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Welcome... the January issue of Gym Owner Monthly Magazine “A goal is not always meant to be reached; it often serves simply as something to aim at.” “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done. Make at least one definite move daily toward your goal.” Bruce Lee Not only does 2021 signify the start of a new year, but also the start of a new way of life and how we adapt to it. We wipe the slate clean and you have 365 days to become the very best version of yourself, and we would like to be a part of that journey. Gym Owner Monthly Magazine is dedicated to you and for you. We are kicking off with the Exclusive Interview and our cover star Amy Dutfield owner of SO51 Fitness telling us how she got into the industry page 10, what are the Mental Health Benefits of Exercise? you’ll find on page 6 and our Gym Owner of the Month is Barry Jacobsz owner of Reform Gym Ltd. page 16. Got a sweat on? Page 20 Wow I've hit the Big 5-OH with Philip Maddox PTs View Point, Breaking Down Barriers by David Vaux page 24, Taking Fitness As A Career by Daniel Godia page 44 and Yes You Can we chat with Beth Turner page 46. Lockdown number 3.0 Better Days are Coming by Samantha Walters page 50 and Fun Home Fitness For You by the amazing Stacy Wig page 60. And we have Business Survival during the Pandemic by Colin Lee Berry page 52 and Guy Griffiths talks about Gym Member Recovery and Growth…page 56. Did we forget to mention that you can subscribe for free? Visit Train safe.

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January 2021








by David Vaux













8 3 20

50 YEARS YOUNG! TRAINING AT 50! By Philip Maddox 4

January 2021


















YES YOU CAN By Beth Turner











By Adam Powell

January 2021



The Mental Health Benefits of

Exercise Y

ou already know that exercise is good for your body. But did you know it can also boost your mood, improve your sleep, and help you deal with depression, anxiety, stress, and more?

positive impact on depression, anxiety, and ADHD. It also relieves stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better, and boosts your overall mood. And you don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to reap the benefits. Research indicates that modest amounts of exercise can make a real difference. No matter your age or fitness level, you can learn to use exercise as a

What are the mental health benefits of exercise? Exercise is not just about aerobic capacity and muscle size. Sure, exercise can improve your physical health and your physique, trim your waistline, improve your sex life, and even add years to your life. But that’s not what motivates most people to stay active.

outlook, and get more out of life.

Exercise and depression Studies show that exercise can treat mild to moderate depression as effectively as antidepressant medication—but without the side-effects, of course. As one example, a recent study done by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

so because it gives them an enormous

found that running for 15 minutes a day

sense of well-being. They feel more

or walking for an hour reduces the risk of

energetic throughout the day, sleep

major depression by 26%. In addition to

better at night, have sharper memories,

relieving depression symptoms, research

and feel more relaxed and positive about

also shows that maintaining an exercise

themselves and their lives. And it’s also

schedule can prevent you from relapsing.

mental health challenges. Regular exercise can have a profoundly January 2021

problems, improve your energy and

People who exercise regularly tend to do

powerful medicine for many common


powerful tool to deal with mental health

Exercise is a powerful depression fighter for several reasons. Most importantly, it promotes all kinds of changes in the


brain, including neural growth, reduced inflammation, and new activity patterns that promote feelings of calm and well-being. It also releases endorphins, powerful chemicals in your brain that energise your spirits and make you feel good. Finally, exercise can also serve as a distraction, allowing you to find some quiet time to break out of the cycle of negative thoughts that feed depression.

Exercise and anxiety Exercise is a natural and effective antianxiety treatment. It relieves tension and stress, boosts physical and mental energy, and enhances well-being through the release of endorphins. Anything that gets you moving can help, but you’ll get a bigger benefit if you pay attention instead of zoning out. Try to notice the sensation of your feet

reduce the symptoms of ADHD and

can still offer a welcome boost to your

hitting the ground, for example, or the

improve concentration, motivation,

mood, outlook, and mental well-being.

rhythm of your breathing, or the feeling

memory, and mood. Physical activity

of the wind on your skin. By adding this

immediately boosts the brain’s dopamine,

mindfulness element—really focusing

norepinephrine, and serotonin levels—all

on your body and how it feels as you

of which affect focus and attention. In this

exercise—you’ll not only improve your

way, exercise works in much the same

physical condition faster, but you may also

way as ADHD medications such as Ritalin

be able to interrupt the flow of constant

and Adderall.

stimulates the growth of new brain cells

Higher self-esteem. Regular activity is an

Exercise and stress

Exercise and PTSD and trauma

Ever noticed how your body feels when

Evidence suggests that by really focusing

your sense of self-worth and make you

you’re under stress? Your muscles may

on your body and how it feels as you

feel strong and powerful. You’ll feel better

be tense, especially in your face, neck,

exercise, you can help your nervous

about your appearance and, by meeting

and shoulders, leaving you with back or

system become “unstuck” and begin to

even small exercise goals, you’ll feel a

neck pain, or painful headaches. You may

move out of the immobilisation stress

sense of achievement.

feel tightness in your chest, a pounding

response that characterises PSTD or

pulse, or muscle cramps. You may also

trauma. Instead of allowing your mind

experience problems such as insomnia,

to wander, pay close attention to the

heartburn, stomach ache, diarrhea,

physical sensations in your joints and

or frequent urination. The worry and

muscles, even your insides as your body

discomfort of all these physical symptoms

moves. Exercises that involve cross

can in turn lead to even more stress,

movement and that engage both arms and

creating a vicious cycle between your

legs, such as walking (especially in sand),

More energy. Increasing your heart rate

mind and body.

running, swimming, weight training, or

several times a week will give you more

dancing, are some of your best choices.

get-up-and-go. Start with just a few

this cycle. As well as releasing endorphins

Outdoor activities like hiking, sailing,

minutes of exercise per day, and increase

in the brain, physical activity helps to

mountain biking, rock climbing, white

your workout as you feel more energised.

relax the muscles and relieve tension in

water rafting, and skiing (downhill and cross-country) have also been shown to

Stronger resilience. When faced with

the body. Since the body and mind are so closely linked, when your body feels

reduce the symptoms of PTSD.

worries running through your head.

Exercising is an effective way to break

better so, too, will your mind.

Exercise can help provide: Sharper memory and thinking. The same endorphins that make you feel better also help you concentrate and feel mentally sharp for tasks at hand. Exercise also and helps prevent age-related decline.

investment in your mind, body, and soul. When it becomes a habit, it can foster

Better sleep. Even short bursts of exercise in the morning or afternoon can help regulate your sleeping patterns. If you prefer to exercise at night, relaxing exercises such as yoga or gentle stretching can help promote sleep.

mental or emotional challenges in life, exercise can help you build resilience and cope healthily, instead of resorting to alcohol, drugs, or other negative

Exercise and ADHD

Other mental health benefits of exercise

Exercising regularly is one of the

Even if you’re not suffering from a mental

can also help boost your immune system

easiest and most effective ways to

health problem, regular physical activity

and reduce the impact of stress.

behaviours that ultimately only make your symptoms worse. Regular exercise

January 2021



Reaping the mental health benefits of exercise is easier than you think You don’t need to devote hours out of your busy day to train at the gym, sweat buckets, or run mile after monotonous mile to reap all the physical and mental health benefits of exercise. Just 30 minutes of moderate exercise five times a week is enough. And even that can be broken down into two 15 minute or even three 10 minute exercise sessions if that’s easier.

Even a little bit of activity is better than nothing If you don’t have time for 15 or 30 minutes of exercise, or if your body tells you to take a break after 5 or 10 minutes, for example, that’s okay, too. Start with 5 or 10 minute sessions and slowly increase more energy you’ll have, so eventually

You don’t have to suffer to get results

you’ll feel ready for a little more. The key

Research shows that moderate levels of

is to commit to some moderate physical

exercise are one of the best options for

activity, however little, on most days.

most people. Moderate means:

your time. The more you exercise, the

As exercising becomes a habit, you can slowly add extra minutes or try different types of activities. If you keep at it, the benefits of exercise will begin to pay off.

to exercising are very real, particularly when you’re also struggling with a mental health issue.

should be able to chat with your walking

Here are some common barriers and how you can get past them.

partner, but not easily sing a song.

Feeling exhausted. When you’re tired,

Your body feels warmer as you move, but

depressed, or stressed, it seems that

You breathe a little heavier than normal but are not out of breath. For example, you

not overheated or very sweaty.

Can’t find time to exercise during the week? Be a weekend warrior A recent study in the United Kingdom found that people who squeeze their exercise routines into one or two sessions during the weekend experience almost as many health benefits as those who work out more often. So don’t let a busy schedule at work, home, or school be an excuse to avoid activity. Get moving

working out will just make you feel worse. But the truth is that physical activity is a powerful energiser. Studies show that regular exercise can dramatically reduce fatigue and increase your energy levels. If you are feeling tired, promise yourself a quick, 5 minute walk. Chances are, once you get moving you’ll have more energy and be able to walk for longer. Feeling overwhelmed. When you’re stressed or depressed, the thought of adding another obligation to your busy daily schedule can seem overwhelming. Working out just doesn’t seem practical. If you have children, finding childcare while

whenever you can find the time, your

you exercise can also be a big hurdle.

mind and body will thank you!

However, if you begin thinking of physical activity as a priority (a necessity for your

Overcoming obstacles to exercise


January 2021

mental well-being), you’ll soon find ways to fit small amounts of exercise into even the busiest schedule.

Even when you know that exercise will

Feeling hopeless. Even if you’ve never

help you feel better; taking that first step

exercised before, you can still find ways

is still easier said than done. Obstacles

to comfortably get active. Start slow with


easy, low-impact activities a few minutes

going for a walk. Even a short, 15 minute

each day, such as walking or dancing.

walk can help clear your mind, improve

Feeling bad about yourself. Are you your own worst critic? It’s time to try a new way of thinking about your body. No matter your weight, age or fitness level, there are plenty of others in the same boat. Ask a friend to exercise with you.

your mood, and boost your energy level. As you move and start to feel a little better, you’ll often boost your energy enough to exercise more vigorously, by walking further, breaking into a run, or adding a bike ride, for example.

Accomplishing even the smallest fitness

Focus on activities you enjoy. Any

goals will help you gain body confidence

activity that gets you moving counts.

and improve how you think about

That could include throwing a Frisbee


with a dog or friend, walking laps of a

Feeling pain. If you have a disability, severe weight problem, arthritis, or any injury or illness that limits your mobility, talk to your GP about ways to exercise safely. You shouldn’t ignore pain, but rather do what you can when you can. Divide your exercise into shorter, more frequent chunks of time if that helps, or try exercising in water to reduce joint or muscle discomfort.

mall window shopping, or cycling to the grocery store. If you’ve never exercised before or don’t know what you might enjoy, try a few different things. Activities such as gardening or tackling a home improvement project can be great ways to start moving more when you have a mood disorder—as well as helping you become more active, they can also leave you with a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Be comfortable. Wear comfortable clothing

Getting started with exercise when you have a mental health issue Many of us find it hard enough to motivate ourselves to exercise at the best of times. But when you feel depressed, anxious, stressed or have another mental health problem, it can seem doubly difficult. This is especially true of depression and anxiety, which can leave you feeling, trapped in a catch-22 situation. You know

and choose a setting that you find calming or energising. That may be a quiet corner of your home, a scenic path, or your favourite city park. Reward yourself. Part of the reward of completing an activity is how much better you’ll feel afterwards, but it always helps your motivation to promise yourself an extra treat for exercising. Reward yourself with a hot bubble bath after a workout, a delicious smoothie, or with an extra episode of your favourite TV show, for example.

exercise will make you feel better, but

Make exercise a social activity. Exercising

depression has robbed you of the energy

with a friend or loved one, or even your

and motivation you need to work out, or

kids, will not only make exercising more

your social anxiety means you can’t bear

fun and enjoyable, but it can also help

the thought of being seen at an exercise

motivate you to stick to a workout routine.

class or running through the park.

You’ll also feel better than if you were

Start small. When you’re under the cloud of anxiety or depression and haven’t exercised for a long time, setting extravagant goals like completing a marathon or working out for an hour every morning will only leave you more despondent if you fall short. Better to set achievable goals and build up from there. Schedule workouts when your energy is highest. Perhaps you have most energy first thing in the morning before work or school or at lunchtime before the mid-afternoon lull hits? Or maybe you do better exercising for longer at the weekends. If depression or anxiety has you feeling tired and unmotivated all day long, try dancing to some music or simply

exercising alone. When you’re suffering from a mood disorder such as depression, the companionship can be just as important as the exercise.

