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within my area and helped my client base grow. It’s great to see my clients support each other online and then follow up with each other within the gym.

How often do you train yourself? It can vary from 3-5 days per week. I like to practice what I preach and that isn’t just training, it’s taking care of yourself. If I need to take some time off so that I can focus more on work and rest rather than training, then I’m going to do it. Then a week or so later I’ll be back in the gym raring to go.

If there was one thing you could radically change within the industry, what is it? How easy it is to be qualified. I completed a 6-week course to gain my qualification and have come across many newcomers within the industry since; we were taught how to train people, but the courses rely on you having a good knowledge of fitness, training and nutrition in the first place. I don’t think it’s appropriate for people to be qualified that quickly if they do not have much experience in gym-based training themselves.

It’s the reason that there’s a high PT turn-over within the industry and the reason why so many potential clients struggle to trust new PTs. The short courses are a gateway into the industry which can be a great tool and certainly was for me, but I really wish they could be tailored for an individual’s requirements.

Do you see yourself still working as a PT in 10 years time? By then I’d like to own a private studio. As well as being a PT, I love teaching HIIT, BOOTCAMP and LBT classes so a boutique class and Personal Training studio is something I’m working towards.

What is your biggest success story? My biggest success story is one of my best friends and former office-work-wife Emily. Emily has suffered from mental health struggles, weight gain, lack of interest in exercising and a rather unhealthy relationship with food. She was my first ever client and has had a rollercoaster journey with her transformation. Emily has turned her life around, changed her career, coming off her medication and is now a strong and healthy woman. She has learned so much about herself and looks incredible, I am so proud not just as a PT but also as her friend of how much hard work she has put in and what we have achieved together.


August 2019

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Gym Owner Monthly August Issue 2019  

The UK's No.1 Digital Magazine for Gym Owners & Fitness Professionals.

Gym Owner Monthly August Issue 2019  

The UK's No.1 Digital Magazine for Gym Owners & Fitness Professionals.