you to really focus your efforts. Many people enter the industry with the very honourable intention of training and helping people, but once qualified they will have limited resources and will be working in a very competitive market. A good business plan will help them to get ahead. The Premier Global NASM Developing a New Personal Training Business in our Diploma in Personal Training for Optimum Performance is designed to give personal trainers the business acumen they need to succeed in their careers.

Allowing you to answer the important questions Our business module focuses on a wide range of business skills. These include marketing; understanding who your target market is and how to communicate with them to get your message out there. Financial planning is also important. How much do you want to earn? What are your costs? How

much should you charge? How do you calculate profit and loss? How much tax do you pay and what deductions can you get? These are very important questions and you will need to acquire the relevant skills to be able to answer them to achieve financial success.

Helping you stand out from the crowd Business skills are relevant to all personal trainers, whether you are running you own business or working for a gym. Personal trainers operating within a gym are effectively running their own business and need to apply the same principles in business planning. The gym owner or operator will expect you to have these skills so you can run an effective business and will be looking for this at interview. They want trainers who can generate leads by being able to approach clients, talk to them about their goals and convert these into personal training sessions. They are looking for personal trainers who are able to use a SWOT analysis to improve themselves and their business. Gyms can be ultra competitive environments, where you are competing with your fellow personal trainers. It’s essential that you create a niche for yourself that sets you apart from the crowd. NOVEMBER 2018



Equipping yourself with some key business skills will enable you to do this and a marketing strategy will help you communicate this to your potential customers.

Reach your target audience The old saying “build it and they will come” simply does not work. Qualifying as a personal trainer and acquiring the necessary fitness skills is not enough to build a career. This alone will not encourage people to phone, e-mail and text you or seek you out on the gym floor. You need to supplement these core skills with the relevant business acumen. In my experience, marketing is particularly critical. To succeed as a personal trainer, you need to able to research your market and determine if there a market for what you offer. You may have to change your product offering to make it more appealing and also amend your pricing strategy. Once you have established that there is a market for your skills, you have to find the best way of communicating with your potential clients. These are just a few of the important things you will need to consider in order to market yourself effectively and get your message across to your target audience.

Don’t waste your time When I started teaching over 20 years ago, the thinking was that once qualified, personal trainers could work with anyone and customers would just flow to their door. Now there is greater emphasis on equipping personal trainers with a wide range of skills to support their core fitness education to maximise their chance of success. And business skills are one example. A personal trainer who doesn’t acquire key business skills runs the risk of losing a great deal of time, money, effort and potential customers and losing out to their competitors. www.premierglobal.co.uk



About Ian Murray Ian entered the industry after graduating with a Sports Science degree from Brunel University in 1994. Starting as a fitness instructor for Dragons Health and fitness, he worked his way up through the ranks becoming a fitness/gym manager within three months. He combined this role with personal training within Dragon’s gyms. Ian has always enjoyed developing fitness instructors and PTs, so his route into tutoring more than 20 years ago felt like a natural progression, he says. “Working with Premier Global NASM is very rewarding; it allows me to help others to achieve their goals of working in the fitness industry. But I’ve also learned so much from the people I’ve taught over the last 20 years,” says Ian. Throughout this teaching career, Ian has continued to work as PT in his spare time. “I have always been very conscience of the old saying that “those who can’t teach!” So like all of Premier’s tutors I work as a PT outside of Premier Global NASM to keep my skills fresh and to give learners a real life experience of personal training.”

"Personal trainers operating within a gym are effectively running their own business and need to apply the same principles in business planning"


TRX Workout Programmes Matt Gleed shares TRX exercises for beginners, intermediates and the advanced TRX Training turns your body into a machine, allowing you to put yourself through a full-body workout anytime, anywhere. Here, TRX Senior Master Trainer, Matt Gleed, shares his top exercises for beginners, intermediates and the advanced.

TOP 5 TRX EXERCISES FOR BEGINNERS TRX Chest Press Strap Length: Long  With the TRX in single-hand mode, stand facing away from the anchor and keep weight on the balls of your feet  Lower chest towards the ground and bend elbows to 90 degrees  Press back up, maintaining body alignment Common Faults:  If straps are rubbing on the arms, raise arms or lengthen straps  Keep chest lifted and core engaged to prevent breaking at the hips or rounded shoulders

