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Types of Toddler Gyms Young children seem to have unlimited energy at times and can be a real handful for parents and relatives to keep pace with. Often, you'll be wiped out long before your toddler, but a gym can help children keep the good times going. Toddler gyms are non-specific but generally involve either a playground setup that lives in an outdoor space, such as your yard, or a center staffed with child fitness experts able to help your kid have fun and be active. The former is a freestyle play environment, sometimes referred to as a jungle-gym, as well as a host of other proprietary names. These products are constructed using a variety of plastic, metal and wood materials. They use rounded corners and smooth edges to minimize injury and are ideal for large, enclosed areas where children can run around and play safely. Depending on the product, some assembly will be required. While an effective option for child fitness, they are not the best option for city dwellers who lack the necessary space. They don't come with play "supervisors" either. By comparison, a center-based toddler gym has many advantages. To start, they are used to host an assortment of programs like those you'll find at Tumble Bugs. Their activities are organized around gymnastics, helping young children develop gross motor functions within the framework of the sport. Like other centers, kids benefit from the social interaction

between your child, her peers and instructors--who are the greatest benefit of all. Whether at Tumble Bugs or other gyms, your child benefits from the tutelage and facilitation of skilled instructors. Depending on where your toddler is enrolled, expect per visit fees and weekly or monthly rates for each program. Parents do well to weigh the pros and cons of enrolling children in gym programs versus buying a backyard gym. Examine the long term and short term value as well as what your little person prefers.

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Types of Toddler Gyms  
Types of Toddler Gyms  

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