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Welcome... ...to the July issue of Gym Owner Monthly Magazine Pour on the lotion, rub it all in. Perfect for my summer skin. On my bike or in the pool. A sip of water keeps me cool. Shades are on trainers too. Summers here, so much to do.

Right, let's get down to business and we kick start our July issue with The Exclusive, Guy Griffiths chats with Jack Gibson, founder of Fitness Worx about his journey, business growth and vision page 6. Some say that graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish but you’ve not met graffiti Geek Andy who goes by the name of Dime One. We caught up with him page 42. Page 52, Introducing Box Centric, Exclusive Club in Kensington and its ambassadors boxing champions Cathy Brown and John Conteh, page 46 Amy Dutfield talks to us about Trainer Burner Syndrome and page 64 Stacy Wig, What diet is for you? Nicholas Rizzo, author of Fitness Trends 2021, global report, tells us everything we need to know page 12. We would also like to thank our amazing contributors too. Without them we would not be able to produce such an amazing publication. Visit www.gymownermonthly.co.uk Train safe.

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JULY 2021





The Exclusive, Guy Griffiths chats to Jack Gibson founder of Fitness Worx about his journey, business growth and vision

Guy Griffiths chats to Jack Gibson founder of Fitness Worx about his journey, business growth and vision

12 FITNESS TRENDS 2021: New Trends in Fitness [Global Report] by Nicholas Rizzo


20 OUR CHOICE OF COMPRESSION SHORTS For men and women and how to choose the best ones


24 COMMERCIAL GYM FLOORING Fitness Trends 2021: New Trends in Fitness [Global Report] by Nicholas Rizzo


32 FITKIT Here is this month’s round-up of kit, products and extras


It’s time to lose the weight loss lingo By Ben HackneyWilliams photo big of girl stuffing her face


JUNE 2019

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There’s more to just painting your gym We talk to graffiti art geek Dime One


38 THE ELUSIVE 80% By Mark Mills 42 THERE’S MORE TO JUST PAINTING YOUR GYM We talk to graffiti art geek Dime One

46 RUNNING ON EMPTY Trainer Burner Syndrome by Amy Dutfield

52 INTRODUCING BOX CENTRIC And ambassadors Cathy Brown & John Conteh


60 OVER 40 OR EVEN OVER 50? By Philip Maddox



Running on empty Trainer Burner Syndrome by Amy Dutfield

By Stacy Wig

GOM Magazine


Introducing Box Centric and ambassadors Cathy Brown & John Conteh


Keto, Intermittent Fasting, vegan, paleo…and the list goes on!! What diet is for you?? By Stacy Wig

JUNE 2019





JULY 2021

GOM Magazine


GOM Magazine

JULY 2021



HOW DID YOU GET INTO THE FITNESS INDUSTRY? I found my way into the fitness industry almost by accident. I wasn’t particularly academic at school but enjoyed fitness, training, lifting, and nutrition. I took an exercise science course at college and was encouraged by my tutor to do my level 3 qualification, and that set me on the right pathway. I became a kid’s football and multi-sports coach at David Lloyd (Next Gen) in Swindon, progressing to a gym instructor and then a personal trainer over 4 years. I moved to a Fitness First club closer to home and quickly became the busiest PT there. After 3 years I moved on to a highend private PT studio in Warwick, again with the biggest client list of all the staff. When I talked to the studio owner about wanting to run my own business, he sacked me. So, I started on my own, training clients out of a shipping container at Kenilworth Rugby Club for 7 months. I played rugby there too, and the other players worked out on my powerhouse fitness kit when I wasn’t training my clients. And that was the spark that developed into Fitness Worx.

TELL US MORE ABOUT FITNESS WORX It’s an independent family business, started in 2014, now with seven sites across Warwickshire, Bristol & Shrewsbury. My dad Rich is a builder and carpenter by trade but as Fitness Worx took off, he wound his business down and joined us full time. He now primarily

works on creating our new sites. My brother Matt runs the Warwick site, and we have an in-house team based at our HQ and original location in Kenilworth. We initially looked for a studio space for personal training only. However, the Kenilworth site was around 4,500 square feet, a former garage and storage space. It was too big to just be a studio, so in 2014 we launched it as a gym, with small group fitness classes and personal training. Our focus is transformation programmes. Typically, 75% of our members buy a programme or PT, the remainder are open gym members. We have people on body transformation, strength programmes, fitness programmes, and general well-being programmes. Then we have a limited number of gym only memberships and a few classes to support the programmes. We opened the second site in Warwick in 2015, Southam followed in 2017, and then Bidford in 2019. We expanded out of Warwickshire in 2020 with two more Fitness Worx clubs in Shrewsbury and Bristol and also opened Studio Worx in Leamington Spa. So, we are no longer Warwickshire’s Transformation Specialists, but on a mission to become the UK’s Transformation Specialists and the largest independent PT chain!

WHY THE DIFFERENT BRANDING WITH STUDIO WORX? The opportunity came to open a high-end boutique small group training studio in the centre of Leamington Spa. It is limited


JULY 2021

GOM Magazine


to 100 memberships, focused on 1-2-1 coaching and a range of functional classes. We worked with Wasps rugby player Ben Harris on the concept, taking the proven Fitness Worx formula, and applying it to an authentic studio. It has all the proven PT packages and transformation programmes of Fitness Worx, just more exclusive, and town centre based. Members either buy a monthly class membership, or a PT package based around their goal; fat loss, strength, transform, or studio pairs (working with a friend on the same goal). To be honest, it’s still an experiment at the moment, but I see lots of opportunities with smaller town centre units, relaxed planning regulations, and a system that is focused on the client’s results.

WHAT SETS FITNESS WORX APART FROM ITS COMPETITORS? All our PTs are employed by Fitness Worx, and all staff are highly focused on ensuring we deliver the best PT and get results for all clients. No one is renting space or competing against each other, so

GOM Magazine

we all work as one team, even across sites. We have limited memberships and we focus on packages. The classes that we run are met cons (metabolic conditioning), strength camps and lift and moves, so more like small group PT than traditional group exercise. Compared to other PT studios, our members are always on a goal led programme, assigned to a specific coach who is trained and focused on that programme, like strong fit and lean, or strong in six.

Whichever Fitness Worx you visit, you will get the same programmes, packages, and systems. We run the same induction, the same measurements on the same body composition scales, so standards and quality are maintained across the brand. Measurements are a key part of any client’s journey, looking at strength, fitness, and/or health markers, along with before and after photos, if appropriate. A successful transformation programme doesn’t always mean a drop in weight or waist size though, it’s important to

JULY 2021



recognise that every person is different and to measure results or progression accordingly.

WHAT ARE THE BIGGEST CHALLENGES YOU FACE IN YOUR BUSINESS? The financial side is probably the hardest part. It’s difficult (but not impossible) to get funding as a new business. Building trust with landlords is also hard, especially when you are not a big chain gym, and there are lots of hoops to jump through. Finding locations was also a headache, as we used to have to go through at least 6 months of planning before we could open, but the recent changes in planning regulations have helped massively.

WHAT ARE THE MOST VALUABLE LESSONS YOU HAVE LEARNT ALONG THE WAY? Be prepared to put in long hours, especially working on the systems and management side of things. Having a good CRM system is key, understanding your data and being well organised saves a whole lot of time and saves wasting effort. Getting the right people involved, trusting, and delegating to them is really important. We’ve brought all our admin

in-house, so as well as employing all our PTs, our management and back-office team are all on-board, from sales and marketing to videographer, social media, and everything.

That said, it’s important to get advice from experts, from other gym owners, and to try new things. The great thing about having multiple sites is the opportunity to experiment and test new ideas. You’ve got to be innovative and try new things if you’re going to grow your business. They won’t all work, but if you don’t try, you’ll never know!

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO OTHER GYM OWNERS? I would have got more people involved earlier if I did it again. There would probably be more headaches, but better headaches in terms of growing the business. Building relationships is also key, from leasing equipment to talking to other people in the industry about trends and best practice.

WHAT IS AN INDEPENDENT GYM? Good question. I get asked this a lot since we’ve grown beyond 5 sites. I think as long as I’m involved, Fitness Worx will still be classed as an independent business.


JULY 2021

GOM Magazine


IN YOUR OPINION, WHAT IS THE CURRENT STATE OF THE UK FITNESS INDUSTRY? I think it’s in a strong position. Gym memberships are harder to sell for small independents right now when compared with Personal Training. Our PT sales are through the roof at the moment, but our memberships are recovering well at the same time. We’ll be back to pre-lockdown membership numbers by July.

WHAT IS THE SECRET TO YOUR RECOVERY? It depends on what you did for your members during lockdown. I know lots of clubs and businesses that did nothing, thought there was nothing they could do. But we did at least one event every week, from zoom workouts and classes, online transformation, quizzes, cocktail nights, games… you name it, we tried it. That is the reason why we recovered so well. We went over and above what many members wanted, and we continue to do so now. Some members are still not comfortable to come back yet, but we won’t forget them, we’re still there for them now, even online, and will be here when they’re ready.

WHAT’S NEXT FOR YOU AND FITNESS WORX? In the short term, we will be offering more transformation programmes for our members, and the big focus is on signing up more people to our existing clubs. We’re offering health seeker memberships with a monthly check-in to re-engage exmembers and sign-up new ones. We plan to open more sites this year. The goal was to get to ten clubs, but now that goal has had to slip to the next 1-2 years. Then we will grow to twenty-five sites in the next 5-10 years. We are on a mission to be the largest independent personal training chain in the UK.

Jack Gibson Fitness Worx  jack@fitness-worx.com  01926 859 488  www.fitness-worx.com  w  ww.facebook.com/ fitnessworxkenilworth  F  itness Worx, Unit 3 - Common Lane Industrial Estate, Kenilworth, CV8 2EL

GOM Magazine

JULY 2021



FITNESS TRENDS 2021: New Trends in Fitness [Global Report]



he pandemic has forced drastic changes upon the fitness industry, producing a sizable shift in how people approach staying fit and maintaining the health benefits of regular exercise.

In order to learn about what the newest trends in fitness were for 2021, we surveyed 4,538 active adults from 122 countries (active adults are respondents

KEY FINDINGS Exercising outdoors is the most popular fitness trend going into 2021: 59.1% of active adults chose outdoor activities like running, training, hiking, and walking as the best way to stay fit in 2021; up 14.6% from the start of 2020 39.4% of gym members are switching to running and other outdoor activities in 2021

who reported being active at the start of

The three fastest-growing fitness trends

2020). These respondents shared what

amongst active adults going into 2021 are:

they believed was the best way to stay fit in 2021, in comparison to the start of

At-home fitness equipment (up 49.6%) Active American adults saw significant

2020, before the pandemic.

Personal trainers/nutritionists (up 47.5%)

In this report, we break down the change

Online fitness courses, classes, and

equipment (up 218.3%) and online fitness

subscriptions (up 16.8%)

(up 134.7%) as the best way to achieve

in trends from 2020 to 2021, showing the differences demographically and in

increases in both at-home fitness

fitness goals in 2021

comparison to the two cohort studies of

Home fitness is growing explosively

1,990 gym members and 2,712 runners

amongst active Americans and gym

Gym members also saw significant

we published previously.


increases in both at-home fitness equipment (115.9%) and online fitness (93.3%) as their best solution for staying fit. The biggest loser of 2020 is memberships to gyms, health clubs, and group exercise classes: 60.5% fewer active adults see gyms, health clubs, and group exercise classes as the best way to stay fit in 2021. If you have any questions regarding the above findings, the following report, or are looking for interviews on this topic of trends in fitness, please feel free to reach out to Nick Rizzo, the Fitness Research Director here at RunRepeat, at nick@ runrepeat.com.


JULY 2021

GOM Magazine


TABLE OF CONTENTS • Global Trends in Fitness 2021 vs 2020 • What are the most popular fitness trends of 2021 - Outdoor activities - 2021's most popular trend in fitness - At-home fitness equipment fastest growing fitness trend of 2021 - Gym memberships - the biggest loser of 2020 - Staying fit with sports - 53.0% decline in women for 2021 - Fitness professionals - 47.5% more people look to personal trainers and nutritionists to achieve fitness goals - Online fitness - 134.7% more

seeing it as their best way to stay fit. In

UK respondents were 30.28% more in

comparison to the 8.2% of adults that

favor of outdoor exercise in comparison to

chose gyms, 103.6% more respondents

the US.

think at-home fitness equipment is their best bet for achieving their fitness goals in 2021. In addition to being the 2nd most popular trend of 2021, at-home fitness equipment is the fastest growing fitness trend, up 49.6% from the start of 2020. The 2nd and 3rd fastest growing trends for staying fit in 2021 are personal trainers and nutritionists (up 47.5%) and online fitness (16.8%).

best way to stay fit in 2021 plan to do to get fit in 2021 • Conclusion

exercising outdoors as the best way to stay fit (19.0%) in comparison to men (14.1%). 49.9% of gym members say outdoor exercise is their best way to achieve their fitness goals in 2021, a 39.4% increase from the start of 2020. 2) Fastest growing trend of 2021 At-home fitness equipment From the onset of the lockdown, many

The two trends that were hit the hardest

people have made significant changes to

were gym, health club, and group exercise

their exercise regimens. A lot of people

memberships (down 60.5%) and sports

made the decision to start investing in at-

(down 25.2%).

home gym equipment or make use of the fitness equipment they already had.

