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The Futur and Healt We find out more about Daniel Nyiri, Founder of 4U Fitness, and what inspired him to start his award winning business.

How did you get into the fitness industry? I used to play hockey professionally but that ended due to an unfortunate injury. After that, if that wasn’t enough already that my dreams were crushed and I had no idea what’s next in life, both of my grandparents passed away due to obesity related diseases. These experiences changed me completely. While recovering from my injury and upon learning what happened to them, I started to learn about fitness and nutrition, and came to realize that they would be still alive if I had known what I knew now. I did some research and found out that every 90 seconds one person dies from obesity. It is the biggest killer in the world. Even though this is true, nobody is doing much about it. You don’t hear the news talking about it. All you hear about is terrorists and such, not about the real killer, which kills more then cigarettes, alcohol, or any other drug. Obesity is a real problem. So then I decided to get involved and started seeing how crooked the fitness industry is. So many certifications are being sponsored by big name brands while teaching others nothing of value. Then there are gyms, big box or smaller gyms: all they care about is making sales and locking people into contracts to collect payments and nothing more. So I decided right then and there, my new mission is to put an end to obesity and completely revolutionize the fitness industry so it is about the client and their needs!

What is 4U Fitness, and what do you do? 4U Fitness is a chain of corporately owned boutique fitness studios with a revolutionary high tech workout that allows you to get a three hour workout in just 20 minutes! I am the


FEBRUary 2018

founder and Chief Executive Officer. Everyday I spend time with the most amazing people. I enjoy building my team and am always keeping my eyes open to find A+ player talent. Even if an actual job isn’t available for that talent, if they’re A+, they’re hired! Above all else, I enjoy giving back to the community and the world! Elon Musk is creating this environment-friendly world and opportunity to live on Mars. A world where Starbucks can continually provide the perfect coffee and a home between your home and workplace. But who is actually going to live on this perfect world!? I’d say no one because from the direction we’re headed with obesity there will be no people to live on Earth or Mars. Not if we can help it.

What sets 4U Fitness apart from its competitors? The main separator is that we are in this for the long run! You have to understand that in the fitness industry, most gyms hire trainers as contractors and they are treated like crap which translates to how they treat their clients. From day one, we hire people who have their own personal mission that aligns and matches with our vision, purpose, and mission. Everyone thinks our differentiator is our technology but its 20% technology, 80% our culture and people. We are building everything for the future. When we hire someone the first thing we do is set their goals for the next 10 years aligned with the company so they know how far they can go, how much can they make, and what they should be doing to achieve their dreams. Our 4U Academy also sets us apart! Once someone goes through our crazy hiring process and sends their 1000 word essay to explain why we should hire them, they enroll in our Academy and go through 1-3 months of extensive training. Then upon

Profile for Gym Owner Monthly

Gym Owner Monthly Magazine February 2018  

Digital publication dedicated to gym owners and health & fitness professionals.

Gym Owner Monthly Magazine February 2018  

Digital publication dedicated to gym owners and health & fitness professionals.