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GYEM GYEM | Global Youth Empowering Movement Youth driven organization that aims to link Youth to empower them to use their passions to serve their communities, and thus contribute to the betterment of humanity. MISSION To empower Youth to understand how powerful, noble and crucial to the future they are, as well as enable them to be builders of a new civilization; one that is marked by unity and peace. We are trying to redefine Youth from what the media say: rebellious, party animals, to who we truly are: energetic & capable Global Citizens.

The GYEMcenter The GYEMcenter The first Global Youth Community center in the UAE. It will host numerous GYEM projects; from GYEM workshops, social events, youth nights and debate nights etc. We anticipate 150 Youth per week. It is open to Youth of ages 15-25. FUNCTIONS & SERVICES | •

An opportunity for Youth to interact and appreciate a variety of cultures regardless of background, social standing and/or education.

A positive place for Youth to relax, study, make new friends, enjoy themselves, share knowledge, be inspired and express themselves.

A platform that aims to connect all existing organizations that are working together for the betterment of humanity; where various like-minded organizations can rent out space and hold their own workshops based around themes of Youth empowerment, Junior Youth, community building, career advice etc.

The center was painted by Youth (donated by Alva paints) and all furniture was reused or reupholstered by DXBinteriors.



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