Americans see online fitness as the • What the 6.19% of inactive adults

Women experienced a larger increase in

WHAT ARE THE MOST POPULAR FITNESS TRENDS OF 2021? 1) The #1 most popular trend of

The percentage of active adults seeing athome fitness equipment as the best way to stay fit increased by 49.6%, making it the fastest growing trend of 2021.

2021 and 2020 - Outdoor exercise,

In the US, this trend has grown


workouts, and activities

explosively by 218.3%.

Exercising outdoors is the #1 most popular

consist of exercises such as running, hiking,

trend of 2021; 59.1% of active adults say

walking, cycling, and any other form of

outdoor activities like running, hiking,

outdoor workouts, exercises, or training.

walking, cycling, climbing, etc. are the best way to achieve their fitness goals in 2021.

Doing outdoor activities was the top trend in 2020 and in 2021. Outdoor activities

Exercising outdoors was voted the best way to stay fit in 2021 by 59.1% of active

At-home fitness equipment is the second

adults, increasing 14.6% from the start

most popular trend with 16.7% of adults

of 2020.

GOM Magazine

In stark contrast to the US, those from the UK aren’t jumping on this trend in quite the same way, with only 11.8% opting for at-home fitness equipment in 2021. Women favoring at-home fitness equipment grew 17.0% more than men since the start of 2020. Again we see that the gym industry’s loss

JULY 2021



is another industry’s gain; The number

favor gyms in 2021 after experiencing a

Runners are avoiding sports the most in

of gym members seeing at-home fitness

drastic decline from 25.2% at the start of

2021, with decreases in this trend for

equipment as their best option for 2021

the year to 6.8%.

runners (down 44.2%) being more than

increased 115.9%; going from just 8.8% in 2020 to 19.0% in 2021. Home workout equipment was the 2nd most popular choice for active adults and runners as well, with both seeing nearly 50% growth in the trend.

Runners are the ones avoiding gyms the

double of gym-goers (down 21.9%).

most in 2021, with 69.6% fewer runners

5) 47.5% more people look to

seeing gyms as their best way to keep fit.

personal trainers and nutritionists to

4) Women steering away from sports in 2021 (Down 53%) Sports are typically a great way to stay

stay fit in 2021 Personal trainers and nutritionists are invaluable experts, and it seems more people are seeing that going into 2021.

3) Fitness trend hit the hardest in

active and fit. Unfortunately, with the

2020 - Gym memberships (Down

need for social distancing during a

159.4% more active UK adults are seeing


pandemic, sports see a significant decline

personal trainers and nutritionists as

The gym industry is facing an incredibly

going into 2021.

their best solution to reaching their

difficult time during the pandemic.

The percentage of active adults who relied

Before exiting the first lockdown in April,

fitness goals in 2021.

on sports to stay fit decreased 25.2% over

Although a smaller increase than in

more than 10% of members had already

the year, with only 6.0% still seeing it as

the UK, American's belief that personal

canceled their memberships. Study after

their best option for 2021.

trainers and nutritionists are what will

study showed more troubling signs as the year progressed. At the start of 2020, a fifth of active adults turned to the gym as their primary way to stay fit. Now in 2021, only 8.2% of active adults see it as the best option - a decrease of 60.5%. 73.0% fewer active adults from the UK 14

JULY 2021

The decrease in this trend for women (down 53.0%) was more than double than that for men (down 23.8%). Active adults in the UK looking to sports as their primary form of exercise decreased by 30.8%, more than double

be best to help them achieve their fitness goals in 2021 rose 89.4%. Aside from a huge increase in active adults in the largest markets (US with 89.4% and UK with 159.4%), the global increase has not been as drastic at only 47.5%.

the 14.1% percentage decrease the US

Women also favored using these fitness


professionals to obtain their fitness goals GOM Magazine


52.9% more than men. Gym members are the cohort that favored personal trainers and nutritionists the most in 2020 (3.2%) and 2021 (4.4%). Runners reported the highest growth in this trend, increasing by 57.9% over the year. 6) 134.7% more active American adults see online fitness content as the best way to stay fit in 2021 Online fitness content, courses, classes, and subscriptions experienced growth as the best option to achieve fitness goals in 2021 as well. The trend of online fitness exploded in America, with 134.7% more active American adults switching to this new trend to reach their fitness goals as the

Of all respondents surveyed, 6.19% of the

makes sense to see that people have

adults were considered “inactive” as they

decided to either start investing in home

reported they were not exercising at the

fitness solutions or take advantage of just

start of 2020.

being active outdoors.

In comparison to how active adults plan to

As the support system, structure, and

stay fit in 2021 inactive adults are, 12.0%

organization of gyms, fitness studios,

less likely to choose outdoor activities

boot camps, and classes have gone away,

and 28.5% more likely to chose at-home

it seems people are turning more to

fitness equipment.

personal trainers, nutritionists, and online

In comparison to active men, inactive men are 181.1% more likely to choose personal

in 2021 in comparison to 2020, more than triple the growth than men (up 11.7%).

In comparison to active women, inactive


women are 70.2% more likely to choose

It's clear, fitness has and is continuing

a gym or health club and 82.7% more

to change at a rapid pace due to the

likely to choose a personal trainer or

pandemic. What hasn't changed is the


need for the proper footwear to support

choose online fitness solutions in 2021.

you in achieving those fitness goals.

DATA AND METHODOLOGY • We surveyed 4,538 active adults, 2,712

Women favor online fitness solutions as

runners, and 1,990 gym members

the best way to achieve their fitness goals

between 11/4/2020 and 11/28/2020

135.0% more than men in 2021. As we saw with the at-home fitness equipment trend, the cohort who experienced the greatest growth in this trend were gym members (93.3%).

HOW INACTIVE ADULTS PLAN TO GET FIT IN 2021 Not everyone was necessarily active before the pandemic, with our studies showing those who exercised the least, had the greatest increase in exercise during the lockdown. We wanted to see how inactive adults differed in their

fitness goals as well.

trainers or nutritionists and 90.2% more

pandemic continues into 2021. 37.4% more women chose online fitness

fitness content to support them in their

• The gym members that participated were from 122 different countries • The survey was conducted on RunRepeat.com

At RunRepeat, we help all athletes find their next best pair of athletic shoes. To do this, we have analyzed over 7 million reviews of shoes from more than 10,000 experts to produce a simple 0-100 CoreScore all while bringing you the best prices from over 213 retailers. If you are one of the many heading outdoors in 2021, look no further than our in-depth analysis and analysis of running shoes, hiking shoes, hiking boots, hiking

CONCLUSION During the initial lockdown, nearly half of gym members stated they didn't plan on returning to their gym. By September, it turned out less than a third of members had returned and that a fifth of gyms were still closed with estimates that 25% of gyms and health clubs could close by the end of 2020.

sandals, or training shoes. Meanwhile, if you are part of the massively growing movement towards home fitness, you will certainly need the right pair of shoes to match your training regiment. Whether you are in need of CrossFit shoes, weightlifting shoes, workout shoes, cross-training shoes, shoes for HIIT, or home gym shoes, we have all the best options from the brands

approach to staying fit in comparison to

With gyms and health clubs essentially

you love, ranked, reviewed, and all the

active adults.

out of the picture for many in 2021, it

best prices.

GOM Magazine

JULY 2021



ACSM'S MOST POPULAR FITNESS TRENDS OF 2021 The Fitness Trends study published in the ACSM's Health and Fitness Journal surveyed 4,377 health and fitness professionals in 2020 to determine the top 20 most popular fitness trends of 2021. The following are the results of the ACSM's Worldwide Fitness Trends for 2021 study, where they show the most popular, from #1 to #20:





Online training

In 2019, virtual online training was ranked at #3, before dropping to #26 in 2020. And now since the coronavirus pandemic, with the closure of gyms, health clubs, and the likes, online training has jumped to #1 in 2021 during the covid-19 pandemic. This category consists of live streaming workouts and streaming on-demand online training. Allowing people to develop a full virtual workout routine consisting of anything from a live fitness class to a one-on-one session with a fitness instructor or personal trainer.


Wearable technology

Wearable fitness tech trend refers to devices that are a fitness tracker, smart watches, GPS tracker, heart rate monitor, and smart wearable devices.


Body weight training

As the name states, this trend is all about using just the weight of your body and a wide variety of exercises as a form of training. With no need for equipment, no cost, and simplicity of this activity, it is incredibly popular and effective for people of all fitness levels.


Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities, ranging from walking or running, to hiking, climbing, or cycling have grown in popularity during the pandemic. These activities range from being solo to large groups to lasting only a short while to weeklong excursions.



High-intensity interval training involves short bouts of high-intensity efforts spaced out with intermittent breaks for a period of rest. Its popularity comes from its effectiveness and ability to be used with a wide array of exercises.


Virtual training

Virtual training is the combination of group exercise with technology that provides workouts designed for ease and convenience. This involves the playing of a pre-recorded workout on a large screen for a small group class. Many live group fitness classes at fitness facilities or fitness studio use virtual classes as a gateway. If training a novice, virtual workouts are ideal because clients can go at their own pace and learn proper form.


Exercise is Medicine

This trend is a global health initiative to push health care professionals to include physical activity in their assessments and treatment of health conditions.


Strength training with free weights

A "tried and true classic" - strength training with free weights such as dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and more are essential and consistently a popular trend.


Fitness programs for older adults

As the aging population grows, more and more needs are arising to address the specific fitness needs of older adults, seniors, and the elderly to develop fitness clubs or a fitness routine.


Personal training

A top 10 trend since 2006, personal training combines physical activity assessment, fitness testing, goal setting, program design, and one-on-one workouts to help clients meet their fitness goals.


Health/wellness coaching

This trend brings behavioral science into the practice of coaching others for the sake of improving health and wellbeing. Helping clients to goal setting, guidance, support, and planning in a way that is tailored to the wants, needs, vision, and values of the individual.


Mobile exercise apps

This trend consists of fitness apps that provide audio and or visual prompts for working out, tracking progress, programs, and a wide range of other features.


JULY 2021

GOM Magazine



Employing certified fitness professionals

As our RunRepeat study shows, there is a significant trend in investing in fitness professionals, but not just anyone. People are looking for certified professionals accredited from recognized organizations.


Functional fitness training

Using strength training to improve not only strength and muscle, but also endurance, coordination, balance, and overall healthy functional wellbeing. Many boutique studio companies like F45 developed an entire franchise around this concept.



Yoga has been a popular trend since 2008, growing in popularity ever since. It consists of a wide range of styles of yoga, from more traditional ones to westernized versions like power yoga or yogilates.


Exercise for weight loss

Exercise as part of weight loss programs centered around diet and nutrition.


Group training

Group exercise training was very popular, but during the pandemic it feel from the #3 most popular trend in 2020 to the #17 in 2021.


Lifestyle medicine

This is an evidence-based approach to helping people modify their behaviors in favor of one that improve their health and quality of life. It includes everything from modifying diet, exercise, drug/alcohol consumption, and more.


Licensure for fitness professionals

Some professions in the United States and around the world are regulated by either local or state licensure. People can't call themselves a medical doctor or nurse if they don't have a license from the government. The same can be said for physical therapists or dietitians. So this fitness trend is regarding the fitness industry's interest in regulating fitness professionals such as personal trainers.


Outcome measurements

The use of defined measures to track and report on the benefits of various health and fitness programs.

