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ISSUE 36 // March 2019







What does the future hold for data insight?


Dipping into open water swimming The health benefits for you & your clients



MARCH 2019




The Fit3D ProScanner is designed to track any distinct body change. We do this by providing your members with a full body avatar to track visual change along with body composition metrics, full body measurements, an assessment of the user’s fitness level and a full body posture report! Whether it be through the clients login at home or on the gyms own Fit3D software dashboard‌all of these results can be compared over time to measure success!

Obtain a 360 body scan of your member to monitor body changes visually.

Gives your members an insight to their wellness based on body shape.

The ProScanner automatically calculates body composition metrics including body fat percentage, fat mass vs lean mass and more.

Compare multiple scans to view fundamental body changes.

Allow your members to order custom fit clothing based on their measurements.

It automatically gives the member a full body posture analysis.

For further information or to arrange a demonstration, contact our sales team on 01788 220456




Welcome... to the March 2019 issue of Gym Owner Monthly Magazine. Spring has sprung…hopefully! And with the beginning of a new season we often start to reassess our goals and achievements, and look at ways to improve for the coming months. This edition is packed full of inspirational and motivational articles. Flip to page 36 to find out from Daniel Nyiri how to scale your business, or discover how to spice up your social media marketing strategy on page 34 from Adam Kiani. We also have a preview of FIBO 2019 on page 21 and a sneak peek at BodyPower over on page 28. These events will be big diary dates for those gym owners looking to boost their business in 2019. In this edition we look at some important health issues that could be impacting your clients. On page 30 Kerstin Obenauer, Country Director at eGym, looks at one of the UK’s most widespread health issues. Kerstin explains the problems associated with our increasingly sedentary lifestyle and introduces a solution. On page 46 we highlight Eating Disorder Awareness with an article from Laura Phelan, a Harley Street eating disorder specialist. Laura shares her own story of recovery, along with signs for people to watch out for in their friends, family or clients. See you next month!

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MARCH 2019





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With 32 clubs already established and sites now confirmed in Londo and Spain, HITIO is going interna opportunities for master and singl franchisees across the UK and Eu







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Gym Owner of the Month Lawrence Gunter from Legacy Gym is March’s Gym Owner of the Month



The Big Interview Daniel Nyiri, founder of 4U Fitness, shares his fitness journey and how he is tackling the obesity crisis

Tell your story Adam Kiani, Founder and CEO of Personal Trainer Academy, shares his social media marketing strategy


Get the scale out Daniel Nyiri, founder of 4U Fitness, helps you to scale up your business


PT of the Month Lewis Paris is our personal trainer of the month



Featuring the Future of Fitness: FIBO 2019 presents global innovations See tomorrow's trends today. Discover new products. Generate leads

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Fit Kit This month’s round up of kit


Is your gym offering an effective solution to one of the UK’s most widespread health issues? Kerstin Obenauer, Country Director at eGym, explains the problems associated with our increasingly sedentary lifestyle and introduces a solution

Why is yoga is important for men? Matthew Miller, founder of Broga, shares his viewpoint on the impact of yoga on men’s mental health

MARCH 2019

Don’t miss out on being a


What are the dangers of modern day fitness and Instagram? James Smith, from James Smith Academy, discusses the issues of influe ncer marketing in the fitness industry


Aspire’s InstructAbility Report on Disabled People Working in Leisure From chronic pain to thriving new business...Guynamio Samuda has set up his own Personal Training business with the help of Aspire’s InstructAbility programme


Dipping into open water swimming The health benefits of open water swimming and how to become a certified Open Water Swimming Coach


Four years and counting… DataHub celebrates its fourth anniversary. So, what does the future hold for data insight?






WHAT MAKES HITIO DIFFERENT + Large customer base (any age from five years)







d in Norway on, Portugal tional with le site urope.

+ Parents can train at the same facility and at the same time as their children + Few members needed to be profitable

+ Capitalising on the increased participation in combat sports in mainstream fitness


Eating Disorder Awareness Laura Phelan, Harley Street eating disorder specialist, shares her own story of recovery along with signs for people to watch out for in their friends, family or clients


Sneak Peek at BodyPower 2019 B2B at BodyPower Experience – The Forum for Fitness Industry Professionals


part of it. Contact the team at franchise@hitio.com to get started. WAY | U K | P O RT U G A L | S PA I N

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Could you be bringing Sprint 8 Training to your gym floor? Matt Gleed writes about the new HIIT Training method for everyone Are you trending in the fitness scene for 2019? Taz Dunstan, from XL Personal Training, looks at how gym owners can use current trends to boost their business offering HITIO Gym: Europe’s Most Exciting Health and Fitness Concept Has Arrived HITIO Gym has signed its first franchise agreement in the UK, as part of the Norwegian gym chain’s international expansion



EMD UK backed by Sport England to deliver an active nation Sarah Leeves, Marketing Manager at EMD UK, discusses why group exercise is engaging more people than ever and the things you can do to deliver experiences on your gym floor


Functional Training: Standards remain but conditions change TRX looks at the changing world of functional fitness and how it is innovating with the times



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TRX Workout Programmes Matt Gleed share TRX exercises for beginners, intermediates and the advanced


PT Academy Workout Programmes The PT Academy shares some chest exercises this month

We're always seeking contributors, if you're interested in writing for us then please contact: pw@gymownermonthly.co.uk

MARCH 2019




What’s hot in the fitness industry

3Tribes re-launches Warrior Training Room and takes group training classes to a new level as a tribe.’ We knew that by investing in top-quality gym equipment, it would ensure the ongoing success of our 3Tribes community.” Developed specifically with interval and group training in mind, the Freemotion 10.9 REFLEX™ Treadmill offers 1-STEPTM controls, which immediately respond to user commands, compared to a standard treadmill where the speed button would need to be pushed repeatedly to reach a certain speed. Exercisers can also watch progress stats stack up on the treadmill’s simplified LED console with race track visuals and readouts for calories, distance, speed and time.

The boutique fitness provider has introduced Freemotion 10.9 REFLEX™ Treadmills to its Warrior Classes in line with global interval and group training trends. Friday 11 January, 2019 – Boutique fitness provider, 3Tribes in Crouch End, London, has just re-launched its newly refurbished Warrior Room, following the installation by React Fitness of new Freemotion Fitness 10.9 REFLEX™ Treadmills; part of the studio’s strategy to further improve their popular Warrior classes. By installing the Freemotion treadmills, designed specifically for interval and HIIT training, in its Warrior Room, 3Tribes has given its members the very best equipment to take their workouts to a new level, growing the effectiveness of the classes and strength of its tribe ethos. 3Tribes Founder, and former professional actor, Dan Percival, said: “Nowadays, people don’t just want a fitness class to attend; they want a social event to look forward to. At 3Tribes, we create classes that bring people together, forming a social element that transforms our members’ workouts, keeps them motivated and, ultimately, coming back for more. We’ve got a fantastic network of clients and trainers who together embody what it means to ‘move 6

MARCH 2019

“During a 60-minute Warrior class, participants typically switch between 8-minute sessions of cardio and strength work, so it’s vitally important that our trainers can use this time as effectively as possible,” said Dan. “The new treadmills ensure this happens, and everyone’s noticing the benefits. We’ve had an influx of people returning to running who’d previously suffered with joint problems because the treadmill deck offers so much more cushioning and protection from impact. We host more than 20 Warrior sessions a week and each one is fully booked. Our members love the look, feel and responsiveness of the new Freemotion treadmills, and the feedback has been incredible.” Tracy Morrell, Director of React Fitness, appointed UK dealer for Freemotion Fitness, added: “The 10.9 REFLEX™ Treadmill is absolutely perfect for HIIT and group training. It is such a dynamic and versatile piece of equipment and great for all ages and abilities. The rebound effect of the unique REFLEX™ deck suspension system helps propel runners to stride forward and aids those with knee and joint issues run longer and stronger, helping them make the most of their workouts.” Alongside the treadmills, 3Tribes also installed A1 Studio Rowing machines, part of the WaterRower range. These complement the new treadmills perfectly by providing a challenging high intensity and low impact option to the cardio section of the class.


A New Start-Up Helping Personal Trainers Grow Their Business Founded by a small group of friends with a passion for health and fitness, www.trainingnationuk.com is a new online start-up project developed to help independent personal trainers promote and sell their services to a national audience.

convenient, with real client testimonials helping to make the decision much easier. Best of all, the service is free! For more information, visit www.trainingnationuk. com or contact the team directly using info@ trainingnationuk.com.

Flying in the face of fitness Bungee Workout™ is an exhilarating new threedimensional fitness experience that delivers fun, flight and freedom in a full body workout for health club members. Borne out of a wealth of experience and knowledge from the world of fitness, dance and aerial theatre, Bungee Workout™ has spent years dedicated to developing a refined and revolutionary technique and delivers quality bespoke equipment to ensures a safe yet sensational experience. Fusing movement and fitness techniques with flight and suspension, members wear a specially constructed Bungee Workout™ harness that is attached to a specifically designed bungee at the back of their body so they can move freely with no restrictions in front of them.

Whether a potential new client is looking for one-to-one training or online coaching, Training Nation's platform allows a client to search for, communicate with, and book sessions with a personal trainer that is right for them. The platform also allows registered personal trainers to sell their nutrition plans, workout programmes, e-books and videos, helping trainers generate additional revenue and begin building a solid online presence (which is vital in today's marketplace). Registration is 100% cost free, with no monthly or annual subscription fees. Talking to a number of trainers about individual needs and goals is always recommended before any commitment is made. The platform makes this extremely easy and

The tension in the bungee enables participants to move and fly dynamically exploring lift, flight, bounce and power. Each bungee is adjustable for different body types and abilities making it a weightless workout where everyone is welcome. Wendy Hesketh-Ogilvie, Bungee Workout™ Creator says; “Your staff will love learning a truly new technique, plus regular workout releases and the thrill of leading our exciting Bungee Workout™ classes will leave them engaged and energised.” Bungee Workout™ can be installed into a studio environment, leisure facility or gym and provides trainers with an easy and comprehensive solution that is fully supported by instructor training, music and choreography! Jacqui Hobbs, Education Consultant at Bungee Workout™ says; “This workout is so addictive and absorbing, you won’t be able to help but drive member results, retention and

£ 20.80

The average cost for a one-off class at a London boutique studio is £20.80 Source: LeisureDB 2018 London Boutique Studio Report

MARCH 2019



return on reach. “In an industry constantly searching for the next best fitness experience, you’ve found it with bungee. By offering something so truly unique you will drive competitive advantage, a strong and sustainable facility economy and inclusivity. All whilst creating a bungee buzz and lasting legacy in your community.” Technical experts will lead you through the consultation, equipment provision and installation processes and the Bungee Workout™ fitness team will deliver REPs accredited certified training, work out development and a wealth of experience in all things bungee. For more information contact jacqui@bungeeworkout. co.uk, email info@bungeeworkout.co.uk or visit www. bungeeworkout.co.uk

Core Collective, the rapidly growing and innovative fitness and healthcare organisation develop a business partnership with the ground-breaking education provider, HPT5 Core Collective in Singapore have taken a further step develop an outstanding team of world-class personal trainers who will help transform people's’ lives through supreme skills and knowledge in exercise, fitness and healthcare. They have developed a partnership with the London headquartered fitness education provider, HPT5, to deliver training and consultancy with the aim to build a truly worldclass team of personal trainers and healthcare professionals. HPT5 was selected due to their vision to transform fitness education from an industry broad, uninspiring ‘tick box’ exercise into compelling, functional content which provides rich, practical and life developing learning experiences.

self sufficient on completion of the course with the strategic clarity to build a compelling Personal Training business from first base. Moreover, it will attract those who have a serious minded attitude to becoming the very best they could possibly be in fitness and healthcare training and also those who would wish to grasp the opportunity to immerse themselves in a vibrant, cosmopolitan culture and gain a transforming world life experience! The qualification is recognised globally so the only limit on developing an outstanding career is the desire to work and travel globally! Since the company’s inception, HPT5 has been accredited as a UK CIMSPA (The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Recreational Activity) Skills Development Partner with over 100 students benefiting from course programmes that have spanned the healthcare and fitness industry. The subject matter fitness and healthcare domains taught at HPT5 encompass personal training, leadership development, sports massage and commercial management. In addition, the consultancy has delivered programmes in academia through their partnership with Richmond upon Thames College in West London. The partnership between Core Collective and HPT5 will create a compelling platform to fuel the growth of Core Collective through enhancing the company’s capability to transform peoples’ lives through expertly designed and skilfully delivered fitness regimes for clients of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels. Email joe@corecollective.sg

Evidence Concludes: eGym Members Workout More and Stay Longer A study conducted by an experienced independent retention specialist has highlighted the significant positive impact the eGym training solution has on member usage and member retention.

HPT5 was set up in 2016 to ‘break the mould’ in education for the fitness and healthcare industry. Industry professionals Pete Banbury and Haydn Parry combined their in-depth skills in fitness and commercial development respectively to redraw the education curriculum for fitness professionals. Nicknamed ‘The Bodymappers’, by clients and students alike due to their unique technique of drawing on people's’ bodies to drive a true understanding of anatomy, movement and muscle synergy, Pete and Haydn’s combined experience creates highly qualified fitness professionals whose outstanding technical skills are complemented by in-depth commercial learning in business growth and development. The most distinctive feature of the HPT5 highly interactive teaching style is the emphasis upon delivering functional outcomes which span the spectrum of launching a business in fitness (‘how do I build a successful fitness business from first principles?’), developing the mind (‘how do I win the client’s trust?’) and mapping the body (‘how do I gain a true understanding of form and function?). The course programme enables Personal Trainers to be fully 8

march 2019

Over a period of three months, Guy Griffiths, Founder of GGFit, worked in close collaboration with four operators to interrogate the attendance and usage data of more than 10,000 members.


