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ISSUE 23 // February 2018

The Benefits to Learning Correctly & Efficiently




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Lewis Bailey FEBRUary 2018



LO O K I N G FO R A GY M E QUI PME NT MANUFACTURER? We are the manufacturers of some of the best strength training equipment in the world. Everything is custom made to order and built to last a lifetime.

PROUD TO BE BRITISH All Watson Gym Equipment products are manufactured in our factory in Frome, England. We are passionate about the equipment we produce and take pride in every product we send out. Manufacturing the products ourselves means that you get exceptional build quality, custom built equipment to suit your needs and a short lead time.


Welcome... …to the February 2018 issue of Gym Owner Monthly Magazine. We are extremely happy to announce that we are the exclusive media partner of The Future of Fitness at this year’s Future Tech Now Show April 5-7th in London. The Future of Fitness is hosted by Jonathan Tustain, and you can read his advice on Wearables on pages 20 – 24. Like every month, we have a host of articles that are sure to interest you, and this month we have focused specifically on Education. Kristian Hargreaves from BWL discusses efficient learning on pages 25 – 28, and our regular columnist Matt Gleed looks at the changes in the industry when it comes to learning and teaching on pages 48 – 49. On top of this, Kal Hussain explains MFR and its benefits on pages 37 – 39, and as someone who has personally benefitted from this, I highly recommend giving this a read! We hope you enjoy the issue!

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FEBRuary 2018


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What Are The Benefits to Learning Correctly and Efficiently? Kristian Hargreaves on the changes in the industry.


Your Gym is Only as Good as Your Frontline Staff Rob Johnson comments on the importance of your trainer’s training.


Learning to be Successful in Fitness Matt Gleed discusses learning and teaching in the industry.

News The latest news and hot topics in the industry. Appointments A round-up of industry movers and shakers.


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PT of The Month Meet Lewis Bailey


Owner of The Month Andrew Wilkinson, introduces us to his facility Core Gym.



The Big Interview We talk to Daniel Nyiri, Founder of 4U Fitness.

What is MFR? Kal Hussain on using Myofascia Release to rehabilitate clients.

FEBRuary 2018



Offer a Five-Star Experience Daniel Nyiri explains the importance of Five-Star Service, and Five-Star Clients.



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3 Ways Your Fitness Studio Isn’t Generating Leads But Should Mike Arce advises on increasing leads for your business.


Back to Basics Kerstin Obenauer encourages gym owners not to forget the basics when it comes to activity prescription.


FitKit This month’s round-up of kit, products and extras you can stock for your members – boosting loyalty, retention and your revenue.

Weight Training Areas More Than Just Barbells & Plates – Paul Farrell on how to maximise your Weight Training Area.






Wearables for Gym Goers Jonathan Tustain investigates how wearables can keep us on track.



Twelve12 Nutrition A fresh approach to nutrition that maximizes the body’s fat-burning period.

We're always seeking contributors, if you're interested in writing for us then please contact: pw@gymownermonthly.co.uk FEBRuary 2018





What’s hot in the fitness industry

PHIL SPENCER CHOOSES VERSACLIMBER FOR ‘EVEREST IN THE ALPS’ CHALLENGE The Versaclimber has been chosen by TV-presenter Phil Spencer as his core training tool while preparing to take part in the four-day ‘Everest In The Alps’ challenge in aid of The Brain Tumour Charity. Beginning 28 February, the challenge will see 30 volunteers take to the Swiss Alps to scale the equivalent height of Mount Everest, 8,848 metres, to raise vital funds for the charity.

machine with timed deadlines to reach certain heights – starting from 1,000 metres in one hour, with the hope of climbing the height of Everest on the machine within two days.

After gearing up in September 2017 with hourly personal training sessions, housing expert Phil chose to partner with Versaclimber UK to aid his training and take advantage of the machine’s full-body, low impact workout.

Using the frame of the Versaclimber to his advantage, Phil can recreate the leg movement required for ascending the mountain in long skis. Working his legs independently against the Versaclimber’s 75-degree tilt will also help to develop core and leg strength.

When asked about the Versaclimber, Phil, said:

To support their challenge in aid of The Brain Tumour Charity, visit www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/ thebraintumourcharity/everest2018 to sponsor the team.

“Training on the Versaclimber is very intense. I’ve used rowing machines and treadmills to train for previous events, but using the Versaclimber has been ideal preparation ahead of the trip to Switzerland. The challenge will undoubtedly be the toughest task I’ve ever endured, but I’m confident that I’m fully prepared.” Commenting on the partnership, managing director of Versaclimber UK, Neil Kelford, adds: “We’re thrilled to have our machines be put to use for such a worthwhile cause and we’re delighted that it was selected by Phil; it’s a real testament to the machine’s performance. “With its wide range of motions and interval training options available, we believe it’s an ideal piece of equipment to prepare him for the gruelling challenge ahead. We wish the team the best of luck on their winter endeavour.” To increase his cardiovascular endurance and prepare for the high altitude, Phil underwent a series of interval training sessions on the


FEBRUary 2018


Can high intensity exercise help patients with prostate cancer? Researchers from the University of Surrey and Royal Surrey County Hospital are undertaking exciting new research to help improve survival rates of men with metastatic prostate cancer. Funded by the Movember Foundation, and working alongside global partners, researchers in Surrey will investigate the impact of high intensity aerobic and resistance training combined with psychosocial support on men with prostate cancer. During this worldwide study, the team will provide an exercise programme for 866 men with prostate cancer over a 3-year period at sites across Australia, North America and Europe. Dr Ralph Manders said: “The benefits of exercise to both our physical and mental well-being is undeniable. What we are hoping to uncover is whether the same benefits are experienced when a person is living with cancer, and whether it extends their survival from cancer. If it does this could be revolutionary in the future of treating and supporting people with prostate cancer.” During the study, participants will be split into two groups, those who will embark on an exercise training programme with supplementar y behavioural and psychosocial support (intervention arm) and those who will receive psychosocial support only (control arm) but can follow their usual exercise and lifestyle routine. Those in the intervention arm of the programme will complete exercise training three times a week, which will be initially supervised prior to becoming more self-managed, while receiving text messages to provide behavioural support and tailored newsletters to provide psychosocial support. Participants in the control arm will receive psychosocial support via the newsletters. All participants will remain on the study for 24 cycles, each lasting 28 days. Throughout the study, researchers will be measuring survival time, disease progression, symptomatic skeletal-related events, pain medications, symptoms, metabolic and inflammatory makers to assess the impact of exercise on men with prostate cancer. Sam Gledhill, Movember Foundation said: “Conventional treatments and therapies remain the primary means of attack against prostate cancer. However, incremental improvements that can be achieved by other means all amount to valuable extra time and quality of life for men diagnosed with the disease. The Movember Foundation is grateful to our remarkable community of fundraisers for supporting this important study that is contributing to the evidence and understanding around how exercise can be a vital factor in extending and improving men’s lives.” The team at Surrey is led by Professor Hardev Pandha (Medical Oncology), Professor Sara Faithfull (Cancer Nursing Practice) and Dr Ralph Manders (Exercise Physiology).

Bio-Synergy Pop Up NOW At Topman Oxford Circus Introducing Your One Stop Shop To Get Fit In Style This month, leading sports nutrition brand Bio-Synergy takes over Oxford Circus with the launch of a pop up shop within Topman’s flagship store. The NEW fitness infused space within the iconic fashion retailer compliments Topman’s existing activewear offering to create a mecca for those seeking to hit the gym harder than ever before and maximise those gains! FEBRUary 2018



Topman Oxford Circus will be offering a curated selection of Bio-Synergy products, including best-selling Whey Hey protein, vegan friendly Lean & Green, Whey Better, Creatine Boost and many others. CEO of Bio-Synergy, Daniel Herman comments: “We are thrilled to be working with Topman Oxford Circus.  Fitness is now firmly at the forefront of consumer mind, and we know that shoppers want to look and feel their best. With our new pop up, shoppers can work on their fitness from the inside-out by ensuring they get the nutrition support they need, whilst snapping up the best sportswear pieces to give them true style when setting foot in the gym! Topman’s activewear offering has excelled this year, and we are excited to be a part of their impressive fitness focus.”  Bio-Synergy is a brand committed to helping you #MAKEITHAPPEN with your training. The clean, effective and high-quality range is the perfect performance fuel. It’s no wonder that over 4 million passionate sports and fitness enthusiasts have chosen Bio-Synergy as the ultimate nutrition brand to fuel their performance and achieve their goals, since its launch 20 years ago. With this new London based, pop up the brand is ready to empower Topman’s customers to reach their own personal best.

Why face-to-face marketing is the right fit for healthy brands Brand ambassadors can deliver real benefits for health and wellness brands – and for consumers who want to change their lifestyles for the better, says Dorian Payne, Head of Operations at StreetPR Health is big business, and not just because we’re still in the season of New Year resolutions, when everyone starts a new diet, signs up for the gym and quits smoking and drinking. There’s a much bigger shift in attitudes going on here – the UK is finally waking up to the fact that we have a problem with obesity, general fitness levels and related medical conditions. But how can gyms and fitness clubs, healthy eating brands and health charities get people to convert this increased awareness of the need to look after ourselves better into action – not just joining a gym, but going regularly throughout the year, and not just starting a diet, but changing eating habits and lifestyles long-term? Ads on the TV, in the papers and on billboards, online marketing and even old-fashioned direct mail all have their part to play; but faceto-face engagement is becoming much more important for many marketers, as it offers the ability for brands to start and exploit conversations around the benefits of changing habits with their target audiences. You can’t have a conversation with a TV ad, and there’s something a bit soul-less about ‘talking’ to someone online. Is it a real person? Are they more interested in sticking to their script? Are they an AI-driven chatbot? There’s something much more reassuring about being able to talk to someone in person. The NHS is a big user of brand ambassadors for this kind of direct 8

FEBRUary 2018

face-to-face communications – we’ve been working on anti-smoking campaigns in and around London for some years now. It’s amazing how smokers are so much more open and responsive when they’re actually discussing the challenges they face with a sympathetic listener who responds to their worries and provides tailored advice – and who will often themselves be a reformed smoker! Face-to-face marketing should always be about far more than just handing out some leaflets, particularly when we’re talking about getting people fitter, healthier and living a longer and more rewarding life. Gyms and health clubs are also big users of brand ambassadors. An additional benefit for them is that they can run very tightly targeted campaigns, selecting locations within a set distance from their outlets, or around those places they know their key audience will be (upmarket High Streets or transport hubs, for example). It’s no surprise that so many gyms will run campaigns handing out leaflets offering free trial day memberships at major train stations during the morning and evening rush hours – it really does drive footfall. Backing up leafleting with some kind of pop-up activity really helps to leverage the impact of on-the-street campaigns. So if you’re a marketer for a health club chain, how about taking a rowing machine or a fitness bike into local shopping centres and challenging people to take on your brand ambassadors? You can even link up the output from the fitness machines with any digital screens in the area, and make them sharable via social media, to amplify the impact of the experiential work. There are also obvious benefits for healthy food and drink companies as well. People are far more likely to buy something if they are able to try it first, and brand ambassadors on the High Street, in shopping malls, at tube and train stations – and even at festivals and cultural events – can hand out free samples and, even more importantly, discuss any concerns that consumers may have there and then. Brand ambassadors can be used on their own or for short-term tactical purposes (such as the opening of a new gym or healthy eating outlet), but we’d argue that wherever possible they should be woven into the long-term marketing strategy. On-street activity works really well in partnership with other media channels to drive awareness and traffic. In today’s ‘always connected’ world, face-to-face marketing is particularly effective when it is integrated with social media channels to create buzz about the campaign and the brand and even content that can be used on websites or in advertising. But don’t forget that simple leafleting also keeps on working for a long time after the campaign finishes – we had clients saying that they’ve had new customers walking through their doors up to six months after we’ve run a campaign for them, waving leaflets they’ve had stuck on their fridges for that long. Real people talking to real consumers about health issues that matter can deliver significant benefits both for the consumers and for the businesses concerned.