Easy ways to move more that don’t involve the gym Don’t have a 30 minute block of time to dedicate to yoga or a bike ride? Don’t worry. Think about physical activity as a lifestyle rather than just a single task to check off your to-do list. Look at your daily routine and consider ways to sneak in activity here, there, and everywhere. Move in and around your home. Clean the

house, wash the car, tend to the yard and garden, mow the lawn with a push mower, and sweep the sidewalk or patio with a broom. Sneak activity in at work or on the go. Bike or walk to an appointment rather than drive, use stairs instead of elevators, briskly walk to the bus stop then get off one stop early, park at the back of the lot and walk into the store or office, or take a vigorous walk during your coffee break. Get active with the family. Jog around the soccer field during your kid’s practise, make a neighbourhood bike ride part of your weekend routine, play tag with your children in the yard, go canoeing at a lake, walk the dog in a new place. Get creative with exercise ideas. Pick fruit at an orchard, boogie to music, go to the beach or take a hike, gently stretch while watching television, organize an office bowling team, take a class in martial arts, dance, or yoga. Make exercise a fun part of your everyday life January 2021



e v i s u l c Ex w e i v r e t n I



January 2021


HOW DID YOU GET INTO THE INDUSTRY? I feel like I was destined to spend my career in the fitness industry. I was raised by two incredibly fit and healthy parents who both loved their sport. My mum qualified as PE teacher at Brighton University and played county level squash and my Dad taught PE at a local private school in Shoreham-By-Sea where he also founded a running club. I remember him taking part in the London Marathon several times and completing it in under 3 hours and 30 minutes. I was very inspired by his dedication to his training for this event and have probably learnt from him how to set a goal and work hard to reach it. My parents still like to set slightly crazy physical challenges now, with one of the most notable being their epic 815mile bike ride from West Sussex to Lake Geneva, which they planned themselves and completed in 16 days. They inspire me all the time. mmm January 2021



I didn't initially set out on a fitness path,

such a fantastic foundation in developing

of the cardio machines and bought in

however. I gained a BA/Hons degree in

SO51fitness, the independent gym that I

SportsArts’ eco-powr range. With this

Public Relations: I took this degree as I

designed and opened in September 2017.

kit, up to 74% of the energy created

had a particular interest in journalism and

It was initially housed in a tiny wing of

by SO51Fitness members during their

communications – having the opportunity

a large industrial unit that was used as a

workout is converted into utility-grade

to come back to writing for this publication

dance studio and play café but I moved to

electricity and fed back into the local grid.

over the last year has been a dream come

my own premises just over a year after

true for me. My first job after graduating

that and it has been going from strength

was for an international publishing house

to strength ever since.

Members can scan in on our CV kit using a QR code and track their workouts in real-time. Their scores upload onto our

where I realised very quickly that I was

big in-club screen where we watch our

not an office-compatible sit-down-and-

collective workout power turn into watts.

be quiet person. I was nicknamed “the Meerkat” as I was always poking my head up in our open-plan office to see if there was anybody to chat to. During that period, I was a member of Cannons Health


We were one of the first sites in the UK to start using this amazing kit alongside the SAWell+ technology; since then, more have followed suit, and it's great to see more venues choosing to become

Well, the obvious place to start is of course

sustainable. I'm working closely with

which was located over the road. Before

the “eco-friendly” concept. I started out

partners this year to encourage more

long, armed with my CV, I asked to speak

by going plastic-free back in May 2019.

business to consider their options, and

to the General Manager, to enquire about

Just think how many single-use plastic

have started a new group for interested

how I could get into the gym industry. The

drink bottles are wasted in gyms daily.

gym owners to join (details found below).

rest is really history – I worked in member

It's an obvious and easy place to start

Aside from its unique green ethos,

services, as head of sales, in marketing,

and once you start learning more about

SO51fitness upholds two key values:

as Assistant General Manager, and into

different ways to help protect the planet

competence and community. That

regional and divisional field sales roles. I

through a gym facility, it's empowering

means that staff really know their stuff

loved every single job. I have learnt every

to see what a difference we can all make.

and all of us take pride in knowing our

aspect of gym operations and it's given me

In September 2019 I traded out 50%

members individually. There is no room

Club in Chichester (now Nuffield Health),


January 2021


for arrogance or egos at SO51Fitness.

members, I’ll see other members helping

Where we don’t have our own specialists

them out in the gym or just chatting in a

in-house, we team up with some other

way that is really welcoming. It’s a green

amazing local businesses to ensure the

gym with a heart.

service we provide is first class. We have a go-to physio, rehab specialist, sports

support each other, and it means that gym


members get a really broad, integrated

Like most other gym operators, I'd say

service. For the SO51fitness team, it feels

right now it's all about re-selling the gym

like we are continually building on our

environment in and after the pandemic.

own knowledge, and it also generates

I talked about this a lot last month. Now

regular referrals for our gym.

that we find ourselves in a third lockdown

masseuse, midwife, and others who are there for the SO51fitness community. It’s really fantastic for local business and individual’s healthcare to network and

SO51fitness is a small facility – but one that genuinely welcomes people from all walks of life. That may all sound rather clichéd but the broad cross-section of members speaks for itself. The culture

the effort required is at an all-time high. Our usual January rush has been sabotaged. The first job for all of us is going to be bringing people back in and reconnecting with them personally. The

of this gym is something I am incredibly

usual factors that influence an individual's

proud of, along with the rest of the team.

decision on a gym membership (location,

We all genuinely love getting to know

convenience, referrals) may have changed;

each and every member and everyone in

new considerations, such as whether the

the community benefits from the personal

gym is likely to stay open, and how safe

touch. Often after I’ve signed up new

they feel, are coming into play. January 2021



can really understand what I mean. The people I work with are some of the most charismatic, receptive and well-qualified people I know. I admire and look up to so many people that I have met along the way. I have watched many of these people grow their success from absolute grassroots – from walking gym floors and cleaning equipment – right through to setting up their own businesses and becoming MDs of international

There are so many factors that influence people’s fitness needs–the rise of online training is having a notable effect. But I’m determined to see this as an opportunity for SO51Fitness to evolve to meet the needs of the local community, and I’m busy thinking of new ways to connect with people and promote local health and fitness solutions. After all – standing still never gets you anywhere! Another challenge for SO51Fitness, in particular, is the education around our kit and the need to do our bit to protect the planet. I don't force this, but it's something I try to talk about with our members in our club when I get a chance. I'm very conscious there is a lot of “greenwashing” going on and it’s easy for people to feel cynical about save-theworld consumerism. I want people to see that SO51 is genuine and that we can do something good by using our energy not just for the good of our own health but for the health of the planet as a whole.

WHAT IS THE MOST VALUABLE LESSON YOU'VE LEARNED FROM THE FITNESS INDUSTRY? Working in the fitness industry has taught me that it’s not just a job that will pay the bills, it’s a commitment and a way of life. Probably only those people who have spent enough time in this industry 14

January 2021

WHAT'S THE CURRENT STATE OF THE FITNESS INDUSTRY? As I wrote in my December article " Getting back on the Treadmill," Covid-19 has shattered our plans, eaten into our finances, and cost us many sleepless nights. It's not over yet either, but the fighters will keep fighting and I believe that for once it is independent gym owners who are in the strongest position

companies. I have definitely learnt that

as we start 2021. Most of us have real

if you put the hard graft in, believe in

relationships with our members and the

yourself enough and set measurable goals

relationships with our communities before

they can become reality. Another thing

and during the pandemic is going to be

I’ve learnt is the importance of showing

hugely important our recovery from it.

gratitude. I have gained a lot not just from

Those of us who are independent gym or

looking ahead and setting myself targets,

studio operators will need to be prepared

but also looking back and recalling all the

to upsell the community and social

people who have helped me along the

aspects of our businesses more than ever.


This is our advantage, and we need to be


"SO51fitness is a small facility – but one that genuinely welcomes people from all walks of life"

confident about promoting it. We know that many people are struggling with their mental and physical health after the ups and downs of this year and we should make an effort to stay in touch with our members and provide a safe space for them to recover their strength. The gym is a great place for both maintaining physical health and also the mental healthcare that comes from regular social contact.

members. We need to look after each other

I’m trying to pay attention to the benefits of community support for those of us who want to provide these benefits to our

Independent gyms are where the passion

so that we can look after the communities we love to serve! And moreover, I’m keen to share some of the things I’ve learnt about running a green gym with a heart. So, I’ve set up a dedicated group for this to provide advice and tips. You can find us on Instagram at sustainablyaware_ gymowners - or you can get in contact with me direct at amy_so51fitness. is – if we stick together, we can build our strength and stamina for the years ahead. January 2021



Gym r e n w O OF THE MONTH Barry Jacobsz GYM NAME: Reform Gym LTD ADDRESS: 70 Plover Road, Wellington Mills, Lindley, Huddersfield, HD33HR EMAIL: TEL: 01484 485395 WEB INSTAGRAM: reformgym_lindley


How did you become a gym owner? As an ex-professional rugby player, I have trained in many gyms around the world. I wanted to create an environment that is welcoming and inclusive to everyone, creating a community that supports one another in achieving their personal goals.

How many gyms do you own? I am a relatively new owner, having bought this gym, set in a unique 18th century former textile mill just over a year ago, but I have worked here as a manager and personal trainer for the 16

January 2021


last 15 years. It seemed like a natural

pride ourselves on achieving the results

progression to finally own the business

that our members want and our PTs are

that I had been working so hard to

passionate about this.Â

build. My business partner also has a professional sporting background and we share the same vision to make Reform Gym stand out from the typical corporate set up.

How do you support your staff in their professional development? We have always taken on apprentices,

How important are PTs to your business? All our PTs play a vital role in promoting

allowing them to learn on the job, mentoring and supporting them until they are qualified and confident to

What will make your gym unique? We are a boutique gym, set in an old textile mill. We offer something for all our members, and pride ourselves on the community that we have built. We ensure that every single person that walks into the gym feels welcome and supported, regardless of their fitness levels. We have created an 8 week body transformation course that is designed to support members with a combination of

train members on the gym floor. Some

nutritional advice and exercise to achieve

members in their fitness journeys. Having

of our best trainers have started off

their personal goals. We offer Fit 3D body

the right people, who are motivated,

as apprentices. You learn so much by

scans to all our members to track their

reliable and personable, is essential to

watching others and sharing knowledge

progress and we also facilitate My Zone to

maintain the trust of our members. We

with your peers.

track people’s workouts. We continue to

the business and supporting all our

January 2021



have many success stories, with members not only improving their appearance but also their physical and mental health too.

What are the biggest challenges facing your business today? The biggest challenge that anyone has faced in 2020, is COVID-19. There is no doubt that we have been floored by each of the (now 3rd) lockdowns that we have endured. Our business growth has taken a big nosedive. However, from the adversity, we realised how much support we have in our community from our members and for that we are extremely grateful. I believe that we will recover from this and that the fitness industry will thrive in the coming months as more people are making their health a priority, instead of an afterthought. We are looking forward to welcoming our members back and growing our community.Â

How will you engage with your members? Our gym isn’t a faceless, big corporation gym. Our members know the trainers and we take the time to build positive relationships with clients. Social media is a very important part of our business that we use constantly to engage with members and prospective members. We keep members updated with frequent emails and our App.Â


January 2021


What else will your gym offer? We offer a variety of classes – yoga,

How are you promoting your brand and marketing your gym?

pilates, zumba, spinning, abs, hit, senior

Having a friendly, clean, organised and

class, RF3, 8 week body transformation

well-equipped gym will always be our

course. We offer a training experience

most important marketing tool. With such

for all fitness abilities. Our Fit3D body

a fantastic community support, we rely on

scanner gives all our members an

word of mouth to promote the gym. Social

opportunity to make sure they have the

media is an important platform that we

best possible chance to track their results

utilise to showcase clients’ results.

in a professional way.

What do you hope for the future of your business? That people are once again, safe, comfortable and confident to be back in a COVID secure environment, ready to improve their lifestyle. So that we can continue to build stronger humans on a daily basis.

