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JUNE 2019


Welcome... ...to the February issue of Gym Owner Monthly Magazine “The Best Way To Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing.” Walt Disney Love is truly in the air for all things fitness. So let's start by spreading that love. For this month’s Exclusive Interview we have Guy Griffiths chatting with Steve McClory owner of Code Fitness page 6. Obesity & BMI, the truth and nothing but the truth by Dr Marcus Reddy page 18 and Stefan Rauch, Customer Success Manager at EGYM UK, explores the ongoing conundrum that many gym owners are facing page 32. We catch up with PT Beth Turner who can't live without her music page 24, we have our very own Stacy Wig from the good old USA keeping us fit with a Valentine’s Workout page 56 and KickBoxing Kettlebell Star Jodi Barrett all the way from Canada is our Ask the Expert page 68. Pastor and fitness guru Ben Ludwig takes us through the hiring process page 28 and page 60 Daniel Godia our fitness expert from Nairobi, Kenya shares with us about starting an exercise programme. Guy Griffiths tells us how to survive with a Recovery Planning on page 44 and you’ll find ask the questions that matter by Ben Hackney-Williams page 40. Did we forget to mention that you can subscribe for free? Visit www.gymownermonthly.co.uk Train safe.

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CICLOTTE BIKE The Luxury Design Exercise Bike



By Marcus Reddy, Consultant General Surgeon at New Victoria Hospital, Surry, London


22 FEBRUARY 2021






















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“HOTEL – CORONA” By Philip Maddox



















HOW DID YOU GET INTO THE FITNESS INDUSTRY? My first career was in accounts, and fitness was my hobby. I did a gym qualification in 2006 to help myself train better and

just for knowledge, but started training people and really enjoyed it. I trained a kickboxer who wanted to put weight on for a fight, and quickly realised how much I could help people and to see the difference I was making.

started working in the local leisure centre two evenings a week.

Shortly after my daughter was born, I packed in the accounts

As someone who loves to exercise and loves chatting to people, I

job and started personal training at a studio. It took 3 months to

couldn’t believe I could get paid to do both! I learnt more and more, then did a PT qualification in 2010, again

really get going, but I quickly decided that I wanted to actually run a gym so that I could help more people.




TELL US MORE ABOUT CODE FITNESS Luke Watson and I both trained members at the PT studio, but we wanted to set-up a proper gym rather than our own studio. When Swiss Strength Consulting, Atlantis European Distributor, found out we were setting a gym up they contacted us and wanted us to make it an Atlantis showcase gym. We set-up in a rented unit on a retail park in Newark in 2013. Our main focus is getting results for our members. We have defined processes and specific memberships based on particular goals. Just as important is a good mix of specialist staff who can work with different types of member. That said, some members join because we are simply a good gym because they love the vibe and feeling of being a member of CODE. Any decision we make is based on our values of helping people and building the


tailored support for all our members too.

about building our own club. After being

The big differentiator is the systems

education. We want to give members the

turned down twice by the bank, we finally

we have in place to help our members

knowledge that helps them to get their

got the go-ahead to buy the land and

get results. They can choose and

results. We run events, build groups, and

build in 2018. Although we paid our staff,

switch between good health, fat loss,

publish videos that give a basic overview

Luke and I had taken no money out of the

strength and power, and various other

and more in-depth understanding of

business for 5 years, but that enabled us

programmes. The pick and mix of trainers’

relevant topics for their training or

to build our own gym.

skills and personalities provide a lot of

nutrition, for example.

right atmosphere for our members. A break in the lease started us thinking



We also place a lot of emphasis on


has always been an issue in the industry

on women-only boot camps to make it

with staff retention. Our newly qualified

less intimidating and to learn how they

PTs follow a process to build up their

wanted to train. Now we have more

client base, and we won’t take on another

women members than male members.

instructor until they reach a certain level

This in turn opens more marketing points,

and a number of clients. We have built

creating stories for social media and

from just two of us to twelve PTs at CODE

helping us to grow as a business.

and are still growing.

The challenges are constantly changing, which is what we enjoy. From starting


in a rented unit to building our own club

At the beginning, we were seen as a

that we will adapt to any challenge facing

bodybuilding gym, as we didn’t have

us. We work hard every day on retaining

The other key difference is that we place a

loads of cardio kit, and we struggled

members, and adapting to the latest

big focus on our staff development. There

to attract female members. So we put

challenge is what makes it interesting.

By giving our members a clear message, that is not all science-based, but also includes opinions and stories, we build communities where members help each other and contribute as a team.

to lockdown, and whatever comes next, everything brings us another different test. We know, and our members know




WHAT ARE THE MOST VALUABLE LESSONS YOU'VE LEARNT ALONG THE WAY? Social proof is one of the main ways we have grown the business; before and after photos, achievements, challenges, and much more. Whether it’s word of mouth or through social media, people are able to justify to their friends why they’re happy to pay three times the price of other local gyms.

and support available for gym owners who come from a more traditional fitness background.

HOW HAS LOCKDOWN AFFECTED CODE FITNESS? We were in shock when we were first told we had to shut; we just did not see it coming. But straightaway, Luke and I planned everything out, went live on Facebook, and offered new programmes.

Building your personal brand is more

Lots of clubs went silent when they

important than the corporate brand,

closed, but we did the opposite. We

particularly on social platforms. We

shouted about it, kept all our members

initially built and worked on the CODE

motivated and positive, and showed how

Fitness brand, but we are now working

we are fighting for what we have created.

harder on our personal brands as business

from some of the less supportive clubs. One of our members who was having a shoulder operation had just frozen his membership before the first lockdown. As soon as we closed, he asked to resume his payments, even though he would not be training anyway. Members want to support their club and ensure the business survives. CODE Fitness is more than a place to lift weights, it is a club, and a community.

HOW HAS LOCKDOWN AFFECTED YOUR MEMBERS? The content on our private members page

We understood that we would lose

has soared. While we still set challenges

members, but by posting regularly, we

for our members, they are setting up their

keep in touch with as many members

own challenges and motivating each

Understanding the numbers is key to

as possible. Some cannot pay their

other. A new member posted to say they

running and growing any business.

membership right now, but they will be

had only logged 4,000 steps and felt bad.

My accounting background has been

back as soon as they can. What’s more, by

More than 30 other members weighed in

invaluable to CODE, but there is education

being so proactive, we’ve gained members

with messages of encouragement, telling

owners, and the same goes for our PTs and other staff.




for their measurement system, and get advice, coaching, and motivation.


them they’re doing well, and to focus on the positives. Basically, they are doing our job for us! We are running short exercises in the

I think it is the best it has ever been! The opportunities are amazing, the standard of education is getting better, and the quality of gyms is improving. More independent clubs are being set up with owners wanting to share more of what they are doing; from best practice to

learning from mistakes. PT retention is going to get better. The industry needs to support and develop staff with business education, understanding the numbers, and the processes. The future for me is all about sharing knowledge with members, with staff, and between gym owners. This will help us to expand and grow our businesses and improve the industry. It is such a fast-moving industry and has so much more to come. There has never been a better time to be in it.

latest lockdown which are much more engaging than the live classes we’ve run before. The CODE21 challenge includes three things per day: a nutrition goal, a steps goal and a workout. Some will just do a 15-minute workout, or an 8-minute abs session, others can combine workouts if they wish. Everyone posts their results daily and we inspire one another. We’re going to bounce back with more of a health focus. We installed Body Composition scales midway through 2020 to help our members to measure and understand their progress. I see this as being one of the essential parts of our health offering going forwards, not just for existing club members, but for health seekers that may choose to be active elsewhere They will come to CODE FEBRUARY 2021





iclotte Bike is the result of an aesthetic research inspired by ergonomics and essentiality and realised by using high-tech materials like carbon fibres, glass fibres and steel.

The iconic circular shape and the use of carbon express the bike’s strong sporting vocation, which is revealed during every training session. The frame is designed to adapt to the 5 spinning positions. The innovative turn multiplier transmission and the rotation of the outer wheel make the exercise unique, faithfully replicating the sensation of cycling on the road. The resistance is obtained with a sophisticated electromagnetic system remotely controlled via Bluetooth. Ciclotte Bike, the design exercise bike/exclusive fitness equipment/ perfect decoration object for the interior of houses, from luxury living rooms to unique bedrooms and bathrooms, hotel suites and yachts.




MOBILE DEVICE INTEGRATION The special support of this extremely modern design exercise bike, allows integration with smartphones and tablets, offering a wide range of possibilities for entertainment during the workouts. Beginning from watching your own movies and music till the simulation of routes on trails and roads, thanks to a dedicated App that can provide useful information on the speed and distance travelled. A special kit consisting of a support for smartphones and tablets and an electronic chip has been designed to connect the bike to any mobile device via Bluetooth. The mobile device integration offers numerous entertainment possibilities while pedalling. Thanks to the kit, it is possible to enjoy video, music and street simulation via Kinomap APP. Kinomap allows you to monitor the parameters of your workouts, compete with your friends and ride on the most beautiful routes in the world. www.ciclotte bike







THE BEST INDOOR CYCLING BIKES SUPREME BODY BIKE The Body Bike Classic Supreme is the result of a relentless quest for the ultimate indoor bike. It is fully protected by plastic covers at the crank and flywheel and all of its essential components are made of stainless steel. Therefore, dust and oxidation don't stand a chance! The Body Classic Supreme has been smartly designed and every part - even the smallest - has a practical use. Features: Triathlon (Wave) handlebar with 2 bottle holders and MP3 player holder. ProSoft saddle Standard pedals. Integrated emergency braking system. Easy access for maintenance. Wheel: 20 kg - Max. : 150 kg. Weight: 65 kg Dimensions: (WxDxH) 105 x 60 x 100 cm. ABS side covers to protect the inside of the bike from dust and sweat. Powder-coated stainless steel seat and handlebar post. The other parts of the frame are in powder-coated steel. Resistance system requiring no maintenance. The 22kg flywheel provides smooth and quiet pedalling. Brake: Body Bike pad designed in synthetic Kevlar requiring no lubrication. 5 years warranty (for the frame). 14




features 10″ HD touch screen 22 resistance levels Power incline/decline from -10 to 20 percent

Meet the NordicTrack Commercial S10i Studio

Adjustable padded saddle

Cycle, a new exercise bike with iFit Coach and 10”

Multi-grip handlebars

video screen. The S10i is the more affordable bike

Caged pedals

of two in NordicTrack’s Commercial Studio Cycle

Three-pound dumbbells for upper-body exercise

Series; the S22i is identical except for its 22” screen. For each machine, the highlight is exercising with

iPod-compatible MP3 speakers

a video of high-quality studio gym classes. The iFit

Wireless heart rate receiver

Coach app helps you choose from the library, and

Contact heart rate sensors

each video’s personal trainer speaks to the camera

Water bottle holders

to create a sort of in-studio experience.

Cooling fan


High weight capacity (350 pounds)

Enabled for spin class videos and other iFit Coach

Transport wheels

NORDICTRACK COMMERCIAL S22I STUDIO CYCLE With a large rotating touch screen, an automatic incline and resistance control system, and a vast library of global rides, the NordicTrack S22i is one of the most feature-rich smart stationary bikes on

incline, decline, and resistance as you ride; and a built-in fan that emulates the breeze on your face, this piece of smart gym equipment is one of the most feature-rich stationary bikes on the market, and the next best thing to road cycling or mountain biking. Features:

the market and the best way to train indoors for

Allows for live, trainer-controlled automatic incline,

real-world cycling adventures.

decline, and resistance adjustments

Stationary bikes can make you feel like you're

Bright 22-inch rotating HD touch screen

going nowhere fast, but NordicTrack's Commercial S22i Studio Cycle might just trick you into thinking

Excellent classes, series, and instructors Wide variety of studio and outdoor workouts for all

you're actually traversing mountains in Colorado,

fitness levels

passing waterfalls in Hawaii, or riding next to 19th

Features live classes and leader boards

century ruins in Turkey. Featuring a vast selection

Built-in fan and accessory tray

of trainer-led outdoor workouts filmed all over the

Connects to Bluetooth headphones and heart rate

world; a unique ability to automatically adjust your


NOHRD BIKE CLUB OFFERED BY WATERROWER Made in Germany in very small series, this solid wood bike has very precise finishes and an elaborate design, which distinguish it from traditional sports equipment. A successful combination of quality materials and an innovative and aesthetic design, the NoHrd is still going to look good even when you're not using it. WaterRower has been a supplier of fitness equipment for over 30 years. It offers devices made from sustainably harvested wood taking

Fully assembled, its compact footprint takes up just 0.44 square meters of floor space, allowing you to seamlessly set it up in any interior environment. To maintain a minimal aesthetic and ensure all performance monitoring upgrades are futureproof, the NOHrD Bike does not have an inbuilt performance monitor. Instead, Bluetooth sensors on the bike transmit workout data to the NOHrD Bike App (available for free on iOS and Android). To accommodate this, handheld devices can be securely fitted in place by the retractable holder during workouts, so you'll never lose track of progress as you work towards your fitness goals.

care that each equipment is an elegant piece in


your interior.