AUTHOR Nicholas Rizzo Nick combines 10+ years of experience in the health and fitness industry and a background in the sciences in his role as the Fitness Research Director. During his competitive powerlifting years his PRs have him sitting in the top 2% of bench presses (395 lbs), top 3% of squats (485 lbs) and top 6% of deadlifts (515 lbs) for his weight and age. His work has been featured on Bodybuilding.com, LiveStrong, Healthline, WebMD, WashingtonPost, and many more. Along the way, collaborating with industry leaders like Michael Yessis, Mark Rippetoe, Carlo Buzzichelli, Dave Tate, Ray Williams, and Joel Seedman. GOM Magazine

JULY 2021



The Best Weighted Vests For 2021 T

he gilet has had its day – weighted vests have replaced them as the sleeveless apparel of choice. They’ve long been used in CrossFit, but with gyms closed for long periods, weighted vests have become a convenient way of adding an extra dimension to home workouts. WHAT ARE WEIGHTED VESTS USED FOR? Weighted vests add load – hands-free – to bodyweight exercises such as squats, press-ups and chin-ups. They typically feature multiple compartments to slip in small weight plates, up to a total of 10kg and allow you to increase and decrease the overall load you’re carrying depending on your activity. They are a relatively cheap alternative to dumbbells and barbells, are highly versatile to help you achieve any fitness goal and can be easily packed away. However, they should be used with caution because loading your body with extra weight can take its toll on your joints. Beginners should restrict their use to controlled movements such as squats and press-ups. More conditioned exercisers can try using them with chin-ups or on short runs but are well-advised to build up gradually, half a kilogram at a time.

WHAT SHOULD YOU LOOK FOR IN A WEIGHTED VEST? The greatest point of difference between weighted vests will be the materials they use and the range of weights they accommodate.


JULY 2021

GOM Magazine


BEST FOR CROSSFIT: 5.11 TACTEC PLATE CARRIER £200 FOR VEST AND 7LB (3KG) PLATE The 5.11 gets our vote and we can see why. It’s hardcore. It even comes with a warning that the vest “should NEVER be used as body armour”, which says a lot about the characters drawn to its military aesthetic. The 5.11 has been the official weight vest of the CrossFit Games for years, thanks to its reliable construction, durability and comfort. The vest is built from abrasion and water-resistant 500D nylon, features cushioned shoulder pads and adjustable tension bands for added stability, and fits ballistic plates in the front and back ranging from 3.75lb steel plates to a 13.75lb cast-iron option, up to a maximum total weight of 30lb (13.5kg).

BEST FOR ENDURANCE: GORUCK PLATE CARRIER 2.0 £75 The 2.0 is a no-frills vest built for long, gruelling workouts, supplying some creature comforts while you step outside your comfort zone. Ergonomic lumbar support, adjustable sternum strap and padded shoulder straps help distribute the weight, while GoRuck claims you can even wear it shirtless with no friction burn (we’ll take their word for it). The 2.0 also mimics a backpack, placing all the weight behind you, which means your chest won’t feel crushed like it can with vests that hold plates on both front and back. Beaverfit offers GoRuck weight plates in 10lb (4.5kg) increments, plus a 45lb (20kg) monster.

BEST FOR BEGINNERS: TRX XD KEVLAR WEIGHT VEST £200 Best for beginners... if you can stomach the price. This vest from suspension training royalty TRX is a hefty investment, but its versatility, durable design and use of highstrength Kevlar material mean you should get a lifetime of wear out of it. The 49lb (18kg) of total weight can be adjusted in 2lb (1kg) increments, making it adaptable for hiking, running or resistance training. Cross straps make it easy to slip on and secure in place mid-workout and when combined with TRX’s gold-standard suspension trainer, you have everything you need to keep in shape, home or away.

BEST FOR COMFORT: HYPERWEAR HYPER VEST PRO WEIGHT VEST £165 The Hyper Vest has prioritised comfort above all else. Adjustable side lacing helps it conform to your torso without limiting range of movement, while its custom pockets house individual steel bars weighing just 64g each. These can be easily added and removed, or redistributed around the vest, making it impressively versatile and adaptable to each wearer. Another bonus is that the vest is made from breathable, odour-resistant, sweat-wicking fabric, which will be well worth its weight as your training intensity heats up. The medium-size vest can hold up to 23lb (10kg).

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JULY 2021



Compression Shorts for Men and Women



hether you’re a professional athlete, an occasional exerciser, or anyone in between, a new workout wardrobe might benefit both your style and performance. Compression items, such as compression shorts, are one popular type of workout apparel. They may even benefit your workout by providing support, comfort, and more.


JULY 2021

However, you may wonder how to choose a pair that’s right for you, what qualities different products offer, and what the best types are. When considering which compression shorts should make the cut, we considered: Material quality. Exercising requires movement and can produce lots of sweat, so we gave extra points to shorts designed with fabrics that are breathable, sweat-wicking, or have excellent stretching abilities.

Extra features. We didn’t want to forget the little things that really set a pair of workout shorts apart, such as hidden pockets, special waistbands that stay in place yet are comfortable, cooling gel inserts, and more. Price. We know that budgets can vary, so there are compression shorts at a variety of price points. Size. We looked for products available in a range of sizes.

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UNDER ARMOUR MEN’S HEATGEAR 2.0 COMPRESSION SHORTS Under Armour, shorts are known for their close fit.

Like Under Armour, these Champion compression shorts have a fabric that wicks away sweat. The shorts also dry quickly and will not chafe.

This pair checks many of the boxes for general exercise compression shorts: a good length that stays put, fabric that wicks sweat well, ventilation, and seams that won’t chafe.

Suitable for a variety of activities, they have a 3-inch (7.5-cm) waistband to keep them in place and a 7-inch (18-cm) inseam.

These shorts also stretch well in all directions to allow for a variety of activities. Under Armour HeatGear Compression Shorts are made from 84% polyester and 16% elastane. They feature an elastic closure and a wide waistband.

Champion Women’s Absolute Fusion Shorts are made from 87% polyester and 13% spandex. Note that the price of these shorts can vary by size.

NELEUS MEN'S 3-PACK COMPRESSION SHORTS If you exercise all week long and need shorts you can purchase in multiples without breaking the bank, Neleus Men’s 3-Pack Compression Shorts may be the shorts for you. The Neleus 3-pack is an affordable option that can be worn on its own or under a pair of athletic shorts for additional support and coverage. As a bonus, many different colour options are available. The Neleus Men’s 3-Pack Compression Shorts are made from 85% polyester and 15% spandex. They have an 8-inch inseam, based on size medium.

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COPPER COMPRESSION RECOVERY SHORTS Compression products are already designed to help support and protect your muscles. Copper is said to help increase circulation, which some people look for when choosing compression shorts. While copper might not sound the most flexible, these shorts allow for a full range of movement. They’re multipurpose shorts, meaning you can wear them for a variety of activities. Plus, the company’s happiness guarantee ensures that if this isn’t the pair of shorts for you, you can return them. Copper Compression Recovery Shorts are made from 88% copper nylon.

BALEAF WOMEN’S HIGH WAIST WORKOUT BIKER SHORT Sometimes you need your phone or keys close when you’re working out. Along with pockets large enough for your cell phone, these shorts have a high rise waistband that stays in place while you exercise. Additionally, they’re made from moisture-wicking fabric that stretches well, so you can participate in many different activities while wearing them. BALEAF Women’s High Waist Compression Exercise Shorts are made from 87% polyester and 13% spandex. They have an elastic closure and high rise, wide waistband. Note that the price of these shorts may vary depending on the size and colour selected.

YOGIPACE WOMEN'S ACTIVE WORKOUT SHORTS These shorts have deep side pockets that are spacious enough to hold your phone and other belongings. Yogipace Women’s Active Workout Shorts also have a wide waistband with a hidden pocket in it, as well as a drawcord for a secure fit. One potential downside is that these shorts are only available in black, though that colour is a popular one in workout clothing. Additionally, Yogipace Women’s Active Workout Shorts can run small, so you may want to size up. The fabric these shorts are made from offers ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) 50+ and 7 and 10 inch (18 and 25cm) inseam options are available. 22

JULY 2021

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NIKE WOMEN'S 3" COMPRESSION SHORTS If you’re looking for shorts that can be used for workouts yet also fit under a dress, Nike has just the shorts for you. Nike Women’s 3″ (7.5-cm) Compression Shorts are a truly compact option and our favourite short shorts. Keep in mind that these shorts are tight throughout, so double-check the sizing or consider sizing up if you’re in doubt. Additionally, the waistband gets great reviews for comfort and stretch, and customers say the shorts hold up well for a variety of activities. Nike Women’s 3″ Compression Shorts are made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex.

BEROY WOMEN’S CYCLING SHORTS With many size and colour options available, it’s easy to customise these shorts for your needs. This can be important when you’re spending long periods of time on a bike. In addition to the sizing options, the padding in these shorts gets great reviews from customers. The shorts are also ventilated, and the fabric wicks away moisture, so they are designed to keep you as dry and cool as possible while biking. Beroy Women’s Cycling Shorts with 3D Gel are made from 80% polyester and 20% spandex.



f you’re in the market for some new compression shorts but not sure where to start, consider the following:

For example, if you’ll be doing a lot of

Use. Consider when you plan to wear

be most comfortable and practical for you.

compression shorts, whether that’s while biking, running, weightlifting, or for

biking, you may want shorts with good coverage and some gel pads. Style. Think about the style of shorts that’ll Do you prefer any specific type of material or length? Do you have a colour preference?

another purpose. This can narrow down

Features. Decide whether you need

the types of shorts you’ll want to consider.

any special features, such as pockets, a

GOM Magazine

specific waistband, a high or low rise, or other special features. Reviews. Take a moment to read some reviews online. Reviews from fellow consumers can be a great way to determine how a pair of compression shorts will fit and feel, its durability, and whether it’s a good value for the price.

JULY 2021



Commercial Gym Flooring Commercial gym flooring is one of the biggest decisions you have to make when opening or renovating your gym. Choosing what to purchase and where to purchase it proves to be a daunting task.


e will cover the importance of choosing the right flooring for your gym or studio’s needs. It’d be a shame to spend your hard-earned money on flooring that will not be pleasing to your members nor be durable for the long haul. The two most important factors to keep in mind are the budget and the training/equipment focus.

Factors to consider when purchasing commercial gym equipment First, you want to be sure you’re making a good investment for your gym overall. The durability of the floors you purchase must be enough to withstand years of foot traffic, dropping weights, bodily fluids, drinks spilt, heavy machines, moving equipment, and much more. If personified, gym floors have to be the Superman of the place. They should be able to withstand the test of time and many, many people participating in a wide range of different exercises. 24

JULY 2021

GOM Magazine


That being said, they should also be hygienic meaning that they are easy to clean and do not hold bodily fluids or grime over time. Many rubber flooring that is recycled is porous and will collect fluids, dirt, and bacteria without any comprehensive way of cleaning it thoroughly. Gym floors also have the duty of reducing noise and vibrations. Can you begin to imagine how disruptive your gym experience would be if the floors did not absorb the shock and noise of weights dropping? It would be terrible! The point being, flooring is also imperative to cultivating a good gym experience for members aside from just the aesthetics. Members want to be comfortable completing floor workouts for things like callisthenics, yoga, and pilates. You can

purchase interlocking tiles, rollout rubber

your free weights area. You will need a

increase shock absorption and comfort

in bulk, or tiles requiring manual sealing.

replacement on your flooring faster than

on your members’ joints by installing an underlay. This will also increase the longevity of the flooring you choose.

Types of Flooring Rubber Mat


you can even pay it off.

This is the second most popular type of

Commercial wood flooring comes sprung

flooring for gyms as this is great for agility

to reduce fatigue from prolonged standing

and plyometric exercises. The benefits of

and add a little pep to the step of your

using turf are that it is easier on the joints

pilates class participants. Wood floors are

and provides good traction for exercises.

often used for training classrooms and dance studios.

Rubber flooring is the most popular for

Additionally, it is incredibly durable in a

box gyms and health clubs where free

different way than rubber is. You will not

Sprung flooring has a wood or laminate

weights are common. This is the most

have to worry about scuffs or eyesore

top layer, but has foam and underlay to

durable flooring and can be used for a

marks on the ground when you use turf.

give a sense of a spring/cushion for gyms

wide range of activities. You have a few

Turf often comes with infill, the small

that host Zumba or dance classes.

different options in the type of rubber and

rubber granules. Look out for this feature

many different options for colour.

if you do not want those spread out across

For the different types of rubber, you can

your gym floor.

PVC Mat PVC matting has many benefits and is a great choice for gyms with minimal free

choose from virgin or recycled. Virgin will

Wood or Laminate

weights. With its anti-slip properties and

be much more expensive as opposed to

I don’t know who needs to hear this but

seamless tile-lay, it is great for aerobic

recycled. For the install styles, you can

do not use wood or laminate flooring for

workouts like yoga and pilates

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How soon do we become unfit when we stop exercising BY GEORGINA FAUX


t can take months of hard work to build up fitness, but while your strength can quickly fade if you stop exercising, you might not have to start from scratch again.