Sites selected to participate in the study were: Crook Log Leisure Centre managed by Parkwood Leisure; the Waterfront Leisure Complex, managed by Inverclyde Leisure; King’s School, an independent, dual use school facility and ESPH a private gym and physiotherapy facility. “The sites selected to participate in this three month retention coaching programme were chosen to provide diversity and to explore whether usage habits are mirrored in different environments”, explains Guy Griffiths. “In each scenario, we studied de-personalised data of members who joined in 2018. Whilst this is only a small study, the evidence, across the board, concludes that eGym users work out more and stay longer than non eGym users.” In the case of the two leisure centres, eGym users stay, on average, a month longer than non-eGym users. Guy adds; “This study looked at data relating to new joined in 2018 up until September 2019 so the one month extension is significant. The improvement in the length of stay also directly correlates to the level of on-going engagement. In all examples, eGym users work out more times per month than non-eGym users. At Kings School, for example, eGym users visit on average 2.2 times more per month than non-eGym users.” “It was also interesting to dig a little deeper into the data and look at the impact eGym Premium has on engagement,” says Guy. eGym Premium offers an even more bespoke automated training experience than eGym Classic and is an upgrade option. Crook Log Leisure Centre has yet to introduce Premium, so, at the time of this study, data was only available across the other three participating sites. On average, at these sites, Premium users are visiting 10.8 times per month compared to 6.5 times by eGym Classic users and 5.8 times by non-eGym users. Guy adds; “The study suggests, the more bespoke an experience a training system can offer, the more engaged the user will be. The intelligent eGym system also gives gym staff access to real time information about members, creating opportunities to interact and support, enhancing the member experience further. Better engagement leads to more visits per month and a longer period of stay. This is all great news for operators who will reap the financial benefits resulting from a higher yield per member.” Commenting on the study, Kerstin Obenauer, Country Director, eGym UK, says; “eGym users work out more and stay longer. Fact. Now that this pilot study is complete, we plan to commission a much larger study, incorporating sites and users from our global network.” For more information about eGym contact the team at marketing-uk@egym.co.uk or visit www.egym.co.uk/ business

EMD UK backed by Sport England to deliver an active nation EMD UK, the national governing body for group exercise, has received an additional £1.7 million of Sport England funding for 2019-21, the second largest award announced in the latest round of investment aimed at getting and keeping the nation active. Research from 2018 found that nearly four million more

people participated in group exercise in the past 12 months than in 2016. EMD UK will use the increased funding to recruit and retain people who regularly dip in and out of exercise, as well as boosting the workforce with a more diverse, customer-focussed and professional instructor workforce. This means that EMD UK has received a total investment of £3.5 million for the 2017-21 cycle of funding, double the £1.7 million they received in the previous four-year cycle (2013-17). Commenting on the funding, Emma Forward, COO of EMD UK, says: “At EMD UK we aim to be the voice of the group exercise sector, leading on, influencing and responding to the key issues affecting the industry. “With research proving there is a consistent uptake of group exercise, we’re working to increase the accessibility of group exercise classes. We’ve found that group exercise is particularly appealing to those who haven’t exercised for a lengthy period. Over half (55.2%) of new participants had not exercised in the previous four years prior to beginning group exercise. “The Sport England funding will help us continue to achieve our vision of creating a healthier nation through exercise, by supporting and developing a workforce of highly-qualified professional instructors. We will also be able to increase the potential and reach of our online resource tool Class Finder that helps to connect the user to over 60,000 group exercise classes nationwide.” At the same time, investment will be made into using digital innovation and open data to develop the Class Finder website that will make it easier for people to get active and instructors to run their businesses. Class Finder is the first ‘Expedia style’ group exercise platform promoting instructors’ classes across multiple sites and reaching more consumers than ever before. The online database will use the open data technology that has proved so successful for the likes of Booking.com, Skyscanner and Trainline, providing users with access to over 60,000 weekly group exercise classes across the UK. To ensure exercisers find the ideal class, they can input a combination of search parameters including location, intensity, accessibility, and specialist requirements. Class Finder is expected to be fully launched by March 2019 and will include classes from operators including GLL, Bookwhen and Fusion Fitness. For more information on EMD UK, please visit www.emduk.org march 2019


THE UK’S LEADING NEW CUSTOMERS • 92% of customers are new to the club they visit • Benefit from national TV advertising & digital marketing power

EXTRA REVENUE • Increase the profitability of your business • No cost to participate

MORE MEMBERS • NEW for 2019: Direct membership upsell service • Supporting the growth of your core business


FITNESS MARKETPLACE WHAT OUR PARTNERS SAY “PayAsUGym has quickly become a valuable revenue stream for Nuffield Health, attracting genuinely new customers into our clubs.”

“We find it’s a great way to get new customers into our club, many of which go on to become members with us directly.”

“PayAsUGym complements our own marketing perfectly, helping us reach a new online audience beyond those that visit our own website directly. We continue to benefit from additional revenue they bring.”



Your name(s):

Lawrence Gunter

Gym name:

Legacy Gym


Unit 8 Pavillion industrial estate, Pont-y-pwl



How did you become a gym owner? My progress to owning my own commercial gym started many years prior as a Personal Trainer. I first started from scratch working with clients out of a shed in my parent’s back garden that I converted to a very basic PT studio. Regardless of the limited equipment I quickly built a name for myself in the industry and rapidly expanded my client base to 50+ sessions per week. I did this day in, day out, knowing that the next step in my entrepreneurial career would be to own my own gym. I used all of my savings to buy a few necessary pieces of equipment and with a lot of hard work and dedication, I have been able to build Legacy Gym into a thriving 24/7 training facility.

How many gyms do you own/operate? Currently, Legacy Gym is a single location but we are already in the process of planning location number two which will start within 2019.


SLEEVE LENGTH • Body Shape Rating: 96 • Cardiovascular Risk: Low • Metabolic Risk: Low • Body Composition: 15% • Posture: Balance WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE





MARCH 2019



How long has your gym(s) been operating for? Legacy Gym has now been operating for 4 years.

Aside from the gym, what other facilities do you offer your members e.g. cafe, classes, creche etc.? We believe to stand above the crowd you simply cannot rely on gym equipment alone, but instead you have to offer a full package experience. At Legacy Gym we offer a wide range of daily classes to keep members engaged and promote a real community vibe. We also have an in house Tanning Salon, Beauty Salon, IV Vitamin clinic, along with a supplement store that provides access to a range of industry leading brands.` must show true passion for the industry.

How many staff do you employ? There are currently five members to our team in the club which we will be expanding very shortly to meet the demands of the company’s growth.

How important are PT’s to your business? Personal Trainers play a vital role in Legacy Gym. Starting as a PT myself I set a very high standard of what members should receive from personal training. All new joiners will receive a complementary induction by a qualified professional along with our own Transformation Manuals and Ebooks that provide step-by-step training programmes and nutritional advice. Loyal members are the ones that see results so it's our goal to ensure we guide them on their own personal journey as much as possible.

How do you motivate/incentivise your staff members? There is a big difference between employing staff members and a team. Everyone we bring on-board at Legacy Gym

Why Fit3D?

When you combine passion with a clear vision and strategic planning your team will naturally find inner motivation.

Do you provide any financial assistance for your staff with regards to their training & development? All of our team members already have the qualifications along with years of experience within their chosen field. If there would be any other additions needed to enhance the skills they already have, and develop their career further, we would absolutely invest in further training.

What makes your gym unique? We have many stand out features within the facility such as equipment or additional services available, but what makes Legacy really unique is the vibe. We have such as a close group of members who at one stage were complete strangers to each other but we continually see lifelong friendships being made, we are one big family at Legacy.

Obtain a 360 body scan of your member to monitor body changes visually.

Gives your members an insight to their wellness based on body shape.

The ProScanner automatically calculates body composition metrics including body fat percentage, fat mass vs lean mass and more.

Compare multiple scans to view fundamental body changes.

It automatically gives the member a full body posture analysis.

Allow your members to order custom fit clothing based on their measurements.

w w w.f i t3d.com MARCH 2019



What advice would you give to other gym owners just starting out? Starting and scaling a successful gym requires a great team. Many entrepreneurs/gym owners become the bottleneck of their business and quickly find themselves running all tasks within it. While this may be necessary when starting out, you need to quickly construct a reliable team to be able to delegate tasks so you can concentrate on your area of expertise and work on the company.

Our team is determined to help others so member engagement comes naturally whether that be face to face or via one of our social media platforms. We find it very important for our members to engage with each other, which we promote through our classes, events, and challenges held at the club.

How do you retain your members?

Make a list of what you excel at and how this can drive your business forward with maximum focus. Then list the tasks that you may not be great at, or take away too much of your vital time, and hire someone who can do it better or just as efficiently as you could.

We are continually evaluating and upgrading the facility on a monthly basis, member feedback is important to us to find out exactly what they would like to see from the facility. The continued investment within the club helps to motivate members and keep their training fresh and goals in sight; this allows us to maintain excellent member retention.

What are the biggest challenges facing your business today?

How are you promoting your brand and marketing your gym?

I don't see any major challenges ahead for Legacy Gym instead I only see opportunity. No doubt situations will arise, but it is the meaning you give to the challenge that will determine the outcome.

First, it is important to have a brand that your members are proud to be a part of, these are the individuals who will personally help promote the company within their circle of influence.

The greatest achievements always come when you're under pressure; I just decide to use this to force myself and the company to level up.

On top of that, we work very closely with a branding and marketing company John and Jane who help us build strong and engaging social media platforms. There is so much noise on social media that you must be unique and bold to stand out amongst the crowd.

What significant changes have you seen within the industry over the past 3 years?

What is your biggest success story?

There has been a dramatic increase in the new trend of boutique gyms coming across the UK, which has forced the smaller gym owners out of business. Members now expect more than just training equipment and want the full package.

Becoming the biggest independent gym in our area is definitely something I am proud of. We have made an incredible transformation to Legacy Gym over the years and I have no doubt that we will become a recognised brand across the UK.

We continually monitor the trends and adjust/update along the way to provide our members with all necessary updates. You still must consider your core beliefs and not step too far away from your USPs.

Finally, if there was one thing you could change in the industry, what would it be?

How do you engage with your members?

believe the industry is in a great place currently and I love the progression that is being made. If there are any changes coming, we will be ready for it.


ONLY ÂŁ8,950*

Finance available from ÂŁ202 pcm

*Finance available subject to status, based on a 36 month period. All prices above are subject to VAT


MARCH 2019

w w w.f i t3d.com


Daniel Nyiri, founder of 4U Fitness, shares his fitness journey and how he is tackling the obesity crisis How did you get into the fitness industry? After I started to play hockey, I decided to become a Pro Hockey Player, just like Happy Gilmore! I made it to a level of professional hockey but then I was severely injured. It was devastating because I was honestly working so incredibly hard, every single day, to make it to the big leagues. I had given up my youth to play catch up. I had started at age 14 against players who had started their hockey careers at the age of five. Instead of going out or hanging out with friends, I was training daily and was able to outperform those players and move up. The main reason why my injury was so sad was because I wanted to become a professional hockey player to eliminate obesity. I wanted to use the money I was going to make to find a way to accomplish it, because you see, almost everyone in my family is obese. I lost my grandparents to obesity and if I would have known back then what I know today, they would be still alive today! No doubt! They passed away at a very young age and it was then that I made it my life mission to eliminate the obesity epidemic.

Tell us more about 4U Fitness. I decided to join a gym to become a personal trainer and applied to many locations until I learned none of them worked for me. Firstly, they wouldn’t hire me. Secondly, they only looked at their clients and trainers as assets. After my injury I was searching for a rehab place to recover. Whilst there, the trainers that I met continuously told me that were there for me, that they cared about me, and were going to do whatever it took to help me recover. After paying for their services, it turned out not to be true at all. They just wanted the money and used the ‘hell method’. In the ‘hell method’, they give you everything and are your best friend- giving you a five-star experience, and then after you pay and come in for your first paid appointment, you MARCH 2019



actually receive a horrible and disgusting experience. You were lucky if they even showed up on time!

If you want to summarise it all with one word, I would say ‘culture’ is what sets us apart. The people of 4U Fitness is what separates us from any other gym. It is not about I had to stop and ask myself, what is going on here? I learned our fancy, boutique-style studios, it’s not about our fancy that yesterday I was their prospect but after I paid, now equipment (which, by the way, we are now testing to prevent I am their customer. It was welcome to heaven with the muscle atrophy in space so one day NASA temptations, but in reality, now I am in hell could get the astronauts to safely colonise and they don’t actually give a damn. My grandparents Mars) - it is 20% equipment and 80% When I saw what is truly out there that is passed away at a what drives that equipment. supposed to help resolve the obesity crisis, I knew it was not good enough. I decided that not only am I on the mission to stop obesity, but now I have an even bigger challenge - to revolutionise the entire fitness industry! And I’m sure you can gauge that I love to pick really big fights!

very young age and it was then that I made it my life mission to eliminate the obesity epidemic

What sets 4U Fitness apart from its competitors? When I started 4U fitness I read the book “Blue Ocean Strategy” which required me to really think about what 4U fitness should become. So, we decided to first eliminate: long and short-term contracts because almost everyone hates them. In our studios, there are no contracts. Next we decided on what to reduce: time. People are increasingly stressed for time. They want to work out but typically find themselves hard-pressed to find the necessary time to stay in shape. This means that people often don’t end up going. We are in business to make people healthy, so our workouts are 20 minutes long, and only twice a week.

What are your biggest challenges you face in your business?

Our growth! We are on an aggressive growth plan that we fund internally. It can be scary sometimes, especially when you grow this fast. From two locations to five, and from less than a few employees to 30 in under a year. This is why we always look for coaches, mentors and like-minded people and why we all read books, magazines (like this one) and listen to podcasts consistently to stay on top of the industry and learn from others mistakes before they happen to us. We always seek out industry leaders we can learn from. Like Mark Fisher who is known for building an amazing culture and creating the most amazing client experience - something we really care about especially with our

Next we decided on what to raise: the experience. Many gyms don’t have trainers as employees, instead they are contractors that are independent, often come and go and are not perfectly aligned with creating the best fitness experience. In our studios, by contrast, the trainers are employees and we really care about them. Our trainer’s salaries are almost double compared to even a manager salary at other gyms! That’s because we want them to be committed so that they give an amazing experience to our clients every time. Finally we decided on what to create, which for us were two important factors. First, we give a 100% guarantee that either you get results, or you get your money back. For clients, that creates tremendous trust and goodwill. They believe in us, which results in a shorter lead time between a person showing interest in our gym and becoming our client. And as our employee, trainers are well paid and well treated, they have a strong incentive to give their all, so clients don’t ask for a refund. Second, providing training that’s both efficient AND incredibly effective! We developed a high-tech invention, full-body electric muscle stimulation workout that allow you to get a three-hour workout in just 20 minutes! And you only need to come twice a week. We are really giving back time to people as we help them get and stay fit. 16

MARCH 2019

Membership/CRM & Marketing Access Control inc Biometrics Till, Credit Card & Stock Control Web & Mobile Activity & Class Bookings DD Management & Online Sign-ups Implementation, Training & Support


aggressive growth plans in expanding studios as well as our team. This is why we surround ourselves with people like Mike Arce, CEO of Loud Rumor, which is truly the lead advertising agency for Gym Owners with a truly amazing team as well.