TRX Lunge Strap Length: Mid Calf  Stand facing away from the anchor with one foot through both the foot cradles, cradle suspended below the anchor point  Drop down in a lunge while reaching back with suspended leg and lowering front knee to 90 degrees  Drive up through front heel Common Faults:  Keep the chest lifted to prevent the upper body falling forwards  Ensure that the reaching bag leg doesn’t just straighten backwards by dropping the knee

keeping elbows at shoulder height  Return to start position, keeping tension on handles Common Faults:  Keep body straight and chest lifted to prevent breaking at the hips  Ensure the elbows stay in line with shoulders throughout, rather than creeping outwards

TRX Low Row Strap Length: Short  Stand facing anchor, lean back with arms straight and keep palms facing down  Squeeze shoulder blades together, keeping elbows pulled into sides and move body up towards anchor  Return to start position, maintaining body alignment Common Faults:  Keep chest lifted and pull shoulders back and down to prevent breaking at the hips or rounding  Bring chest to hands to prevent the elbows moving out wide

TRX Plank

TRX Triceps Press

Strap Length: Mid Calf  Kneel facing away from anchor with both feet in foot cradles, and align hands under shoulders  Lift knees up off the ground  Maintain body alignment from head to toes

Strap Length: Mid Length  Stand facing away from the anchor and extend the arms at shoulder level with palms facing down  Bear weight on handles, bend elbows and bring the head towards the handles, maintaining body alignment and

Common Faults:  Prevent lifting/dropping hips by engaging core and keeping chest lifted  Pinch the shoulder blades down and back to prevent rounding of the shoulders

For more workouts, education or to purchase TRX products visit www.trxtraining.co.uk NOVEMBER 2018



TOP 5 TRX EXERCISES FOR INTERMEDIATE USERS TRX Front Squat Strap Length: Long  Stand facing away from the anchor, place straps under the arms, bring handles to both sides of the chest and place bodyweight on the handles  Walk back to a 45 degree angle, open feet slightly wider than hips and start on the balls of your feet  Drop down into a squat and drive through the balls of your feet back up to standing  To increase difficulty add a hop Common Faults:  Stay on the balls of your feet to prevent falling back on the heels  Keep core engaged and weight on handles to prevent over supporting with the arms

TRX Mountain Climber Strap Length: Mid Calf  Kneel facing away from the anchor with both feet in the foot cradles and align hands under the shoulders  Lift knees off the ground, raising hips slightly and bringing one knee into chest  Extend leg back, bringing the other knee to the chest then alternate slowly with control Common Faults:  To prevent ‘sawing’ on the TRX straps, maintain equal tension when extending the legs out  Lift hips slightly to ensure the knees drive all the way to chest

TRX Single Arm Bicep Curl Strap Length: Mid Length  With the straps in single-arm mode, stand side on to the anchor with one hand in the handles, palm facing up. Keeping the feet planted extend the working arm, lowering the body down to the start position  Curl and pull the working hand towards the temples,

keeping the elbow high and aligned with the shoulders throughout the movement  In a controlled motion, extend back to the start position, keeping the body aligned Common Faults:  To prevent breaking at the hips, keep the body straight, tension throughout and chest lifted  Be sure not to drop the elbow, keep it high and in line with the shoulder throughout

TRX Chest Press (Single Leg) Strap Length: Long  Stand facing away from the anchor, extend arms out in front at shoulder level and keep weight on the balls of your feet  In a balanced movement, lift one leg off the ground and extend backwards slightly  From this position, lower the chest towards the ground and bend elbows to 90 degrees  Press back up maintaining body alignment Common Faults:  If the straps rub the arms, lift arms slightly or lengthen straps  If hips drop, contract the glutes and pull the shoulder down and back to assist alignment

TRX Oblique Crunch Strap Length: Mid Calf  Kneel facing away from the anchor with both feet in foot cradles and align the hands under the shoulders  Lift knees up off the ground, raising the hips slightly  Bring knees towards the side of the chest, alternating sides  Maintain body alignment at fully extended and start positions Common Faults:  Lift hips slightly to ensure knees drive fully into sides  Maintain tension and body alignment to control the rhythm/swing of the movement

For more workouts, education or to purchase TRX products visit www.trxtraining.co.uk 58



TOP 5 TRX EXERCISES FOR ADVANCED TRAINING TRX Sprinters Start Strap Length: Long  Stand facing away from the anchor, place straps under the arms, bring handles to both sides of the chest and keep the body weight on the handles  Walk back to a 45 degree angle, centre the working leg to the anchor point and drop the opposite leg down into a lunge  Drive the back leg forward and up toward the chest, coming up on the ball of the foot Common Faults:  Engage core and place bodyweight on the handles to prevent weight being supported by the arms  Keep weight in stationary leg to prevent distributing too much on the back leg