Getting in shape isn’t easy. But after all that hard work, how long do we actually maintain it? It turns out that even after the great effort we put into training, taking a bit of time off can mean that we become “unfit” much faster than it took us to actually get in shape. To understand how the body becomes “unfit”, we first need to understand how we become fit. The key to becoming fitter – whether that’s improving cardiovascular fitness or muscular strength – is to exceed “habitual load”. This means doing more than our body is used to. The stress that this has on our body makes us adapt and become more tolerant, leading to higher fitness levels. The time it takes to get fit depends on a number of factors, including a person’s fitness levels, age, how hard they work, and even the environment they exercise in – heat & pollution can affect the physiological response to exercise, for example. But some studies do indicate that even just six sessions of interval training 26

JULY 2021

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can lead to increases in maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 max) – a measure of overall fitness – and improve how efficiently our body is able to fuel itself using the sugar stored in our cells during exercise. For strength training, some gains in muscle force can be shown in as little as 2 weeks, but changes in muscle size won’t be seen until around 8 to 12 weeks.

CARDIOVASCULAR FITNESS When we stop training, how quickly we lose fitness also depends on many factors – including the type of fitness we’re talking about (such as strength or cardiovascular fitness).

Now let’s say they stopped training

but at a slower rate over longer periods. If

completely. Because the body no longer

they stop exercising, runners begin losing

has the stresses of training forcing it

their cardiac fitness within a few weeks.

to stay fit, the runner will start to lose

Intriguingly, though highly trained

As an example, let’s look at a marathon

fitness within a few weeks.

runner, who is in peak athletic fitness and

Cardiorespiratory fitness – indicated by a

a sharp decline in VO2 max in the first

can run a marathon in two hours and 30

person’s VO2 max (the maximum amount

four weeks, this decline eventually evens

minutes. This person spends five to six days

of oxygen a person can use during

out, and they actually maintain a VO2

a week training, running a total of 90km

exercise) – will decrease around 10% in

higher than average. But for the average

(56 miles). They’ve also spent the last 15

the first 4 weeks after a person stops

person, VO2 max falls sharply, back to pre-

years developing this level of fitness.

training. This rate of decline continues,

training levels, in less than 8 weeks.

GOM Magazine

athletes (like our marathon runner) see

JULY 2021



The reason VO2 max declines is due to reduction in blood and plasma volumes, which decrease by as much as 12% in the first 4 weeks after a person stops training. Plasma and blood volume decrease due to the lack of stress and being put on our heart and muscles. Plasma volume may even decrease by around 5% within the first 48 hours of stopping training. The effect of decreased blood and plasma volume leads to less blood being pumped around the body each heartbeat. But these levels only drop to where they started – meaning they won’t get worse. The number of muscle fibres used during exercise decreases by around 13% after just two weeks of no training Of course, most of us aren’t marathon runners – but we’re also not immune to these effects. As soon as we stop exercising the body will start to lose these key cardiovascular adaptations at a very similar rate to highly trained athletes.

STRENGTH TRAINING When it comes to strength, evidence shows that in the average person, 12 weeks without training causes a significant decrease in the amount 28

JULY 2021

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of weight we can lift. Thankfully, research shows that you maintain some of the strength you gained before you stopped training. What is intriguing is that despite the significant decrease in strength, there’s only a minimal decrease in the size of the muscle fibres. The reason we lose muscle strength largely has to do with the fact that we’re no longer putting our muscles under stress. So when we’re no longer working our muscles hard, the muscles become “lazy”, leading the number of our muscle fibres to decrease, and fewer muscles being recruited during an activity – making us less able to lift the heavy loads we used to. The number of muscle fibres used during exercise decreases by around 13% after just two weeks of no training – though this appears not to be accompanied by

"The time it takes to get fit depends on a number of factors, including a person’s fitness levels, age, how hard they work, and even the environment they exercise in."

a decline in muscular force. This implies that the losses observed across the longer

their muscles and over time find it harder

But we don’t start to feel these effects

to lift heavy loads as they have fewer

for at least two to three weeks for

muscle fibres being recruited.

cardiovascular fitness and around 6 to 10

decline in muscle mass.

So, even after all that effort to get fit, we

are similar for men and women, and even

The average gym-goer who lifts weights

start losing cardiovascular fitness and

for older athletes. But the fitter you are,

would experience a drop in the size of

strength within 48 hours of stopping.

the slower you’ll lose your gains.

periods of detraining are a combination of both this initial decline in the number of muscle fibres we use, but also the slower

GOM Magazine

weeks for strength. Rates of “de-training”

JULY 2021 29


Not ALL Kettlebells come with a lifetime guarantee, but ours do.

G Built and engineered by the very best within the industry G Bespoke design G We work with a choice of materials, to suit you and your client CALL TODAY!  +33 769 422638


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Take people with you on your journey to success More gym owners can learn from your experiences Tell your story for free in GOMM Contact Paul Wood today  pw@gymownermonthly.co.uk  07858 487357 / + 33 769422638 GOM Magazine

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Airofit provides adjustable airflow resistance to your breathing muscles, making them faster, stronger and more efficient. Airofit measures your lung function and sends data directly to the Virtual breathing coach on your smartphone.

Simple to use training modules designed by respiratory thought leaders guide you through proven training programs while the Airofit Mobile app gives you live feedback and guidance, ensuring all training is done correctly. Your training data is saved allowing you to follow your progress over time.

Inside your ring lies advanced infrared LED sensors, a NTC body temperature sensor, a 3D accelerometer, and a gyroscope. When it comes to your health, accuracy is key, and Ōura delivers.

Airofit Breathing Trainer is compatible with iOS and Android or newer mobile devices.


JULY 2021

Lighter than a conventional ring, Ōura weighs in at only 4 to 6 grams with a width of 7.9mm and a thickness of 2.55mm. A battery life of up to 1 week, made of durable titanium, and water resistance of up to 100m - it's ready for anything you throw at it.

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ADVANCED EEG SLEEP TRACKING, FROM YOUR OWN BED MUSE S Using advanced EEG technology to respond to your mind, heart, and breath, the Muse S is a comfy brain sensing headband that helps you understand and track how well you focus, sleep and recharge so you can refocus during the day and recover each night. Sleep Discover your best sleep with responsive sleep journeys, overnight sleep tracking, and personalised insights. Mind Real-time brainwave feedback (EEG) teaches you the art of focus. Heart Tune into your heart rate to optimise performance. Body Discover how your meditation posture can bring you physical relaxation. Breath Learn how to use your breath to find calm and fight stress.

ELVIE PERSONAL TRAINER Improve Your Inner Strength Elvie is the smallest Kegel tracker available and a world away from traditional Kegel exercisers with its sleek, comfortable design. Made from smooth 100% medicalgrade silicone, the device is completely safe and free from harsh chemicals. With an additional, optional cover, the Elvie Personal Trainer can be customised to fit all shapes and sizes.



Inspire HR Activity Tracker + Heart Rate Monitor

A comprehensive heart rate monitor for those who also want to monitor fitness activity, calories burned, and other health data.

Not only can you monitor your heart rate, but you can also track your activity overall, and at an affordable price, too.

Attractive, slender band. Available in six colors. Assists with fitness goals.

Offers guided breathing sessions when your heart rate indicates stress. Crisp OLED display screen. Automatically recognizes a variety of activities.

POLAR FT7 An easy-to-use heart rate monitor that offers plenty of helpful feedback. Comfortable, expandable chest strap. Detailed visual display. Will count calories and store the last 10 readings

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ost people know what decisions they should be making but indirectly choose not to make them when it comes to nutrition and exercise. How many times have you found yourself in that situation? We’re all sold on the benefits of physical activity, but the battle is real when it comes to keeping in the right frame of mind. That’s even more of a truth for the people that don’t visit the gym, work in the fitness industry or those that generally get caught up in sedentary lifestyles for any number of reasons.

We need to help more people – not just gym members – understand the role that diet plays, and we need to better pinpoint how this can change with age through variables such as education, more disposable income, and other factors. “Diet is crucial and controls health more than exercise in many cases,” Rosaria Barreto, trainer and director of Vitality Hub, a business dedicated to helping


JULY 2021

GOM Magazine


people move better and thinking happier thoughts. “Your body can only build muscle and lose a certain percentage of body fat but the ultimate changes come when diet is implemented. “I am no dietician but from a lifestyle perspective dietary requirements change with age, a good example is a 16-year-old boy compared to a 60-year-old man – they will both need different quantities of carbohydrates because a 16 year old boy is likely to be 10 times more active than a 60 year old man, if we are to stereotype, of course.

“Accessing affordable healthy food is not necessarily an issue for most people; from experience, I have witnessed that mostly it comes down to three things: Lifestyle (including laziness), trauma, and pride in appearance.

undereating, and making poor food

“People who live busy lives or lazy lives often choose meals and foods that don’t require a lot of meal prepping time or energy. People who have undergone life traumas are often affected more than they realise and they cope through various eating habits (overeating,

While these aren’t new concepts, they are

choices). People who take pride in the way they look and the way others see them will often make more of an effort to choose healthier food choices and make a conscious effort to avoid overeating.”

facts and insights that people don’t act on, even if they’re aware of them. What is it that’s going to unlock these mental hurdles, both for members changing their behaviour and for fitness professionals helping more people to deal with these specific concerns with empathy? Once we’ve understood where the issues lie, we can influence change with honesty and understanding on the part of the member coupled with a sympathetic and unassuming approach from the PT. Nobody wants to hear “how much weight do you want to lose” as an opening question anymore. Let’s not assume what the challenge is. If it does end up being weight-related, we can go on to educate on some of the pitfalls that may surround nutrition in regards to a fitness routine. “Nutrition is complex,” continues Rosaria. “It's not as simple as eating

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JULY 2021



in-line with the government's daily food recommendations because everyone has a different body and each body needs different foods. “Nutrition education, food technologies and cooking classes could be made as a compulsory subject for a start, practical and theoretical understanding of diet from a young age can significantly impact adult food habits. Further to this offering, interactive nutrition seminars at gyms is also an opportunity for health-conscious consumers to make positive choices.” Looking back at the three causes of detriment, trauma is easily the most delicate of subjects to tackle. Research published in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions highlighted the links between trauma and binge eating disorder, for example. “The majority of studies (87%) report that adverse life experiences are a risk factor for developing obesity and BED,” stated the study: Life adverse experiences in relation with obesity and binge eating disorder: A systematic review. “More precisely a positive association between traumatic experiences and obesity and PTSD and obesity were


JULY 2021

found, respectively, in 85% and 86% of studies. Finally, the great majority of studies (90%) between trauma and the development of BED in adulthood strongly support this association. Meanwhile, different factors mediating between the trauma and obesity link were identified.” The study involved a total of 306,583 subjects, split into about 203,450 females and 103,133 males. With the group, there were 50,461 obese individuals and 2,627 participants with BED were included in the analyses. The full scale of the research paper covered further cross-sectional and longitudinal studies – 60 studies in obesity and 10 in BED – that correlated greater odds of obesity and high BMI figures with experiences of trauma ranging from childhood neglect, sexual abuse and, PTSD psychological violence. The authors concluded that “the results of the vast majority of studies suggest that there is a significant association between both childhood and adult adversities and development of both obesity and BED supporting the hypothesis that trauma increases the risk to develop obesity and binge eating.

GOM Magazine


“In this association between adversities and the development of obesity and BED, several mediating factors have been identified such as depression, self-criticism, dissociation, specific interpersonal factors such as the attachment quality, eating disorder symptoms such as binge eating and some neurobiological changes.” This may further highlight the need for the fitness and physical activity sectors to cement relationships with clinicians in not just better understanding clients and members, but being aware of the causation behind the challenges they present today. Focusing on matters such as the mindset behind obesity is the only way to tackle the issue and make positive changes in the long term. We have proven that we can’t do this for the masses on our own, however good our insights into physical activity are. If we can stop the fad diets, stop the yo-yo workout regimes and keep asking ourselves and our clients “what would a healthy person do” – even when we are what would stereotypically be considered “healthy” – we’ll move the needle and get more people thinking about their bigger picture wellbeing. That’s much more appealing for long term change than weight loss assumptions and stereotypical drivers to work out. • Ben Hackney-Williams specialises in the wearable tech sector and is passionate about driving positive change through wellbeing initiatives. A journalist for over a decade, Ben has worked in fitness for international bodybuilding and MMA publications, driven engagement in supply-side gym design and equipment manufacturing and helped produce over 160 podcast episodes

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t’s the uphill battle of fitness and physical activity that’s been raging for years: Not just how to get people moving, but how to keep them active for the long-term. Fitness fads come and go, people make life choices that counter what they’ve worked hard in the gym for, or their circumstances change that make gym attendance all that more difficult. That’s just the ones that started moving regularly in the first place. With attention on activity now more than ever, how can we work together to counter the nay sayers and convert them to an engaged audience of exercise fanatics for everyone’s benefit?