What’s the most valuable lesson you've learned from the fitness industry? It is the know-it-all industry! Most gym owners and personal trainers have a mindset that they have made it and they know everything. This closes their mind to new things and for growing and improving! In our experience we’ve learned it not only prevents their individual success but it also prevents their clients’ success. I have also learned that we can not do it alone. If we are serious about our goal and mission to eliminate obesity and revolutionise the fitness industry, we truly have to work together! This is why we have written books about the fitness business, started two podcasts - one for gym owners and personal trainers about business, and one about fitness and health. This is why I write for magazines like this one and speak at fitness business expos to help more and more people so we can put a stop on obesity together!

What’s next for 4U Fitness? Further expansion of our locations, increased online coaching and services. You can’t ignore the market and the

market is going more online than ever before. It is almost like social media is more real than real life. Furthermore we are going to spend some time on filming our reality TV show which you can already follow on YouTube, called the Journey of an Entrepreneur. It is all about the good, the great and the bad of what we’re trying to accomplish. It lets you in to our daily operations and shows what it takes to make it and what grinding daily really means. We are getting close to our 100th episode soon! After that we will go into different shows, one of which will cover our quest to prevent muscle atrophy in space!

In your opinion, what is the current state of the UK's fitness industry? I am so happy to see the numbers and reports in the UK. Gym memberships are up and locations are opening up left and right. I believe they are up by 5% compared to last year and now there are over 7000 gyms in the UK with roughly a £8.6 Billion market! This is huge! It is great that 1 in every 7 people in the UK has a gym membership. The real question is, how many actually use it? And an even greater question is, how are they using it? Because unfortunately, the obesity percentage has been rising big time in the UK, as well as in the U.S, and sadly, all over the world. Either way this is the GOLDEN age of fitness- both in the UK and in the United States.

MARCH 2019



Your name:

Lewis Paris


BTEC National Diploma in Sport, Group Exercise Circuits & Lvl 2 Fitness Instructor and Lvl 3 REPS Qualified PT.

# years as a qualified PT: 2½

Where you work (town/city): London




Lewis Paris Fitness




Lewis Paris



How did you become a PT?

lead me to personal training.

First studying sport at college. I pretty much went off track to pursue two dreams. My first ambition was to become an airline pilot and in pursuit of this I learnt quickly that it was going to be an expensive goal to attain.

What was your experience of the training/qualification process?

Quickly putting that on the back burner to save up for a medical, I fell into DJ-ing which was my second ambition after being taught by my dad who was an underground DJ in the ‘90s. The idea then was to see how far I could take it whilst saving up for the ultimate dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot. After my second season abroad DJ-ing in Kos, Greece, I felt I no longer wanted to work for the sake of working, but to do something meaningful, with the added bonus of doing something I had a passion for. It was where the love of sport combined with the studying of fitness came into play, which

To be honest it had its ups and downs. I took a distant learning course with the expectation of being fully qualified within 9-12 months. With the matter of “life” being a roller coaster, coupled with the disorganisation of my tutor, it took much longer. The company I was studying with quickly redeemed itself when I got given another tutor who mentored me very well, after which I really enjoyed the process of understanding what it took to become a personal trainer. It wasn’t easy, but with a lot of support it eased the pressure as I can be quite the perfectionist.

Become a personal trainer with the UK’s leading fitness education company 18

MARCH 2019


Do you (or do you intend to) specialise in a particular type of fitness? Yes. I specialise in Calisthenics (body weight training), Functional Training, Strength and Conditioning, Toning and Weight Loss, Flexibility and Mobility, Posture Analysis and Development, Rehabilitation and Sports Performance.

What’s it like working with gym owners? I think it’s beautiful! I was very fortunate enough to start my career within a start-up personal training studio which gave me the opportunity to learn everything it takes to run a business, be it through solo efforts where you rely on yourself to grow and develop a personal training business, or to build a brand, an ecosystem and a team in the direction of the owners vision. With an already extensive background in customer service and management, I naturally grew within the company and under the wing of the owner. Starting as a receptionist through to FOH manager, class instructor and PT, and Head of Operations, it was during this time I gained so much knowledge learning the ropes from all aspects of the business. I recommend anyone who wants to become a PT to join a start-up, get a mentor, or at least work through the trenches of a commercial gym (as a receptionist or fitness instructor) as this will give you the opportunity to understand not only the environment you’ll potentially be working in, but also gain invaluable experience in which you can apply yourself when the time comes.

What is your opinion of CPD? Studying your level 2 and 3 is definitely not enough, I highly recommend it. Continuous development is key! Knowledge is power and to be able to become the best at what you do you need to spend as much time as possible researching and studying your field, otherwise you’ll be left behind. It’s very important to have passion within this industry coupled with the thirst for learning. Work on your weaknesses, study what

you like most and the rest will fall into place.

You spend your working hours motivating others, how do you motivate yourself? Good question. Visualisation is the strongest tool for motivation! Before I think about pursuing something, I visualise it in my mind. I picture it as if it was in front of me and it had already happened, I then use this image to refer back to what I originally intended it to be and what else would come from it when I bring it into reality. With this in mind I set BIG goals and refer back to why I’m doing what I’m doing. This then provides the motivation to attain what I want to achieve and once achieved, I then look at ways to improve on what I’ve built or gained. It feels like a habit now the amount of times I’ve done it! Don’t get me wrong, there’s been days where I’ve almost given up, as we are only human, but it’s at that moment you should dig even deeper and embrace the challenge as the sense of achievement you gain once completed is almost indescribable. Live with no regrets and enjoy your life!

What advice would you give to other PTs just starting out in the business? Be prepared to work hard! Personal Training is one of the hardest jobs in this climate especially with it being so glamorised through social media along with the affordability of a PT. To be a successful PT you need to be prepared to make sacrifices to get to the level you want to be; early mornings, late nights and working weekends isn’t fun when you first start out and are looking to grow a business. Play to your strengths and work on your weaknesses along the way, be a sponge and learn from experienced personal trainers and managers, learn how to communicate with people, focus on being organised, learn your trade and most of all, leave time for yourself as burning the candle at both ends would soon take its toll.

Become a personal trainer with the UK’s leading fitness education company MARCH 2019



What are the biggest challenges facing your business today? A very saturated market; there’s so many of us in the industry you constantly have to find ways to be different, but I love the challenge.

What significant changes have you seen within the industry over the past three years? The scope of health and fitness within social media has been massive! I see many individuals and corporations who advocate different brands alongside beneficial workout routines, which is increasingly growing health and fitness, and wellness, communities. This is great as it inspires and encourages people to be active.

How do you engage with your clients (active and inactive)? I engage with my clients on many levels; I believe the word “personal” is key when you mention personal training. This should be the main focus as everyone is different, and rightly so! The approach to communicate and motivate should change relative to the clients needs and reception of your personality. Actively, I focus on what they respond well to as it’ll enable them to get the most of their training, whether it’s the difficulty level of the exercise or the coaching techniques I use. Inactively, I set all my clients with goals and objectives I’d like them to focus on within the month - this would include eating habits, nutrition and exercise goals.

How do you promote your services? In club with classes and gym floor interactions alongside corporate classes, networking and festival events, all social media sites, my website, a YouTube channel and I’m currently working on a blog, newsletter and a podcast with a fellow PT which is called @bts_thepodcast (Behind The Scenes - talking about life, fitness and the in between) so I’m very active.

How often do you train yourself? In a good week, I train myself four times working on different body parts which incorporates strength, cardio, mobility and circuit/HIIT training.

If there was one thing you could radically change within the industry, what is it? To make the certification more difficult to pass with mandatory work experience. This would weed out people with the wrong intentions within the industry and elevate those who are really dedicated and want to make a positive and lasting change to someone’s life.

Do you see yourself still working as a PT in 10 years time? Full-time, no. Everything is geared towards an empire! I’d love to have my own studio and academy under my belt, which will benefit the world, from professionals and athletes to newbies and average gym goers.

What is your biggest success story? From starting and growing my own business to mentoring, coaching and developing individuals to become a better version of themselves, would be up there. I find it hard to pinpoint one single bit of success, as I believe I’ve achieved a lot in such a short space of time. Bringing my brand to life through myself, clients and first pieces of merchandise (water bottles which sold out within two weeks) is something I’m most proud of along with being able to adapt to any environment.

Become a personal trainer with the UK’s leading fitness education company 20

MARCH 2019


F e at u r i n g the Future of F i t n e s s : F I B O 2 01 9 presents global i n n o vat i o n s See tomorrow's trends today. Discover new products. Generate leads FIBO 2019 offers the world's largest range of products for the fitness, wellness and health sectors. From 4 to 7 April, the show will gather key players and newcomers, entrepreneurs, experts and trainers. "Featuring the Future of Fitness - this is what FIBO stands for like no other event in the world," says Silke Frank, FIBO Event Director, "Nowhere else in the world is there a center that presents our industry more comprehensively." This year, exhibitors from five continents and a completely new supporting programme will open up new perspectives. FIBO CAMPUS will be launched in 2019. The accompanying congress offers valuable input for all FIBO visitor groups on all aspects of their business.

Key-Player and Climber Around 1,100 exhibitors from 47 countries have announced their attendance at FIBO 2019, including major names such as eGym, gym80, IronMaxx, Johnson Health Tech, Les Mills, Life Fitness, Ludwig Artzt, miha bodytec, Olimp, Precor, Technogym, Transatlantic Fitness and XBody. In many ways they are the face of FIBO. Many young companies also stand for FIBO. Visitors can look forward to around 250 new exhibitors from a wide variety of segments. Whether you are an old hand or a young jumper: innovations are the focus of the international fitness industry at FIBO. The FIBO Innovation & Trend Award, which has been focusing attention on pioneering products in the fitness, wellness and health sector for 20 years, is a symbol of this. This year, a record of 291 exhibitors applied with their new products. MARCH 2019



Fitness Trends 2019: Holistic, digital and personal With its exhibitors, FIBO reflects the most important trends in the industry. Visitors can expect numerous solutions for modern training areas, digitally networked and customisable. The integration of apps and wearables, entertainment, competition and self-measurement are decisive factors in the competition and of great interest to the trainers. As well as holistic well-being with a strong focus on a healthy and fitness-enhancing diet. At FIBO, this is reflected in an ever-increasing range of fitness food and healthy nutrition products.

Focus on health Medical Fitness and occupational health promotion continue to play a central role at the show. FIBO's increased focus on health topics you can see in hall 7, which is entirely devoted to health. Here you will find the world's largest overview of device-supported training therapy. There is a particularly large selection of devices with MDR certification, which are the basis for working with patients in the fields of rehabilitation, therapy and prevention. With the "Meetingpoint Physio", FIBO is also creating a valuable platform for further training and networking.

New Business Area The fitness industry is growing and with it the number of startups. FIBO supports young entrepreneurs with a special area and numerous lectures. In cooperation with the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control, the German Franchise Association and the AXA Startup Center, the New Business Area shows what a successful business startup can look like, what the first steps are and what a good business plan looks like. In addition, the focus is on successful start-ups. On Thursday and Saturday, the DSSV will hold two seminars on the subject of "Business Startups". And on FIBO Sunday the AXA Startup Center will have its own pitch event and is searching for the best startup of FIBO 2019.

Franchising as a model for success Bodystreet, Fitbox, body shapes or Stimawell EMS: numerous successful franchise systems will be on show at FIBO in Hall 5.2. Franchising is also a special focus in the New Business Area. Various franchises such as Altipeak, Easyfitness and Vegisan will be presenting their concepts here. Presentations will also provide information on the advantages and challenges of franchise systems. The German Franchise Association in Hall 8 will also be available to answer any questions.

Business Weekend More business on the weekend: FIBO offers trade visitors more programmes and more services at the weekend. In addition to the extensive programme at FIBO CAMPUS, there will be the EMS Symposium and the DSSV Startup Seminar on Saturday, the AXA Startup Pitch on Sunday and Guided Tours on all days. The winners of the AXA Startup Pitch will receive a free 22

MARCH 2019

presence in the New Business Area at FIBO 2020 and the opportunity to win a place in the final of the AXA Startup Center's Kitchen Pitch. The participants will be pitching while cooking in a relaxed atmosphere. The AXA Accelerator Program with a startup boot camp, individual coaching and your own workplace at the Factory Campus in DĂźsseldorf is a great opportunity. kitchenpitch.de/kitchenpitch-fibo-2019

More orientation, more networking, more business In 2019, FIBO will for the first time offer free guided tours on the topics of Cardio & Strength, Physio, Sports Nutrition, Hotel & Wellness, Startups and Group Fitness. The stations will include selected companies and special areas on all days of the fair. The tour lasts approximately one hour and is accompanied by expert tour guides. Registration can be made here: www.fibo.com/guidedtours FIBO Matchmaking also supports visitors and exhibitors in networking. With the online platform, potential business partners can be found easily and free of charge and appointments can be made directly at the trade fair. The Networking Lounge is located in Hall 5.2 directly at the entrance to the hall.

Wellness Worlds at FIBO Wellness today is a holistic lifestyle that encompasses the dimensions of fitness, nutrition, relaxation, stress reduction and social solidarity. This is precisely why hall 8 is a vital component of FIBO, which presents the interfaces between fitness, wellness and health for all sides - for studio operators, physiotherapists, spas, hoteliers and BGM managers. The central point of contact is the Wellness Competence Center in Hall 8, where experts from the German Wellness Association will be providing advice and information on all four days of the fair on everything to do with spa, hotels, physiotherapy and fitness. The newly designed Wellness Forum also offers lectures on trends, applications and valuable specialist information from the wellness, spa and sauna sectors.

