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Global Youth Empowering Movement

A movement that empowers Youth to discover their purpose and talents, and establish service projects in their communities using their passions, to contribute to the betterment of humanity.


VISION To educate and empower Youth to understand and act upon their potentials to serve.

MISSION To run GYEM workshops and launch a website, to educate youth and assist them to establish social enterprises that actively promote the GYEMvision.

OBJECTIVES − Establish programs in schools.

− Create a website that serves as a platform for dialogue and discussion and a means to connect projects. − Change the eating and exercise habits of Youth.

PHILOSOPHY - We can’t change society, if we don't simultaneously change. - We use our passions for service - In an increasingly globalized world, our identity is 'Global Citizen' - Unity in diversity - Youth are the future -Money is not the purpose of life -Education and service are the solution, and must go hand in hand -- Youth have an acute sense of justice - Humans should be approached as inherently good - Within community, lies unique individualism -The strong individual is nothing without its community, and a community is nothing wtihout strong individuals - Experience doesn't equal better - Everyone has something valuable to contribute; we are all created equal

PLATFORM GYEM WORKSHOPS This is our physical platform; the initial steps to understand the world, the self and true service. After, Youth apply what they learn, by immediately starting service projects.

GYEM WEBSITE This is our virtual platform; where Youth share their projects, connect with likeminded people, and track their progress.


PROGRAMS These supplement the learning, deepening & bonding of GYEMers.

1) Youth Night: where all GYEMers present their updates on their projects, successes, failures and needs. 2) Training seminars: these range from career workshops, to presentation skills etc.

EVENTS These are to spread awareness of GYEM, create public dialogue, and to celebrate like-minded Youth! 1) OPEN MIC NITE: an all time favorite; the stage is open for anyone to perform a song, spoken word piece or a poem; each night has a different subject. 2) GET ACTIVE: these are bi-yearly events which bring the public together to get them moving; ranges from yoga, to dance classes, to walks etc.

GYEMgrand WHAT WHEN WHERE Statistics

Our Grand Opening of the center. 23thth February 2010 GYEMcenter 200 Attendees


OPEN MIC NITE WHAT Open Mic Nite; we open up the stage for poets, singers, performers, rappers, spoken word poets etc. to share their thoughts, passions and talents. Our most popular event. WHEN Monthly Statistics 100-200 Attendees


GYEMworkshop WHAT The first step into learning about the World, the Self and Service. Youth bond, share ideas, research, present, laugh, and create together. Statistics 10-20 Attendees


Graffiti A Tunnel for Hope WHAT Event open to the public in which we invited the public to express themselves, share their inspirations, thoughts and hopes. Our aim was to create an energetic space done by the community for the community. “Together we’re building hope-but we can’t do it without you.” WHEN Oct 3-7 | 9am-10pm; Oct 7-9 | 3pm-11pm, anytime;: WHERE Festival Centre tunnel leading outside Statistics Over 450 Attendees


GREEN SANTA WHAT The project aims to bridge the gap between special needs and the mainstream Youth community, as well as promote eco-friendly design. Schools: Al Noor Foundation & GYEMteam | St. Andrews & Philadelphia Private School | Rashid Pediatric Center School & Repton | Special Needs Foundation & Westminster School &Universal American School | Dubai Center for Special Needs & Emirates International School WHEN November 2010 Statistics 200 Attendees


YOUR ROLE YOUTH You can sign up for a GYEMworksho p, become a part of the GYEMteam, help out at an event, or help us spread the word!

PARENT You can tell your children about this opportunity, help emulate our values that Youth are the future, or help us out with our workshops/ser vice projects with goodies!

SPONSORS Join the GYEM Youth community, sponsor our events, participate in our service projects, or become an advisor for Youth teams!

PROFESSIONALS You can offer to be an advisor for the Youth teams, run a seminar for Youth, or help the GYEM team out with your expertise! All ages welcome ;)



GYEM, Global Youth Empowering Movement brief for the GYEM website at