JULY 2021

GOM Magazine


ISSUES AROUND INTEREST AND INTIMIDATION. Even with more of the spotlight on fitness, health and wellbeing since the pandemic raises awareness around the world, the question remains: How can we better engage the elusive 80% of the population that currently don’t visit gyms? “This question seems to come up every year and we edge slowly upwards in regards to how many people our industry reaches,” explains Robert Handy, founder of independentgyms.co.uk. “For me, a big part comes down to exposure. The 80% who don’t visit gyms either have no interest in what we do, are not aware of what is available to them or feel intimidated, scared or just nervous to step foot through the door of a facility. “That’s where the strength of

finding their nearest independent, it’s

If we’re able to engage with those who

independents can really play a part. We

about being open-armed and encouraging

live a reasonably inactive life and listen

those people to venture in once they’ve

to their needs, we can overcome fitness

found a place that’s right for them.”

being seen as specialist, and bring a new

launched our #findyourplace campaign to coincide with the reopening of the fitness industry and it will run through to the end of restrictions. “The campaign aims to highlight the huge variety of facilities within our community along with the various reasons why people join a facility. For many it’s not about building muscle or getting fit, but perhaps a place to relax, de-stress or

way of thinking to more people.

IT’S TIME TO GET SOME FOCUS AND PERSPECTIVE. While any element of exercise within the community is better than none, we still have a long way to go before health and wellbeing

“Another element is working with government and local authorities to really drive home the benefit of physical activity and incentives for non-gym goers to get involved,” continues Robert. “We’re still seeing now that many

take a holistic precedence over popular diets

government campaigns either focus

and quick fixes. Even when something’s a

around local authority provision or the like

“With over 900 registered facilities on

lifestyle choice, the grounding reasoning

of Slimming World and Weight Watchers,

our map we know we have a place for

behind it plays a massive part in whether it

they may have a place for elements of

everyone. Now we have a way of the public

sticks for life or not.

the public but not everyone wants to

simply get away from the stresses of life.

GOM Magazine

JULY 2021



join those facilities or use their local leisure centre for a GP referral. By linking with the independent sector alongside other operators, we can increase the success of these governments schemes and contribute directly to reaching the inactive population.


initiatives across all sectors usually boil

While wellbeing is of the greatest

gain much more support when we ask the

importance, there’s another area of focus that’s often forgotten about for long term benefit. End of month brings the bottom line into effect for so many gyms, which overcomes incentives of community engagement and other non-direct areas of growth. However, the financial benefit that the traditional fitness industry can bring to global health partners is key to understanding why we need to explore new avenues of interest and engagement both on a consumer and partnership level.

down to either savings or monetary value, so if we can talk this language with the benefits of our industry, we’ll government for help.”

WHAT TURNS THE TIDE FOR LONGLASTING CHANGE? Research published in the journal Innovation in Aging explored the benefits of physical activity campaigns such as the Matter of Balance programme – with strength training aimed at addressing older adults’ fear of falling; Strong

Robert concludes: “We need to work on

for Life, resistance training for adults

real fiscal evidence that our sector and can

with functional limitations, and simply

play in supporting the nation, the NHS

implementing interventions of daily

and saving money all round. Government

walking and active time.

"How can we better engage the elusive 80% of the population that currently don’t visit gyms?" 40

JULY 2021

GOM Magazine


With the latter in particular, but also with engagement campaigns in general, long term adoption of the lifestyle change remained elusive, as the research explains: “The effects of the intervention were not maintained after the intervention was over, and participants reverted to their earlier levels of activity.” It’s no secret that we know many ways of getting people to try moving more. How do we go about making the new life of physical activity stick? “There is a need to develop and evaluate evidence-based strategies that can be applied in interventions to produce sustained and broad behaviour change,” continues the study. “The use of technology can assist with promoting long-lasting changes in physical activity as activity trackers and apps are doing more to integrate behavioural strategies such as goal setting, reminders, feedback, competition, and accountability.” At any age, that accountability and development will bring bigger benefits to more people. If we increase the pathways to participation and get more members of the community engaged with gyms and embracing technology, we’ll see the numbers go up. We can make the 80% figure a thing of the pre-COVID past.

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e n O e Dim I

’m based in North Wales, in Colwyn Bay, and I’ve spent most of my life growing up here. I've been drawing graffiti from about the age of 9 or 10 and did my first painting around the age of 11 or 12 years old. I was allowed to paint on my bedroom wall, and as you can imagine, it didn’t last very long.

I got into graffiti when breakdancing first came over from America to the UK. I was really impressed with the way that they did all these amazing moves and loved the “street scene”. I wasn’t very good at the dancing part, but the one thing that did catch my eye was the amazing and colourful way that they’d paint their street names as backdrops. I’d already had a natural love of drawing and art, along with comics, cartoons, superheroes, and films like Star Wars. Basically, I was a nerd, so It was a natural pull to start sketching graffiti. I started very simply by drawing bubble letters and drawing what I thought was graffiti Style. 42

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a small folio of my drawings and photos and go and scout out wall spaces. I’d look for the owners and politely strike up a conversation. Most of the time wall owners would refuse, but they would look through my work and quite often would say I know someone who wanted a sign, or a bedroom wall painting and it all started from there. Fast forward a few years after leaving school and becoming a painter and decorator, I completed my apprenticeship and went self-employed. I started picking up “artistic” painting work and again by just talking with customers and showing pictures of previous murals it always seemed to lead to the next painting. At the end of 2006, I’d had enough of the painting and decorating and knew that I was more engaged and inspired when I was creating artwork. I picked up a large There was always the temptation to find

around just causing mindless vandalism.

community mural commission for a local

a new “canvas” and go and spray on illegal

This backfired when my friends were

council early 2007, and from that came

walls. The reality was that between

caught and as a result, it made me realise

the second, and then the third. So, by

myself and my friends who were painting

that we needed to look for a way of

2008 I started painting graffiti full-time

graffiti, we always wanted to create a

painting this legally. So, I would go and

as my work. I ended up picking up calls

piece of artwork and not necessarily go

ask for permission for walls. I would take

from local youth clubs and schools to

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run workshops with young people. It's amazing to see people of all ages have a go at creating artwork, even if they lack the confidence and feel that they can’t draw. Quite often they surprise themselves at what they can achieve. Over the years I’ve had requests and painted a number of gyms and each one is different. They all have their own particular theme, style or identity which they'd like to represent in their artwork on the walls. This can range from traditional muscle bodybuilding gyms, empowering slogans and phrases, or inspiring images for lifestyle and fitness. Gym logos are also quite often included in the designs along with colour themes that give the gym its own personality and identity. Each one is a challenge, but it's always good to rise to the design challenge and deliver the client's request. I had a request back in January 2020 for a new gym opening in Ellesmere Port for owner and personal trainer, Samantha


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Walters. The gym is called Misfit and

and seeing their relationship with each

she wanted to keep the graffiti look,

other, how some colours work and others

but also include a feminine feel. It was

don’t. I don’t try to hide deep messages in

also important to not make the images

my work, I like to keep things simple and

look intimidating, to put off her clients. I

try to work with what I know. I do feel

used some images provided by Sam as a

that I’m still learning with my paintings

reference for the characters, but the rest

and taking inspiration from some other

 http://www.facebook.com/pages/ dime-one-northwales-graffiti-artmurals/222685281657

was freestyled. Sam was really pleased

amazing graffiti artists out there who are

 http://twitter.com/dime_one

with the end result, and she’s had a really

still advancing techniques along with all

good response from her clients and others.

the other creatives and artists.

 http://instagram.com/dime_one

 dime_one@hotmail.co.uk  07759 073 724

I’ve returned to Misfit recently and painted the roller shutter door for Sam outside. It has a colourful splash on the front of her building which you cannot miss. I definitely enjoy what I'm doing and every day is always different. It's amazing seeing the dedication that gym owners have in coaching, training and encouraging people to stay fit and healthy. I find it fascinating to see how everyone has a different approach. Admittedly I do joke that the only time you see me in the gym is normally when I'm painting one but I do respect the amount of dedication and knowledge that gym owners put into health fitness and training. It’s great seeing someone's vision come true, and also being a part of making that happen. As for me, well, when I get the chance, I still enjoy painting my graffiti style. I love crafting and working with the letter elements or taking inspiration from nature, movies or media for my characters. I love working with colours GOM Magazine

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f like me, you're one of those people who continues to drive around in your car when their petrol light comes on, refusing to fill up until you're at the bottom of the red and getting a REFUEL IMMEDIATELY alert, you're probably on my wavelength. This situation usually results in me having to go to the nearest petrol station available and pay a higher fuel price. Perfectly avoidable if I would just pay attention to the warning lights as soon as they come on and not continue to drive around and push my luck. The way I play this dangerous game of petrol roulette is a bit like how I run my day-to-day life as a gym owner. I don't like stopping—even when my internal warning light comes on to alert me that I'm running low on energy. I'd rather just ignore it. It's ironic because I know my way around good health and I'm constantly reminding my members to ensure they get sufficient rest, but I fail to heed my advice far too often.  As a small business owner, I have hardwired myself to focus on my business and care for my community of members. This is a good thing on the whole, but at times it can be all-consuming. This drive to survive through the (still ongoing) pandemic only heightened the sense of needing to work harder to keep things


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afloat. I had to find ways of clearing the rent despite not being able to open the gym to members; I had to become a whizz with technology overnight to move a group exercise timetable online. On top of the new tasks and the financial stress of it all, I felt myself slipping into a new role, from trainer to counsellor for my members. I was (and still am) genuinely flattered and humbled by the fact many of my members trusted me with their own worries—I've always been someone to wear my heart on my sleeve too, so I could identify with the need to talk—but it left me to carry the weight of many additional concerns as if they were my own. I'm sure

"It's a fact that any type of fitness trainer, instructor or PT is particularly susceptible to burnout, in fact, there’s even a name for our particular variety: Trainer Burnout" unpredictable schedules—gym/studio

schedule are rarely used for downtime,

owners, PTs and fitness instructors have

especially since for many of us, income

It's a fact that any type of fitness trainer,

to juggle their client's schedules as well

is based on training hours. There's huge

instructor or PT is particularly susceptible

as their own. Many of us start extra early,

pressure to take on as many clients as

to burnout, in fact, there’s even a name

before people go to their offices to work,

possible, as revenue is generated through

for our particular variety: Trainer Burnout

and end late after the last after-work

hour-by-hour charging, so it’s easy to take

Syndrome. Causes of this include our

sessions have finished. Odd gaps in the

on more work than is good for us.

I'm not the only one who reacts like this.

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But also, I think there is another key

to get the results that they are striving

at them, repeatedly and suggestively).

reason that so many of us within the

for, my clients' goals become mine as well.

After the twitch comes the tiredness. I'm

industry are susceptible to burnout. What we offer is so customer-focused and personal. There are many service-based jobs in other industries, but many of us have been specifically chosen by our PT clients or gym members to develop with their health and wellbeing, bringing us into an intimate relationship with them.

So how do we recognize when we are getting close to running on empty, and avoid that flashing REFUEL IMMEDIATELY sign and expensive dash to the petrol station? Probably we need to start noticing the individual signs in ourselves that we are often so good at seeing in

very much a morning person so whenever I hit a point where I cannot get out of bed in the morning, I know I should start paying attention. I don’t always manage this, however, and the less rested I start to feel the more disturbed my sleep becomes, with troubling dreams. As the cycle continues, I start to perform less

others. For me personally, it can be my

efficiently in the daytime. Exercise classes

I still feel very humbled when I get new

eye: when I start feeling very tired, I

become difficult to manage, my body

requests for personal training. There are

usually get that constant twitching eye.

feels like lead, and the physical symptoms

people who are putting their trust in me.