New congress: FIBO CAMPUS The FIBO CAMPUS is the accompanying congress to the trade fair, which offers an individual and comprehensive further education programme for the various visitor target groups. Participants can compile the programme according to their individual wishes and needs. All seminars, lectures, courses and panels are accessible with a single ticket. Top speakers and instructors from the industry will speak on topics such as BGM, physio, functional workout, personnel and nutrition. The FIBO CAMPUS offers valuable input to studio operators interested in expanding their own business models and enhancing their workout selection. The focus will be on strategies and differentiation tools as competitiveness factors, plus current trends and concepts. www.fibo.com/campus

The leading international trade show for fitness, wellness & health Exhibition Centre Cologne 4 – 7 April 2019

WILL YOU BE OUR NEXT 'PT OF THE MONTH'? For further information contact: pw@gymownermonthly.co.uk

fibo.com MARCH 2019



Fit Kit

This month’s round-up of kit, products and extras you can stock for your members – boost loyalty, retention and your revenue!

The Freemotion® GenesisTM Dual-Cable Cross The Freemotion® GenesisTM Dual-Cable Cross enhances strength by allowing users to perform movements that mimic activities in everyday life. The amazing and unique functionality of this one machine uses the power of Freemotion® cable, replicates six strength training machines. It targets upper body, lower body, back and more, meaning every muscle and plane of motion can be exercised and challenged, while its open design makes it welcoming for all fitness levels and those with disabilities. Lead one-on-one personal training sessions or small group circuits for a strength, stability and balance component you won’t find on fixed-isolated machines. For more information, visit: https://react-fitness. com/free-motion-fitness/

Queenax™ Versatile equipment like the Queenax™ unit from Precor can help operators maximise floor space while also offering the functional training options exercisers are looking for. The Queenax™ can be adapted to fit any space, large or small, whilst accessories, such as UFO® and AntiGravity® Fitness can be easily attached, removed or reconfigured, to effortlessly convert the rig for a range of small group exercise classes or PT sessions, creating a real ‘buzz’ on the gym floor. Instructors also have access to Precor’s Online Coaching Centre with videos on how to use equipment and run group exercise classes.


MARCH 2019


The Raptor Tac20 The Raptor Tac20 is the three in one multifunctional weight vest for anybody that wants the ultimate training vest experience! • Optimal physical load carrying system • Max training weight 20kg • Safe weight distribution featuring fast in and out system • Securely modulated individual weight compartments • Anchor system for bungee cords/ Vertimax/rubber bands • Heavy duty towing harness for sled/ prowler/tyres • Tough construction for extended wear and tear • Designed to fit most men and women securely but allow maximum mobility and comfort • Anti-Bacterial Removable Coolmax liner for washing • 6 x strong Anti-Corrosion loop and D-ring anchor points • Made in GB since 2009 www.raptorweightvests.com

Prime Fitness Prime Fitness’ competition Kettlebells stand head and shoulders above the rest with their unique design. They provide weights from 8kg to 32kg, all the while maintaining a uniform size throughout. This means that technique doesn’t have to differ as you progress through different exercises. Prime Fitness’ competition Kettlebells are a staple for any home or commercial gym and are colour coordinated for easy identification. There is no limit to the amount of different exercises you can do, with the ability to develop strength and endurance - the possibilities are endless. Visit www.prime-fitness.co to take the next step in achieving your PRIME. @primefitness.co

MARCH 2019 25


MostFit® Core Hammer With the MostFit Core Hammer you no longer need a bulky tire for this type of workout. It’s portable and extremely versatile. Swing it like a sledgehammer against the ground, wall, driveway, cement floor or, use it like a mace to develop shoulder strength, mobility and stability. The long lever and distally loaded end provide endless options for unilateral and asymmetrical strength challenges, core exercises and rotational, mobility and stability work. Ideal for small group training, one on one training, athletic conditioning, boot camps and more. Available in 8 lbs and 12 lbs, durable plastic covered fibreglass handle with comfort rubber grip, hammerhead is manufactured of solid urethane. MostFit products are available exclusively from CYC Fitness - www.craigyoungconsulting.co.uk

MostFit® SYN Rings Olympic Bar Attachments MostFit SYN Rings add a new type of intensity and instability element to weight training and functional training workouts. SYN Rings allow the user to suspend weight plates from an Olympic weightlifting bar creating instability and forcing the user to engage more core and stability muscles to increase overall strength. SYN Rings allow the weight plates to move in all directions, including forward, back, side-to-side, up-and-down and in circular motions. Portable and easy to store, SYN Rings can go with you anywhere, fit in a drawer, or a small spot on the functional training zone floor.  MostFit products are available exclusively from CYC Fitness -www. craigyoungconsulting.co.uk


MARCH 2019


Peace of Mind Broga founder Matthew Miller tells us why yoga is just as important for men

I never got into the field of fitness because I wanted to share or show off what I had done for myself. I tell every aspiring PT or group fitness instructor I meet who asks me for advice one simple question, “why do you want get into this business?” If they answer, "financial rewards, personal freedom, working in a place I love and want to be in or getting to train and get paid for it”, I tell them to reconsider. There is only one answer that, as a by product, will manifest all those other things. The correct answer is simply, "I am passionate about helping people.” At the core a truly exceptional Personal Trainer/Fitness Professional is so much more than what they offer by way of physical coaching. They are inspiring, confidential, empathetic, kind, receptive, perceptive, and most of all, offer a safe space for a client to be in without judgement and always on the lookout for positives and progress. I have in the past internally referred to clients as patients, half joking but also serious, because of the different layers of treatment I was in charge of. This puts us in an incredibly unique position to help people both physically and mentally. And it is a necessary aspect of the job since, in my opinion, the two are intertwined.

The male mental health crisis I find this especially true with male clients as men make up 75% of suicide deaths. How can we help? Never underestimate the power of fitness to shape and

change lives nor the impact we can have on people through fitness. There is a lot of talk right now about "men’s mental health" and “the silent crisis” but no one seems to have concrete solutions to solve it. I am confident that as an industry we can help by becoming educated in and incorporating yoga methodology with our male clients - both on a one to one basis and also by encouraging them into group yoga classes.

Why is yoga is important for men? One of the most important beneficial factors for men needing to participate in yoga is the whole “mind body” thing. And I say this with a cheeky tone because that phrase, “mind and body” sounds a bit corny to me. That said, there genuinely is a whole movement of men who are now starting to speak publicly about personal suffering caused by a disconnect in mental health awareness and options for treatment. And they have a genuine frustration in not knowing how to tackle this. My opinion is that most men probably will not actively seek out professional help just because they are feeling consistently “meh” or even depressed. I think that is where the beauty of yoga lies for men especially. Yes, you get the obvious stretching and flexibility benefits, but going to a yoga class and making a detailed and controlled connection with physical movements, static postures and controlled breath - all at the same time - has a widely documented effect of improving mental attitude and improving overall sense of well-being by shifting hormone balances and central nervous system activity to a normalised baseline state. In effect, it is a form of active self help and treatment towards better mental health. MARCH 2019



What are the other key benefits of getting men to incorporate yoga in their routine? Most men have something physical they do and love that they are good at, have a youthful history with or just plain enjoy. This is fantastic. I get excited and inspired when I encounter someone with a any type of physical activity routine they maintain on a regular basis. Next to proper nutrition, moving and staying active is the best medicine we have to stay young. On the flip side, our bodies are amazing machines that do a fantastic job of putting up with our faults, flaws and bad habits. For a time anyways. Eventually, open poor diet, open circuit faults and over-tension from our training routine over the years will catch up with us. It is just a question of when. The biggest advice I give a man who is a cyclist, runner, weightlifter or whatever, is to find a balance in what they are doing with time and energy spent on the opposite movements. A cyclist needs to focus on hip flexors and back extension, a runner needs to pay attention to the tibialis, dorsal foot extension and balancing stabilisers and a weightlifter needs to be mindful that the sub scapula, pectorals and biceps remain lengthened. And in my opinion. regular yoga practice is the best way to ensure the right amount of work and physical release is being performed to have a meaningful impact toward achieving a balanced body.

How does Broga differ from your average yoga class? My first experience of yoga was with private lessons by high level instructors who were guiding me based on my broken male athlete body. I was hooked on the benefits from moment one. But when I started branching out to a public classes I immediately hated yoga. I did not understand what language they were speaking, not to mention wondering how I got myself into something that felt a lot more religious than I signed up for. But most horrifying of all, I was one of the only men in class and clearly the worst off. The feeling of being so awkward and terrible in the midst of such grace left me feeling demoralised about myself rather than feeling better, or at least like I had picked a crumb of progress off the studio floor. I vowed to change yoga so the people who

needed it most would have a safe space to start from while still being challenged to their maximum. And Broga differs from a garden variety yoga class in three key ways: 1. E  very class sequence builds in difficulty. We design our classes so they start with something everyone can do, and build from there. Each level repeats for reps so that people have a chance to actually progress and be able to move on to the next level - or simply remain at the level they are at until the next challenge feels suitable. 2. No one is speaking in tongues, latin or any other language you don't understand. Words used in class are always actionable on an anatomical level. And if an instructor does choose to use some ancient Sanskrit word or medical grade anatomical reference, it is always done with an educational reference so the class participants can be educated in the process. A Broga class has a sensibility that you are going to be directly told what you are getting out of class on a physical level and the exact path to get there. 3. Broga at it heart stands for “brotherly”. Unlike a regulator class where people leave in resolute silence and individual calm, a Broga class ends in partner assists, high fives, laughter, smiles and people having felt like they helped each other do more than they could ever do on their own. And in my eyes that is what “namaste” is really all about.

Let’s be the solution. Look, I am not saying yoga is going to solve the world’s problems, far from it, but I will tell you this: yoga is the fastest growing and most subscribed to group fitness activity - even over spinning, crossfit and les Mills. Why? Because it is the real deal. Over 3000 years of development to get us to this moment where we are trying to get people to improve and connect their bodies and minds at the same time. It’s revelatory and stupidly simple simultaneously. So if you are smart, you will expand your CPD learning and take up a yoga course. And if you own or manage a gym, be bold, put different kinds of yoga on your timetable that don't just appeal to a female 30-40 something market. For if we as an industry, take the reins on men’s mental health, I believe we can make a big impact on the solution.


MARCH 2019

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Cut back on clutter with an all-in-one software solution to manage your gym.

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Is your gym offering an effective solution to one of the UK’s most widespread health issues? People in the UK are spending long periods of inactivity, often in a seated position, and this is having a detrimental effect on physical health. According to the Office of National Statistics, in 2016, almost 31m work days were lost in the UK due to musculoskeletal problems. The costs attributable to low back pain alone in the UK are estimated to be £12.3bn a year, with £1.6bn spent on treatment, making this an issue which reaches way beyond the health sector. Here, Kerstin Obenauer, Country Director at eGym, explains the problems associated with our increasingly sedentary lifestyle and introduces a solution that will help gym owners work with individuals to increase mobility and reduce pain associated with muscular imbalances.

Introduction According to the NHS website, many adults in the UK spend more than 7 hours a day sitting. This statistic increases to 10 hours in older adults. This is an unfortunate side effect of our western lifestyle. Whether we work at a computer, drive a car, watch television, surf the internet, many of our daily activities are performed in a seated position. Unless we make a conscious, proactive effort to counter the negative effect this has on our muscular skeletal system we are risking a future of immobility and long-term chronic pain. With more than 20 million people in the UK classified as ‘inactive’, gym owners who can offer a solution to help individuals improve joint mobility in order to maintain a pain free, active lifestyle, will be one vital step ahead of the competition. 30

MARCH 2019



The science behind the pain

The majority of our movements are directed forwards and, increasingly, whilst in a seated position. Over an extended period, this leads to a shortening of the permanently claimed anterior muscle chains. This eventually results in an imbalance of the dorsal

Long-term, where imbalances remain untreated, degenerative diseases can develop such as Herniated discs and osteoarthritis. Pain is a warning signal and acts as a protective function for the passive musculoskeletal system. The good news is that in the majority of cases, pain caused by muscular disfunction is reversible. If a muscle has become shortened, potentially by lifestyle

(posterior) and ventral (anterior) muscle chain, causing

impacts such as long periods of sitting, this can be

pain and immobility.

corrected through the controlled application of targeted

More than 20 years ago, Dr. Walter Packi from Freiburg, Germany, presented his theory that every pain as a

and systematic stretching.

biological sense. He was convinced that pain and the

The solution

cause of pain are often spatially separated, concluding

eGym has developed eFle-xx, the world’s first digitalised

that in order to treat pain a wider perspective must be

mobility training circuit which combines a smart, cloud

adopted than simply looking at the area of the body

based, connected setup with controlled, targeted

where the pain is felt.

muscular stretching. What makes the equipment so

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effective is its ability to force targeted muscle groups to be contracted whilst in stretched position.

How does eFle-xx work? eFle-xx is a unique range of equipment designed to enable users to maximise the effect of any given muscular stretch. It is fully connected and seamlessly integrates into the eGym ONE training solution. The highly effective training method adopted by eFle-xx means that users feel relief from pain or discomfort immediately. This instant analgesic effect creates a longterm user loyalty. eFle-xx, much like the established eGym strength line, offers an effective, time saving training option which is intuitive and, following an initial induction, is easily selfadministrating, without the need for regular instructor interventions. A complete eight-piece circuit can be completed in less than 15 minutes. A stretch on each piece is held for between 20 and 30 seconds, separated by a 30 second rest period. Users are made aware of the duration of the stretch and rest periods by coloured light panels integrated into each piece of equipment. A colour indicator is also activated if a first-time user tries to use the equipment, alerting gym floor trainers who can then offer assistance. For those who require a more intense stretch than can be achieved from body weight and gravity, dumbbells can also be employed. The ease of use and set up means users can workout side by side, regardless of ability. It also means instructors can coach users in a group setting which is often useful to create social interactions and encourage peer interaction.

Conclusion eFle-xx is the future of mobility training. It employs all the benefits of digitalisation to ensure a simple, safe and results-driven training experience on every visit. Our sedentary, western, lifestyle means that now, and in the future, the population faces many health challenges. Forward-thinking gym owners able to offer effective solutions which focus on maintaining quality of life through exercise will be dipping into a much larger pool than those who remain focused on the 20 per cent of the population who exercise for the love of it. Also, individuals who experience relief from chronic pain continue to train and are more likely to recommend the training method to friends and family. eGym will launch eFle-xx to the UK market at Elevate, the ExCel, May 8-9, 2019. The circuit comprises of an 8-piece set. To arrange a product demonstration at the show email: marketing-uk@egym.co.uk For more information about eGym, visit www.egym.com/en/business You can also keep up to date with our news on:  eGymuk  @eGymuk  eGymuk


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eGym Premium: The advanced digital training experience eGym Premium introduces 3 new training programmes and 6 training goals, building bespoke member workouts. Individualised training programmes provide greater variety to challenge and engage members even longer. The highest quality of the training based on the latest research in sport science for personal goal achievements.