TRX Hamstring Curl Strap Length: Mid Calf  Sit facing anchor, place heels in foot cradles and lie down with legs extended and feed directly below the anchor point  Drive heels down and into foot cradles while lifting the hips up and pulling the heels in  Return with control to start position Common Faults:  Ensure to keep the knees in line with hips so that they don’t fall out of alignment  Flex feet and drive heels down to prevent heels coming out of cradles

TRX Leg Extension Strap Length: Mid Calf  Kneel facing away from the anchor and place one foot through both foot cradles and align hands under shoulders  Lift knees off the ground, keeping free leg extended and working leg at a 90 degree angle to the hip

 Extend and flex the working leg out, lifting the free leg up into a higher extension  Return slowly in a controlled manner to start position Common Faults:  Keep body straight and chest lifted to prevent hips dropping  Maintain equal height of legs

TRX Swimmers Pull Strap Length: Mid Length  Start in end position to measure appropriate stance and range of motion: stand facing anchor in offset stance, pulling TRX back, keeping arms by sides and palms facing away from the anchor point  Slowly lower body down to start position, maintaining soft elbow angle throughout movement  Pull through moving body up toward anchor and keeping core engaged Common Faults:  Keep chest lifted and core engaged to prevent breaking at the hips  Keep arms straight throughout movement and maintain tension on TRX to prevent slack

TRX Chest Press (Single Arm) Strap Length: Long  With the TRX in single-hand mode, stand facing away from the anchor, extend working arm out in front at shoulder level and keep weight on the balls of your feet  Lower chest towards the ground and bend elbows to 90 degrees  Press back up, maintaining body alignment Common Faults:  Place free hand up in a mirror effect to ensure alignment  If unbalanced, keep feet wide or in an offset stance to improve stability

For more workouts, education or to purchase TRX products visit www.trxtraining.co.uk NOVEMBER 2018



PT Academy Workout Programmes PT Academy sets the bar high with these exercises







TRX: The Journey

TRX discusses the development of the product and its programmes over the past 21 years

TRX MAPS and activation is about education and programming elements

The development of TRX was somewhat an accident. In 1997, Squadron Commander Randy Hetrick and his team were stuck in South East Asia waiting to deploy. They had no access to exercise and couldn’t even go outside but needed to stay strong. Randy found a jiu-jitsu belt in his bag, which he combined with parachute webbing, tied in a knot and threw over the door to do bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups. Four years later, Hetrick graduated from Stanford University with an MBA and plans to take the business forward. Now, 21 years on, TRX enjoys enviable brand recognition and is used by 40,000 gyms, one million people in the military and 250,000 sports people worldwide. A simple, versatile product, it uses a suspended strap to allow users to leverage gravity and their body weight, to complete hundreds of exercises that develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. As well as burning fat and improving heart health, it can be used to blast specific parts of the body. TRX marked a new approach to exercise using bodyweight, rather than weights. TRX Zones; as well as promoting the concept through the instructor training programmes, the company is constantly looking for ways to innovate and use TRX to drive customer engagement and revenue for clubs. 62


One way is through the TRX zones. This is a zone where TRX offer frames through the Studio Line range – with monkey bars, dip bars and pull bars, on which are straps and functional equipment, such as kettlebells and medicine balls. It is perfect for group exercise and PT sessions, offering a better way of generating revenue than the traditional CV and weight areas. Education remains at the heart of the brand, and key to the success has been the programmes, with over 2,000 instructor courses every year. TRX MAPS, which was launched earlier this year, is designed to improve inefficiencies in mobility, activation, posture and symmetry. It’s a very user-friendly tool allowing club members and PTs to perform a complete body movement scan in less than 30 seconds. They can then identify any weaknesses or imbalances and set exercises to address this. It can be used on an ongoing basis to monitor improvements, which offers a great opportunity to upsell PT services adding value to both clubs and members alike. Now a global business, TRX only distributes directly into three markets: the US, where it was created, Japan and the UK. Contact details for the UK: Tel: +44 (0) 7305 964969 Mail: jwoolley@trxtraining.com Web: www.trxtraining.co.uk


ISSUE D E C E M B E R i s s u e features include:

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Reasons You Should Be ® Using NPS Written by James Charles

Using experience gained through the ongoing development and support of their actionable member feedback system ‘Insight’ and over 4 years applying the Net Promoter Score® philosophy in their own business practices, TRP share with you just some of the reasons they think you need to be utilising NPS® in your business. NPS®, or Net Promoter Score®, as it is formally known, is an internationally recognised measure of customer loyalty developed by Fred Reichheld of Bain & Company. This simple yet powerful way of gathering customer feedback is now commonplace in leading customer-centric organisations across industries; including our own. Through the development of our actionable member feedback software Insight and the application of the principles of NPS within our own business practices over the past 4 years, we have seen the many benefits of the approach first-hand. Whether you are a national chain, leisure trust or single-site operator; here is why we think you need to be using NPS in your facility!