January 2021



S R A E Y 50 ! G N U O Y


WOW! I’ve hit the Big 5-OH!


alf a century old, and when I was growing up, that WAS old! Now, however, there are so many more 50 somethings still HIIT’ting the gym wherever it may be: Leisure centre, Swimming Pool, Private Spa & Country Club, Back Street Old Skool “Spit & Sawdust” Weights Club or your very own “Garage-Gym” (like the one I have at my home in North Wales).

Outside of when I do happen to have a niggling injury or simply ‘not feeling up to it’ I train pretty much 5 days a week and most of those training sessions are tough! I call it the WBA (Whole Body Approach) system to training whereby I want

commitments, children and other normal

years as a reservist), so many of us find

life circumstances cropping up. I really

the place that really helps our personal

prefer to feel like I have exercised some:

wellbeing and personal mental health

to feel that I have trained my WHOLE


BODY. Not that there is anything wrong


in training individual body parts, it's

TEMPO CARDIO and at the end of that

just that I feel this is not as beneficial as the WBA method because it can often lead to 7-10 days before you train that


boost is in the physical training arena be it: The Gym Out Running Out Mountain trekking MMA Training BJJ Training

particular body part again especially if,

Being a British army veteran (I served 24

Judo Training

like me, you have adhoc work contracts

years as a regular soldier and a further 4



January 2021


hence so many folks were dancing about in

a. Logs

their living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and

b. Tyres

gardens during “LOCKDOWN 1” of 2020.

c. Sand Bags

Over the years and with the adhoc work I undertake, (usually another stereotypical career by a lot of ex-forces/ veterans within the Security Industry) I

d. Rope Climbs e. Partner Carries f. Partner Exercises g. Assault Courses

have managed to equip my garage with

This list is non-exhaustive, I also

a treadmill, a Concept II Rower, Concept

trained and coached various Gymnastic

Skierg, Assault Bike, Kettlebells and

movements including:

Squat Rack with Olympic Bar and Bumper

a. Handstand

Plates. This little ‘Heaven’ is called: W T F (WARRIOR TRAINING FITNESS) and it is from here I run ‘online’ group classes, online 1-2-1 sessions and also when “Out of Lockdown” Personal and actually “Face2Face” 1-2-1 & small group sessions. Over the years I have trained various programmes and goals, I have competed at various competitions and pushed myself to limits I didn’t know I could get to. Most recently, I started using a polar heart rate watch if anything, to monitor what my heart rate gets to when I think I have pushed myself. I have practised and drilled lots of movements, be it:

b. Headstand c. Handstand Walk d. Headstand to handstand e. Handstand Press Ups f. Strict Pull Up’s g. Strict Dips Again, this list can be never-ending. That said, as a rapidly approaching 50 years old, I still LOVE ALL of these movements and still LOVE the ORIGINAL form of these movements i.e.: NO KIPPING movements. I much prefer to be able to perform a strict pull-up or dip or press-up or even muscle-up for the simple reason that in real life (which is what after all we train these movements for) when

Olympic Lifts, (Clean & Jerk) & (Snatch) Technical Lifts: (Overhead Squats, Front Squats, Back Squats, Thrusters, Deadlifts etc). The list is endless, but suffice to say that now more than ever what with: I’ve hit the BIG 5 - OH Global Situation including COVID-19, BREXIT, BLM, FREEDOM EXTINCTION, US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION RIGGING….. to

All of these movements when incorporated into my own WBA training sessions most certainly take the Heart Rate to a high training zone akin to what I would have normally expected from only doing Cardio, Circuits, HIIT etc...

name but a few,

I have had the pleasure and honour of

I find solace within the confines of my

coaches and lifters over the years

own headspace and exercising regularly. During my army career I spent an inordinate amount of time training the troops and myself in readiness for battle,

training with some well-accomplished (including a Commonwealth Gold Medallist Weight Lifter) whereby he introduced me to all the lifts just mentioned and added into one set which most definitely sets the

now I train myself and a few others via the

Heart Rate on fire.

ZOOM medium and also post my sessions

More recently I found CrossFit as

on the usual media sites, for example,

did so many others although, to be

Instagram: @philipmad_ox and YouTube:

honest, I found myself thinking over

Philip Maddox Training and I do this from

and over again the following:

within the confines of my ‘Garage’!

1. I spent almost 20yrs as an Army

As with so many of us, the garage

Physical Training Instructor/Coach

attached to the home is NOT for the

creating and conducting sessions the

car, it is for so many other things, mine,

brand CrossFit NOW CALL CrossFit!

fortunately, is for my gym equipment and

Way before the term CrossFit was on

my training space. I appreciate that not

everyone's lips and CrossFit Boxes were

every household has a garage or the gym

opening up in every city, town and village,

equipment I have accrued over the years,

I would run PT sessions that involved: January 2021



As a 49year old former soldier, I found that either in person or, in a small computerised screen (online) I thoroughly LOVED coaching, instructing, guiding, mentoring and pushing people to new levels of fitness and new levels of DRIVE, DETERMINATION & MOTIVATION. I was amazed at the newfound need for my online clients to want more, they always want to know what is on tomorrow’s schedule, what equipment do they need plus do I have any tips on equipment to purchase and also, can I send a “demonstration video” of the movements. So, I have found myself being asked, wanted, a go-to, a valued member of someone else's life as a 50 YEARS OLD - BRITISH ARMY VETERAN - making demonstration videos for people 20 years younger than I am so they too can hope to be as fit and look as good as I do when they hit 50!

there is an incident, we have to perform

Now that I have my own “GARAGE - GYM”

something similar to a pull-up or muscle-

I have no real-time restrictions, I can train

I mentioned earlier on in this article that

up for example: To pull ourselves up and

as and when I am at home and I have some

when I was a kid, someone that was 50

through a window should we be caught in

spare time on my hands, for example,

years old, “looked 50 years old” and they

an accident!

Lockdown 1, Lockdown 2....

most certainly were not in a good shape

2. I have found that I NEEDED to explain

I started my little GARAGE - GYM and

and demonstrate all NEW movements to

called the business “WARRIOR TRAINING

Now, I am just turning 50 years old and

my clients and colleagues so much more

FITNESS”, I ran group circuit sessions,

I want to look like this if not BETTER

I introduced young and old to Olympic

when I hit 60 and 70 years and beyond.

lifting, I introduced people to BOOT

I have a MOTO which I will always stick

in-depth and even more important, delay the addition of “WEIGHT PLATES” to the bar for example, until the new movement is so thoroughly practised you are ready to add weight. My knowledge and coaching skills have had to be finely tuned, even more so then 20yrs ago as a newly trained rookie army PTI as I was now coaching technical movements that have the

CAMPS and using items such as logs,


by and which I use on my posts, it is a

tyres, sandbags, water/jerry cans etc and

very simple one:

threw in the outdoor elements including


the grassy terrace by the sea, the beach and sand and of course the actual sea when the tide started coming back in.

(NOT JUST FOR A FAD) Every time I run, plan or take part in a fitness session, I think about this:

potential to go drastically wrong if not

Once we were hit by LOCKDOWN 1 I had

managed correctly and if too much weight

to retreat into the Garage and run my

How will this session benefit me in the

is added too soon.

sessions online via the medium of ZOOM.



January 2021


Of what use to, my body and mental health is this session going to be? I use the session (and believe me, they are not always planned out thoroughly and once typed out followed word4word!, they are often planned in the kitchen with a coffee about an hour before heading down to the garage or, even as I enter the GARAGE-GYM, but they do, however, always follow a THEME which usually lasts up to 4 weeks) to improve the following: 1. CONNECTIVE TISSUES STRENGTH 2. CONNECTIVE JOINTS STRENGTH 3. BONE DENSITY 4. MOBILITY 5. HEART & LUNGS (V02 EFFICIENCY) 6. MENTAL WELLBEING By training the whole body, I am confident that afterwards, no matter how ‘knackered” I feel, within minutes my “FEEL GOOD HORMONES & ENDORPHINS” will kick in and my BRAIN will tells me that I have achieved success and that I have done another great thing for the longevity of HEALTH and FITNESS for my BODY today.

a great believer that the Instructor or

I would really quite like to be able to sit

coach in a group session, be it circuits or

down and stand up from the dinner table

a CrossFit class or a BootCamp class, for

and sofa.

example, should be almost as ‘knackered’ at the end of the session as the clients!

I would really quite like to be able to sit down, lie down and then sit up and stand up from my bed each night and morning.


I would really like to be able to sit down

Because and I have always done this and

into my car, park it up, get out of it, do the

stuck with it: I as the “MOTIVATOR” and

shopping, carry all the shopping bags to

SESSION SETTER should respect the fact

my car, load them into the car, get back

that these clients have decided to dedicate

into my car, drive home and reverse the

this next hour to ME to help them in their

whole process.

quest to get fitter and stay fitter for their

If I do not keep doing the most basic,


LIFE so the least I can do is ensure that I

GYM doesn’t feel any different now than


it did when I started training way back in

each and every single one of them

I now look forward to developing my

my Comprehensive School in Audenshaw,

throughout the entirety of the session.

fitness career here at W T F (Warrior

Manchester as a teenager about 14/15yrs old.

This means I have to run around the class and help every single one of my clients

I was already playing as much sport as I

and help them stay safe and motivated to

could have done with the chosen sports

complete the task.

I played, mainly rugby and football and athletics in the summer. I played school rugby on a Saturday and club rugby on a Sunday, I trained for school rugby twice a week in school time and twice a week in the evenings for club rugby. I also opted for O’ Level (Or GCSE in modern terms ) P.E as a subject so had even more sport on during each week I was at school.

human functional movements I will stop!

Training Fitness) and with my YouTube: PHILIP MADDOX TRAINING by trying to help those that have already surpassed or are close to surpassing the “Half Century” milestone and continue the 2nd half of

So, it is no different for me at 50 years

their life as fit as they physically can

old, I motivate myself, I guide myself

do and I will help as many of them as I

and coach myself especially when I am

possibly can.

practising technical movements and I know instantly, I can give myself instant feedback, when things are not going the way they should. Also when completing a particular heinous CrossFit style work out, I tell myself I am going to make it, I

Too many healthcare professionals, GPs and physiotherapists simply give the WRONG advice to patients with varying bone or joint disorders, instead of telling them to start following a more mobile and active regimen with a healthier diet

I joined the army at 16yrs old (quite

am going to finish, I am fitter than those

literally, I finished my last ever school

NOT doing this and I tell myself I am going

exam on the Monday and was in the junior


army on the Tuesday) and from there on

REST OF MY LIFE, just because I've hit 50

in, I was hooked to training.

years old most certainly does not mean

I’m 50 years young and I love to train, I

that I should take it easy and chill out.

want to get you to love training and make

I would say that over the years in the army

they simply tell them to: “Give Up, stop exercising and sit on your backside and watch TV, that’s all your good for now!”


I learned a certain way of how I should

If the Government want us to keep

train and how I should coach, guide and

working until we are 67 – 70 years old

Humans were never designed to ‘casually

instruct other servicemen & women and it

before we can retire then, we all need to

lounge’ on a sofa or armchair in front of a

is since leaving the army that I have begun

stay as fit, strong and healthy up to and

computer screen, mobile phone screen or

to change so many of my “old ways” of

beyond this age otherwise we will simply

other such devices for hours upon hours

doing things with regards to how I conduct

crumble and become “OLD”!

and live a sedentary life! So, let us get up

a fitness class and how I instruct. Although it is safe to say this: I am still

I really would like to be able to sit down and stand up from going to the ‘Lavvy”,

and do something. Here’s to another 50 years of fitness January 2021





January 2021


THE ROLE OF THE FITNESS INDUSTRY IN FIGHTING STRENGTH INEQUITIES FOR THE ELDERLY January 2020 saw Public Health England place increased emphasis upon strength. The suggestion was that the strength training component of the Public Health activity guidelines were ‘the forgotten guidelines’ (UK Active, 2019). With this refocusing, the debate around the potential overemphasis of aerobic activity in health promotion began to gain leverage. Then COVID-19 hit, and for people of all ages, our normal exercise routines were not possible. During the pandemic, new opportunities to exercise developed online. As time went on, more people seemed to recognise the important need for exercise during the lockdown, due to the scientific data suggesting fit/active individuals were less likely to suffer the most severe effects of COVID-19. At the time of writing this article, there has never been a more important time to normalise strength training for all ages and across a lifetime. Unfortunately, it seems there is a prevailing misconception that older individuals, or those with pain, mobility or disability, do not think that strength training is for them – despite the facts showing the profound health gains it would offer them.

