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ISSUE 25 // April 2018

FIBO 2018 Cardio and Strength Trends


Exclusive Interview with Les Mills' Justine Williams




The Humble



Gerald Maragos ★

Biceps and Triceps

APRIL 2018



Engage. Inspire. Educate. FitQuest brings full bio-mechanical lab technology to your facility with a combination of easy to use, sophisticated measurement and easy to understand output to provide the first self-administered, scientifically robust fitness measurement in the industry.

see us at:

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12 - 15 April 2018

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Use data driven analytics to bring new insights to your members, to support goal attainment and improved engagement opportunities. Our research programmes and product development continue to drive measurement solutions forward for the fitness sector. Contact our team at or call 020 7518 7323 to be part of the fitness measurement revolution. FitQuest Division, MIE Medical Research Limited Tel. 020 7518 7323

Welcome... …to the April 2018 issue of Gym Owner Monthly Magazine. Another month has passed, and personally, I have had a great month - I finally managed to watch my beloved NHL Team play again - and I hope you have too! This month we have covered an array of subjects, from incorporating group exercise into your boutique environment on pages 33 - 35, managing a successful Personal Training Business on pages 48 - 49, right through to different teaching styles, retention, and how to truly help your members on pages 56 - 57. In this issue, you will also see a host of different vendors and companies that will be attending FIBO 2018, and you have the chance to learn more about our cover star Gerald Maragos, who is based on my side of the pond. We hope you enjoy the issue!

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APRIL 2018


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News The latest news and hot topics in the industry. Appointments A round-up of industry movers and shakers.





The Big Interview We talk to Mike Hills, General Manager at TRP.


Exclusive Interview with Les Mills BORN TO MOVE


PT of the Month We find out more about Claudia Amy Salador.


FIBO 2018 What’s new? What remains? FIBO 2018 to show major cardio & strength trends.

APRIL 2018


Biceps & Triceps Gerald Maragos on training his favourite two body parts.


Owner of The Month We meet Jamie Farrell, owner of Featherstone Studios.



Fulfilling Members’ Exercise Expectations Takes a look at how group exercise can be integrated into a boutique environment.


Managing a Successful Personal Training Business Daniel Nyiri discusses the next steps of managing a successful business.


Working Hard? Or Hardly Working? Matt Gleed on different teaching styles, retention, and how to truly help your members.


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53 Top Tips on How to Keep Your Classes Full All Year Round



FitKit This month’s round-up of kit, products and extras you can stock for your members – boosting loyalty, retention and your revenue.


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The Humble Bootcamp Lauren Hickey on the secret survivor of the fitness fads, and why operators should offer bootcamp style training.


Training Approach


Twin Challenge

Chris Zaremba reveals his approach to training. Can Supplementation Give You The Edge.





UFL Introducing the Ultimate Fitness League.

11 20

Long Term Health Conditions Kerstin Obenauer explores how fitness facility operators can more effectively deliver health outcomes for communities.

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What’s hot in the fitness industry

BEAT - Open Source Blockchain Technology Revolutionises User Data Management for the Health and Fitness Industry  MySports and its network of strong partners are developing an open-source blockchain solution which will change the way health data is handled  BEAT-Blockchain enab les effective health and sports promotion  The associated group of technology companies has already collected 20 million Euros in private investments and runs the digital backbone of the fitness industry in Germany

Hamburg, Germany, 22.03.2018 - Software company, MySports have today announced the ongoing development of the BEAT blockchain, which sets out to solve major challenges in the health industry. The service will act as an open-source platform bringing together patients, athletes and health promoters to ensure fitness data is safely stored whilst being effectively utilised. Users will be able to transfer and store encrypted, verified data onto the BEAT blockchain with the aid of trusted third parties including well-being apps, smart watches and health and fitness professionals such as personal trainers, therapists and doctors. An individual's chosen health statistics, sports activities and rehabilitation progress, among other factors, will be stored on the BEAT decentralised system. Once uploaded, users can share their data with trusted promoters to monitor the progress made toward specific targets and reward patients and athletes once goals are achieved. In this way, the BEAT blockchain will allow secure storage of user data from various sources in the health and fitness industry. With the development of the BEAT blockchain, MySports aims to contribute to the modernization of the health care system. Whilst progressive digitization and an unprecedented amount of health and fitness data offer groundbreaking opportunities for industry, putting this data towards good use poses major difficulties. German health insurance companies and employers alone spend around half a billion euros each year on health promotion and prevention, but the possibility of checking the effectiveness of these expenditures or linking them to conditions is very limited. Although many people are already collecting useful data, several factors including data protection, the sheer mass of information sources and a lack of integrations make it difficult to use these figures sensibly.


APRIL 2018

"There are currently more than one million different health apps worldwide collecting data, but the enormous inherent potential of this is not yet being fully utilised. Especially for health insurance companies and in-house health management, verified information about the sporting activities of their patients and employees is indispensable because it enables targeted incentives and effective health promotion," says Daniel Hanelt, CEO of MySports. "With the BEAT blockchain, there will soon be a way to verify and merge all this information, while the user decides for themself which data they would like to share with whom". With the "Initial Token Sale" (ITS), which will continue until May 15th, MySports looks to finance the development of the BEAT blockchain for sports applications for millions of users. For more information about the token sale and to view the company's white paper, visit. About MySports GmbH: The company belongs to a group of companies with currently 140 employees and is regarded as a pioneer in the digitalization of the fitness industry in Germany. The NoExcuse app from MySports gives athletes access to training and course plans in their gym and enables them to book services and get in touch with employees. The sister company Magicline GmbH is one of the leading providers of management software for fitness studios. The company's software is used by 3,000 fitness studios in Germany, which corresponds to a market share of approx. 40%.


The Gym Group launches Personal Training Academy



Low-cost health club operator, The Gym Group, has announced the launch of its own training academy, in partnership with Lifetime Training - one of the UK’s top fitness training providers.. The Gym Personal Training Academy, powered by Lifetime Training, will strive to set the standard for training and career pathways for people seeking a career as a Personal Trainer in the UK. The partnership expects to attract 350 quality candidates per year for vacancies, and applications are now open. The Academy will prepare candidates for a career operating a Personal Training business in The Gym Group by integrating its own bespoke content within the course. Participants will receive a Level 3 Diploma upon completion, and will be encouraged to apply to operate their Personal Training business with The Gym Group to make the most of The Gym’s 12 month CPD offering. They will also receive a guaranteed interview with The Gym, end-to-end support from training to self-employment, and a year’s free gym membership. Jacqueline Regan, People Director at The Gym Group, said: “With our new training Academy, we are very proud of what we can offer both potential and existing personal trainers within the industry. Our aim is that it will not only support Personal Trainers to operate their own business, but also provide the consistency of personal training that our members tell us they are looking for. “We also offer participants in the Academy some fantastic personal development through our 12 month CPD offering, which is underpinned by four key themes: building a better business, nutrition, strength and conditioning, training for the general population. So we hope all of this will have a positive effect for both Personal Trainer’s and members.” The Gym Personal Training Academy curriculum has been designed in partnership with Lifetime Training to prepare learners with the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to become a successful Personal Trainer with The Gym. Focusing on the culture of The Gym, it has a strong orientation to member engagement and service and includes practical learning on the gym floor and mandatory work experience. Sean Cosgrove, Chief Commercial Officer at Lifetime Training commented: “Educating ‘career ready’ learners is a passion for Lifetime, and partnerships such as this are the perfect way to combine the expertise of a training provider with the real life experience of an operator. We’ve been working on this project for close to 12 months, so it’s fantastic to see it come to life to support learners become qualified and start their careers with The Gym. This type of partnership can only benefit the industry as a whole by

powered by DataHub

APRIL 2018



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Top 10 activities based on bookings

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APRIL 2018



creating better educated fitness professionals.” The Gym Personal Training Academy, powered by Lifetime Training, is now open and will be located in London, Manchester and Birmingham, with more locations being added later in 2018. For more information and to apply visit https://www.

UEA graduate hopes to ‘crack’ food waste

Protein drinks have steadily grown in popularity in the last few years as consumers become more interested in high protein products for muscle building and weight management. NHS Choices recommends eggs as part of a healthy balanced diet as they contain protein, vitamins and minerals. The range of drinks are all lactose-free and contain five free-range egg whites per bottle, which equates to around 20g of protein. They are all low in sugar and fat, with no artificial colours, flavors or preservatives. “The yolk of an egg is where 90% of the goodness of an egg lies, however it also contains 100% of the fat. Similar to avocados and nuts, it is classed as ‘good fat’, but we wanted to keep the fat content low so it would appeal to people on specialised diets too.” said Matt. Matt graduated from UEA in 2009 wants to encourage students and graduates to pursue their business ideas and entrepreneurial passion, he said: “Always try something new, it's tougher to start, but if you truly have something unique then the pay-off is huge. “Even if my business falls down around me, I can hold my head up because I know the journey that I've been through.” PECK has received two grants from Eastern Agri-Tech Growth Initiative run by Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership. There are plans for PECK drinks to be launched in the East of England Co-op and Musclefoods in the next few months, and they can be purchased on the PECK website and on Amazon.

Swimtag Partners with Swimathon to Encourage Participation This Easter will see people tucking into trendy poached egg brunches and whipping up batches of creme egg brownies, but a University of East Anglia (UEA) graduate has developed a novel use for the humble egg by incorporating it into high protein drinks, which could reduce food waste. PECK drinks was founded by former UEA Psychological Science student Matt Havers, after recognising that hundreds of eggs produced by the 16,000 chickens on his family’s North Suffolk farm were being disposed of as they were deemed the wrong size, colour or texture, making them unsuitable for sale. Matt created his first fruit smoothie in June 2017, using British Lion Code free range eggs which would have otherwise gone to waste, and officially launched his range in January 2018. “Cutting down on food waste is one of the biggest challenges we face as a farming industry - anything we can do to make our processes more effective and sustainable is really important. “Chickens use about 60% of their daily calorie count to make an egg, so it's even more important we make use of their produce from their perspective!” In the future, Matt hopes to approach retailers directly to source the healthy eggs which are wasted by supermarkets when one or two eggs in a box are cracked. The UK wastes 4% of its eggs before they even leave the shops, which equates to 1.4 million eggs daily. Matt has encountered numerous challenges in his war against food waste, he said: “At the moment we can’t use eggs from my family farm as it requires some costly infrastructure to process them, but all the eggs in our drinks would have otherwise been disposed of at other farms. “Transforming people’s perceptions about consuming egg whites in this way has also been a hurdle as some people still associate raw eggs with the Rocky films!” 8

APRIL 2018

SWIMTAG have teamed up with Swimathon to help encourage its user network to participation in the world’s biggest charity swim on Friday April 27 – Sunday, April 27, 2018. The activation will see Swimathon training plans uploaded to the SWIMTAG system and promoted to more than 82,000 SWIMTAG users across the UK. Kieran Sloyan, Founder of 222 Sports and creator of SWIMTAG, says: “Swimathon is a fantastic event which raises money for two


very worthy charities. We are very happy to be able to encourage our users to get involved in the Swimathon Challenge. Being able to offer training plans provided by Jolyon Finck, Swimathon Head Coach, Swimathon will also, hopefully, have a positive effect on challenge completion rates, leading to record-breakingfundraising for Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie. Many of the pools we are partnered with, already get involved in Swimathon so helping our users to better engage makes perfect sense.” In the 30 years since it began, Swimathon has raised £48 million, benefiting 36 different charities. The aim this year is to raise a further £2 million, to reach an overall fundraising milestone of £50 million. Speaking about the activation with SWIMTAG, Anthony Kendall OBE, Chairman of The Swimathon Foundation says: “SWIMTAG is a fantastic training aid that encourages swimmers of all abilities to swim more regularly. Swimathon is delighted to work with SWIMTAG to provide their users with the opportunity to access Official Swimathon training plans, therefore providing a motivation to take on the world’s biggest annual fundraising swim.”

for quality feedback on improving their cycling performance. The Wattbikes can help manage individual training or fitness requirements regardless of the riders experience or personal goals.” The new Wattbikes will be installed into a new, dedicated area with full Wattbike graphics, where the British Cycling team will make use of the zone during the weekdays and the evening and weekend sessions will be promoted by the National Cycling Centre for use by the general public and cycling clubs. Steve Marshall, Wattbike UK Sales Manager, adds: “We have a long history with the Manchester Velodrome. We held the Wattbike launch in 2008 at the Track World Championships and there have been Wattbikes available for both the public and the British Cycling athletes since then. This dedicated Wattbike Zone shows the commitment from both British Cycling and The National Cycling Centre to offer high quality indoor cycling opportunities for the foreseeable future.”

For more information about SWIMTAG visit seeyourswim. com . For more information about Swimathon and the take on a challenge visit

Wattbikes Arrive at the National Cycling Centre, Home of British Cycling This month, the HSBC UK National Cycling Centre in Manchester welcomes the arrival and installation of 12 brand new Wattbikes. The new addition, co-funded by British Cycling and the National Cycling Centre, introduces a new Wattbike Training Zone in the lobby of the Indoor BMX Arena.