1. It’s So Customer Friendly! The more members you are hearing from, the better an understanding of your membership base you are getting and the more reliable the data you are using to make key business decisions (which we will talk about next). Rather than burdening your customers with the dreaded multipage questionnaire, seemingly never-ending and often yawn-inducing: NPS asks just one simple question which 64


takes seconds to answer. As consumers ourselves, we can all agree that we are much more likely to spare a few seconds of our time to share our thoughts than dedicate minutes trawling through page after page of questions, not knowing when it is going to end.

2. It Can Give You Invaluable Data Which Will Enable You to Make Informed Business Decisions and Confidently Allocate Resources and Spend As mentioned above, NPS allows you to tap into the brains of your most important stakeholder group (your customers!) and gather data which can be used to direct those big decisions which you need to get right. Two great examples of this in action are activeNewham in the UK and premium American club, Fitness Incentive; who both utilise the Net Promoter Score functionality within our actionable member feedback system Insight. In 2016, Insight told activeNewham’s management team that waiting in line at their reception desks was impacting the member experience in their centres. Off the back of this feedback, they made a £400,000 investment in a new cashless kiosk-based system which eliminated the problem completely within just a month of implementation! With member feedback showing their group cycling classes were not matching up to the exceptional experience delivered across the rest of their facility, US operator Fitness Incentive dived into their NPS comments to find out what specifically needed changing. They were able to confidently invest in a revamp of the


studio space and its equipment, knowing that these individual elements were responsible for the negative trend.

study conducted by Neilsen shows that 83% of people trust recommendations from friends and family and 66% of people trust recommendations from others posted online. NPS can

3. It’s An Ongoing Measure, Taking the Pulse of Your Club in Real-Time

give you a stream of great free content to populate your website

Rather than a once a quarter or annual survey send which gives you a picture of your club at a single point in time, quickly becoming out of date and requiring an incredible amount of hands-on analysis and follow-up from you and your staff in a short period of time; NPS provides a steady flow of timely, relevant, actionable feedback.

creation task off your marketing team’s list in the process!

and social media pages so that you can amplify the voice of your members to the world, taking that daily social media post

6. It Allows Benchmarking of Organisation and Individual Site Performance at a Glance

4. It’s Easy to Understand and Simple to Use

As highlighted by Fred Reichheld himself in his 2003 Harvard

As well as being customer friendly, NPS is user-friendly for you too. A straightforward, logical way of measuring loyalty at scale, it will take you just minutes to understand. This means a hockey-stick-style learning curve so new staff can get up and running super-quick.

using Enterprise Rent-A-Car as an example, an agreed,

Business Review article ‘The One Number You Need to Grow’, uniform measure of customer loyalty, such as Net Promoter Score, allows site and organisation-based benchmarking, making it possible to assess performance within the industry or between sites in your chain, at a glance.

5. It Enables You to Identify and Harness the Power of Your Raving Fans

Net Promoter, Net Promoter System, Net Promoter

Turn your raving fans into active brand advocates. A 2015

Satmetrix Systems, Inc.

Score, NPS and the NPS-related emoticons are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Fred Reichheld and

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Terms & conditions apply. ‘Insight’ only. 12-month contract. 12 months license for the price of 11. No discount on setup or training fees. Contract must be signed before 21st December 2018. Offer does not apply to renewals made by existing customers already using 'Insight'. Net Promoter, Net Promoter System, Net Promoter Score, NPS and the NPS-related emoticons are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Fred Reichheld and Satmetrix Systems, Inc.





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TRP help health clubs, leisure centres and gyms across the globe create happy, loyal members through our userfriendly software which enables effective engagement and the delivery exceptional customer service.

creating raving fans

We have three core modules covering Actionable Member Feedback, Automated Email and SMS and Effective, Targeted Gym-Floor Interactions – all of which are supported by expert coaching and account management and world-class technical support. Team TRP are incredibly passionate about the health and fitness industry and the role we can play in its continued success through helping forward-thinking, customer-centric operators reach their business goals by consistently delighting their members.

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