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Tumble Bugs Day Care School Makes Active Learning “Child’s Play” We’ve been in business for more than 30 years now and we are very proud of our Tumble Bugs Day Care School with locations in Norwalk and Greenwich, CT and Scarsdale, NY. Our timetested, active-learning based curriculum helps ensure your young child is ready for more formal education when the time comes for him or her to move on to Kindergarten. Just as Mom and Dad have jobs to do each day, the children at Tumble Bugs Day Care have a job to do as well…and that job is to play! We believe that play, when combined with a curriculum of active learning, can be challenging and rewarding for children of all ages, especially when children learn in a “can do” environment. Children at Tumble Bugs Day Care School can always count on having a fun day to look forward to. The staff goes out of its way to bring unique, educational programs to your child. Activities include: • Gym class with gross motor developmental activities, such as climbing, jumping, catching a ball • Physical fitness and skill development like skipping and galloping. • Spanish class • Music class

• Writing , pre-math and pre-reading skills development (Kindergarten readiness) • Scissors skills development • Creative play where children are free to explore their own interests • Sensorimotor time tactile activities. • Local field trips. • In summer, water play with water slide • Activities of daily living: hygiene, dressing skills, fasteners skills If you are looking for a place for your pre-school aged child to grow and play, consider what we have to offer. We invite you to visit one of our three Tumble Bugs Day Care School locations to see for yourself what we have to offer. Note: Effective and vibrant early childhood classrooms reflect a fundamental understanding of child development and best early childhood practices. For over 30 years, The Creative Curriculum® has embodied this philosophy, resting on a firm foundation of research and continually responding to new insights into what teachers need to know in order to build highquality preschool programs. The Creative Curriculum presents the most current research and explains best practices in working with young children and families. It defines the objectives for children's development and learning that are most predictive of school success and offers strategies for promoting children's social-emotional development as well as

content area skills. The Creative Curriculum for Preschool, gives teachers at all levels of experience the necessary knowledge base for preparing all children to succeed in school-and in life.

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