Wear-free magnetic brake technology enhances

Fitted with a setting disc of infinitely variable


resistance, it's designed to accommodate your

Infinitely variable pedal stroke resistance

fitness level and desired workout intensity.

Compact design and rubber wheels allow for

Whether you opt for an upright or racing position,

adjustable set-up in your home environment

the well-shaped set of handlebars give you a

Adjustable handlebars with multiple grip options

range of positions to get comfortable in.

Free data tracking with the NOHrD Bike App FEBRUARY 2021




Official Tour de France bike

Partners of the Tour de

Follow the intensity of your training like the pros with

France, Proform have created a powerful indoor bike to provide professional training allied with innovative technology: start training on a 10 inch touch screen. Travel the 2015 Tour de France from Utrecht in the Netherlands to the ChampsElysées in Paris, or create your own routes around the world thanks to the integrated iFit technology (optional subscription).

touch screen. Take advantage of all your favourite exercise applications, training programs and training statistics in high definition. the ergometer function, the most accurate data of your cycling performance. IFit integrated with Google Maps ™ Access the path of your next race around the world through iFit interactive technology and display it on Google Maps Street View on the 10-inch touch screen. Built-in iFit wireless technology (optional subscription) does not require an external module. You can access your iFit account from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Detailed monitoring of statistics Unlimited training library With the revolutionary 20% incline and decline, the ProForm Tour de France bike automatically adapts to the

With its 20% incline and decline capability, the interactive

height difference of the route selected or created!

Proform Tour de France bike automatically adjusts the

Follow the intensity of your training as a true

slope of the terrain to simulate your chosen route or any

professional! The ProForm PTO 10.0 has a built-in energy

previously created route. It automatically plays back your route.

meter that indicates the purest value of your cycling performance.


ProForm individually calibrates the power display to ensure

Slope from -20% to + 20%.

an accurate reading on every bike

HORIZON INDOOR BIKE GR7 The GR7 Indoor Bike is ideally suited for anyone that wants to train inside using a racing cycle. Experience an almost silent and frictionless training thanks to its magnetic resistance system. Enjoy with every training session the ergonomic racing saddle and the finely adjustable multi-position handlebar. The stylish Indoor cycle lets you easily and quickly change the seat position to suit every body type. The freely available fitDisplay App connects your Smartphone or Tablet via Bluetooth with your indoor cycle and offers entertainment, motivation, tracking your training and more. Ride through real landscapes throughout the whole world with Virtual Active. Competitions, as well as challenge programs, open up a new social network where you can also earn bonus points.  There is also a range of goal-based training programs in fitDisplay that save your personal settings and training data to give you an optimal evaluation of your improvements and successes. Open up a captivating training world with the free to download fitDisplay App in the AppStore or Google Play.  The optionally available LCD-console gives you real-time feedback in your training so that you always have the important data in front of you. The innovative "Glow Ride" light system takes your interval training to a new


Follow your training from the control station: the 10 inch


level. The LED-light leads you through the different phases of a route with the associated training position. Features: Braking system: manually adjustable magnetic brake Flywheel mass: 6 kg Saddle adjustment: incline, horizontal, vertical Removable saddle Handlebar adjustment: vertical, horizontal, Combination pedals Extras: transport wheels, drinking bottle holder Optional LCD console with various training programs and real-time feedback. Horizon Indoor Bike GR7 - inspired from the racing cycles of professional riders! Robust frame construction for intensive workouts Very comfortable performance racing saddle and easily adjustable multi-position handlebar Compatible with the free fitDisplay App (iOS/Android) You can measure your heart rate with the free fitDisplay app (iOS / Android) and the Horizon Bluetooth® chest strap (available separately)


JOHNNY G SPIRIT BIKE The Johnny G Spirit Bike is the perfect innovation – with the past moulded and forged into the future. The electronicallycontrolled, magnetic resistance system

WAHOO KICKR BIKE The Kickr Bike from Wahoo is an indoor training bike for the dedicated

regardless of ride position. Built-in programs give users an effective workout each time and include Warm-up mode, Manual, HR Zone program, Power Zone program and LAP program.

allows users to duplicate, replicate and


differentiate their training sessions.

Braking system: electromagnetic

Performance metrics are accessible at all

induction brake

times on the high-visibility LED display.

Flywheel mass: 21 kg

The cockpit-style console has been

Display: duration, distance, speed, watts,

strategically crafted to transport you into

RPM, heart rate

an elevated state of performance through

Display of exercise profiles via LED

the integration of mind and body.

Resistance levels: 20

A generator drive system with a power

Generator powered

save function allows users to store

Saddle adjustment: horizontal, vertical

workout data for 10 minutes after

Handlebar adjustment: vertical,

pedalling has stopped. Proprietary


handlebar design for comfort and

Extras: transport wheels, drinking bottle

resistance buttons at your fingertips


climbs and descents in the virtual world – from 20 per cent positive to 15 per cent negative gradients.

virtual rider and requires considerable


investment over a more traditional turbo

Easy, adjustable fit and component



With apps such as Zwift, TrainerRoad and

Programmable virtual shifting and

Sufferfest in mind, the Kickr Bike provides

custom gear configuration

plenty of features to make virtual training

LED Display communicates gearing and

as realistic as possible.

grade simulation

Its very bike-like construction makes

Patent-pending adjustable crank arm

it feel life-like, as does the real-world

length (165 mm - 175 mm)

gradient changing technology that mimics

Simulated grade of +20% to -15%


between cycling positions.

Ergonomically fit and engineered

At the heart of the SC3 is a smooth, silent


for simplicity and function, the SC3

electronic resistance unit of stunningly

seamlessly and wirelessly connects to

realistic road feel right down to each

your cycling computer, heart rate monitor,

electronic gear change. An oversized

smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth® and

flywheel makes climbing, acceleration and

ANT+™. The SC3 is the only indoor studio

coasting feel spot on.

bike that comes standard with a Stages

Precision power measurement comes

Power meter and a modern SIC2 console

from a single-sided Stages power meter.

to display and record training data such

The Stages Power measures power data

as power, cadence, heart rate, speed,

reliable and real – we don’t estimate your

distance and calorie consumption.

power we measure it.

Therefore, it offers the best conditions for

The Stages Gates® Carbon Drive™- carbon

efficient training sessions and training

fibre belt offers an unparalleled 10-yrs

data analysis. By combining road bike

warranty. Combined with a 5:1 gear

geometry with our RoadBar™ handlebar,

ratio and perimeter-weighted flywheel,

StagesFit puts you in a comfortable

the SC drive system supplies a sublime

position for whatever the day’’s ride

feeling of inertia for that real outdoor

requires. With the industry’s fastest

experience. No lubrication, maintenance,

adjustment system for handlebar and seat

or replacement costs of a chain or poly-v

height adjustment, you can easily switch

drive. FEBRUARY 2021






ockdown has been a difficult time for many and the impact during this New Year has lead to both positive thoughts and anxiety on how to better look after our health through fitness and losing weight. No matter how you feel about your body, it’s better to focus on a balanced approach to health with measured longer-term changes in diet and exercise.

Body Mass Index is often calculated from our height and weight to help understand how much weight we need to lose to be healthy. Waist circumference is a useful additional measurement that helps identify out health risk since it is a better estimate of our visceral fat. In a man, the health risk is higher if our waist circumference is more than 94cm and for a woman 80cm. We should personalise how we assess obesity risks on body composition and distribution, our genetics including ethnicity. My advice is to aim for a sustainable nutritional and exercise routine 18


incorporating a long term BMI target

Food is central to our culture. We

range. BMI is less accurate in assessing

celebrate, greet and commiserate with

health because it doesn’t help distinguish

food. At the same time, we are at a time

the composition of the weight between

when high-calorie foods are too available

visceral fat and muscle.

and often concealed. No one intentionally

During the difficult last year, we have

becomes overweight and there should

identified the impact of obesity on our

be no blame or taboo. It is an insidious

susceptibility to disease and the need

disease that can affect anyone and we

to aim for overall health as well as our

should approach this condition with the

weight and BMI.

same attention as we do for any other.


When we aim to improve our health

desirable for good health. In times of

diet and exercise will help. Sustainability

we first look at our BMI. However, It’s

relative food scarcity this was a desirable

is key and therefore avoiding fad diets

too simplistic to consider obesity as

human trait but in our modern times of

which achieve temporary weight loss

poor diet and lack of exercise. Weight

easy calorie consumption, the innate

through radical and artificial interruption

fluctuations occur with age, hormonal

programming of higher BMI than healthy,

to the routine dietary intake should

change and seasonally. There are many

results in our struggle to maintain weight.

be avoided. Small changes which are

myths concerning body weight. Exercise is good for fitness but is less likely to be helpful for long term health without dietary changes. Weight loss from intense exercise would be required to burn off

I advise it is best to ask for specialist advice dependent on your needs. Where there is a moderately increased risk due to obesity, small targeted changes to our

targeted and measurable is best practice. Where risks are high from “morbid obesity” medical advice should be sought. Assessment of their dietary habits from

calories, whilst our foods have become more calorie-dense. Therefore weight loss purely focussed on exercise would be an unlikely lot to be sustainable for most people due to our body’s efficiency. We can walk 10,000 steps and burn off not much more than 200 calories which are easily replaced by almost any small snack. Medical science is starting to understand the mechanism by which we gain and lose weight. Our personal “set point” in our weight, leads us to gain or lose weight. This explains that when we make changes to our diet and exercise unless we consciously implement these ongoing changes, our desires and habits will drift in a direction towards our set point. Many have set points that are higher than FEBRUARY 2021



to understanding where many of the concealed calories come from. Ensuring that where there are unexplained factors, our endocrinologists are consulted. The obesity experts can advise on targeted changes, medications to support the change and procedures or interventions such as temporary gastric balloons or operations in some circumstances. Once dietary assessment and programme are undertaken, it might also be helpful to look at an exercise regime that would suit you. According to clinical studies1, it is a dietician or nutritionist is a helpful step

should be consulted. The experts can guide

understood that when performed

in understanding where some of the

on targeted changes in diet and physical

regularly and with sufficient intensity,

sources of the concealed calories may be

activity plus the use of medications to help

resistance training stimulates skeletal

coming from and development of a sensible

support any of the changes. Occasionally

muscle to synthesize new muscle proteins

sustainable diet is critical. A small dietary

procedures temporary or permanent

(hypertrophy). However, the effective

change of a long period of time has an

can help and this includes appetite

amount of resistance training to promote

enormous impact on health. Overeating

suppressants, gastric balloons and key-hole

muscle growth in relatively sedentary

surgery procedures such as the gastric

diseased or aged individuals is an area in

can lead to obesity. This can be less than

sleeve for morbid obesity.

need of further investigation.

one biscuit a day. Exercises will need to be

For anyone worried about living with

On the basis of a combination of literature

tailored to the individual need. When the

obesity, I recommend an assessment

findings and in-house laboratory results,

BMI is significantly high and especially over

such as the one provided at the New

some basic recommendations for the design

35 in the presence of medical diseases such

Victoria Hospital, assessing their dietary

of programmes for new gym members with

as diabetes and high blood pressure a doctor

habits from our dieticians is the first step

metabolic risk based are provided.

