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Welcome Early Years Foundation Stage The EYFS sets out the legal requirements that all early years providers (nurseries, child minders, crèches etc) must meet in order to ensure that children learn and develop well and are healthy and safe from the ages of 0 to 5. All early years providers are guided by 4 principles that enable them to support babies and children in their learning and development. These are:

Unique Child Every child is a unique child who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self assured.

Positive Relationships Children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships.

Enabling Environments

Learning and Development

Children learn and develop well in enabling environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents/ carers.

Children develop and learn in different ways. The framework covers the education and care of all children in early years provision, including children with special educational needs and disabilities.

For more information please see a member of staff, who will be happy to give you our leaflet on the EYFS or signpost you to get your copy of the ‘Parent’s guide to the EYFS’.

About Us

The Universal Groups Team delivers a variety of groups: Little Owls, Owlets, Story Owls, Baby Massage and Play Rangers. Practitioners teach children by ensuring challenging, playful activities across the prime and specific areas of learning and development. These being:


Communication and language Listening and Attention, Understanding and Speaking Physical development Moving and Handling (e.g. learning to crawl or holding a pencil) and Health and Self Care (e.g. potty training or hand washing) Personal, social and emotional development Making Relationships, Self Confidence and Self Awareness and Managing Feelings and Behaviour


Literacy Reading and Writing Mathematics Numbers, Shape, Space and Measure Understanding the World People and Communities, The World, Technology Expressive Arts and Design Exploring and Using Media and Materials (e.g. painting) and Being Imaginative

Safeguarding Children Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and Hopton Children’s Centres have a ‘duty of care’ to safeguard and promote the wellbeing of children. All staff, volunteers, students and consultants have a duty to keep children safe and protect them from harm. Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and Hopton Children’s Centres have a ‘Safeguarding Children’ policy, which outlines our ‘duty of care’ toward every child and family that access services at and through the Children’s Centres. Please ask a member of staff if you would like a copy of this policy. If you are worried about a child or another adult’s behaviour please approach a member of staff, or you can call Children’s Services on 0344 800 8014.

No Mobile Phones

In line with our safeguarding policy we ask that mobile phones and cameras are not used in our groups.

Confidentiality Everyone working for the Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and Hopton Children Centres has a duty of confidentiality; however, in certain circumstances the law permits the disclosure of confidential information necessary to safeguard a child. All the information recorded is kept and stored confidentially. Parents or those who have parental responsibility for the child can request open access to their records. However, a family’s access to their records can be withheld if the sharing of specific information would be harmful to a child or other family member.

We welcome everyone Dads and grandads are warmly welcomed to any group listed in this programme. We can recommend all our activities for children and parents with additional needs.

Play Rangers Play Rangers Wednesday


Ages 0-5

Seagulls Children’s Centre

Play Rangers provides a great opportunity for your child to explore and develop new skills through first hand experiences and hands on learning in a natural outdoor space. The sessions take place in all weathers; we supply waterproofs, but please could you provide warm clothes that you do not mind getting dirty and wellies if you have them.

Routines: * Discovering the minibeasts in our digging pit, creating a pie in our mud kitchen, learning about growing food in our vegetable garden and many more play based learning activities * Planning and harvesting crops * Water play * Tidy up and goodbyes

Play Rangers aims to develop: * Confidence and self-esteem * Motivation and concentration * Independence * Knowledge and understanding of the natural world * Physical skills * Good social communication skills

Little Owls No need to book, but please note that places at the Seagulls and Priory groups are limited to ensure safety and quality. Tuesday


Ages 0-5 years



Ages 0-5 years

Seagulls Children’s Centre Priory Children’s Centre



Ages 0-5 years

Hopton CE Primary Sc

Little Owls is open to all families with preschool age children. We provide various activities, planned in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), for the ages of the children who attend. Activities include role-play, construction, physical play, soft baby area and group singing. The groups are free to all and you can attend as often as you wish. The team plan activities/crafts on a termly basis to ensure families can explore a variety of play opportunities together.

Little Owls Group Routines: * Free play - various toys set out for children to play with and a craft activity * Tidy up time - parents, children and staff clear the toys away * Song time - Children form a circle on the floor with staff for goodbyes

Little Owls aims to: * Develop children’s exploring skills as they engage in a new play experience * Promote independence and choice * Provide a safe, secure environment to explore and be creative * Build on relationships between child and parent/carer * Provide opportunities for physical development

Owlets A 6-7 week group for families with babies to walking age (age 0-1 yr). We have places for 12 families, so please call to book in advance to guarantee a place. Tuesday


Seagulls Children’s Centre



Priory Children’s Centre

A warm, welcoming group to help parents build relationships, chat and support one another with having a baby. A selection of toys is available for the babies to enjoy and a topic chosen by the group will be discussed and parents will be able to offer help and support to each other. Previous groups have discussed sleeping, weaning, going back to work, but the subject is set by the group’s interests.