For more information about Wattbike visit www.wattbike. com or to learn more about the HSBC UK National Cycling Centre visit

Dr. Paul Bedford to translate DataHub insight to improve sector retention rates

The site is an unrivalled multi-purpose cycling venue, home of British Cycling, which already boasts an indoor BMX arena and outdoor mountain bike trails and an indoor Velodrome – arguably the most famous, busiest and fastest track in the world, in constant use by elite athletes and complete novices to local clubs and schools. Shaun Brennan, Marketing Manager of the National Cycling Centre, comments: “We’re looking forward to launching our new Wattbike Training Zone. The bikes will be available to anyone; from local residents and general public to GB cyclists and club riders. In fact, anyone can drop-in and use them for general training and fitness or book onto our programme to help prepare for competitions or events.” “We’ve chosen to part-fund the installation of Wattbikes as they offer the closest experience to actually riding a bike on the road or track, plus they provide unrivalled data analysis for riders looking

A new partnership between Retention Guru and DataHub aims to help operators develop effective strategies to target member retention based on accurate, timely information around user activity. APRIL 2018



The agreement will see world-renowned retention expert, Dr. Paul Bedford, act as a translator to unravel the business intelligence held within the DataHub, helping operators understand, interpret and take action on what it tells them. Founded in 2013, the DataHub is a virtual repository for sports and leisure data, holding information from more than 80 operators and their visitors at over 1,900 sites; by sharing up-to-date intelligence, those investing within the sector can benchmark and make more informed decisions. Dr. Bedford said: “Using the information held within the DataHub we can run analytics and measure retention, attrition and attendance for each individual facility. This includes the application of survival analysis to calculate retention, lifetime value and attrition rates, in order to develop a strategy based on what’s actually going on within their business on a day to day basis.” Retention Guru will offer online coaching, both one-to-one and in groups, to help operators interpret and take action on their data and will also be able to delve deeper into the DataHub’s insight to

provide a broader range of advice. “By interrogating additional data, such as the value of activities across key areas and the geographical demographics of members, we can also measure the impact of other factors that may contribute to member drop out, which has never been done before,” Dr. Bedford said. “Using data for insight and benchmarking, Retention Guru will be able to create site-specific strategies to help operators effectively move the needle on retention,” said Chris Phillips, Head of Sales at DataHub. “This will include creating hands-on staff-to-customer facing activities, as well as the automation and sequencing of a wide range of digital content, including SMS, email and video, to ensure customers are appropriately targeted.” DataHub Club members will also have access to Retention Guru’s comprehensive library of training videos, which will assist in operators embedding new behaviour and practices. In addition, webinars and regional seminars will be held, focusing on interpreting data, improving the overall customer experience and staff training activities that impact customer retention.


APRIL 2018


The Ultimate Fitness League Have You Heard About The Ultimate Fitness League? Now you have! Support a new event in the South West. The Ultimate Fitness League was set up by two very special people with so much passion for fitness and the city they were raised in. They asked one question - could Bristol hold a world class Fitness and Bodybuilding event? After months and months of planning, and speaking to locals, athletes, promoters and community leaders, their dream started to become a reality. Scott and Jo wanted to launch their event in Bristol, showcasing the beautiful city they call home. They wanted to offer something special to the amazing Bristolian people, and give the athletes in and around the South West a chance to show off their talents and skills, within an amazing venue and in a beautiful city. They’ve encouraged local businesses, local people, as well as gyms and sports people of inspiration and the art world to get behind this truly amazing event with athletes all competing for a chance to win a place in the European British Team, competing against the best athletes in Europe. Scott and Jo wanted to create a federation that was equal to all athletes, to give them the freedom and the flexibility to be judged on merit, not by their social media followers. They believe everybody has an opportunity and a chance to shine no matter at what level they come into the fitness world, all are welcome, with categories to suit all, from inspiration to bikini to fitness to the body builder. The event includes guest speakers and a whole lot more! The judging panel is unbiased, and all judges are from different backgrounds and different areas of the UK and Europe.It is important to Scott and Jo that their judging panel will judge on merit, and merit alone, which is the hard work, determination and passion that the athletes put into their training, as well as their stage presence and skill. This is their moment to shine whether they are pro or an amateur, or even first time on the

stage, the Ultimate Fitness League is a fair federation. The idea was to create an event where athletes could come together from all federations, and compete together as a fit family without all the politics, something new but staying true to the history of competing in the bodybuilding and physique world - whilst welcoming in the future. This future is very bright for the British scene and Scott & Jo felt the time was right for the South West to host the Ultimate Fitness League. Jo and Scott have been involved in the fitness industry for a long time, and over the years they have combined their knowledge to create something very unique and very special where each and every athlete can come together as one. Unity is the most important thing that the Ultimate Fitness League stands for, UFL is more than just a fitness show UFL are a family who believe in helping anybody who want to take the first step into the fitness world and achieve their lifetime dreams, whether they're amateurs or experienced, or if it's somebody who has had an inspirational life change. There is a category that is suitable for everyone - from fitness models to bikini, mums that lift, categories from the over 35 to the over 50s. Age is just a number, and everybody, every athlete around the world has a right to compete and enjoy the moment on stage. Scott and Jo’s vision was to create a new modern event of inspiration, incorporating the traditions of bodybuilding. Come and join them! People of Bristol - support your beautiful city and your local athletes, and watch them compete against some of the very best in the UK. Tickets to watch are on sale now Registration for athletes is open now APRIL 2018



WE ARE HE CREATE RA We meet Mike Hills, General Manager at TRP, to find out more about the company, their vision and the man himself. How did you get into the fitness industry? After completing a Psychology Degree, I went on to do a Masters in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology. Upon graduation, I was lucky enough to find a job in a Sports and Exercise Science Centre, where I worked providing sports and exercise science services, as well as delivering small group personal training in the gym that was part of the centre. After that, my career moved into club management - taking up various roles running leisure centres and private clubs. When I became a customer of TRP (or Fitronics as it was then) I thought the company and the product they provided were great, and took the opportunity to make the switch across to the supplier side; joining the company in 2007 as an Account Manager.

What is TRP and what do you do? TRP provides Member Engagement Software and services to health and fitness clubs, leisure centres and gyms around the world. Our goal is to help operators engage with their members more effectively to drive loyalty, revenue, retention and profits. Our products improve in-club service, digital communications and business intelligence driven by member feedback; all aimed at giving members a better experience, while saving club owners and managers time and money.

What sets TRP apart from its competitors? TRP is driven by a simple philosophy - we are here to create raving fans. Raving fans are passionate advocates of a brand, proactively promoting and selling that brand to people they meet. We want our customers to be raving fans of TRP, and the only way we can make that happen is to provide software and services that help them turn their 12

APRIL 2018


RE TO VING FANS customers into raving fans of theirs. We live and breathe this philosophy every day, making us incredibly passionate about what we do.

What is your vision for TRP? To have a fitness industry where every customer is a raving fan of their club! We will continue a long tradition of bringing insight and research to the industry to help operators drive standards of engagement and customer experience upwards. Through our recently launched Customer Engagement Academy (CEA) we will publish resources, share best practice, acknowledge exceptional operators and formally recognise those leading the way in improving engagement with health and fitness consumers. On the back of our deep understanding we will consolidate our position as the leading provider of customer experience software dedicated to the global health and fitness industry.

What are the biggest challenges facing your business over the next few years? It’s easy to talk the talk when it comes to offering a great customer experience but sadly many operators still fall short when it comes to delivering, instead focusing on simply selling as many memberships as they lose. Our challenge is to find those operators who truly wish to improve and partner with them to really move the industry forward.

What are your own personal fitness goals and how do you achieve these? My main fitness goal right now seems to be keeping up with

my six and four yearold daughters! To do this I play touch rugby, football and go to the gym when I can.

What are the most important lessons you've learnt from the fitness industry? First, it’s very hard to change behaviour and get people who are not inclined to, to make exercise a habitual part of their lives – it’s a huge challenge for everyone in the industry. Second, it’s never been more important than it is now to rise to that challenge and keep innovating to help less fit and active people to become more fit and active; improving their health and ultimately playing a role in extending their lives.

What are your biggest achievements? Being a dad, playing touch rugby for England and running a software company.

What are your plans for the future, both professionally and personally? Professionally, as part of Jonas Software, we have an enviable position to grow through acquisition. I hope to find equally innovative companies who want to join our family and then work with them to bring ever more powerful tools to help operators in the global health and fitness industry support their members and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Personally, I love to travel and as my children get older I can’t wait to share more travel adventures with them.

"Our products improve in-club service, digital communications and business intelligence driven by member feedback" APRIL 2018


An obsession with delivering the most advanced indoor bikes in the world has driven Wattbike to continually innovate.



Exclusive Interview with Les Mills BORN TO MOVE Ahead of the Future of Fitness Conference in association with Gym Owner Monthly, on April 6th at the London Business Design Centre, Tech Consultant and Fitness Fan Jonathan Tustain interviewed Justine Williams - Global Business Development Manager of BORN TO MOVE to find out the Les Mills approach to tackling the UK’s childhood obesity issues. Public Health England recently revealed their first ever child obesity map, which alarmingly showed that nearly half of children are dangerously overweight in some parts of the UK. Even more concerning is that four fifths of obese children could expect to remain obese as adults, cutting overall life expectancy by up to 10 years. An increase in consumption of sugary processed food is one culprit, but so is technology, with younger people choosing to spend most of their free time as screen time. The same technology has also been seen as a potential solution. The huge hit Pokemon Go was praised for getting kids walking and moving (albeit with a head still in the screen), and other apps such as Zombies, Run! aims to make running more fun with audio stories 16

APRIL 2018


that immerse the user in a zombie themed adventure, with cues to run when ‘under attack’. However, knowing what will stick is difficult. For example, researchers at Brunel University London found wearing a Fitbit for two months left teenagers feeling demotivated about physical activity rather than encouraging them to do more. Les Mills are hoping to have found a solution, using virtual technology with their BORN TO MOVE programme. Les Mills is already famous for its musically choreographed classes, from the martial arts moves of Body Combat, to the weight lifting reps of Body Pump. Popular with hundreds of thousands of adults globally, the New Zealand based company is hoping it can have the same impact on the younger generation. BORN TO MOVE classes are split into five age groups, and are designed to teach age-appropriate motor skills that improve agility, balance, coordination, endurance, flexibility and speed. The company currently offer the classes for free via the On-Demand app and Smart TV, and have recently started a trial with UK schools to introduce the programme to the curriculum. In this feature, Justine Williams, Global Business Development Manager - BORN TO MOVE, Les Mills International, explains how, for fitness to be effective and appealing for younger people, the whole approach needs to be radically rethought.

What is the goal of BORN TO MOVE? The ultimate goal is to get our kids moving and encourage them to fall in love with movement. We recognise that PE is of course subject based, teaching kids skills and techniques in line with the National Curriculum. Physical Activity levels at times during a lesson may not reach the required levels of intensity needed for our children to meet the daily minimum. We also need to accept school games and traditional sports just don’t work for all youngsters and that can then impact negatively for the rest of their lives. With BORN TO MOVE,

the ethos of every class is ‘We are not good at everything but everyone is good at something.’ BORN TO MOVE aims to encourage children to feel successful and have fun moving to music… it’s a place where children can fall in love with movement. Encouraging them to adopt a healthy lifestyle and form a habit of a lifetime. It’s about protecting everyone's future as obesity is getting worse. Les Mills can have an influence in one aspect scientifically proven programming, but also through linking organisations, schools and partnerships around the world. If we all work together we might be able to change the ever increasing inactivity stats in our young people. We need to protect our future as we are in an obesity crisis!

What is the certification/licensing process for BORN TO MOVE? There are no prerequisites to teach a BORN TO MOVE class. You do not need to be a fitness instructor or have a PT qualification. You just need to be a teacher, activity coach or someone who genuinely loves working with kids, our team of trainers then hold an inhouse, open course ensuring all new BORN TO MOVE instructors have what we like to call SPARKLE. For the live programme, we have a fun filled two days training course where the individual is educated on all the age groups, and upon completion, they decide which one or two age groups they would prefer to certify in after their assessment. The venue itself, whether that be a school or sports centre, takes on a BORN TO MOVE license and will decide which age ranges are suitable for their members or school requirements.

Where does BORN TO MOVE Virtual fit within that? We are launching BORN TO MOVE Virtual because for schools, there can be a lack of resources, budgets, time and flexibility which are barriers to training a teacher to learn to deliver live BORN TO MOVE classes. Teachers have a lot on. With BORN TO MOVE Virtual App, we link them up with a BORN TO MOVE activator programme. This allows the children on the activator programme to take ownership and APRIL 2018



facilitate a BORN TO MOVE class. Once they take their fellow classmates through the welcome circle, which includes what to expect in the class as well as any safety measures etc, the BORN TO MOVE virtual coach then plays on the screen or Smart TV, in a similar way to the current Les Mills On Demand programmes, and works with the activator to make sure the class is as fun as possible. This is great for teaching kids leadership skills, confidence and self esteem as they encourage their peers. Alternatively, the school has the flexibility to play it within their classrooms where the teacher is the facilitator, integrating it into breaks, in the playground or maybe a warm up for another claszs.

What has the response been so far? The pilot in schools has only just gone live with a handful of schools. The goal of the pilot is to make sure the programming fits the challenges the teachers have and what we need to adapt and change to benefit the schools. I want to integrate educational language and avoid terms that might be too broad. During the trial, the teachers might say “well actually this is the way we word it and that fits more with education. We hope to go more mainstream with the classes around July time, but the strategy now is making sure BORN TO MOVE in schools meets the needs of the kids, school, parents and links to the community. It is already available on app, on Les Mills on Demand, so a selection of the kids classes are all free on there, and we actively encourage the kids to try that and stream to their own devices, so there’s a chance to be active anywhere you can press play! I have been busy working on the online training activator course for the kids to do in schools, and for the teachers to be able to deliver in schools. Then we will encourage our


APRIL 2018

schools to link back to the parents/carers so they understand how they can get involved using Les Mills on Demand for the whole family, ensuring activity at home is accessible and fun. Ideally, children should have 60 minutes of moderate to intense activity per day, where they are out of breath, red faced and a little sweaty. About only 30 percent are near that. Combine that will sugary processed food and TV, plus every excuse not to move more, that is why we have our obesity crisis; we are just not making a significant positive change. It is important to show what we do in schools goes back home, so the parents can see the value of the programme and support it, but beyond that, if we can teach the kids to build confidence by facilitating their own classes, encouraging their peers and lead by example they might go into the community and spread the message.

Are there not already established fitness programmes in schools with PE classes? PE doesn’t mean being active for the whole class. Kids have to wait for their turn and are also there to learn skills and physical theory. It is not like hitting a class for an hour until you are out of breath and many parents are not aware of this. PE classes are not providing that 60 minutes of moderate to intense activity because that’s not the aim of that class. We need to be doing more to support our schools and teachers so being active is a habit not a task, it’s everybody’s challenge. It should be normal to go walking or swimming with your family after school, or playing games in the garden anything that is just more active. We make excuses saying we don’t have time, it is not safe outside or even that it is too cold! Well, go out with them and wrap up warm, splashing in puddles and getting dirty is fun... try it!