of 100 calories per day over many years




1. During the first two weeks of

one set to a maximum of 10 sets per week on

exercise, the weights should be kept to a minimal level so that patients

5. The RT program should consist

learn the exercise techniques. A

of exercises for all major muscle

minimal weight allows muscles to

groups. Exercises to strengthen the

adapt to the training and prevents

upper body could include bench

muscle soreness.

press (pectoralis), chest cross (horizontal flexion of the shoulder

2. From the third week, the objective of the training is hypertrophy.

joint), shoulder press (trapezius), pull

Participants should start with three

downs (latissimus dorsi), bicep curls,

sets per muscle group per week, on

tricep extensions, and exercises for abdominal muscles (sit-ups). Lower

3 non-consecutive days of the week.

body exercises could include leg

One set should consist of 10–15 repetitions, without interruption, until severe fatigue occurs and completion of further repetitions is impossible.

press (quadriceps femoris). Professor Marcus Reddy is a Consultant General Surgeon at New Victoria Hospital,

3. The training load should be

a private, charity owned hospital based

systematically increased to keep

in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey and is

the maximum possible repetitions between 10 to 15 per set. A repetition maximum of 10 to 15 repetitions

one of the few remaining independent hospitals in the country. It has provided a high level of service to the

corresponds with 60–70% 1-RM .

local community for over sixty years and

4. The number of sets for each muscle

is frequently ranked by patients as one of

per week should be increased

the top private hospitals in London.

progressively every four weeks by

www.newvictoria.co.uk 1

"Food is central to our culture. We celebrate, greet and commiserate with food. At the same time, we are at a time when high-calorie foods are too available and often concealed"







hether as a surprise or not 2021’s abrupt 3rd countrywide lockdown on 31st December really was tough to swallow for me and the fitness industry as a whole. This decision to yet again close gyms and restrict face to face training to open-air venues in the depths of winter really stirred up some frustration for me as I’m sure it did you. I mean it’s a whole new ball game from the summer when you’re standing in minus temperatures freezing into the ground whilst teaching a moving warm client, isn’t it? Stricter rules this time really are not a good idea to be broken. After training back to strength last year a client who had caught Covid from a boxing trainer who really shouldn’t have given in and delivered that session. To two of my husband’s being hospitalised through contracting Covid, one having to be airlifted to Cornwall and put in a coma. Both families contacted me at the time asking if I would consider training them back to health after their husbands had recovered, and thankfully they are on




the mend! First thing on their list when they left hospital (and when doctors and restrictions allow) was directing them to strength training which is great because I’ve educated these clients well during training with me for over a year, they recognise the effectiveness strength training will be for not only long Covid recovery but the long-term benefits of becoming stronger and fitter for their loved ones future health. That said, until such time when one to ones can resume, this time around January really was about motivating myself. There’s a lot of talk about the vaccine role out where its justified to other countries saying you always put your own mask on first, well hell yeah! I am doing just that. So many questions going on here. Will we ever be the same again? Will gyms ever re-open? etc... New strains, what will that mean for the future of fitness and will we all be limited to online and lone training for years to come? From what we should all learn from the passing of Sir Tom was his wonderful legacy of a glass half full approach which has got to be taken for all our sakes and hope must prevail and let’s start with ourselves. Whether you’ve been one of the lucky ones receiving a government grant or be furloughed, planning, selfdevelopment and juggling learning new skills alongside homeschooling for ourselves has got to be the way to go. During January so far, I’ve been attending numerous free online courses, webinars (look on Eventbrite for FREE events you can plug into), re-thinking social media strategies, free online networking (networking agencies, the first one is usually free), adding to qualifications giving my clients a better service, developing business plans for new projects. Thinking on my feet staying pro-active for all eventualities no matter what the future holds so as a PT you’re not left behind or ultimately without a job. Look at new trends, becoming an ambassador for gym brands, all strings to the PT bow! We’re all in the same boat here so try and get out of your comfort zone, do something you were reluctant to do before for whatever reason, do it daily, be pro-active don’t be scared of change as they say “you fail to plan you plan to fail”. Become that inner PT chameleon, be a survivor, seize opportunities and embrace change like Sir Tom says there will be brighter (and warmer!) days ahead. FEBRUARY 2021






usic can make or break a workout, it'll make you question if you can push that little bit more without even knowing. You hear the beat the music’s getting faster and faster, your heart starts to pump louder, you can feel it in your chest, the fire in your belly's roaring to get out and you've goosebumps down the back of your arms then BOOM !!! There's that adrenaline to get that extra rep that bit more weight, to run faster to squat lower there's the feeling that makes sure YOU DO NOT QUIT! Music brings out the feel-good factor whether it's training, cleaning or even driving, but do you ever get that feeling when you taste something or you smell a certain smell and it takes you back to a time and a place? You hear a song and it reminds you of a point in your life or a feeling you once felt, it’s funny how what you hear affects how you feel, how we use music to enhance not only enjoyment but motivation and performance of physical activity. It's like the saying “your body will only go where your mind pushes it”. Stimulative music influences the 'fight or flight' response for the sympathetic nervous system which then includes an elevation of heart rate. I wore a monitor for the diabetic team at my local hospital




as I’m type one diabetic. The monitor was to see the effects of resistance training compared to HIIT training on blood sugar levels but what we discovered whilst I had the monitor on in a spin class was that even though I didn't get on the bike, and didn't exercise when I turned the music on when the adrenaline kicked in, you could see my heart rate increase and throughout the class, you could see where the music changed based on my heart rate; it looked as if I'd joined in when I hadn't even moved a muscle. That's not all though, music can also improve kinetic patterns since there's a strong response to rhythmical qualities of music, this can lead to improved technique and co-ordination. So music affects your memory your hormones, your physical result but could you get that mid-workout hype without music? Music can also help with endurance it helps to prolong exercise which builds up to higher intensities towards failure - or success as some would call it. Basically when the beat drops it helps you to get that one more rep, the difference between

use something so powerful to help you

their favourite and could be completely

average or your best. Whilst looking at the

achieve your goals, have you ever truly

different to the person stood next to them

psychological and physiological effects

looked what's on your playlist?

on the squat rack. Dianne Teo founder

of music in training it makes you realise just how powerful music is; outside of the gym or your favourite exercise class

There are so many different genres of music so what type of music can have

and owner of T30 Fitness says 'music totally changes the dynamic of a class' so I dug a little deeper and asked 'what

music is used with dementia patients who

all these different effects on you, I did

couldn't tell you the name of a loved one

some research on my own Facebook as

they'd spent a lifetime with but music will

I have gym customers, gym managers,

the world: Whiplash by QFX and The

trigger something inside of them, and

instructors, PTs, musicians, MC athletes

Bongo Song by Safri Duo - were from

they'll recognise their favourite song or

and each person is unique, every

two instructors, You’re Shining by HTID

remember the lyrics. Why would you not

person has a style of music which is

and Enter Sandman by Metallica by gym

is your song ?' what's that one song that makes you feel like you can take over

members, Gary Booth a professional boxing coach at M31 Boxing Gym told me it changes depending on what part of training they're doing but techno house makes them work harder in circuits and Julie Rose a trained figure competitor told me Fly On The Wings Of Love by Annia was her song and when I asked her why she said because it reminds her of where she wants to be. Does how you listen to the music affect what it does to you, the fact that I play my music that loud you can't hear yourself think has always got me into trouble as I’m always being told to turn it down, but for me, that’s what gets results. Earphones are a completely different subject altogether but can they get you into a world of your own, to be able to get that result you've never had before? We are all unique, you do what works for you but if you own a gym, are you reaching your full potential? Is the music you’re playing effecting the number of customers coming through FEBRUARY 2021 25


your doors(pre covid obs)? Are your tunes

the tempo, the BPM (beats per minute)

that rap and r&b provide the best beats

slowing down the number of the before

this is the speed of the underlying beat in

for stretching and running, dance music

and after you're getting on the gram

any track, like a heartbeat, it's the pulse

is best for strength training, pop is best

because I'd go as far as saying your music

of the music it's the difference between

for cool down, and rock music should be

is just as important as your equipment,

drum and bass 174 BPM and r&b is 60-80

it's what gets results, it's what sets the

BPM the difference between your workout

atmosphere of your gym. That’s the power

track and your cool down track. Sports

of music. Look at your audience, look at

psychologist Dr Costas Karageorghis

MUSIC IS MY LIFE ....... that’s a song lyric

your area, I know if you’re in Liverpool

author of Applying Music in exercise and

but it's true for me growing up and now

you can't go wrong with Scouse House

sport carried out a study using Spotify

as a fully-fledged adult (sometimes),

or Donk music where down south you're

and 6.7 million playlists that contained

music is my life. I grew up in the land of

looking at drum and bass but it's all about

the word 'workout', the study showed

avoided during cardio and high-intensity workouts because the different tempo changes can affect a person’s rhythm.

clubland, my dad’s a music producer so music’s in my blood, growing up, there was always music being played in our house, meetings going on at the kitchen table and remixes being played over and over again, I'll always remember my dad driving the car whilst tapping the steering wheel to the beat, and he still does it now. He not only made me realise that if you dream big, anything you want in life is possible if YOU DO NOT QUIT, but he also made me realise how important music is, how it can be life-changing, watching him go from our house on the council estate to arena tours, seeing him at the Brit Awards and DJing in Ibiza made me see how powerful a song can be and how music speaks to people in a language of its own. I trained as a dancer when I left school and music is a major factor in any dancers' life. I remember doing a show and I couldn't tell you a single move I did but I can tell you the song was The Eye Of The Tiger and I could even sing you some lyrics. When I first joined the gym as a participant my head was a mess and




I wasn't there to look good I was there to

feel the energy in the room and you can

park and I can hear the music and that's

feel better. Gravity by Ella Eyre was my

get lost in the sound of the music. It makes

it, I'm off, the excitement the adrenaline

song, no matter what mood I was in, no

you feel alive and you forget about all

the wanting to join in because you can

matter how much I thought I couldn't go

your worries and life gets drowned out by

hear the banging tunes and you know

on or I wasn't good enough if I put this

the lyrics of your favourite song whilst

how amazing it's going to make you feel.

song on it sparked something inside of

I’m telling you, YES YOU CAN. I sometimes

A weekend with so many classes and but

me, it made me feel that I could do this,

do classes with my dad, and he plays a Dj

most importantly so much music. This is

why this song? I'll never know, there're

set whilst I have the time of my life with

times I've played this song and that fire

all my customers. Live music while you're

where you'll always find me; life without

in my soul has pushed my body to places

trying your hardest and you can feel that

I never thought possible, to the absolute

sweat dripping down the middle of your

limits even with tears rolling down my

back and that burning in your muscles,

face, this song made me keep going, even

you're struggling to get your breath, but

your meal preps, you plan your workouts

now six years later it still has that same

that song comes and takes you to another

and which days is leg day, all to get the

effect on me every single time I play it. So

level and you keep going and the thought

best result you can but do you plan your

classes are my favourite thing although

of this feeling again is what's getting

playlist, when was the last time you

you can't ever tell anyone I said that. I love

me through lockdown 3. It's all about the

changed your playlist like you changed

everything else I do too but classes are

music and this is also why fitness events

your footwear? There’s only one question

where the music takes over, the music is

such as Fit JAM are like my Christmas and

left for me to ask here ....... what's YOUR

loud, the atmosphere is on fire, you can

New Year rolled into one I pull up in the car


music would be boring, You research gym gear and which shoes to work out in, you plan your nutrition,






he biggest need in the fitness industry has now gotten bigger, I've got holes to fill, a deadline as to when they need to be filled. Resumes that seem vague and nonrelevant, candidates that are non-responsive, a few promising leads, and now COVID has given me even a harder time creating certainty as to whether or not I'm going to find the "right" person to hire. So what should I do to protect my business from possibly going under, while not creating a high turnover environment within my facility? Here we will discuss a game plan to allow you to not only find the right people but keep them for the long haul.