(The one that makes me worry about

start to mount up. Persistent headaches,

But it brings a certain degree of pressure:

whether my members think I’m winking

stomach aches… I recognize the pattern


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because I have been here far too often. Learning to recognize your own signs of low fuel is one thing, but acting in time to mitigate the damage is another. I will admit that my recipe for success here is more of a work in progress, but here are

something that you like doing and that

a petrol station—and potentially from

helps you to switch off—a spa, a round of

an even more expensive and damaging

golf, a swim in the sea, a long walk— and

engine failure. So, with that in mind, I am

make it routine in your working week.

taking my own advice and am about to set

Consistency is key, as we love to preach in

off for work a bit early, filling up the car on

the fitness industry!

the way, and with a firm resolve to leave

some of the ways in which I am learning

Looking after ourselves will keep our

on time and be home in time for a soak in

to slow down and take care of myself.

machines running and save the costs

the bath. Have a stress-free and rest-

One of the first things is sticking to my

and the stress of a last-minute hunt for

fuelled month!

timetable. If I plan to leave at 6 p.m., then it’s important that I actually do leave at 6 p.m.—blocking time in my schedule to stop myself saying yes to just one more client, or spending another hour chatting to members, or cleaning. It also means scheduling to avoid long gaps between sessions when possible. I used to have a lot of these dead hours in the middle of the day, and even though at times a 3-4 hour "gap" was intended to be spent at home resting or doing something for myself, it would inevitably end up with me using it to run errands, do the housework, or spend time on my laptop. Having to keep an eye on the time and be ready to return to work made it difficult to get any real rest. To be able to take these proactive steps to avoid burnout, there is one more thing we all need to get better at doing: LOSING THE GUILT! We can’t be there for everyone’s health, all of the time, and forget about our own. It helps to have a structure to our resting time so that it’s not an afterthought that is always at the bottom of the to-do list. My advice is to find GOM Magazine

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FOR ADVERTISING Paul Wood ENQUIRIES,  pw@gymownermonthly.co.uk CONTACT  07858 487357 / +33 769 422638

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BOX CENTRIC www.boxcentric.co.uk B

oxCentric’s mission is to be a centre for excellence in Boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, alongside the strength and conditioning to complement each craft, and to offer a fully holistic approach to wellness. We are an exclusive members club centrally located in a discreet Knightsbridge Mews, London around the corner from Harrods. English and European professional boxing champion Cathy Brown and World Champion professional boxing legend John Conteh are ambassadors of this beautiful exclusive members club.


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We are offering children’s martial arts

skill set, and mindset. We wanted to steer


away from mixed martial arts (MMA) and

Mindset – evolving

believe it is our duty to provide them with

Health – alignment

a solid pathway to health and physical

Life – balance

education, as well as motivation to sustain

Combat - philosophy

activities. We have created a safe space for

One of the main attributes of mastering a martial art is learning respect, discipline,

focus on individual arts and to honour the science and practice of each one. We want to create a local community of like-minded people and those who want to create a healthy balance of mind and body alongside immersing into the science of martial arts.There is a 16ft ring and an array of boxing bags alongside a training rig, Auster suspension equipment, cable machine, Elieko Olympic bars and plates, kettlebells and dumbbells with a squat rack and Olympic lifting area. The Olympic

classes on Saturdays as our children are tomorrow’s fitness messengers. We

learning martial arts where your children We created a 5 point assessment for each

will come to value the importance of

member, so they receive a consultation to

discipline, respect, dedication and focus

set their fitness and life objectives, including

through our martial arts training.

a full InBody 770 health assessment, a life coaching session, a functional movement screen (FMS) and a personalised Bio-Synergy DNA nutrition package with a diet plan. The Box Centric programme also offers animal flow, body weight, strength and conditioning

We have proudly formed an exclusive UK partnership with PhotonLens - an augmented reality (AR) smart glasses company that transforms the way you exercise.Through a leading combination of artificial intelligence, advanced sensory

lifting area is designed for technical

classes, dance-based around combat and

lifting to enhance explosion, power and

running club in our local Hyde Park. This

strength needed for martial arts and not a

allows us to look at each individual in a

cross fit HIIT training style. Every piece of

bespoke wholesome picture and gives us

equipment we have chosen complements

the ability to guide each member towards

PhotonLens is the world’s first AR smart

the training we offer within the club.

whatever goal they want to create with us.

glasses built with full-body fitness and

GOM Magazine

technology, and material science, the PhotonLens smart glasses will elevate your training experience to the next level.

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WHO ARE WE Andrew Constanti is the founder/owner/ CEO and Cathy Brown is an ambassador and shareholder. They have worked tirelessly over lockdown to create BoxCentric when they realised they had the same vision and are proud to be launching during such difficult times. Andrew was a successful solicitor and ran his own lucrative law firm until he moved into property, where he focuses on high-end properties around the world for clients. He owns a company called Constanti estates. He found boxing a few years ago after struggling with his own health and needed to start exercising. He had such an amazing experience mentally and physically that he found a new love in training and boxing. Because it had offered him so much, he became passionate about boxing and wanted to create a centre of excellence so he could

active gaming in mind. By using the

McIntyre for life coaching. Helping with

PhotonLens AR smart glasses, you can

mindset is the most important attribute to

work out from anywhere, immersed in

enhance so we can get the best out of an

your environment. The PhotonLens smart

individual. The excellence of care for our

Cathy was only the second woman in

glasses respond to your movements and

customers is an absolute priority. They

the UK to receive a professional boxing

the environment around you and can

want every member to be treated with

licence in 1998. Back then women were

project anything and anyone into your

respect, care and bespoke. They mould

chastised and belittled if they wanted to

field of vision. Through this state-of-the-

customer experience on high-end hotels

box, so Cathy used that to help her drive to

art spatial computing technology, you can

and customer service facilities as each

push forward for women to be recognised

also access exclusive BoxCentric content

member should feel a priority.

within the boxing and fitness world. She

give back to others in the same way that boxing had given back to him.

curated by Cathy and John Conteh. We have filmed several boxing workouts and meditation content so members can experience this unique and second to none experience. We are passionate to teach individuals to work out intelligently using technology and being guided by our coaches to reach achievable and realistic goals. Alongside, the training arena, we created a nutrition bar that offers pre and postworkout shakes, beautiful coffee, fresh juices and healthy food. We are working alongside Bio-Synergy, Press juices and Fresh Fitness Foods to create this. The experience for each member should be seamless and we want to provide everything they need. A lot of fitness facility’s only focus on the physical aspect and from Cathy’s 26 year’s experience in the industry alongside competing at a high level in boxing and studying cognitive behavioural therapy, she wanted to look at each person wholesomely, which is why they created a 5 point assessment for each member and why they collaborated with Dr Sarah 54

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was a trailblazer for women in boxing as

an exclusive members club based around

she fought inside and outside of the ring

martial arts when Andrew approached

to be respected as a world-class fighter.

her with his vision.There isn’t a club in

She fought as a professional for 10 years,

Knightsbridge that focusses highly on

becoming ranked number 3 in the World

this type of training in such a manner. Her

as a flyweight and becoming the first UK

passion for excellence and martial arts

woman to win European and English titles

made this a perfect venture to be part of.

along the way.

She has worked with incredible passion

Cathy and her husband Greg created a successful CIMSPA and ActiveIQ certified course delivery company called Boxology® in 2016, which teaches personal trainers and coaches to teach boxing effectively and also teaches anyone who wants to train using boxing the science of boxing and correct technique. Courses are run face to face but due to covid they filmed over 500 videos over lockdown and have also taken the courses online, these are also certified by CIMSPA and ActiveIQ. They

and drive during lockdown with Andrew and is determined to make this hugely successful. She is strongly driven by the powerful positive effects that martial arts has on the mindset and consequently the body. And exceptionally driven to help others find strength through sport especially a sport that she has received so much from. Boxing has helped Cathy cope immensely through life events and she constantly gives back, hence why she created a non-profit charity called Head Guard with her husband Greg

are both passionate about coaching


boxing techniques correctly as it means

The Head guard mission is to visit areas

how to teach the fundamentals of the

around the World where women and

sport through the Boxology® education

children have experienced trauma in the

program. Voluntary contributions from

form of sexual assault, war experience,

BoxCentric’s membership fees go to

domestic violence, trafficking or any other

support the charity. The next project

form of life-altering situations. Not only

is in Nepal this year with the Ghurkha

have they been through horrific abuse

run Sustainable Himalayan Foundation,

but a lot of these women and children

helping young women and children

have lost their families and are unable

through boxing who have been abused

to work as they may have no education,

and sex trafficked. They will be visiting

nor means of learning what to do, to get

and running Boxology® courses to a

paid for proper legal employment. We

few chosen women, who will carry on

aim to not only help these women and

coaching after they have returned to the

girls cope with traumas but also, to teach

UK. This will bring the women an income,

Being so committed to learning the

them a trade to be able to earn a living.

whilst also teaching them a skill set and

science of a skill and the powerful mind

Their last project was to Iraq, where they

learning to use boxing and mindfulness as

connection, Cathy recognised the need for

coached ISIS victims both how to box and

a coping strategy.

it lessens the chance of injury to clients and when learning a new skill, your mind is invigorated. Being present and learning how to box properly means that an individual isn’t punching aimlessly, but learning to be in tune with their body and moving it in a skilful and precise way. Creating the Boxology® education platform (www.boxology.online or www.boxology.academy) meant that they could bring back the beauty of the noble art rather than just punching aimlessly and frantically.

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here has been a lot of talk of how gyms are essential over the last year. Essential to the physical and mental health of our members. Essential for staying fit. But we are less essential than food delivery drivers. Have you thought about how your club could guarantee staying open for your members in the event of future lockdowns? We have talked about the non-essential nature of gyms here before, but as lockdowns ease, more and more clubs are developing interesting new ideas and enhancing their offering. These pivots are what will help to both grow those clubs and make them more essential


JULY 2021

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HYBRID AND THE NEW NORMAL Even more webinar hours and column inches have been spent discussing hybrid gym models. Hybrid is just a mix of different services or elements. Mixing it up and trying different membership options was a way of retaining members during lockdown. But now it needs to be the way that clubs grow and evolve. The fitness industry is not returning to normal; it needs to keep changing and becoming more hybrid. It is more important than ever to know what your customer wants and to deliver that. You know that not all your members are coming back, but there are some who are happy working out from home, whether it is with your programme or online class library, or joining in a livestream class from your club. At the moment, these online live members are sometimes few and far between, however, they will continue to be loyal as long as you’re there for them, and others will join or re-join them when the time is right. You need to have faith with this element of hybrid if it is to be part of your future strategy.

SELLING KIT, PROGRAMMES, AND REMOTE PT Equipment sales soared in lockdown, the demand forced prices through the roof, and some retailers made a killing on kettlebells. Lots of clubs rented or loaned kit out, showing there was a market for fitness equipment.

GOM Magazine

Now clubs that are selling weights, ropes, bars, kettlebells, or resistance bands are getting their brand in front of members and non-members. Include a workout programme or exercise library, either on paper, social media, or your app, and you’ve got an audience or community of ‘members’ who are engaged with you, and likely to do business with you in the future, in one form or another.

There’s also a growing market for Remote PT, with or without an app. People need accountability, from a high-five or fistbump over messenger, or an encouraging coaching message to give them a nudge to move towards their goals. There are a plethora of apps out there that add a great deal of value to the coach and member, but sometimes, a simple message works wonders, you just need to remember to send it!

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NUTRITION Nutrition coaching, advice, and meal planning is a huge growth area for health clubs. Those who have included recipe sections in newsletters will know that they are some of the most clicked and shared parts of those communications. Collating them into a member’s recipe book is the natural next step, then providing bespoke advice and education will benefit your existing members and bring in new ones as well. Offering healthy calorie-controlled meals for collection or delivery is a nice add-on for members or new subscribers. Clubs are either partnering with local businesses or national suppliers to provide these services to their members. It broadens the health offering and helps your business to become more essential.

FOOD AND FUEL A popular independent gym in Somerset has sold fitness food to order for a few years now. Members can purchase supplements, protein, meat, vitamins and much more. During lockdown last year, whilst no members were training, they were still able to order and visit the shop to collect food. It was a great opportunity for members to talk to the gym owner and staff, and to see the mezzanine and other developments that were happening in the club. So, while the gym itself was closed for training, they kept the business open through these other channels and maintained a great level of member interaction. Bounce back has been strong, and new member sales even stronger!

HEALTH MOTS We have discussed the health-check appointment here before, and it is starting to gain traction with clubs. It brings ex-members back and also attracts new health-seeking subscribers. Key to the appointment is to provide some measurements for the client, via body composition analysis or a 3D body scan. Explain the results, talk about the client’s goals and plans, and then book a followup appointment. Many health subscribers won’t ever want to use the gym, but these programmes add to your bottom line, increase membership numbers, yet don’t fill up your gym or physical classes. More importantly, you should be able to deliver one-to-one health-check appointments during lockdown, in the same way, that health practitioner meetings and EMS training were possible. They are a new 58

JULY 2021

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base-level membership on top of which you can build other business streams, as mentioned above.

DON’T GO BACK TO NORMAL If you’re going to grow your business, or even just survive the next 12 months, you’re really going to have to think outside the box. Not just outside the four walls of the gym, with some outdoor classes, or digital content, but really think outside the box. Let’s hope there are no future lockdowns. But if there are, what will you be doing differently? How will your gym become essential? Guy Griffiths is a coach to independent gym owners and a member retention specialist. He works with clubs on processes, systems, and strategies to improve member engagement, and boost revenue. His mission is to help your club to understand and engage with as many of your members as possible and get them to stick around longer. Book a call to discuss your membership retention strategies or fully managed member recovery campaigns at ggfit.com/gom.