Switching water supplier – are Gyms and Spas missing a trick? It is coming up to a year since Gyms and Spas in England have been able to choose who supplies their water. Nearly 92,000 supply points have so far switched, with more in the pipeline, and many companies have renegotiated a better deal with their existing provider. If you’ve never explored the options, you could be missing out on benefits including:  The convenience of dealing with a single supplier, reducing administration time and cost.  Lower prices.  Better customer service, specified to your needs.


 Water efficiency services to cut the amount of water you use, saving money and waste. To help Gym and Spa owners understand the market and how to assess their options, independent water specialist The Water Report has produced a short guide. It explains the new arrangements and includes a supplier directory to help customers shortlist potential retailers from the 20+ companies licensed to compete. The Customer Guide to the New Water Market is available FREE to download at http://www.thewaterreport.co.uk/guide Karma Loveday, author of the Guide and editor of The Water Report said: “The market turns a year old in April. This is a good time for customers to look at whether they could benefit from switching, because first mover risk has passed but potential benefits remain. It can be hard to know where to start though. The Water Report has been following these developments since the beginning. We have produced The Customer Guide to the New Water Market to provide businesses with independent, high quality information to help them find their way in the new environment.”


instructor training days at Move It in London and also Scotland. Three years since its launch in Brisbane, the programme is tipped to be an industry favourite with its pioneering, easy-to-follow routines and cutting-edge technology. Created by triplets Annie, Rachel and Fiona, and younger sister Kat Johnson, ‘TAPfit’ promises a fun yet total-body workout. Using patented technology to deliver a contemporary take on dancing with a dance/fitness fusion, the brand has already seen over 100 instructors through a test phase in Europe in the past year.  In 2018, the UK is set to become an extremely significant market for the brand.  All four sisters represented Australia at the World Dance Championships in Germany and have spent the last three years carefully crafting the programme alongside accredited exercise, diet and physiological professionals.   Instructors attending the day-long UK trainings will learn how to deliver the programme, which incorporates dance fitness routines from celebrity choreographers who have dance with Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and competed on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. The ‘Feet Beat’ is an attachment that slips over any kind of trainer so you can instantly be one with the music and create rhythms and music with your feet unlike anything else in the world. It’s purpose is to help class participants “become the beat” as opposed to just dancing to it.  Once members, UK TAPfit instructors will receive new workouts and new music periodically, a 2 week weight-loss programme, over 100+ recipes online to share with their class, discount on apparel and equipment and all business tools to help make their TAPfit careers a sterling success. Dates and locations for trainings are as follows: February 18th Glasgow February 25th London March 17th MOVE IT Conference, London March 25th London April 27th Ribby Hall Fitness Weekend

“We know Dance Fitness is not new, there is a variety of programs which will achieve fitness to dance. We are very aware of this and how crowded the space is.

The brand will also be showcasing at Move It – the fitness & lifestyle show taking place at Excel London March 16-18th with a further instructor training taking place at the event on Saturday  17th March. Says Director Katherine Johnson on the brand’s imminent UK launch:

This is the reason why we have spent so many resources developing, perfecting and patenting our equipment, which slips over any workout shoe so you can create music with your feet. We want the participant to become the beat, not just dance to it" – Director Fiona Johnson

“We’ve been watching the UK fitness market since our launch in Australia and are impressed with the dynamic landscape here. That said, we feel the time is right for a new dance-fitness brand and TAPfit is the natural progression from other programs because you become the beat. This has proven benefits and offers instructors and studios alike a fresh new, original concept to offer fitness UK fans”. 

TAPfit is a highly innovative world-first dance fitness program using patented equipment, engineered by four Australian sisters, is making its much-anticipated UK debut this February with its first

TAPfit is expanding globally with patents and trademarks in over 50 countries. To book a place at one of the UK training sessions, instructors need to register at https://tapfit.com/checkout/


Anytime Fitness

5 Pure Gym January 2018 Openings - Private


Everlast Fitness


Snap Fitness


Fitness Space


The Gym Group Source: LeisureDB

Anytime Fitness, Everlast Fitness, Fitness Space, Pure Gym, Snap Fitness and The Gym Group are private UK fitness brands which opened new clubs in January 2018. Will the UK fitness industry continue to see growth throughout the year, with the private sector as the main driving force?

FEBRUary 2018



The Futur and Healt We find out more about Daniel Nyiri, Founder of 4U Fitness, and what inspired him to start his award winning business.

How did you get into the fitness industry? I used to play hockey professionally but that ended due to an unfortunate injury. After that, if that wasn’t enough already that my dreams were crushed and I had no idea what’s next in life, both of my grandparents passed away due to obesity related diseases. These experiences changed me completely. While recovering from my injury and upon learning what happened to them, I started to learn about fitness and nutrition, and came to realize that they would be still alive if I had known what I knew now. I did some research and found out that every 90 seconds one person dies from obesity. It is the biggest killer in the world. Even though this is true, nobody is doing much about it. You don’t hear the news talking about it. All you hear about is terrorists and such, not about the real killer, which kills more then cigarettes, alcohol, or any other drug. Obesity is a real problem. So then I decided to get involved and started seeing how crooked the fitness industry is. So many certifications are being sponsored by big name brands while teaching others nothing of value. Then there are gyms, big box or smaller gyms: all they care about is making sales and locking people into contracts to collect payments and nothing more. So I decided right then and there, my new mission is to put an end to obesity and completely revolutionize the fitness industry so it is about the client and their needs!

What is 4U Fitness, and what do you do? 4U Fitness is a chain of corporately owned boutique fitness studios with a revolutionary high tech workout that allows you to get a three hour workout in just 20 minutes! I am the


FEBRUary 2018

founder and Chief Executive Officer. Everyday I spend time with the most amazing people. I enjoy building my team and am always keeping my eyes open to find A+ player talent. Even if an actual job isn’t available for that talent, if they’re A+, they’re hired! Above all else, I enjoy giving back to the community and the world! Elon Musk is creating this environment-friendly world and opportunity to live on Mars. A world where Starbucks can continually provide the perfect coffee and a home between your home and workplace. But who is actually going to live on this perfect world!? I’d say no one because from the direction we’re headed with obesity there will be no people to live on Earth or Mars. Not if we can help it.

What sets 4U Fitness apart from its competitors? The main separator is that we are in this for the long run! You have to understand that in the fitness industry, most gyms hire trainers as contractors and they are treated like crap which translates to how they treat their clients. From day one, we hire people who have their own personal mission that aligns and matches with our vision, purpose, and mission. Everyone thinks our differentiator is our technology but its 20% technology, 80% our culture and people. We are building everything for the future. When we hire someone the first thing we do is set their goals for the next 10 years aligned with the company so they know how far they can go, how much can they make, and what they should be doing to achieve their dreams. Our 4U Academy also sets us apart! Once someone goes through our crazy hiring process and sends their 1000 word essay to explain why we should hire them, they enroll in our Academy and go through 1-3 months of extensive training. Then upon


re is Bright thy! graduation, they are considered qualified and ready to take on clients.

One other thing is that we don’t use any of the common booking systems or calendars. We have built our own, inhouse POS and booking systems that is customized on data and statistics. We continue to develop it as we go with our in house tech team. We have called our system Millennium Falcom (since Millennium Falcon was taken by Star Wars) because it will get us where we need to go with light speed! On top of that, we have raised the experience and people come in to have fun since we have become their happy place! Just like Starbucks! The place between home and work. We are their happy place between home, work and Starbucks. We educate our clients on how it really works! So, once they reach their results with us, we literally tell them okay, we’ve taught you everything you need to know and you’ve graduated from us you can go now spread the word and teach others! Other people need your spot and we have to put a stop on obesity so please help us by sharing your knowledge! Our studios are pretty packed so we actually do say that. However, about 80% of clients stay with us. Because once you go 4U you cant go orange! I don’t know, it’s just a theory. We teach them how to be happy and healthy and continue on with their life. That is why we guarantee their results and have no contracts. Lastly, our workouts are only 20 minutes 2x per week. We compliment these workouts with our C.O.R.E. Program with full nutritional guidance to accelerate their results in conjunction with their training so our clients can stay motivated and get the results they need and want.

What is your vision for 4U Fitness? Our biggest goal is to put a stop to obesity, which is a giant goal! Just as big as Starbucks back in the time when they were only in Seattle. Every 90 seconds, one person dies from obesity and it only gets worse. I lost my grandparents to obesity and I do not want to see another grandson feel the loss that I did. Before we get to that, 100 studios in the next 5 years so we can finally get closer to our other goal: more affordable services - just like Model 3 with Tesla! First they came out FEBRUary 2018



with the Luxurious Model S to build their revenue so they can offer and afford to make cheaper models for people who cant afford the luxury personal training. We have the same goals to deliver fitness to everyone! At the same time we are going to be the first gym on MARS. We are busy conducting research and working on advanced workout development at the lab in Tampa Bay, Florida ASPI and in a Zero Gravity airplane to prove to NASA that we have found the solution for them! Our technology can prevent muscle atrophy in space so with it, our astronauts can safely colonize Mars! Some of your readers might say wow this guy is crazy. Which is great that’s exactly what they said to Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, even to Walt Disney and Henry Ford when they announced their plans! People were saying cars?! No way, we want faster horses. Personal Computer? Yeah right who wants to use one of those. Electric car? Never going to work. A space rocket that comes back once it dropped the shipment on the station? No way! Do you see? Everything is crazy and unrealistic until someone proves it wrong, and we are doing it. Starbucks is the #3 place in our life, our goal is to become #4 globally. However, Starbucks is coffee, so health should be more important so #3! Sorry Starbucks. I actually reached out to Howard Schultz about it and got a funny response. Here is the thing, we will make it happen!


FEBRUary 2018

What are the biggest challenges facing your business over the next few years?   Our biggest challenge right now is education. Previously it was a challenge to find A+ player talent. I am happy to say that is no longer the issue because they find us now! We receive hundreds of resumes per month. Our internal education program used to take 3 months to produce our amazing employees. Just recently we’ve been able to cut down to a six week training through the help of technology and more manpower. We’re perfecting the system because we need to be careful that our employees can learn that fast and still be able to execute and give clients the experience they deserve. Our newest challenge and source of excitement is space training! We are planning our biggest research project ever so we can publish our solution for NASA!

What are your own personal fitness goals and how do you achieve these? Due to my injury I am not allowed to lift weights. So the only workout I do is our full body electric muscle stimulation workout 2-3x per week, and every once in a while I do a conventional training session as well. My goal is to rehab my back injury without any surgery!


What are the most important lessons you've learnt from the fitness industry? People don’t know what they don’t know. The fitness industry is very broken and studios are being opened left and right, while personal trainers getting their certifications online and instantly become “experts” based on their looks. They teach people crazy things that either injure them physically, or mentally. It is a really bad system that doesn’t really care about its customers and it needs to be revolutionized. Of course there are exceptions and I am very happy to find them! But through my research, when I was writing my book, I found quite the opposite of good.

What are your biggest achievements? Starting a company from nothing. I arrived in the U.S. about seven years ago, alone, with $150 in my pocket and did not speak English. With lots of hard work from day to night I was able to build my own gym, then eventually introduce the full body electric muscle stimulation to the United States. Now we have five locations and five more are already in the works for this year. We were voted as the Best Gym, Best Personal Trainers and Most Innovative Company in the entire Bay Area. We were featured on “The Doctors” TV Show as well, and were

in a movie called “Generation Iron 2” that was in theaters worldwide last summer with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Most importantly, creating amazing jobs and helping 1000s of people get the results that they desperately need and want!