However, the good news is there is hope!

companies. No company is perfect, did

Results are rarely born from experience

your candidate solution seek, or did they

alone but from attitude. ATTITUDE

find fault and leave because of it? I like

trumps all else. As the famous quote goes:

to people watch around my interview

"Persistence prevails when all else fails."

process and add some interaction to see

Whether you are an owner trying to

The number one thing to always look for

how they fare. Do they treat my front

find good help to build your business, a

when recruiting is a positive outlook on

desk staff well and greet people they

location manager trying to find big smiles

life. If I am looking for an opportunity, I

are around, or ask for me, sit down with

and bubbly personalities, or a recruiter

will find opportunity. One of the biggest

their face in their phone? In the fitness

headhunting high profile clients, these

red flags I see is when an interview

industry, candidates that are positive and

issues can be daunting. There are no black

candidate starts telling me everything

truly love people are two key elements

and white answers to these questions.

that was wrong with their previous

that cannot be overlooked or replaced.







out of mom and dads house and getting

Once I have a good understanding of

their own apartment may be a big goal of

my team's motivators, the next step is

theirs. Now I need to set a target for this

getting them into scenarios that they

Once I begin to choose talent, my next step

trainer on how much money they need

will face regularly. Would you rather

is to develop skill. A good attitude and a

to save and how many clients they need

your team takes “practice reps” on your

love for people will get me connections,

to get there. How much easier will it be to

prospects that you paid good money in

but won’t drive results in the long run. My

motivate this person to drive more business

marketing to come in the door, or practice

next big task is to really get to know my

instead of just hoping they will because “it

on each-other? It is so much better to

team on a personal level and find out what

is their job”? Winning with people can be

get your team to role-play scenarios

motivates them? For a new trainer, getting

very easy if I listen before I speak.

so they can get comfortable asking for money, setting goals for difficult clients, changing programming if something isn’t working, or talking an angry customer off a ledge. Skill will only come and be consistent if as an owner and or manager, you practice these scenarios regularly. For new employees, daily role-play is highly advised.

NOW, HOW DO I RETAIN THEM? 2020 has given many employers a hard bargain, trying to pay their staff an honest wage, while not breaking the bank. So is more money always the answer to keeping good staff? Not always, but it is definitely a great start. So how can I make my situation work for a great employee if I am not extremely profitable? Create situations where your staff benefits from creating success. Commissions are not a bad idea, but they tend to be a low motivating factor for most. Share profitability, and allow your staff to reap the rewards when you are in the black, not only will they be more motivated by this, but they will have a

FEBRUARY 2021 29


better understanding of the business

2 - set a plan in place to constantly be

Being a gym owner can sometimes be a

long term which will make your life much

looking for new talent, and role-playing

lonely road. Don’t get caught up in this

easier. Even consider giving ownership

with your current team

trap. Hire people that you want to work

stake for those that make the biggest and

3 - when you have the right people,

longest-term impacts. Most people want

with and win for. It makes the journey

create future planning for them, and

to be part of something big, not just have

compensation based on their skillsets

much more enjoyable, and the wins at the

another job.

and desires. Never use a one size fits all

end of the day that much sweeter.



4 - constantly find ways to create new

Ben Ludwig

buy-in for your staff. Knowing them on

currently serves as

a personal level will not only satisfy

the Growth pastor

1 - decide whether or not you have

this need but will also allow you to

people with the right attitude and

live life with your staff, instead of just

for CrosspointNow

passion for people

working with them.

network of churches across Kansas, acts as the Subject Matter Expert in Sales for Fitness Revolution, sits on the Advisory Board for the International Strength Training Organization and works in a consultant role with the fastest growing fitness franchise in the world F45 Training as well as working a hand in many startup businesses including co-owning Beatz Fitness featured on Good Day Kansas and KWCH Channel 12 News. He also contributes regularly to fitness business magazines including Club Solutions, IDEA fitness magazine, Personal Fitness Professional (PFP) and Boutique Fitness Solutions. Ben can be reached at bludwig@f45hq.com or follow him on Linkedin: linkedin.com/ in/ben-ludwig-a57ab169




Don’t live in regret over missed opportunities, for if you do, you will miss even more So don't miss this one get your gym featured in our publication and it's FREE. Contact Paul Wood today  pw@gymownermonthly.co.uk  07858 487357 / +34 642572963 FEBRUARY 2021





s gym owners across the UK continue to deal with the challenge of maintaining a meaningful and valued connection to members through extended periods of Covid-19 imposed lockdowns and restrictions, digital capability remains a vital service component. Many facility owners will be using this time to assess current provisions and seek out new opportunities.

functionality via an app is now a service most consumers expect from their gym but it is important to invest wisely when creating or upgrading the provision. A poorly functioning service can be frustrating and may actually negatively impact a member’s experience rather than enhance it. To help gym owners make the right choice, to budget with a high degree of certainty and ensure the provision can grow and adapt with their business and changing market trends, there are several key elements that should be considered.

Here, Stefan Rauch, Customer Success

an existing product.


The value of an app is now undeniable.

Creating an app and maintaining its

Manager, EGYM UK, explores the ongoing conundrum facing many gym owners whether to build a bespoke app or work with a third-party specialist to customise

Not only does it enable a connection between brand and member in times of



functionality is a continuous journey. It is not a one-time investment. Whether

physical distancing, creating a means

developing for iOS or Android, once the

of continuing communication and the

initial programming is complete, there

delivery of services, it also enhances the

will need to be an ongoing provision for

ongoing member experience through

addressing necessary updates, fixes and

functions such as remote bookings,

functionality requirements. This will

digital training plans and challenges.

require a business commitment to dedicate

Being able to access information and

finance, expertise and time. Maintenance


needs are likely to require a significant shift in resource allocation. The key question


is: do you want the focus of your business

Apps are not created in a day. To develop

to remain on servicing members and

a robust app that can grow and evolve

operational provision or the development

with your business is going to demand

and maintenance of your digital offer?

a significant amount of time. You

In my experience, most gym owners will opt for the former. This is where working with the right third-party provider can offer distinct benefits. This option allows the additional functionality and convenience delivered by the introduction of an app to complement existing services without compromise driven by the reallocation of resources. Gym owners can continue to do what they do best – focus on the entire member experience influenced by the environment, programming and support. The app becomes an additional, added-

should consider factors like recruiting a development and maintenance team; market research – what functionality is

the costs quoted to integrate, custom brand and maintain the provision will all be relatively fixed and can therefore be budgeted with a degree of certainty. This risk to the business.

time – are you creating this opportunity to be available across all iOS and Android devices? Ongoing development costs to meet the evolving needs of your business and members; updates and fixes to ensure the app still integrates seamlessly with iOS and Android. The most effective apps look simple but there are many hours invested by experts in created functional simplicity.

by market trends and consumer demand.

Adding any new service or programme

from the enhanced experience within a

uncertainties and can be confident that

presented and delivered; development

team of development experts, influenced

also mean that members can be benefitted

a third-party provider, you remove these

option, therefore, presents less financial


Implementing an off-the-shelf app can

challenges along the way. By employing

needed, how will that functionality be

value service, ‘dropped in’ to an existing provision and maintained externally by a

where costs escalate due to unforeseen

requires financial investment. Creating an app is no different. Costs will be

LEAD TIME Working with a partner to integrate an app means members will be benefiting from the provision within a matter of weeks, rather than months. A customised, off the shelf product, will already be set up to deliver core functions which will have been developed over many months or years to ensure optimal performance. Most partners will agree to key requirements and work to leverage these first. Additional, more bespoke,

incurred whichever route is taken but

nice to have functions can then be

through the third party provision,

integrated at a later date as budgets and

If you are considering introducing or

all the complexities associated with

time allow, providing much more control

upgrading your own app, these are some

development and maintenance are

over expenditure whilst also ensuring a

further considerations.

removed. These components are often

minimal lead time.

matter of weeks rather than months.




CHOOSING THE RIGHT PARTNER Whilst developers may promote the fact that their product can be customised to work across different sectors, addressing a multitude of needs, seek out a provider who specialises in delivering the functionality you need, within the sector you operate. EGYM Digital offers the EGYM Trainer and the EGYM Branded Member App. Both can be fully integrated into the complete EGYM digital ecosystem or utilised as standalone products. With the EGYM Branded Member App providing custom branding, resulting from many years of global consultation with gym owners and

INDIVIDUALITY AND BRAND IDENTITY Whilst creating a bespoke app does give

a marrying of expert trend predictions to develop functionality which delivers value to gym owners, trainers and

plans, challenges and workout tracking,

members both now and in the future.

the app also utilises gamification, rewards

complete control over presentation and

The Trainer App supports gym floor

functionality, working with the right

trainers through the digital delivery

partner can also deliver a high degree of customisation, delivering a customer experience that looks and feels like an

addition to delivering bespoke training

of member profiles, training plans and exercise demonstrations, creating a means of coaching members 24 hours a day.

systems and performance feedback to keep members motivated and working towards their training goals. If you would like to talk to EGYM about app development or the creation of a full,

extension of their loved and trusted gym

The Branded Member App is an extension

digital ecosystem contact the team at:


of the in-person training experience. In


The partnership with EGYM Digital has

Working with EGYM Digital we have

been a huge success. Around 80% of

successfully extended our connection

our supporters have downloaded the

into the daily lives of our supporters. The

app with around a third are using it on a

maintain a meaningful and valued

physical facilities remain core to our offer

weekly basis. During the pandemic, when

connection with supporters anytime,

but they are now fully supported by an

people have been unable to follow their

evolving digital offer, driven by the EGYM

usual exercise routine, the app has been

Branded Member App.


ctive Nation is an early adopter of digital technology, recognising the value in being able to

anywhere many years ago. We chose to work

absolutely critical, enabling us to continue

with EGYM Digital,

to offer valued services and maintain a

rather than develop

line of communication.

our own app because

EGYM Digital has worked with us to

we wanted to maintain focus on our core business – persuading communities to be active. Building a digital provision is just the start of the journey. Once in place, in order to remain relevant in a fast-evolving world, the provision needs

create a customised app that houses a

which will be an additional support tool for our exercise coaches. Never has there been a more important

workouts, an extensive exercise library

time to be active and nothing can be

and challenges along with supporting us

achieved without great partnerships. This

on the launch of our Active Nation on-

involves an understanding of our mission,

demand classes.

a shared vision for the digital journey and a

We have also been able to maintain

We also considered the time required

nutritional support with our supporters

to market a bespoke app, recognising it

via our integrated Active Nutrition, plus,

would divert significant focus away from

the ability to communicate with our users

the core business and reduce our ability to

on the platform via push notifications

deliver the quality experience we wanted

which have proved invaluable over the

to our supporters.

last 10 months.


integrate the EGYM Trainer app in 2021,

variety of digital offerings including, daily

to be constantly managed and developed.


Due to the success of this app, we plan to

mutual respect with clear communication which has always been evident in our partnership with EGYM Digital.

Build Your Digital Member Experience with EGYM Discover Your Perfect Mobile Pack

Whether Basic, Advanced, or Pro: EGYM Mobile Packs bundle our member and trainer mobile apps with unique feature sets to suit your needs and budget. Build your next-generation digital member experience with mobile app solutions by EGYM! www.egym.com/uk/digital




ebruary is traditionally the month of Valentine's, second only to Christmas for a time or event where people feel the need to hook up with a "plus 1" to avoid feeling lonely. The traditional (and now cliché) gifts to lure people for that first date have been chocolates, flowers or wine. Why not break the norm and go way left field with gifts that allow you to see your potential partner doing something fun that is good for them? 

As a gym owner, we have largely struggled over the past 12 months. Covid and government restrictions have drastically changed the way we operated and for most of us, our businesses have been benched. For those who still have the stamina to salvage their business and try again, THIS IS YOUR TIME. For those just getting into business, this is an excellent time to buy into the business cheap [if you have a solid business and marketing plan to build on]. Now is THE time to encourage people to get back into a health and fitness zone. For most people, the gym feels foreign again and that makes it uncomfortable. As gym owners, it is our responsibility to make our 36



clubs comfortable and welcoming spaces where people want to be. We can't do that first workout for our members. . . but we can offer a range of options to entice them back into a healthy routine and try our best to forget the time lost and focus on what we can do each day moving forward. Our members and clients need our facilities as much as we need their business.

