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Tel: 01452 733060 October 2013

Volunteering and Fundraising Hi. I’m Vicky. I’m 16 and I have just become a volunteer for Gloucestershire Young Carers (GYC). As part of my support for GYC I have organised a fundraising meal with my friend from school which raised £43. I have also organised a non-school uniform day raising over £1000 and I stood up in front of one community at my school with Pam to raise awareness of young carers in my school. I told my story to over 200 people while Pam gave some interesng facts about GYC. I became a volunteer with GYC because I wanted to give something back in thanks for all the help and support GYC have given me since I joined about 8 years ago. I wanted to become more involved with the fundraising and awareness-raising side of GYC, giving support in thanks for everything the team have done to help me. There are many different opons for volunteering with GYC, from volunteer driving to helping out at charity events, hosng an assembly at school or meeng at work to raise awareness of some of the challenges young carers face. And while fundraising is useful, supporng GYC by giving up a few hours to take part in and organise events has made me feel really good. For more informaon about volunteering, please contact GYC on 01452 733060.

Editor’s Note

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Hello. I’m Abby and this is Vicky, she has awesome pink hair. We are this issue's editors, and in this issue we will be talking about fundraising, volunteering, summer trips to Slimbridge and Thorpe Park and giving you just a general update really. We would also like to welcome a new member of staff to the team, Edd, whose job role is specifically to fundraise. And I would like to give a massive shoutout to Vicky who has been fundraising all term. Well done! More big news....

...Gloucestershire Young Carers is sll here!! Aer many stressful hours spent by the GYC team and Carers Gloucestershire team, wring four separate applicaons for contracts with the County Council, we are pleased to announce that our bids have been successful. It is official guys: Carers Gloucestershire & GYC are the County Council’s recognised support for carers. Finally, we would like to thank everyone who supports Gloucestershire Young Carers and everyone at GYC for supporng us over the years.

Our Story...


Our names are Megan (17) and Hannah (15) and we have been with Gloucestershire Young Carers for about 5 years. We have been looking aer our mum for most of our lives but when our parents got divorced 7 years ago things became hard as she has a mental illness called bi-polar and also has anxiety. She also has side effects from the medicaon she takes every day. With our mum’s bi-polar she has mes where she is feeling too full of energy and happy and somemes suddenly feeling low and depressed; also having anxiety can make everyday things for mum a struggle. We don’t feel that we’ve had much support for our family, it’s mainly just been the three of us. In the last 4 years our mum has been into Woon Lawn (mental health hospital) 2 mes, that would have been the hardest and lowest point that our mum has been at and also one of the hardest mes in our lives but about a year or so ago our mum received a leer saying she had completed her cognive therapy and was stable.

Most of us feel a bit worried or anxious when we’re doing exams or even when we meet new people. Somemes this can push us to try a lile harder which then helps us to cope a bit beer when we face the same situaon again. Anxiety is only a problem if people become so worried that it stops them from doing every day things like shopping or answering the phone. This level of anxiety can make people feel very unwell. People who have anxiety problems oen get depressed as well.

4 years ago our mum met someone and he became her new partner. He needed to use a wheelchair because he was paralysed aer his spinal cord was severed a few years ago. This meant that Hannah and Taken from Minds, Myths and Me, produced by our mum became 24/7 carers for Gloucestershire Young Carers, him, helping him with his Bi-polar Disorder (Manic Depression) 2006 wheelchair, going to the When people have bi-polar disorder they have periods of me chiropractors once a week, other when they feel extremely high and happy followed by mes when doctor appointments, picking up prescripons weekly, having they feel really low and depressed. These feelings are difficult to ambulance people round oen because he got that ill. Looking control and are obvious, not like the usual ups and downs of life. aer him and mum made things for me and Hannah a lot harder at When people feel really good (called mania) they will have loads of home and school and having our own problems at the same me. energy and will want to keep on doing things. They find it difficult to sleep. This somemes leads to people spending too much money or Recently we have had to go back to just the three of us. Our mum taking risks that they would not usually take when they are well. is stable and relaxed and has been able to go back to church. She is there helping out and also helping out at an animal shelter and she Taken from Minds, Myths and Me, produced by Gloucestershire has more confidence in herself. Young Carers, 2006

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Thank You We would like to thank the Severn Vale Rotary Club, Hazlewoods, Waitrose, Cotswold District Council, Zurich Cares, Oberthur Technology and more, for the fundraising and support they have given to us in the past year. Hazlewoods’ team cycled, walked and baked to raise funds. Waitrose also have cycled for us and funded a trip to Slimbridge and provided snacks. Cotswold District Council organised several successful fundraising events. Zurich organised a trip to Thorpe Park. Severn Vale Rotary members arranged a sailing trip. Oberthur are on-going supporters of GYC’s work.

r Jill Hucklesby

Young Carers meet....Autho

Jill is a children’s author, dramast and screenwriter. Gloucestershire young carer Alice met up with her at the Lechlade Fesval in May: Alice: What is the happiest memory from when you were a child? Jill: Riding a horse for the first me. I love horses and they are the inspiraon for ‘Samphire Song’, the story of a teenage girl’s relaonship with a troubled horse. My parents didn’t have a lot of money and had saved up to take me to riding school. Alice: Who has helped you most in your life? Jill: I think my older brother, who I lost to cancer 6 years ago. He was my hero and he helped me through some very turbulent mes. Alice: If you could change one thing in your life what would it be? Jill: My mum died when I was 8 and I would like to change that. Alice: Have you ever had to miss something important because you had to put your family first? Jill: That’s a searching queson! When our daughter was growing up, I juggled my wring career and being a mum and worked from home. My husband, a policeman, worked shis so there were mes when it wasn’t possible to get to networking events or meengs and I remember worrying that I would somehow get ‘le behind’. But if you’ve set your heart on doing something, there are always other ways and opportunies. Time flies, and Maddy is now grown up. I’m sll busy wring plays and books. I think a happy family life has been the best support for my wring career. Alice: Who do you admire most in your life? Jill: People who make a difference to other people’s lives, like you guys (young carers).