Find out more email info@egym.co.uk

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“ N o m at t e r w h at yo u d o , your job is to tell your story.” – G a r y Vay n e r c h u k Adam Kiani, Founder and CEO of Personal Trainer Academy, shares his social media marketing strategy. Welcome to the third article on business skills for trainers. In this month’s magazine we will look at forms of creative marketing and marketing on social media. Marketing really has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years and there are many trainers who market exceptionally well on these great platforms. When I formed PT Academy back in 2009, very few saw the social media phenomenon coming. Ten years on, most if not all major organisations use it. I remember seeing a Mercedes Benz advertisement not so long ago, where at the end of their advert, it didn’t give their website – it showed a link to their Facebook page. One of the key things about social media is to understand emerging trends. Make yourself familiar with which platforms are on their way in and which are on their out and which ones have the most receptive audience for you. Start focussing your attention and energy on these platforms and its essential to invest time as well as money on them. We recommend our trainers spend at least an hour a day on marketing across their social media platforms. 34

MARCH 2019

Content What do your profiles say about you. I touched briefly in last month’s edition on appearance and first impressions, they are just as important on social media. Your profiles need to be given serious attention as they can say so much (or so little) about you. As the headline of this article states, they can be used to tell a story – YOUR story. Your content needs to be creative and stand out. What’s going to make your profile stand out amongst thousands of others? What’s so interesting about what you post that is going to drive me to your page ? This is where creativity is a must. Be original and try to avoid copying what other people do. Your profile should about YOU and what you can do. When you do post make sure every post you do is bang on 100%. Invest in a good camera if you have to, I can’t understate that the quality of your pics are equally important as what they are about. People like to look at good quality, high resolution pictures. Your caption must be engaging and ideally a call to action. Every picture you post can switch from passive to active marketing by just adding or changing a caption.


Consider the following picture with the accompanying caption: “Our master trainer putting Metisha through her paces in today’s session”

Exactly the same post but with a few subtle yet effective tweaks. First, the picture - note how we have added our logo to it with all our relevant social media handles. Second, the caption – the first part is the same as the last but with an addition that contains an instruction and a call to action. The call to action being contacting us for more details. Third, we’ve included popular hashtags. Make sure your content stays fresh but relevant, it’s easy to be come outdated very quickly on social media. I had a trainer visit me that showed me pics that he had just done in a photo shoot for social media, over 900 pics of - Him. What a waste I told him, as half those pictures could have been better utilised showing him training his clients. That’s what prospective clients want to see – what you can do to help them achieve their goals not just your own goals.

Other essential points to take note of: #ptacademy #pt #uk #1 The picture is high resolution and has a great angle, you can see the instruction taking place. The caption is accurate and descriptive but is it enough?

Now look at the same picture with tweaks and the accompanying caption: “Our master trainer putting Metisha through her paces in today’s session. Follow Sam’s footsteps and learn how you could enjoy an amazing new career in fitness” Visit our website www. ptacademy .com or Call us on 0121 366 0292 for more details…

Timing- Choose your timing very carefully, aim for peak times when you know most people will be on their phones and on socials. Mornings, lunch breaks and evenings Tags – tag people into your pics, especially your clients. People like acknowledgement and will most often repost if it’s a good post. So make sure it is and you will then open yourself up to their followers too. One of our trainers @tmkpt did just that. He is the trainer of Tom Holland – the actor that played Spiderman. @ymkpt posted a vid training Tom, nicely edited it came out very well and had around 10,000 views. Tom Holland posted the same video on his profile which resulted in several hundreds of thousands of views – now that’s smart marketing. That leads me onto the next point – reposts. Reposts – Essential especially posts that are relevant to you. For example a client posting about you or something you know that will engage and motivate your audience. Hashtags – using hashtags that spread and encourage positivity and that are popular hashtags will open your post to a wider audience. Follow the simple rule – “if you are going to take the trouble to post – post it properly. Take it as seriously as you take your business and your own training”. Avoid at all costs the following:  Any form of negativity in your posts  Rants especially about clients  Ab flex, bicep and booty shots, they’re a thousand to a penny and so dead right now !  Finally, Your profiles tell your audience a story about you – make sure its an enjoyable and engaging one !

Next month we will look at gym work, how to get it right in the gym. #career #passion #fitness #uk #live #love #life

Adam Kiani Founder and CEO of Personal Trainer Academy The leading fitness education company in the UK

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Get the scale out Daniel Nyiri, founder of 4U Fitness, helps you to scale up your business

"You cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it." – Albert Einstein Okay, I don’t mean that kind of scale (although you should be taking care of your health – including regular exercise and a healthy diet – if you’re going to own a successful gym)! I’m talking about scaling up. In order to scale up, you need to measure what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Business is just like training clients. You need to measure their progress to show results, or you are doing it all wrong and you are just hoping for the best. The same goes for a business. If you don’t measure your progress, you are just winging your business. One of our locations in Tampa Bay, Florida is celebrating its sixth anniversary this year. From our studio door, we can see five different personal training studios. In a 10-mile radius, there are 68 gyms and personal training studios. And they all come and go. More than half of these have had different owners and managers; they close and reopen, close and reopen. Most of them aren’t going to succeed because the owners are being run by their business. As an experiment, I called several local studios in the prime hours when a new client would call and I was only able to reach one out of 10 studios. How do you think a client would feel if they called and only got an answering machine over and over again? It’s not a great first impression. Scaling up requires measuring, learning and innovating. It comes down to tracking what is going well, finding where there is room for growth and always thinking of and planning for what is coming next. Your results come down to your business activities. If you don’t keep track and review your results month to month, there is no way you are going to make it. If you don’t know how much money you have in 36

MARCH 2019


your bank account or how many clients you have and what you need to succeed, your business will not work. Always measure changes month to month and have at least 12 months of detailed accounting in front of you and compare and calculate changes in percentages that will measure growth to see what direction you are going - up or down. Then find out why. If you are going down, find the solution and pin it down! It could be as simple as your trainers not taking payments on time. If you are going up, know why and make sure you continue fueling it. Looking at the bottom number on a statement doesn’t tell you anything – you have to analyse.

Here is an example: Divide your personal trainers’ total income and divide by the number of clients to get the per client cost. And see if you need to fix something. For example, if you pay your trainer after each client and you give out free trial sessions, this will show you what the real costs are of doing business per client. If you trainer does 10 free sessions and only one signs up while you pay them $16 per client, you end up paying a lot more than you think. I also recommend calculating how effective you are in hiring new trainers and converting them into revenue makers. Just use revenue divided by trainer to determine your effectiveness percentage.

When it comes to phone calls, for example, what time are they coming in? How many are you receiving? Who is calling? What are the calls about? How many of them are turning into real leads and consultations? How many turn into clients and how long do they stay? What is your total cost per client? This includes lead generation, phone service, employees, equipment used and so on. DATA IS KEY! If you do what you have always done without measuring, changing and adapting, you will fail. You have to measure in order to see what to change and where to adapt. At the beginning when you first build your gym, you will be the doer of everything - and this is necessary. You will do training, handle customer service, sales, consultations, build a website, create email campaigns, advertising and more. But then you need to learn how to delegate all these jobs to someone else so you can focus on scaling your business. If you add everything up, such as web design, sales, reception, training, cleaning and more, you will soon realise that you are doing work that is no longer worth your time. On top of that, it is really wearing you out and you cannot grow. Not to mention that your website probably won’t look very professional! You have to learn to let go, trust others and delegate. Your business will get stronger and you will be able to focus on the activities that matter most.

Do you know what the only difference is between you and your competition? No, it is not service or equipment. It’s your management. Business don’t fail because it’s a bad business. Most of the time they fail because of the bad business owner and management.

If you are just getting started, you might be excited about doing everything and working all of the time – taking on new clients, toiling from sunrise to sunset. But you need to delegate, scale up and trust in others if your business is to succeed. No one wants to work with a burned out personal trainer or business owner. Don’t let your business, your dream take you over or run you down. It will be hard work but scaling and delegating will make everything that much easier.

It is time to change. Measure your results and look at the numbers. These numbers won’t lie. Bad numbers equals bad management, while good numbers equal good management. Analyse your business every month and see what is draining you and how can you improve. You need to measure everything from phone calls to the number of paper towels used. The more detailed your information, the better.

If you’re still wondering, “How is my business going to survive without me doing the work? Why would my clients come to train?” It’s about the results. As a business owner, you can double accomplishments, while supporting your clients and your community. There is nothing better than creating many good-paying jobs while you help people reach their health and fitness goals.

What separates you from the competition?

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Ask The Expert Do you have a question that you would like to see answered in this feature in a future issue? Email pw@gymownermonthly.co.uk

WHAT ARE THE DANGERS OF MODERN DAY FITNESS AND INSTAGRAM? James Smith, from the James Smith Academy, on why you need to be careful who you follow. As an Instagram influencer myself, I know all too well the power of social media and its pivotal role in growing a brand or a business in the modern era. Now one of the topics I spoke about this year at Bodypower and Irish Muscle Power was to do with some of the unspoken dangers and elements of this which more consumers need to be aware of (in my opinion.) Firstly is the issue of playing by the rules, what many need to grasp is that not many “athletes” these days are playing by the rules, if you consider for a moment it is for most of these models in some cases their full time job to look good with their kit off. To be natural would be a poor business move when many others looking to take your position on a magazine cover or endorsement position for a clothing brand are willing to use anabolics, asthma drugs or even thyroid medication to get the extra edge. Now when these “athletes” do get or win the endorsement position, they have to come across natural to not damage the brand in question who are endorsing them. This is creating a massive issue in modern day goal setting where consumers are having their physique goals, ambitions or simple results hugely skewed by Instagram influencer athletes claiming they’re natural when they’re not. The amount of bodybuilders claiming they’re “plant based” when truthfully calling them “testosterone based” would be more accurate. Comparison is the thief of joy, consumers are now comparing their physiques to those of the assisted influencers and where they are seeking motivation (#fitfam) they’re actually demoralising the shit out of themselves on an hourly basis. This in turn creates huge insecurities in consumers and this thought that they’re 38

MARCh 2019

missing the trick with their training and nutrition bringing me on to my next point. Having a million followers on Instagram doesn’t always pay that well, most of these “influencers” look great with their kit off but don’t have a clue about running a business. How do I know? Because if they did, they wouldn’t of been selling protein powder at Bodypower. Although they have a 7 figure following they still in essence have to wear a uniform and aren’t allowed to go home until 6pm. So when you’re in good shape, massive following, shit at business, how do you create added revenue. Supplement endorsements, now for a minute think about this. It’s not an endorsement, it’s a sale. Also note, it’s not a discount code, it’s a commission code. People are seeking motivation, they’re becoming demoralised - the influencer in question then manipulates this fucked up relationship to create a sale, usually of a rubbish 6 week plan but in most cases by endorsing useless supplements to the gullible and in most cases desperate consumer. My advice is to be careful of who you follow in Instagram, we’re becoming obsessed with checking our phones, which is OK if you’re genuinely getting something good from each visit. But consider that some of the people you or your clients look up to could actually be making you feel worse, not better. The industry is becoming full of lies, deception and manipulation where at the end of it poor business people with great physiques are spending their time in the industry leaving it in a worse place than when they started in it. Be careful who you follow, ask yourself why you follow them.


Aspire’s InstructAbility Report on Disabled People Working in Leisure From chronic pain to thriving new business...Guynamio Samuda has set up his own Personal Training business with the help of Aspire’s InstructAbility programme Guynamio Samuda, known to his friends as ‘Sam’, recently set up his Personal Training business, ‘Geefit’ based in Hampshire.

Sam, originally from Jamaica, spent six years serving in the British Army with the 4th Regiment Royal Artillery, including a six month tour in Iraq. During that time he married and had a son but his promising military career was compromised when he injured his lower back during an Army exercise in 2006. The incident occurred while he was on a Leadership Training Programme that he hoped would lead to a promotion to Lance Brigadier. Despite experiencing extreme pain both initially and in the intervening months, Sam continued to undertake physical challenges as part of his Army training. Unbeknown to him

the continued effort led to further damage resulting in long term Chronic Pain Syndrome and Degenerative Disc Disease. The injury had an enormous effect on his life and led to the loss of his career when he was finally medically discharged from the Army in 2009. The severe pain often rendered him unable to get out of bed and two years of being quite isolated from the outside world further reduced Sam’s confidence. Despite welcoming another son into the world, he struggled as much mentally as he did physically to move on with his life. It took a further six years of physical and mental rehabilitation before Sam felt able to get back to exercising. MARCh 2019



“I gradually started walking, and progressed to jogging and over time I started to enjoy exercise and going to the gym. I realised that the exercise was improving my wellbeing, mood and also helped me to manage the pain to the point that I was able to stop taking medication,” he said.

as part of Aspire’s InstructAbility programme, Sam got his first taste of working in the leisure industry with a work placement at Andover Leisure Centre. Since completing the programme Sam has gone on to set up his own business running Bootcamp and PT sessions in his local area.

As Sam’s recovery continued he started to work again, initially for a graphic design company and later as a haulage lorry driver, but it was gaining his qualification as a Personal Trainer in 2018 that led to him setting up his own business.

Sam says; : “I use my experience from being in the army, to deliver military style Outdoor Bootcamp sessions that motivate people to push themselves to their limit. Clients have fun, make friends and leave feeling on top of the world.

Sam gained his Level 3 PT qualification through a course offered to injured serving and veteran military personnel. It was organised by Aspire, Help for Heroes and YMCAfit and

“I always ensure that my sessions are inclusive to people whatever their ability because I know what it is like to deal with injury and pain. I am in a good position to support


MARCh 2019


other people who are feeling scared or nervous about exercising. Now that I am back to full health, I am fitter and stronger than I was before and it has made me want to make a difference to people, and help them through their own health and fitness journeys.” Client, Ray Richards, highly recommends Sam’s approach; “Sam has given me so much support and encouragement to change my life. I have lost four inches from around my waist and dropped over a stone in the short time we have been working together. Sam has given me clear advice which has worked and I can see the difference. Brilliant PT, I cannot recommend him enough! He will change your life!”

