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Music & Arts Team Music is a unique activity

Music brings people together in time and space. Being part of a music group enables young children to develop a sense of themselves, community and empathy with other children and adults. You can see this by the way children and babies notice and interact with each other during the activities

What is happening in a music session? Voice play enables children’s confidence to use their voice. In music sessions we play around with our voices using different pitch and expressive sounds, unusual funny sounds and known sounds, such as animals or transport etc. This enables children to explore how they can use their voices, which will support their later language development.

Repetition: We repeat a lot of the same songs in our music sessions so that children become familiar with the songs, the words and the melody. This enables them to become confident in what’s happening and able to join in. This also gives children ownership of the material and they are able to suggest the next activity in the session.

Singing enables language: In time children are able to join in with known songs, they learn how they are built up and what word comes next.

Attention & Listening: We listen to a variety of sounds, playing with fast and slow, loud and quiet. We build anticipation within sessions enabling moments of sssshhh, intrigue and wonder, in contrast with loud, joyous expression.

Musicality & Musical Abilities: All children are born musical, taking part in singing, moving and instrument play builds on and develops this innate musical skill in children. Expression: We use lots of facial expressions and actions in a music session alongside games such as peek-a boo and puppet play. This supports children’s understanding of feelings and emotions in a fun way.

Physical development: Moving around to music helps coordination, rhythmic skills, physical self expression and confidence in using their bodies. Babies are able to jiggle, clasp small items, such as shakey eggs or blocks, whilst older children can dance, play instruments and use actions in songs.

Safeguarding Policy Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Children’s Centres have a ‘duty of care’ to safeguard and promote the wellbeing of children. All staff, volunteers, students and consultants have a duty to keep children safe and protect them from harm. Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Children’s Centres have a ‘Safeguarding Children’ policy which outlines our ‘duty of care’ toward every child and family that accesses services at and through the Children’s Centres. If you would like a copy of this policy please ask a member of staff. If you are worried about a child or another adult’s behaviour please approach a member of staff or you can call Children’s Services on 0344 800 8014 No Mobile Phones In line with our safeguarding policy we ask that mobile phones and cameras are not used in our groups.

Dads are warmly welcomed to any group listed in this programme We can recommend all our activities for children and parents with additional needs

Bridge 2 Music (B2M)

Community Music Making Come in, unwind and have a lovely time with your little one. The Bridge 2 Music groups at the Priory Children’s Centre are open to everyone - no need to book, just come along. Places at the Seagulls Children’s Centre groups are offered on a termly basis. Please call to book: 07762 972032. Priory Children’s Centre


No need to book for these groups - just drop in Seagulls Children’s Centre


Walking to 5 years


Walking to 5 years

11.30-12.15 Thursday

Booking is essential for the Seagulls groups

At B2M, children and their families are taking part in a community music making activity – this means they are part of the music – as singers, movers, watchers, instrument players – just like an orchestra or a choir – but without so many rules.

Age 0-1 year


Walking to 5 years


Walking to 5 years


Age 0-1 year

What to expect in a B2M session: B2M sessions are funny and relaxed. We sit in a circle and make music together by singing songs, doing actions and playing with props and instruments. Sessions are quite similar and, as the children grow, they are able to interact with the songs and activities in different ways.

Children’s Expectations All children are different. Within a music session some children may want to sit and watch from their carer’s lap, some may want to observe from outside the circle, whilst others may want to move around excitedly. Children are encouraged to interact and express themselves in their own way and may dip in and out of the activities throughout the session. All of this is OK.

Things we often use are: • Lycra & holey lycra • Coloured scarves • Silk parachute • Rhythm sticks • Shakey eggs • The BIG drum • Finger puppets • A variety of musical instruments/ sounds.

Parent Expectations • We would like to remind you that children are the responsibility of parents/ carers at all times throughout the session. • Keep chatter to a minimum. An unnecessarily noisy environment effects children’s ability to focus and learn. • We encourage parents and carers to join in, but there is no pressure to sing; however, if you want to - please do!!! We love people feeling that they can sing with us! And there is no one’s voice your child prefers to hear than yours...honestly! It’s been proven! * Parents are asked to remove their children’s shoes during the session, for health and safety reasons.

Music Nest

Music Nest is held in the Priory Music Room. Groups run on Wednesdays for babies aged 0-1 year and children aged 1-5 years.

What is Music Nest? It is a music group, which is smaller than our timetabled Bridge 2 Music sessions and is accessed by referral only. Sessions are 35-45 minutes long and act as a starting point to eventually moving forward to a larger B2M session when parents and/ or children are ready. What happens in a Music Nest session? Music nest offers a gentle, funny and relaxed session where parents/carers and their children can play together in a supported environment. The sessions are run by Sophie and Natalie, who will sing songs and introduce a variety of playful musical activities for you to share and enjoy as a family. The activities are varied – songs, sounds, movement, scarves, lycra, parachute and the big drum etc. What are the expectations of families attending? During the activities parents and carers are asked to focus on their child and the music activities. There is no pressure to sing, but you are welcome to join in if you wish. Parents are asked to remove their children’s shoes during the session, for health and safety reasons.

What are the benefits of coming to Music Nest? Music has a positive effect on wellbeing. As a small group it offers families a supportive environment which gives time and space to follow the childrens interests, delight in achievements and to support empathetic responses at your child’s level. Some of the activities are repeated each week and therefore become familiar to both parents and children.

Music & Arts Team

Charlotte Arculus Creative Director of Arts & Music

Donna Fordham Early Years Music Practitioner

Natalie Willis Early Years Music Practitioner/Arts Project Coordinator

Sophie Fox Early Years Music Practitioner

Louisa Marsden Music Support Worker

If you would like to make a Comment, Suggestion or Complaint If you have any concerns about our services you should • First talk to the person who is in charge of the group. He/she will listen carefully and take any action needed straight away. • If you are still not happy you must send your complaint in writing, giving as much detail as possible, to: • Andrew Forrest, Chief Executive, Great Yarmouth Community Trust, The Old Vicarage, 24 Church Plain, Great Yarmouth, NR30 1NE. • The Chief Executive’s decision on any complaint is final and is given after consultation with the Trustees. You will be notified of any proposed action within 14 days. Your legal rights: none of the above affects your legal rights and, if you are still unhappy, you can seek advice from a solicitor or the Citizen’s Advice Bureau. Early Years Music & Arts Team T: 07762 972032 or 01493 660090 E:

Music Welcome Summer 2018  

An introduction to music groups for the 0-5s at Great Yarmouth & Gorleston Sure Start Children's Centres

Music Welcome Summer 2018  

An introduction to music groups for the 0-5s at Great Yarmouth & Gorleston Sure Start Children's Centres