What are your plans for the future, both professionally and personally? Our mission is clear, and my vision for the future is for this company to grow to be everything it has the potential to be. I can’t even separate my life professionally and personally because they are too intertwined. My incredible wife is our Co-Owner and author of our C.O.R.E. nutrition program and she is by my side all through this journey. Together and with our incredible team, we will see the dream come to fruition. I wake up every day more excited than the day before because I am living my dream and every day that passes by I get closer to it. The future is bright and healthy!

"So I decided right then and there, my new mission is to put an end to obesity and completely revolutionize the fitness industry" FEBRUary 2018


Bringing the unmistakable taste of Mars brands to the protein market Including MARS® and SNICKERS® Two of the fastest growing Sports Nutrition brands in 2017*

Awarded Top Launch of the Year for 2017 in The Grocer’s Sport Nutrition category MARS®, SNICKERS®, BOUNTY® and MILKY WAY® are registered trademarks of ©Mars 2018 *1,099% increase in MARS® and 735% increase in SNICKERS® branded products 2016 v 2017, Nielson MAT WE 09.09.17 Sports Nutrition

INCREASE SALES WITH THE BRANDS YOUR MEMBERS TRUST By 2019, the UK sports nutrition market is predicted to increase by a further eight percent to £527 million, with sales of powder-based protein products making up 36 per cent of the market, followed closely by protein bars. The majority of the these sales are generated through very targeted end user channels, including gyms, national chains and independents, leisure centres and specialist in this field. It has been suggested however, that the increasing number of online retailers is making it harder for traditional outlets to generate a good profit from the sales of these products, as the market continues to boom in popularity.


For gyms, offering products with a familiar brand that the consumer recognises is proving to be the most powerful route to purchase. Not all members will be familiar with specialist brands, and often buy on impulse. Due to this, most gyms find that the product lines with the strongest brand recognition sell through at a much higher rate compared to those lesser known.

Anthony Potts, gym owner at TNT in Reading said: “We have been stocking the MARS and SNICKERS Protein Bars for over a year now, and we typically see a 4:1 rate of sale of these bars against our next most popular. For customers who use our facilities that are less familiar with specialist sports nutrition brands, they are drawn into the brands they recognise, and enjoy the taste of. We have since introduced BOUNTY and MARS Xtra Choc, which we sold out of completely within a week, and we have now been trialling the sale of MARS 100% Whey Protein Powder, which has proved just as popular. Michelle Frost, general manager for Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats, says: “We developed our range of MARS, SNICKERS, BOUNTY and MARS Xtra Choc protein products to offer the consumer familiarity, in a market that is becoming saturated with unfamiliar, low quality products. Our MARS brand particularly, for both protein bars and whey powders, has seen a phenomenal level of growth in sales, with a 1,099% increase in 2017 compared to 2016 when it first launched.” To offer your members the latest protein products by Mars, please call 01452 378500 with all stockist enquires.


NAME: Lewis Bailey QUALIFICATIONS: Premier Global Level 4 / CHEK Level 1 / Chek HLC Level 1 / 3DPT Mansfield sports institute / 2 Year bio-mechanics mentorship Mansfield Sports institute / Training workshops and seminars from Gary Gray, John Berardi / Chuck Wolf / Charles Poliquin NO. OF YEARS AS A QUALIFIED PT: 17 years


FEBRUary 2018

OWNER OF: My own private fitness studio Lewis Bailey Health & Fitness FACEBOOK: https://en-gb.facebook.com/ LewisBaileyFitness/ INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/lewbaileyfitness/ VIDEO'S: www.youtube.com/watch?time_ continue=8&v=0V3QSqlYAS8


How did you become a PT? After 7 years in HM Armed Forces, I wanted to pursue a career which allowed me to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. Following my keen passion for fitness and sports during my time in the forces, Personal Training seemed the logical next step.

What was your experience of the training / qualification process? Through Premier Global, I can only give great feedback with the old diploma running for 12 weeks full time intensive study, and a rigorous examination process at the end of the eight modules. Despite the intensive 12 weeks, I personally believe the course could have been longer to really focus intensely on what Personal Trainers encounter in today’s world. The very fact the courses are now typically run over five weeks on a part time basis is certainly a step in the wrong direction for the industry, hence why so many PTs are struggling!

Do you specialise in a particular type of fitness?

I take a holistic and versatile approach to serving my clients with a bespoke pathway created depending on the persons physical ability, health, physical condition, body type and the goals they want to achieve.

What is it like working with the gym owner? Being the gym owner I’d imagine my team to say I can be tough to work with. The guys are fully aware that my focus is to ensure we deliver for every single client who walks through the door, and every single one of us keeps aligned with our values and philosophies. The second we don’t adhere to this I quickly act to rectify. For me it is incredibly important to ensure every one of the team is delivering the promise we set out through our values, so I have to keep a tight ship!

You spend your working hours motivating others, how do you motivate yourself? Motivation is finite, some days you’re up and some days you’re down. Twice daily Transcendental Meditation is what keeps me centered and focused on what needs to be done,

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and to keep me on track with my personal mission - to help transform the body and lives of millions of people across the world!

What advice would you give to other PTs just starting out in the business? Great question… My best advice would be to spend time thinking about what EXACTLY what you want to achieve within the industry. There’s no point just wanting to be a Personal Trainer as a job because you wont last long. For me, you’ve got to look at the bigger picture of what you want to accomplish. How are you going to set the world on fire, how will you make an impact, what does your business look like (121 / group / private studio etc.), what style of trainer do you want to be - Therapist, nutritional based, Strength Couch, Fat Loss Specialist etc. Once you have established all of the above, you can get excited about your career and the impact you can have on the people you serve, but also move towards a direction which will help you achieve what you truly desire from the industry. This focus and achievement offers complete career fulfillment and can also help you achieve your life purpose!

What are the biggest challenges facing your business today? The running of any business comes with numerous challenges, and I personal think our biggest challenge is to


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keep the consistency of excellence from start to finish. We can only be judged on our poorest result or experience, and it is making sure we constantly keep focused, monitor and innovate as much as possible to delivering our very best, every time!!

What significant changes have you seen within the industry over the past five years? The increasing popularity of Personal Training has spawned a great degree of short term courses which has lowered the standard of Personal Training across the board. It is awesome how popular PT now is, however, more people are having a negative experience from poorly qualified trainers. This isn’t a knock at newly qualified Personal Trainers, but more of a dig at industry Educators and Governing Bodies. Intervention to raise the standards is needed.

How do engage with your clients, and how often do you check their progress? We have an audit system whereby my Head Trainer checks the clients progress files in our online system to ensure clients have been having regular reviews, and that each client is moving through our bespoke programme as set out. We check three different clients from each trainer on a weekly basis.


How does a PT promote him or herself and the services they provide? The clients are provided to all of my team, they do not need to market their services, they simply need to deliver our programme and standards to all our clients.

How often do you train? Six days a week, and sometimes twice a day. If I’m carrying too much timber, then its twice a day, six days a week with heavy resistance in the morning and LISS cardio in the evening. I’m not a fan of HIIT due to intensity. I’m up at 5am everyday, and I finish at 9pm, so after such a long day a dose of HIIT doesn’t go down well at all.

If you could radically change anything within the industry, what would it be and why? Standard of Personal Training to be significantly increased in the view of PTs to start working more with Health Professional across the country to help reduce the obesity and mental health epidemic. There’s such a huge gap that Personal Training can fill in a professional capacity to really make an impact on this issue, but the standards of PTs would need to improve to serve this challenge…. Watch this space!!

Do you see yourself still working as a PT in the coming years? I’m 40 years old this year, and I’m showing no signs of stopping. Admittedly, I wont be doing the 10 sessions a day that I used to do in my 20’s, but I will always keep my hand in the game with a couple of clients. My key focus is to now educate across the PT industry to help PTs create a great a career and help people all over the world transform their bodies and lives!

What's your biggest success story? Not one for blowing my own trumpet, but I’ve had many which are all as big as each other in their own right. My personal favorite was with my client Sarah Scully who had never stepped foot in a gym before seeing me. After three years, she went from out of shape and a complete lack of self-confidence, to becoming Top 5 in the world at the UKBFF amateur Olympia finals in 2015. Its one of the biggest transformations I’ve seen in a clients body and mind.

"it is incredibly important to ensure every one of the team is delivering the promise we set out through our values, so I have to keep a tight ship!" FEBRUary 2018



Wearables fo Jonathan Tustain, Freelance Immersive Technology Consultant who will host The Future of Fitness Conference in April, investigates how wearables can keep us on track to achieving our goals in the gym. Fitness wearables are a common sight these days. Dedicated gadgets from Fitbit and Garmin, as well as Smart Watches like the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro, can measure how many steps you have taken, distance travelled and calories burned, as well as your heart rate.  Some even measure distances climbed using an inbuilt barometric altimeter. Even most smartphones feature health apps by default.  For example, the Samsung Health App on my Galaxy S7 is able to track my heart rate, estimate the amount of oxygen in my blood and even my stress levels. It allows me to set step targets, reach milestones and compare how I am doing with others in my demographic profile, as well as compete with friends. Some third party apps even incentivise you to keep moving with ‘cash’ - for instance the app Sweatcoin rewards your efforts with ‘Sweatcoins’ that you can use to redeem against purchases. The overall idea with all these wearables is that, the more we know about our activity, the more we will feel inclined to exercise, and push past our personal bests. What I have described above tends to be designed for cardio activity such as running, which can apply just as much outside the gym, as indoors on a treadmill or rowing machine. However, there are a growing range of wearables designed to not only monitor your performance in, for example, a HIIT class, but also your weight training programmes. Such weight lifting trackers can keep you motivated and disciplined by identifying individual weight training moves - such as bench presses or bicep curls, and automatically detect and count each rep you do (useful if listening to distracting music). They are often combined with artificial intelligence powered feedback and coaching programmes in response to your activity, which might suggest you focus on a specific area, or go easy on a certain move to not overstress a joint. In this feature I look at some of the wearables designed to make a gym workout more efficient, safer and rewarding. 20

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or Gym Goers

Monitoring Strength The MOTi Gym Tracker MOTi is a wearable designed specially for the gym environment, tracking motion in 3D space and recognising different workout routines thanks to its inbuilt 6-axis MEMS motion sensor. When worn on a wrist, it recognises 5 bicep and tricep routines; 9 core routines when worn on the arm and 4 routines when worn on the ankle. It can auto detect repetitions and present the results on a supporting app, with advice how to improve form when working out, with a goal to minimise the chances of injury. Its MOTiVATOR section offers targets and analysis of your achievements.

EXPLORE THE FUTURE OF FITNESS AT FUTURE TECH NOW SHOW Gym Owner Monthly is the exclusive media partner of The Future of Fitness at this year’s Future Tech Now Show April 5-7th in London. You are invited to join us at the Business Design Centre to experience the Digital Gym and Healthcare Centre, where you can try the Icaros virtual reality flying machine, now available in over 400 gyms worldwide; participate in the high intensity Box VR workout game, by Fit XR and try the immersive Teslasuit, plus much much more. Get a conference ticket for April 6th for the Future of Fitness conference, to join a panel to discuss upcoming technologies designed to encourage gym loyalty, reach new audiences and boost ancillary revenue. Get a 10% discount off all ticket types by using Promo Code GYMOWNER at www.virtualrealityshow.co.uk/

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Strenx by Gymwatch

The Beast sensor is all about tracking what you can lift, with programmes for both gym goers (Athlete) and personal trainers (Trainer). The magnetic sensor can be worn on the wrist, on a ‘Beast vest’ or even fitted to a weight machine itself to monitor a huge range of strength data such as strength, explosiveness, volume, average power, reps, density, energy burn and tonnage. You can review your progress via a web or app portal where you can see your performance based training diary and manage your training cycles. The ‘Trainer’ version is aimed at coaches, trainers or advanced athletes. This provides a deeper insight into each lift and the ability to monitor groups of clients via a single dashboard - ideal for remote training.