A SELF-FULFILLING PROPHESY? Look no further than the typical gym setting, and it’s clear to understand the hesitance of over 65’s with mobility issues. Older or less able people are not there in numbers, nor has gym design and marketing been historically geared to attract these particular market segments. The ageing population and those in chronic pain are often locked into a cycle where their pain and fear discourages exercise. This behaviour cycle leads to loss of strength, independence, and even more pain, thereby becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy. ***Strength training for those this group

January 2021 25


of people takes time to understand and

knowledge of one’s own body, exercise

implement, by both health worker, instructor,

can continue and strength needn’t be

and participant. Arguably, we all need more

lost due to inactivity. In most cases, the

understanding around ageing and pain in order to implement long term success for provider and participant alike. This can take the form of new more flexible memberships that might provide both virtual coaching, health-tech access and in-person/gym options.

joint itself is not being further damaged. Often, inflammation will pass in a few days and the joint is back to normal. Yes, that individual might have some soreness or feel uncomfortable at times. However, with some sensitive exercise programming, the rewards of strength,


mobility and less pain outweigh the

One of the biggest barriers to strength

Fear of the unfamiliar

in the elderly is the fear of the fitness

Historic business models have mostly


focused upon the younger and fitter

Environments that we want to resonate with older individuals or those in pain need to better connect with their needs. This is about engaging the person with welcoming messaging and environments that shift away from current beliefs around older strength training. Fear and exercise Older people who avoid Strength training become weaker, and more likely to experience pain or become injured. What we do know is that movement helps defacilitate an over-aroused nervous system and help control pain (Mosley and Butler, 2015). However, we need the strength required to move, and this requires skeletal muscle. Fear of further damage and pain The belief that exercise causes damage or pain is a common misconception, especially in those who have had a diagnosis of Osteoarthritis. In fairness, it is understandable if one has a painful flare-up of a joint condition following exertion. However, with some rest and

negatives such as immobility, weakness and Sarcopenia.

segments of society, leading to the older person or those with pain perceiving the gym setting as alien. However, a true growth market resides within the ageing population, in terms of brand loyalty and the gains they will make in relation to health. It is fair to say an older member stands to gain the most from training in terms of their quality of life and, more importantly, their long term independence. Especially if that goal is less pain and avoiding the need for care. I mention this because one

In other words, can you get on an off of


the toilet? This everyday movement is

Personal strength defines us and can

literally one of the keys to your future

predict our quality of life as we get older.

independence. Helping to maintain this

In the future, basic strength tests will

can change the course of people’s lives.

likely form part of our normal health

If you combine this insight with the

parameter tests, alongside BMI, Blood

of the biggest predictors of needing care is the ability or inability to do a squat.

emerging evidence that maintaining

pressure, bone density and cholesterol.

skeletal muscle is a cornerstone to

This being the case, we need to normalise

immunity, then health clubs and gyms can reframe as experts in positive ageing. Diagram of the detraining cycle:

the process of building and maintaining strength within all generations and arguably have a national debate on minimising Sarcopenia (the loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength). If we can start to normalise strength training throughout middle age and into older age, it’s a ‘win-win’ in regards to providing equality of access to strength and staying active within the community.

BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN OUR FEARS The short term nature of many current ageing activities are effective in getting an inactive person more active in 8-10 weeks. However, often with the end of such courses, the individual will become less active again. The fitness industry needs to be the bridge into ongoing fitness 26

January 2021


and activities, via fitness professionals who are confident and knowledgeable.

to be physically active”.


The fitness industry should take

Sport England’s Mapping Disability document report (2016).

Perhaps a more flexible membership with

confidence in the role that they can play,

options for online coaching or access to

not just in the fitness of our population,

health-tech should become the norm?

but in our health. With a little more insight

Perhaps the nuanced messaging and

into human behaviour, this industry could

language needed might be easier adapted to

be at the forefront of tackling inequities in

the needs of the ageing member in an online

older people’s ability to maintain strength.

environment, as well as in-person settings?

Cross-sector collaborations on a national

I see the fitness industry as way ahead of the curve in strength strategies, yet perhaps lacking the confidence and insight that would bring a more diverse,

scale between major stakeholders from health, fitness and the 3rd sector may provide a road map to tackling inequalities in access to strength and activity.

multigenerational (and profitable)

COVID-19 may yet provide the fitness

membership. With the chief medical

industry with opportunities to expand

officer saying as recently as this

membership and position themselves as

November, at the UK active Summit 2020;

essential to the health outcomes of the

“Exercise is essential to a happy and

nation and the champions of equality in

healthy old age, and it's also extremely

access to strength. No longer will gyms/

important to provide opportunities for

health clubs be purely about lifestyle.

those with mental or physical disabilities

They can equally be about lifespan.

UK Active Raising the Bar Annual report (2018) raising-the-bar-2018/ Skeletal Muscle and Immunity (2019) https://research.birmingham. can-physical-activity-ameliorateimmunosenescence-and-thereby-reduceagerelated-multimorbidity(37452185-4a7e4a5a-9fe6-86ab2396992b).html Moseley and Butler. Fifteen Years of Explaining Pain: The Past, Present, and Future. Journal of Pain. 2015 Sep;16(9):80713. doi: 10.1016/j.jpain.2015.05.005.

David splits his time between his clinical work as an Osteopath and as Therapies and Exercise lead for UK charity Arthritis Action. He is a former international sports team conditioning coach and medical team member. Hi sits on several health focused steering groups advising on exercise for the elderly.

January 2021




January 2021




he Covid pandemic has shaken up the fitness industry. Instead of the motto "higher, faster, further", the future will see more health orientation, holistic offers and specialisation in particular clientele such as risk groups. We present the seven most important fitness trends for the year 2021.


Many people stay in shape during the lockdown period with running, walking, fitness exercises on their own or free digital services. Of these, a proud number of 73 percent intend to maintain this alternative training in the future. Although most fitness enthusiasts want to go back to the gym in the future, they place the condition that training is not associated with the risk of Covid infection. Your Gym is only as safe as long as your members clean / wipe down the equipment after use. And this needs to be policed at all times. Keep It Clean.


In the era of closed fitness studios, most sports and fitness fans have turned to online offers. Apps which use artificial intelligence (AI) to compile individual training offers for users, are particularly popular. The main benefits for users are access to training planning, monitoring and even motivation at a fraction of the current cost, which means that many more people can be reached than ever before. Another example of the new digital trend: With the so-called peloton bike - a spinning bike with which you can connect with spinning fans around the world via the Internet - you can do your cardio training, for example, in virtual competition with many like-minded people around the globe.

January 2021 29



The topic of outdoor fitness is gaining in importance precisely because of Covid: intensive training, in particular, is much less dangerous outside than indoors because of the draught. Fitness studios should therefore move more and more equipment and activities outside. This creates more safety for the users.


The experience of a pandemic, which is unique for everyone, has brought the topic of health into focus for many people much more than before. In principle, this is good for the fitness industry. Fitness strengthens the immune system. In fact, it also needs the right and safe offers to do so. What is needed, therefore, is the change from a gym to a health-oriented fitness facility. The topics company fitness and company health management will also continue to gain in importance.


January 2021


5) DIFFERENTIATED AND TARGET GROUP ORIENTED TRAINING Whether it's in media use, buying behaviour or travel: individualisation is advancing in all areas of life. This also applies, of course, to the fitness wishes of the clientele. Whether Beer Yoga, fastest possible selfoptimisation through high-intensity training or the new workout trend Glide Fit: differentiated and target group-oriented training is mandatory. All-round fitness studios will continue to exist. Nevertheless, boutique and micro studios with tailormade offers are attracting more and more customers. In these difficult times, specialisation can also be financially attractive for fitness studios. For corona risk groups and senior citizens, health and fitness are just as important as for the rest of the population. This makes seniors a core target group that must be wooed with special offers and training opportunities. This can range from individual training sessions or workouts in small training groups to special premises and digital offers for risk-free training at home.


The trend towards topics such as yoga, mental training or Pilates already existed before Covid. But it has been intensified by the pandemic. More and more people want to combine physical training with mental relaxation. This desire is triggered not only by job-related stress but also by the strenuous home-schooling with children or financial and health fears in connection with the pandemic.

January 2021



7) SPORT AND FITNESS MERGE Rather go to the gym to train on workout devices or jog outside? For many fitness freaks, this used to be a real question of faith. The Corona period, including the closure of the studios, has accelerated the resolution of this either/or situation. Many equipment fans move to alternative indoor and outdoor offers, apps included.

8) WORK GYMS In 2021, businesses will be trying to entice wary employees back into the office. With health at the forefront of everyone’s minds still, savvy companies will seek to motivate staff with a fitness offering, at the same time investing in their long-term health and wellbeing. A work gym also offers time efficiency, removing the extra commute to and from the gym.


January 2021


9) HOME GYMS With gyms closed for months in 2020, it’s no surprise that many fitness enthusiasts invested more time and money into creating workout spaces at home. You can create a bespoke environment and get your workouts done according to your needs and schedule. Avoid wasted time travelling to the gym, and add value to your home while you’re at it. As 2020 has highlighted, a home gym also avoids the health implications of a public gym space.


Full day training divides your programme into several smaller workouts - think yoga when you get out of bed, a walk or run at lunchtime and an explosive HIIT workout in the evening. It might sound full-on, but it actually makes regular training easier to accommodate in everyday life, and it’s easy to develop a routine. If you’re WFH it’s even easier!

January 2021




January 2021



Most good quality battle ropes are made of durable polyester, poly dacron or both. They’re wear resistant and some include a 600 denier weatherproof and waterproof sleeve that offers protection from friction and fray. Heat shrink caps are inserted at both ends of the rope for tighter and safer grip.

especially at your forearms as you need a wider grip.


Battle ropes come in various sizes so if you want to really increase the intensity of your workout, then opt for a longer length.



Some battle ropes will include a training guide in written or video form. They may consist of different exercises and the correct technique.


You can use battle ropes for a whole bunch of exercises, more than you can probably think of. But to get you started, here are 5 of the most common but also most effective…

A 3-strand twist design is common for battle ropes as it offers the maximum durability relative to the rope’s thickness. A thicker rope means it’ll be heavier and more strenuous for your workout,

5 SIMPLE YET EFFECTIVE BATTLE ROPE EXERCISES DOUBLE WAVES • This is the exercise that most people begin doing with the battle ropes. • Hold both ends of the rope with your hands • In front of your hips and shoulder width apart. • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. • Raise and lower both arms simultaneously to create a wave.

ALTERNATING WAVES This exercise requires you to get into the same position as if you were

performing double waves. But instead of simultaneously raising and lowering your arms, you do it one after the other continuously. You can perform this more rapidly than double waves as your exertion is divided rather than all at once.

POWER SLAM Adding an explosiveness slam action increases your anaerobic strength. It’s very similar to the double waves but instead of moving your arms continuously, raise your arms over your head and focus all your energy on slamming down the ropes simultaneously while coming down into a high squat.

SIDE SLAM An alternative of the power slam would be the side slam which focuses more on your obliques. This exercise requires you to lift the ropes above your head to the left, and then slamming down on the ground to your right side.

SHOULDER CIRCLES Here’s a killer workout for your shoulders. Get into the same position as the double waves, lift your arms above your shoulders and then proceed to move your arms in a big circular motion either clockwise or counter-clockwise. After your set, do another but in the other direction.

SOME TIPS Raise your arms higher for a more demanding workout. Perform each exercise according to your level of experience. A good starting point would be to do 3 x 30 second bursts followed by 30 second rest periods in between each set. Adjust the resistance by moving closer or further away from the anchor point. The closer you are, the more intense the exercise will be as there’s more slack.

January 2021 35


Comparison of the Top 5 Battle Ropes of 2020-21 TOP 5 BEST BATTLE ROPES




1. Zeny Black 1.5"/ 2"

100% Poly Dacron

25.8 pounds


2. NEXPro

100% Polypropylene and Polyester

20 pounds


3. Garage Fit

Highly durable polyester blend

17 pounds


4. Power Guidance

100% Dacron

18.9 pounds


5. Rep V2 colour

100% pure PolyDacron

30.7 pounds


1. ZENY BLACK 1.5"/ 2"



NEXPro is among the best battle rope manufacturers. Available in 2 width sizes, the Zeny Black Battle Rope comes in three different lengths for you to choose the best size battle rope for your exercises.