Where do gyms and sports centres fit into the BORN TO MOVE model? For youngsters, it is offering them a form of activity that is a way from school. I talk to activity clubs and the majority of their programmes are activities like football, badminton, netball; the majority of which are already offered in school so why would parents pay for that, when their children are already getting that in schools? Plus, many kids have said they don't enjoy sports that much. The whole industry needs to change its outlook and become more integrated. Back when I was a club member, it was very adult oriented. The gym environment generally doesn’t resonate with younger age groups. There are so many restrictions around the youth side, and for the right reasons, but there are elements you could offer such as a kids magazine table or youth activity events and challenges to encourage them, but we don't do that - it is still adult facility with a children’s programme, created to fit a space on a timetable.

What are the core differences between the five different BORN TO MOVE classes? For the 2-3 year old group, the parents are an integral part of this class. Specially written music guides the class so the children can easily follow along, and it's designed to immerse them in a world of fantasy. This class will help develop basic motor skills, such as walking, jumping and balancing, and we use contrasts such as big or small, light and heavy or fast and slow to help develop their physical awareness. The lyrics include imaginary characters to stimulate the children's creativity. For the 4 - 5 year age group we focus on developing balance, coordination and concentration skills, whilst teaching children how to move to the beat of the music. The movement patterns are fun and simple, aimed at stimulating a child's creativity and love of pretend and make believe. During a class, children might go on a journey to become characters in a circus, venture out to space as an astronaut, or travel the world meeting various cultures.

When we get to the 6-7 year age group we expand on a wide variety of movements to help children learn key skills such as balance, coordination and endurance. Disciplines such as martial arts and dance help to develop their motor skills and help to build their overall physical ability. For the 8-12 year age group, we incorporate eight different styles of movement which adds variety and helps improve rhythm, focus, physical proficiency, strength and balance. There is a big emphasis on how children feel, rather than how they look, and games help them develop social interactive skills, meaning they're more confident and competent kids. Finally, for the 13-16 year age group, the choreography becomes more challenging as young people learn from authentic disciplines such as martial arts, sports conditioning, agility, dance and yoga. Classes are extremely complementary to existing sports activities and the non-competitive nature of classes means that individuals are given the freedom to be expressive and active at their own pace. Kids are fantastic and can do so much more than we allow them to do. Adults and policies are the biggest barrier to increasing kids activity levels. If we left it to the kids they would take ownership and come up with something brilliant, simple and fun for all. Justine Williams will be talking at the Future of Fitness Conference, in association with Gym Owner Monthly, on April 6th, as part of the Future Tech Now Show at the London Business Design Centre. Panelists include Steve Shaw, UK Sales Director of PRAMA, Mario Kaspers CEO of E-Pulsive, Gary Lockwood, CEO of 24/7 Fitness and Steve Ward, CEO of UK Active. You will also be able to visit our Digital Gym and try the incredible Icaros virtual reality fitness system and take part in the Box VR challenge. A Friday conference ticket is required. Visit www. and use promo code UKACTIVE to get a 10% discount. APRIL 2018



LONG TERM HEAL – CAN YOU OFFE Kerstin Obenauer, Country Director, eGym UK, explores how fitness facility operators can more effectively deliver health outcomes for communities, helping to increase the accessibility and relevance of their offering to a much broader segment of the community than just those who simply want to get fit. The UK is facing a health crisis. The NHS is on its knees and Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson, Chair of ukactive, is calling for government to better engage with the physical activity sector and move policy towards a more preventative health care strategy where the promotion of an active lifestyle plays a central role. This presents a huge opportunity for gym operators. The physical and mental benefits of being active are well documented but until this point, the physical activity and health sectors have worked largely independently. Yes, there are examples of GP referral schemes and cross-sector partnerships which are delivering positive client outcomes, but collaboration has been very localised with no real national momentum. This is starting to change.

Cross Sector Collaboration – The Opportunity for Gym Owners This creates an exciting opportunity for gym owners to be able to prescribe effective physical activity programmes for populations with long-term health conditions. Every member who walks through the doors of a fitness facility brings with them a bespoke set of needs, ambitions and abilities. As a result, each and every member needs to be prescribed an individualised programme in order to progress them quickly and effectively towards their goals. This is a challenge in itself but add to this individuals with diagnosed health conditions and prescription, potentially, becomes even more complicated. This is where our sector now needs to work together to take advantage of the opportunity that the closing gap between the physical activity and health sector offers. Suppliers 20

APRIL 2018



need to develop equipment and software solutions which enable operators to effectively and efficiently service special populations. This is exactly what eGym has developed. eGym already offers operators a sophisticated software solution, which enables the seamless prescription and automation of bespoke, progressive training programmes. Software updates are free of charge to eGym customers and enable the company to seamlessly deliver its promise to develop programmes which help operators to effectively tap into new and evolving target groups in the market. It has, therefore, been a natural progression to apply this intelligence to the creation of a programme designed specifically for people living with one of the world’s most common long-term health conditions – diabetes. Previously, it has only been possible to carry out training programmes to support diabetes sufferers in one-to-one sessions with a trainer. With eGym’s new training goal, ‘Metabolic Fit’, it is now possible to support members on a much larger scale.

undiagnosed diabetes. It is predicted that by 2025, diabetes prevalence in the UK will rise to over 5 million. 10% of the NHS budget every year is spent on the treatment of this condition. Diabetes is one of the world’s most common long-term health conditions. In the UK, 6% of the population is affected. This means that, based on the general population, 1 in every 16 people who visit our gyms suffers from the condition. Type 2 diabetes accounts for approximately 90% of diabetes in the UK and its recent increase is believed to be largely due to the rise in obesity. According to the World Health Organisation, almost two in every third person in the UK is overweight or obese (62% of women and 66% of men). This means that almost two thirds of the population are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

The new programme will appear as a Training Goal option as part of eGym’s unique software solution, which fully automates the ideal progressive training programme, according to the latest sports science research. So, gyms can now offer the perfect workout for anyone wanting to positively influence the reduction of blood sugar levels, at the touch of a button and at a much lower cost.

Case Study Specific Programming for People With Diabetes *In the UK there are 3.7 million people with diabetes plus an estimated further 1 million people with APRIL 2018



Physical activity, performed regularly and at optimal levels of intensity, has been proven to help control blood glucose levels, and is particularly effective at combating the effects of type 2 diabetes. Using the latest scientific findings, eGym has developed a programme for people with type 2 diabetes to enable gym owners to prescribe effective activity which supports medical assessments and treatment plans. Scientific studies depict that the optimal training for type 2 diabetes patients is a high number of repetitions over long exercise periods, working all the major muscle groups. The eGym intelligent system automates a progressive programme developed to increase insulin receptor sensitivity and reduce blood glucose levels long-term. This is achieved by the slow building of strength endurance, which, according to the German Diabetes Association, is the most effective type of training for those with diabetes. In the initial phase or ‘Preparation’ phase of training, eccentric loading is used to establish higher intensities and again in the ‘Goal’ phase to further increase muscle stimulus, whilst preventing a significant rise in blood pressure.

The Opportunity for Gym Operators Moving Forwards CIMSPA is in the process of developing qualifications which help bridge the gap between medical and physical activity professional standards to support ukactive in its efforts to encourage greater collaboration between the two sectors. In order for this collaboration to be a sustainable success, and for it to offer a true solution to the current healthcare crisis, operators need to be prepared and able to offer effective services to people experiences a broad range of medical conditions. For those who are well placed to meet the demand, the reward will be a much wider pool of potential members and a positive impact on that all-important bottom line. The diabetes programme will be officially launched in the market at FIBO 2018, Hall 7, booth C49. If you would like more information, please contact eGym at *Statistics provided by and

eGym ensures the delivery of optimal efficiency and effectiveness every training session. Once the member has attended an initial consultation with a trainer and the eGym strength test has been completed on each piece of equipment to determine the individuals own capabilities, the diabetes programme prescribes an automated four phased programme with increasing intensity. By applying training variables such as intensity, number of repetitions and speed of movement in measures found by scientific research to have the most positive impact on the reduction of blood glucose levels and then applying periodisation, the eGym intelligent system has been proven to reverse the effects of type 2 diabetes in 39% of cases. This impact was measured over a six-month period in partnership with the University of Leipzig. 23 type 2 diabetes patients worked out on eGym equipment two or three times per week, following the automated, prescribed programme. The study reported a significant correlation between the training and a reduction in blood glucose (HbA1c) levels. Nine of the participants experienced such a reduction in blood glucose that they were no longer classified as diabetic at the end of the period. Imagine the impact this level of success could have on the national NHS budget.


APRIL 2018

Cut back on clutter with an all-in-one software solution to manage your gym. • Membership Management & CRM • Member Self-Service Access • MemberMe+ - Branded Mobile App • Extensive Reporting • Front Desk Check-In • Billing & Payment Tracking • And so much more!


It Will Always Be A Challenge To Keep Up And Stay Relevant NAME: Claudia Amy Salador



INSTAGRAM: lyvebyclaudiaamysalador/ claudiaamysalador


How did you become a PT? For me, fitness and living a healthy lifestyle has been important for nearly three years now. It has given me a purpose and continuous knowledge about a subject that I am interested in. In turn, it has given me a passion that, for a long time, I did not think I had. For quite a while, I was in limbo about whether to turn this hobby into something more, but after choosing to become self employed and start my own business after graduating from university, I enrolled onto a course and have now turned this passion into a reality.

What was your experience of the training/qualification process? The training and qualification process was very different to anything I had ever done. I felt extremely out of my comfort zone. I was never any good at science at school, and had never done any sort of sports course, qualification or degree, instead I have a first class degree in Communications and Media from University (so the opposite end of the spectrum). Regarding the qualification process, I loved both the theoretical and practical process in learning how intricate our bodies really are. However, I am starting to learn more about personal training whilst ‘on the job’, and use my new knowledge and adapt it to myself and my clients.

Do you (or do you intend to) specialise in a particular type of fitness? I intend to specialise in body transformations, particularly for people who live ordinary lives. For example, the busy APRIL 2018



mums, the older population, and businessmen and women who want to change their bodies, mindset, attitude, selfesteem and confidence whilst juggling their other priorities.

What is your opinion of CPD? I think it is extremely important, particularly in the health and fitness industry, because it is always evolving. It also improves your knowledge and services as a trainer, therefore ultimately allowing you to be the best trainer you can be.

You spend your working hours motivating others, how do you motivate yourself? Despite being a very ambitious and driven individual, I am only human, so there are days where I do not feel all that motivated. However, I am a positive person, and knowing I am setting an example to my clients is motivational for me. When it comes to my clients, I love being their motivation. Pushing them to achieve their goals is inspiring.

What advice would you give to other PTs just starting out in the business? As a PT just starting out myself, I do not feel qualified to give this advice. However, for someone who is thinking about pursuing a personal training career, if you are truly passionate then go for it and you should not have any ‘what if’s’.

What are the biggest challenges facing your business today? Starting off in the industry with my own fitness studio means I am in a great position which allows me to be in 24

APRIL 2018

control of my own business. As previously mentioned, this industry is ever-changing which means it will always be a challenge to keep up and stay relevant. However, having a USP of owning my own studio where people can come and feel confident and not self-conscious is a great bonus.

What significant changes have you seen within the industry over the past 3 years? I think the most significant change that I have seen is just how popular taking care of yourself has become, and the trends that have come with it. Yoga, barre, pilates, boutique gyms, healthy choices in chain restaurants, supplements and the latest theme with veganism. The industry is going from strength to strength and it's so lovely to be involved with something that’s always evolving.


How do you engage with your clients (active and inactive)? Social media is a great way to engage with clients and is an online community or hub for clients to interact and share their journeys. I also maintain my relationship with clients and engage with them with regular check ins via Whatsapp or texts between sessions to check how they are getting on.

How do you promote your services? Being new to the industry, social media and word of mouth are really important and we live in a world where reputation is vital. I am currently working on developing my social media presence and look forward to getting myself out there and speaking to others in the health and fitness sector and other gym owners.

How often do you train yourself? Four/Five days a week.

If there was one thing you could radically change within the industry, what would it be? It would definitely be for less critiquing of other

professionals, or even those who enjoy staying fit as a hobby. There is so much competition and rivalry in the industry, it should be more about empowering each other on their journey rather than spreading negativity.

Do you see yourself still working as a PT in 10 years time? Yes definitely, it’s a lifestyle choice and I want to continue to be able to help, inspire and motivate people. I cannot imagine how much I would have grown and developed as a trainer in the space of 10 years, so I cannot wait to continue.

What is your biggest success story? At the moment, just starting off, I would say that I am my biggest success story. I have transformed my attitude, my confidence and my mindset towards exercise and a healthy lifestyle as well as my body composition, particularly in the last year. It is this success story that motivates me to be able to do the same for others. Another success story for me would be to see a client pushing the boundaries, achieving their goals, becoming a happier and better version of themselves not just on the outside but on the inside too.

"After graduating from university, I enrolled onto a course and have now turned this passion into a reality" APRIL 2018 25


FIBO 2018 What’s new? What remains? FIBO 2018 to show major cardio & strength trends Networked exercise areas, equipment with extra features, boutique concepts and entertainment: from 12 to 15 April, the exhibitors at FIBO 2018 in Cologne will reveal new ways to motivate members. Whether it’s the individual use of media during training or open interfaces for comprehensive customer support, the major equipment providers are putting a clear emphasis on smart solutions for gyms. Entertainment is a big priority. And high-intensity interval training (HIIT), functional training and boutique concepts continue to be important themes in the fitness market.

As a trend show and road map for the industry, FIBO will show studio operators which investments are worth making. The focus isn’t just on premieres but also on evaluating what’s already there. Which concepts have succeeded in the market? What are the benefits of, for example, digitalisation or boutique concepts? Answers will come from the exhibitors at FIBO 2018. Among them will be such key industry players as Amer Sports UK, Core Health + Fitness, eGym, gym80 International, Johnson Health Tech., Keiser, Kernten Sport, Life Fitness Europe, milon industries, MoveToLive, TECHNOGYM SPA and True Fitness Technology.