Focus on upcoming events "Valentine's day": • Bring a plus 1 for free. "Valentine’s day work out on me"  • Feb 14 = 14 day "Romance yourself" package.  • Fit in Feb 30 days of fitness to shake off 2020  • Masquerade circuit. Being fit and staying healthy is #fashion  Brainstorm with your staff, play to strengths. What local groups can you support? What fundraising events can you host? What "trial classes" or "new releases" can you offer to motivate your members and spark some enthusiasm in your community? Most people are likely

"Now is THE time to encourage people to get back into a health and fitness zone"

in hiding and at a loss to undo the damage of lockdown (physically and mentally). Be that hand up to help them. Empathize

and remind them with posters and mirror

view the gym as a punishment zone


where people kill themselves with cardio

an image of praise. Congratulate your

"You deserve to be here making time for

to "burn off" their poor food choices. DON’T

members for making the time to workout

you to look and feel your best." So many


because we truly are all in this together. Make your club a space that promotes




Have a weekly recipe for the members to

Host that damn competition or give away

try, make it cost-effective and nutritious.

and simply encourage attendance. Tell

[Max spend $20 with min 4-5 serves.] A

your members "All you have to do is show

quiche or muffins, something tasty that

up!" This NEEDS to be the mantra for

gives bang for the buck for the members

2021. Days are tough, most people are

to try so they will want to come to the

out of routine and struggling with debt,

club and tell you how it is. (Also leave

depression and uncertainty, work around

the source so members can do their

that. Make a healthy and realistic goal for

own research) encourage suggestions/

those who need help "3 days a week I will

breakfast/ lunch/ dinner or snack food

check in at the gym, even if I only do 5

for the following week to make them

mins of anything" If people are walking to

feel valued and tailor your information to

the gym or riding, at least that's a start. Be

what your members want.

the reason someone gets out of bed!

We have a responsibility to lead from the front and walk our talk. As a Gym Owner people are looking to you for guidance. Be their role model. • Do your workouts  • Post your progress  • Bake the weekly recipe and  Show up, day in day out. This is not an easy ride for any of us, but the best promotion for the club and the industry right now is YOU. If you want to get members back in the club and revenue clocking over, YOU HAVE TO BE YOUR OWN SUCCESS STORY.  Gym location: premierfitness247 Ormiston, NZ  Photo credit: John Pratt  Male model: Romeo Yusupov  Female Model: Taz Dunstan




Not ALL Kettlebells come with a lifetime guarantee, but ours do.

G Built and engineered by the very best within the industry G Bespoke design G We work with a choice of materials, to suit you and your client CALL TODAY! ï‚• +34 642 572 963 FEBRUARY 2021



Ask the ns questio



e're all involved in the fitness and physical activity industry. We're confident that we can lead the charge in the battle against ill health. It makes sense. Like a long-term investment, we've been successful with only a minority of the population paying real attention and dedicating themselves to improving their wellbeing with our services. So when – not if – we engage that other 80%, nothing but good comes of it. However, how many of us are asking the right questions and who are we asking? So much in the way of marketing and social chatter is about “when your gym opens again,” “when things get back to normal,” and “bricks and mortar are here to stay.” When are we going to start asking members “what do you want?”




I wrote back in September about how

going to sit back, binging Netflix,

in your gym and they say no, do you flip

bricks and mortar has cemented its place

takeaways and booze until they become

the table and say that's the end of your PT

in fitness. However, semantics as it may

part of the sofa. They're more active

element? No, maybe the offer wasn't right,

than ever, and they're not planning on

or the approach wasn't right, or the price

stopping. So how can operators appeal to

wasn't right, or the time wasn't right.

be, I don't want things to “go back to normal” post-pandemic. Not when the eyes of the world are on health, fitness and wellbeing more than ever, with

this new movement of movement, in-line

such an expectant stare that's almost

with their current offering?

screaming to ask why we're not doing

If you offer personal training to someone

more. It shouldn't take a pandemic to push

If someone doesn't want to come back to your gym, now is not the time to assume they don't want to be a part of your community.

decision-makers into really listening to a market and a community's needs but, now that we're there, we need to start hearing.

CHANGE IS INEVITABLE. Doom and gloom stories aren't doom and gloom. These are opportunities to evolve through empathy and understanding of what your members, your audience and even your staff need moving forward. I've seen a lot of people knocking stories that members aren't going to return. Nina Hamblin reporting on people saying “I'll never go back to the gym again” isn't detrimental to the fitness trade, it's encouraging to know that someone's listening. These people aren't saying that they're FEBRUARY 2021



"Educate yourself on the standards that your members want you to live up to (not what you think is best for them) and then exceed them" ALL ABOUT UNDERSTANDING AND EDUCATION. It's no mean feat. In addition to your own business evolution and adaptation, the uphill challenge of changing policy and opinion at a national level and beyond is something that we've faced for years. It's also something that will take years to take effect, but we're facing acceleration on this front due to the current climate. If you're agile to get there first and have this paradigm shift play catch up to you, imagine the benefits that will bring. Members need to feel encouraged, inspired and, most importantly, safe. Whether it's sanitisation, disinfection and cleanliness, free trials and tours for prospective customers, digital and hybrid memberships for home workouts, pausing memberships... How many members have you spoken to in order to get their opinions on these matters instead of telling them what's happening? And how often are you driving your positive messaging home? A post every now and again on social isn't enough – no thanks to algorithms – so keeping people informed and updated across multiple channels is just as important now as it was at the start of the pandemic. Educate yourself on the standards that your members want you to live up to (not what you think is best for them) and then exceed them. That element of delight


finding other means of working out than

focus and dedication to get it right. Meet

The game has changed and there's no

incredible time of a huge increase in the

that expectation through education and

longer a single traditional business model

percentage of people aware of physical

regulation internally, on the gym floor,

that works for any single business. It's

activity. At a time when most people are

and online.

clear that most people have got used to

living a sedentary lifestyle, never before

will never be more powerful than it is today. This sounds like it's business as usual; same as before the pandemic, but the expectations now mean it takes real



visiting a bricks and mortar facility, even if it's not preferred either party's preferred way of engaging the other. Now is the most


have we seen the numbers of those moving more, working out or being positively influenced by their friends and family. Gyms are here to stay, though. Once the dust has settled, community will reign supreme. However, while the physical gym isn't going anywhere, some members will be. The competition is about to ramp up with the opportunities that present themselves in recovery. Even if you don't want to meet your members with a fitness service in their living room, someone else will, so you have to find a way of offering more value than solely what someone gets when they walk through your doors. It's up to us to move forward together, and it's going to take partnerships with a genuine passion for changing business as usual. If anyone keeps doing the same thing without that empathy and understanding of what your members want in the world moving forward, that's going to bring more long-term damage than any pandemic can. • Ben Hackney-Williams has been a journalist for over a decade. He has worked in fitness for international bodybuilding and MMA publications, driven engagement in supply-side gym design and equipment manufacturing, helped produce over 160 podcast episodes and is passionate about driving positive change through wellbeing initiatives.

FEBRUARY 2021 43






ou know the Benjamin Franklin quote “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail�. The whole fitness industry is in a tough spot right now. To survive, you need to have a few different plans, contingencies, and ideas. There is a lot to be learnt from the last lockdowns, and lots of ways to survive and thrive when clubs re-open. At the time of writing, we do not know when lockdowns will be relaxed and we can re-open. You might be busy running virtual classes, sending out programmes or remotely coaching members. But the most important thing you can do now is to reflect, listen to your members, and make more plans.

LESSONS FROM PREVIOUS LOCKDOWNS Most countries and clubs have experienced more than one lockdown now, so there are lessons to learn from the previous episodes. Which communications and content work best to keep most members engaged? Which members keep active, come back first, or need more support? What return rate do you expect, and how long will it take to get out of the red and back into profit?

EMAIL CAMPAIGN REPORTS Study your previous lockdown campaigns. Lots of clubs rely too much on email and social media. Opens and clicks on email campaigns are typically low (1 in 5 emails opened, less than 10% of those clicked). Good subject lines and engaging content will boost these, but email is cheap for a reason. However, email campaign reports show you which members are interested, and you can choose another channel to contact the rest.


back from furlough to make these calls,

and in the future. Even when you leave a

which has helped with confidence and

voicemail, you are still showing you care

resilience within the business as well.

about their health. Find the resource or

rewarded with loyalty, but also direct

By having direct conversations with your

prioritise your member calls (read on to

feedback and genuine thanks from

members, you learn more about them, and

find out how). Make a note of feedback,

members. We have had clubs bring staff

find out what they need from you; now,

share and follow-up.

Phone calls are the best form of communication, and clubs that took the time to call their members were not only

FEBRUARY 2021 45


ALTERNATE CHANNELS WHEN WILL THEY RETURN? SMS and postcards are options that successful clubs used to their advantage to keep in touch with members during previous lockdowns. A simple ‘how’s it going’ survey sent by SMS is a good way of gauging how your members are feeling and adapting your future content or virtual offerings. Postcards have been very effective at bringing members back. If you don’t have the budget to send post to all your members, then consider only sending to those who didn’t engage with email, SMS or phone. You need to know what works for your club and your members. If you’ve not tried all these channels before, you won’t have any stats. Either try it and start learning, or learn from another club like yours who has tried. 46


Again, based on previous experience (and data), you should have a good idea of which members will be back into the club the day or week that you re-open. A lot of these members don’t need any messages of encouragement, they just need to know

when. Some will return later in the month, perhaps once they have seen the latest procedures and policies. Others will be waiting longer, perhaps they are shielding, waiting for their vaccine, or just lacking confidence to come back yet. Understanding these different types of member means that you can tailor your messages and offering to them.


Members who will return immediately. Engaged online and kept active.

They just need the date.

Baked beans (slow but steady)

Members who will be back within a month of re-opening.

Benefit from nudges; email, SMS, calls, etc.

Has beens (need coaxing)

Do not return for a variety of reasons; health, confidence, financial, etc.

Find out reason, act accordingly, follow-up.


Looking back at the return rate of members from previous lockdowns will give you an idea of your member types. You cannot get all of them back on day one (it would be a social distancing fail anyway). Nevertheless, you do not need to do much to get your keen members to return. However, the slow and steady members who trickle back could be encouraged to come back sooner. Some action or effort here will help to open your revenue streams faster. Lastly, those members who need coaxing will take a lot of work, and there might not be anything you can do to get them back for the first few months. So, you must find out their needs and work out how you can still support them outside the club. Offering a reduced online membership can help to get members back off freeze. Something is better than nothing. There are a bunch more ideas in my recent articles and webinars, but the best ones are those that your members want, so call them up and listen to them!

BOOSTING INCOME Lots of clubs are planning to increase prices, based on support from existing members (especially the keen beans). This is another reason to understand who these members are, so you can target them with added value and member benefits. Simply increasing prices will always lose some members, and this is likely to be intensified in the current climate. If you can give something extra to those who want to pay more, you will retain more members. Exploring new membership models is a much better way of increasing revenue from your existing members. Again, there are lots of examples in recent articles and webinars.

THE GROWING SHARING ECONOMY As well as learning from your own experiences, there is an abundance of great forums, communities, and groups where you can learn from others’ experiences. Compare notes, share ideas, and test your plans out with other clubs or experienced partners who will support you. The more action you can take to affect your recovery, the better. That action needs to start as soon as possible. Failing to plan means you are less likely to recover.