The Push Tracker

Strenx by Gymwatch is strapped to your arm or leg muscles to monitor and track reps and exercises of static exercises and weights but with a focus on hitting the exact right target for your own unique fitness ability and goals. It can actually measure the strength exertion; differentiate between full and partial repetitions and the length of each rep, whether you are using weights, machines or just hitting some push-ups. The Bluetooth connected app records your movements and provides you with vocal real time feedback via your headphones. There is a large range of post analysis data available in the app such as Range of Motion (ROM), the Speed, the Time Under Tension (TuT) a e Trends.

The Beast Sensor Popular with sports teams and coaches, the armbased Push tracker is designed to be used by trainers and gyms on behalf of their clients for group testing, and objectively monitor their client’s performance in the weight room. It can automatically detect a deadlift, bicep curl, push ups and lat pulldowns followed by analysis based on the three key metrics of “Power“, “Velocity” and “Work”. It is also able to bring a competitive element to the gym floor. On the Push portal there is a leader board to let you know who is currently doing best at bench press for example. Both The Beast and Push are based on Velocity Based Training (mostly known as VBT) to auto regulate workouts. VBT collects data from linear position transducers and accelerometers as a tool for predicting 1-RM using submaximal loads.  Your 1-rep max is the most weight you can lift in one rep. It can also used to find out how much you should lift in other rep ranges and allows the trainer to provide very specific feedback such as “pulldown quicker”. 22

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motion on three axis (3-axis Accelerometer and Gyroscope - like in your phone) and measures it against a database in order to determine what type of activity you are performing. The Atlas Wristband 2 will vibrate when you reach your target rep count and will vibrate when it is time to do our next rep. Other measurables include Muscle Focus, Velocity, Form Score, Workout Duration, Volume, Training Volume, Heart Rate Zones, Rest Time, Active Time, Steps & BMR, Weight Goals and Training Focus.

Halo Sport

Designed for cardio, and looking like a throwback to the headbands popular in the 1980s, the Moov HR Sweat tracks your heart rate via the thin skin on your forehead (This makes sense considering how much my forehead veins bulge during a Body Combat workout!) Billed as the “first intense heart rate workout coach”, a real time vocal coach encourages the user to push harder based on their activity and goals. There is also the function to sync and compete against friends in the same gym.

Some fitness wearables don’t just measure your workout - some claim to even improve it, one of which being the Halo Sport - a brain-training tool that claims to increase your gains through science.

This can be worn with the wrist based 3D motion sensing Moov Now wrist device, which features low latency motion sensing to judge velocity, orientation and form, meaning both movement and heart rate can be tracked at the same time, ideal for spinning classes or HIIT Indoor Cycling.

These space-age looking headphones use neurostimulation to “help you train more effectively” by stimulating your motor cortex for a period of 20 minutes during training. The process, known as neuropriming, increases the excitability of your motor neurons, putting your brain into a state of heightened plasticity known as "hyper plasticity" or 'hyperlearning', for up to an hour.

Garmin Vivosport The Garmin Vivosport and the Vivosmart 3 are wrist worn trackers that combine VO2 Max (Maximal amount of oxygen your body is capable of utilising in one minute) tracking and exercise detection, to offer automatic rep counting, such as detecting curls, press ups and presses. Similarly the Atlas Wristband 2 is another wrist wearable that can recognise individual reps such as push-ups and bicep curls, by detecting

There is considerable evidence to suggest, during this state, the brain’s ability to train becomes more efficient, resulting in improved strength, explosiveness, endurance and muscle memory.

E-pulsive Another wearable that can directly improve your performance is E-Pulsive. Highly popular in Germany, E-Pulsive hopes to cater for the time poor with EMS technology. EMS technology (‘Electrical Muscle Stimulation’) has been around for over 50 years, mainly used for medical purposes, but now the technology is being used via wearables that when worn, can deliver the equivalent of a 90 minute workout in just 20 minutes and over 12 weeks with E-Pulsive, a 9% body fat loss and 4kg (9lbs) weight loss and 30% increase in strength. There are now over 1000 ‘micro-gyms’ in Germany that exclusively offer private or group EMS workouts under the guidance of a personal trainer. The science behind it suggests 98% of muscle groups can be trained at one time, unlike a gym workout FEBRUary 2018



that usually focuses on one or two muscles groups at once.

The company informed me is it safe, but it is vital that EMS technology is used under the guidance of a qualified trainer, referring to bad publicity generated in Israel where people were left to their own devices which caused some injuries. However it is an accepted rehabilitation method for injured athletes who are not ready to lift weights, but can benefit from the muscle contractions E-Pulsive delivers. The company has launched its first gym in Kensington with the next one to open will be in Mayfair.  

The Ultimate ‘Wearables’ Maybe the ultimate ‘wearable’ devices are ‘biometric’ skins. These are more similar to clothes that when warn, monitor several data points via sensors, transmitting metrics to smartphones via Bluetooth. One example is the Hexoskin Smart Shirt range, which can constantly measure Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability, Heart Rate Recovery, and ECG, Breathing Rate, Minute Ventilation, Activity intensity, peak acceleration and steps. More specific to the gym environment is the Athos bodysuit solutions designed for use under the guidance of personal coaches and trainers. Over 20 small sensors measure your every movement, muscle exertion, breath and heartbeat.  The company claim it can reduce the time it can take for injured athletes to get back to working out, using real-time insights and visual cues and determining whether muscle groups are firing as intended, and that good form is being adhered to. 24

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What Are The Benefits to Learning Correctly and Efficiently? Kristian Hargreaves, BWL Workforce Development Manager, discusses the changes in the industry around education, and how British Weight Lifting Courses can improve you and your clients. Call yourself a weight lifting expert? Many of us have

It can be argued that the old traditional methods of going on

been using weights in all forms since the day we were

weeklong courses to learn how to lift a barbell are a thing of the

allowed to leave the house without our parents in tow.

past, and in essence it is, but the industry has changed and offers

Some of us for even longer with the invention of home

some fantastic opportunities for people to get a well-balanced

gym sets. Do these years of experience make us experts

education through the “traditional” and modern day digital methods.

in the field that we hold so dear to heart? The many Instagram, YouTube and other Social Media accounts of these fit looking people, telling you that this and that are the most efficient ways to train, let alone the crazy the diets and macros they preach so fondly about. But as we now know each person (including you) will train and need to train completely different to the next, in order for our bodies to gain the achievements we so crave. Gone are the days when we used to actually meet and speak to people about our hobbies and interests, and in this media run age, everybody absorbs themselves through digital learning methods. Spending your evenings watching endless Youtube clips of “How to Lift Like the Pros” or “Train Like an Olympic Athlete” is disturbingly becoming the norm and really starting to have an effect on our industry. There isn’t just one person or part of the industry to blame

Most of us have spent thousands of £££’s on education and training for us to be in the positions that we are in right now. Our Personal Training Qualifications, our Kettle Bell Instructors awards, and our Fitness and Nutrition Diplomas have meant that we have spent every penny of what we earn in a congested market. So, the thought of sitting on the sofa with a shake, watching online videos of how to teach our clients to become the next Olympic Weightlifter is a much easier option. British Weight Lifting have made strides in the market over the past 2 years in developing their education programmes to really offer something unique to the fitness industry market. Developing new courses that have been specifically designed for the gym and personal training market, to courses that will ensure that coaches within UK are some of the most highly recognised in the World.

for this negative effect, but the one thing that we as a collection

Olympic Lifting is now a high commodity within everyday training

of fitness professional can do, and that is to put ourselves in the

schedules for many, with the full body benefits widely praised. The

strongest position of knowledge and skill.

emergence of Crossfit has also brought Olympic Lifting back to the

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forefront of training schedules. What is it that is so good about incorporating Olympic Lifting into my schedule, is a question that is asked regularly. These highly technical based lifts that can take a while to get your head around do offer some of the best results for free weight exercises. Apart from this style of training offering its benefactors the obvious health benefits to training such as; assisted weight loss, increasing bone density and prevention of osteoporosis and physiological improvements that exercising brings us. Olympic Lifting has a unique element to offer and that is that with the BMR (base metabolic rate) that the exercise has you working at, the high and explosive elements lead to the muscles cells continuously work even after exercise, this means that even after the session your body will still be working hard and burning those hated calories. The benefits to training with Olympic lifts is clear to see, the exercises really offer a “whole body” workout and will also aide you to train more efficiently within the other areas of your regular session. The flexibility and core strength needed to perform even the most basic of lifts on the bar can only be a good for us, right? The need to ensure that we are best placed to correctly both perform and teach these lifts is one of the most important things however. The ability to lift such a weight above your head with the power and skill needed isn’t something that can be accurately taught to you by a YouTube sensation. British Weight Lifting courses have emerged as one of the market leaders for offering its learners the most in depth technical and practical knowledge on the courses. With their coaching awards being a perfect blend of technical theory and practical, the courses allow each learner to best enhance or even start their knowledge on how to effectively; perform, instruct, coach and adapt weight lifting and training. To go alongside they’re in depth coaching awards which would lead you to be as qualified as those you see on your television sets at the Olympics Games is their Instructors awards. These awards were designed for fitness and industry professionals who have been working with and training in the weights environment. Their instructor’s awards are again a perfect 26

FEBRUary 2018

blend of technical theory taught to by a range of Weight Lifting experts including ex-Olympians and current Olympic coaches with also plenty of gym time, which allows you to put skills into practice under their watchful eye. All of the courses will teach you not only how to lift the weights safely and effectively but also give you the knowledge of how to fit Olympic Lifts perfectly into a client’s training schedule allowing for the best outcomes which will meet a variety of training goals. As we discussed earlier in this piece, times have changed and our industry is changing with it. Don’t be too quick to disregard actually going out there and developing your learning in person. Videos on Social Media outlets, simply just don’t cut it. In order for you to be best you can be in whatever role you either uphold or would like to uphold in the fitness industry, please ensure that you don’t dilute it and bring a bad name upon through shoddy work. Invest the time and effort into your learning and you will certainly reap the rewards. Learning is an everyday must and ensuring that you learn in the most efficient way is key. The right advice and the right course is there just take the time to ensure that you do it right. If you would like any further details on what British Weight Lifting have to offer in regards to courses, workshops and other educational tools, please don’t hesitate to contact them via 01132 249 402 or email: courses@britishweightlifting.org.


Level 2 Award in Instructing Weight Lifting Official BWL Qualification

Available across the UK Book your place today at www.britishweightlifting.org

0113 224 9402 courses@britishweightlifting.org britishweightlifting.org @GBWeightlifting /bwl.org FEBRUary 2018



About the Course

Officially accredited qualification Entry level course Key positions and movement patterns Learn to instruct how to lift safely Learn to instruct a range of lifts including deadlift, back squat, bench press and Olympic lifts

Who is it designed for? The 1st4sport Level 2 Award in Instructing Weight Lifting is for those with experience in performing lifts including back squat, front squat, bench press, deadlift, snatch and clean & jerk.