‘Geefit’ is still in its early stages of development but over the last twelve months Sam is proud of his achievements and is busy building the brand and hopes to be able to offer franchises in different areas along with an emerging line in fitness clothing in the future. “I have worked so hard to ensure that any negative moments have been taken and turned into positives, and this has helped me to grow as an individual,” explained Sam. “If I ever doubt whether I am doing the right thing, all I have to do is look at the joy and determination on my clients’ faces. They always push me to strive for more, to learn and better myself and provide the best sessions possible for every single one of them.” MARCh 2019



Dipping into open water swimming The health benefits of open water swimming and how to become a certified Open Water Swimming Coach


MARCh 2019


Open water swimming’s popularity has grown significantly since the 10km Marathon races were included in the 2008 Olympic Games. The explosion in growth can also be attributed to the increase in commercial operators organising open water races and events suitable for all abilities. According to Swim England, the number of regular open water swimmers in the UK is now an estimated 550,000, with around 120 open water competitive events ranging from fundraising swims to the national Swim England championships each year. So, what is it that draws individuals to swim in lakes, rivers and oceans in all weather and seasons?

to appreciate the small things by dipping her feet and taking the plunge. Maia says: “I started open water swimming as a way to heal my mind and body after suffering a miscarriage. I wanted a series of small monthly challenges that over the course of the year would add up to something bigger, enduring the coldest swims in the iciest of waters; to seek out the adrenaline and the endorphins from nature to restore me.” The open water swimming community has hundreds of clubs across the UK, which are famously inclusive and sociable. They are community based and consider themselves to be very much a swimming family, organising regular group swims at sites around the country.

Like indoor swimming, open water swimming is a very good form of exercise, and regular outdoor swimmers will say it boosts their fitness, circulation, energy and immune system, and helps their bodies to recover from trauma, injury and mental health issues.

Ilse Powell, who regularly swims at Bournemouth with her local open water group, says: “Swimming in the sea is a million times better than being in a pool. I feel alive in the waves; I love the feel of the water, it’s life affirming. In many ways, it’s similar to practicing yoga, you have to focus on your breathing and feel the rhythm of the sea. It is important to control your body’s natural gasp reflex to the extreme cold."

Hannah Maia, open water swimmer and creator of the film ‘My Big White Thighs & Me’, encourages us all to turn down the volume on the demands of the world. Her awardwinning short film is about womanhood, miscarriage, healing, loving your own skin and freezing your bottom off in cold water. My Big White Thighs & Me is Hannah’s personal account of how she rebalanced her life and began

Powell who recently trained in a Surf Life Saving Course continues: “We swim together in groups for our safety, and although our group doesn’t have hard rules, we are always sensible in the sea and constantly reassess the conditions. It’s important to have an understanding of the preparations necessary for open water and cold water swimming and to take acclimatisation seriously.

Why outdoor swimming when indoors is warmer?

MARCh 2019 43


Sharon Lock, National Masters and Open Water Development Officer for Swim England says: “Over the last few years there seems to have been a change in attitude towards open water swimming. People are now embracing the outdoors and its natural elements and want to get away from their concrete lives. There is something profoundly liberating about stepping foot in open water and swimming; it’s escapism at its best.

open water swimming nature of these events can appeal to the adrenaline-seeking, highly competitive swimmer.

“If you want to try outdoor swimming, you must be a confident pool swimmer in the first instance. Swimming outside requires common sense. Practice your strokes and treading water, and be aware of your surroundings and what to do if you need help. There are not always lifeguards and a support system nearby so we would always suggest you go with other people and never on your own.

The Institute of Swimming, Open Water Swimming Coach course uptake has nearly doubled in the last three years; further demonstrating the growing interest in this sport. The course is designed for anyone who is a Swim England swimming coach, swimming teacher or triathlon coach who wants to become an independent open water coach. The qualification is delivered through a mixture of online, classroom and practical learning, both poolside and in an open water environment. Triathlon clubs offer training opportunities to improve your skills and technique. Find the Institute of Swimming Open Water Courses: www. swimming.org/ios/coaching-open-water-swimming/

“If you are not used to swimming in cold water, you must prepare your mind and body for a shock, and learn to control your breathing. We recommend using listed open swimming venues, wearing goggles, a wetsuit in the colder months and to always wear a brightly coloured swimming hat.” The Swim England website has full details of open water venues and locations around the United Kingdom. Find Swim England Open Water Venues here: www. swimming.org/openwater/

Mixing your skills In addition to the swimmer who wants to be at one with nature, there has also been a growth in the number of competitive multi-disciplined open water races, including triathlons and ironman competitions. Triathlon is a competitive sport, consisting of swimming, running and cycling. Its combination means it’s an all-round physical challenge. The


MARCh 2019

According to Triathlon Industry Association, in 2017 there were around 150,000 committed active triathletes in the UK. Other people do triathlon as a ‘bucket list’ activity. Sport England believes approximately 215,000 people in England did at least one triathlon in 2017.

Janet Slack, Institute of Swimming’s Delivery Manager and Open Water Coaching Tutor says: “We are thrilled with the demand for our open water coaching courses. It ensures that best techniques and safety are being taught throughout the UK. Open water swimming is a fantastic form of exercise and we expect the popularity to keep on growing.” Whether you are an elite, competitive athlete, someone seeking the thrill of open wild swimming or simply someone who enjoys taking a dip, open water swimming does seem to appeal to the masses. It’s a leap of faith, it’s mind over matter, and once you’ve taken the plunge the benefits are limitless and without bounds.


Four years and counting… Chris Phillips is head of sales in the Sports Intelligence practice of 4global; responsible for the award-winning DataHub, which is four years old this month. Here he asks if data insight has come this far in four short years, what does the future hold? The leisure industry has always been a ‘data rich, information poor’ sector. We collect more data than many other sectors combined – every time a member joins, leaves, refers a friend or takes part in an activity we are collecting and collating data. Having been on all sides of this process, as a gym member, an employee in leisure facilities and now working with a data collection system provider, I am excited to see just how much the value of data has increased in the last four years since the DataHub came into being. Founded in 2013, the DataHub offers an automated way for all sport, leisure and physical activity providers to securely bring their data together, align it with consistent sector standards and then access and share business intelligence and best practice. It currently holds information from more than 4,500 users including operators, County Sports Partnerships and National Governing Bodies, logging data from over 550 million visits to more than 2,000 venues. If we’d had access to the wider sector data available today when I began working in this industry 20 years ago, we’d all be in a much stronger position.

Over the last four years we’ve seen competing brands join forces, using aggregated data views to help drive active participation. We’ve seen whole cities working together to create participation opportunities for the population, rather than just their own members, and governing bodies working in close partnership with operators. We’ve seen new conceptual facilities designed and built based on the social value they can generate and a wider understanding of the roles and opportunities the vast array of companies and organisations working to deliver this thing we call leisure can deliver. And we’ve proudly collaborated with partners such as ukactive to deliver insight and evidence based on the support of you, the operators, who share this valuable data with the DataHub. The next four years hold more exciting insights I am sure. As pressure mounts on the health service, the value of physical activity and the significance of those that provide it will become more and more apparent. With ever more data being delivered to the DataHub, we will continue to drive this agenda, using evidential results to make sure the industry we love is informed, appreciated and increasingly able to reveal its potential.

The value of having data at our finger tips is untold and, as yet, still relatively untapped – we’re constantly exposing both new opportunities and new insight into the inner workings of our sector. There are near daily reports on how physical activity can reduce health risks like diabetes and chronic heart disease, improve mental health and wellbeing and just make us all feel better about ourselves. Understanding the needs of those that want to be active and, more importantly, those that need a little more persuasion is the key to making a difference. And evidence can unlock this understanding. Having access to the insights 550 million visits provides means an industry with more capability and a wider opportunity for collaboration, operators more able to understand their member base and population, and better equipped to develop relevant partnerships with delivery partners and charities to enhance their service. MARCH 2019 45


Eating Disorder Awareness Laura Phelan, Harley Street eating disorder specialist, shares her own story of recovery along with signs for people to watch out for in their friends, family or clients. With Eating Disorder Awareness Week between 25 Feb - 3rd March 2019, the issue should be fresh in our minds. Laura Phelan is a Harley Street eating disorder specialist offering consultations for those directly suffering, and carers of those suffering. She is also a public speaker focused on Eating Disorder awareness, body image and body confidence. Laura recently co-founded the brand @ beyondbodyconfidence. Here she tells her own story of recovery along with signs for people to watch out for.

Recovery hell to recovered and well I developed anorexia at the age of 13, so I have been in recovery for over 12 years now. Prior to this I was quite shy, didn't have a lot of self-confidence and when embarking on what I thought was a "healthy eating regime", I didn't realise the drastic consequence it would have on my mental health. I soon became obsessed by calorie counting, over exercising and controlling what I ate. It felt safe, like a coping mechanism I didn't know I needed as a teenage girl trying to understand her place in society, and something I think of now as a "worst best friend". Anorexia is quite literally like being possessed by something greater than you, instilling fear and a sense of codependency on dangerous behaviours such as restricting your food intake, over exercising and developing an obsession with being smaller. It strips you of your happiness, health and many relationships. 46

MARCh 2019

My turning point was hitting rock bottom on my 14th birthday. My BMI had become critical, but more importantly my mental health was completely shot, and I was being threatened to be hospitalised and sectioned if I did not adhere to the help I was being given by therapists and dietitians. Luckily, with time, patience and an everyday fight, I decided I wanted to at least try. The realisation that it might kill me and that dying wasn't as scary as trying to eat more, was enough to make me realise something really was wrong. So, through years of therapy support, family support and a conscious daily battle to fight the thoughts and behaviours that had gotten me so ill, I started to get through. I still longed to be smaller, I still longed to control my food and had severe body image and self- confidence issues for years after, but I knew I had to keep going. I look back today and realise life experience, my greatest challenges including the hard ones, but also the good ones like travelling and setting up a business to help others suffering, (Phelan Well) are the things which enabled me to heal wholly. I am always grateful for where I am today and try my upmost to live life to the full, enjoy food and every day without worrying about what I am eating or what I look like. A life after recovery is a life of freedom and opportunity and these days, I look to show up in life in a much bigger way. Leading on from this, in 2015 I discovered Beat, the UK’s leading eating disorder charity and began as an Ambassador and Mentor for them sharing my story and supporting others in their recovery. This experience enabled me to discover my “voice� and passion to be a beacon of hope for health and happiness, so I began my training as an Eating Disorder Specialist at the National Centre for Eating Disorders, whilst working as a pastoral mentor in a sixth form. Alas Phelan Well was born and my mission to help others develop a more positive relationship with food, their bodies and themselves.


Now, with a host of other qualifications under my belt including body image work, CBT and Therapeutic Coaching, I work in Harley St as an Eating Disorder Specialist, where I see people on a one to one basis as well as via Skype and help people from all parts of the world as far as South America! I have worked with thousands of people both in my clinic and via delivering talks and workshops for companies, schools, brands, festivals such as “women of the world” and I collaborate with other people of influence to help spread the message far and wide that recovery is possible. One of my biggest goals is to change the stigma attached to eating disorders in that you have to be in a thin, emaciated young female body to be struggling. Eating disorders do not discriminate, they can impact anyone, at any age, at any time and people can be struggling from binge eating disorder, orthorexia and other forms of disordered eating and still need, and deserve, support.

Some of the common signs and symptoms include:  Preoccupation around weight, shape and appearance  New obsession with food  Withdrawal  Irritability  Secrecy  Avoiding socialising around food

 Changing food habits  Loss of normal interests  Deliberate methods to purge food from the body  Changes in mood/ extreme mood swings  Strict habits and routines around food  Loss of period  Feeling cold, dizzy, tired  Uncomfortable eating with others  In some cases, weight loss/changes in weight/ weight gain  Difficulty concentrating  Sleep problems  New found preoccupation with body and other people’s bodies  Erratic behaviour  Hair loss The signs and symptoms do differ for anorexia, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder and EDNOS (Eating disorders otherwise specified) but the most common shared symptoms are being preoccupied with food, weight or shape, mood swings, changing eating habits and changes in normal behaviours. If you suspect someone might be struggling or are worried about yourself please reach out at laura@ phelanwell.com, otherwise you can contact and visit your local GP, or call a helpline such as Beat for resources, support and guidance on what to do next.

MARCh 2019 47


B 2 B at B o dy P o w e r Experience – The Forum for Fitness Industry Professionals As the BodyPower brands evolves, the team at BodyPower HQ have rebranded the highly successful BodyPower Expo with it’s power-based concept to a far more engaging and all encompassing ‘experience’ known as The BodyPower Experience (BPX). The fitness event will be cover the cross section of the industry with 3 distinct audiences: fitness and lifestyle, sports and performance and aesthetics. With a rich history of delivering globally renowned power and aesthetic expos, the objective of the change is to represent and showcase the fitness industry in 2019. With previous trade show experience launching and developing The Dentistry show, The Pharmacy Show, London VET Show as well as Fitness Training Show, the team have made a decision to bring their B2B and trade event under the same roof, creating one show for the fitness industry. Steve Orton, BodyPower Managing Director explained “a large proportion of our audience work within the fitness and health industry. Creating a specific event over the BPX weekend for these individuals gives more value, more access to industry innovation, business deals and a great networking opportunity. Brands involved in B2B@ BPX include major industry names TRX, Core Health and Fitness, InBody, Primal Strength and Stairmaster amongst many more… 48

MARCH 2019


The event will consist of three content focus points: Entrepreneur Live - a chance for visitors to witness the inspiration stories of leading names in the industry as they share how they developed their multi-million pound brands, through to those disrupting the market place. Listen to round table discussions from leading gym chains, the boutique sector is it to stay, is there a mid-market gym sector through to secondary spend for gyms and how nutrition and convenience is evolving. Trade match meets - key decision makers from major industry distributors through to buyers from gym chains such as energie fitness, Xercise4Less, Aldi, Virgin Active, names will be confirmed soon.

BodyPower Experience 10th-12th May 2019 at NEC Birmingham

The Networking Lounge - an informal setting for

B2B at BodyPower Experience 10th-11th May 2019, Hall 6, NEC, Birmingham

ASDA and Everyone Active have all attended in the past and

industry executives and professionals to meet up, discuss business and forge relationships


MARCH 2019 49


Could you be bringing Sprint 8 Training to your gym floor? Matt Gleed writes about the new HIIT Training method for everyone.

