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Frequently Asked Questions On Preschool Gymnastics If you survey the U.S. gymnastics team, you'll quickly note that many of the world's top athletes began jumping, tumbling and twisting around their center of gravity before they could do division. You don't need to have your eye on Olympic gold to consider enrolling your child in preschool gymnastics, however. At its core, these it is a child fitness class focused on helping your toddler learn fundamental body movements. The sport serves as a vehicle to strengthen confidence, increase positive self-images and practice problem solving in a highly supportive and kinetic environment. Can my child be enrolled if he/she is still learning to balance? Absolutely. Many parents worry that the demands of gymnastics are beyond the skill level of their toddler but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, children that are 3, 4 and 5 years old are the optimal age to begin this kind of training. Your child is given individual attention to help him master basic skills at his own pace. As his confidence and skill level increase, instructors facilitate more complex movements. What is a typical class like? Children are grouped into classes by age. Younger children (2 years old) use common gym elements such as mats, trampolines and parachutes to explore the environment while learning basic

movements. 3-year-old classes are ready to sharpen listening and problem solving skills as they apply to tumbling and jumping. 4 and 5 year olds begin more complex movements as they build confidence. Classes are kept short, ranging from 15 minutes to 55 minutes and children are encouraged to work in pairs or groups. Is there a lot of gear/specialized clothing involved? No. T-shirts and shorts are fine. By nature gymnastics is not a gear-intensive sport so you don't have to worry about buying expensive, special purpose equipment. Preschool age children are still being potty trained so it is helpful for instructors when your child wears active wear that doesn't have large zippers or buckles. Children should not wear jewelry or jeans. Long hair should be tied back and leotards are preferred for girls.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Preschool Gymnastics  

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