For more information on this course or any other British Weight Lifting Courses, please contact: 0113 224 9402 courses@britishweightlifting.org 28

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Weight Training Areas – More Than Just Barbells and Plates Paul Farrell, Account Manager at Physical Company on how to maximise your Weight Training Area. “I see a lot of gyms make the mistake of investing in the same pieces of kit they’ve always used, or that they consider to be cost-saving, rather than establishing what their demographic will actually use,” says Paul Farrell, Account Manager at Physical Company. “However good a deal you may have had on a piece of equipment, if your members don’t use it, you’ve wasted your money.”

Paul recommends gym owners regularly taking stock of which pieces of kit are the most popular. Some gyms might have large cardio sections which are not actually being used, while on the other side of the room people are queuing for the squat rack. Investing in additional pieces of equipment and expanding your weight area is often hugely popular with members. “Providing a broad choice of equipment that encourages users to enjoy a fantastic experience is easier to achieve

FEBRUary 2018



than you may think,” says Paul. “It’s important to supply and install the right balance of equipment creatively: weight training areas needn’t just consist of barbells and plates.” Paul recommends the Exigo Conditioning Sled to build stamina and strength for testing endurance levels. An intriguing piece of equipment, it will certainly bring fresh challenges and interest to the weight training zone. Olympic disc holders allow the user to increase the resistance as needed while the heavy-duty weight pins allow up to 140kg to be loaded. The welded D-ring allows for pulling drills and an optional shoulder push attachment is available for rugby scrum drills, allowing athletes to simulate specific sports manoeuvres within the gym. Meanwhile, more traditional pieces of kit, like the Elite Power Rack, never go out of style. Paul recommends gyms keep such kit up-to-date to ensure efficiency of the equipment and safety for gym users from keeping well-maintained pieces on the gym floor. The multi-purpose rack has an optional integrated lifting platform and is an impressive addition to any weights area. Manufactured from 3.5mm heavy-grade steel, for the toughest lifting environments, it has 10 horns for plate storage and eight band pegs. “The Elite Power Rack is a space-efficient solution which frees up floor space and makes your gym look much tidier,” says Paul. “We often recommend this one for smaller spaces and combining this with a little reworking or the space can go a long way towards maximising what you’ve got.”

investing in durable flooring, but cheap flooring can end up costing you twice what it did to install in the long run,” says Paul who favours Ecore Everlast UltraTiles for the weights area, which are strong enough to withstand the constant dropping of weights. Another trend he is seeing from gym owners is incorporating turf flooring for sled and sprint work. “Turf flooring looks great but cutting corners here can be a disaster,” warns Paul. “Thinner (cheaper) turf flooring can mean that the concrete floor underneath is damaged from kettlebells and barbells being dropped on it. We supply rubber-backed turf flooring so that weights can also be used in this area. This means the area serves dual-purpose, maximising the amount of space for weight training.”

Reworking space is key to success and Physical Company is increasingly involved in helping gyms maximise their layout: often spurred on by the purchase of new equipment. “When gyms purchase new equipment, they often attempt to fit it around their existing layout but reviewing the layout of the gym when you install new pieces of kit is crucial,” says Paul. “Moving pieces around can not only free up space to accommodate new items, it also stimulates member interest as they see things they hadn’t previously considered using.” When refurbishing a gym or designing a new weights area, Paul works closely with the gym team to design a space that flows naturally. Increasingly gyms are looking to install a functional rig in prime position and building out from there. Another key consideration for the weight training area is choosing the right flooring to withstand inevitable knocks and drops. “Some gym owners overlook the importance of

“However good a deal you may have had on a piece of equipment, if your members don’t use it, you’ve wasted your money.” 30

FEBRUary 2018

Owner of the Month


Be as Unique and Individual as Possible! Andrew Wilkinson, Owner of Core Gym, tells us how he opened his first facility and grew 2000+ members strong in just two years. Gym owner: Andrew Wilkinson Gym name: Core Gym Location: 800 Harrogate Road, Greengates, Bradford BD10 0QS Number of Members: 2500 Web: www.core-gym.com

How did you become a gym owner? I have always held a keen interest in health and fitness, and it was a major ambition of mine to create my own facility. I found myself visiting all the gyms in the local area and noting what I liked and disliked from each site. I would work out the size of the facility by either pacing the length and width, or counting the number of ceiling tiles which would then enable me to calculate the approximate rentable value per square foot. I'd weigh it against the number of members paying the minimum membership at that time (sales staff offered up that information most of the time). I would then count how many staff they employed, and make a calculation of what their annual staff costs were. By then adding costs for utilities, promotion, loan repayments etc, I could work out the approximate profitability of each site. I was fixated on building my own gym that had all the good attributes that I

had taken from other gyms, but with my own style added. I had always said that the Barratt Shoe Shop in Greengates would be a perfect building for a gym, it was single storey but a large 6000sqft site with a 6-meter eaves height, so I knew it had ample room to install a mezzanine. The building was ideal and situated on a small Retail Park with plenty of parking and on a junction of two major roads into Leeds and Bradford. By chance Barratt Shoes went into liquidation, so I started making enquiries with the local planning authority regarding change of use, and speaking with building contractors and turned my lifelong ambition into reality. 

How many gyms do you own/operate? Currently just the one site, but I intend on expanding sometime in the near future with a slight change of path with either a boutique or mid-sector gym. I see an affluent

FEBRUary 2018



Owner of the Month How many staff do you employ?  We have five full time members of staff, from the GM to an apprentice, and 15 freelance instructors.

How important are PTs to your business? PTs are paramount to my business, as they help encourage new members that require extra motivation and of course help increase retention. We currently have an excellent team of PTs that live and breathe health, fitness and nutrition.

Do you provide any financial assistance for your staff with regards to their training & development? We have an apprentice program which is fully funded up to level 3. We also fund the training of our instructors for new disciplines/classes.   

What makes your gym unique? I kitted the gym out with industry leading equipment that rivals the best mid sector health clubs. The aesthetic and functionality of Life Fitness equipment is incomparable. I also found most of the budget gyms I have visited, or been a member of lacked in their changing facilities. They were extremely small providing no room to change without rubbing shoulders with the person next to you and always had a queue for the showers at peak times. I tried to create the opposite to that with large changing rooms and ample shower facilities. Another focus was to provide the most diverse, motivating timetable around, which I think we have succeeded in. future in both sectors and I would like to be part of the revolution. 

How long has your gym been operating for? We opened the doors in January 2015, so we are just going into our 3rd year.

Aside from the gym, what other facilities do you offer your members e.g. cafe, classes, creche etc.? One of the main areas of focus is a unique and diverse class timetable, offering classes like RAVEFIT, Boogie Bounce, BADASS, Gym & Tonic and Hangover. These classes all have their own individual twists that have been brought to life by our instructors.


FEBRUary 2018

Owner of the Month What advice would you give to other gym owners just starting out? Don’t copy what others are doing, be as unique and individual as possible to stand out of the everincreasing market. Thoroughly research you sector to make sure it’s the one for you. Recruiting quality staff, training and motivating them is paramount to the operation and success of your gym. Get the wrong/inexperienced members of staff and they can destroy your business. 

What are the biggest challenges facing your business today?  The budget market is still rapidly increasing, with the large operators  occupying  more new sites, especially in the CBD of major cities. That increases the pressure on the smaller operators on the outskirts of the cities that struggle to compete on size and price.  


What significant changes have you seen within the industry over the past 3 years? Social Media has without doubt been one of the main changes in the industry. It is the best asset gym operators can utilise when advertising/driving sales. One of the other noticeable changes is the emergence of boutique gyms. They have been prevalent in the US for some years now, and it was only a matter of time before they came to the UK. I like the ethos of boutique gyms with the benefits of generally being pay as you go, revenue from secondary spend, lower set up fees, overheads  etc.    

How do you engage with your members? We run numerous competitions in the gym where members can compete against one another, then we ask them to post his/her results on social media. We have found Instagram

FEBRUary 2018



Owner of the Month

and Facebook live videos are amazing for interacting and motivating our members.

With more traditional forms of marketing it was very hard to track your ROI.

How do you retain your members?

What is your biggest success story?

Retention is one of our main objectives, we strive to keep the class timetable as original as possible whilst keeping all the equipment clean and in working order. We also put on ad hoc Bootcamps, tasting nights, themed classes etc.

I would say my biggest achievement is building a successful gym and brand from scratch to over 2000 members within 2 years. I always wanted to surpass the average standards for the budget sector by having a more personal staff to member approach, awesome class timetable and top-quality Life Fitness equipment throughout.

How are you promoting your brand and marketing your gym? We have a number of different platforms for marketing the gym, but we find one of the most affective is on our own door step through referrals from our existing members. We find if they feel motivated and enjoy the whole experience they will always promote joining the gym to their friends and family. Social Media is our other main source of promotion, where we utilise sponsored marketing to be able to pinpoint your demographic right down to location, gender, age etc.


FEBRUary 2018

Finally, if there was one thing you could change in the industry, what would it be? People always comment on how good ‘January Joiners’ are for business, however I would always prefer to see people using their membership to its full extent, reaching towards their goals thus creating a healthier society.


What is MFR? Kal Hussain, Owner of King Fitness, on using Myofascia Release to rehabilitate clients.

When you think of Rehabilitation, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Physiotherapy? Hospitals? Injuries? Rehabilitation is the process of returning to a healthy, or good way of life. For some people, this could be for the very first time in their lives. In today’s industry, rehabilitation has become institutionalised, people and companies are out to help themselves in trying to help others, selling a product or a service as a solution, as something the customer cannot

Craig Averall Photography

do without. A solution that can replace one addiction or problem, with another. In today’s society, we sit too much at our desks, for long hours, with bad posture, we lift too heavy in order to achieve the appearance we are sold as perfect or desirable, and we spend too much time damaging our bodies with our daily lives, causing more and more injuries, and becoming resigned to the fact that certain levels of pain or discomfort are normal. When I first became a trainer, I was stuck with the mainstream approaches of muscle mass gain or weight loss

Craig Averall Photography

FEBRUary 2018



Craig Averall Photography

Craig Averall Photography

for my clients, until I met a client who expressed concern for the lower back pain she was experiencing. Though she had had Personal Trainers previously, the pain was never fully addressed or resolved. Following an assessment with her, digging into previous training approaches and her daily life, I came to the conclusion that her posture was the cause of her pain. The routines she had done, involving machines and weights, had in fact added to this issue, and were in fact doing her more harm than good.

connective tissue to restore motion and elongate muscles back to their natural state. This technique can be used on 95% of the human body. Resistance band on the other hand, are used to force the body into bad posture, allowing you to fight against this applied resistance, meaning you correct yourself. When these bands are then removed, you will find yourself feeling lighter, and naturally resuming into the correct posture you spent fighting to achieve, but without the resistance.Â

I started using Myofascia Release (MFR) techniques and small corrections on her, and after seven weeks, she found the pain was easing, almost three months later and the pain had gone all together. My client can now, for the first time in a while, stand, walk, and carry out daily activities without strain or pain.

If MFR is done correctly, it can easily burn more calories than a weights session at the gym, therefore supporting weight loss, if that is one of the goals you are trying to achieve and using your nutrition accordingly, by simply creating a calorie deficit (calories in vs. calories out), due to intense internal relief MFR achieves.