The fitness industry is recognising that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a great way to workout but lots of concerns come from the plyometric style of training that is often used in delivery. So, let me introduce you to the Sprint 8 programme which is an efficient, fat-burning HIIT workout that gives you a complete cardio exercise experience, including warm-up and cool-down, in just 20 minutes. Sprint 8 is so much more than a basic HIIT workout. When you use the Sprint 8 training programme, people of all shapes and sizes can hit the ground running from the start. Matrix Fitness has taken the delivery further with pre-programmed workouts for beginners, intermediates, advanced or elite athletes. The short HIIT workout allows you to enter your age, weight and desired level of intensity, and the equipment will automatically change speed and elevation, or resistance, during the workout as it moves through your sprint and recovery intervals. You can even choose if you’d like to work out with helpful audio and video tips from Coach Phil Campbell who has designed the workout.

Proven to transform Muscle mass naturally decreases and body fat increases as part of the aging process. You can slow down, stop or even reverse that trend when you use the Sprint 8 workout. When you train with Sprint 8 regularly, you will not only transform your body, but studies have shown the Sprint 8 50

MARCH 2019

programme can lead to lower blood pressure, lower “bad” cholesterol, and lower body fat. Your ideal programming would include this workout three times a week and if you combine it with other focussed training like strength work, functional conditioning and other goal specific work, your clients and members can feel and see differences. The scientifically proven workout has a high-intensity portion of just four minutes per workout. That’s only 12 minutes of high-intensity workout per week. Sprint 8 naturally releases Human Growth Hormone, so you can lose weight, burn fat, gain lean muscle and reduce cortisol levels too. The workout has been tested by many facilities and independent studies show several benefits all available on the Sprint 8 website. If you have members that haven’t been exercising regularly, have never really sprinted before or are over 60 years of age, lead them through small group sessions to begin slowly. Sprint 8 is effective for adult exercisers of any age, but going too hard too soon can leave you susceptible to injury, which will side-line your efforts and delay your goals. When performing the intervals you will be told when the intensity is “Ramping up” which allows your body to become accustomed to your new level. If at first doing HIIT is too much for clients, then the trainer should encourage staying at four sprints (instead of eight) for a few weeks. Listen to your body and keep pushing ahead at your own pace to finally hit eight sprints.


Phil Campbell

Group Classes

Performing Sprint 8 on cardio equipment found in several gyms is relativity simple. After a three-minute, easy-paced warm-up, there are eight segments consisting of what Campbell describes, “30-second, all-out, fast-fibre recruiting, anaerobic cardio sprint.” Each of the eight cardio sprints is followed by a 90-second “active recovery,” which according to Campbell is equal to the intensity of walking.

In new gyms opening in the UK, I have recently been encouraging the fitness teams to start adding the Sprint 8 Workouts to timetables. At this time of year, when all the treadmills are getting lots of use due to London Marathon training, the group Sprint 8 sessions can relieve the pressure of the steady cardio users. To be lead through a session with a member the fitness team you can gain community within your gym and turn through more people on the equipment while giving them a more specific focus.

When Phil was putting this together he looked at best practices on what the best training method was for the programme and in the adherence stage members did well at eight intervals, but asking them to do a ninth or tenth effort, the attainment was no where near the levels. In a similar way if you were to do four really good efforts moving through your maximum effort it would be better again than doing eight, but not putting in your best. In fact a great 25 or 26 seconds and fading is better than finishing the 30 seconds and not needing the recovery. This is how the programme works all three muscles types and gets the amazing results.

The Sprint 8 programme is available on the consoles of several Matrix Fitness cardio machines. Including Upright Cycles, Recumbent Cycles or Group Training Cycles, Ellipticals, Rowers, Treadmills and even HIIT specific equipment like the S-Force. Each time I do Sprint 8, it is hard but it makes my workout go quickly and keeps me focused while I know I’m getting so many benefits. For more information have a look at www.sprint8. com and have a look at the White Papers, Research, Articles and Podcasts. There are also books available to read including testimonials from several different types of people who train this way.

MARCH 2019



Are you trending in the fitness scene for 2019? Taz Dunstan, from XL Personal Training, looks at how gym owners can use current trends to boost their business offering. Tracking the trends of the fitness industry is essential to remain current and as a service provider you have a responsibility to ensure you are providing the products and services your clientele want. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) is a reputable research facility who has been tracking the fitness trends for over a decade, conducting surveys from 2006 (originally founded in 1954) and their research is invaluable for fitness professionals to know where they rank and what they should be preparing for if they wish to remain current for the future. Below are the top ten trends for 2019 as predicted by ACSM. How many of these trends do you use and provide as a product or service to your clients? If the answer is not many, it might be time to revise your business plan to ensure you are not left for dead in an industry that will continue to recreate the wheel to keep people motivated in different ways. The number one top trend for the fitness industry in 2019 is "Wearable technology.". The population want to own their results and empower themselves to track their progress. Fitbits, smart watches, health apps and heart rate monitors are the "in thing" and they are just the tip of the iceberg with what is to come. Let us keep in mind, this technology can be just as redundant as a home gym if it is not utilised, begging the question, who knows what their wearable technology is capable of? How are the owners of this technology maximising their results with self set targets and who knows what their optimal heart rate zones are? There is definitely room for the entrepreneurs of the fitness industry to capitalise on this market that continues to expand. The second most popular trend in fitness this year is "Group training" - classified as five or more clients. Again, technology is incorporated with this trend, as 2019 will see a substantial increase in online group training. 52

MARCH 2019


to "Bikram" (hot) and "Vinyasa" (flow style) to more contemporary "Power yoga" even "beer yoga" this is certainly a popular trend that continues to diversify in all avenues, increasing the appeal and size of the target market of existing followers and potential yogis. Number eight is "Personal Trainers" one on one targeted goal setting. This trend has been a staple in the top 10 most popular fitness trends due to its customised effectiveness and most likely the promotion of results. PTs being able to combine their services with technology to offer training in an online capacity has allowed this trend to expand to a wider audience which has proved more time and cost effective for both the professionals and their clients.

As people become more comfortable with online platforms, they are embracing a more innovative environment to train. This opens up a massive potential for fitness professionals and gym owners to literally "tap into" this new style of virtual gym goers who want access to resources in their own space in their own time. Taking out the third place trend is "HIIT training." Previously the most popular trend in 2018, it is dropping, but still popular. The marketing for this style of training has been to maximise results in minimal time. Time is valuable and people with tight schedules want to get in and get out. Number four: "Fitness programmes for older adults." With an increasingly aging population, it is evident that people are living for longer and are wanting to preserve their quality of life. In addition to general health benefits and improved circulation associated with exercise, the science linking increased bone density with weight training has seen more medical professionals promoting exercise programmes for their older clients. This is a large demographic of fitness clients and if your gym isn't catering to this market now, this would be a wise move. "Body weight training" is at number five. It is popular because it is economic and convenient. Any fitness professional customising programmes that reduce the objections will have a more successful conversion rate. Think smarter, if people are spending their money on technology to track their results odds are that they are saving money on equipment to use. Cater to your clients. Number six at the top of the trends is "Hiring qualified Personal Trainers." While the fitness industry might not be regulated with legislation yet, people know they are entitled to information and if they are paying a professional to provide a professional service, they expect someone with qualifications and experience.

Coming in at number nine is "Functional Fitness Training." This applies less to cross fit style, competitive gyms and more towards rehabilitation programmes and functionality with regards to people performing daily activities without pain or restriction. The last of the top 10 trends tracked for 2019 is: "Exercise is medicine." This relates to an increase of health professionals who factor in their patient’s exercise as part of their overall health and well-being. This also clearly demonstrates the population is correlating the need to move with their overall health. It is unfortunate there is no comparison at this stage between the percentage of the population currently on medication to manage their health conditions, opposed to those who, given the choice, would prefer to exercise to manage these conditions. Most Gym Owners should be aware that the population is steering away from gym memberships, preferring to manage their own results, in their own space, in their own time. With gym memberships not listed in the top 10 fitness trends, it is clear there is room to move to ensure gyms do not become obsolete. I am not suggesting a complete overall of current business models to disregard the existing clients but I am suggesting that gym owners seriously consider what they currently offer and what scope they have to accommodate other demographics. It seems logical that the future of fitness is geared towards body weight group fitness classes for the elderly, wearing smart clothing and accessories for them and their health professionals to track their results and overall health. Instructed by qualified fitness professionals also offering a yoga style warm up and cool down, available in the club while being live streamed for other participants to sign in to attend world wide, or afterwards as a virtual class on demand. Are you connected?

Thanks to governing bodies who confirm qualifications and registration statuses, it is easy for people to "look up" group fitness trainers and PTs to see their qualifications and experience as certified by industry watchdogs. If you are a gym owner who is employing unqualified fitness "professionals" and promoting them as qualified, that is misconduct and a breach of consumer rights. People have more access to information and you have a responsibility to provide what they are paying for. The seventh most popular fitness trend is "Yoga." The evolution of this practice from traditional "Hatha" yoga MARCH 2019 53


HITIO Gym: Europe’s Most Exciting Health and Fitness Concept Has Arrived HITIO Gym has signed its first franchise agreement in the UK, as part of the Norwegian gym chain’s international expansion

With the potential to be cash flow positive within just months of trading, a HITIO Gym will provide substantial recurring income within just 12 months.

Combining a traditional gym and studio offering with combat sports training, HITIO has become one of the largest fitness chains in Norway, with 32 clubs nationwide. The signing of the first UK franchise follows the announcement of inaugural clubs in Spain and Portugal, which are set to open in Q2 2019.

As part of the extensive support provided to franchisees, all senior members of staff and instructors also embark on a training programme led by HITIO’s central team in Oslo, in line with the brand’s commitment to maintaining its core values and delivering a community-led experience through each franchise.

Mark Chambers, HITIO CEO, says: “The fitness industry is booming and there’s nothing in the market that offers a concept like ours; with sites already confirmed in the UK, Spain and Portugal and with Sweden and Germany next in our sights, it’s a very exciting time to be a part of HITIO and we can’t wait to get the first UK site open!”

The first UK club, which will open in South London this summer, will be owned by BGB Fitness, an investment group specialising in fitness facilities and with more than 30 years’ combined experience in the health and fitness and property sectors.

Everyone is welcome at HITIO What started out as small taekwondo centres has since evolved into a gym and combat sports concept for everyone. HITIO’s distinctive format aims to bring people together through physical activity by targeting a large customer base including families with children, who can exercise together. Parents can workout at the same time and place as their children; members can bring friends, family or colleagues or simply train individually.

Why HITIO? HITIO’s unique format for family health and fitness makes it the ideal opportunity for aspiring business owners. Its proven business model provides the financial security and work/life balance that many of us crave.


MARCH 2019

Matthew Blair, Director of BGB Fitness, explains why they chose HITIO: “Until now we haven’t found anything as unique as HITIO. The concept addresses a real gap in the market and is something that we feel strongly about. And, with child obesity an ever-increasing concern for the UK, HITIO gyms are a fantastic way of engaging families in health and fitness, to create meaningful community experiences that will change lives.” For more information about the HITIO franchise program, visit www.hitiogym.com

"The fitness industry is booming and there’s nothing in the market that offers a concept like ours"


Why and how group exercise can increase retention and memberships Sarah Leeves, Marketing Manager at EMD UK, discusses why group exercise is engaging more people than ever and the things you can do to deliver experiences on your gym floor. Often overlooked as the uncool cousin of the gym, group exercise is making quite the name for itself. Not only have group exercise classes appeared in all three TV adverts for Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign, research from the 2018 National Fitness Survey found that 4.96m people are now taking part in group exercise weekly. That’s an increase of over one million since 2016. With the ever-increasing number of group exercise styles, the opportunity to engage the 11m inactive Brits is tantalising. Not into yoga? Try dance fitness. Not into HIIT? Try group cycling. Although there is no one size fits all class, there is something for everyone and it’s that variety that makes group exercise an exciting activity to offer. You may not realise the positive impact offering group exercise can have on your gym’s retention. In 2013, The Retention People (TRP) conducted a 10,000-person strong membership behaviour study over a seven-month period. The results found that the risk of cancelling memberships was 56 per cent higher in those with gym-only memberships compared to those who did group exercise - 27.6 cancellations per thousand against 17.7. If group exercise really can account for a 10 per cent difference in membership retention, gym owners need to take note. But what else does group exercise offer? Let’s look back at those 11m inactive Brits. Research by EMD UK, the national governing body for group exercise, found that 35% of group exercise participants were not doing any form of exercise before they started classes. Additionally, 55% of those people had not done any form of exercise for over three years prior to starting classes. As a tool for getting 56

MARCH 2019


the physically inactive active, the diversity of group exercise may be enough to get people out the house and into activity.

So where does this leave you? As a gym owner, you should consider adding group exercise classes to your business. Here are five areas to contemplate as to how and why:

1. Open your business to a wider customer base Offering classes at your facility immediately opens your doors to people who would never consider going to a gym. People enjoy group exercise classes because they are ‘noncompetitive’ and ‘you don’t have to be fit to start’. Trying a variety of classes allows them to settle into a physical activity routine at their own pace and work out which classes they like. Group exercise can even be a feeder for the gym; if someone falls in love with BODYPUMP™, chances are they’ll find their way to your free weights area. Additionally, as people get fitter and make it a routine, they’ll naturally want to do more. That’s where your gym equipment and PT sessions come in. Offering classes also allows you to advertise in additional ways. classfinder.org.uk is a class search tool powered by open data. This means when you add your class timetable to the site for free, you can opt-in to have your details displayed across other search engines, making it easier for people to find your business.

2. Make the gym floor your studio Having a studio is great but not essential. Many gyms now include a functional training rig, and this is the perfect space to run small group sessions. With circuit classes currently the fourth most popular class and body conditioning sitting at number nine in terms of popularity, these class formats lend themselves to your gym MARCH 2019



equipment; dumbbells, kettlebells, sand bags, battle ropes. All of these make for a fantastic class without you having to spend a fortune on new equipment and doesn’t require you having the expense of empty space when classes are not running.

men have taken up weekly group exercise. In fact, male participation has increased more than female participation. Bodybuilders and strongmen are starting to incorporate HIIT sessions into their regime so delivering these sessions is complementary to them.

A big advantage to having classes taking place on the gym floor is quick advertising to your other members. With free apps and online workouts making it easier for people to do their exercise at home, you’ll need to showcase your other offerings if you want to retain that extra 10 per cent of memberships.