Fitness getting increasingly digital The fitness industry is on the cusp of a digital disruption – many experts agree on that. What this means for studio operators: they should act now. More and more, fitness fans take digital applications for granted and expect them. This development can actually benefit gyms. Digital solutions reach customers everywhere, supporting their workouts. Deploying playful elements, they boost the fun factor, motivate and create loyalty to the club. And they facilitate business organisation, which frees up time for studio staff to spend on individual customer support. Douglas Strom, sales director Germany/Austria/Switzerland at Life Fitness, looks ahead to the upcoming FIBO: “Our focus is on networked and cloud-based fitness training.” Among other things, Life Fitness will present the latest version of the Discover SE3 HD console for modern endurance training. Using Bluetooth or NFC, it can be connected to the LFconnect app by Life Fitness or other fitness apps on mobile phones or tablets to record the workout. Also increasing member motivation is a comprehensive range of media offerings, the Lifescape programme with the most beautiful running routes and RunSocial, which allows runners to go on virtual courses together in real time. Johnson Health Tech., too, is betting primarily on digital solutions this year to create “a smart, connected workout area, which we consolidate under the ‘Connected Solutions’ umbrella”, says business development director Jürgen Aschauer. In addition to cardio applications, visitors can look forward to the premiere of a new console for intelligent weight training. “Connected Solutions” facilitates comprehensive member support by a trainer who can prescribe customised workouts to each member by using an 26

APRIL 2018

Core Health and Fitness

app. “Thanks to such smart training support, members will train more efficiently and see results much faster. Moreover, they are documented ‘in black and white’ through links with other fitness apps. Personal support and measurable results are tremendous motivators”, says Jürgen Aschauer. Core Health & Fitness will showcase their OpenHub technology at FIBO, an open interface for the tailored use of media in the workout area. Members can work with their personal apps to download and save their training results.

Equipment that motivates Numerous strength and cardio devices presented at FIBO serve to deliver an extra shot of motivation and an extra boost of efficiency during training. Johnson Health Tech., for instance, will bring the S-Force Performance Trainer to the trade show, a new product aimed at propelling exercisers to peak performance levels. The device can work both as a standalone solution in the cardio area or as a highlight in HIIT, group fitness and athletic training zones.


Member retention through entertainment Entertainment through media use on the equipment, the trainer acting as the entertainer himself, or working out to loud music and soft lighting like in a club – for many exercisers, entertainment is a welcome motivation booster. The key players in the market underscore this notion, and they’re adjusting their offerings to meet the demand.


Life Fitness Europe

Core Health & Fitness, together with the Schwinn brand, will present two new power bikes with reliable watt readouts that make it easy for each member to access his or her personal performance. “This is pure motivation”, says Martin Hirsch, sales director Germany/Austria. SportsArt is taking performance measurement to another level with the new ECO-POWR line. “For us Movement is energy”, says Luca Fini, SportsArt’s EMEA marketing manager. Some 74 per cent of the energy generated while exercising is fed back into the power grid. Generating electricity instead of just counting calories – an enormous factor in motivation. “Members feel they’re part of something larger, part of a project that protects the environment in the name of sustainability”, adds Fini.

High intensity and functional training Functional training is a fixture among the choices offered by gyms. Numerous boutique and gym-in-gym concepts will be on display at the trade show. Johnson Health Tech., for example, have developed a complete functional training concept that makes it possible to bring the boutique studio atmosphere into any fitness club. “As an extension of our MX4 training, this area includes special light, sound and product elements”, says Jürgen Aschauer. Core Health & Fitness is again betting on high-intensity interval training. “HIIT training is so highly regarded by members that one could almost get the feeling members motivate studio owners to enlarge their HIIT zones”, says Martin Hirsch. “That’s why high intensity once again is one of our ‘home games’ at this FIBO.”

“Entertainment concepts can be used to tie athletes to the equipment”, says Douglas Strom. “During a tough unit, many exercisers are simply glad about the distraction or the professional guidance they get. Soon it won’t be enough for most of them to just play their music on mobile phone headsets.” Jürgen Aschauer agrees: “By now you have personalised content or social networks like one’s own Netflix account, Facebook and YouTube subscriptions members can conveniently access via numerous Matrix consoles using RFID wristbands or personal X-ID codes.” Johnson Health Tech. creates additional incentives through virtual training content such as Virtual Active and exclusive workout programmes such as the HIIT workout Sprint 8. Martin Hirsch stresses that there are still huge development and thus growth opportunities in the market: “Comparing the US and Germany, entertainment concepts still play a subordinate role here. We at Core are focussed on being able to offer highly customisable entertainment solutions. Our ‘open’ training console enables studio operators and members to decide for themselves how to satisfy the need for entertainment.”

About FIBO It’s the world’s largest international trade show for fitness, wellness and health: the industry’s key players come together at FIBO in Cologne. This is where innovations are launched. This is where international trends are set. This is where the industry comes to invest. Some 1,019 companies from 49 nations participated in 2017, meeting more than 150,000 trade and private visitors from around the globe. In 2018, FIBO will take place at the Exhibition Centre Cologne from 12 to 15 April. Kicking off the trade show on 11 April 2018 will be the 5th European Health & Fitness Forum, a meeting of about 400 leading representatives of the European fitness sector.

Johnson Health Tech.

APRIL 2018



The Humble Bootcamp Lauren Hickey, Account Executive at Action PR Ltd, on the secret survivor of the fitness fads, and why operators should offer bootcamp style training. Perhaps due to the adverse weather we enjoy in this country from September through to May, the humble bootcamp, once the preserve of a muddy field, has long since made its way into boutique studios, leisure centres and premier fitness clubs. Some doubted its longevity, but while fitness fads have come and gone, the bootcamp has remained, quietly triumphant. No longer does the word conjure up images of military personnel clad in camo and shouting at a bedraggled group performing press ups in inclement conditions. In fact, many people find that a bootcamp session can be a lot more fun than a traditional gym workout. There is a real feeling of camaraderie in these type of sessions, which often incorporate partner and team work, with participants spurring each other on with words of encouragement and friendly rivalry. The group element keeps you accountable, and the support of others helps you push through an intense workout. The beauty of the bootcamp is that it can take place anytime, anywhere, using whatever equipment you have available to you. Of course, some operators have taken it one step further, creating a slick, high end offering that replaces actual hills with the latest Woodway treadmills set to a steep incline, nestled inside a luxury studio. David Lloyd Clubs recently launched a dynamic new HIIT workout combining MMAinspired moves, intense cardio, and strength training in a full-body circuit session. The brand-new Blaze class sees participants moving between the treadmills, bespoke Blaze boxes and suspended Thai bags, with playlists curated by Dance DJs. Participants will find themselves squatting, punching and bench pressing, as they move from one station 28

APRIL 2018

to the next with little or no rest in between, targeting muscles throughout the entire body. Optional MyZone heart rate monitors encourage healthy competition. Rather than comparing kilometres per hour or kilograms lifted, largely arbitrary data points when you consider differing heights, weights and fitness levels, members can directly compare the effort put in by measuring their heart rate zones. ‘Bootcamp classes have been around for a very long time, but lately this type of training has seen a real resurgence due to operators upping their offerings. Like Madonna, we have to keep reinventing ourselves; you can’t get stuck doing the same thing because people will lose interest,’ explains Michelle Dand, Group Fitness Manager for David Lloyd Clubs. ‘From our perspective, it’s about identifying your market and looking at the future of that market. You have to ask yourself what the longevity of your product is. The Blaze studio brings boutique style fitness to David Lloyd Clubs, but what sets it apart is the fact that we’ve got all of our members doing it, those who are in their twenties and those who are in their fifties, which is something you wouldn’t necessarily find in a boutique studio. We want to make this kind of training accessible, because we recognise that there is a demand for it across the board.’ The one thing all successful bootcamp classes have in common is an inspirational instructor. We spoke to Paul Swainson, Head of PT at Future Fit Training, to find out what operators should look for in bootcamp instructors. ‘Bootcamp sessions really test the instructor as multiple skills must come into play simultaneously,’ says Paul Swainson. ‘You have to manage the group while attending to each individual’s abilities. You can’t stand at the front and bellow instructions – you must immerse yourself in the group, get up close to each person, be ready to demonstrate the exercises or correct technique while keeping watchful eye everyone else. It’s a big ask but mastering the management of a group at an individual level is a key skill for inspirational trainers.’


‘For us, these kinds of classes mean having a huge amount of fun and using a real variety of kit. There are no limits to how creative you can get. Try tying a battle rope around the Tyre² and pulling it along. This will attack your back from new angles, target your core, and hone in on your balance too,’ suggests Kelly Edwards, Programme Co-ordinator and Master Trainer of Physical Company. ‘Our Atlas stones, inspired by the original strongman competitions, and the PBX bags with NFC technology are also perfect for super tough exercises. The new combat range from Physical Company is not just for professional fighters. Using a pair of gloves and pads as one of your stations is not only a great fat burner, but it gets people working together, and the social element of a bootcamp class is an integral element.’

‘Bootcamp instructors need that little something extra while recognising the fine line between being highly motivating and bordering on being intimidating,’ says Paul. “For some people ‘Bootcamp’ as a concept is scary – its reputation for pushing people hard and the prospect of partner work can worry people. But, fostering the community aspect of group exercise is crucial for motivation and adherence.’ ‘An inspirational instructor will kick things off with a friendly, accessible group warm up to get the group together. Explaining the format of the session and demonstrating each exercise – with adaptations for progression and regression – will give people a sense of having choice and options to suit them. The trick is knowing if everyone is working as hard as they can – giving people an easier option doesn’t mean they should all take it!’ ‘Bootcamp sessions are great to push for progression: inspirational trainers will literally get alongside people to help them up the ante on an exercise, tweak their technique or make things more challenging. A bootcamp class isn’t a platform for trainers to show off as they demonstrate an exercise. Instead, it’s an opportunity to work closely alongside participants, pay 100% attention to their moves and give personalised feedback to inspire them to dig deep.’

‘The trick to keep people coming back week after week is to create challenging workouts and to make them really interesting. When people don’t know what to expect, that creates a sense of intrigue. Bootcamps are the perfect way to introduce innovative pieces of kit to members who are then more likely to go away and try the same things on their own, keeping them engaged between timetabled sessions and ensuring they get the most from their membership.’ Clearly, the bootcamp is not going anywhere, with member demand only increasing, and operators constantly building on the existing concept. While it may have come a long way since it originated in the American reformatory system, it is still hugely recognisable, and will remain popular due to its sheer effectiveness and the fact that it appeals to all members, whatever their goals. Training in a group creates a real sense of community that operators should be striving to achieve, while holding gym goers accountable to each other, meaning they’re more likely to stay on track when working towards their goals, resulting in lower rates of attrition. Regardless of the space and equipment you have to work with, the bootcamp is a stalwart of any gym timetable.

There are still many people who find it intimidating to work out alone, or to enter the weights area. Bootcamp classes are the perfect entry point for these people and go a long way towards tackling some of the barriers that keep people out of the gym; they can inspire the confidence needed to pick up weights for the first time or use some of the more unusual pieces of kit in the gym. Bootcamp classes that incorporate a wide variety of functional kit are a fantastic way to introduce members to something they may not otherwise have tried, while working out in a group means being less likely to feel self-conscious. Leading kit supplier Physical Company often provides equipment for operators specifically looking to design inspiring bootcamp classes.

For Bootcamp equipment, check out our FitKit on the next few pages! APRIL 2018 29


Fit Kit

This month’s round-up of kit, products and extras you can stock for your members – boost loyalty, retention and your revenue!

PU Kettlebells: The ultra-durable PU kettlebells from Physical Company are sturdy enough for outdoor use, while being designed to protect studio floors. Ready to be snatched, swung, squatted and pressed, kettlebells are the perfect tool for functional moves and strength and conditioning training. Manufactured from robust Polyurethane, this range is tough but also comfortable to use with the rubber encased cannonball shape designed to improve comfort on the wrist joints during rotation.

Battleropes: Complete with a waterproof jacket for outdoor use, the Physical Company battleropes have been developed to engage all muscle groups and allow you to create a varied workout as you wave, whip, slam, spiral and throw, hitting every major muscle group in the upper body. The battle ropes will also fire up your lower body and challenge your core strength, thus maximising tension on the mid-section. There is hardly a muscle group that won’t feel the burn with the battlerope! With 12kg and 23kg options, they will boost strength, endurance and power.

PBX Bags: The sturdy PBX bag with NFC enabled technology is perfect for outdoor use. The multiple grip positions afford the user a variety of exercises to target different muscle groups, making it perfect for bootcamp and circuit classes. The central suitcase handle is for single hand exercises, the tight dual handles for controlled close proximity moves, and the regular, looser handles for classic drag and ‘round the world’ moves. The ultra-durable casing is made from strong, synthetic leather with an internal webbing cage which re-enforces external handles and seams. Ranging from 5kg to 35kg, there’s a weight for everyone.


APRIL 2018


Agility ladder & hurdles: For those who are looking to develop fast feet, agility, power and coordination, the adjustable hurdles and agility ladder are the perfect solution. The hurdles can be used for knee lift drills and plyometric jumps. Easily adjustable with a simple twisting action, they allow you to increase the height and variety of your workout. Meanwhile, the agility ladder develops agility, quickness and co-ordination, great to improve performance for a wide range of sports, from football and rugby, to MMA and boxing. The all-weather ladder can be used both inside and out. Designed with semi rigid rungs to reduce slippages on hard surfaces, it can also be easily stored and transported in a drawstring bag.

Parallettes: Bodyweight training is key to outdoor and boot camp sessions. The Physical Company Parallettes help develop upper body and core strength by bringing calisthenics moves into workouts such as various sit, press, and handstand positions to target the chest, back, shoulders, triceps and core. Higher than traditional parallettes and with a sturdy base, you can take them outdoors easily. They are also quick to clean and easy to store.

SteelBells: The SteelBell® will bring a fresh challenge to participants. It comprises an outer shell made from tough, stretchy neoprene – great for outdoor use – while steel shoots around inside to simultaneously increase instability and challenge your grip, muscles, core and stamina.