This experience, and success in helping my client, lead me to invest more and more time in learning about MFR, the human anatomy and what humans are naturally designed to do, which is where I am today,

More recently, I had an elderly client who came to me asking for help with weight loss. He was suffering from cancer and wanted a goal to work towards. After looking at his posture first, and considering his existing issues – he had Kyphosis (a curvature of the spine), which is increasingly common these days, along with a very bad gait and knee valgus, we started using MFR and corrective exercises to free his body from the tension he was feeling. 18 months on, my client is now free of cancer and simply loves the way his world has developed. I am of course not saying I did anything more than give him confidence and remove the pain he had been experiencing from years of bad posture, but it certainly has and continues

I use posture correction in order to resolve or avoid injuries, and therefore avoid rehabilitation. Not only does this make you look better, but also helps the body develop the way it is naturally designed to be. A correction of your posture can not only lead to injury prevention within your workout, but also in your daily life. I use resistance bands and MFR daily to correct client’s postures. What is MFR? MFR involves applying gentle, sustained pressure onto the myofascial 36

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Craig Averall Photography

Craig Averall Photography

to help him in his daily life. This, for me was the reason to become a Personal Trainer, to help people live their lives without pain, and give them a renewed longevity. Having studied Human Biomechanics in depth, has enabled me to show good and bad behaviours within the human structure. Functional Patterns is a company that has helped me develop an understanding of the biomechanics to a level that makes humans function. As a fitness professional, we should be looking at posture correction, making our clients pain free and improving their ease of life, as opposed to look at exclusively at what we should do once a person becomes injured. Injuries and pain are becoming all too common, resulting in an increased need for specialists and rehabilitation processes and procedures, to allow recovery and restoration of our bodies. I use posture correction in order to avoid injuries, and therefore avoid the need for rehabilitation, giving my clients the freedom of being pain free.

"In today’s society, we sit too much at our desks, for long hours, with bad posture, we lift too heavy in order to achieve the appearance we are sold as perfect or desirable, and we spend too much time damaging our bodies"

Membership/CRM & Marketing Access Control inc Biometrics Till, Credit Card & Stock Control Web & Mobile Activity & Class Bookings DD Management & Online Sign-ups Implementation, Training & Support

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PT OF THE MONTH & PT’S VIEW POINT For further information and to register your interest contact: pw@gymownermonthly.co.uk








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Offer a Five-Star Experience Daniel Nyiri, Founder of 4U Fitness, on the importance of FIve-Star Service, and Five-Star Clients

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself” —Joseph Campbell Simply put, your personal training and the experience you provide to clients has to stand out. This does not necessarily mean that you have to have some unique equipment, which, of course, is also great and a nice way to draw attention like we do. But, in addition to our high-tech training invention, we have also developed a focus on fivestar service, results, and marketing. Clients come for service and results and you have to have it. If they get great service but not results, your clients will leave. If they get results but you have terrible customer service, they will also be likely to leave. All of this means that you have to plan for success. Plan for your business’ success and for your clients’ success. If you don’t offer top-notch training as well as the exceptional service and results that clients expect, your gym probably won’t do very well or last very long. Just as your clients need to learn to analyze food, calories, fat, protein, carbs, BMI, inches and more, your business FEBRUary 2018



needs to measure its focus and progress. You have to analyze cash flow, sales, expenses, receivables, appreciations, dues, increases and decreases in activity, the efficiency of your assets, employees and so much more. It all comes down to offering five-star personal training and all of the elements that go along with it. Plan for your success and ensure that everyone who works for you understands what it takes. I am a big fan of Apple’s plan for an exceptional experience: Approach customers with a personalized warm welcome Probe politely to understand all the customer’s needs Present a solution for the customers to take home Listen for and resolve any issues or concerns End with a fond farewell and an invitation to return. The above spells for APPLE and it is not a mistake. It is their checklist. You should use something like this for all your trainers as well. It is the perfect explanation of a good consultation. Did you know that Apple draws in more people in 90 days than Disney’s four major theme parks in a whole year? 40

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A big mistake that many personal trainers make is droning on about themselves and the business. Do you know what your clients love to talk about the most? Themselves! That’s right. Ask questions to get them talking; you will learn more about the people you see every week and uncover potential business as well. You should have a least 10 questions ready that will help you learn everything you need and want to know about your clients: all of their problems, why they are at your studio, why now and what would it mean to them if they finally reached their goal. Once you know everything about your client, including job, marital status, kids and other salient details, you can use all of that information to provide a solution for each one of your clients’ concerns and problems. Yes, each one of them! This will develop greater trust and an even better relationship. Never say that you are an expert, just call yourself a fitness professional or, even better, a personal trainer. When you say that you are expert, you create an imbalance in the


relationship with your clients. And your client automatically questions your authority and, more than likely, you will be blamed if they don’t get the exact results they want and expect. Use your pitch instead. Play it down and steal the show at the end.

Only focus on your five-star clients! We too often make the mistake of focusing on the negative instead of the positive and if you have read the Law of Success, Attraction or “The Secret” you know you will get what you think, love, and worry about the most. What you focus on the most you will end up getting it. So if you focus on your clients who never pay on time, cancel all the time, don’t follow your plans, claim are not getting results and require so much more of your attention, because of all the reasons above you are going to be unsuccessful, unhappy and broke.

Why? Because you’d be focusing on the negative instead of focusing on your five-star clients! Slowly you are going to lose your five-star clients because you are not giving them the attention you should have been giving since you have

been so busy with your bad clients. The same can be said for your employees! You must focus on your “A” players! If you focus on your “A” players and five-star clients you will also attract them because “A” players and five-star clients are alike and gravitate towards one another and prefer each other’s company. Just think about it. Don’t you have some clients that are a pain in the butt and your five-star clients even complain about them? How about your employees? Let me tell you the answer that you already know! YOU MUST GET RID OF THEM! That’s right. You made the mistake of accepting these awful clients so now you must do your job and get rid of them for your wonderful clients, for your employees, for yourself! Or your “A” players and five-star clients will leave you. This also means you can not take any client that just gives you money! That’s right. Not everyone is your client and that’s okay. You can say no! Similar with how you don’t just hire anyone. Don’t even take their referrals. You don’t want them. An “A” Player or a five-star client won’t get along well with difficult people who bring them down. The only referral you will get from these are the ones who are just as bad as they are. So make sure you focus on your “A” players and five-star clients and you will have an amazing, prosperous business!

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Fit Kit

This month’s round-up of kit, products and extras you can stock for your members – boost loyalty, retention and your revenue!

PWR Stones Constructed from high grade materials, PWR Stones are virtually indestructible – yet are comfortable to lift and will not damage gym floors. Designed to be a cleaner and safe alternative to concrete atlas stones. RAZE PWR Stones are available in sizes ranging from 10kg 50kg, and up to 90kg on special request. www.indigofitness.com

RAZE Renegade AirRower Built to the same exacting standards as the Renegade Air Bike, the Air Rower is a real animal. Delivering strong resistance with a combination of air and magnets, it’s ideal for HIIT workouts, and is easy to lift and store when not in use. www.indigofitness.com

REVVLL Rope Trainer Make your training space stand out from the crowd with the Revvll Rope Trainer - an alternative to stand-alone and expensive rope training simulation machines. It features variable resistance, ergonomic polyurethane endless rope, quick and easy mounting system. www.indigofitness.com


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Primal Strength Olympic Bar Primal Strength have launched the first Ceramic Coated Coloured Olympic Bar in the UK. The bar comes in a range of colours and can be exclusively branded for clients. Tech Specs: • 20kg Hybrid Olympic Bar • 8 Needle Bearings • 2 Brass Bearings • 28MM Coloured Ceramic Coated Dual Grip Centre Bar (no Centre Knurl) • 1.2mm Knurling • Medium Whip • Phosphorised 50mm Black End Sleeves £299- Launch price £229 www.primalstrength.com

High Protein Dirty Shakes Get your freak on with the cleanest treat of all time; MuscleFood.com’s brand-new High Protein Dirty Shakes with some added naughty extras. Available in delicious Chocolate Caramel and decadent White Chocolate Strawberry flavours, you can be naughty, whilst being nice and no waistline need be compromised! Grab a blender and tip in the oats and flavoured Whey Protein Concentrate, pour in 150ml-300ml of water or milk, and blend until smooth. If you fancy going the extra mile, decorate your shake with naughty optional extras such as chocolate buttons, chocolate crunchy balls, cookies, marshmallows and sauces for the ultimate indulgence!  www.musclefood.com RRP £6.95

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FitQuest analytics offer powerful reporting insights and can be accessed by users through our webportal solution, FQscore. Users are able to view their measurement results and track fitness progress on their computer, tablet or internet enabled smartphone. The innovative PT dashboard provides clients’ progress reports, allowing personal trainers to provide useful feedback and up-sell programmes.


FitQuest, extended by FQscore, is a digital solution for gym member engagement, keeping your operation relevant in a rapidly changing fitness and wellness world. Our automated communications system allows you to send your members' personalised encouragement, increasing engagement beyond the gym walls.

GLOBALLY ACCESSIBLE ■ User measurements and results are sent to the central cloud database, hosted in the EU, and are accessible from anywhere.

FLEXIBLE AND EXTENSIVE ■ Include data from other devices both inside and outside the gym.

INTEGRATE AND CUSTOMISE ■ Integrate into an existing member area or white label FQscore with personal branding

SECURITY FOCUSED ■ Secure servers backed by a company with over 30 years expertise in the medical field and a dedicated UKbased support team. 44

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Engage. Inspire. Educate. MIE Medical Research has spent 30 years bringing innovative human performance measurement solutions to some of the world’s leading universities and research institutes.

We are delighted to be able to bring this unique experience to a wider audience and empower individuals to take charge of their own health and fitness.

FitQuest can be used by gym goers to assess their own progress, PTs to monitor client achievement and operators to improve member engagement.

Contact our team at infogm@miefitquest.com or call 020 7518 7323 to find out how you can be part of the measurement revolution.

www.miefitquest.com FitQuest Division, MIE Medical Research Limited 45 DECEMBER 2017 OCTOBER infogm@miefitquest.com Tel.2017 020 7518 7323


Learning to Be Successful In Fitness Matt Gleed, Master Trainer and Education Specialist, discusses how the learning and teaching in the industry has changed. ‘All experts were once beginners’ I’ve been Personal Training for 16 years and teaching Personal Trainers for the last 10 years, so education is a topic I speak about a lot. I currently teach several Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses, which are designed to keep professionals up to date on the latest trends and research. I also lecture at Brighton University to Physiotherapy students, and across the Masters Rehabilitation Courses, which allows me to see the whole spectrum of the Health and Wellbeing Sector from an educators perspective.

Cut back on clutter with an all-in-one software solution to manage your gym. • Membership Management & CRM • Member Self-Service Access • MemberMe+ - Branded Mobile App • Extensive Reporting • Front Desk Check-In • Billing & Payment Tracking • And so much more!


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CPD courses were set up a long time ago, back when Personal Training courses lasted 12 weeks, five days a week, with long days and additional evening reading. At this time, the fitness industry was just starting to take shape and education was evolving alongside it. As an industry we began to regulate in order to ensure good practice, and a register of trainers’ names to hold these high standards was launched. These regulators then started endorsing lots of qualifications, and several companies set up education courses to take advantage of the trend. This led to fierce competition, and companies seeking market share had to adapt. One of the ways companies adapted was by reducing faceto-face learning time, and if we come to current day, a full time course can now be just four weeks with recommended pre-course reading. Blended learning options give more choices to learners so they can learn around work, study and life commitments.


Fitness Yoga or Full Yoga certifications - offer a great mindful approach to working on mobility, flexibility and supporting fitness in different ways. Plus reducing stress and taking time to self reflect is a growing priority in the lives of many health conscious people. Biomechanics Courses - to help truly understand more about the body and the way it really works. The content can vary a lot so look objectively at what interests you. Be sure to check that the qualifications you would receive and that your insurance company recognise them, as I’ve seen Personal Trainers learning manipulations of skeletal and soft tissue and the qualification did not get supported. Sports Injury Massage - can give great value in adding a complementary therapy to your skill set. In particular if you are working with competitive sport clients or athletes. Pilates - offer a lot of value for all people wanting to work on posture and control of movements. It has further development opportunities with reformer equipment too. Postnatal courses – to achieve a understanding on how to support women’s health with deep understanding on the body and ways to work it will be a great skill to work with. I personally think a lot of attention to this topic and skill set will come over the next few years.

