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B.A. (HONS) CREATIVE ADVERTISING FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  SO WHAT’S THIS PROGRAMME ABOUT? in the course title. When a company wishes to advertise something (a product, service, announcement etc.), they will commission an advertising agency and that agency is generally organised into two main parts: the ‘creatives’ and the ‘suits’. It is the ‘creatives’ who come up with the ideas for campaigns, and the ‘suits’ that sell them to the client. If you want to be the person who comes up with the creative concepts and strategic thinking for adverts, then this is the programme for you. ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS, EH? DO YOU MEAN TELEVISION AND POSTERS? Yes, but far more than that. Our students produce ads using a wide range of media such as billboards, magazines, newspapers, digital, online, direct mail, radio, guerrilla and, to be honest, anywhere else you can think of (so long as it’s legal!). SO YOUR GRADUATES GET JOBS IN AD AGENCIES THEN?  Absolutely! We have graduates who are working in some of the best agencies in the world. Check out their websites: Ogilvy; Karmarama; Bartle Bogle Hegarty; Wieden+Kennedy; McCann Erickson; Love; JWT; Dare; DDB, to name but a few. WHAT ELSE DO I LEARN ON THE PROGRAMME APART FROM HOW TO CREATE GREAT ADS?  Teamwork, communication, problem solving, independent thinking, analytical skills, photography, video, creative writing, mark-making, digital and presentation skills – all underpinned by contextual and cultural studies. DO I NEED TO BE A WHIZ ON THE COMPUTER TO BE SUCCESSFUL ON THIS COURSE? e up with a decent idea we’ll stick to marker pens and layout paper! That’s not to say our students don’t use computers – after all, we have industry-standard IT facilities that our students ARE YOU SAYING ‘IDEA’ IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ‘EXECUTION’? Yes, it’s what makes advertising programmes fundamentally different from all other art and design programmes. We are continually in discussion with the advertising industry about the skills and portfolio they want students to have when they graduate. It’s all about ideas: a graduate’s portfolio will typically contain ten campaigns and yet only two or three of those will have been anywhere near a computer. The course places great emphasis on spending more time thinking of great ideas to solve a problem than the time taken to produce it. This is what the advertising industry expects and demands. SO DO I NEED TO BE ABLE TO DRAW THEN? No, but you do need to be good at communicating visually. The most important attributes that you’ll need to be successful are an open mind, a good work ethic, ambition, passion for the subject and a sense of humour. OH I SEE. SO WHAT SHOULD I SHOW IN MY PORTFOLIO AT INTERVIEW THEN? We don’t expect anyone to have done any advertising before they join us (but we don’t mind if you have!). Your portfolio should show your best work (not everything that you’ve ever done) that demonstrates a wide range of media (drawing, painting, collage, photography, sculpture, design, creative writing, textiles etc.), an inquisitive open mind, creative thinking, intelligence and wit. And when we interview you we are very keen to meet students who are good at communicating verbally as well as visually. LET’S SAY I START IN SEPTEMBER. HOW WILL MY WEEK BE STRUCTURED? You’ll have a timetable that clearly organises your week of lectures, seminars and individual tutorials, and then you’ll be expected to work in your own time to complete set projects. Some projects last a few weeks, others a few hours! You can be certain that every week will be different and challenging. As well as your weekly lessons, the programme teaching team regularly organise guest speakers and special events that build links with some of the best agencies around, such as AMV BBDO, Bartle Bogle Hegarty New York, DDB and Wieden+Kennedy.

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HOW DOES THE PROGRAMME PREPARE ME FOR GETTING A JOB IN ADVERTISING? The advertising industry is very glamorous and therefore very competitive to get into. But we have an excellent track record of success in national and international student competitions (D&AD, YCN, Creative Roses) and our students regularly earn work placements at some on the best agencies in London and Europe. To be successful you will need commitment, energy and passion for the subject. To quote Ted Turner, ‘Early to bed, early to rise. Work like hell and advertise’. THANK YOU, THAT’S REALLY USEFUL. ANY PARTING WORDS OF ADVICE? We fundamentally believe that to be creative you need to enjoy yourself and be open minded. The Creative Advertising programme at the University of Lincoln is hard work, but incredibly rewarding. Good luck. To get the most up-to-date news on programme activities, please visit our blog:

Examples of student work TOP: A billboard poster for The Big Yellow Self Storage. MIDDLE: A double-page press advert for King of Shaves shaving oil. BOTTOM LEFT: Single page press advert for Total Fitness gyms. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Single page press advert for Lufthansa Business Class. BOTTOM RIGHT: Single page press advert for Warburtons white sliced bread.

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FAQ sheet for University of Lincoln's BA (Hons) Creative Advertising programme