This Polydac undulation rope will give your fitness training new feelings since you will improve your full body in a shorter time.

Zeny Black Battle Rope‘s resistance is guaranteed by the 100% Poly Dacron, built from a 3-strand twisted rope for a stronger and durable construction.

It is built from 100% polypropylene and polyester, making it very strong and resistant.

Plus, its heads are sealed with heat shrink caps, to avoid damage on the long run.

In addition, it has a 3-strand construction with strong twisted ropes with heat shrunk caps at the ends.

You can exercise with this Poly Dacron battle rope anytime, anywhere and for as long as you want to. All fitness levels are suitable for this heavy rope since it comes in 30ft and 50ft lengths, chosen according to your needs.

The thin orange or yellow lines give a unique and professional look to the rope, reminding you of the strong hiking equipment.

Furthermore, the 600D Oxford Waterproof sleeve helps in protecting it against friction so that you can enjoy it for a long time without damaging.

Plus, the great grip handles to protect your hands from injuries due to the heat shrink caps located at both ends. These also protect it from unravelling, giving long-term protection and resistance.

It is also convenient for maintenance, while the 600D Oxford Sleeve protects it from humidity, fray, dust, and friction, for longer protection. Anyone can use the Zeny Black battle rope since it comes in three sizes depending on the experience level.

Its size is of 1.5” width and comes in three lengths: 30, 40 and 50 feet. Also, its weight depends on the length, coming in 18 lbs for the 30 ft rope, 23 lbs for the 40 ft rope and 27 lbs for the longest 50 ft.

What is more, they are easy to store anywhere due to the roll-up option. They are flexible and easy to carry anywhere, giving you access to exercise at home, in nature or in the park.

The best part is that there are no restrictions regarding height or weight, anyone can use this battle rope and choose the best size battle rope they need.

In addition, this best battle rope is not very light, which is why their weight is perfect when working on your arms strength.

Even though they are made in China, they will guarantee strength and great work out exercising, building your entire body.

It is enough to use it for 10 minutes to feel how your entire body is working, building up all of your body muscles.

For example, if you are a junior you can opt for the 30ft rope, regardless of the width, while if you are an intermediate you can go with the 50ft one. Beginners can also use the 40ft rope, while experts need longer ropes for more exercising difficulty.

Features of NEXPro:

Features of Garage Fit:

Features of Zeny Black 1.5"/ 2":

• Available in 30ft, 40ft, and 50ft length

• 5” width

• 6 sizes depending on the user levels • Strong 100% Poly Dacron built

• 100% made of a strong and resistant material

• 3-strand twisted rope construction with heat shrink caps at the ends

• Protective waterproof sleeve against friction

• Heat shrink caps at the ends to avoid damage

• Less visibility of dirt due to its colour

• High tensile strength

• Protective sleeve against friction


January 2021

• Protected with a nylon sleeve against friction and wear



The Power Guidance battle rope gives awesome muscle toning and metabolic workout options for your fitness exercises. This 1.5” width battle rope comes with an anchor included to ensure that your exercises are well done. Also, it is available in three lengths for each user level, making it perfect for anyone. With heat shrink handles and 3-strand twisted rope design, this battle rope is constructed of 100% Dacron, making it durable and stronger than poly dacron materials. Plus, you can use the 10 inches handles for better grip and hands protection. Combine this battle rope with your regular exercises and you will experience full body workout as never before. Users of any level can use it: the 30ft length is perfect for beginners, while the 40ft version suits intermediates and 50ft are for advanced users.


It comes with a protecting nylon sleeve to keep it away from friction, while its heat shrink ends to protect it from damage and can be used as a good grip while working out.

You can increase your efficiency by upgrading to a longer version since the longer the rope is the harder it is to use. Features of the Power Guidance Battle rope

Its width of 1.5” is perfect for fitness, while the 2” give a stronger workout. The longer the rope the harder it is to use, increasing the exercise difficulty due to its weight increase.

• Available in 30ft, 40ft and 50ft lengths for any user • Very strong to use • Comes with a nylon protective sleeve to avoid friction and wear • Black colour gives an attractive design

Even though it is not recommended to use on rough surfaces such as concrete or asphalt, this soft battle rope will show powerful wave actions.

Rep V2 Colour Battle Ropes Features: The amazing Black and Blue battle rope Rep V2 is another perfect choice for strong exercising. It is constructed from 100% poly dacron to allow maximum resistance and flexibility to any user.

• Available in 6 sizes: 1.5” 30ft, 40ft, 50ft, 2” 30ft, 40ft and 50ft • Heat-shrink covers and strong poly dacron construction • Black and blue attractive design • Awesome construction for strong workouts

January 2021






BEST FACE MASK FOR EXERCISE 2021 UNDER ARMOUR UA SPORTS MASK Under Armour designed the UA Sports mask with athletes in mind, but any avid exerciser will find the mask useful if you're looking to upgrade from a standard cloth face mask. The mask is made with three different layers designed to allow airflow while also protecting you. One layer of the mask has an antimicrobial treatment called "PROTX2." During cardio workout’s, it's comfortable on the face, it doesn't cling to your mouth, which can be uncomfortable when you're breathing harder. When sweating instead of the mask feeling hot it gives off a cool sensation, which is a nice. The mask doesn't totally wick away moisture, but since the fabric isn't so tight over the mouth, it's not a problem. While the ear loops on the mask aren't adjustable, they're stretchy and comfortable. Overall, this mask is comfortable wearing it in indoor or outdoor fitness settings.

THE WELL MOVEMENT MASK PRO The Well Movement mask is 50% cotton, so it may not stay dry during serious sweat sessions, but for most activities, it'll perform better than a 100% cotton mask since it's also made of sweat-friendly polyester and spandex. The ear loops are adjustable, which is a huge plus for fit and comfort. There's also a handy lanyard attached so you can wear the mask around your neck. The best feature on the mask is the mouldable nose pad so you can make sure it fits comfortably and snugly on your face. This mask is best for walking and not intense workouts as the fabric is thin but still comfortable.


January 2021


CARBON38 THE MASK KIT Carbon38 The Mask Kit comes with two masks, plus a laundry bag for washing. The masks are made with a blend of polyester and cotton, so they are fast-drying and help you stay cool. The ear loops are adjustable for a snug fit, and the masks come in two sizes. Carbon38 says the masks are made with a multi-layer filtration system to help protect you, plus the fabric has antibacterial properties. The fabric is thick on these masks, the nose piece is also structured to help it stay in place which is helpful for movement. The adjustable ear loops help give it a more snug and custom fit too. These masks would work great for a brisk walk or other lower-intensity workouts since they fit close to your face. They could be difficult to wear during a more intense workout.

PROPER CLOTH THE EVERYDAY MASK The Everyday Mask from Proper Cloth is made from linen, has an antimicrobial treatment and contains a filter for extra barrier protection. The mask fits comfortably with adjustable ear loops and the nose bridge isn't too stiff, but helps keep it anchored on your face. The linen material is lightweight and breathable, but more suitable for leisurely activities such as walking, pilates or yoga. If you're doing a lot of sweating, it would get damp, since linen isn't the most performance-friendly fabric.

ONZIE MINDFUL MASKS Working out in yoga clothing is way more comfortable than regular clothes, so why not take the same approach to your face mask? Yoga and athletic wear brand Onzie uses up-cycled yoga fabrics to create face masks that are stretchy and dry quickly, just like your favourite leggings. Just a heads up: because the brand is reusing fabric from yoga wear, you can't choose specific colours and patterns, but it's definitely worth it for a more sustainable mask option. The mask fits tightly across your face, but the material is stretchy (like yoga pants) and breathable. Even though the ear loops aren't adjustable, they are still comfortable and the mask still fits snugly. Because the mask isn't super-adjustable, it's suitable for lower-intense workouts that won't leave you breathing so hard. For more intense workouts, such as high-impact cardio, you want to make sure you have some room around your mouth to breathe.

KORAL INFINITY FACE MASK Koral uses the same antimicrobial performance fabric to make its face masks as its activewear, which is stretchy and fast-drying. The mask is made of soft, stretchy fabric comfortable against my face. The ear loops aren't adjustable. After wearing this mask out on a jog or walk, you can toss it in the wash since the mask is machine-washing friendly.

ATHLETA MADE TO MOVE MASK Athleta has discontinued this mask for women (you can still buy it for kids) and replaced it with the Activate face mask. Like the Made to Move mask, the Activate mask is made with layers of breathable fabric and has wires to get the perfect fit for your face, but does not come with a pocket to hold a filter. The Athleta Made to Move Mask was designed specifically for exercise. It's one of the most comfortable and breathable masks on the market. The material is lightweight and the inside of the mask has a mesh lining. The fabrics help take care of moisture and the mask fits snugly, but you can still breathe. There is also an inner pocket inside the mask if you wanted to add a filter layer (although that isn't included). The ear loops are made of soft elastic that won't pull your hair and are adjustable. The Athleta Mask is great for walking, or even outdoor workouts like jogging or biking. Since the mask is breathable and adjustable, you can feel confident that it won't fall off your face during movement. January 2021



WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN FACE MASKS FOR EXERCISE FABRIC Fabric is one of the most important factors when it comes to exercising with a mask. For everyday activities, cloth masks are fine. But with exercise, cotton becomes damp really fast, which can make it harder to breath and can promote bacteria growth. So for this reason, masks made with a breathable fabric similar to the kind used in activewear (like spandex or polyester) are your best bet. But still, you want the mask to be breathable and comfortable while you move.

FIT There's nothing worse than having a face mask sag or fall off while you're moving. First, it's just annoying. Second, it will disrupt your workout if you have to stop to fix it and you'll likely have to touch your face, which you should avoid doing to stay safe. Look for a face mask that's adjustable or comes in different sizes so you can find the best fit for you. Stretchy ear loops or elastic tends to fit snugly and won't slide around as much as the masks that tie around your head.

ANTIMICROBIAL FEATURES Since sweat and moisture can be a breeding ground for bacteria, masks that have some type of filter or antimicrobial coating are ideal for physical activity. (Many of the masks on this list do have these features.) While these may not actually kill or destroy a virus particle, it doesn't hurt to have these extra barriers in place. Also, understand that no mask on this list can offer a 100% guarantee that it will protect you from the virus, no matter how many fancy features they have. But wearing a mask is simply another tool that can act as an extra barrier to help stop the spread and help protect you and others.


January 2021


Not ALL Kettlebells come with a lifetime guarantee, but ours do.

G Built and engineered by the very best within the industry G Bespoke design G We work with a choice of materials, to suit you and your client CALL TODAY! ï‚• +34 642 572 963 January 2021



2021 XLPT detox diet that eliminates


weighing you down, not just the food! BY TAZ DUNSTAN


esolutions are so cliché, alas, without goals or ambitions what hope does anyone have for conscious progression?

to achieve weight loss and a happier,

Weight loss and improved health tend

over the years this term has been hijacked

to top the charts for the most common

by fad diets and is now associated with a

resolutions made, tragically few make

restrictive meal plan typically designed to

healthier existence? For as long as flora and fauna exist, so will "diets." The term generally means whatever is consumed consisting of your overall food and fluid intake; however,

it beyond January before slumping back

lose weight.

into old habits. What if there was a

XLPT has developed several plans to

solution that went beyond a restrictive

offer solutions to people’s problems of

diet and addressed more factors involved

weight gain, decreased health, decreased

in successfully changing your lifestyle

energy and poor mindset regarding food. While these have received national and international recognition for their success, this hasn't offered the "quick fix" so many desperate for change have needed. It has taken some time to combine the principals of our transformation program and mental health program from the 21 day gain cycle to design the world’s first 7 day detox diet which goes beyond a meal plan, supplementation advice and serving suggestions and delves into other areas which impact people’s health. Unlike all other detox diets on the market, The SX32020 XLPT detox diet addresses so much more than simply the nutrition. It considers self-care routines, environment awareness, relationships with food, body image and more. A diet involves more than just food and for most people, several aspects of their life need to be "detoxed" before they can look, live and feel the way


January 2021


they want to. The priority in this program stays true to the XLPT values of self-care, self-worth and holistic health. 7 days is a small time frame. It has to be achievable to build self-belief in everyone who attempts it. The underlying mantra to ensure success is to "feed the wolf that serves

being made. The success in this program lies in the principal that as long as the good choices outweigh the bad, you will continue to move closer to your goals. "PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION" in practical application.

you best" and to prioritise your self-worth

"The Super Shred is your answer to any

above convenience or approval of those

binge, to reset and get back on track.

around you. The purpose is to bring more

You are in control of the life you live and

awareness to the consumer and allow

the foundations you lay for yourself and

them the time to re-establish a healthy

your children. Own that realisation and

relationship with food. It is essential

be empowered to give your children and

to remove the feelings of guilt, shame,

yourself the lifestyle you deserve. One

sadness and failure associated with

good food choice, movement and positive

eating. Every good food choice should be

affirmation at a time." Taz Dunstan. CEO

celebrated and time should be taken each

of XLPT and co-creator of the Super Speed

day to reflect on what improvements are

Shred SX32020, with Manu Ruhail.

