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Rubber Flooring Uk Rubber Flooring UK is Leading supplier of Rubber Floor products for the Industrial, Commercial, Public, Sporting and Institutional facilities

Gym Mats   

Gym mats add comfort, safety, and appeal to exercise areas. Our selection of gym mats include single rubber mats for isolated areas such as weight lifting mats and exercise machine mats. Rubber mat rolls covering larger areas, or even interlocking rubber mats going wall-to-wall. Whatever the particular need we have the gym mat solution. Gymnasiums matting, Sports Areas matting, Cow Matting, Kennel Flooring, Zoo Mats, Sound Studios mats,

Rubber Sheet 

Closed Cell Commercial Neoprene Sponge Rubber Linear Meter are available for a range of applications in the industrial and residential markets.  This type of neoprene rubber has excellent stretching capabilities while remaining strong enough to be elastic.

 Neoprene sponge Rubber are ideal for outdoor use or applications requiring resistance to UV rays, air and ozone.

Sponge EPDM Close Cell Rubber Linear Meter is a commercial EPDM/SBR blend suitable for use in medium range applications

Playground mats The mat also protects against erosion. The Grass Mat has been designed to allow grass to grow through the large and small holes, helping to keep that natural green feel to any area. The Vulkanix Grass Mat is the most economical safety surface in the industry.


Manufactured from recycled rubber, the mat requires no base work and is suitable for flat or contoured sites. It wears extremely well and is resistant to all weathers and temperatures. The Vulkanix surfacing solution is maintenance-free, keeps grassed areas looking neat and allows the grass to be cut with a conventional mower


Playground tiles


Rubber Tiles are Suitable for Areas that require Safety Underfoot or a Visually Textured Surface. Universal high temperature solvent free nonstaining acrulic adhesive in water dispersion, formul.

and beautiful renewal of floor surfaces ďƒ˜ Fast Withstands heavy load conditions Ultra durable

and resilient Easy to clean mop or sweep Easy to remove and replace or re-install Environmentally friendly recycled product

Horse Mats ďƒ˜

The Horse mat RubberFlooring UK shop offers all types of matting including horse mat and matting solutions for all applications requiring hard-wearing, durable, impact resistant flooring and protection materials.

primarily designed for the Equestrian market, ďƒ˜ While our materials are often used for more than just horse matting. Our mats are also used for; Gymnasiums matting, Sports Areas matting, Cow Matting, Kennel Flooring, Zoo Mats, Sound Studios mats, Workshops mats, Garage Floors mats, Outside Events, Car Parking, Play Areas, Track and Roadways, Commercial and Agricultural Vehicles, Car Matting, Domestic Flooring and a wide variety of Industrial Applications.

Garage tiles

Garage flooring adds the perfect finished look to any garage. From vinyl roll-out flooring to floor tiles, we carry the right garage floor covering for you Protect your concrete garage floors by covering them with one of our great garage floor covering options. Clean off oil, water, dirt and debris easily when you use one of our many available options. We carry a full line of peel and stick garage tiles, interlocking garage tiles, roll-out garage flooring, and individual garage mats.

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Rubber Sheet  
Rubber Sheet Closed Cell Commercial Neoprene Sponge Rubber Linear Meter are available for a range of applications in the...