Guy Griffiths is a coach to independent gym owners, and a member retention specialist. He works with clubs on processes, systems, and strategies to improve member engagement, and therefore revenue. He founded The Collective, a place for fitness professionals to share, collaborate and grow. His mission is to help your club to understand and engage with as many of your members as possible and get them to stick around longer. Find out how GGFit’s independent gym owner coaching could help you at ggfit.com/gom, or click here to join the Collective. FEBRUARY 2021 47

s i t a h W




methods. With web-based software, it’s


easy to integrate the client-facing and

Gym management software provides

back-end features to create a seamless

gym business managers with a variety

user experience. Some software solutions

of tools. Rather than spend a lot of

may even provide an app for clients to

money on multiple solutions to fulfil your

use on their mobile devices. A personal

business’ daily needs, gym management

trainer may be able to use an app for their

software can provide one tool to do the

personal training appointments to track

work of multiple products. You don’t need

progress and design workouts.

to rely on scheduling software to book

ym management software is designed to help gym managers and owners organise and manage all the aspects of their business. From paperless onboarding for members and recurring payments to email campaigns, inventory management, and other administrative tasks, gym management software can do it all. Ideally, a gym management platform will be the only software tool a gym or fitness centre needs to perform day-to-day operations.

accounts, making it easy for them to make

Customer portals provided by a gym

breadth of features, your staff can focus

Features such as online booking and

management software platform can also

on customer service rather than the

services that can be requested or

give gym members access to their own

minutiae of day-to-day operations.

performed within a client portal provide



changes to their address, membership level, contact information, and payment

The primary function of many gym management software solutions is membership management. While there are likely some gym membership management software tools available, gym management software provides these features and more. Given the

appointments and classes, membership management software to organise memberships and back-office tools such as accounting and employee management software to handle administrative tasks. All these functions can be performed within one gym management platform.



sales specialist use the tool to sign up

Gym management software can be used

business owners can use the tool to

by anyone who owns or works for a gym.

see how all these different facets of the

Because the software is designed to

business are working, as well as leverage

manage all aspects of a gym or fitness

the accounting, employee scheduling,

club, all employees use the tool. Those

and payroll features within the software

management platforms support these

working the front desk check-in guests

to ensure that the business is working

kinds of notification systems.

and oversee the class schedule. Each


your members with the ability to save themselves time and frustration. Rather than having your employees spend their time answering the phone, they can spend more time running a gym. It’s much easier to send SMS and emails to a large number of members than it is to call each one individually, and many gym

new members and track their sales goals. Trainers can use the tool to plan workouts and track the progress of clients. And

FEBRUARY 2021 49



Notifications — Gym managers are

budget and form trusted business

handling the personal and financial

plans. Prospective software buyers

information of hundreds and, for larger

should understand what features a gym

gyms, up to thousands of people. This

management tool can offer them for the

Scheduling — Scheduling: Members and

information changes constantly with

administration of their facility.

visitors of gyms and clubs don’t want

moves, marriages, and time. Gym

to waste their time when it comes to

management software can automate

working out. If a class is full, they want to

notifications, reminding members to

know. If a class is cancelled, they want to

update certain aspects of their profiles.

know. If the cardio machines are closed for

Most notable is the reminder for clients to

carpet cleaning, members want to know.

update expired credit card information or

software allows owners and

Gym management software can efficiently

otherwise rectify a failed payment. This

administrators to be more readily

inform visitors of what’s going on and

helps managers obtain the money owed

searchable on the web. For example, a

when allowing them the opportunity to

without having to physically track down

certain platform might offer features

save a spot in a course or program.

members. It also saves members from an

that make member gyms more likely to

embarrassing or uncomfortable phone call.

appear when prospective clients search

Customer profiles — Customer profiles

Marketing — An integral aspect of gym management is attracting and maintaining new clients to grow your business. Some gym management

things such as “yoga class near me." This

enable clients to take control of their

Administrative tools — Gym

own gym memberships. They have

management tools have a lot of features

autonomy to update their home address,

geared toward the administrator. The

email, phone number, and credit card

platform gives trainers and teachers

information. This allows gyms to

access to appointments and other

more easily and accurately send out

valuable information. Managers can

Client portals — Client portals provide

newsletters, gym promotions, and other

use the software to organise financial

members with the ability to access

pertinent gym information. Through

information such as bills, payroll, and member payments.

their personal information and other

these profiles, users can view and edit the classes they’ve signed up for. Some will let customers record their workouts to track progress and remain aligned with physical goals. Gym managers should consider the customer-facing side of management software and find a tool that is parallel. 50


is helpful because it appeals to clients who might not be looking for a gym membership per se, but who could land on a gym decision after taking a yoga class.

membership perks without leaving the

Back-end organisation — Gym

comfort of their own home. Members

management tools can develop reports

can update their contact information and

that determine factors such as estimated

payment information, and even upgrade

revenue, total sales within a specified

their memberships. Members may also be

period of time, and member retention rate.

able to sign up for programs or classes and

This information helps gym managers

schedule personal training sessions.

FOR ADVERTISING Paul Wood ENQUIRIES,  pw@gymownermonthly.co.uk CONTACT  07858 487357 / +34 642572963







n this post-COVID-19 world, many of us are looking at ways to hit the ground running once we get the green light to go about our business as usual. Whether we are gym/facility owners, instructors or personal trainers, the importance of working closely together with the medical sector is one to get right. I want to share my experience from running my small gym SO51Fitness to show why I think that aligning our fitness provision with medical services and goals can be hugely beneficial for the longerterm success of the business.  I was re-launching SO51Fitness as an eco-gym when I had the fortune to meet local podiatrist Nick Knight, who founded NKActive around the same time. NKActive is a leading private practice for the treatment of lower limbs, with clinics located in Romsey and Basingstoke. Nick and his team offer a complete treatment service. It's not just a 'fix and go' solution – Nick and his team are very proactive in ensuring they have educated patients to




understand how they can reduce their risk of injury in the future. This is where we at SO51Fitness has been developing its relationship with Nick and the clinic he runs in Romsey. NKActive has its gym facility on-site, which, as a small gym owner, I might have seen as competition. However, when Nick and I discussed the USPs of our two businesses we could see there were ways we could benefit each other. Collaboration over competition. A useful mantra, especially in these trying times for our industry.  Back in September 2019, I visited his clinic and Nick took me through their 3D gait analysis. It's a bit like an MRI scan that shows how you run, assessing your hip to toe lower limb function. As a qualified trainer, it was tempting to think that I didn’t need all this technology – I already knew how I run! But there is always something to learn from the experts in their field, and this was very much the case at NKActive. I was so impressed with the service Nick’s team offered, the knowledge they all had - and how they used this data to build unique programmes for those who need some form of rehabilitation therapy.  Over the last 17 months, Nick and I have looked continuously at ways we can FEBRUARY 2021 53


work together and link our expertise and

share our best practice to date with GOMM

previously not run much at all. These

facilities to mutual benefit – including

readers - so here are our five top tips for

people are great for our sector! They have

during the lockdown, where Nick took

creating new synergies that will help the

found the motivation to get out there and

the lead on a fantastic initiative called

post-COVID-19 fitness industry to recover

do something positive and our joined-up

'Improve During Lockdown'. This is the

its strength.

approach that can help them build on their

programme he devised to help people

new-found energy and enthusiasm for

in our local area deal with any injuries

their health.

or niggles and to use the lockdown as a positive opportunity to get help with

TIP 1: running during lockdown means we have


a new market of potential members – and

Pain is not always an indicator that

ones who may well need both help with

something is wrong – but you need

running injuries and assistance in getting

to understand and work with it. Nick

a long-term fitness routine started. At

explains that for patients that he sees

SO51Fitness I've already had a handful of

with injuries, that they can still work

new people approach me for help, some

through a strengthening process that will

just wanting to improve their run, others

allow them to keep training. There is no

because they’re suffering from pain or

need to lose members because of pain or

injury from running. Nick has reported

injuries, but it is critical to make sure they

the same - seeing people in the clinic who

get qualified, high-quality medical advice

Nick and I hope to continue to work

participated in a lockdown challenge of

and that their fitness providers can take

together in the future, and we want to

running 100 miles across a month having

the medical management of pain on board.

sorting them out. NKActive started off the program with an in-depth consultation with the participants. They were then guided through a series of strength tests, given five 1-to-1 rehabilitation sessions at the clinic, and then referred across to us at SO51Fitness for six personal training sessions. It made for a really solid programme, both for those taking part in it and for the cooperation between two local businesses.



The increased popularity of outdoor


TIP 3 The best thing for those with arthritic conditions is to keep active! If you know your clients/gym members well enough you should know any of those who suffer from any form of osteoarthritis – and new members joining should be asked about this as a way of making sure they get the right help from the start. Working together with medical service providers is an excellent way of making sure that this group of users are able to stay healthy, mobile and motivated.

TIP 4 There are no magic bullets and none of us small facility owners can afford to depend on one source of membership. We will need both the regular members who have kept our businesses going up to now and new members whose lives will have changed after the pandemic year. Partnerships with local businesses are a great way to bring in and retain new members but we need to keep all channels up and running and diversify our strategies to build up our businesses as sustainably as possible.

TIP 5 Having just said that diversifying is the key, it is also important to have a long-term vision for how things can develop into the future. Which kinds of collaborations will be short-term post-pandemic fixes (like the lockdown runners in tip 1) and which ones might be strategies that will have real staying power? Both are important – collaborating with external partners might be great for getting new people up and running, but what will you have to offer them in a year, in five years, in ten? Keep creative and keep networking. You can find out more about NKActive by visiting their website: www.nkactive.co.uk, or by visiting their social media pages. 

"Collaboration over competition. A useful mantra, especially in these trying times for our industry." FEBRUARY 2021 55


s ' e n i t n e l a V


BY STACY WIG Partner 50s The concept here is volume as you end up doing 100 reps of each exercise with the SAME weight the entire time. You choose a weight that is tough for 10 reps. I will outline the shoulder and arm workout we actually did today and provide you with a leg workout with this concept and a Chest and Back!

Shoulders and Arms: First, warm up your entire body with the following warm-up: • 50 jumping jacks • 40 mountain climbers • 30 sit-ups • 20 push-ups • 10 burpees or dropdowns right (plank position on hands, drop to right elbow and then left, then back to right hand and then left). • Repeat 1x 56



 Dumbbell side laterals - weight is at your 10-rep challenge  Partner 1 completes 10 reps then partner 2 does the same  Complete 5 rounds  Dumbbell alternating cross curls - same concept  Tricep push-ups - same concept (elbows slide down the ribcage)  After triceps, go back to side laterals and begin the cycle over!! Finish the workout with a rear delt exercise and a core exercise. We did partner band reverse flyes for rear delts and “over unders” for the core. For over-unders, sit facing partner with legs straight out in front of you and to the right or left of your partner's legs. One partner does a windshield type motion and the other takes the legs over the partner's legs in an arc. If you would like examples of these exercises feel free to reach out on IG @coachstacywig or FB: facebook.com/ stacywig…happy to send videos!!  Don’t forget to stretch!!

 We began with dumbbells overheads using weight that was pretty heavy for 10 reps  Stand facing partner

 Partner 1 does 10 reps and puts the barbell down  Partner 2 does the same  Repeat 5x for a total of 50 reps

 Partner 1 picks up dumbbells and does 10 dumbbell overheads then places dumbbells on the ground

 Tricep cable extensions  Same concept as above

 Partner 2 does the same  Repeat that cycle until both have completed 50 reps - 5 rounds

 After tricep extensions, take a break and return to the overhead presses and cycle through the three exercises again.

 Barbell bicep curls Same concept (we used the same weight but you do not have to)  Set up your 10-rep weight

 Next circuit is dumbbell side lateral raise, dumbbell alternating cross curls and tricep push-ups all of the way to the floor. FEBRUARY 2021



Legs!! Warm-up on the step mill for 10 min and then do athletic drills across the floor, butt kickers, high knees, side shuffles, slow lunge walk.

 C  ompound movement: Start with barbell squat or smith machine squat

 Hack squat with legs together - same concept

with a 10-rep intense weight  P  artner1 does 10 reps then partner 2

 Core- Hip dips - 10 right and 10 left

 L  eg curls: same concept

 Repeat from the squats – you end up with 100 reps

 Take a break and repeat

Next sequence is:  Repeat from the lunges but change

extensions- same concept

 Seated row - partner 50s

focusing on range of motion and form

does the same - repeat for 5 cycles

 I solated movement: Move to leg

 Bench press - partner 50s

your leg position on the hack squats to sumo style

 Your choice of chest fly - partner 50s  Dumbbell pullovers or cable pushdowns - partner 50s

 Whew…that is a tough one!