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OVER 40 OR EVEN OVER 50? BY PHILIP MADDOX HIT THE FITNESS – DITCH THE TAKE-AWAY & BOOZE DOES YOUR WAISTLINE MEASUREMENT MATCH YOUR AGE!! So, you’ve hit the ‘fairly’ BIG 4-Oh or even the BIG 5-OH and you realise your waist measurement is the same size number as your age and creeping up EVERY BIRTHDAY! Have you also made these usual “Get out of Jail Free Card” excuses to NOT go training, stay active, fit, strong and healthy? 1. Looking after the kids 2. Extra workload due to promotion 3. I’m getting too old for all that shit now 4. I’ve got sore knees 5. Doc said I should slow down now that I’ve hit 40/50 6. I’ve not been to the gym in months (years) 7. I will ache so bad 8. Medical professionals say you shouldn’t lift weights at my age 9. Etc 10. Etc Well, to be honest, we’ve heard them all before and fortunately, there are a lot of Medical Professionals that also stay fit and active and even lift weights and do regular exercise that are realizing what 60

JULY 2021

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has been preached by the Professional

Granted as we get older our metabolism

our teen’s, 20s & our ’30s is capable of

Medical Journals for decades about “STOP

(what generally keeps us ticking over,

being effectively used to fuel our body but

TRAINING” once you get over 40 or 50

how efficiently and effectively we

also to burn off those calories being put

years old has been “FAKE NEWS” as we

burn the calories we consume and

into our body!

would call it in these modern terms.

the general running and state of our

All too often ‘WE’ allow work or even if out of work, to “DICTATE” what we do with our ‘FREE TIME’, we spend our 20s, 30s & 40s chasing promotion or extra work to feel fulfilled in life or simply to afford that extension or camper van or motorbike.

bodies, for example, if we had a very very slow metabolism we would find it very difficult to keep the weight off if we ate a lot of high sugar content foods compared to if we have a very high/fast metabolism, whereby our body is very efficient at burning off those high-value

We often think that the Boss will show

calorie sugary foods we consume!) slows

some gratitude or reward you in some way

naturally; that is generally the majority of

for covering the last 6mths of weekends

the global population, there are also 1 or 2

at work because they didn’t want to spoil

people who’s metabolism never slows and

their own family weekends when really,

they will never gain weight by inactivity!

you are only fooling yourself because you

and we need to monitor how efficiently

are voluntarily losing your own free time

and effectively our body copes with what


we consume and how it burns off or, USES

Also, this all shows signs of your own

So, knowing that our ‘Calorie

has literally disappeared along with your

Burning” machine – Metabolism - is

athletic looking body!

slowing we need to do 1 of 2 things to

start showing which you happily tell the people in your life that it is just too much of the good life and can be sorted really quickly because you are joining the gym again next month! The only thing is you

it was reported that of all the primary school leavers finishing primary school that year, 75% were classed as obese or clinically obese! At 11 years old, already classed as obese and the large majority of those children’s body weight was

avoid piling on the pounds: 1. Eat & drink less (especially high calorific foods and drinks in particular alcohol) 2. STAY ACTIVE – STAY FIT – KEEP TRAINING

never actually do manage to get that gym

If we do not do #1 above then we need

membership set up and 1 month passes

to do even more of #2 above to ensure

into 2 and then into 6mths, then into a

the fire is still burning if not a little hotter

year and before long your “Waistline is the

to ensure that if we are still eating and

same number as your AGE”!

drinking the same amounts as we did in

GOM Magazine

end of the school summer term for 2019

those calories consumed.

once active, healthy and fun-loving life

Then, signs of an expanding waistline

A very shocking statistic emerged at the

JULY 2021



the same as or heavier than their age in

you may well feel lacking in confidence

again and gone back inside to eat and

‘stones’ in weight!

because of the way you look or the

drink even more!

If this is happening to our children at 11 onwards surely we can see how easy it is for the body to simply gain weight and if this has taken 11 yrs to become obese, it is going to take at least half of that again to

clothing you have on or even not having the knowledge of what to do and that you don’t have the confidence to “ASK” one of the fitness instructors to give you some advice and help you on your way?

What I have recently been telling myself and others if I hear others saying the similar comments I used to say, is comments such as this: a. Well done you

lose all of that excess weight!

2 things here I would like to mention:

That is a long time and that is when our

1. Slow Person Jogging

c. Keep it going you are doing fantastic

bodies metabolism is at its fastest! So

2. Little Devil Telling me to STOP

d.  You are an inspiration to so many others

imagine how long it has to take when we

1. I remember when I was a lot younger

have hit 40 or even 50 years old?

that every time I drove past, cycled

Do your selves all a favour and STOP

past, ran past or even walker (quicker

consuming so many calories thinking you are still 20 something when you could eat and drink your body weight each and every weekend in alcohol and fast foods and wake up and be sensible! Take those 1st steps forward into the local gym, leisure centre, CrossFit box or even just the great outdoors, copy your kids for once, go ‘online’ to “YouTube’ or simply “Google” and search great healthy food options with fewer calories but full

than the person running) past someone

b. That’s a great effort

e.  At least you are out there unlike the others sat on their couch f. Great job for going to the gym today 2. T  here are days and training sessions

out jogging “SO SLOWLY” that I would

when I hear this little voice inside

always say either out loud or to myself

my head saying “Just Stop, No one

something very negative about that

cares if you don’t train” and these are

person. It would either be something

sometimes very true words and should

like this:

be listened to and reacted to when

a. Check out slowcoach b. Look at the size of that c. Have you seen what’s escaped from the zoo d. What’s the point of that it's so slow

for example you have been training extremely hard for 3 – 5 days back2back and not had a proper rest. However, there are also times when this little voice pops up when the going gets tough. You hear and think things like:

of natural goodness, there are so many

None of this was positive and it most

celebrity chefs out there now filling their

certainly wasn’t helping this persons goal

websites with healthy options for over

of getting fitter or trying to get fitter and

40s and over 50s etc.

trying to make a difference to their life!

It has been said that one of the hardest

It was nothing but negative comments

things to do is “Get Back Into Training”

that, had the person been able to hear my

after long periods of inactivity. It is also

comments they would have been very

e. It's not like it’s a competition

sometimes a daunting experience to go

hurt or upset and most likely never don

f.  Its only a couple reps/sets left anyway,

into a local training establishment as

their running shoes and training clothes


JULY 2021

a. Just stop now it's fine b.  You’re training alone so no one will even know if you didn’t complete it c. No one cares anyway if you didn’t do it all d.  Come on who are you kidding? You’re 50 years old!

it doesn’t matter

GOM Magazine


As we go through our 40s & 50s and

a new set of training gear and gradually

onwards it is increasingly more difficult

get back into a daily routine of activity

to “Kickstart” your training regimen once

which does not just have to be hitting the

again. Especially if you are still in a busy

gym trying to bring back the “Glory Days”

job or a busy home with children and partner with other things going on all the time, HOWEVER, if we do not kickstart a

or try to match your old Personal Bests at weight lifting or cardio feats from your early to late ’20s!

more active, fitter and healthy lifestyle

Have the courage to start out training

this is where we will see our WAISTLINE

and being active again and instead

matching our AGE!

of making it a “Man with a Mission”

It is time to “Ditch” the Fast Foods which are so easily accessible and so convenient along with those 4 – 5 bottles of beer each night in front of the TV and its time to get

why not involve those around you in particular your children if they are still living at home and your partner so that what you think was important due to the ‘Trap’ you fell into such as: a. TV Soap Series?? b. Extra Hours at Work/Weekend work?? c.  Another few drinks with work colleagues after finishing late again?? d. Gym membership lapsed months ago e.  Can't afford a gym membership (as “DELIVEROO” weekly costs take priority!) Why not check out the local circuit classes, Boot Camp’s, Beach Circuits, 5k Park Run, Indoor Climbing Wall, MTB trails, Bike trails, Swimming Pool etc? All of these do NOT have to be finished off with a crate of “Stella” beer and a couple of Super Extra Large MacDonalds menus! Why not experiment with fresh food home delivery service instead of “Deliveroo” try “Gousto” or “Hello Fresh” and enjoy portion controlled fresh ingredient homemade healthy menus for all the family to enjoy? In summary, take a leaf out of your children’s book again, and do a bit of ‘Internet Research” and check out what is available in your local area activity-wise and give it a go, and once you have taken the effort to start your new-found love of a new activity or hobby and new taste for fresh health products instead of ‘Fast Foods” you will see that your waistline is slowly shrinking and you can fit back into those jeans you hid away in the back of the wardrobe because you could no longer fit into them as your waistline became too BIG! As a 40 something, 50+ adult we really should maintain an active life and keep our: a. Heart Ticking and often ticking a little quicker than usual by doing fitness b. Muscles working with regular strength training c.  Connective Joints and Connective Tissues strong and mobile as we need

GOM Magazine

them until we leave this planet for so many things in our lives such as: Sitting down, Standing up, getting into and out of the bed and the bath, going up and down the stairs, carrying the heavy food shopping bags etc. Remember that if it has been a while since you last took part in some form of physical exercise or activity then, listen to your heart and tell yourself that you can not perform the same way you did 20-30yrs ago. Everything is to be progressive and enjoyable. These fitness and activity sessions MUST NOT be a CHORE! Fitness should never be a chore or a bore! You should be taking part in an activity because you enjoy it and of course, you are doing it to help elongate your natural life’s health. Remember that if you can not perform certain exercises that you see me doing on one of my video’s or an exercise is simply too painful to carry out, then don’t do it, see if there is a similar exercise that does the same job.. Finally, do not rush out to buy a complete “Home-Gym” set up just be happy with good old fashioned “Old Skool” bodyweight workouts and slowly but steadily as your fitness and strength and ability improves THEN you can invest in some quality equipment that will help you move onto the next level. ENJOY TRAIN RELAX PHILIP MADDOX JULY 2021



Keto, Intermittent Fasting, vegan, paleo...and the list goes on!!




have a friend and every time he visits, he tells me about a certain fad diet he is doing.And each time, he reports, he starting to lose weight, yet a couple of months down the road, he has regained all of his weight, lost his motivation, and is setting out to try some other diet out there that is going to be THE ONE that will change his life forever. So, what IS the best diet out there?

The best diet is one that provides you with sufficient nutrients to fuel your daily activity and meets your needs. If you are trying to lose weight, the best diet is one that is not overly restrictive yet creates a caloric deficit by cutting some calories each day and increasing activity. If you are trying to gain muscle, the best diet is one that has an overage of calories coming 64

JULY 2021

GOM Magazine


from healthy foods. The macronutrient

These questions are critical in determining

are giving your body time to process the

breakdown depends on each person’s

your relationship with food. When

food and become satisfied. You will likely

biochemistry. So, the answer is simple

people sign up with me, we figure out

have better digestion and less bloat. You

on one hand and quite complicated on

what macronutrients best fit their needs,

will likely have more energy and be more

another. There is no “one size fits all”

goals, age, and body type BUT that is

motivated to work out…you see how

solution. I will outline some popular diets

not going to help them lose weight and

attacking one of your biggest habits can

that you hear about and break down the

keep it off if they have a compromised

filter down into many others?

pros and cons but ultimately it is rarely

relationship with food and engrained

WHAT you are eating that is causing you

habits that are not serving them so we

to not be able to meet your goals, but

must also begin addressing their habits.

rather your relationship with food. Instead

When I completed the Precision Nutrition

of trying to figure out what “diet” best

coach level 2 program, it was such a great

fits your needs, start asking yourself the

eye-opening program because I come

following questions:

from a psychology background and the

1. Am I eating until about 80% full or am I eating until I feel stuffed? 2. Do I do other things while eating? Work, reading, scrolling, tv, etc.? 3. Do I put my fork down between bites? 4. Do I eat when bored, sad, happy, angry, lonely…not because I am physically hungry? 5. Do I exercise just to burn excess food intake? 6. Am I constantly going on a diet or “starting tomorrow”?