APRIL 2018



RAZE Trap Bar (RB33002): The trap bar is a great training tool for all abilities. This bar allows for an increased range of motion & ability to add load without the limitations of a trainee's mobility or skill. Predominantly used to train the lower body, the trap bar can also be used to press overhead, providing novel hand positions & exercise options. • Fully knurled handles • 415mm of loadable weight holder space - made from 50mm solid steel • Multiple grip options & rackable in a standard power rack • Weight: 35kg

RAZE Safety Squat Bar (RB3300): Raze Strength's take on the Safety Squat Bar . The unique design and construction provide an invaluable way to maximise lower body training whilst protecting your shoulders and upper limbs. • 40mm bright steel bar construction eradicates bar whip • 375mm of loadable weight holder space - made from 50mm solid steel • Weight: 35kg

Barbell STorage (U243-RB6): New 6 bar linear storage rack - fits all Olympic bars and the new range of specialty bars from RAZE


APRIL 2018


Fulfilling Members’ Exercise Expectations Julie Fisher from Big Fish Public Relations, Communication Specialists for the Fitness and Leisure Industry, takes a look at how group exercise can be integrated into a boutique environment. The buzz words of ‘small group exercise’ can mean a plethora of things from functional training or Spinning®, to Crossfit® and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). As exercisers seek out boutique experiences to be part of this continually increasing community, operators are, likewise looking to diversify, to capture and capitalise on this expanding market and fulfil member expectations. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) group exercise moved up fours places on the top 10 list of fitness trends last year, hitting the No. 2 position, with HIIT taking the top spot. So how can both large and small facilities adapt to provide members with a boutique environment and offer them the group exercise experience they crave? APRIL 2018



Queenax™ functional training With the popularity of functional training growing and the demand for adaptable training options increasing, one piece of equipment that could provide the answer is the Precor Queenax™ functional training unit. Providing operators with the training options exercisers are looking for, such as TRX®, CrossCore® as well as functional training circuits and small group sessions led by expert instructors whilst maximising floor space, the Queenax™ can be adapted to fit any space, making it possible for both large and small gyms to offer a boutique experience and a personal touch. With options such as a corner unit, the one, a single station ideal for one on one personal training, the free-standing open format on which functional and body weight training accessories can be attached, a wall module and the bridge, a show-stopping module that enables multiple exercisers to work out at any time from any position on the unit, there’s a solution to suit every gym. Once installed, the functional training and class options are extensive, including core training, HIIT, strength, yoga and boxing. Following Queenax™ training from Precor Master Coaches, clubs are able to run specialised classes including Boost, Monkey Bar Masters, Team, Core and Metabolic Fit. The rig’s versatility means space can be transformed for multiple uses, such as hanging apparatus add-ons or the ability to deliver antigravity yoga classes to offering a completely clear space to run Spinning® classes in the same room.

Spinning® Spinning®, the world’s number one brand, is proud and storied, with a reputation for delivering more than an indoor ride – it’s a carefully crafted experience, creating a strong following and sense of community. For group exercise and specialised training, Precor’s partnership with Spinning®, provides the ideal solution. The Spinner® family of bikes, have been uniquely designed to enhance this experience with both operators and exercisers in mind. Peter Guy, Director at GymWorks, comments: ‘The new Precor Spinner® bikes really raise the bar of the fitness experience we offer our members. They love the riding position, as well as the cadence, RPM, data feedback and distance features. The bikes are a real talking point and member feedback is extremely favourable. We’ve even had members re-join the gym because of them. We’re also benefiting from raised attendance levels, which will have a positive impact on retention in the long-run.’ Experienced cyclist and certified Spinning® instructor at GymWorks, Graham Brock, explains: ‘The bikes provide an authentic ride which is smooth and exciting for members and instructors alike. As a proficient cycling competitor and certified Spinning® Instructor, I’ve been able to use the bikes to provide group exercise ‘race night’ classes, which enable participants to feel what a road cycle race is really like. These have been very well received and are fun for all abilities.’ With the popularity of group exercise on the increase and the diversity of classes constantly evolving and encompassing virtually every exercise area, from CV to strength, it’s hardly surprising operators are looking to see how they can include these dynamic exercise experiences within their facilities. While encouraging interactivity and providing a sense of community are fundamental to the enjoyment of group exercise, the real benefit is in the overall experience for the exerciser.


APRIL 2018


Xcite maximise gym floor space to incorporate small group exercise Xcite has nine gyms in total and is the biggest fitness provider in the West Lothian area. In response to the growing trend for suspension and functional training, and with three other Queenax™ units already installed in its Bathgate, Craigswood and Linlithgow gyms proving popular, Xcite installed the World’s largest Queenax™ unit in its Livingston venue, a X4 1500 Bridge which is 15.5 metres long. The main objective was to maximise use of the fitness studio, where the Queenax™ is situated, and expand the gym space without impacting on floor space, in addition to providing versatile training options and offering new group exercise classes to its customers while creating a ‘buzz on the gym floor. As part of a recent gym refurbishment, direct access from the gym floor was created to the existing fitness studio that now showcases the Queenax™ Bridge. It spans the total wall and ceiling, utilising space that would normally be unusable, and as a result no gym equipment had to be removed to accommodate the Queenax™. Installing the Queenax™ at Xcite Livingston added 32 new workout stations, as well as multifaceted training options, countless new classes and equipped the facility with the opportunity to hold group exercise sessions. When not in use the training accessories can be removed and stored on the rig in seconds, providing an empty studio for other classes and activities. Robert Taylor, Manager at Xcite Livingston said: ‘The Queenax™ Bridge offers a range of new exercise and training options and will help us keep customer workouts fresh, no matter their fitness ability. We’re looking forward to introducing new innovative fitness classes. What’s more, it’s fantastic to be able to say we have the largest Queenax™ installation frame in the world, showing we continue to provide excellent facilities to the community and also giving us a competitive edge over other gyms in the area.’ Since installing the Queenax™ Xcite Livingstone has seen a 6% increase in class attendances. With new classes such as Aerial Yoga and additions of new accessories like the UFO boards imminent they expect to this increase to rise even further, especially after the launch of a new timetable due in May. The Queenax also brings an element of fun to workouts, with some users commenting it was like playing on a climbing frame. The team at Xcite Livingston completed a two-day training session with a Precor Master Coach to enable them to take Queenax™ classes and prepare a successful gym floor programme using the Queenax™. The staff are now qualified to give advice to customers on how to use the unit effectively and can dynamically engage with them about the different exercises available to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Membership/CRM & Marketing Access Control inc Biometrics Till, Credit Card & Stock Control Web & Mobile Activity & Class Bookings DD Management & Online Sign-ups Implementation, Training & Support

The Queenax has also enabled Xcite to introduce a new Ninja Warrior style class for 8-15 year olds, and when not in use, the space becomes a traditional studio, with equipment stored out of the way within the unit. APRIL 2018 35


Save Time and Make Better Decisions The Most Important Email of Your Week Third Space Managing Director, John Penny; TM Active Chief Executive, Martin Guyton and Active Nation Managing Director, Stuart Martin share why the Executive Summary Email sent to them by TRP's Insight software is their most important email of the week. Managing a health and fitness club isn’t easy. You have a million and one things that need doing right now and you’ve probably got shin splints from running around spinning all those plates! There is a real danger that you are so busy doing everything, that you don’t get anything done. The demands on your time are never going to change, so you need to adapt how you deal with them and master the art of effective prioritisation – expertly sorting the wheat from the chaff to ensure your teams are focused on getting the tasks with the greatest impact on member experience, loyalty and, ultimately, your bottom line done first. You’re not alone. Whether you are a personal trainer, gym owner, leisure centre manager, managing director of a national chain or anyone else for that matter, consistently making effective decisions is tough. At SIBEC Europe in November last year, we caught up with some of our customers who have got this nailed, they were cool as cucumbers – and here is why… Third Space Managing Director, John Penny; TM Active Chief Executive, Martin Guyton and Active Nation Managing Director, Stuart Martin share why TRP’s Insight Executive Summary Email (sent to them every Monday morning by the system) is the most important email of their week.

JOHN PENNY MANAGING DIRECTOR THIRD SPACE “The executive summary email sent by Insight every Monday morning is without a doubt my most important email of the week. It shows me how our Net Promoter Score® is trending, the effectiveness of my teams' follow-ups on feedback received in the last week, and our performance and 'quick wins' on a site-by-site basis. My teams will tell you that my standards are incredibly high, and the intelligence delivered to us by Insight plays a key role in enabling us to keep things this way. It's also great for highlighting new opportunities to develop our offering further too – I am always looking for ways to improve, and input from customers is a really valuable source of inspiration.” About John John Penny is the Managing Director of Third Space – a high-end, premium group of health and fitness clubs in central London. A Sports Science graduate who went on to study an MBA in Organizational Leadership, John describes himself as a leisure, spa, hospitality and fitness enthusiast with a passion for business development. Clearly seen within his excellent clubs, John believes in continuous improvement, and has meticulous high standards for quality and attention to detail.

MARTIN GUYTON CHIEF EXECUTIVE TM ACTIVE “This is a bit sad, but on a Monday morning before I have even got out of bed I am looking at our Insight Executive Summary Email. I need to know how my teams have done over the past 7 days so that I can set out my plan for the next 7. It really is vital for me in my role overseeing the trust and ensuring we stay competitive by delivering exceptional experiences for our customers. Insight has gifted us the

Net Promoter, Net Promoter System, Net Promoter Score, NPS and the NPS-related emoticons are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Fred Reichheld and Satmetrix Systems, Inc.


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ability to make important decisions much more quickly and easily than ever before.” About Martin Martin Guyton is the Chief Executive of Kent-based leisure trust TM Active – where he has been for over 35 years. Outside of his role at TM Active, Martin is also a Quest Assessor.


and quickly make confident decisions based on data I trust. Whilst my centre managers live and breathe the system every day, I get the headline information I need delivered straight to my inbox in a concise weekly summary. This means I can concentrate on finding new opportunities for the business and keeping it moving forward in line with our corporate strategy, safe in the knowledge that my managers have everything under control." About Stuart

“Being responsible for the running of multiple sites in locations across the country, from Southampton to Lincoln, it really is a challenge to stay on top of the everyday comings and goings of each of our facilities at a granular level. Insight, and its executive summary email, has had a huge impact on my ability to effectively manage my regional teams

Stuart Martin is the Managing Director of Active Nation – a charity with 16 venues across Southampton, Chorley, South Derbyshire, Runcorn and Lincoln. Stuart’s career in the fitness industry started in 1992 when he was a personal trainer at The Haven Hotel and Health Spa in Poole. He has since worked in a range of regional and group management roles for operators including Everyone Active (SLM) before joining Active Nation and becoming their Managing Director in 2015.

Insight is an actionable member feedback software system, built around the Net Promoter Score philosophy. It uses just one simple question ‘How Likely Are You to Recommend Your Club to Someone You Know?’ to gauge member loyalty and provide you with powerful feedback which enables you to make much more effective business decisions. The executive summary email is just one of the great features of an ever-developing system which has been designed specifically for use within health and fitness clubs, leisure centres and gyms.

To find out more about the software and how it could benefit your club, visit Net Promoter, Net Promoter System, Net Promoter Score, NPS and the NPS-related emoticons are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Fred Reichheld and Satmetrix Systems, Inc. TRP-adverts-Jan18.pdf





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Gerald Maragos, owner of Magnum Source and our Cover Star for this issue, on training his favourite two body parts. Good day to all! I offer a brief bio on myself, which will help explain my perception on training and nutrition. I am 52 years of age, and have had a full career in the military, law enforcement and quite a few years in Iraq and Afghanistan as well. Needless to say, I have not lived a passive lifestyle, in fact my introduction to weight training was to be better at my job and not just aesthetics. I have been training for 35 years and have made almost every mistake along the way. I am fortunate enough to have taken guidance from people way smarter than I, and now have a great nutritional menu, fantastic sleep regimen and a wife that is so supportive of my careers in running my two companies and acting.

I feel the urge to write about training two of my favorite body parts - biceps and triceps. I do plan on going into a little more depth and explain more of the ‘why’ and not just the ‘how’. It is my belief that once athletes fully understand why to do a specific movement, they become much more cognitive in their training and subsequently get better results. First of all, training antagonistic muscle groups in a superset routine gives me the bests results, even though I do rotate off those patterns simply so my body stays responding to my training. Nothing is more frustrating than plateauing, which will happen when the body adapts to the specific training it’s introduced to. Change is paramount…change in routine, exercises, rep range, cadence of movement and most of all, weight. I HATE wasting time in the gym, there’s enough of that with people sitting on their cell phones. When asked about tips to grow, the first thing that is required is to be hypercaloric with the right macros. Stay off the processed garbage, tobacco and alcohol. Nothing will destroy a great week at the gym faster than spending the entire weekend getting drunk and partying all night long. It is impossible to overtrain if your nutrition and sleep is great. The second tip, and probably the most important I give is, ‘…forget how to count when you walk through the gym doors.’ By doing every set to failure, your gains will be leaps and bounds more than anyone else at the gym. It makes NO SENSE to stop a set when you can do a few more reps. You will obtain more gains from the last few reps of an exercise than the many to reach that point of exhaustion. The third tip I give, is to squeeze every single rep, break up the cadence of your set and realize that time under tension is what grows muscle…SO OPTIMIZE IT! When doing these muscle groups, I lean slightly forward. This keeps the weight always being pulled by gravity and NOT allowing a rest during any portion of the movement. I cannot submit an article without the mention of the number one, most important aspect of training and obtaining the body you desire…FOOD! This may come as a shock to those that know I own a supplement distribution company, but I have sent many a client out of a consult with nothing more than a business card of a nutritionist. Proper nutrition is the difference between succeeding or simply treading water, getting frustrating and quitting your pursuit. As I mentioned before…I HATE WASTING TIME! Now that you all just read the bantering of an old man, here is a taste of an arm day with me. I start every day with 3 to 4 sets just warming up and getting some blood into the groups that are on the chopping block to be demolished.  Tricep Rope Extensions superset with Alternating Dumbbell Curls (8 sets total, includes 4 sets of warm up, going up in weight each set.) APRIL 2018



 Tricep Pushdown (EZ bar) superset with Alternating Hammer Curl (4 sets going up in weight each set.)  One Arm Pushdown superset with One-arm Dumbbell Curl (Preacher bench, 4 sets going up in weight each set.)  Unweighted Dips superset with Straight Bar Curls (4 sets, light weight, shooting for failure in the 40-60 rep range.) After you get used to this type of lifting, start tossing in 100+ rep sets at the end to totally decimate the muscle and shock it into growth. (Yes, I do 100 rep sets on every body part at the end.) No gains can be obtained if you are broken down and unable to lift. Please note that there are many real and wannabe coaches out there that are available to help. Just don’t lose sight that we are all built differently and respond differently to training. Generally speaking, very low reps with super heavy weight does not do as much good in building a physique as medium weight and range of reps. I am speaking ‘generally’, we all know those people that get fantastic gains from every type of lifting and mediocre nutritional intake. I, unfortunately am NOT one of those people, as are most. Put in the work, do it right, avoid injury and most of all, hire a nutritionist to work out your menus until you figure out how to do it yourself. Thank you all for reading this and feel free to drop me a line on Facebook to tell me your experience with this routine. Take care and always remember to lift smart!