Back and chest

 Incline press - partner 50s

 Take a break and repeat

Warm-up on the rower doing 2 min  N  ext move to Weighted lunge walk.

on rower followed by 10 push-ups 5x

 Finish with a core exercise - partner 50s

You can use dumbbells by your side or a barbell across the shoulders - complete 10 heavy reps and then partner goes 58


 Start with Lat pull down for back Partner 50s

And done - high five your partner and stretch!!




FEBRUARY 2021 59


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW WHEN STARTING AN EXERCISE PROGRAM AND MAINTAINING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE EXPLAINED BY DANIEL GODIA WHAT IS AN EXERCISE PROGRAM? This is a detailed range of physical exercises and the amount of time, sets, and repetitions each exercise should be performed, mostly used in gymnasiums, where they are typically tailored to fit individuals’ needs. Starting an exercise program or physical activity and dieting is not an easy task for most people. Sticking with a program is not that easy compared to when you make certain habits part of your lifestyle. The drop out rates for such programs are significant. The key factor in continuing your exercise program is to determine what you can currently do and then choose activities that you know you can and will continue. NOTE; When starting an exercise program, starting too quickly can result in increased fatigue and/or injury, and this results in a lack of motivation. Make sure the program you are starting is going to match your needs. Do not start a program simply because you want to join a friend or group of friends in the gym, or because you want to keep yourself busy after school, work, or during the holiday seasons. 60




repetitions until you can reach the level

moving the joint of interest through its

of strength and endurance you desire.

unrestricted range of motion. Gradually

Generally, higher weights lifted with fewer

add the amount of the movement that

Musculoskeletal Fitness is one of the three

repetitions results in greater strength

you do and attempt to increase the range

major components of Health-Related

development, and lower weight lifted and

of motion over a period of weeks. For

Physical Fitness (HRPF). The other two

with a higher number of repetitions results

example, a common flexibility movement

components are; aerobic capacity and

in increased muscular endurance.

is to touch your toes. You may attempt this

body composition, but this time I am going to focus on musculoskeletal fitness.

What is musculoskeletal Fitness? This is a multidimensional construct comprising the integrated function of muscle strength, muscle endurance, and muscle power to enable the performance of work against one’s own body weight or an external resistance. The principal of specificity, overload, and progression are the most important in the development of musculoskeletal strength, endurance, and flexibility.

exercise in either a standing or a sitting


position. Your first attempts may not allow

What is Flexibility?

somewhere next to your ankles. Flex and

Flexibility refers to the range of movement in a joint or series of joints, and length in muscles that cross the joints to induce a bending movement or motion. Flexibility varies between individuals, particularly in terms of differences in muscle length of multi-joint muscles.

you to fully touch your toes but only reach hold this position for a few seconds then release. Repeat this a few more times. Over a period of a few weeks, you will notice an increased flexibility, resulting in your ability to reach farther towards toes. NOTE; Flexibility is an area particularly vulnerable to the reversibility principle.

Similar training concepts can be used

Therefore, it is easy to lose flexibility if

for flexibility training. Start slowly by

you stop practicing the movements.

Specific exercises must be completed with body segments to effect changes in musculoskeletal fitness. The following definitions are necessary to make you understand a strength training program: Repetition maximum (RM) is the maximum weight that can be lifted a specific number of times. For example, 1-RM is the maximum amount of weight that can be lifted one time while 12-RM is the maximum amount of weight that can be lifted twelve times. Repetitions (reps) you may perform 6 to 8 repetitions of a specific exercise. Sets are the number of times you can complete the repetitions. Here you can perform 2 to 4 sets of 8-RM. A key concept is to begin the activity with weights that you can lift and slowly increase the number of sets and FEBRUARY 2021





t’s January 2021 and guess what? The global pandemic that is COVID-19 (The Corona Virus) has NOT gone away!

I repeat: (The Corona Virus) has NOT gone away! (Well that’s that we are being told and that is what ALL gym owners are being told)? With most of 2020 the UK (most of the world) in Lockdown and already now in January 2021 we are back in Lockdown and that includes ALL Gyms, Leisure Centers, Private Gyms and Clubs and all other Sports, Fitness and Specialist Training facilities are LOCKED DOWN Too! (With the exception of “Elite” Athletes? Which I don’t understand at all? How are elite athletes and sports personnel exempt from a virus?) So, what have we all done and where have we been training all this time? I tell you where: a. The Garden b. The Garage c. The Living Room d. The Bedroom e. The Park Or, for those of us that HAVE to travel for vital work purposes including British Armed Forces, Emergency Services, NHS, Construction and the Security Services, we have trained in: 62



A. THE HOTEL ROOM. Since August of last year (2020) I have been fortunate to have some ad-hoc work within the security service and this invariably means that I have to travel ‘to the job’ and be accommodated in a “Covid-Free-Hotel” which has been “Deep Cleansed” and cleared for use by only those work personnel working within the same employment bubble! It does get very confusing and often frustrating and even more upsetting when being put up in a hotel that is equipped with a bloody good training facility only for it to have its doors firmly closed, locked and definitely secured to prevent ‘Me’ using it!!! Now for most of us, we get to a hotel room, check the bathroom is clean, the bed is clean, the TV works as does the kettle and if there any complementary biscuits with the tea & coffee sachets! (Don’t lie, we all do – don’t we?) But, I also start scanning the possibilities of where I can put up my pull up bar, my gymnastic rings, my TRX set up or even

that I can do my jumping about exercises

that with a jump, land and repeat the

such as my “Double Under – Skipping”

process lots and lots of times or even most

and the all-important “Burpees”! without

recently, the rowing machine seat rolling

waking anyone up (too many times).

back and forth and the constant ‘whirr” of

“I want to apologize now for anyone

the fan on my concept 2 rower! (OOOPS)”.

if I can fit my Concept II Rowing machine

reading this that has been woken up from

So, getting down to business, Training in a

in my room and if it is going to seriously

a deep sleep to the sound of my skipping

hotel room and what can we do?

annoy the person to the left & right of me

rope, my body slamming down onto the

or below me? Plus, if I am on a solid floor

floor only to pick myself up and follow

To be honest, depending on what fitness equipment you are prepared to travel with, your options are endless. If you are driving and have a spacious car/ van and have something like a Concept 2 Rower or Assault Bike or even a fold-flat treadmill why not pack that in with you and place that in your room, and that is your “CARDIO” session sorted. If you don’t have any of these items something that you can fit in your back pocket: a. Skipping Rope If every single boxer, MMA fighter, kick boxer and most exercise/fitnessoriented people used a skipping rope for some part of their steady-state and/ or high tempo cardio then so can we? We can do: 1. Single Jump Skips 2. Double Under’s 3. Timed Sprints 4. Steady State for Endurance And the list can go on and on. The next thing I pack and again, these take up very little space FEBRUARY 2021





These are commonly known as “Hip

Either of these items, again, small enough

Circle Bands” although they do often sit

and compact enough to fit in your hand

around, above or below the knee joint

luggage or grip as they fold away in their

but, they are used to massively improve

own little bag and with the correct strap

the “abductor muscles of the hip or the

and block, they can be fitted to and used

glutead muscle group surrounding the hip

on almost ANY door frame so you can

joint. (Gluteus maximus, gluteus medius,

perform so many exercises you should not

gluteus minimus and tensor facia lata) plus, the quadriceps (thigh muscle group).

you have a set of either of these with you.

With the hip circle band, I can do

The TRX set up is well known globally

some of the following exercises: 1. Glute Bridge 2. Crab Walk Squats

B. RESISTANCE BANDS (Different colours and thickness of the bands represent different resistance in

ever get bored of mixing up your routine if

3. Side Walking 4. Squats 5. Lateral Leg Swings And so, it goes on,

by fitness fanatics and active people around the world and nearly as popular are the wooden gymnastic rings which I actually prefer, both of which can be used for so many exercises that reach all muscle groups in the entire body, for example: 1. Shoulders

I like to wear and use the hip circle band

2. Arms

as it gives me “Instant Feedback” that I

3. Chest

If ever you want to replicate so many of

am actually ‘recruiting’ my glutes and

4. Back

your gym exercises but do not have access

abductors especially when performing

5. Core

to an ‘Olympic bar’, a pair of ‘dumbbells –

a squat as I can feel when I am “pressing

6. Legs

Kettlebells or static ‘Pushing’ & ‘Pulling’

against’ the band (otherwise the band

machines then these resistance bands

might slip down my legs as there won’t be

cover ALL BASES!

any pressure against it).


I use the resistance bands even when I am at work and not just in my hotel room, but the beauty of the resistance bands is that you can generally use them in no more than your own body space, maybe with the exception of ‘Overhead Squats’ or ‘Seated Rows’ for example, but on the whole, you could easily stand in front of the TV in your room in between the bed and tabletop and perform so many exercises you will not get bored! These are examples of exercises I perform using the resistance bands (this list is not all but some of the ones I use): 1. Deadlifts 2. Bent Over Rows 3. Seated Rows 4. Bicep Curls 5. Front Squats 6. Back Squats 7. Thrusters 8. Overhead Squats 9. Squat Balance 10. Overhead Romanian Split Squats 11. Lunges 12. Single Arm Overhead Squats 13. Kneeling Shoulder Press And so, it goes on and on: “NO EXCUSES” 64


And of course, as many exercises that you can think of, you can most probably do it in some form of adapted way with the rings or TRX set up. So, with only a few small items of equipment that easily fit into your travel grip or grab bag and you can already keep yourself very STRONG, FIT & HEALTHY whilst you are away on your business trip or for the period of your contract or stay in a variety of hotel accommodation.


Too often we sit in our hotel rooms making excuses or simply sitting on the bed watching the TV and no doubt watching the “Crap” TV programs you don’t get to watch at home but for the odd reason, you find drawn to them when working away? Also, I hear too often from work colleagues that they are too tired or can’t be motivated after work to workout, especially in their bedroom! It is a matter of getting into a habit and a right frame of mind to feel like training and a workout does not have to last an hour each time! I have done 12-15 min workouts and I’m finished! So, from here on in, try to remember that it doesn’t have to be long or extremely hard but, also remember that “15mins” of exercise is better than “0mins!” TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY NOW! Whilst we are in this restricted predicament, to really work on, improve on and perfect your form and technique on those niggling bodyweight exercises and other exercises with the items I have mentioned above so that your MIND, BODY & SPIRIT are ready for when the



This is even before we have had to

A couple of final items, I try to

mention all of the exercises that require

remember to always bring along me are:

you to pack nothing extra and, which in

1. My trusty Bandana

d. Strength

reality the list if written will be very long

2. Water Bottle

e. Brain

and limitless, with ZERO equipment (with

3. Small whiteboard (this slides easily

the exception of maybe a small exercise

inside the back padded section of my

mat, a towel or bathmat from your hotel

small rucksack) and whiteboard pens

bathroom!). For example:

to write the session on 4. My small music speaker to keep the “Motivational Music” going.

gyms reopen and your: a. Connective Joints b. Connective Tissues c. Bone Density

Are prepared for the next phase of your “FITNESS FOR LIFE” journey. Visit me on: Instagram: @philipmad_ox YouTube: Philip Maddox Training

1. Press Ups 2. Sit-Ups 3. Jumping Jacks 4. Star Jumps 5. Burpees 6. Mountain Climbers 7. Squats 8. Lunges 9. V sits 10. Handstand 11. Handstand Press-ups 12. Dips (using the bed end or toilet or chair??) There are so many exercises, you can easily keep your fitness levels up whilst working away. FEBRUARY 2021 65


Founder and Yoga & Meditation teacher at Snugg Yoga, Helen, shares her experience of Covid-19 and offers tips on branching out and using your skills in supporting those in need during lockdown 3.0.


have always practised yoga in its various forms, but it wasn’t until I started caring for my mum, Luci, who was terminally ill with cancer that I was inspired to use it as an aid to help people. I would always go through various yoga, meditation and Qi Gong techniques which would help soothe her and the benefits were incredible.