GOM Magazine

entire year of the level 2 program was based on the psychology behind people’s eating behaviors. So, before you decide to jump on the next diet fad, ask yourself

Now, that we know the real question to ask FIRST is NOT …what diet is for me but how do I eat and what is my relationship with food, let’s break down the top fad diets in 2021 and discuss the pros and cons and how to possibly incorporate components of these that meet your needs without going on a strict “diet” or cutting out whole food groups.

your biggest eating behaviors that has

1. Keto “Lite” (The Ketogenic Diet for 2021)

the greatest domino effect (meaning

If there is to be “one hot diet” for 2021, it’s

improves other areas that challenge you).

the now-popularized version of “Keto,”

For example, if you always eat fast then

which we like to call “Keto Lite.” The

slow down and be present for your meals

original “True Keto” diet forced followers

this week. THAT improvement will likely

to push themselves into ketosis by eating

ensure that you eat less because you

mostly fat (70% or more of total diet).

the above questions and attack one of

JULY 2021 65


Eating such high levels of fat caused them to lose weight fast because it made their bodies switch from burning carbs (glucose) to burning fat (ketones). But as “Keto” has become mainstream, followers are increasingly calling their diets “Keto” as long as they hit just two key “Keto” metrics: rock bottom sugar and low net carbs. “Keto Lite” consumers typically want high protein (unlike traditional keto, which limits protein at no more than 20% of total diet), moderate fat from high-quality sources (i.e., almonds, coconut, avocado), and extremely low sugars with no more than 4g net carbs (which is calculated by total carbs minus fiber minus sugar alcohol minus allulose). Gluten-free everything is also a plus in the “Keto Lite” space as the claim implies low carb. Notes from Coach Stacy: Keto has been all the rage for a couple of years now. A keto-based diet CAN help your body overcome insulin resistance and lose weight but is tough for most to sustain. Yes, if you strictly follow a keto diet or even a keto “light”, you will likely

weight but the minute they add a healthy amount of carbs back into the diet, they gain the weight back and more. Many keto followers become highly sensitive to

2. The Immune System Support Diet (“Eating to Combat Covid”) COVID continues to be one of the key

starchy carbs. Keto may be advantageous

influencers of every single trend, and

for those with certain diseases and

dietary habits are no exception. In fact,

conditions such as Epilepsy, Metabolic

The World Health Organization has

Syndrome, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

announced dietary guidelines during

(PCOS), Diabetes, some cancers, autism,

the COVID outbreak that stressed the

and Parkinson's but again, it must become

“importance of a balanced diet to maintain

a lifestyle.

a strong immune system,” and includes the recommendation to consume 4

drop weight. The debate is whether it is

I like the idea of a Keto “Lite” because it

sustainable and whether you are likely

allows for more protein and therefore

to keep the weight off. There have been

a little more balance and sustainability

many studies where those on the keto

while maintaining the “very low carb”

“Super” foods in the immune-supporting

diet have lost a tremendous amount of


space are everything high in Vitamin C

servings of fruits and 5 servings of veggies every day.

(from grapefruits to broccoli) and Vitamin E (from nuts to avocados). Other on-trend foods for fighting COVID are elderberries, green tea (high in antioxidants), Vitamin D (from the sun or from food, like eggs) and garlic. Notes from Coach Stacy: I am a huge believer in using food as medicine and consuming foods as close to their natural state as possible. I typically do not buy anything in a packet except tuna and salmon, oats, peanut butter, coffee, tea, and portion size nut snack packs. If easy access processed foods are in your home, you will likely eat them. You do not need them; your kids do not need them. Fresh and frozen fruits and veggies, homemade protein bars, avocados, raw nuts in portion-controlled packages, low fat dairy, lean protein sources, etc. are all great sources of energy for your family. The only problem that may exist with the Immune System Support diet is that some people really cannot have four full fruit servings a day and maintain or lose weight should that be the goal so they would simply cut the fruit servings back to 1-2 and try to have a variety throughout the week.


JULY 2021

GOM Magazine


3. The Plant-Based Flexitarian Diet Forget “Veganism”; the “plant-powered” trend is all about consumers eating a majority (90% or more) of plantbased foods, but not excluding the well-sourced free-range chicken leg or grass-fed meatball when it rolls

banned food with something that is not

beat yourself up if you enjoy a treat on

meant to taste like that product AND


consuming way too many carbs for their bodies to process. This Flexitarian option may be a better option for those who want to jump on the plant-powered bandwagon but again, the focus should be a WELL-BALANCED diet with minimal

5. Intermittent Fasting This diet involves simply not eating for the majority of the day, and believers say it helps people lose weight naturally by


breaking the “constant-snacking” cycle of popular version. With this, dieters restrict

plant sources – think pumpkin seed

4. The Paleo-Inspired Whole Foods Diet

protein, almond protein, pea protein and

This diet, which is going on 10 years

hemp protein. Adaptogens, including

strong, argues that we should all eat like

“whole body” supporting ingredients

our caveman ancestors did. This means

noon the following day). In practice, this

like ashwagandha, turmeric, and reishi

consuming a majority of hunter-gatherer

means skipping breakfast and cutting

food staples, like berries, nuts, and

food off strictly post-dinner. Some

the plant-based crowd.

wild-caught animal meat (fish, chicken,

Intermittent Fasters go down to eating

This diet is also great for the planet

etc.). The Paleo Diet also encourages

just a single meal a day.

the consumption of some high-impact

around. Of particular importance to the plant-based movement is the consumption of proteins derived from

mushrooms, are also hugely popular for

because plants have a much lower carbon footprint than animals. As such, you’ll

proteins, like grass fed whey and collagen peptides. Since Cavemen didn’t farm,

modern life. The 16/8 method is the most their daily eating period to a strict 8-hour block (i.e., noon till 8pm), and “fast” (don’t eat) for the other 16 hours (i.e., 8pm till

IF (Intermittent Fasting) has been very popular the past couple years. Keep in

this diet bans anything that requires

mind that if you are an athlete and train

industrialized farming techniques,

long hours, you may need to have a

in sustainable, or better yet, “no waste”

including grains, wheat, corn, and

healthy breakfast to fuel your workouts


processed foods, like sugar. In the Paleo

and/or recover from the day before. The

world, if you could cook your dinner

people who benefit the most from this

without sauce over an open fire, you’re

concept are nighttime bingers because

probably doing it right.

all it takes is a taste of food for those

tell me is that they are consuming a lot of

Notes from Coach Stacy: Paleo can be

who have the habit of nighttime endless

Vegan “foods” that are highly processed

a pretty balanced diet and eliminates

feedings and the binge begins. People

because various companies are trying

processed foods. If something like

may also benefit from this if they are in

to emulate cheese or meat or some other

this works for you then do it but don’t

the habit of mindless snacking often.

notice that flexitarians are also typically key proponents of the growing interest

Notes from Coach Stacy: I find it interesting that so many Vegans I know are overweight. What they usually

GOM Magazine

JULY 2021



6. The DASH Diet This health-conscious diet was developed to prevent heart disease and lower high blood pressure. And its name is an acronym for just that: the “Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension” (DASH). Because the focus of this eating style is the reduction of blood pressure, sodium is strictly controlled, at 2,300 mg per day for the standard dash and just 1,500 per day for “intensive”. Besides this restriction, the diet is pretty run-of-the-mill stereotypically healthy, with an emphasis on consuming such go-to healthy foods as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish, poultry, and nuts. Notes from Coach Stacy: I like this diet for those with high blood pressure. It is definitely not for me as I need a higher sodium diet due to low blood pressure, hypothyroidism, and one of the medications that I take is also a diuretic, but this diet utilizes healthy food choices and clean eating which is really the key.

7. The Mediterranean Diet The Mediterranean diet is based on a number of scientific studies that have shown that people who live in the Mediterranean (like the South of France and Greece) typically have much lower instances of “lifestyle diseases”, like heart attacks, diabetes and stokes, than Americans. The thinking is that this healthfulness hails from their dietary norms and that if you eat like them, you’ll be healthy too. The traditional staple foods of the region, which are the cornerstones of this dietary strategy, include stereotypically “heathy’” fare, like veggies (lots of tomatoes!), fruit, legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds, seafood and extra virgin olive oil. At the same time, the Mediterranean Diet eschews processed foods and sugars, including processed meat, refined grains, and trans fats. Fads come and go, but the Mediterranean Diet is almost always at the top of the pack when it comes to dieticians’

eliminate food groups or deem certain

it aims to help a dieter’s brain by reducing

recommendations. It’s not for easy and fast

items as “good” or “bad.”

the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease

weight loss, but it is consistently linked to long term good health. Notes from Coach Stacy: This is my favorite type of nutrition because I love fish, beans, a variety of vegetables, healthy fats, and red wine!!

8. The MIND Diet

and other types of dementia. While the scientific community is divided on

The MIND diet is what would happen if

whether or not it works, some early

the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet

studies are promising.

had a brain-health-focused baby. Indeed, the name is an acronym for the very long

From a practical perspective, the diet is basically the Mediterranean Diet with a

My body does well with a version of the

“Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for

Mediterranean diet, but I don’t follow

Neurodegenerative Delay.” Its popularity

with a large focus on “real foods” like

strict rules because I want to have a

hails mostly from the purchasing power

fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, and

healthy relationship with food and not

of the aging Baby Boomer population, and

well-sourced, wild-caught fish in addition


JULY 2021

low sodium twist – mostly plant-based,

GOM Magazine


to low-fat, low sodium dairy. A plus is the

elimination is proven to be a great way of

addition of any “superfoods” known to

fighting IBS completely drug-free.

support brain health, like turmeric, dark chocolate, broccoli, and Omega 3s.

Notes from coach Stacy: This is typically a pretty standard diet

Notes from Coach Stacy:

for those suffering with digestive issues.

I like this diet especially for the older

I find it very difficult to follow and it

crowd. In addition to it being touted for

eliminates some high nutrient foods but

reducing risk of developing Alzheimer’s,

for someone who suffers with Irritable

I also like it for those suffering with

bowel syndrome or other digestive issues,

arthritis as long as they keep the whole

it is definitely worth a try!! If I was doing

grains to a minimum.

this type of nutrition plan for health reasons, I would make sure to supplement

9. Low FODMAP Diet In the United States, Irritable Bowel

with a high quality multi-vitamin.

Syndrome (IBS) is on the rise. Indeed, it

10. The Volumetrics Diet

is estimated that a whopping 10-15%

If this diet had a tag line, it would be, “Eat

of the adult population suffers from

more while consuming fewer calories.”

IBS symptoms (although only 5-7% of

The idea behind it is to consume the most

adults have been diagnosed). As a result,

food by volume to trigger your body’s “full

the number of people who are seeking

feeling”, while simultaneously consuming

out dietary strategies to combat their

the fewest calories possible. As a result,

symptoms is enormous, with sufferers

foods like broths (think water-logged

spending an estimated $10 billion

chicken broth) and non-starchy veggies

annually on treatments.

(think celery, carrots, leafy greens) are

There is only one clinically recommended diet to treat IBS: a diet low in fermentable carbs known as the Low FODMAP diet, making this one of our top picks for 2021

central, and diet followers avoid anything that’s small and calorific. Forget steak, high fat oils and chocolates. Fill up on kale, spinach, and tons of water.

diet trends. FODMAP stands for five key

Notes from Coach Stacy:

items that are banned on the diet. These

If you love to eat, it may be beneficial to

are: Fermentable Oligosaccharides (like

incorporate this into your day. When I

wheat and legumes), Disaccharides (like

am cutting for a competition, I try to eat

milk and yogurt), Monosaccharides (like

foods that are low in calories so that I can

figs, honey, and most fructose-containing

enjoy more food and get that feeling of

fruits), and Polyols (like blackberries

fullness. A great volumetrics meal may

and lychees). These carbs are notorious

be a large bowl of leafy greens with lots

for triggering uncomfortable digestive

of vegetables like mushrooms, cucumber,

symptoms like gas and bloating, and their

tomatoes, peppers, 2-4 ounces lean

protein, a few black olives, and a sprinkle of feta cheese…maybe even add some banana peppers for flavor!! Another is my typical breakfast which is a lot of veggies (whatever I have in the fridge) stir fried with just cooking spray and a cup of egg whites topped with my favorite seasoning or salsa. It ends up looking like a lot of food!! With that being said, don’t bail on portion-controlled nuts and seeds, higher fat proteins on occasion like salmon, lean beef, sea bass, or small portions of avocado! These are high fat foods but pack a variety of nutrients and sometimes that is just what your body needs! Fad diets will come and go. There may be one that fits your needs best for one reason or another and you decide to follow that style of diet 80-90% of the time. Or maybe there are two that best fit your needs like Intermittent Fasting and Paleo so you eat from 12-8 but avoid processed foods, dairy, grains, sugar, and legumes. Maybe you just decide to eat a clean balanced diet and not worry too much about an indulgence here and there but whatever you do, first take a look at HOW you are eating and ask yourself the above questions. I think that you will be surprised at what can happen when you just increase your awareness around meals and snacks. Bon Appetit!!

GOM Magazine

JULY 2021




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To discuss these options either call me or drop me an email JULY Paul Wood:  07858 487 357  pw@gymownermonthly.co.uk



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