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Rubber Flooring Uk Rubber Flooring UK is Leading supplier of Rubber Floor products for the Industrial, Commercial, Public, Sporting and Institutional facilities.For more information visit this website:

Rubber Matting Our commercial-grade rubber mats are made to withstand the most extreme environments, whether it be rubber door mats exposed to snow and sun outdoors. Rubber comfort mats covered with cutting fluids in industrial locations rubber kitchen mats caked with grease and oils in restaurant kitchens or rubber gym mats taking abuse from heavy weights and equipment in fitness facilities. Our rubber message mats help highlight important safety information. The rubber clean area mats prevent contaminants from entering sterile facilities.

Rubber Flooring Less Than 10 Metres Rubber Flooring Rolls are ideal for large floor areas such as, kitchens, hallways and offices. It is equally as good for walkways, footbridges, vans and lorries. The distinguishing circular anti-slip, studded surface gives an aesthetically pleas. Rubber roll mats and vinyl roll matting are ideal when safety, extra traction and direction matting is required. Runner mats are often used in aisle ways, warehouses, plant facilities, vending areas and horse stables to name a few locations.

Grass Mats Rubber Grass Mats are manufactured from 100% Heavy Duty Rubber compound. Tested by RAPRA to 3.3m Fall Height. Supplied by our company to most UK councils and schools for use in playgrounds. The Grass Mat has been designed to allow grass to grow through the large and small holes, helping to keep that natural green feel to any area. The Vulkanix Rubber Grass Mat is the most economical safety surface in the industry. Manufactured from recycled rubber, the mat requires no base work and is suitable for flat or contoured sites.

Rubber Grass Mats Rubber Grass Mats have been supplied to councils and play equipment contractors across the UK. The Interlocking Grass Mat is the most economical safety surface in the industry. Manufactured from recycled rubber, these mats require no base work. Ground Stabilizing Mesh for grass and ground reinforcement for car & coach parks, access routes, fire lanes, tree root protection. For more inforamtion GO to our website:

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