Slimbridge nks to WWT Slimbridge tha 40 young carers went s re' He se Cheltenham. to support from Waitro what happened: food to feed all the First, we collected our . There were around 50 different types of birds d , including Flamingos an different types of birds Canadian Geese. cks then went to the We fed the birds and du ow interesng! I didn’t kn oer talk. It was very is flowing so ter wa the y l which wa that oers' whiskers fee they can catch food. then one group went lit up into groups and sp We . ch lun d ha we Then anc maze. There s great it was like a gig wa ing oe can e Th . ing canoe e kept bumping into d occasionally everyon an ere wh ery ev es tre were between trees; it ing people get stuck in tch wa ny fun s wa It them. o a tree. my canoe bumped int was even funnier when had scones with we tea For berries jam, cream and straw They donated by Waitrose. were yummy. viewing Then, we went to the As we tower. It was very high. tower were coming down the wn in the lucky ones went do to the the li. We then went each £5 en giv re we shop and se to spend by the Waitro s wa it t tha er team. A e. unfortunately home m for Thank you to Waitrose y. supporng the da

Waitrose Cooking Young carers aged 8 to 9 were invited to Waitrose for a group session where they would be able to both get to know each other and take part in a cookery workshop. The acvies were led by Alison Haigh (Studio Tutor) and Lisa Pearce (Studio Co-ordinator) and involved Charlie, Dylan, Rhys and Jamie being shown how to make ‘Fridge Cake’, making and decorang their own cake each. They went on to make pizza, being instructed on how to mix and knead the dough themselves before adding their choice of toppings. This was the first me the boys had met and throughout the session they became more confident in their surroundings and with each other. As well as providing the boys with a very fun and tasty aernoon, Waitrose have been raising money for Gloucestershire Young Carers. During the evening Tracey Clinton (Community Maers Co-ordinator) presented the charity with a cheque for £358, adding: “It has been good for our staff to be able to focus on fundraising for specific events for the young carers, such as the Summer trip to Slimbridge.”


Nottingham University Trip Representaves from Gloucestershire Young Carers and Carers Gloucestershire, including five young people, aended the first Young Carers’ Open Day at Nongham University, hosted by Professor Saul Becker who developed the current young carers’ naonal assessment tool. Prof Becker was a young carer himself, so felt very passionate about the event. Upon arrival, the group went off to the various acvies. One was keen to sample as many academic taster sessions as she could, while others wanted to try out various other acvies including archery. Aer lunch, we split into two small groups. Some went back to the sports hall for dodge ball while others went to find the ‘Inflaverse’ - a planetarium in an inflatable dome. From there, we decided to look for the ‘museum handling’ session in the bright, spacious museum. Aer a wet, uphill walk back to where we had arranged to meet the rest of the group, we all agreed that we were red beyond belief and agreed to set off home. It was an incredible day and the young carers enjoyed themselves a lot.

Voting is Open A new group is being set up to support the voice of carers across the county. The Gloucestershire Carers Alliance will be made up of representaves from various carers’ groups including Gloucestershire Young Carers. Nominaons are being put forward inially from the Young Carers’ Forum and will be opened up to other young carers in future years. But you can have a say on who will represent your voice in the coming year. Further informaon on how you can vote for your Gloucestershire Carers Alliance representave will be posted on our brand new website which should be launching any day now. Keep an eye on to see the amazing changes to the charity’s website.

TV: The Dumping Ground The Dumping Ground is a CBBC TV programme set in Jacqueline Wilson’s ficonal children’s home. Dame Jacqueline Wilson has been interviewed in the past by We Care, We Count. Here Caitlin looks at how the ‘young carer’ Lily is portrayed: In the TV show of the book there is a young carer called Lily Kele. Her mum died and her dad became an alcoholic. I like the character of Lily because I like the way she scks up for her sisters and I like the way she does her hair. She has a lot of responsibility because she has to look aer her sisters but in the TV programme she has ended up on her own because she argued with the foster parents. Basically though, she acts like a ‘step-mum’ to her sisters.

Website Keep your eyes on our website. It is undergoing a make-over. We’re preparing a website that we hope will do everything - meet the needs of young carers, families, professionals and funders and supporters all in one place. Why not check it out to see if we’ve launched yet? It will be full of your stories, informaon on events and acvies as well as having ways in which family and friends can support Gloucestershire Young Carers so we can support you. If you would like to tell your story or know someone who is willing to support us then talk to our Corporate and Community Relaons Consultant Jane Dyer. It’s a great me to get involved with our charity. Jane can be contacted on 0782 801 6857 or email her on Gloucestershire Young Carers 7 Twigworth Court Business Centre, Twigworth, Gloucester GL2 9PG Tel: 01452 733060 Email:


Hazlewoods Circus Event

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