When COVID-19 hit I quickly realised how

Star, Pandas Foundation UK, and Refugee

anxious and upset a lot of my students

Roots to provide fun fundraising classes

were feeling in isolation, so I started to

and it was at this point that I started

offer classes online - something which

to realise how much charities needed

was completely new to me, having only

our support (it is devastating but not

taught in studios and outside spaces. For

surprising that the charity sector has

the first six months I decided that rather

taken a real hit this past year).

than charge for certain classes I would ask for a donation to go to a nominated charity each week, I saw the incredible work those in the NHS were doing and I needed to help in my own way.



The fitness industry has shown incredible adaptations. Most have moved online, or, under the strict but necessary restrictions on group and inside classes, are teaching oneto-ones in muddy ice-cold parks throughout

I used these classes to show support to a

winter (or in my case both) and it has been a

number of charities including Macmillan

lot more challenging for various charities to

Cancer Support, When You Wish Upon a

work around the new limitations.


extra dimension to your visuals and can actually serve to comfort your participants and familiarise them with you.

DON’T BE SCARED OF A BIT OF COLD WEATHER One of the biggest surprises I have learned about being driven to teach one-to-one yoga outside is that there is a whole bunch of people who actually get a buzz off exercising in unpredictable weather - as long as the teacher is enthusiastic. I It goes without saying that if the charities

have taught rain mac yoga, snow-ga and

are struggling then so are their service

got really muddy! Just be mindful that you

users. It was really important to me to keep

will need to take extra safety precautions,

this charity support going, selecting three

making sure to socially distance (people

important charities, Framework, Imara

sometimes forget so a marker is helpful)

and the Nottingham Women’s Centre and

and adjust your risk assessments,

dedicating the rest of 2021 to supporting

insurance, ParQs and T&Cs, making sure

them as well as running my business.

that the participants are well enough to

As well as this Snugg Yoga has been

train outside in bad weather.

providing free one-to-one sessions to

circumstances. My mum was always


my hero and it is as a legacy to her that

Various social media platforms have a

asylum-seekers, 24-hour-carers and refugees, many of whom have found isolation particularly difficult given their

I have chosen to continue to use yoga to work with these specialist groups and important charities.

lot of great groups where you can ask fellow teachers and trainers all kinds of questions. I am in a yoga teacher

Here Helen shares her tips based on her

group and people ask all sorts from;

own experience of teaching this past year.

what microphones work best, to tips on practices for people who need specialist


care, to class recommendations.

FIND YOUR USP There is a lot of competition out there and you can’t be all things to all people. From the start, I decided that Snugg Yoga was going to be about making people feel good, safe and cosy, so I bring all kinds of elements of that into my yoga offering. As well as rejuvenating yoga I like to offer a sense of community. This can mean supporting independents and charities in my newsletters to serving hot tea using homegrown ingredients and home baking (when we are not in lockdown) to just letting people know they are heard. I have had the privilege to meet many yoga teachers all with their own unique offering, from in-depth kundalini to high impact power yoga. Everyone has something great to give.

TRY AND STAY HAPPY BUT DON’T GIVE YOURSELF A HARD TIME IF YOU CAN’T In the fitness and wellness profession, people look to you to be a beacon of feelgood positive energy and whilst it’s great to be sunny and happy, don’t give yourself a hard time if life gets you down - it happens to us all. Make sure that you have someone understanding to talk to and take the time to take care of yourself as well as your participants and students.


out to local charities to share your skills


not only enables you to show your

There are so many great CPD courses

You can find Snugg Yoga by visiting

out there and it is important to know

https://snugg.simplybook.it/ or follow

what you can and shouldn’t teach before

Helen on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

getting the relevant training. I learnt a


Many people want to help others during the pandemic and struggle to know how to do this safely and effectively. Reaching

support and help people, but it’s also a great way to get your name out there and meet people.

There is definitely light at the end of this long tunnel and I for one cannot wait to teach classes in real life again.

lot with my perinatal course and being a


mum and a yoga teacher was surprised

I had the benefit of having a good grasp

physical risks with insufficient training

of technology and, whilst it took some

there is also terminology that can offend

getting used to, started to enjoy giving

and trigger so make sure you have all the

regular online classes to anything from

relevant training for any specialist groups.

1 to 40 people online. You could be the

I am really excited to be starting my yoga

world’s best teacher but if the online

for cancer training and there are so many

session is jarring then people will switch

great courses out there. In terms of cost,

off. Remember this doesn’t have to be

if it seems too good to be true it probably

highly polished, people are a lot more

is - but don’t overpay either - do your

understanding, and seeing your kid's toys

research and ask around. You can never

or the books on your bookshelf just add an

stop learning!

by what I still needed to learn. As well as






hen I picked up my first kettlebell, it just fit. The weight, the motion and how I felt, it grounded me for the first time in a long time. Now, likely, you may not ever carry that type of passion for the kettlebell, but I guarantee if you learn it correctly it will undoubtedly be one of your favorite training tools you have ever used. The kettlebell, with its handle and round belly gives light to a new way to train. The shape of the kettlebell and its unstable force engages the core throughout every motion. This, in conjunction with the posterior chain activation, makes the kettlebell a truly valuable training tool. Even more valuable if you use it to its full potential, looking even beyond the regular standard swing, squats, presses, and even the Turkish Get Up! Long before kettlebells became the structured exercise tool that the world knows today, these cast iron balls known as “girya” were recorded in a Russian dictionary in 1704. They were once used as standard weights, measured in “poods” and now you can find them in almost every gym across the globe. As we explore the kettlebell, we look at some of the most common questions regarding the kettlebell.




WHAT KETTLEBELL WEIGHT DO I USE FOR SWINGS? • New to exercise/inactive: 20–25lb (for women) 30-35lb (for men) kettlebell for swings • Intermediate/active: 30–35lb (for women) 40-45lb (for men) kettlebell for swings • Advanced/highly trained/kettlebellexperienced: 35–45lb (for women)

45-55lb (for men) kettlebell for swings

weight for women and 20-25lb for men.

It can be particularly challenging to

After practicing the 3 tips, follow below

mentally process the idea of swinging the

on how to execute the Full Mobility Swing:

appropriate weight when starting, so as

1. Stand with the kettlebell in front of

you start your swing, I would recommend

you, with feet comfortable, wider than

these steps.

shoulder-width apart. Lean over your

1. Practice the hip hinge with no weight. 2. Practice straight leg deadlifts. 3. Practice the swing by mimicking the movement without the kettlebell. Then progress yourself to at least a 15lb

kettlebell, hinge by sitting back and folding at the hips, slight bend in the knees. 2. Grip the kettlebell by the handle. 3. Drive the kettlebell back above your knees and close to your pelvis. 4. Push your hips forward, squeeze your glutes together as you stand tall, to avoid a backbend at the top of the motion. Be sure to create a non-stop fluid motion as you swing: with the kettlebell going behind and above the knees then up to shoulder level. 5. At the top of the swing, the kettlebell should go no higher than chest level. Do not raise the kettlebell with your arms. Your arms—as well as the kettlebell— should remain weightless through the entire motion. * Notice how everyone’s swing is slightly different, but the hinge and glute engagement remains a constant! FEBRUARY 2021



Remember, to get the benefits from doing a swing it must be a heavier weight than you can lift and extend in front of you comfortable with your arms.

HOW MANY CALORIES CAN I BURN SWINGING KETTLEBELLS? According to a 2010 American Council of Exercise study, twenty minutes of kettlebell exercise burns an average

of 272 calories. That’s expending a phenomenal 20.2 calories per minute, the equivalent of running a mile in six minutes.

body and joints—when executed correctly, making them a great asset to your training routine!

Training with a kettlebell requires you to engage multiple muscle groups, which in turn burns more calories in less time than more traditional workouts. The kettlebell swings unique motions that are classified as ballistics can produce the same effect on the body as sprinting, running, or jumping (but with far less impact on the

WHY IS IMPORTANT TO HIP HINGE? Many people in society today can’t properly hinge at all! Therefore, people suffer back pain, knee pain, and weakness—all caused by sitting. Not being able to hinge means not being able to properly engage the posterior chain of the body, particularly the glutes (your butt muscles). So, it is important to add the hip hinge into your training. While everyone is familiar with pushing, pulling, squatting, rotating, and moving, most people have tremendous difficulty hinging and often do not add this into their training. Muscle imbalances and inactive, or weak, muscles come from not being able to fire that muscle properly during a motion where it is required. If you are using your back and knees instead of your glutes, it can lead to knee pain and can eventually cause an injury, as well as back pain, which can then lead to shoulder and neck injury. The kettlebell swing is beloved for its hinge which will allow you to activate the muscles that help you run and protect you from back weakness during many activities!

HOW MANY WEIGHTS DO I NEED FOR A SUCCESSFUL WORKOUT? One kettlebell weight can take you a long way as you can change the positioning of the kettlebell to advance your training in making it more difficult. A press that has become easy will once again become challenging if you train it in a Bottoms Up Hold (Holding the kettlebell upside down by the handle) again, another great reason to train kettlebell. If you can purchase more than one kettlebell, I would recommend two, one for swinging (heavier) and another for grinds (exercises that strengthen, example overhead presses). Two will get you a great start to your kettlebell training! Over time you can add in a third to match one of your weights as you progress to double kettlebell training. (You can use two different weight sizes for your double kettlebell training, being mindful that you switch the weights to make sure to train each side with that particular weight). 70



HOW MUCH SPACE DO I NEED TO TRAIN KETTLEBELL? If you can lay on the floor with your arms


stretched out above your head, you will

Types of (Modern) Kettlebell Styles:

have enough space to train your swings

• Hard style is working out, exerting energy

and do on the spot training. Training with a kettlebell you need surprisingly little space and remember if adding in grinds (exercises that create strength) such as lunges, these do not have to necessarily travel to reap the full benefits. Train it anywhere and everywhere! Never an excuse that you do not have room to train and it takes up very little room to store.

DOES IT STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE? Many of your kettlebell movements are compound exercises, which means they involve multiple muscle groups at the same time. For example, when you are performing the kettlebell swing the focus is the glutes and the hamstrings, but you must keep your core activated and engaged to maintain stability throughout the exercise, making it great for improving your core strength. Other examples of some kettlebell exercises that are equally beneficial to your core are the halo, windmill and a kettlebell chop, to name

to get a specific result and response.

modifications and progressions so that everyone can train at their level while building a stronger foundation with proper form so you can progress every session! Working on training not only as physical but as a lifestyle change that encompasses fitness as a whole. Looking at all aspects, your training, your lifestyle and your nutrition.

• Soft style is conserving energy and exerting as little energy as possible, kettlebell competition (kettlebell sport). • Competition kettlebells are all one size that are different weights and usually found in an array of different colors. The other type of kettlebell that can be found is a cast iron kettlebell. As it increases in weight it increases in size.


FINAL THOUGHTS Proper training of the kettlebell through exercise, which is injury prevention and performance enhancement, will undoubtedly leave your body feeling blissfully exhausted and excited to train again! Complexes, sequences and flows allow for you to become engaged with your body but also your mind. Leaving you with a Strong Mind & Strong Body!

KBKBCanada is hard style training as its emphasis is body transformation, metabolic conditioning, strength, and full mobility benefits. Our training focus is functional movements to add to your quality of life by exerting as much energy as possible at your ability and to create muscle adaption. Our programming trains

a few. You will be training your core

a variety such as high interval training

throughout without having to train your

(HIIT), rep style training, sequences,

basic sit-ups and crunches, though I still

and execution of complexes with both

recommend adding these in!

ballistics and grinds. Our focus is to allow FEBRUARY 2021




Manage all aspects of your fitness facility from one easy-to-use gym management software. From online gym scheduling and member communication, to point of sale and automated billing - EZFacility does it all when it comes to administrative tasks! Discover how businesses like yours streamline operations with EZ's all-in-one platform.

To discuss these options either call me or drop me an email FEBRUARY Paul Wood:  07858 487 357  pw@gymownermonthly.co.uk

2021 72



To discuss these options either call me or drop me an email FEBRUARY Paul Wood:  07858 487 357  pw@gymownermonthly.co.uk



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