Save up to 75% of your time on staf f management tasks Planday is specifically designed for fitness and leisure businesses with hourly workers. Planday has all the features you need to efficiently manage your employees. Join the thousands of businesses worldwide that already use Planday Learn more |


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Our employees absolutely love Planday. The feedback has been fantastic. They can check when they’re working whenever they want. James Curry, Operations Director at Tone Leisure


Owner of the Month

Be confident, be humble and always keep learning! We meet Jamie Farrell, owner of Featherstone Studios, to find out more about his facility and his ambitions.

Gym Owner: Jamie Farrell Gym Name: Featherstone Studio Location: 19-23 Featherstone Street, London, EC1Y 8SL

How did you become a gym owner? I started from the very bottom of the fitness job chart and naturally progressed. Starting as a Fitness Instructor,then a part-time trainer, fully employed trainer, fully self-employed trainer renting space, and now a fully employed trainer who also owns his own space. It has always been my intention to own a chain of facilities.

How many gyms do you own/operate? Just one at the moment, with my second in the pipeline.


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APRIL 2018



How long has your gym been operating for?

understand peak times better and to avoid overcrowding the space.

Since October 2017.

How important are PTs to your business?

Aside from the gym, what other facilities do you offer your members e.g. cafe, classes, creche etc.? Directly linked to my studio are private shower facilities with three individual rooms per sex and also a larger communal space per sex that includes lockers, mirrors and benches etc. There is also a waiting area that contains a kitchen, table tennis table and seating. I’m currently in the process of looking for a physiotherapy company to rent one of the additional rooms on the same floor as the studio.

How many staff do you employ? There are 11 staff at the studio currently, with capacity for around 15. I’ve placed PTs in gradually in order to

At the moment, trainers are the main income to the studio, so pretty important. In regards to development of the brand, the trainers are integral to that, due to standards and professionalism of the studio being associated with their conduct.

How do you motivate/incentivise your staff members? Studios run on a self employed model, so trainers have the freedom to run their own business. In regards to development of the brand, if anybody is noticeably assisting with the running of the studio, or being a good ambassador, I will then strongly consider that person for a role in the studios expansion such as studio manager etc.

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APRIL 2018


Do you provide any financial assistance for your staff with regards to their training & development? No. However, I have extensive experience in this area so am always available for advice on this topic. We also have monthly team trainer meetings, so people are free to interact on this topic should they choose to.

What makes your gym unique? At the moment, the most unique element of the studio is the equipment and that it has 24 hour access. The space and equipment was designed, so that you can train any demographic within it. Ranging from platforms for olympic lifting and machines specifically for remedial work or bodybuilding.

What advice would you give to other gym owners just starting out?

Truly understand the industry before you become an integral part of it. This revolves more around education, as anybody can get money together and drop equipment in it. Owning a gym should be more than just a business in my opinion. Being successful in that respect is just simply number crunching. If your passion is health and fitness, owning a gym will come naturally as you develop your own philosophies and expand your Personal Training business. Be confident, be humble and always keep learning.

What are the biggest challenges facing your business today? The development of the brand and also the financial success of the business. Every PT has a particular vision in which they imagine the running of their business. However, sometimes that isn't actually what’s best for business, so taking a step back and assessing the situation form a non-biased viewpoint works well in overcoming that obstacle. Also, with the fast development of bootcamp style


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APRIL 2018 43


classes and quick fix diet fads, some trainers ability to gain new clients can be affected.

What significant changes have you seen within the industry over the past 3 years? In my opinion, the industry is still overall on the decline in regards to standards and having the job recognised as a serious profession. With the loose entry process and practically non-existent regulatory governing body, the title of Personal Trainer is always going to be associated with the sub-optimal examples within our industry due to their exposure within the public thanks to platforms like social media. There are some popular trainers who have taken a step in the right direction and created educational platforms for those who want to help themselves. However, I feel more should be done to get the title of Personal Trainer protected, starting with making the entry process more thorough and on-going education compulsory, to much higher standards than they are now.

How are you promoting your brand and marketing your gym? I am in the process of seeking a Marketing Advisor. Also, networking is important amongst PTs for job opportunities and knowing what trainer specialises in what area etc.

What is your biggest success story? Opening this gym by myself from where I started six years ago.

Finally, if there was one thing you could change in the industry, what would it be?  I want to push for a stricter entry in order to gain the title of Personal Trainer.  Make on-going education a compulsory requirement of the role.  To be able to find a mutually benefiting way of making Personal Training accessible to all demographics.  To have the industry represented by quality trainers and professionals.  Develop a cohesion with other professions ,such as specific medical departments.  For the general public to gain understanding and better awareness on topics such as fad companies looking to make money, and poorly qualified trainers who dish out ‘online training plans’.


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APRIL 2018

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Managing a Successful Personal Training Business Daniel Nyiri, Founder of 4U Fitness, discusses the next steps of managing a successful business

“I learned that you don't get anywhere by sitting comfortably in a chair.” —Conrad Hilton Now that you have made some great hires, trained them on your culture and the importance of the pitch, and still had some fun along the way, it is time to ensure that your overall management style is in line with your vision. Below are several key management tips that will help you succeed:  Inspire and coach people, don’t just demand things of them. It is all about your people, not all about the numbers. Your numbers will take care of themselves as long as you take care of your team. The team must understand 100% exactly how you do things and you need to be absolutely clear about the message they need to deliver. This is when your pitch also comes in very handy. Remember, you will only get what you pitch for!  Don’t be a seagull manager! Do not fly in and make a lot of noise by yelling at everyone, basically s*** on them and then fly out. That is exactly how hires will lose their motivation and start looking for another job while not performing their best at their current one. Do not look for their negatives only, look for all the positives as well, and give them recognition for that. Lift them up, talk to them about how they’re doing. You really need to look at everything. Don’t be a seagull. Always celebrate success! 48

APRIL 2018

Show your team that you appreciate them. Even if you only have small accomplishments to recognize at the beginning, make sure you celebrate them!  Your important messages should be given with face-toface communication. Not email, not text. Face-to-face. Don’t forget to make notes on what you have talked about so you can bring proof and refer to later, if needed.  Establish your culture! Define how you are going to treat your employees and what you expect from them. The most valuable asset you can have in your business is your people – not your equipment. Without the right culture and the right people, you have nothing.  If you ever need to fire someone, do it right away, do not delay. It is never easy, but the worst thing to do is drag it out. You will end up losing clients and will have a bad atmosphere in your gym in the meantime.  Have weekly, monthly and quarterly staff meetings with goals and things to go over and work on. Make sure that someone creates a ‘who, what and when’ list for each employee. Write it down after each meeting and keep them accountable for what they are going to do by when and who is responsible for what.  Make employees take ownership of their own delivery dates. Don’t say you have to do this by Friday at 2 p.m. If they set that deadline themselves, then they will be


working hard for themselves. It’s distinction that they can feel when they sign up to do their own work! Give employees the ability to make decisions and then stay accountable for those decisions. One of the worst things you can do as a business owner is to take your popularity over your accountability. If you have team member struggling to get results, not showing up on time, cancelling clients, not delivering on the promised numbers and so on, make sure you take the right steps in leadership. Firstly, did you take the time to teach them enough? Did you give them clear goals and teach them how to accomplish those goals? Is this team member failing because of your lack of communication? Or is he or she just not delivering? Either way, take the right steps: sit down with this person, warn them about potential consequences, remind and revisit goals. Take time to fix the situation; you might need to put your foot down and remind them that their job might be in jeopardy, even if they are 15 years older than you are. I highly recommend that you make it clear to your team that if they don’t meet your expectations and if they don’t perform, they will be gone. That is the bottom line. Tell your team members exactly what you expect from them and constantly remind them about those expectations. If they fail, make the consequences clear and if they cannot improve, they will have to leave. Sometimes that is a decision that must be made. Keep one more thing in mind: If you are a Personal Trainer Expert with no knowledge in marketing, and you hired a great marketing team but they don’t meet your expectations, don’t just fire them after a month. Keep reminding them of what you want, what you need and what you expect. Keep them accountable and make it very clear. It is not fair to fire someone because you failed to manage them and because you failed to keep them accountable. They might not even know what you need from them! Make it clear and don’t be afraid of making someone upset or losing your popularity score. It’s business, not personal! My last piece of advice is to always challenge your ideas by using your team. Trust your team and get them involved in all of your decision making. Even if you already made a decision on something, it will be well worth it to have your team involved, even if it is something small like buying X branded weights over Y branded ones. By giving them a choice and part in the decision, you will create the greatest level of trust that you can possibly give them and they will return it with respect. Don’t be scared about opening up to your team. Show them that you are also vulnerable and they will appreciate your displays of openness and honesty.

start when it comes to financial figures. However, this is not the best option. The first thing you should do is sit down and take a look at your financial results, compare them month-to-month and year-to-year to see what you can adjust, reduce or cut. Ask yourself the question, ‘Does my business need this? Is this something that I need or want? What is the purpose of this expense? What is the return on it?’ Everything can be measured to cut out the fat: simply by dropping 10% of your extra expenses, you can raise your revenue by 50%, if you run your business around 90% of expenses of your profits. To get better cash flow, you need to receive more money on time and also pay your bills on the latest day possible. This way you get the cash from your clients on time and you don’t need chase after them. In turn, you will have it in your business account longer, giving you time to make a wise investment before paying your bills on their due date. Every month, I pay the rent on each location on the absolute last day of my agreement. Do not tolerate your clients not paying on time. Be clear. It is not worth the energy and time to chase after your money. I have had clients who would “forget their wallet” and then cancel at the last minute three times, and then get sick – then they don’t want to pay. Or when they come in, they try to get away with it. This means that their receivable was delayed by at least a month. This scenario is not good for your cash flow, and it is definitely not good to keep seeing these clients; it will add even more stress and problems down the road. It is not worth it. They know better and you can bet that they pay their other bills on time or they wouldn’t have electricity or water to shower. You need to learn how to manage your money. Do you think you will have less stress and more money in the bank if you earn more? No; unfortunately, that is actually a myth. People adjust their spending. If you have been making $40,000 a year and you start making $50,000, then you will likely end up with the same amount in the bank. That is why most lottery winners often go broke in just two to five years after they’ve won. This doesn’t make sense but it does happen. You need to learn how to manage your money; if you have problems I highly recommend reading ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’ and ‘Profit First’, the latter one will literally teach you how to set up your business and all your bills and profits! It is truly a must read book for you! Once you have all of your financial matters in hand, then you can begin to work more on your sales process.

Stay on top of your financials "The wise man puts all his eggs in one basket and watches the basket." - Andrew Carnegie

As we have discussed before, there are many great products and companies that don’t make it and eventually go out of business. That is why you have to measure results and you have to know your numbers! Most gym owners think that getting more sales to increase revenue is the right way to APRIL 2018 49



JASON KHALIPA Crossfit Champion



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APRIL 2018


Co-located with the BodyPower expo

“Of BodyPowers 100,000 visitors, 20% are trade delegates. To accommodate for this we have created BodyPower Trade, a show dedicated to Trade. Co-located with the BodyPower consumer event it, it’s an environment suited to B2B.”

trade match area

Do you want to find a product to increase company profits? Do you have a product new to market that you want to get in front of key decision makers in the leisure industry?


With over 36 seminars focusing on industry trends and increasing your facility’s profits


With key heads from the leisure industry attending can you afford to give competitor advantage away by not exhibiting?



APRIL 2018


Training Approach Chris Zaremba, our specialist on fitness for the over fifties, reveals his approach to training. Having spent the past few months giving advice here on what others could and should do, I guess it's probably about time I revealed what I do myself in terms of exercise! So, here is the approach that I have adopted for my own training. This system is working great for me and I suggest it to others, but of course, you should refer to a qualified Doctor or Personal Trainer if you have any concerns on whether any of the points below are ideal for you.

activity for muscle building – but it’s good social time for me as well as a good run. Each of these is followed by 15 minutes of abs and stretching, six days a week.

I try to work out twice on most days as follows:

The 10 minutes of abs is a session I call the Abs:100 – 30 reps of an exercise targeting upper abs, then 30 targeting lower, then 20 each side for obliques – total 100 reps. Stretching is the final five minutes, and comprises static stretching of key muscles, always, quads, hamstrings, shoulders and chest, plus a few optional body parts.

Mornings (usually at 07:30) – my HIIT and MISS cardio:

I consume nothing except water and black coffee before this morning activity - to encourage using of accumulated fat stores for energy rather than recently-eaten carbs.

This depends on the day of the week as follows:  Mon/Wed/Fri – 30 minutes of cross-trainer, keeping heart rate at 135 (plus or minus 5). I call this my MISS – Medium Intensity Steady State.  Tue/Thu – 20 minutes of treadmill running, alternating between periods of two-minutes high speed (each around 15 kph but gradually increasing) and periods of low speed – not set to time, but enough to get my heart rate back down to 110. I usually get five such up-anddown sequences within that 20 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training.  Sat – 5K Parkrun, sometimes followed by a Body Combat gym class. This is a little later in the morning (09:00 start). This isn’t an ideal

Each morning session is followed by a good oats-based breakfast, heavy on carbs and protein, which I call my ‘Power Breakfast’.

Afternoon/Evening (PM workouts): Depending on the day, this can start anytime between 12:00 and 21:00. One per day, of course, with each workout taking between 50 and 60 minutes in-gym time, including some warm up time and rest between sets. There is always a protein shake (with some fast carbs) to follow – I want around 40g of protein and 40g of fast carbs within 15 minutes of ending the workout – an amount of up to 400 calories. I cycle around the following five bodypart-based workouts. This is called the ABC7 System, and has APRIL 2018 53


separate workouts beginning with five letters:

• 6-9 achieved in the last set to reach failure, then the weight stays the same

A – Arms B - Back C - Chest D – Delts (shoulders) E – Elevators (legs)

• 5 or less achieved, then the weight comes down.