Owlets Routines: * Free play - an opportunity to explore a variety of baby friendly resources * Parent discussion * Song time

Owlets aims to: * Develop babies’ exploring skills as they engage in a new play experience * Promote independence and choice * Provide a safe, secure environment to explore and be creative * Build on relationships between baby and parent/carer * Provide opportunities for physical development

Story Owls Wednesday Friday


Ages 0-5

Gorleston Library


Ages 0-5

Great Yarmouth Library

The Universal Groups Team delivers Story Owls at the local libraries in Great Yarmouth and Gorleston. Story Owls includes a story, a themed craft and a song time. The group is planned using the Early Years Foundation Stage and each week we tell a different story. All families with children under 5yrs are welcome.

Story Owls aims to: * Build on children’s communication and language skills * Provide opportunities to be creative and use imagination * Develop children’s concentration and attention

Story Owls Group Routines * Welcome. Parents and children are encouraged to sit on the carpet to enjoy the story. A staff member will read the chosen book to the group using story sack/prompts if possible * Craft Activity. A craft activity is put out on tables, which is linked to the story to help children to extend their learning. Families can also sit and read stories together or re-read the chosen book * Children form a circle on the floor with parents & staff. Time to sing and bounce the teddies, goodbye song

* Provide opportunities to share and enjoy a range of reading materials * Develop children’s level of engagement with stories using props and resources that children can explore and use * Build on relationships between child and parent/carer

Baby Massage

A 5-week course for mums, dads & babies aged 0-1 year (prime age is 0-7 months). Spaces are limited to 8 families per session, so please call to book. Monday


Ages 0-1 year

Priory Children’s Centre



Ages 0-1 year

Seagulls Children’s Centre

Baby Massage can benefit your baby in so many ways: * Enhances parent/baby communication * Helps parents/babies to relax * May help to improve your baby’s sleep pattern * Aids your baby’s digestion and relieves wind * Strengthens your baby’s immune system

Baby Massage aims to: * Help your baby to feel securely attached * Reduce crying and emotional distress * Increase levels of relaxation and longer sleep

Baby Massage Group Routines * Welcome * Ice Breaker * Positioning * Relaxer * Baby Massage * Theory/Discussion * Handouts and Close

* Development of body awareness and coordination * Relieve wind, colic, constipation and teething discomfort

Expectations of Parents * Mobile phones and cameras may not be used in any of our groups – please ensure your phone is off/on silent and out of the way during a group. If you are expecting an important/emergency call please ensure you let a member of staff know and we will discuss with you how you can answer this out of the group. * We would like to remind you that children are the responsibility of parents at all times throughout the sessions and therefore, to ensure everyone’s safety, we ask that you stay with your child during our groups. * We enjoy seeing parents build relationships within our groups but please ensure you don’t forget to use this opportunity to play and have fun with your child. * We understand that some activities are difficult for parents, such as music time, and there is no pressure – if this is something you struggle with that’s fine, there is no pressure to sing, but can we ask that you join us in the circle with your child. * You are expected to adhere to our policies at all times and behaviour management techniques such as ‘smacking’ is not something we condone within our groups. If you would like some support/help around behaviour management techniques please speak to a member of staff about support that may be available to you from the Children’s Centre. * We support initiatives such as ‘Kind Hands’ and ‘Kind Feet’ and ask that this is something you try to advocate within our groups to ensure the safety of all children/ parents.

Expectations of Children * Children are encouraged to look at and play with all the activities we have planned for them. However, we are aware that every child is different and they may dip in and out of activities, such as music time – this is ok. * Children learn and develop in different ways and there is no expectation that your child has to engage with every activity/toy we provide in group. * Children are encouraged to share toys with other children during the session and to help with routines such as ‘tidy up time’. This is something that many children struggle to do, so please don’t worry if this is something your child is not great at. The group will help with giving your child the skills for when they transition to nursery/school * Children are encouraged to use ‘Kind Hands’ and ‘Kind Feet’. This is something a lot of local nurseries/schools use, so will help with their transitions and ensure that all children are kept safe during our groups.

Universal Team

Sam Hubbard Universal Groups Manager

Dawn Barber Family Group Worker

Danielle Flaxman-Hoyle Family Group Worker

Katharine Miller Family Group Worker

Catherine Thompson Family Group Worker

Kelly Kerrison Group Team Assistant

If you would like to make a Comment, Suggestion or Complaint If you have any concerns about our services you should: • First talk to the person who is in charge of the group. He/she will listen carefully and take any action needed straight away. • If you are still not happy you must send your complaint in writing, giving as much detail as possible, to: • Andrew Forrest, Chief Executive, Great Yarmouth Community Trust, The Old Vicarage, 24 Church Plain, Great Yarmouth, NR30 1NW. • The Chief Executive’s decision on any complaint is final and is given after consultation with the Trustees. You will be notified of any proposed action within 14 days. Your legal rights: none of the above affects your legal rights and, if you are still unhappy, you can seek advice from a solicitor or the Citizen’s Advice Bureau. Universal Groups T: 01493 688940/660090 E:






Find us at Great Yarmouth & Gorleston Sure Start Children’s Centres @priorycentregy

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Universal Groups Welcome Autumn 2018  

An introduction to groups for all 0-5s at Great Yarmouth & Gorleston Sure Start Children's Centres

Universal Groups Welcome Autumn 2018  

An introduction to groups for all 0-5s at Great Yarmouth & Gorleston Sure Start Children's Centres

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