We have to recognise that this results in just a third of the studying time spent with an experienced tutor, which is one factor affecting why we see so many Personal Trainers leaving the industry 6-9 months in. Blended learning has meant the cost of courses has reduced significantly, allowing more people to be educated quickly who often don’t have full understanding of the sector, a grasp of the necessary ‘soft skills’ required to succeed in the job, and who aren’t prepared for the early starts, late shifts or weekends that will be sacrificed.

In summary, I would advise all fitness professionals to keep learning, it will help you in so many ways from practical skills, communication styles and confidence in what you do. Find areas that your passionate about, invest time to become an expert in them and find and your niche. And always keep learning. For gym owners and managers you can always invite companies to hold workshops or courses at your facility to upskill your staff.

More recently a shift in mindset has become apparent to many tutors. They express concerns that learners expect to just turn up and be taught the facts they need to know to pass, rather than coming in with a desire to learn around the subject, and the want to excel within the sector. The difference is subtle, but the attitude and expectations towards learning have changed. It has put pressure on the education companies to support learning with more video content, work books and practical delivery, all to support different learning styles. This is all great to engage the learner, but the learner themselves wanting to commit to the learning opportunity is vital.

COURSES REVIEWED Indoor Cycling - which has maintained its popularity and given instructors opportunity to teach across multiple venues, is a very good start point. Les Mills have a great support program in RPM. Focusing on delivering high standards and structure the ride profile rather than just being an absolute thrashing of club music and max efforts. FEBRUary 2018



3 WAYS YOUR STUDIO ISN'T LEADS BUT SH Mike Arce, CEO and Founder of Loud Rumor, advises on increasing leads for your business. My team and I have worked with 500+ fitness studios around the world to generate a ton of leads and help them get new members. We figured out exactly what works best in the fitness industry, and we developed a lead generation program called Fit FLAVER. These are a few crucial elements of the program that will help you increase leads at your fitness studio: 48

FEBRUary 2018



An enticing offer draws people in and gets them interested in your studio, and it’s also an incentive to people who are on the fence. We found that the offer that gets the best results is one free week. One yoga studio in our marketing program ran this offer, and within the first 24 hours, they generated 63 leads. Fast forward to a month later and they had 475 leads with a cost per click of $00.86. Before people commit to a fitness studio, they want to have the option to check it out and attend a class or two so that they know exactly what they may end up paying for. This is why the free week offer works so well. They can attend your studio a few times with no strings attached. As long as you provide your members with an unforgettable experience, people will be excited to then invest once their trial expires. But if you don’t want to run a free week offer, there are paid offers that also work well for fitness studios:  20% off for life  20% off for 3 months  6 week challenge


A proven offer won’t bring in new people to your studio if nobody knows about it, and this is where paid ads come in. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are all great platforms to get your offer in front of people in your target demographic. All of these platforms have a ton of users, and you’re able to target by location, age, gender, and more, so that your ads are only shown to people who are the right fit for your niche. When you choose the correct targeting, your ad budget is spent effectively and you have high quality leads. If you choose just one of these platforms to advertise on, Facebook is your best bet because it typically has the lowest cost per lead. One of the benefits of running ads on Facebook is that if someone shares it, that person’s friends will see the post too and you don’t pay for those extra views. Here’s an example of a great Facebook ad we’ve run for our customers:

FEBRUary 2018



However, Instagram and YouTube are also important because they create brand awareness. People are less likely to take action on an offer the first time they see an ad for it. So if you run ads on Instagram and YouTube in addition to Facebook, there’s a greater chance that people will remember your studio and check it out.


Once people click on your ad, they’re taken to a landing page where they’re able to claim the offer. Unlike a website, a landing page has just one call-to-action so people don’t get distracted by other links and buttons. We use ClickFunnels and LeadPages to easily make landing pages. Include all necessary information on your landing page and explain exactly what they’ll get if they opt in to your offer. Add a video that shows how awesome your fitness studio is and makes people want to take a class. Be sure that your call-to-action is clear and that the color of the button stands out. Here’s an example:

When you put these three strategies together, you’ll generate more leads for your fitness studio. Your next step is to have an effective sales process in place so that you turn those leads into loyal, paying members. For strategies on how to do this, check out “7 Ways to Close More of Your Fitness Leads.”

"Before people commit to a fitness studio, they want to have the option to check it out and attend a class or two"

The leading international trade show for fitness, wellness & health Exhibition Centre Cologne 12 – 15 April 2018 #fibofam // fibo.com


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TWELVE12 NUTRITION Chris Zaremba is our specialist on fitness for the over fifties. This time, he turns his attention to something of interest to fitness enthusiasts of all ages – a fresh approach to nutrition that maximises the body’s fat-burning period. In my articles, I try to pass on various tips that either increase fitness levels, reduce fatness levels or - ideally - a bit of both. This month, I want to share the nutrition approach that I’ve been following for a few months that has helped me achieved those twin aims, and done the same for some of my clients too. I’ve kept this as simple as possible in its approach – and this simplicity is one of the key reasons I have found that it helps my clients.

Introducing Twelve12: A key way to get the body burning more bodyfat as fuel is to give it no alternative - but without activating the State of Alert or Starvation response. And the best and easiest way to do this is to maximise what is already the body's longest fat-burning period, which is overnight, starting from a few hours after your last meal. Put very simply, the body will use the fuel from whatever you’ve eaten, mainly the carbs, to fuel itself for the next few hours. That’s how most of the day goes by. You don’t usually eat overnight, but the body still needs fuel for keeping you alive and the repair and maintenance tasks, and to power that snoring! So, it will use the fuel in your last evenings meal or drinks for the first part of overnight, then will turn to its built-in reserve for the next few hours. That built-in FEBRUary 2018



fuel reserve is your body fat. The body will use that fuel source – provided you don’t do any strenuous exercise - right up until you ingest some food or drink again in the morning. So, prolonging this no-food period significantly helps in making the body turn to its fat reserves for fuel.

The Overnight 12: And the easiest trick I know for this is to have a 12 hour period every day (which is overnight) without eating. So, if your last consumption of food or drink was at 9pm, don't have anything else until 9am.  If you're out late and eating or drinking until 11pm, then tomorrow's breakfast is at 11am.   And if you know you have to have breakfast at 7am tomorrow, then plan to eat no later than 7pm today. It's that simple. Don't be tempted to grow the fasting period to much beyond 12 hours, as this can have the opposite effect - a long fast period can put the body into what is known as the State of Alert and elicits the Starvation response - with the body going all unwell on you and clinging on to bodyfat, as it thinks times have gone really tough and no food is coming for goodness-knows how long.  To make this more effective, try to have some exercise early in the morning before the end of the 12 hours.  Ideally light to moderate cardio - nothing too strenuous that puts you out of breath, as this would encourage the body to look beyond fat for additional fuel – and find it by depleting muscle 52

FEBRUary 2018

glycogen stocks, which isn’t what we are after. To avoid that, keep the cardio light to moderate. I find 40 minutes on a cross trainer at level 12, or 30 minutes slow jogging, does the trick for me. Then come home to a decent breakfast. And if you want another tip, have some black coffee before that exercise session - this opens up the fat cells and encourages the release of fat to the bloodstream for use as fuel. By the way, black coffee is allowed in the 12-hour noneating period as it has no calories.  Black tea and water are the same, they are allowed as they have no calories.  So the idea is not specifically avoiding food in that time, it's keeping clear of anything with calories.

The Daytime 12: Of course, what you eat and drink in the other 12 hours of each day is very important too. Let’s look specifically at timing, as this is the unique feature of Twelve12. We already know you are going to eat the first meal – breakfast – 12 hours before the last meal. How do we spread our food intake over those 12 hours? I’ll use a 7am breakfast and 7pm dinner as an example. I am a believer in eating five times per day on days where I don’t do an afternoon or evening resistance training workout. Five times is easy from a maths point of view, by breaking that day into three hour slots, we get breakfast at 7, a mid-morning snack at 10, lunch at 1, mid-afternoon


snack at 4, then the dinner at 7. If your breakfast is later than this example, following the three hour rule could make lunch too late if you’re at work, so you’ll have to flex this a bit – do what you need to do to try to preserve that 12 hours overnight fast and, subsidiary to that, keep the food input as regular as practicable in the daytime 12 hours. I recommend an extra meal, making a total of six, on those days where you do a resistance workout, or some form of exercise in the afternoon or evening – additional to the pre-breakfast cardio exercise of course. (By the way, this additional meal isn’t really a meal as such, it’s a post-workout whey protein shake together with some fruit). So on these six-meal days, I tend to bring the gap down to every 2.5 hours or so, and the timings change slightly – typically: 7:00 breakfast 9:30 mid-morning snack 12:00 lunch 2:30 mid-afternoon snack 5:00 post-workout shake 7:00 dinner FEBRUary 2018



What you eat and drink – and the portion sizes, calorie content and macronutrient breakdown of each meal – is also critical, of course. But I’ll save that for another article, as there’s nothing unique to the Twelve12 approach in that subject. The timing can’t be exactly 12 hours, bodyfat science isn’t as precise (or convenient to calculate) as that – and nor is real life activity. If it was that rigid, then with a breakfast at 7am on day 1 then you’d be stuck having breakfast at 7am every day in the future. So I have found a variance of up to an hour longer or shorter in both the 12-hour periods works as well. So, if you’ve a start time at 7am breakfast today, but know you have a much earlier start tomorrow, then make both 12’s into an 11, and then you’ll be on time for a 5am breakfast tomorrow. Making both 12’s into 13’s the next day would bring you back to 7am for that day.

It’s not going to be possible to achieve the Twelve12 every day, real life will get in the way. You will find that you will end up eating at 10pm some days but have breakfast early the next. But the more days you can do it, the better. And the days you go off-track, return to the Twelve12 as soon as practicable. So, for a simple rule that really helps in reducing fatness levels, get into that every day, 12- hour fast, quick! Chris welcomes questions and comments on Chris@ FitnessOverFifty.co.uk – read more of his thoughts every month here and on www.FitnessOverFifty. co.uk

"Try to have some exercise early in the morning before the end of the 12 hours"

Our contributor Chris Zaremba offers self-guided fitness courses, plus personal training and coaching both online and in-person. The latest addition to his fitness packages is a monthly subscription members' club specifically designed for those, like him, in their second halfcentury: 'Fitness Club 50'. Interested? Read more about all of these on www.bitly.com/ChrisPT TRP-adverts-Jan18.pdf




Creating Happy, Loyal Members Through Effective Engagement



Customer Engagement Software for Health Clubs, Leisure Centres and Gyms







Visit www.trpcem.com


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Back to Basics business

Kerstin Obenauer, Country Director at eGym UK, encourages gym owners, amidst the surge in new fitness technology, not to forget the basics when it comes to activity prescription and management in order to focus on member goal achievement through easy, accessible, effective workout execution.

During the first part of this year, literally thousands of people have headed to our gyms in a bid to achieve New Year health, fitness and wellbeing resolutions. The sad fact is though, that of these new, enthusiastic customers, by the end of the year, according to recent research by the DataHub and GGFit, 48% of them will have cancelled their membership and either moved on to a competitor or given up on their new, active, lifestyle altogether. Perhaps this should come as no a surprise when we consider that, according to research by the University of Scranton, only 8 percent of people who set a New Year’s resolution go on to achieve their goal. The other 92% fall by the wayside. A consumer study by Nuffield Health, which surveyed 2,000 adults across the UK, also reported that a quarter of gym goers are ‘too shy’ to ask for help, leaving 18% ‘making it up’ when it comes to their gymbased activity. Is it any wonder that, as a sector, our monthly attrition is 6.2%? FEBRUary 2018



Sports science and technology

The importance of ergonomics

Prescribing training programmes founded on sound scientific principles, with a proven record of success, is the most effective way to help individuals achieve their bespoke health, fitness and wellbeing targets.