I had to be inventive to make Legs into workout E, but I couldn’t follow ABCD with anything else, could I? I do seven exercises in each of my workouts, and perform three sets per exercise, therefore a total of 21 sets. Each set, I do to 10 reps or failure, whichever comes first. I choose the weight based solely on previous performance: • The first set is done at the weight used in the last set on the previous occasion I did that exercise and achieved 10 reps. For the second and third sets, I base this on the number of reps achieved in the previous set as follows: • 10 achieved in the last set, then the weight goes up

The specific exercises I do are listed on a spreadsheet – one sheet per workout (A-E). For a bit of variety, for most of exercises I have defined two or three exercise alternatives – depending whether the gym equipment is free or if I feel like doing an alternative. For example, for incline chest presses I vary between dumbbells, barbell, cables and a variety of machines. To make all this work it is important to record the date, exercise, weight and reps. This ensures I vary the exercises within my exercise alternatives, and also records the final set weight per exercise so I know what the weight is for the first next time I perform that exercise. If you want to see how the exercises are performed, or see some additional alternative exercises, then check out my website – look at the Workouts tab on www. For more detail, the fully documented ABC7 System, including spreadsheets, videos and photos, is also available.

Our contributor Chris Zaremba offers self-guided fitness courses, plus personal training and coaching both online and in-person. The latest addition to his fitness packages is a monthly subscription members' club specifically designed for those, like him, in their second halfcentury: 'Fitness Club 50'. Interested? Read more about all of these on

REVVLL IN THE POSSIBILITIES • Substantial exercise variety • Quick Adjustability – Variable Resistance • Mobility – Mount the Revvll high to low and virtually anywhere • Commercial Grade – Quality Construction • No rope fraying or gloves required! SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER 54

APRIL 2018

20% OFF



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ISSUE M A Y i s s u e features include: Lockers & Changing Room Design Indoor Rowing Indoor Cycling Refurbishment Functional Training HIIT Recruiting a PT

To advertise alongside these features, contact: Paul Wood  07858 487357 | 


Working Hard? Or Hardly Working? Matt Gleed, Master Trainer and Education Specialist, on different teaching styles, retention, and how to truly help your members. Journey of a Personal Trainer Most Personal Trainers have either grown up as sports enthusiasts or been inspired to follow fitness after realising a 9-5 desk job isn’t for them. They study, they qualify, they get their insurance and then find themselves on the gym floor where they are met by eight hour shifts or teaching gym floor classes to cover the rent. The honeymoon period, where you’ll be working out a lot and business will keep coming through the doors, isn’t always the marriage you thought it would be. The eyecatching, more experienced PT with lots of established clients back-to-back is distracting from you cutting your teeth and continuing your development. Surely you can do what that PT does? Unfortunately, where the potential divorce comes in, is when the ideology takes over from the realistic pathway that the true professionals are warning you about. The truth of the job can be less glamorous. The early starts and late evenings to secure the pre-office and after-work clients means you can be up before 6am and not finishing until after 10pm, which takes its toll, with a lot of downtime in the middle of the day. The weekends of ‘I’ll just get a couple of people in…’ then the temptation of adding more back-toback hours is often too tempting. The lack of further education is often what limits trainers as they lack deeper skill sets, however this is being recognised by the industry. Communication skills, business skills and marketing messages are also such important elements to success but these won’t be covered or assessed in a standard course. This is when the old fashioned approach of apprenticeships really is valuable. An apprenticeship is a system of training a new generation of 56

APRIL 2018


a trade or profession with on-the-job training and often some accompanying study. Now in modern businesses, it’s a mentor, someone to guide you and support you. It often is someone who might have been successful in an area you would like to grow in to. You could also seek external expertise to guide you in other areas of starting your business - like business accountants to help you with spreadsheets or marketing professionals to help with websites, your promotional material and even a name for your business. Look to experienced professionals to see which of their qualifications have been most useful to them and which ones lacked in the pearls of wisdom they hoped for. If you are in the gyms your Fitness Manager or General Manager could have been there and done that however, in some cases, the Managers role is often one taken if high success from Personal Training doesn’t come. I’ve met several Managers that never really cut it in the training roles so they took a safe salary or position. Sometimes, it’s because of personal commitments, but the money can be a lot higher in Personal Training if you really commit to the professional journey.

Group Exercise What is your teaching style in Group Exercise? In some classes, it's just about keeping people going and working hard, like Indoor Cycle Classes, and in some it's about internal focus of activation of muscles, like Pilates. Another way is to coach from experience in either the way you have done it before, or from a step by step to perform. How do you lead from the front? It often will change for some group exercise instructors based on the type of class or even to what part of the class you are currently in, and then if the class is a one off workout, a pre paid course, or a programme of training to a sports season or mid to long term goal. Have a look at the table below to identify your style and think about what you could do for the participants to benefit more, or to give you a more rounded skill set.

Cheerleader Style Coach Style

Sensei Style

Motivational cues

Inspirational focus

Instructional steps

Drills and fun






High praise

Goal driven

Ability lead

Retention and Member Achievement are Vital for Success ‘I want to loose some weight, tone up and get fitter…’ The magic words that Personal Trainers hear all the time, and yet so many people don’t get there because the journey of the member is full of distraction, hard work and misunderstanding. So, to help members stay focused and keep your retention high, try looking at using data to help the member take personal responsibility of their progress. Members often want the results, and the service of the gym team giving welcoming smiles and taking the time to interact does actually lead to longer journeys with gyms . Regular interactions will keep members feeling looked after and checking in on them and how there training is going is vital. Try to keep the member focused, and use the goals to ensure the purpose of visits and direction of goals are achieved.

Top 5 ways to truly help members Food Diaries – Accountability to what is happening away from the gym. Fitness Tests – Where you are now, and where you want to get too. Homework – Routines are essential to help achieve, so keep training. Programs with Variation – Build up to progressions and not just smash the body. Fun and Interesting Workouts – Use challenges to help keep engagement so the workouts don’t always feel predictable.

APRIL 2018



T wi n Ch al l enge: C a n S up p l ementat i on Gi v e You T h e Edge? Bio-Synergy challenged twins, Jessica & Francesca, to discover how nutrition supplements can help boost your fitness results

When it comes to sports nutrition, we often get asked ‘Will supplements really make a big difference to my training?’ The answer is yes! Diet and exercise are naturally the key building blocks when it comes to achieving your fitness goals, but many underestimate the impact sports nutrition can have on helping you to amplify your results. Ensuring you have the right nutritional support can give you that extra oomph to take your training to the next level! To show the true power of sports nutrition and disprove a few myths too, we decided to recruit twins Jessica and Francesca and conduct our own mini trial! The identical twins underwent a bespoke eight-week programme created by Bio-Synergy ambassadors and qualified trainers, that incorporated a personal training regime and a diet plan. The twist? Only one of them took Bio-Synergy supplements (and we did not know which one) to support their results. Both girls wanted to lose weight and tone up. We wanted to see how supplements from our best-selling range could impact that goal. To kick start, we measured both of the girls to ensure we could go beyond weight loss to see genuine inch loss. Remember scales can lie and don’t often represent true results! Both girls followed exactly the same workout routine and diet plan. The only difference was the addition of Bio-Synergy supplements. The twins themselves decided who would be the supplement taker, keeping the Bio-Synergy team in the dark. Without this knowledge we were able to ensure both of the girls received exactly the same coaching and advice.

In fact, Francesca who didn’t take sports nutrition supplements actually gained inches on her arms and hips, whereas Jessica who took the Bio-Synergy supplements lost inches everywhere as you can see from the impressive results below:



(with sports nutrition supplements)

(NO sports nutrition supplements)

Upper arm: lost 0.9 inches

Upper arm: gained 0.4 inches

Waist: lost 2.2 inches

Waist: lost 1.3 inches

Hips: lost 4.5 inches

Hips: gained 0.6 inches

Thigh: lost 0.7 inches

Thigh: lost 0.1 inch

Thanks to the added support from Bio-Synergy’s supplement programme, Jessica managed to take her workouts to the next level and see her body give back even more than expected. Want to follow Jessica’s plan yourself? Here’s her sample training plan.

JESSICA’S TRAINING & NUTRITION PLAN TRAINING PLAN CARDIO - repeat circuit 3 times a week 10 rounds, 30 seconds work of each exercise & 1 min rest between rounds

It was Jessica who selected to trial the sports supplements, which saw her take Bio-Synergy Whey Better Protein Powder, Bio-Synergy Creatine, Active Women Multivitamins, OMEGA Fish Oils, Perfect Body CLA and Bio-Synergy Skinny Water.

• High knees • Star jumps • Slam balls • Kettlebell swings

When the measurements came through at the end of the eight weeks, the results spoke for themselves. The final stats showed that taking supplements really does help lose inches whilst adding definition!

AB / CORE WORKOUT - repeat circuit 3 times a week


APRIL 2018

4 rounds, 15 reps of each exercise & 1 min rest between rounds


• Hanging knee raises • Touch and go’s (with resistance) • V-ups 30 seconds of each exercise for 8 minutes continually • Crunches • Leg extensions • Mountain climbers • Plank UPPER BODY - perform this circuit once a week 4 sets, 10-15 reps of each exercise & 90 seconds rest • Press ups • Seated machine rows • Pull ups • One arm dumbbell row • Rope hammer bicep curls • Rope tricep extensions LOWER BODY - perform this circuit once a week 4 sets, 10-15 reps of each exercise & 90 seconds rest • Goblet or barbell squat • Single leg split squat • Barbell hip thrust • Deadlifts • Walking lunges • Glute kickbacks or reverse hyper extension

NUTRITION PLAN (TRAINING DAYS) Breakfast • 1 scoop Bio-Synergy Whey Protein Powder • 1 scoop of Bio-Synergy Creatine (mix with protein) • 35g oats • 3 ice cubes • 1 x 1/2 banana • Handful of spinach • Handful of kale • 300ml of coconut or almond milk or water • Add fruit of your choice if you wish • Additional supplements to take separately: Active Women Multivitamins x2, OMEGA Fish Oils x2 & Perfect Body CLA x2 Mid Morning Snack

Post-training • 1 scoop Bio-Synergy Whey Better Protein Powder ( mix with water) • 1 scoop Bio-Synergy Creatine ( mix with protein ) • 50g pineapple Dinner • Any lean meat or fish of your choice ( 200g cooked weight ) • Greens or salad of your choice ( 300g cooked weight ) • 1 x Bio-Synergy Skinny Water Bedtime snack ( 1 hour before bed ) • 1 x pot of sugar free jelly • 1 x square of dark chocolate

NUTRITION PLAN (REST DAYS) Breakfast • Medium free range eggs ( 3 Eggs ) scrambled with butter • Kerry Gold Butter ( 10g ) added to scrambled eggs • 1 slice granary toast • 60g avocado • Additional supplements to take separately: - Active Women Multivitamins x2, OMEGA Fish Oils x2 & Perfect Body CLA x2 - 1 scoop of Bio-Synergy Creatine mixed with water Mid Morning Snack • 1 scoop Bio-Synergy Whey protein powder • Fage Total 0% greek yoghurt ( 100g ) • 40g nuts Lunch • Any lean meat or fish of your choice ( 200g cooked weight ) • Avocado ( 80g ) • Salad or greens ( 300g cooked weight ) • 1 x Bio-Synergy Skinny Water Mid Afternoon Snack • Light spreading of Philadelphia • 2 Ryvita or plain rice cakes • 1 medium banana • 1 scoop Bio-Synergy Whey Protein Powder ( mix with water ) Dinner

• Fage Total 0% greek yoghurt (100g) • 2 x Snack a Jacks Jumbo Chocolate Chip Rice cakes

• Any lean meat or fish of your choice 200g ( cooked weight ) • Greens or salad of your choice 300g ( cooked weight ) • 1 x Bio-Synergy Skinny Water


Bedtime snack ( 1 hour before bed )

• Any lean meat or fish of your choice (100g cooked weight) • Sweet potato or any carb of your choice (150g cooked weight) • 30g nuts • Add salad or greens to your liking • 1 x Bio-Synergy Skinny Water

• 20g Whole Earth Peanut Butter

Mid Afternoon Snack

However, Jess’ impressive results are testament that, when taken correctly, supplements can give you the lean, feminine physique you crave.

• 1 scoop Whey Better Protein Powder ( mix with water ) • 1 scoop Bio-Synergy Creatine ( mix with protein ) • Fage Total 0% greek yoghurt ( 100g ) • 20g nuts

For women, a common misconception of taking protein powders and creatine is that it will make you bulky or masculine in appearance. ‘I don’t want to look like Hulk or grow hair on my body’ are just some of the comments we get daily.

If you’d like to lose inches and add more definition just like Jessica, why not sign up to the Bio-Synergy 12 week challenge. Discover more on our website!

"Many underestimate the impact sports nutrition can have on helping you to amplify your results" APRIL 2018 59






APRIL 2018


Doug Durnford, Senior Product Manager responsible for Commercial Cardio for Precor, comments: “The key driving force behind the frame colour changes is our customers. Over the last five years, 80% that requested a custom-made piece chose either silver or black. We listened to what they are asking for and responded with stylish changes. The new frames are bolder, and the neutrality of the colourways means they will blend into any gym environment.”

refined, consistent choice that works across all Precor machines. For operators that prefer a more traditional look, Gloss Metallic Silver provides the perfect option, whereas those looking for a modern bold image, Black Pearl provides the answer.


Precor strength kit also benefits with the addition of a Black Pearl frame colour option and three new upholstery colours: Hunter Green, Blue Jay and New Purple. Peter Borchert, Senior Product Manager at Precor, comments: “New colourways have been introduced in line with customer requests, with the three new ones working well within the education sector. Customisation is extremely popular at the moment, and while educational institutions generally require custom colours, we are now also seeing more enquiries from budget gyms and in particular boutique operators, who are looking for specific colours.”

The Precor Industrial Design team, responsible for the fit, finish and next generation of colours used on Precor equipment, assessed various properties when choosing the new scheme such as the tone when used in conjunction with the new Tungsten accent colour, colour trends, and how the colours matched at intersection joint points. The new elegant colours give operators a

The new colour design delivers versatility of choice across the brand. Along with interchangeable P82, P62 and P30 consoles, Precor provides operators with the flexibility to mix and match across the different CV lines, while now delivering a cohesive look across the whole range, with a vast array of choices to suit a variety of business models.