The shred is comprised of 3 tiers, the information and overview is $49.95 AUS The shred information and streamline essential supplements to fast track results costs $299.95 AUS and the ALLINCLUSIVE shred, information and entire supplementation range costs $499.95 AUS There is something for everyone to suit their budget and regardless of your goals, don't ask if you can afford to prioritise your health, ask yourself what you have to lose if you don't start putting yourself and your health first! The shred is available NOW and can be ordered directly from Taz via email at: • view the website: • fb: XLPTfitnessgurufromgrassroots • Instagram: Xl_Personal_Training January 2021 43




itness is important to all of us. We get into it for various reasons, and as we all know, it has changed the lives of so many people around the World. Amongst the reasons that most of us get into fitness, just to name a few, with the leading being weight loss in women, and muscle or bodybuilding in men. We also have the special population where we have sick, older adults, individuals with various injuries and disabilities, and younger adults. But today, let us view fitness as a career in both men and women.

Today the fitness industry is booming compared to what it used to be over 30 years ago. Nowadays many people have become more passionate, and cautious about how they want to look and feel, which has led some of them to gain interest in becoming fitness professionals.

WHY SHOULD WE CHOOSE FITNESS AS A CAREER? I would like you to understand that choosing fitness as a career can be a rewarding experience. Let me use myself here as an example. “My passion for fitness and skills gained from it, have enabled me to motivate, inspire, and help clients achieve their body goals which led some, or should I say, most of them change their lifestyle completely for the better. Being in the fitness industry for more than 20 years has made me realize that most people are unhappy with the way they feel and look, and that is why most of them need mentors who can help them pursue their lifestyle goals, and work hard to achieve them.� 44

January 2021


WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF JOBS IN FITNESS? Besides being a fitness boutique owner, and a personal trainer which is what I do, there are other fitness job categories that most people don’t know about. I know some of you are familiar with the following job groups: • Wellness Coach. • Sports Coach. • Sports Therapist. • Sports Nutritionist. • Physiotherapist. • Leisure Manager. • Lifeguard.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF CHOOSING FITNESS AS A CAREER? Imagine earning from what you love or enjoy doing. Being a fitness professional can be challenging, and rewarding at the same time. There are countless benefits of

• Group Fitness Instructor. and physiology will help understand the functions of the body parts as a whole

Next time in case you want to become a

etc. Remember, if you don’t know or

fitness professional or choose fitness as

understand anything to do with human

a career, you can also go for the above job

anatomy and physiology, it will be very

groups. But always remember, for you to

hard for you to train someone because

enjoy any job that you do, you have to be

you’ll have no clue of how the body

passionate about it, and be ready to help

functions in terms of movements etc..


choosing fitness as a career, but for now, let us just mention a few: • You will find yourself making a big difference in people’s lives, and I find that rewarding. • You can build your own work schedule according to how you would like your time and days to flow each week. • When you are passionate about it as a career, you won’t feel like you are going to work each time you are leaving home.

WHAT SHOULD ONE DO TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN THE FITNESS INDUSTRY? This is so simple. You must be passionate about fitness, and be ready to help others even without asking for money, sometimes. It doesn’t matter if whoever you are helping is a friend, family member, a stranger, or a paying client. NOTE: Sometimes you don’t have to know everything about fitness and nutrition for you to help someone to get in shape and change their lifestyle for the better. Once you are confident enough and have worked on your skills little by little, you can then can then find a way to study human anatomy and physiology. Anatomy will help you understand the structure and relationship between body parts, January 2021 45




es, you can is a comment I’ve spent years screaming at clients, in gyms, studios and in thousands of classes, it’s also a comment I’ve had to say to myself a lot recently. In my fitness career, I’ve been an instructor/PT for commercial gyms, I’ve owned my gym, currently own my studio and I’ve been a presenter and master trainer. So I’ve been the employee, the employer, the manager, the owner, the single mum, the person that's always saying 'do not quit'. I'm always real in fact it’s got me into quite a few tricky situations in my career, so let’s talk pandemic. I've always seen myself as being versatile in business, I’m not the type of woman to sit and cry about something in fact I just get it done. One of my favourite sayings in business is 'you work with what you've got' although I don't think the bank manager will agree with my enthusiasm on this latest lockdown. Zoom PTs are my new saviour, I avoided them more than the pandemic on the first two lockdowns, the world of online PTs were completely alien to me, what if I couldn't do it? If they didn't get a result? If I didn't get the connection with the client, the same connection that scared me to death at the beginning of my career, the connection that I now know I needed as you can probably already tell I’m the biggest


January 2021


over-thinker but the need to pay my bills

6 books on my fancy table from the living

as I feel the need for gyms has been

took me out of my comfort zone and just

room just to get the right angle and then

overlooked massively. You never know

this week I’ve ventured into the land of

the connection goes ........

why someone goes to the gym or classes

zoom. If I’m honest I should have done it from the beginning, the truth is the only thing that really stopped me before was confidence. So whilst we're talking about venturing into all things new, I was one

I love my job I’ll repeat that I LOVE MY JOB and seeing a nation of gyms, PTs, instructors and so many more people in fitness support, encourage, motivate and

and there could be a million reasons why that session saves someone Our importance as an industry is priceless. It’s been hard to watch the number of clients

help is something I’ll always be proud of.

rise and fall and to keep that motivation

Sadly mental health is such a common

online. It’s been hard to see other fitness

how to turn the computer on never mind

topic in our industry and we definitely

professionals fold because it's all too

run my business online or even do an

have proved that we rise by lifting others.

much. Then there are fitness professionals

online class. I was there with the rest of

I started my fitness career with one

that have absolutely flourished, the likes

us flying around my kitchen with one kid

goal in mind, I was going to save every

of Joe Wicks doing the nations PE lesson

hanging off my leg and a teenager asking

single person in the world who ever felt

with free workouts whilst we're all here

me what's for tea whilst I’m screaming 12

worthless and not good enough, and

trying to convince people the little money

more reps into a laptop that's balancing on

as a business owner I’ve felt frustrated

they have left should be spent on us.

of many instructors and studio owners in March 2020 that quite frankly didn't know

" I was one of many instructors and studio owners in March 2020 that quite frankly didn't know how to turn the computer on never mind run my business online or even do an online class" January 2021 47


that's seen a nation using anything they can as equipment and thinking outside of the box. A journey that's seen gyms lend equipment out to keep customers sanity and keep their clientele. Participating in online challenges with customers like the 25 press-ups a day for 25 days (I made it to day 13) and taking your t-shirt off and back on whilst doing a handstand. A journey where I’ve laughed so much, I’ve screamed through frustration at the screen of my phone as the Facebook police have taken down another one of my workout videos because I don't own the rights to the music for 23 seconds in my warm-up. A journey where I’ve had the real police knock on my door to 'shut the party down' because the music's too loud and there's me and my seven year old doing legs bums and tums. A journey where I’ve cried ALOT, because I miss everyone, because I need routine, because who's looking after me while I’m looking after everyone else?, I’ve cried because I’ve no money and its cost me £200 for Covid fighting spray that I’ve got to wipe my equipment with every 3-8 seconds just to open back up (cue eye roll). I’ve cried because my customers need me and I wished I could climb through the screen pat them on the back tell them they can do this, then tell them to get down and give me 20. A journey of uncertainty, where I feel like screaming I just want my routine back. But definitely a journey of growth, I got a job as a senior regional master trainer with a brand T30 fitness and we launched Fat Burn Extreme

The pandemic has been a journey full

journey that's opened up the world to me,

of pro's and con's, I’ve never had to work

I’ve had clients in Hong Kong, Australia,

as hard physically as I’ve had to online,

America and even my cousin in Devon

I discovered a six-pack for the first time

who I haven't seen for years. It's a journey

in my life, but I also found physically

that's seen us bring our clients into our

giving so much while mentally giving so

home, its seen me meeting in the park

much to all my clients exhausting. It’s

in groups of 6 with a boom box in my car

taught me I do need days off something I

boot and an extension lead to my mum's

would never have learnt before. It's been a

house over the road for power. A journey

"I love my job I’ll repeat that I LOVE MY JOB and seeing a nation of gyms, PTs, instructors and so many more people in fitness support, encourage, motivate and help is something I’ll always be proud of." 48

January 2021


an exercise class in the middle of the pandemic, teaching online courses, going from not being able to turn the computer on to 100 instructors and 6 master trainers show anything is possible. The advantage of the journey is that I’ve got to spend time at home with my family when in the past I’ve lived in the gym. The bond with my clients has changed massively, it was purely professional, you’d never see me socialising out of the gym with them but the pandemic has made me realise that their loyalty is irreplaceable and it’s made them realise I am a human and not a machine. There’s a different level of respect all round. Going forward, I’d like to say I know the answer but the uncertainty is still there. Some things will never change, if heavyweights are your thing then online classes aren't going to satisfy you and that's ok because they can’t close us forever. We’re all unique but that's why you need to work with what you've got. I think they'll be a lasting impact on our industry, companies such as Peleton have made home workouts more convenient but the one thing they won’t have is YOU. This industry is founded on passion, realistically we don't do it for the money, passion is the one thing no one will ever take away from you. It’s the reason I’ve done my job for years, the reason I’ve had so many results

passion - fuel it every single day, yes you can

January 2021 49




Happy New Year everyone! The New Year is usually a really busy time for us all in the fitness industry, with the majority of people overindulging over the festive period and setting New Year resolutions to improve their health and fitness, but unfortunately, this years ‘fresh start’ just wasn’t to be. So here we are, we find ourselves again in a national lockdown, number 3 in the space of a year. Back to the era of online coaching, home workouts, and unfortunately, diminishing mental health for many individuals. As a business owner and in my first year of owning my gym, to say the last year has been a frustrating struggle would be an understatement, but I think of myself to be quite resilient, and I’m proud that I am still here, still going, and most importantly, still able to help support my clients through this and keep them pushing on and provide a focus to keep them positive during this difficult time. Although some financial support will be available to business during this national lockdown, the sad reality is, that not all businesses will survive, and it could be the end of many independent gyms with people losing what they have worked so hard their whole lives to build up. Even though the government have allowed personal training sessions to go ahead outdoors, the reality is that during these cold winter months, it isn’t really safe! Here in the north, it is always wet and icy, so accidents such as slips and falls become 50

January 2021


we all have bills to pay and families to feed! This is an approach that I have myself taken this time around. For my clients, I have created a holistic approach to online coaching which not only focuses on the physical fitness but also developing mental health and positivity also, because, as we know, being healthy is so much more than exercising and the way we look! I think the skills I developed as a teacher come in quite strong with this one, as I have created lots of editable resources to help keep my clients organised and accountable a danger. If this is something which you have decided to pursue, that’s great! And I am sure it not only keeps your clients happy but keeping yourself working will help give yourself a focus although, just be careful to check your insurance does

for taking each weekday by day. As well as home workouts and steps, a healthy eating guide and the daily support group chat/social media, I have implemented daily tasks such as personal reflections, goal setting, and even tasks such as contacting a friend they haven’t spoken

cover you for such changes to your work.

to for a while. All of these are provided on

I know because of this, a lot of personal

a daily tick list to make sure clients have

trainers have adapted their work and started online coaching, which can be a great tool for helping clients stay accountable, and helps trainers keep a source of income flowing to support themselves and their families while everything is closed, because, let's face it,

completed them, and this means that they are working on their own physical

individual is going through, so being nice

fitness, their personal progression, and

really can go a long way!

keeping up communication with friends and family, which is so important at the moment while we can't unfortunately see any of them.