In terms of optimal performance, we know performing multiple repetitions in an correct body position is highly important. Performing movements incorrectly can mean that the muscles are not worked to their full potential and, worse still, can also place unnecessary strain on muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is therefore vital that attention is paid to correct execution on every single repetition, every single visit.

Most members, left to their own devices, will fall into a comfortable training pattern and will not follow an efficient, progressive programme. Regular programme reviews with fitness professionals will certainly help, but this can be labour intensive. The more efficient we can make the process the better. This is where modern technology offers the most valuable solution. Advancements in technology now enable gym teams to deliver intelligent training programmes which automatically progress members towards training goals between one-toone consultations. Couple this will an ability to seamlessly collate data on all physical activity performed both inside and outside of the gym, from multiple sources, and all the pieces of the puzzle are in place to enable the delivery of highly effective, bespoke, progressive training programmes on a mass scale to individuals with little or no understand of training principles.

Over the past few years, function training has grown in popularity amongst trainers and there is little doubt that with correct execution this form of training is highly effective. That said, it is not necessarily possible for everyone, in every situation. At this time of year, many people who have never set foot in a gym before pluck up the courage to visit. These people, typically, have very little experience of how an exercise should ‘feel’ or knowledge of how muscles perform and therefore need as much support as possible when it comes to setup and execution. For these people, modular equipment offers a solution, offering more support with movement patterns and planes of motion.

Utilising technology to support the four key sports science principles of ergonomics, individualisation, intensity and periodisation, is the most effective way to ensure training success and to keep members on track and motivated.

eGym has developed a highly advanced range of modular strength training equipment designed to be used in a circuit to deliver a full body workout through the training of isolated muscle groups. During an initial one-to-one


FEBRUary 2018


induction, the trainer performs a one-time set up which is aided by a time-saving ‘auto-start’ feature to set the perfect seat and lever position on each and every piece of kit. So, the user never has to remember the setup, the information is saved in the user’s cloud account and enables automatic bespoke set up, achieving optimal ergonomics every repetition, every exercise, every visit, maximising results.

should be performing or when and how much to progress to achieve their goals. Training programmes must be progressive, constantly pushing individuals towards performance improvement, without causing unnecessary stress. This is where the expertise of the trainer and capability of the equipment is absolutely crucial.

Individualisation on a mass scale

Every member using eGym, when first inducted, is prompted to perform a maximum strength test on each piece of equipment. Software then calculates each optimal training resistance.

No two people are the same. No two goals or ambitions are the same. No two training programmes should be the same. The more bespoke a training programme, the more effective it will be. Thousands of eGym user records indicate that users who work to a prescribed training plan train for 39 per cent longer than those who do not. It is therefore vital that trainers perform an effective in-depth needs analysis and tailor a programme to meet these needs as quickly, safely and effectively as possible. This is where effective use of technology can have a huge impact. The ability to store and recall workout data, automatically collated from multiple sources, at the touch of a button, enables trainers to build a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s training habits and prescribe training plans based on true evidence of past activity.

Optimal intensity guaranteed Most users entering our gyms have very little or no concept of how much resistance they should be applying, how many repetitions and sets they

A deeper layer of programming comes from the selection of the training goal, based on the individual’s needs assessment, which automatically adapts the weight to match the selected training method, number of repetitions and rest periods. These are then automatically applied on each visit, on each piece of equipment. The user is automatically prompted to repeat the maximum strength test after a predetermined number of training sessions to ensure the user is always working out at the optimal intensity. An advanced user interface, the unique eGym curve, supports this also providing visual instruction as to the speed of the movement pattern for optimal effect. At Broxbourne Council’s Laura Trott Leisure Centre, over a period of 6 months, eGym evidenced, using this method, strength performance increased by an average of 14 per cent for those aged 20 – 70 years, and an average of 9 per cent for those aged 70- 90 years. Being able to evidence such improvements and report individual results back to the member also has a positive effect on motivation, contributing to a significant improvement in retention.

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Automatic periodisation The most common reason for a lack of training success is missing or incorrect periodisation. As a result, the member no longer achieves training progress and motivation deteriorates. According to research conducted by Steven J. Fleck, Sports Science Department of Colorado College, periodised programmes can result in greater changes in strength, motor performance, lean body mass and percentage body fat than non periodised programmes Therefore the right alteration at the right time significantly increases the training effect. Training without periodisation will result in a training plateau. Most gym users will not have any concept of periodisation so it becomes the trainers responsibility to build it into training programmes. In order to simplify this process for the trainer, eGym combines the most successful training methods over a 12-week period, based on sport science studies, to form the training plan to most effectively reach the individuals’ training goal. This includes automatic periodisation, which sees a switch of the training method every six visits, and, at the same time, a strength test is repeated. This ensures the member is continually pushed towards their goals and the automation also increases efficiencies for the trainer.

Delivering results Gym owners who focus on delivering member training results will be the ones who succeed in today’s highly competitive market. Gamification and entertainment functions made possible by advancements in technology have an important role to play but they should not distract from the fundamental focus on driving each and every member towards health, fitness and wellbeing success. eGym has developed a system based on sport scientific principles and then uses technology to enhance delivery, monitoring and execution. This is a perfect marriage and the reason eGym is demonstrating such impressive retention statistics.


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Your Gym is Only as Good as Your Frontline Staff Rob Johnson, Managing Director of Future Fit Training, comments on the importance of your trainer’s training. Your gym is only as good as your frontline staff: exceptional PTs and instructors can boost engagement, encourage recommendations and ensure a very happy membership. Bad instructors, however, can have the opposite effect. Personal Trainers and group exercise instructors are only as good as their training and that is why investing in first-rate training provision and recruiting staff must be a priority for gym owners. The industry has, rightly, been under scrutiny for some time now. The new standards are coming through from CIMSPA and training and assessment over time is slowly being recognised as the standard, not the exception. While the new standards take effect, however, less discerning trainees and training providers will continue to push people through fast-track, low cost courses. My advice is that gym owners check very carefully the providence of the certificate presented by a Level 3 PT and don’t assume that all Level 3 PTs will have received the same level of training just because they have the same qualification. Their certificate could be the result of a four week fast-track course, multiple choice exam and a practical assessment demonstrated on fellow students or an 18-month indepth course, detailed Q&A exam and demonstrating practical assessments with real-life clients and case studies


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developed over several weeks. Who would you prefer to be working in your gym? I would also strongly recommend you put your prospective PT through their practical paces: shadow them on the gym floor, see how they interact with members and colleagues and ask them to prepare a programme for one of your members or colleagues. Your PTs and trainers are one of your biggest assets: take your time to recruit with care. Professionalising the industry is an ambition of mine. I started Future Fit Training 25 years ago because, even back then when the profession was in its infancy, I could tell that training and proficiency were very poor indeed. Twenty-five years later, I’m still fighting for this but, thankfully, have the majority of the industry now supporting this. We strive to maintain our high standards and exacting values and have been told this commitment and delivery was a key reason we won the Training Provider Of The Year Award in 2017 for an unprecedented second year. Recognition of the need to have professionally-minded, exceptionally well-trained PTs has come not a moment too soon. Today’s gym owners are not just working with members who simply wish to get fit or drop some weight. Our ageing population and wider realisation that exercise is good for everyone, not just ‘fitness fans’, is seeing people presenting to gyms with serious health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Our PT workforce must be equipped to help these people with confidence and skill. Another key consideration is that training never ends for a conscientious, professional PT. Gaining a Level 3 qualification and their first job is just the starting point – not the destination. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is widely acknowledged as an industry standard but it comes

in many forms: some more valuable than others. Simply buying ‘off the shelf’ CPD programmes and heading to a few trade events or talks to earn the annual minimum points is not the solution for your staff. CPD should be viewed as an investment in your most valuable business assets, rather than a cost. Enhancing your staff’s skills will not just make them better qualified – they will feel valued and inspired. Where possible, let your PTs choose their CPD training: they will engage best in what interests them. Also, studying for the minimum CPD hours won’t fulfil the curiosity or capability of a good PT – they will want to look wider and further in this fast-moving industry. Our Pro Zone - the industry’s only accredited online community for PTs – was developed in direct response to this need and offers support, drives debate, challenges convention and delivers a lively forum for PTs. The voices and views of independent, expert trainers who host webinars (which carry CPD points), hold masterclasses and offer 24/7 Q&A support are all highly valuable. Independent, self-employed PTs can engage just as much as trainers who work in a team for larger gym owners. We are also finding employers are now looking to develop bespoke training packages for their staff. High rates of churn have long been associated with our industry, but it is both disruptive and damaging. Training will ensure PTs feel valued, supported and respected – all of which are key if they are to fulfil their potential. Training will take your PTs forwards: it will keep their interest, boost their skillset and drive their professionalism. With an accomplished PT a gym’s single biggest asset: there should be no contest when it comes to prioritising their training. www.futurefit.co.uk

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Appointments A round-up of industry movers and shakers

Career move for Bridport Leisure Centre CEO Nick Neale Nick Neale, former CEO at Bridport Leisure Centre, has made the move to quality management and health and safety specialist Right Directions. The new position as Quality and Health and Safety Manager follows a successful 16-year stint at Bridport Leisure Centre. The new role will see him covering a wide spectrum of facilities, from leisure centres and holiday parks to golf courses, theatres and town halls, delivering audits across health and safety, Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI), pool and environmental issues, as well as helping operators to implement quality systems and energy efficiency protocols. He said: “The pressures local authorities face to reduce their budgets creates enormous and often unrealistic challenges for leisure operators. How many more facilities will have to shut before something is done? With that in mind I am looking forward to supporting clients across the leisure spectrum, helping them to achieve quality improvements in what they do, which demonstrate and reinforce the impact and value of local authority leisure services.” Neale started his career as a lifeguard on Brighton beach


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before spending 15 years at a Kent leisure centre, working his way up from recreation assistant to operations manager, before returning to the West Country where he grew up to take up the position of Bridport Leisure Centre CEO. However, Neale has been working as an associate consultant with Right Directions for the last 15 years in his role as a Lead Quest Assessor for the South West of England, as well as carrying out project work for sport and leisure consultancy, Leisure Futures. When it comes to sport, Neale labels himself a ‘jack of all trades master of none', but plays squash and racketball, as well as cycling and sailing. However, his real interest is the promotion of health and wellbeing and encouraging participation. “Creating links with local CCGs is possibly the biggest nut to crack and in Bridport I was lucky enough to work with a fantastic locally-led group called Living Tree, where cancer rehabilitation scheme, Stepping Out, was developed offering exercise and ‘education’,” he said. “On all my travels I have yet to see a scheme that replicates this. I am interested in how sport can bring people from all walks of life together. There’s so much evidence to prove how exercise improves mental and physical wellbeing, it seems ironic there isn’t a greater emphasis on this in Government policy.”



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We have three core modules covering Actionable Member Feedback, Automated Email and SMS and Effective, Targeted Gym-Floor Interactions – all of which are supported by expert coaching and account management and world-class technical support. Team TRP are incredibly passionate about the health and fitness industry and the role we can play in its continued success through helping forward-thinking, customer-centric operators reach their business goals by consistently delighting their members.


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Gym Owner Monthly Magazine February 2018  

Digital publication dedicated to gym owners and health & fitness professionals.

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