As more men start to try group exercise, you can reach out to more people. If you’re thinking about marketing your classes towards the male market and getting more clients generally, consider the following:

3. Up skill your staff You’re likely to have heard the argument of “What if I train them and they leave?” but “What if you don’t and they stay?” Fitness professionals at your gym are likely to have their own career plans with progression paths. A 2016 Working in Fitness Survey found that over 80% of surveyed fitness professional were interested in taking further training. Although they may not stay forever, staff that feel valued are likely to stay with your business longer. Although your staff may be used to working 1-2-1 with clients, they may not have experience or confidence in delivering group sessions. With your gym equipment lending itself to classes such as HIIT and circuits, the Level 2 Group Training Qualification gives your staff the knowledge and skills needed to deliver these classes. Sport England training bursaries are available on this course, run by EMD UK, reducing the cost of this qualification to as little as £549. Instructor insurance is also included for a year, ensuring your instructors have sufficient cover from this market-leading package.

4. Men do it too Worried that your male gym clients won’t engage? Set those worries aside; since 2016, nearly 300,000 more


MARCH 2019

• The pathways group exercise provides. Group exercise is a great way to build stamina and strength before entering competitive sports, like football and rugby. Include phrases such as ‘build stamina and strength;’ when marketing your classes. • Approach local sports teams. Explain how group exercise can complement the team’s regular training, especially sessions such as HIIT, circuits and boot camps. Invite the team to try your gym-floor based sessions or bring the class to them!

5. Offer express sessions If giving up the gym floor for an hour isn’t feasible, running 20 or 30-minute HIIT or circuit classes is a great option. It also means you could run two or three classes back to back to maximise your space usage and non-member income. Group exercise has the potential to increase both your gym memberships and your retention. As a tool to use alongside gym workouts, it’s a formidable force. After all, nearly 5m people can’t be wrong, with another 11 million waiting in the wings!

EMD UK is the national governing body for group exercise. For more information on career development, instructor insurance and training call EMD UK on 01403 266000 or visit emduk.org.


MARCH 2019 59


FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: STANDARDS REMAIN BUT CONDITIONS CHANGE TRX looks at the changing world of functional fitness and how it is innovating with the times The training philosophy at TRX is based around standards of movement. A push, a pull, a plank… everything we do, every tool we train with, should all come back to these standards. But the landscape and conditions of functional training are changing. Whether it is the latest fitness trend or new boutique studio, companies who specialise in functional training need to continually innovate, whilst being creative and flexible in order to progress. Progression must happen. And we found that launching the TRX Functional Training tools, built with the highest standards of quality, was a natural progression to bring a complete solution to functional training.

Multi-modality Functional Training The line of TRX Functional Training Tools includes kettlebells, medicine balls, slam balls, conditioning ropes, sand bags, foam rollers, soft plyo boxes, strength bands, mini bands, and mats. Each product has been crafted to withstand high-volume use in a commercial environment. In 2012, the TRX Training and Education Team started using these tools, along with the Suspension Trainer, with the U.S. Marine Corps HITT Training programme. They have since been integrated into the company’s education curriculum. With best-in-class education at its core, TRX host a Functional Training Course (FTC) which reinforces foundational movements on the Suspension Trainer but participants also learn how to leverage TRX’s movement based training approach with foundational movements and progressions that then apply to a variety of functional training equipment, progressing multimodality exercises and circuits. Participants learn how to properly perform over 30 exercises and multiple circuit training workouts; how to use other modalities to improve strength, speed, power, or endurance; and how to lead multiple movement-based circuit workouts using up to seven modalities, including the TRX Suspension Trainer, for groups of any size. 60

MARCH 2019


Simple movement; detailed assessment Technology is rapidly evolving the fitness landscape as well as the expectations of the consumer, not just of their user experience but of the accuracy of the testing and performance tracking. TRX MAPS, powered by PHYSMODO, performs a complete body movement assessment in less than 30 seconds to provide a person with personalised exercises to improve how they move. 2,000 data points are collected and movement inefficiencies are identified across four critical categories; mobility, activation, posture and symmetry. Results are delivered on-screen and via email and within the TRX app, with targeted exercise plans that address the identified areas of weakness. So members can track their progress after each scan. Operators can use TRX MAPS to start a conversation with members, drive lead generation, enhance and up-sell personal training and small group training and increase member engagement and retention.

Complete commercial solutions The rise of boutique fitness and ‘box’ functional training

studios has changed how we maximise the design of our gym spaces. Newly introduced to market, the TRX Training Studio Line has the ability and versatility to create a whole new functional training area in your facility, available in various sizes and configurations to meet an array of functional training, Suspension Training and storage needs. Options include TRX Bridge Solutions, TRX T-Unit Solutions, TRX Bay Solutions and TRX CornerUnit Solutions, all with customisable storage and functional training configurations. These functional training installations can transform a gym floor, boost underutilised spaces, enhance the training offering and create an engaging zone for members. Creating a bespoke functional training zone, the TRX Bridge Solution can satisfy an array of functional training and storage needs. The bridge includes bays with optional wall bars, suspension options and storage racks. This is ideal for small group training, open use and 1-1 personal training sessions. The TRX T-Unit Solution is a free-standing system that is floor mounted, permitting a 360-degree training experience holding up to six Suspension Trainers, making it perfect for any area of the gym floor. TRX Bay-Unit Solutions include a single or multiple bay with

MARCH 2019



optional wall bars, suspension options and storage racks whilst the TRX CornerUnit Solutions has the same features but for corner builds.

Evolve and innovate “Conditions in every industry change, the key is to adapt to it. Not everyone likes change but it’s a sign of progression and should be seen as an opportunity to grow, evolve and innovate. The exciting chance to stay ahead of the curve, shape the future direction and be a market leader,” says Julian Woolley, TRX UK Country Manager.


“The fitness industry has seen dramatic change over the years with technology advancements, new equipment trends, the rise of the boutique sector and the increased expectations of consumers just to name a few. “At TRX, we meet change head on. We welcome it as a chance to continually improve our offering, solutions and education for the commercial and home markets. We pride ourselves on being leaders in movement and have grown a loyal community by offering simple equipment, effective workouts and education capable of transforming fullbody health.” See the latest from TRX, including the full range of TRX Functional Training Tools, the TRX Studio Line and TRX MAPS, at upcoming trade shows including FIBO, BodyPower and Elevate. For more information visit www.trxtraining.co.uk

- SPECIAL OFFER Buy 4 TRX Club 4 Suspension Trainers + 1 TRX original education slot and get TWO additional Club 4’s


• • • •


PROVIDE THE ORIGINAL TRX EXPERIENCE TO YOUR MEMBERS! For more information, contact your local rep at:





MARCH 2019


TRX Workout Programmes Matt Gleed shares TRX exercises for beginners, intermediates and the advanced TRX Training turns your body into a machine, allowing you to put yourself through a full-body workout anytime, anywhere. Here, TRX Senior Master Trainer, Matt Gleed, shares his top exercises for beginners, intermediates and the advanced.

TOP 5 TRX EXERCISES FOR BEGINNERS TRX Chest Press Strap Length: Long  With the TRX in single-hand mode, stand facing away from the anchor and keep weight on the balls of your feet  Lower chest towards the ground and bend elbows to 90 degrees  Press back up, maintaining body alignment Common Faults:  If straps are rubbing on the arms, raise arms or lengthen straps  Keep chest lifted and core engaged to prevent breaking at the hips or rounded shoulders

TRX Lunge Strap Length: Mid Calf  Stand facing away from the anchor with one foot through both the foot cradles, cradle suspended below the anchor point  Drop down in a lunge while reaching back with suspended leg and lowering front knee to 90 degrees  Drive up through front heel Common Faults:  Keep the chest lifted to prevent the upper body falling forwards  Ensure that the reaching bag leg doesn’t just straighten backwards by dropping the knee

keeping elbows at shoulder height  Return to start position, keeping tension on handles Common Faults:  Keep body straight and chest lifted to prevent breaking at the hips  Ensure the elbows stay in line with shoulders throughout, rather than creeping outwards

TRX Low Row Strap Length: Short  Stand facing anchor, lean back with arms straight and keep palms facing down  Squeeze shoulder blades together, keeping elbows pulled into sides and move body up towards anchor  Return to start position, maintaining body alignment Common Faults:  Keep chest lifted and pull shoulders back and down to prevent breaking at the hips or rounding  Bring chest to hands to prevent the elbows moving out wide

TRX Plank

TRX Triceps Press

Strap Length: Mid Calf  Kneel facing away from anchor with both feet in foot cradles, and align hands under shoulders  Lift knees up off the ground  Maintain body alignment from head to toes

Strap Length: Mid Length  Stand facing away from the anchor and extend the arms at shoulder level with palms facing down  Bear weight on handles, bend elbows and bring the head towards the handles, maintaining body alignment and

Common Faults:  Prevent lifting/dropping hips by engaging core and keeping chest lifted  Pinch the shoulder blades down and back to prevent rounding of the shoulders

For more workouts, education or to purchase TRX products visit www.trxtraining.co.uk MARCH 2019



TOP 5 TRX EXERCISES FOR INTERMEDIATE USERS TRX Front Squat Strap Length: Long  Stand facing away from the anchor, place straps under the arms, bring handles to both sides of the chest and place bodyweight on the handles  Walk back to a 45 degree angle, open feet slightly wider than hips and start on the balls of your feet  Drop down into a squat and drive through the balls of your feet back up to standing  To increase difficulty add a hop Common Faults:  Stay on the balls of your feet to prevent falling back on the heels  Keep core engaged and weight on handles to prevent over supporting with the arms

TRX Mountain Climber Strap Length: Mid Calf  Kneel facing away from the anchor with both feet in the foot cradles and align hands under the shoulders  Lift knees off the ground, raising hips slightly and bringing one knee into chest  Extend leg back, bringing the other knee to the chest then alternate slowly with control Common Faults:  To prevent ‘sawing’ on the TRX straps, maintain equal tension when extending the legs out  Lift hips slightly to ensure the knees drive all the way to chest

TRX Single Arm Bicep Curl Strap Length: Mid Length  With the straps in single-arm mode, stand side on to the anchor with one hand in the handles, palm facing up. Keeping the feet planted extend the working arm, lowering the body down to the start position  Curl and pull the working hand towards the temples,

keeping the elbow high and aligned with the shoulders throughout the movement  In a controlled motion, extend back to the start position, keeping the body aligned Common Faults:  To prevent breaking at the hips, keep the body straight, tension throughout and chest lifted  Be sure not to drop the elbow, keep it high and in line with the shoulder throughout

TRX Chest Press (Single Leg) Strap Length: Long  Stand facing away from the anchor, extend arms out in front at shoulder level and keep weight on the balls of your feet  In a balanced movement, lift one leg off the ground and extend backwards slightly  From this position, lower the chest towards the ground and bend elbows to 90 degrees  Press back up maintaining body alignment Common Faults:  If the straps rub the arms, lift arms slightly or lengthen straps  If hips drop, contract the glutes and pull the shoulder down and back to assist alignment

TRX Oblique Crunch Strap Length: Mid Calf  Kneel facing away from the anchor with both feet in foot cradles and align the hands under the shoulders  Lift knees up off the ground, raising the hips slightly  Bring knees towards the side of the chest, alternating sides  Maintain body alignment at fully extended and start positions Common Faults:  Lift hips slightly to ensure knees drive fully into sides  Maintain tension and body alignment to control the rhythm/swing of the movement

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TOP 5 TRX EXERCISES FOR ADVANCED TRAINING TRX Sprinters Start Strap Length: Long  Stand facing away from the anchor, place straps under the arms, bring handles to both sides of the chest and keep the body weight on the handles  Walk back to a 45 degree angle, centre the working leg to the anchor point and drop the opposite leg down into a lunge  Drive the back leg forward and up toward the chest, coming up on the ball of the foot Common Faults:  Engage core and place bodyweight on the handles to prevent weight being supported by the arms  Keep weight in stationary leg to prevent distributing too much on the back leg

TRX Hamstring Curl Strap Length: Mid Calf  Sit facing anchor, place heels in foot cradles and lie down with legs extended and feed directly below the anchor point  Drive heels down and into foot cradles while lifting the hips up and pulling the heels in  Return with control to start position Common Faults:  Ensure to keep the knees in line with hips so that they don’t fall out of alignment  Flex feet and drive heels down to prevent heels coming out of cradles

TRX Leg Extension Strap Length: Mid Calf  Kneel facing away from the anchor and place one foot through both foot cradles and align hands under shoulders  Lift knees off the ground, keeping free leg extended and working leg at a 90 degree angle to the hip

 Extend and flex the working leg out, lifting the free leg up into a higher extension  Return slowly in a controlled manner to start position Common Faults:  Keep body straight and chest lifted to prevent hips dropping  Maintain equal height of legs

TRX Swimmers Pull Strap Length: Mid Length  Start in end position to measure appropriate stance and range of motion: stand facing anchor in offset stance, pulling TRX back, keeping arms by sides and palms facing away from the anchor point  Slowly lower body down to start position, maintaining soft elbow angle throughout movement  Pull through moving body up toward anchor and keeping core engaged Common Faults:  Keep chest lifted and core engaged to prevent breaking at the hips  Keep arms straight throughout movement and maintain tension on TRX to prevent slack

TRX Chest Press (Single Arm) Strap Length: Long  With the TRX in single-hand mode, stand facing away from the anchor, extend working arm out in front at shoulder level and keep weight on the balls of your feet  Lower chest towards the ground and bend elbows to 90 degrees  Press back up, maintaining body alignment Common Faults:  Place free hand up in a mirror effect to ensure alignment  If unbalanced, keep feet wide or in an offset stance to improve stability

For more workouts, education or to purchase TRX products visit www.trxtraining.co.uk


PT Academy Workout Programmes PT Academy sets the bar high with these exercises


MARCH 2019


MARCH 2019








MARCH 2019


shoulders series - part 1/4

setting up instructions 1

set bar armpit height, grasp bar, hands slightly wider than shoulder-width


stand upright step one pace back. rotate elbows down directly under bar


take deep breath fill lungs & brace core preventing back from over arching

military press free weight exercise

shoulders series - part 1/4







military press free weight exercise

MARCH 2019




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Gym Owner Monthly March Issue 2019  

The UK's No.1 Digital Magazine For Gym Owners & Fitness Professionals.

Gym Owner Monthly March Issue 2019  

The UK's No.1 Digital Magazine For Gym Owners & Fitness Professionals.