If you, however, do find speaking to people you know difficult or if you feel you don’t have anyone you can talk to about your struggles, there are mental health

I have spoken before in a previous article

charities with helplines you can call for

about the positive benefits exercise

support such as the Samaritans and

has on mental health, which, as fitness

Infoline, which can provide information

professionals, I am sure you agree and

about what support is available to you.

also believe in. If you make it a daily task

Some numbers are noted at the end of this

to exercise, to get out for walks and get

article, but there are many websites and

some fresh air, to keep moving and keep

resources you can access online. Please

as active as possible, you will definitely

use what support you have around you,

feel more positive and motivated to

and don’t struggle alone.

push forwards and stay strong through the next 6 weeks. As the saying goes, positivity is contagious. If you feel more positive and seem upbeat and happy, your clients and even your friends and family will feed off this, and in turn, hopefully, feel better about surviving lockdown also. If you are struggling for motivation yourself or to keep positive during lockdown, make sure that you do seek

Remember, better days are coming, we are in this together, and things WILL get better.

Mental health Helplines Samaritans: 020 3855 4578 NHS: 111 Infoline :

help! The best thing you can do is open

0300 123 3399

up to your friends and family and explain

Shout crisis textline:

how you are feeling, they will understand

Text ‘SHOUT’ to 85258

and be more than happy to listen and


provide emotional support, chances

07984 967 708

are, they will be feeling the struggle themselves and glad you opened up so that they can also share how they are feeling. If we can be anything at the moment, we should be good listeners and supportive of all, you never know what an January 2021



Busi n ess s u r v i val d ur i n g th e p an d e m i c BY COLIN LEE BERRY STREET DEFENCE DIRECTOR


January 2021



ince the initial lockdown in March 2020, like many other fitness businesses, we had to stop running our Street Defence instructor programmes. Due to the contact element of this selfdefence/fitness concept, there was no immediate way of teaching Street Defence. As the Director of Street Defence, once I realised that the virus was not going away any time soon, I thought it was time to adapt to keep the concept alive. As Street Defence can be run by trainers as an additional or full business, I needed to find a way of making Street Defence as pandemic proof as possible. Not only was adapting the concept about surviving, but it was also trying to find a way of evolving Street Defence if possible. Unfortunately, Street Defence in its current form will not be able to be taught for the foreseeable future until this pandemic is over.

The hardest thing about this pandemic to

down. We went from high income to

my business is the fact that we were about

zero income and needed to find a way to

to partner with an instructor training

survive. However, life is about overcoming

provider in the UK and Internationally. We were also in the process of putting on

challenges and I have the mindset that You adapt. You overcome.

several instructor courses across the UK

Like gyms, group exercise concepts need

but overnight we had to shut everything

to offer a hybrid option of face to face and online. Street Defence is primarily a self-defence/fitness system, an online version would not be a direct replacement, but it would allow people to learn the foundations of the concept if a pandemic were going to ever happen again. Rather than stop there, I began to use this time to develop some additional concepts that had been in the pipeline for a couple of years: Street Combat – This concept teaches combinations of self-defence striking techniques within a group exercise HIIT class setting. All striking techniques come from the leading self-defence system Street Defence. Street Boxing – Street Boxing is designed to allow instructors to teach boxing techniques in a group exercise or 1-2-1 setting. These sessions can be taught as a shadow boxing and or pad workout. Street Defence Kids – Street Defence Kids is a fun self-defence/fitness concept specifically designed for children (ages 6-11). The SD Kids concept contains lots of enjoyable games/drills that have a selfdefence element to help develop a child's reactions, awareness, and coordination. January 2021 53


I think we all agree that we prefer face

added to the Street Defence business even

A blended approach will also be an

to face when it comes to group exercise

when the pandemic is over. Online courses

additional offering for when face to face

or exercising. However, we are living

allow potential instructors to fit learning

becomes a viable option. Again, this will

around their diary (pre-recorded courses)

save time but also allow for potential

in an ever-evolving digital age and this pandemic has forced us to embrace it. Even when this pandemic is finally over, people’s lives have never been busier and offering an online service allows businesses to reach out to more people

and it will also save gym operators money in having to find cover for instructors who must take time off to complete these courses. Practical exams will be replaced

than those who live in the proximity of

by videos being recorded by the potential

their business. Live and pre-recorded

instructor showing their ability to teach

is something that has been and will be

the concepts.

instructors to prove face to face that they have what it takes to successfully complete the course. Even though this situation is not something any of us wanted, let us use this time to perfect our overall business model and strive to offer cutting edge concepts to reduce the obesity problems that this pandemic will have only increased. Once I had put together this new pathway

"life is about overcoming challenges and I have the mindset that You adapt. You overcome" 54

January 2021

in how the Street Defence business is going to run, I then asked myself, ‘Is this something that will continue after the pandemic?’. The answer to this is ‘yes’. I wanted to use this time to make a better and more effective business which is also pandemic proof for Street Defence and the future instructors who complete the course. A pandemic proof clause will also be added within the contracts to cease ongoing payments if anything like this was to happen again. However, the online option will still provide instructors


and gyms to offer value and can offer these businesses vast sums of income. Communities are also built online and not just within gyms. Our courses will also show instructors how they can build an online community which will help build a lucrative hybrid business with online and face to face work. Developments are not stopping there; I am also in the process of developing a group exercise concept using my screen combat experience (fight scenes for film and television) enabling participants to become combat fit mirroring the

"Online courses allow potential instructors to fit learning around their diary and it will also save gym operators money in having to find cover for instructors"

training required for action roles in film

Even if you are struggling or your business

trainer/fitness instructor and would

and television roles. Also, as a screen

has failed, we all fail at some point. Use

like to find out more about the Street

combatant for film and television (fight

this negative time to your advantage and

Defence offerings, please visit – www.

and action scenes), this was another industry massively hit but has started up again recently.

come back stronger than before. If you are a gym operator of personal or email Colin Lee Berry (Street Defence Founder & Director) at

January 2021 55




January 2021



t is clear from all the conversations I have had with clubs in the second part of 2020 that the biggest issue facing the industry is getting members back. Many memberships are still frozen or suspended, and lots have cancelled. Furthermore, some members are still paying yet not visiting, and consequently are at high risk of cancelling. Some industry research reports that most members will return (up to 88%). But the reality is that many have not yet. It is hard to remove bias from fitness surveys when they are mostly completed by the keen, raving fans of your facility. As clubs dip in and out of lockdown, member recovery is going to become a full-time, constant battle. Whilst it will feel like a battle, it’s easier to re-engage your existing members than to find new ones. To get more of your members back, you


re-engage cancelled members? While your ultimate goal is no doubt to resume or re-start a membership, do you have other

need to be smart and to work hard at it.

Start by being clear on the purpose

You also need to have lower price options

of your recovery campaigns. Are you

and accept that having lesser member

contacting dormant members to get them

a conversation or simply maintaining

revenue is better than nothing.

to resume their membership, or trying to


aims, such as getting feedback, having

January 2021




And finally, ensure you have a call to message, link/button to click, or quick


Once you have defined goals, you need

survey to complete. If members can

Just as you measure your member’s

to work on your campaign content.

resume or rejoin with a click, some will,

results (you do, don’t you?), you need to

Depending on the channels you use, this

which reduces your need to follow-up…

measure the outcomes of these recovery

action (or two). A simple reply to the

should be consistent and tailored. You can use similar content in a letter or email, but

campaigns. Sure, there is the return/

need to condense for SMS or postcards.


rejoin rate, but you also have engagement

Phone calls scripts can help to ensure

Regardless of how many click your link

you get your key messages across, and

above, there will still be a need to follow-

indicators which pave the path to

record standard information for each call

up. Not just with those who don’t open/

or caller.

click/respond, but even with those who

Focus on the member, rather than the club. Be curious about what they have been up to and try to find out about their current needs. Rather than talk about the club, describe how other members (like them) are finding the return, how they are confident and reassured by the new cleaning procedures.

do. It takes seven interactions on average

metrics like open/click rate, and other rejoining. You should assess which staff member made the most successful calls, or learnt the most about your members?

to make a sale, and can be the same to

Recording feedback from members and

re-engage a member. One email is not

ex-members can be enlightening, but it is

going to be enough for most members, you

also important to develop new offerings or

will need at least two or three different communications. Your strategy needs to include multiple follow-ups on different channels. A phone call is the best option most of the time,

overcome future objections. You are unlikely to get all members to rejoin from one campaign. If you have a high level of engagement, you will have more

If you have new online/remote

however, it is resource intensive. So, the

winners next time around, particularly if

membership options, tell the story of

other purpose of the initial campaign is to

you learn and adapt. If you don’t measure

members who have switched, and the

reduce the number of calls to make, and to

the successes and failures, you’re unlikely

results that they are getting.

prioritise them.

to improve.


January 2021


MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS Having a couple of different options for your members to choose is a good idea. Offering an alternative between an online/app membership or full membership is much better than asking if they want to rejoin or not. Some of your members will have learnt that online fitness works for them, or have invested in their own equipment. You can still support them remotely or online with their motivation or programming. Last month’s article on the Future of Fitness presented a selection of membership ideas that clubs are already successfully offering. It is important to acknowledge that members will want to downgrade as well as upgrade their memberships. If you make the pathways between memberships clear, and have simple processes to transfer, you will save more members. It is better to retain members on some form of subscription than to lose them altogether.


perseverance. Do it right, and you will learn more about what your current and future members want. This in turn will enable you to position your membership

dormant members or trying to re-engage

offerings or subscription services for faster

ex-members, you will need grit and

business recovery and ultimately, growth.

Guy Griffiths is a coach to independent gym owners, and a member retention specialist. He works with clubs on processes, systems, and strategies to improve member engagement, and therefore revenue. His mission is to help your club to understand and engage with as many of your members as possible and get them to stick around longer. Find out how GGFit’s independent gym owner coaching could help you at

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tuck at home due to quarantine? Children? Traveling spouse? Not able to get a gym membership right now? Whatever the reason, we have some great ideas for you to get fit from home for little to no money!! First, think about what you enjoy!! For me, I do not enjoy working out alone so a workout where I can see others and interact with them is best. Are you someone who prefers putting your earbuds in and working out alone blocking out the world? Do you like being outside? Whatever your situation or your preference, you CAN reach your fitness goals from home!!

ON-DEMAND WORKOUTS Those of you who prefer to grind it out alone, there are an endless number of apps out there that meet your needs and many have options with NO EQUIPMENT!! 60

January 2021


With that being said, I definitely suggest purchasing long exercise bands with handles and the glute bands often referred to as booty bands. These two inexpensive options create limitless strength training possibilities.

HERE IS A GREAT GUIDE FOR THE TOP 20 WORKOUT APPS OF 2020… Go to, and in the search

The best workout app for you covers the

bar, type “workout apps”. This is a great

exercises you're interested in doing at a

reference! One option that I did not see

level that's accessible to you. Ideally, a

on the list was Beachbody On Demand

good fitness app will support multiple


levels of expertise so that as you get

Live classes

stronger and more comfortable, you can push yourself to the next level.

Those of you who prefer to train with a coach and others in a group format,

While a handful of apps are free, many of

there are thousands of coaches out there

these workout apps require a subscription.

running virtual live classes. This option

Take advantage of any trial period and

can be a little more out of pocket than

then try a monthly subscription to see if

the on-demand option but still very

the app meets your needs. If you like what

inexpensive and you have someone who

you see, you can always switch to an

can watch your form and correct it. The

annual subscription, which usually lowers your monthly cost.

coach is live and can interact with you, as well as other participants. If you have

some may be able to offer those sessions

worked with a coach in the past that

at a lower rate than the gym since they

If you're an iPhone user, pay special

inspired you, reach out and see if they

are not paying the gym a cut. They

attention to any apps that integrate with

are doing virtual classes now. Your best

typically do have to pay for software,

the built-in Health app on your phone.

bet is live classes like on,

technical equipment, gym equipment,, or private coaches. If you

and in some cases an appropriate space

want an affordable semi-personalized

but many coaches are offering discounted

option, this is it.

rates right now. Take time to choose a

Several apps will log your exercise data.

The world of workout companions is about to get even more crowded, with Apple planning to launch its Apple Fitness Plus subscription service. While mostly

One on one coaching

designed to work with the Apple Watch,

Those of you who prefer 1:1 coaching….

you'll also be able to experience guided

just you and a trainer or instructor…

workouts on your iPhone and other

GREAT NEWS!! The majority of coaches

devices for $9.99 a month.

