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Rubber Flooring Uk Rubber Flooring UK is Leading supplier of Rubber Floor products for the Industrial, Commercial, Public, Sporting and Institutional facilities

Gym Mats • Gym mats add comfort, safety, and appeal to exercise areas. Our selection of gym mats include single rubber mats for isolated areas such as weight lifting mats and exercise machine mats. •

Rubber mat rolls covering larger areas, or even interlocking rubber mats going wall-to-wall. Whatever the particular need we have the gym mat solution.

• Solid Interlocking Rubber Gym Mats have an beautiful look to the gym floor, its non slip hazards and Interlocking gym tile is easy to install without any adhesive.

Rubber Sheet  Closed Cell Commercial Neoprene Sponge Rubber Linear Meter are available for a range of applications in the industrial and residential markets.  This type of neoprene rubber has excellent stretching capabilities while remaining strong enough to be elastic.  Sponge EPDM Close Cell Rubber Linear Meter is a commercial EPDM/SBR blend suitable for use in medium range applications. EPDM is resistant to many chemicals and oil, making it particularly useful for flooring, table tops, machine shops and auto repair shops.

Playground mats ď ą The mat also protects against erosion. The Grass Mat has been designed to allow grass to grow through the large and small holes, helping to keep that natural green feel to any area. The Vulkanix Grass Mat is the most economical safety surface in the industry. Since safety is Parents first priority and our Rubber Tiles thicknesses ensure the safety of kids from falls. Our Safety Floor Rubber Tiles available in 4 Sparkling Colours. ď ą Sparkling colours; Blue, Black Green and Red Simple to install on Playground Surfaces. If Damaged Really Easy to Replace it Non Slip Ability Absolute control over depth of Safety Tile. That's Why control over Critical Falls.For more inforamtion visit our website:

Gym Mats The Interlocking Rubber Grass Mat is the most economical safety surface in the industry. Manufactured from...

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