The two new colours, GMS and BP, featured on both the Experience Series 800 and 700 cardiovascular lines offers a neutral palette. Working cohesively with the current Precor strength range, which already features GMS as a standard colour, the new CV frame colourways provide a clean, unified look across the gym floor.

APRIL 2018


SOMETHING NEW IS COMING Come see us at FIBO to find out what it is.

Visit us in Hall 6, Stands C44 and E43, to see the latest additions to our Cardio, Strength, Indoor Cycling and Functional Training equipment ranges. We are excited to show the fitness world how Precor is changing the game. From our most-cherished equipment to a striking new look are just a few of the exciting things you can expect to experience at our stand. Please also join us for our well-known Stand Party, on Thursday April 12th from 18.15 on our stand.

Contact us for more information: 03334 149774 •


Top Tips On How To Keep Your Classes Full All Year Round Keeping classes full and customers engaged can be a challenge for any business in the fitness industry. In a fiercely competitive arena, business owners need to adapt to changing customer demand to maximise member loyalty, and ensure sustained commitment and retention. The experts at MINDBODY, a leading business management software provider for the fitness and wellness sector, have provided advice on how to keep your classes full all year round.

Introduce outdoor classes in the summer The days are getting lighter, and summer is most definitely on its way. Recent research¹ by MINDBODY found that a staggering 91% of the nation are most motivated to exercise in summer, meaning this is the perfect season to target both new and potential members. The study also found that spending time outdoors could be a key component in overall wellness, but nearly half of the nation (47%) spend an hour or less in the great outdoors per day. With this in mind, why not consider taking classes outdoors in the warmer months? Not only will this show that you’re dedicated to your customers’ overall health and wellbeing by exposing them to a bit of much-needed Vitamin D, but your classes will be more noticeable to the passers-by and could help to drive more footfall.

Be flexible with your membership options The same report from MINDBODY found that threequarters (75%) of UK adults have no fixed gym or studio membership. As an increasingly fast-paced, ‘on the go’ society, people want options and variety, so why not give it to them? Think about introducing pay-as-you-go membership options, to encourage more people in the local area to attend your classes. Once you’ve caught their attention, you can then look to gain their trust and ensure they keep coming back for more.

Run introductory offers Price continues to be one of the primary drivers of loyalty in the fitness industry, and is an area that business owners should certainly be aware of. Running offers on a regular basis is a way to keep current members happy and engaged, whilst also acting as a great APRIL 2018



way to attract a new clientele. MINDBODY customer data² shows that 60% of the top 15 customers run introductory offers; on average, this is four (offers) per location. It’s a method that works, and can be instrumental in ensuring classes are full and fruitful each and every week.

Get involved in the community Over three-quarters (78%) of respondents said they don’t have a corporate wellness scheme at work. Getting involved in the local community and building partnerships with companies (and their employees) close to your business is a great way of making new connections and building up your client list. Offer your skills and services to a local company for a one-off or series of classes before and after work or during lunch. What can you get in return? The opportunity to win new clients, grow your classes and watch your business flourish.

Make your class timetable accessible The timetable can be a make-or-break factor for any fitness or health institution. Getting this right will help ensure your classes are always full to capacity and your customers are engaged with your brand.

(93%) of MINDBODY’s top 15 customers have app-bookings enabled, and due to this see higher customer numbers. Catie Miller, Founder of MINDBODY studio, Xtend Barre suggests creating symmetry in your timetable to increase variety “On Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays we mirror the class timings and offering, so if members were to visit the studio every day, they’d experience a variety and mix of disciplines, ensuring they get an effective workout each time.”

Make it social Make your business a sociable and invigorating environment for everyone who steps foot inside the building. Often, people see the gym as a stress-reliever and a chance to see friends. Encourage your members to work out together and attend the same classes on a regular basis. Over a third of people in MINDBODY’s study said they consider their main form of exercise to be social, further confirming that there is a positive correlation between the nation’s exercise and social habits.

Whilst MINDBODY’s study showed a slight trend towards people attending gyms or classes after 5pm, overall there was no specific preferred or ‘peak’ time. Consider building a timetable that offers various classes throughout the day (being sure to consider your audience) - for fitness that works around their schedule.

Charlotte Newton, Senior Manager, EMEA Marketing at MINDBODY added: “Wellness has gone beyond a trend in the UK and we’re now catching up with countries like Australia in terms of it being an integrated and important part of our lifestyles. It feels like anyone and everyone is jumping on the ‘wellness’ bandwagon and so it’s important to think creatively and utilise technology, alongside taking an avid interest in consumer behaviour, in order to continuously drive the business forward.”

Having a timetable that is bookable online and via an app can also help to keep your classes full. Customers want access to a class that fits around their schedule. Almost all

Our recent study has provided some really useful insights that will help more businesses in the fitness and wellness sector to benefit from fuller classes – all year round.”

¹ Survey of 2,000 UK adults conducted by OnePoll in February 2018 ² MINDBODY actual customer data, up until December 2017 – analysis undertaken in February 2018

T o f i n d o u t m o r e a b o u t M I N D B O D Y , v i s i t w w w . m i n d b o d y o n l i n e . c o m / b u s i n e s s 64

APRIL 2018


Appointments A round-up of industry movers and shakers

Active IQ Goes From Strength to Strength With Two New Appointments

Adam Armstrong

Active IQ, the UK’s leading Ofqual-recognised Awarding Organisation for the Active Leisure, Learning and Wellbeing Sector, is going from strength to strength with two new senior appointments. Andy Gilbert joins the organisation in the new role of Qualifications Development Manager and Adam Armstrong joins as a Business Development Manager for the North of England and Scotland. With these appointments, Active IQ aims to continue providing first-class innovative qualifications, services and resources which are valued by training providers, employers and students. With 10 years of experience working with awarding organisations, including similar roles at City and Guilds and OCR, Andy brings with him a wealth of knowledge. In his new role at Active IQ, he will be responsible for the development of new qualifications as well as writing End Point Assessment resources and guidance for apprentices and assessors. Andy will also be responsible for providing and updating resources to assure high quality support meets the needs of learners, centres and the sector’s employers. Adam Armstrong has been appointed as an additional

Business Development Manager. With five years’ experience in the sector, Adam’s previous roles include working for NCFE and Technogym. In his new role he will use his industry knowledge to help grow Active IQ’s approved centre base in the North of England and Scotland. While supporting Active IQ in maintaining its position as the leading Awarding Organisation in the health and fitness sector, Adam will also seek successful transitions into allied markets. His main responsibilities will see him working with both new and current training providers to offer a variety of qualification solutions to meet the needs of employers across the sport and physical activity sectors. “Andy and Adam are both very valuable additions to the Active IQ team supporting our on-going and progressive work within new markets,” says Jenny Patrickson, Managing Director for Active IQ. “They join us at an exciting time as we celebrate 15 years as an organisation and commit to offering far more than just qualifications. With their knowledge and expertise, I have no doubt we will be able to continue to provide innovative and exciting ways to support both organisations and learners.”

Justin Smith to Join eGym In line with its growth drive in the UK, eGym has announced, Justin Smith, previously Managing Director at Precor, as Senior Sales Manager. Justin Smith

Smith will report directly to Jeremy Jenkins, Commercial Sales Director UK, and will focus on new business development, helping to expand eGym’s unique offering to new communities. Working out of eGym’s Soho office, Smith will spend a high percentage of his time in the field, liaising directly with eGym’s growing network of existing, pipeline and potential clients. With many years of sales experience in the industry working for brands which include Trixter, Technogym and Precor, Justin has the added benefit of operational experience, having spent the early part of his career as a General Manager with Meridian Leisure Developments. Smith says: “In my position as MD at Precor, I developed

a close partnership with eGym, recognising the mutual benefits the brands could achieve through product integration. eGym is a disruptive brand which, through product innovation and collaboration, is breaking new ground in fitness delivery. This is one of the most exciting brands to reach our shores in recent history and I am really excited to be on board.” Speaking about the appointment, Jeremy Jenkins adds: “I have known and respected Justin for many years and I am looking forward to drawing on his experience to strengthen our foothold here in the UK. With a suite of new innovations to introduce to market this year, the company is perfectly placed to accelerate our growth plan and we see Justin’s appointment as a central part of this strategy.” Smith starts his new role on April 1, 2018 and will be joining the eGym team, on stand at FIBO, Cologne, 12-15 April. APRIL 2018 65


Premier Global NASM Makes New Appointment to Focus On UK and International Growth

Brad Tucker

Ascend Learning, parent company of leading fitness education provider Premier Global NASM, has appointed Brad Tucker to the new role of Vice President & General Manager of Premier Global NASM. Ascend Learning, parent company of leading fitness education provider Premier Global NASM, has appointed Brad Tucker to the new role of Vice President & General Manager of Premier Global NASM. Part of the Global Fitness & Wellness Division for Ascend Learning, Premier Global NASM has more than 50 years’ combined experience developing leading health and fitness professionals. Tucker has been appointed to oversee Premier Global NASM in the UK as well as drive international growth for the business outside of the US. In April, Tucker will relocate to the UK with his family from Arizona, USA, to oversee operations in the UK and work closely with the company’s distribution partners to further expand its presence across Europe and the Asia Pacific region. In addition, Tucker will build on Premier Global NASM’s existing relationships with CIMSPA and employers, while developing new opportunities for growth in sectors such as elite sport and higher and further education.

Tucker was previously Vice President of Sales and Marketing at NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). He has been part of the company’s senior leadership team for the last 10 years after joining the organisation in 2008 as Vice President of Sales. During this time, he has helped to drive the growth and expansion of both the NASM brand and business. Laurie McCartney, President of Ascend Learning’s Global Fitness and Wellness Division, said: “We are very excited that Brad has taken on this important new role, which is crucial to our growth strategy both in the UK and internationally. For over a decade Brad has played a pivotal role in building the NASM brand, so he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the arena. He has the passion and focus to drive smart business development and open up new opportunities for Premier Global NASM. Speaking of his appointment, Tucker said: “Premier Global NASM is a leading global provider of fitness education with certified fitness professionals working in over 27 countries. We are entering an important phase for our business and this is an exciting opportunity for me to contribute to the growth of the company on an international scale.”

Precor® Appoints New Head of UK Steve Carter

Leading fitness equipment supplier and manufacturer Precor has announced Steve Carter as UK Managing Director..

a keen Telemark and Alpine skier during the winter and actively competes in racing both one man and six-seater Hawaiian Outrigger canoes.

Carter, who replaces Justin Smith, has been promoted from Field Sales Manager at Amer Sports and will take up the position with immediate effect, managing the growing Precor sales team. With over 20 years’ experience in management and sales across the fitness and leisure sector, Carter has a solid understanding of the sports and products across the Amer Sports Corporation, of which Precor is a subsidiary.

Carter says: “My predecessor, Justin Smith, has laid some great foundations to enable Precor to spring to the next level as both a brand and business partner for our customers. We have excellent products and a great story and are gearing up our operations and our team. My aim as Head of UK is to continue to motivate the sales team to provide customers with the seamless, high-level of expertise and service they already experience and expect from Precor.

Prior to joining Precor two years ago, Carter was General Manager at Scott Sports, suppliers of bike, ski and running equipment to specialist retailers, and before this, held senior managerial roles at Cybex International UK and Nautilus. With a love of both mountains and the ocean, Carter is


APRIL 2018

“I have spent the past few months immersed in leading a team and driving business within the Amer Sports portfolio and am excited about Precor’s ability to leverage these world leading brands, alongside our sporting passion, to further enhance our overall offering.”


Reiver Bolsters Team and Announces New Product Ranges in Fitness and Health Reiver, founded by Jon Johnston, has announced two senior appointments to help drive business growth in the UK. Caroline Richings

Jon Johnston

Louise Pickering

The company, which launched in the last quarter of 2017, is focused on bringing products to market which inspire movement and strength training as well as providing the means to measure the benefits. The immediate focus has been on developing a unique portfolio of premium products, sourced from across the globe, which support both consumers and facility operators in their health and fitness goals, and provide a means of evidencing the impact of their efforts on general health, fitness and wellbeing. The products are also selected to help operators take advantage of new technology and the use of gamification to differentiate from the competition. Johnston comments: “The UK fitness industry is experiencing one of its most exciting and dynamic periods ever. With increasing attention on the extensive benefits physical activity can deliver to the health and wellbeing of the nation, the gym floor is changing and getting more diverse and segmented. Boutique offerings are on the increase and every operator is looking to capitalise on the opportunity. We see it as our job to provide new and innovative solutions and to keep owner operators informed about the latest developments. “We also support the operators in a need to capitalise on the consumers’ passion and enthusiasm for physical activity by delivering an experience that keeps individuals coming back for more. Our products use the very latest technologies to help manage, measure and motivate the customer on their physical activity journey. “Reiver brings to market the very latest in aspirational fitness equipment that inspires people to move and gives the operators the tools they need to measure and

evidence the impact.” To drive business growth, Reiver has made two key appointments. Joining the company at director level is Caroline Richings. Bringing with her more than 25 year’s industry experience, Richings joins fresh from her role as Key Account Manager at Matrix Fitness. Using her extensive industry knowledge and network, Richings will be supporting Johnston in the development of a national client network,and managing a number of key supplier relationships. “In a highly competitive market, operators are hungry to discover the latest gym floor innovations, but few have the time or the resource to trawl international trade shows seeking out these products” explains Richings. “So, that’s what we do. We find and deliver the most exciting and innovative products direct to the UK.” Also joining the team this month as Head of New Business Development, is Louise Pickering. Previously working alongside Richings as Key Account Manager at Matrix Fitness, Louise has a degree in sports science and many years of industry experience which makes her perfectly placed to support the directors in their ambition to establish Reiver as the go to provider of premium fitness and analysis tools. Speaking about the new appointments, Johnston says: “I am incredibly excited to welcome Caroline and Louise to the team. We have known each other and worked together for many years and I am looking forwards to sharing the exciting journey with my new colleagues. Reiver is committed to supplying best in class, global innovations that help operators deliver a unique and inspiring professional service. I have 100 per cent belief in the products sourced so far and am looking forward to showcasing them to operators over the coming months.”

"The UK fitness industry is experiencing one of its most exciting and dynamic periods ever"

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