ARE doing virtual 1:1 sessions now and

coach who you connect with, has great energy, and can accommodate your needs. One on one coaching is great if you are just getting started and need help with technique, have an injury, enjoy a very personalized approach, or need more accountability. We at Wig Athletics do 1:1, live classes, and on-demand as well as many coaches out there!!

HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR VIRTUAL WORKOUTS: 1. Designate a set space for workouts Before I renovated my basement into a fully equipped fitness studio, I had an 8x10 rug in my living room that served as my workout space. The computer was on a barstool and Alexa was on a shelf and it worked great. You don’t need a huge space to get a great workout!

2. Create workout mood lighting Lighting for yoga should be different than lighting for a HIIT workout. Bright LED lights for strength training, cardio, and HIIT and dimmed lighting for yoga, Pilates, and stretching. Dimmer switches in your workout room help tremendously!! January 2021



3. Don’t just join any zoom class Research before selecting your online workouts!! Get a feel for the instructor, the classes, the coach by seeing how the community engages on social media. Do they have private Facebook groups where everyone chats? Do they host live videos where you can ask questions? Do they send you personalized texts to ask how you are feeling and checking in? These things will help give you a sense of what the class experience may be like. In our Facebook group “Virtual Fit Zone”, we do weekly challenges and respond to our community daily.

4. Invite a friend Gym memberships often come with a pass or two to bring a friend. Embody this spirit by inviting friends to join your virtual class with you. Having someone you know in the class helps build accountability and motivation.

5. Use the chat feature Engage with the coach and the other participants by giving a shout out to

6. Use a television instead of a laptop

7. Make your own playlist

The bigger the screen, the better the

mute you, so having a great playlist can be

experience. Instead of using your computer screen, opt for a tv or large monitor. This will give you the illusion that you are actually with the other

someone and connect with the coach to

people. Don’t strain your eyes and body

tell him/her about your experience. Also,

trying to do the class on your phone. It is

share your experience with others and try

easy to connect your phone or laptop to a

to coordinate workouts!

smart television….try it!

Chances are that the instructor is going to super motivating. You can have the laptop audio synced to a Bluetooth speaker so you can hear the instructor over the music and then play music from phone or Alexa.

8. Stick to a schedule Find a time in the day that is conducive to working out. It might be the time that you are mindlessly scrolling through social media. Maybe you get the afternoon slumps and need to do a cardio workout to gain some energy through adrenaline and dopamine bursts. Or like so many, our days get filled with other obligations so it’s best to get your workout in first thing in the morning. Whatever time slots you choose, make it a habit!!


Treat yourself afterwards

If you take class first thing maybe your favorite coffee drink or breakfast. At night it could be a bath or some hot tea.

10. R emember that this is a great way to stay social No matter how you spin it, a group Zoom class doesn’t have the same magic of a group in real life but the social aspect is still there and that is crucial for getting through these unprecedented times. Online group fitness fosters connection to other people. This sense of belonging is the most important ingredient for battling the quarantine and social distancing blues. Although nothing can fully take the place of live in-person group fitness where you share a space with others who are doing something difficult right alongside you, the online fitness movement offers so many of the benefits without the current risks. 62

January 2021



variety of strength options:

Start with long exercise bands with

movements critical to help tighten the

handles. They typically come in five varying strengths with handles, a door

Dumbbells! Dumbbells are expensive but they last forever, require no set up (grab and go), and are perfect for unilateral strength gap between sides. We do not live in a bilateral world. We are typically

jam, a carrying case, and some bundles

right-handed or left. We do most tasks

add other cool stuff too. These are

with one side or the other, carry our

inexpensive and transportable.

bags on one side or the other, and have

Secondly, glute bands (otherwise known as “booty bands”) are an amazing purchase for lower body strength training!!

a dominant side in our sports. Always using a bilateral machine where both legs or arms lift one unit together or always using a barbell, only strengthens the

Thirdly, a TRX can be a nice addition to

stronger side and weakens the weaker

your workouts. You can hit every body

side because the stronger will take over.

part while integrating your core.

A cable machine!! If you could purchase

Other more costly options if you are

ONE machine, a cable machine is king!!

someone who wants increase muscle,

It comes with a variety of attachments,

are a hard gainer, or simply need a wide

can be set at varying heights, and most have a pull up bar!! My favorite workouts are predominately cable focused. There are literally hundreds of exercises hitting each body part!! The best thing about cables and bands is the resistance on the eccentric movement of each exercise which is the “negative” movement that we often don’t focus on as much as the concentric or “positive” movement. Cables and bands force us to control the resistance on the eccentric part of the exercise. So, to summarize, you CAN build community and have a connection with others in the face of a pandemic. You CAN workout effectively from home with minimal equipment. You CAN get the physical, psychological, and emotional benefits of exercise in the comfort of your own home! Small changes make a huge difference! Carve out the time each day and let’s make this happen!!

January 2021





here are many ways to train. With dumbbells, barbells, with my favorite kettlebells, spin class, yoga class, so many ways! The one thing that these often have in common is that when you train them with a group you are not only creating healthier habits, you are also bringing something new into your life - another family, your fitness family.

When you walk into a studio or a gym

The internal/mental benefits of group

it can be very daunting, but if you stick

training may not easily be measured by

to it long enough you are going to grow

reps or by weight but can be measured by

stronger in many ways. We know

a feeling of comradery amongst a group of

when we exercise, train or workout our

people. If you can bravely go to that first

body begins to change. The definition

class or maybe you convince a friend to go

of exercise is injury prevention and

try a class, I think you will be pleasantly

performance enhancement. The byproduct

surprised that it will build something more

of exercise is better body composition,

than muscle, more than cardio and more

increased cardiovascular efficiency, weight

than mobility.

loss, and improve our quality of life by

Benefits of Group Training Beyond Physical:

being able to move with ease.

• Comradery • Increases self-esteem and confidence • Decrease in Stress Levels • Accountability Factor • Fun • Increases your mental wellness While there are benefits to group training some may say that there are some downsides, such as lack of individual programming, lack of attention to form and overtraining. What I can tell you is when you look at group fitness there are things you should review just as anything in life it is important to make sure the class is a fit for you. When we do our Kettlebell Kickboxing training, these downsides are what we direct our attention to, so you get the ultimate Group Training Experience! 64

January 2021



feel capable, powerful, and able-bodied.

Find a program that modifies and

increased self-esteem, confidence, and

progresses clients during the group

you will find joy in your training that will

training so that the class focus is not only

allow you greater discipline as you want

on the group but executes to adapt to

to show and train with your new-found

different fitness levels and abilities. (Not

“family”! Group training will allow you to

all group classes are able to run beginner,

work on the holistic approach to fitness

intermediate and advanced classes). It is

giving you a strong mind as well as a

important that the group training gives

strong body!

attention to form, as exercise is injury prevention and that the training program is built by using the pillars of human movement. The pillars should encompass the movement patterns of pushing, pulling, level change, rotation, and locomotion. (If training kettlebell kickboxing we also train the release movements).

Mentally if you find your “tribe” to train with, you will reap benefits such as

After 13 years of getting to be a stay-at-home mom, Jodi found Kettlebell Kickboxing! Jodi owns and operates KBKB Flagship location in Canada, certifies trainers across the country, and instructs class in studio and online!  Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada Online Kettlebell Training  @kettlebellkickboxingcanada

Jodi Barrett

CEO of Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada/ KBKB Studio BA – PAS F/L Master Level Trainer KBIA MKC Certified

Why do we look for a program that trains these pillars? To remove risk of injury and improve muscle imbalances. When training our bodies, we need to be aware that our training is functional, hence the 5 pillars.

Recap, What to Look for When Choosing a Group Fitness Class: • Attention to modifications/ progressions • Attention to form • A program that encompasses the pillars of human movement At the end of the day, you will find success with the right program! The right group training program should make you stronger and increase your functional ability to allow you a better quality of life. Physically, you deserve the right to January 2021 65




ednesday 30th December 2020, not a date many will think of but for us, it was the third time in nine months (give or take a couple of days) that we were put into Tier 4 and had to close the doors on our gym. Throughout 2020 we were closed for 155 days in total. So much for being a 24/7 gym!

HERE WE GO AGAIN… 1. Turn off all of the cardio, TV and audio equipment. 2. Check all equipment is clean and put back in its correct place. 3. Out of office emails and voicemails set up. 4. Contact the DD company to arrange re-freezing of memberships. (Didn’t

we only recently unfreeze our memberships?) 5. Send messages to all clients and members regarding the closure via email, calls, and texts and updating all social media accounts. 6. Telling the team they now have a lot of spare time on their hands again. 7. Informing the cleaning company they are not needed until 1 week before reopening for a deep clean (when will that be?) and hoping they will still be in business when that date finally comes round. 8. Contacting all supporting businesses and dealing with accounts etc. 9. Working with the directors to understand how they want to proceed moving forwards. 10. Reset all alarms and notify alarm and CCTV companies that the gym is now closed 24/7 instead of open 24/7. 11. Final sweep of the building, check fire doors and windows are secure, changing rooms are empty, all members have left the building, all non-essential electronics turned off, lights off, set the alarm and lock the front doors. Now there are a few more steps than listed and I’m sure those of you reading this will have some that are individual to your site but you can relate to what we are doing.


January 2021


SO WHAT NOW? During the first lockdown I remember watching a seminar and it was with a VC from America. His suggested maintaining what you have where possible and hibernate until April 2021. This was before the vaccine was confirmed and could turn out to be good advice. As we begin our third period of gym closures in the UK and there is no excuse for not having a plan in place. 1. How are you servin g your members and clients? 2. What value have you added to your membership offering that has made them want to continue to pay even if they cannot get access to the gym? 3. How are you communicating with your members to keep them engaged and updated on the situation? 4. Have you updated your social media and marketing strategies? 5. How are you keeping your team engaged, educated and motivated?



As I write this we are hours away from

At the end of 2019, we were celebrating

another Bo Jo news conference which no

for the first time 15.6% membership

doubt will introduce more restrictions or

penetration, £5 billion total market

realistically another national lockdown.

value, 1 in every 7 people in the UK was a

I was joking with one of my colleagues earlier that if they introduce more tiers then they are going to ban Zoom calls and WhatsApp messaging in Tier 6 and Tier 9 all non-essential breathing has to stop! What has become apparent is that for all the hard work by the guys at UKActive and

member of a gym. I remember celebrating this data at the time. Take a closer look though. For every 100 people just under 14 have a gym membership. What are the other 86 people doing? Why do they not value being a member of a gym?

6. How can you grow your network with other service providers like physios, doctors, dieticians, and sleep specialists? Whilst there is no doubt this virus has created the most challenging shit storm our industry has ever known there is always opportunity. If you can be in a strong position coming out of this Syndemic and provide the kind of service our members deserve, and prove that being a member of a gym is a positive addition to anyone’s wellbeing and not

other organisations, the national petitions,

With 2020 being a tough year for the

just about beach bodies and Instagram

government debates, social media

majority of gyms and PTs, boutique

posing, then I believe our industry will

#gymsaresafe and #exerciseismedicine campaigns over the past 6 – 9 months we are still locked down and classed as non-essential by the powers that be. The data clearly shows that we can operate our gyms safely and keep the spread of the virus to a bare minimum, so why are governments not listening?


studios, sports and leisure centres and all the others involved in our industry these numbers are going to be in decline. We saw a drop of around 15-20% in membership after the first lockdown.

thrive and finally be recognised as the essential service we are all claiming it is. Adam Powell started working in the fitness industry in 2000, qualifying in Leisure management in 2001 and becoming a Personal

Many members decided to keep their

Trainer in 2003. Since then he has gained

memberships frozen because they were

over 13,000 hours of Personal Training and

shielding family members or themselves. If you entered the data it would look like a weight-loss graph. Over time it is down but with several bumps where it

his career has been in gym management up to senior level, private members clubs, budget gyms, residential fitness retreats in the UK and abroad and spas. Specialising in launching new gyms and facilities, Adam has worked

has gained. Shame this is the one time

with several corporate clients such as Npower,

This is a tough question for me to ask and

a net loss isn’t the desired outcome! Too

British Gas, Dyson, Openwork and RBS bank.

there are many reasons for and against

many gyms are ruled by the churn of

You can connect via,

it. But for me, pre virus, the fitness

membership sales and do not focus on


industry as a whole was not fit to be called

the retention of current members and


providing an awesome service.

CotswoldPT  @cotswold_pt

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